Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1944 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
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PAGE TWO G,H,SCHRADER, BURT CITIZEN 40 YEARS, DIES Military Burial for a Veteran of the Spanish War. Two Kossuth Groups LeavS KOSSTJTM -Q !, ALGONA, TOWA f AST WEEK WEDNESDAY morning two groups oi kiisSuifo yiiiihs lltft bf fcui tor physical examihaljon, and the other io begin army or navy life group Schall- Burt, Dec. 12—Funeral services for Charles H. Schrader, who died last week Wednesday, wire held Sunday afternoon "at the Methodist church here, the Re\ Paul Figge, local Presbyterian pastor officiating in the absence of Pastor Heddle. Burial made made in the Bu t cemetery and a group from the T •— _——_ „., ... , , local Legion post conducted mili- This group had final physical examinations at Fort Snellihg, and were then returned home. Those who patted ihe ieais wilt b(l trtnLv ' \ al .l° e - irers ™* YG . Lc called inio service in the near future. The men are, left to right, K'ont row—Biker, Simpson, Tangman, Beinau, R«h> Gibwm, Wolf, gionnanes. Oliver Graham, Marlow, Elie», Sandberg.. Weig, Zumach, Richardson, Pergande. Back row—Schneider, Jacobson, Sampson, *•-«•— »A4»u.tt c.u.n Walter Lockwoocl, Geo. P. Haw- i er, Jchn, Garvick, Plan. Kisch, Haas. Bierle, Geerdes. cott, Jaims Christensen. George Boettcher, and Walter Steward. A squad from the P. W. camp it Algona fired a salute. Served ire Spanish War. Mr. Schrader, who was born at Avoca, Wis,, August 5, 1876. w tl s past 08 at death. In youth he lived at Elmore and after outbreak of the Spanish - Americ in war in 1898 he enlisted and was mustered into service at Bliu Earth. Marriage to Mayme Smith, Elmore, took place there in 1903 The next year they came to Burt, and Mr. Schrader was in North western ernploy here till 1913. when he resigned to accept a job as town electrician which he held <>•**•">* till 1941. Nine Living Children. Mrs. Schrader survives, also nine children: Clifford, of th navy; Clayton, at home; Mib Perry O'Connor, Carlsbad, N. M. Virgil, Burt; Clarence, army captain at Pratt, Kans.; Mrs. Stan Ur T ? I . rS Au Ja ? k 9 s " ; This 9 rou ^ ha£ alread Y begun service life after being inducted. The men ar.e, left to right front tow— f. G. Banwart. M. E. Cham; t p';,, rf ^ ' b " Iain ' J " M " Quam ' D " M " McGuire - C. L. Steward, N. E. Struecker. N. E. Palmer, tt. E. Sitfliiig. Bicfc tow^E. E. Minard, B. A. C*an- 2 ° W ' L ' H- Riodelf R< J> Sanke Y- w - J - Bolie - J - A - Lape, W. A. Sch cumber; K. E. Fairell. ' •'•'• in the navy at Corpus Christi! i zovt. L.' H. ~Ricde]7~R. J." Sankey, W."^BoHe." J."A. Tex.; and Max, with the army in • ____ France. There are five grand- - ' ~~~ children. i sion groups, and these will be ' sen ted the couple with a wedding -FOR SALE— ^PUREBRJfcb BERK-. FOR SALE— -'36 Teroplane coach shire fall boar.— BrU'ho Sruhs •- Cheap. — Call 4F3 or see Earl ...~..^,... ^..-... ^.w.,.^.1, Ll.lt, ,111...1^ ..... .^_ t ,v_,. v^v. n.^. Wl/Uf^..- Y.*,,.. M VT1-VAU*.»( Mr. Schrader also left three developed at meetings to be held cake, and Mrs. Clara Sankey, Al-i smre lau ooar.—urunq tsruns \ - <Jneap — uai sisters and four brothers, the in January. , gona, sister of Mr. Warmbier, j Jr., Bancroft, phone 8-13, Led- J-Zeiglfei-, Algona. only one of whom_ living in this The Rev. Frans Viclorson, DCS presented a basket of carnations. I yard. i3pl3-l'4 The entertainment was 500. county is William Schrader. Lone — .-, j -.,- ( »..^ ~...—.„»......v...,. ..».> „««. Rock. Two sisters live at Minne-' dress, his .subject being "The Mrs. Sankey and Harry Christen- apolis, the other sister at St. ' Lost, Generation.' 1 Dinner was sen winning. Mrs. Freda Steiis- Paul, and the other brothers live served to 250 persons at (i p. in. i sy, Algona, was one of the guests. at Milwaukee, Spokane, and Min- j Kossuth Scouts will have a i neapolis respectively. i "circus" at Bur! Friday, Dec. 29, ! Relatives for Funeral. : ; J. nci Supl. A. H. Scliuler, Swea Relatives who attended the funeral from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Traeger, Mrs. Lena Averill, Mr. and Mrs Eddy Schrader, daughter Dorothy, all of Minneapolis; Clarence, Fred, and Dustin Smith, Mrs. Anna Young, Mrs. Ruth Kruogcr, Florence Larson, Marie Martin, . . . , City, chairman of camping and other nctivities, is in charge of arrangements. WAN Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blondin, Mrs. Delia Curtis, Mrs. Mae Smith,"and i--<.-uv WMK-I.T w.-iynu oiruycr, Gladys Megrew, all of Elmore; in the coast guards'as a ship's Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schrader, cook and baker, arrived recently Milwaukee. ( ,n furknifih with his father, J. A. Mr. .and Mrs. Win. Schrader, Strayor. and other local relatives. Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Charles !-!<• has bo-.-n in service for years, Schrader Jr., Corpus Christ!, the lasl eight months at Brook- Tex.; Capt. Clarence Schrader, lyn, M. Y. Pratt, Kans.; Mrs. Jack J. Os- In honor O f the homecoming a born, El Paso, Tex., daughter pre-Chi THE ADVANCE FILLS-.ORDERS for any kind of rubber stamp. gtf 12pl4-15 WANTED: HATCHING EGGS. ....... ...... . FOR SALE— THREE -PURE- Can. us.e limited number of ad- bred Black, Angus i- bulls; also ditional flock for hatching eggs. puck sheep.— Dave . Wetier, . Lotig Spenpef, , Chick . Hatchery, Speh- WArtlr ^ . - toUl*.* \&"< ih*>r T/vll/n '-nlnrino "\C\nf\ T7.,iJ T fit Rock. ,.Jdwa, . 1000. COLD LAST NIGHT? - get sorri'e 6? those 70x95 ;white Sheet Blankets "at 1.39 at Wood.- wards. F'OR . • tioiial, milkiflte rhichih^ G' . CENTS. EACH will be paid <-..by.the Advance for the first 12 copies _ of the, Decernber issue pf the, 'Country ..(3'e'ntleman brought , office. gl2 3202, .Lone Rock, -la. '•' -., ; . •.••>:••• '-.,. • • ... — r 17 STRAy PIQS. TAKEN UP IN •- Petty Officer Wayne Strayor, LOST—BROWN LEATHER key ring case. Notify Advance. •^--=r: r* Paying for this adver? :— ^— —— '—r^ | tisemerit. and other expenses —•_ STILL frAVEAIX SIZES. Mike Elbert, Algona. 23pl3-14 36 to 46-inch blanket w*'*' ' -^—^-. —- • THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF ^ w - Bul% t. i ou lo iu-jiu;ii Luaimei. Jllieu, / ••••••:• • - —• — ; de ni m or. gray covert jackets at WANTED AT ONCE— MARRIED Woodwards. '18uI4 m&n with farm experience, ' feeding cattle .and tractor work. ca ll M T Bode. ' .' 22ul4tf T I^CT irrMro T^TTVO TAT no^TirxT " •' ••• - -^— TT— en cae .an tra LOST-FOUR KEYS IN BROWN FO R SALE— BALED ALFALFA. No mi.lking;-Write or leather ease, reward.— Advance hay and ba l e ;a straw , in bara.-^^McGuire, ,phbn : e 2616, _____ " pl * Charles Patterson, 2 mi. ; N, :and!J _' : 18pl3-14 FQR SALE-300. GAL. FUEL nerd Simmonson, Good Thunder, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson was served .-Mid exchange Smith, Granada, Minn.; and Mr. Christmas gifts made. ... — , , , „ _ . .rv/iv Ort-ua—juu VJAL. KllKI, wS a ^ TouU FOR SALE-CHOICE LOT OF! M tank, 1 steel truck .wfagon; at 1UU1 * purebred Hampshire -spring • Mrs,..Katherme. O'Brien's auction oorn, KI faso, Tex., daughter pre-dini-lmas party was held wards 10ul4 r ^ n OA1 - e ' —^nwwa i.UT ur (,., ~"y .;./"r" nm- . n ' a z ul> > UL Jacqueline; Mr. and Mrs. May- hi<=t \vcok Sundav at the parental' '- . purebred Hampshire -spr.ing: ^.^a.therme. O Brien s auction nerd Simmonson, Good Thunder, Stray, -r's, where'a family climvr ' YOU'LL FIND THOSE REALLY an.fi.fall boars. — Joseph Thorn, ,j £ e £ en ™er 18, 1% miles north of Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson was" served ,-Mid exchange of I sheer Cameo Hose at V/ood- ^u Verne. .12pll-14 wniwemore.—Mike Koppen. , , . and Mrs. S. Pannkuk, Titonka. ITONKAMJTH TO COME FROM PACIFIC ZONE The William Wards, Titonka, were playing cards Monday evening to relax the tension from a hard day's work, when the telephone rang and as Mrs. Ward; answered the call, her husband, who operates a filling station and tank route there, remarked wearily, "What a night to have to empty a transport.' 1 But from the tone of his wife's voice Mr. Ward was soon as excited as she, for the call was from the son Fay, AMM2-C, who had just arrived at Los Alatnilos, •' Calif., from Hawaii for a 30-day ; leave at home over Christmas. The parents had not heard from him since October, and had been worried about his welfare. The young man enlisted in the navy in September, 1941, and has been overseas 31 months. It is '< three years since he has been home. He has a sister, Mrs. Iva Mae Smith, New Orleans, an i other sister, Donna, student nurse at Mason City, and a brother Billy at home. Except for Mrs. Smith the family will be together for Christmas. V/ood- 9ul4 TRY OUR POWER HOUSE ba\- teries for your car or tractor; 23ul4 Attending the event were the j Fnp Q &7v~'•tfr^rv^c^'-p'' AM™ Howard Stravers, Dollivcr; the FOR , SALE- -KKKOSENE AND K,nn,th Str-m-rs. Burt; Mario coal tank neuters and K,:ilu-r Rlrayer. Fort.'Dnflg,.; : Im P'- Ca "P l4 I'n' 1>V: '! U \ 1 ' T '; l ,' 1 ' 1 '! t ' 1 ', ls ' Onm-go. |WE HAVE A PIECE OF 81-inch FOR SALE—STOCK TANKS, Ji.; and Mrs. Cans Long John, j heavy, unbleached sheeting at hqg feeders, .wagon boxes', and Ki-it.'i. C,..,n. halph. and June Woodwards. 12ul4 gears.—Harry,Keith, Implements, ' '• ' 1 mi. N. Algona. ...... 15pl4-16 *<->RS f ., _ .1 ~ I r\v\ ^ DESK CALENDAR PADS FOR 1945 if needed and stands Taylor 12 to 30 months guiarantee.-^Tay-i - 1 ! 945 lf needed and stands Ipi4-15 lor Impl. Co. 18pl4-15 • s «?M ld be ordered now. Last year • ——— the pa^er shortage soon exhaust- , Siriyer. frv.'in M.-ilucg, and Betty Tucker, all of Alpnmi. Tile ynun.mirin left last week Wednesday on return to Brook- | ed the .pad supply.—Advance. 11-14 FOR SALE—OFFICE DESK and in a . ..-__, -... -horse .gas engine on four-wheel truck, one set tools, one pump 'head, and ^SJ.1 t_l^i.i_;i^ \^/A' i i^_,i^ i-/J^kJ^X -CliJU , chair, fruit jars, and doll bed. WANTED — Employmcni. »i u ^..1^ I.UUIB, one pump >neaa ana -Phone 481 W, 12pl4 good home Dec. 23 to Dec. 3.1. other, pump repairs. Priced to ' CAT ~ TATTT .^- I T ,,, Ar>0 Room ^hd.board incl, Re'f, Write ' sell,-rl. Wernert, 709 E. McGreg- . SA , LE ,—.. DUR S C ,?9 AR . S '! Box 40 °. Algona 18pl4-15,. or St.,. Algona. S Lu Verne, Doc. ID — Mr. and Mrs. Herman Warmbier, Sherman tou-nshio farmers, were token !\v surprise last woe'!-; Monday evcivl \\'-. wh.oi! 25 neighbors and fitlicr fric'iifli ai'rivi-d to h-.-(n new blood lines.—P. M. Chris- ' — .— • , i — n —r^-^-—, ,.. tenson, Lone Rock. 9u8tf j WANT TO HIRE A YOUNG'lady ; WAITED—MAN, MARRIED to ^r^~~^~:^~ ^ TT _^ _ •[ to keep books and clerk part help on farm,'begin Mar' 1 FOR SALE - PUREBRED PO-! time. A steady job for the right-! General farming, machine milk- land China boars. — John party. Woodwards. 21ul4 j »rig. Separate house, electricity Bockes, U, v™ 9P10 . ]5 FOR SALE _ SOME Go5l , Jjf^gjj. —.-Wr,te if | o- F6ft , &ALE-~ELfieTRtC tors, fetecfrlb/wlrie, stock hog waterers, tank heaters, Boyt •harness, jbatferieS, .warm,, mjtJriv jrifi ijtovps, wBod stdVes'.'-r- Frankl's Store, Irvington. 2£pl4 P.B. DUROC BOARS FOR SALE Guernsey -milk, cows. HejTvy ~ 1 ^ n1 ' le ,\ v ,^ t ' V - s ^ uth of Sen ' springers.—Keith Strayer, 4% :mi. "i 1 11 t/-i \A/ 11 V\n>*rf W**i»-t *rtvi "C* _ _ in A VJ. ^'/ ' ' V * • •..-•• • H! ' . , cca—Otto Wilberg, Fenton. 14 (2)7tf E. on 18, Algona, la'. 17pl4 FOR SALE—TEAli ,BATCHED WORDS CANNOT. ADEQUATE• ly. /express our deep apprecia- tipn for. the many kind and sym- acts' that came to us at . The Warmliier son Wayne and fh'U"!it ••:• Arlene Iv.icl arranged for the u.'ii'tv. but tho fUl.-'Sts met fir.--! -.it ihf. John Mert/. home and proceeded thence to thv Wnrm- l;i"r lu.'ilif.'. Wayne: and Arlene furnished ice creaiii and pop and the guests provided hmch. Mrs. Mert/. pre- LOCALS FOUR FROM THE COUNTY TO BOY SCOUT MEETING Mrs. Alyda Allan spent a few i day.; Ivit v/cck .it Manly, where j lu-i- fath«'i- is in poor health. Druggist K. D. James was at : Omaha part of last week on a buying trip for the store. Maxir.e Momyer has returned from Kvanslon, III., where she spent two weeks at he sister Mrs. Kdw. Colt's. ;— ! Bernieco Jensen, Sioux City An annual meeting of the Prai- i icadur, will come Monday for a ne Gold Area Council of the i week with F.vclyn Murray third Boy Scouts was held Thursday , \varrl tc'a-'her. evening, December 7, at Bucna i Marjorie Osborn, F;-iHon a rc- Vista college, Storm Luke, anil ' cent Mi'i'iuatc ,,r a Mason' City attending from Kossuth wore: ( liui-incKs school '-•tailed work Supt. W. B, Officer, Burt, district , Tue.vday at Ihe lov.ii State bank chairman; Dr. F. Earl Burgess, j The Rev. C.. C. Richardson went Al^ona, vice-chairman; Anionc ! to Jacbuin. Minn., Tuesday to Johnson, Algona, district com-ih..!p ul-m for a Presbyterian jun- missioner; and J. A. Nelson, Lu • ior-hi camp at the Okobojis next Verne banker. j Miinmer. A training and planning con- ! Lyle Maihes, who owns the NICE NEW ASSORTMENT OV ^l^l^Sffififfi. ^^^^ boys shirts - Polos work, Four-year-old red roan, -r.Ray ' ment.l-Exra Blanched sport, jnd dress at Woodwards, i Rippentrop, Titonka. '20pl4--15 ilv'" "• . 7- Dl€l " tndra 13ul4 - - " r ' ' *' - - miles west of Lotts Creek star, | 3804, Lone Rock, la. P 18pl4 nfny S& of _ . THOSE .NEW "Chemi" slack FOR SALE — POLAND CHINA suits, .$10.75 at Woodwards are boars. 4 miles west, % south of ! about the most beautiful and Burt.— Jess Dugan, Lone Rock. . best fitting you've seen 18ul4 ' FOR SALE—200 WHITE LEG- horn pullets, laying.—Ben Butterfield, phone 7F21, Algona. 10pl4 WANTED BY JAN. 1 — USED Hampshire boar.—Write Geo. Groesder, Algona, la., R. R. 2. 13pl4 FOR SALE—1250 WATT Delco light plant, and 32 volt motors. -M. J. Meinzer, Burt, la. 12pl4-15 LARGE COBBLER POTATOES, $2 hundred; Red,River Valley Cobbler. ,$295; Ppntiacs, $3.25.-O. H. Stoeber, Fentbh, la.» 18pl3-14 A FEW CHOICE REGISTERED Shorthorn milking Shorthorn bulls, serviceable age and younger.—Aaron W. Steussy, Luverne. 13-14 ference was held for 15 organ- ixed districts, and it was attended tiy 60 men. Scout objectives were presented in seven discus- store at Kresi-nsky's, was new member at meeting of the . Monday noon's Rotary club. FOR SALE—ONE COOK stove, librbry table, two linoleum rugs.—Geo. E. Snap, Irvington. 15pl4 PUREBRED DUROC BOARS for sale.—M. J. Hewlett & Sons, 6 miles south and one mile east ol Britt. I5u5tf WANTED — ALL KINDS. OF hauling. Mail a card or call at house on East Elm. — Kenneth Foster. 17(2)J3tf WALNUT GROVE IN THE BA- tion will produce better hogs.— H. S. Fain, Humboldt, phone 297-M. 12(2)51tf FOR SALE — ftEGISTERED miUiing Shorthorn M^, r ,ser- viceab,|e age.—Art- Ifleckw'erm, Cylinder. Phone 32-15 FeAtpri . nil f. lii/T^-fyjflL,^ OR. yyUJWAIX. Route exfeerierice p're'ferred but not necessary to , ^ta)^. —- Ravtr- leigh's, Dept. 1AL-10-M, Free- Port. III. !&>]& MECHANICS AS WELL AS IN- experie^4 ^feri , .wanted. Steady empkyWeijt, goW images, —Inquire at officfe, Keht Motoir Co, Everett Miiel 15pl4-15 me --- —;-— o. -'j recent illness while an the hospital.—Mrs. G. M. Will. Lu Verne. 30pl4 NOTICE OP PROBATE OF WILL ,•.-,,. :• &p. 523? State off.. Iowa, Kossuth coi4nty. ss.. .In District Court, Novem,,, 4 fhom4t ^y Concern: . hereby ' notified, that ent of .wrUipg pur^ pe the last Will and .Jof : Stel}a .K. Laiyall, ceased, dated March 12th, J935, having .,b«en,. . this ,, day filed, 9j?e.ned ajid, read, Tuesday, the Snd pr qf Jwuaty, i54 6 j s flxe<i tot heaVinte .propi of same S 6 M?e... in 'Ajgpha, of . M^Cffflrt S 6 M?e... in 'Ajgpha, fe^^ ^.plstrlc^Cbtfrt of Mid. pptaty,. or ,th,e Cleric of said CfrtM: 'sM^tte^ b'cipc^ 4. m . of ^ • ,<--j T '-.—(•—•>"• J!,^-"s""".»» .*T** TJcr* ifl>e?e>te4,.8re, nei-ieby iiotir ? irrr. ,5*4 S^quijred t0 appear, and $Mto c*Use if any they, have, •••l« J* ««i J J__j.^.. ^_ A. ^Jij v~.1*^' _ .','-; *vJ?P 3 "L T"* r '"iT" : TT~*T" '• ' ' . . -,.P%M « 'Algoite, Iowa, Nbvem- b^.Softi, 1944., -i .. (S^l) ,)SEL^N WIHTE. JlVrH «f C^sWct C.p.urt. t LYNCH, Attorneys, Algona, Iowa. 13-15 FOR SALE—NEW HOUSE, partly finished, eight rooms and bath, new basement, well located, Bancroft, Iowa. Priced $lSOO, —D. D. Morilux, Al'gona, la. 21pl4 GOOD PIGS REQUIRE WAL- nttt Grove irt thlfeif ration. JPOor pigs require more. Our sefVlct is free. Give it a trial artd be convinced. — H, S. Faih, Huin- boldt. la. Phone 297-M. 25(2)51tf NOTICE—RENT, .bft Interest Receipts don't pay for y&iir Home. Our low interest rate of 4%, convenient terms and cooperative service will enable you to own your home quickly arid econom- ically.—Al'gona Federal Savings & Loan-Ass'n. u9tf OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE -IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOS- SUTH COUNTY: Ndti'ce is hie^eby.iflven that a petition, for d ifrariohise to erect, l^se arid, maiti^alti pbles, wires, guy Wires, lowers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, ipower. and heating purposes 'has been filed by the Pocahontas County Rural Electric Cooperative, Pocahontas, Iowa, in the office of the Iowa Slate,.Commerce Commissibh; . that said . petition asks the right to construct, oper- j ate .ahd maintain said electric' transmission line over, alo'ng ( ahd across the following described t public ..tends, highways, streams, and private, lands, to-wit: (7200 Vlts, single phase, wye .connected, neutral multi-grounded.) Beginning at ; the Southeast corner of Section Eight (8), Township Ninety - five (95) Nbrth, Range Thirty (30) West of the 5th P. M.., Kossuth County, Iowa, thence West on the highway on the South line of said Section Eight (8) v three-fourths! (%-) mile; and beginning at the! Southeast corner of Section Twenty-eight (28), said Township a,,.,,, mile. The Iowa Commission nv f ,,i ,, (9th) day of Jnnunrv L N (10).o'clock A. M ni £ !l . 84 M, Des .Moines, place f Any objections to th<'." " f such franchise , , s nnd filed in ,V! C « i.nis Commission cal ' ,-. - (5) days before d-n n f J casl mg. The Iowa Stnt,l r ot hc Commission suggests " mmc: .lector be —-- t>gests IOWA M ' ATTEST: Geo. . Secretary. Dated at Des Moinrs I OW W ^, '^-6280 14-15 vember 30, 1944. FOO S'U (9GCSTI ON S Plan Your CHRISTMAS Shopping Now TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT at Their Best 1MB. PECK 69* BOX. ANY SIZE'.'.'" 3.49 6 FOR... 23 APPLES for Christmas BOX X-FANCY DELICIOUS 4 49 BOX X-F'CY JONATHANS 4.49 BU. FANCY JONATHANS 3.98 APPLES, ANY KIND 2 lbs 25? . Si/(! O 11)S. TEXAS JUICE ORANGES . . .. CALIF. SUNKIST NAVEL ORANGESrr. „„ 59c EATMORE CRANBERRIES , 35c FRESH RADISHES : 8'^,'tOc MEATS FOR BETTER MEALS IN'T FORGET THAT CHRISTMAS TURKEY ORDER NOW FRESH FISH * OYSTERS * LAMB TENDER HAMS S ..:... „ 33c TENDER HAM SHANK ENDS ... , 19c ARMOUR'S STAR LINKS 39c PURE PORK SAUSAGE ROLLS .. „ 33c SKINLESS WIENERS . ,,,Z5c SOAPS "rylBlal White LAUNDRY SOAP i ,.2bc SWAN. ...... 5 b . h 25< WNSO . 23< OXYDOl . 23* DUZ 23? COFFEE CHOCOLATE CREAM '^29f CHOCOLATE CREAM '/, b ;33« EMPRESS .... .'S 33< FOLGER'S ... . 2 ,'. b , 55« Mother's MARSHMALLOW CREME 2 Fancy. CRAB MEAT Faripy, White Meat TUNA Fancy MUSHROOMS ST1_ None-Such MAYONNAISE Hiawatha DILL PICKLES Praters CATSUP Jack Sprat GRAPEFRUIT JUICE .. Ranph Hpuse, ., . PANCAKE FLOUR ... 2 Jack Sprat PANCAKE FLOUR ...... Dude Ranch WAFFLE SYRUP fflfr. 45* pkgs. B«ity .Crocker SOUP MIX. . . .3 buffi ., . HOT MUFFIN MIX . . Jack SpFJiV,, ,. POPCORN ...» .2, M 33( CRACKERS . 1£ W PUMPKIN «,„ . .,2..,2»< Kone Such ' .._. SHOESTRIN6CARROTS 2,.35( J?pk^prat fl • 2 I'T IN NOODLE SOUP 2, 33( mm "SNAPS ....« ^ Sunshint- . 4A , MARSHMAUOW COOKIES ; J'<

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