Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1944 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1944
Page 5
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IB FORMER LGONA WOMAN 1$ DEAD AT 79 I'Sr'pS/inSg?; , nd f W K lison Thompson, ngelist Frank Bass assist- "*crN.Tto N S.-ar& JlB Link. When, he Rev. Evan, . r his parents brought hnn and later Hardin grew up, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE,'ALOONA. TOWA PAGE FIVE Mrs. C. T. Chubb returned Won-' clay from Hartley, where she! went for Thanksgiving with relatives. ; Seaman ?.-c. Gerald Cronwall i (|: '.V night I'm arrived Saturday for Hi-day fur- j telephone. |[ lough with his mother, Mrs. Nels " ;iv .V lw< . in Haly, and has just be-m "swd Inon a hospital where pent a month. isitjn Rus?.Rll Buchanan ciillod and Mrs. G. S. om New York Sun- lort visit -via in the Gronwall. Mrs. Loren Brown left day for California, where she will' spend several wec.ks visiting an aunt in Hollywood. Mary Ann, daughter of F. B. Timm, spent the Thanksgiving' ""^'v • weekend at Fort Dodge with Mr. '""' ' and Mrs. Floyd Saunders. SERVICE AT SEA Federal Courthouse, Minneapolis, Nov. 25—Eldon E. Hovey, HI, Algoha, la., was sworn into the U. S. Maritime Service Tuesday, iavy two yi'iirs ago last Seplern- N ° V ' 21 ' Ql lhe re g' onal enrolling "•"'• : 'ii<l i;; as:-.i;;lanl gunnery of °' fice nere > atl( l was shortly to be d":;trov(.T eonvov The I trahsferred to a training station : surprised to re- \'^ S^epshead Bay, Brooklyn, N. His leave was too '•„ ¥ ter eortl P lc tmg training he will be assigned to sea duly on freighters, tankers, tugs, or Gnddcn IKIS been serial his home here. He his Algonian Helps Save Parts of a Bomber Which Crashed , Paul Bell, Willard Curtis, Robert'that he has been reassigned arid Richardson^ and ^Robert _ McCul- transferred to Italy. Ho had been 1 gahist. Mrs. Gene Hertz is or- , and they , t a till 1893 then movjd to a to bwea The adult and school committees "of the Youth Center will meet at the Chamber of Com- i merce office tomorrow at 5 p. m. i Richard, son of Mr. and Mrs. : Webster, had his tonsils adenoids removed Friday. lie to be back in school Lite this ist churcn anu JIY...& ~ •, , r entire family become, w^ ^ B Layender roU , rn( , (| children, eight are liv-1 J«l ^f°^^ m ^ ^^ \ ; , Thompson; Roy, Cedar, Mrg Lavcndcr mu . lnwhilc vi ;. iu ; d ; Ervin and Sam, fawca | . n MinnesoUl I , s ' | The John Strains, of Muscaline,; '': spent last week Wednesday till 'Sunday with Mrs. Strain's brolii- ers, Jos. Bestenlehner, Algona, and Banker Frank Beslenlehner, Dewey, Waterloo; McAninch, Rol (Freeh, Humboldt, [M; and Mrs. Ralph , Link died Sept. 27, 1923; a lied in infancy, _. and Fred Whitlemore. Mrs. Bob had been working on his farm '"''"' Hurt, and c-irne home when h' 1 felt sick. Pneumonia developed, and lor a while his condi- li'-n wa:; .-.-rious, but he is now much liil'ir. lielalivc-s have been '•••n\u< for thf farm, and it will 1111 ."•"ine time before he will be able In louk after il. Mrs. Eva Deim has received a •oin jier son, S.-Sgl. John i is in France, saying he had received a package she | sent, lasl August. II contained' ground cherries she had canned IVoni her garden, and John and many of the bovs with him sampled them, never having heard of • them before. IDs letter was ; written on Armistice day. ( Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Daniclson, Corwilh, hud their baby baptised transports of the U. S. .merchant marine. : - . The recenlly revised age lim- ils for the maritime service are from 17 lo 50 Vis. Men of draft age may enroll if Ihey have not received rtolice lo report for in- duclion. Hovey is Ihe son of former Kossulh counly, la., Sheriff and Mrs. Lionel E. Hovey, Algona, and is a graduate of Algona high school, in which he was active in Far East Air Service Cotn- mand, Southwest Pacific (Undated)—Technical Sgt. Wilbur T. Courtney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Courtney, Algona, In., was a member of an American Air Force expedition which traveled by sea and air to salvage parts of a' B-24 Liberator bomber which crashed on Croker Island, a speck of land off the bleak coast of Australia's northern territory. The Royal Australian Navy and groups of Australian aboriginals and airmen aided their American Yanks were back at their base with an estimated $75,000 worth of parts to be inspected, repaired, and installed on other aircraft. ROMANCE IN SOUTH SEAS AWAITS W ACS, WAVES, AND NURSES Mrs. Milton Espe, clerk in the county recorder's office, received Malaria Patient in Service Agfaii sick for some weeks, and was pictures Monday from her husband, Yeoman 2-c. in the South- allies in Ibe. project Crew Salvages Plane. Courtney is a crew chief, and • - - .... rnnn i Lult - a anuwcti « ,;' I with an amusing . C11S- mantling party which was flown to the scene of the crash to re- football. He has also been active I move t ' ne re pairable parts and in swimming and hunting. His father at present conducts an oil station and farm machinery shop on No. 109 near the Kossuth fair grounds -*- ieu » nnitfP in 018 Af- Mrs> Bob Mccullugn left last! Sunday morning ; ''"^Tl^ wife Mr Link Thursday for Correctionville U, t.heran church her, :alh of h . ls W I!L, ™£ rf,£ help care for her lather Charles the Rev Ku^ne ..„ TnrminB and moved •? M1 ^ haelson who is ,--= -.- • • i. . " ljllf -^ ' Five years later Emma Browning, There are nine late years me Links had at Thompson. thai Mr. Link died. Two ers and a sister are living. iket-bearers were Wm. Bar- ,. I He is still hospitalized, but re- '• and re by the pastor, , . e Nelson. The riously sick. ; baby was named Larry Douglas, FRANK LEWIS'S BROKEN HIP SEI Frank Lewis, Algona, who broke his righl hip in a fall from prepare them for shipment to a repair depot. in front: Huff's Ruff HoUBe, Only Mod ernislic Pilot Hotel in South Pa cifid. Special Attention to Waves, Waafs, Wacs, and Nurses. Mr. Espe was reared in the ported better. The Charles Grossenbergs, were Chester Filch j a scaffolding November 19 at his and Wilma True. Dinner was son Robert's at Burl and was tak- S. D., spent from last: bral.ion. of served at P. W. Hanson's in cele- en to Iowa City last week Tuesday, has had a difficult time of it it was week Monday to Friday with the | Mrs _ Manford Bice, who was i since .arriving at the university Ma oiL. C. HutlonsMis^ g Slstu ; personnel . ™*" d Wm Sanders, Olaf Pearson, ov ™f;*" h ; ,m._ __ o« n .TnVm .Tnnsborff. expected home _ arc ~'T v,« T^ntrViortr cxpeciea nome r naay irom T:;I. .TTon PrecedSne the coma, Wash., where they allund- IRoal Roalson. preceding un. ^ ^^ -f, lr , orn i ^r i\/rr= P.nvn.,rrr, _ resigned some A blood transfusion was .given freigh t er which, services outlying -'^^ nas been i Saturday, and this week Tuesday i R j Australian A ir Force units The crew, which had only one Whittemore neighborhood, where kit of tools to perform the job, I he worked on farms before going recruited a group of aboriginals i into service in May, 1943. He has who aided considerably with the [been sick and in a rest home heavy work, despite lack of fa- j eight months. His wife, who does milia'rity with the English Ian- | not know just where he is locat- guago and the intricacies of a | ed, is the former Eleanor Voight modern war. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Her Working under a broiling sun, | man"- Voight, Whittemore farm eating jungle rations, fighting i ers sand flies and mosquitoes, the j crew and the native helpers la- j bored ten days to dismantle the Liberator. j Natives Help Americans. Meantime, another officer and five more enlisted men arrived at the scene in a small Australian hospitalized in France because of i malaria. At thai 'lime his Ipca- | lion was such thai it was diffi- i cult to gel food, and when il did come il was brought in secretly. Sgt. Maurice Graham, S6h of Maurice, who has been overseas VtfS. Carrie Graham, Portland 22 months, had seen service in oWnshiji, has written his mother Africa, Italy, Sicily, and Prance. AT^D SATURDAY, DKC. 1-2 —in— Hit nlul Fun Affair of 1044 "STRANGE AFFAIR" Extra Added Attraction "MARCH OF TIME"—NEW Uncle Sain, Mariner? Will the plane eliminate the Luxury Liner? Discussed with other live questions on shipping. Fun for the Family Saturday. METHODIST CHOIR PLANS CHRISTMAS CANTATA DEC 18 SUN., MON., DEC. 3-4 It's that 4-'Year Run Stage Howl FRANK CAPRA'S TUBS., WED., DEC.'5-fi Mat. 2 P. M. Daily work, resigned weeks ai'o and • •' ....v. .. — _._. „ , . ^ _ , .mj J til 4^Ll;3l,lCllllllL ij.lt ... U*. «-.- M.*. v , '.JL 11G O*^lJll/l \,J1VJ1A .-/*. *J V . U »»-—.*, vipilins her mother. Mrs. Minnie j Ihe children received a telegram j in nor1> ^ ern waters. They brought under direction of Mrs. C. A. 'The senior choir of 50 voices, "n, the Oesterreicher. Buffalo township, i saying thai his fraclure would be , , ,, Mrs. Rice nlans to leave late this ! set that day. Mrs. Lewis is still ed^lhe funeral o^ Mrs. Barnard s wt . ( , k fol . Forl Worth, where she i with him. No further word had will be employed. Her husband come up to yeslerday morning. Mr. Lewis had recenlly bought. father, Lewis VanArnan, who Mr Fllisnn died suddenly two weeks ago. Mr. unison, Mrs> Helon Dickinson spenuhc is in service overseas. with them a jeep, a one-ton trail-1 Phillips, will present a cantata, er, an engine-hoisting frame, a j The -Christmas Story, at the landing mat, and a barrel raft for Metho'dist church Sunday even- negotiating the shallow waters i n g, Dec. 17. between the anchored freighter j The cantata is in four parts: AS. SCHIMMEL EAVING STATES Mr. and Mrs. W. A Vigars re- a house at 314 McGregor, and | imd the }sland- i The p rO ph e cy, The Vision of the turned Saturday from Sioux 1 had planned to do some remodel- A group of RAAF men return-j shepherds,. The Quest 'of the City where they attended the i in S' then move into it Dec. 1, taut ing fron ^ ou t pos ts aboard the ; Magi, and the Fulfillment of the ....... funeral of Mrs.'Vigars' brother now the family will not move till j freighter j oine d the two Amer- ! Prophecy. This is the first can- mother and daughter it being lb ; A A Ljnd who cliod of fl heart Mrs. Lewis returns. I ican crews and the native help-1 tata to':be given in an Algona her This was an unusual treat for spent years since they had Thanksgiving together. Mrs. C. W. Pearson got home last Ill- weeks with her daughter, Mrs. T. who had been at Rochi- operation. Mrs. in the i attack Monday morning. I partially dressed when He was, he fell dead. Mr. Lind had been here jr. and Mrs. John Schimmel, ^ V . (UA ^ llive wesl of Ihe Kossuth hos- cster for ' a jn . tjui U1JL , 1UUU )1 and are local commercial Vaux - s husband is coach neners, received a telephone At . htr , n c r hools Saturday night from their; M r ° s " a A .Samson, Algona, an- will begin work next Monday. - .. «L_.., ._ TT r._u: 1 i n".«. t, The student committees, this year consist of: academy—Mary Hil- Mrs. Clara Sankey, who was hosless at Dry Dock last winter, has been selected lo acl in Ihe s-'^p canacilv this winler, and . Sgt. Charles V. Schimrnel, nounces , hat United Hol . vlco > was in New York, and called Women have been asked to col- ay he was leaving the States ]oct 5QO pounds o£ c ] oan rii g s , unknown destination. enlisted Jan. 26, 1942, ina war lant Algona Collegian in Crew for Play Grinnell, Nov. 27—Miriam Norton, daughter of Lumberman and Mrs. M. G. Norton, Algona, has church for several years. ..-_ -- B i lliClll ^.A C.WO ClllU. bli»- j»vn,iv»- ii^i|-c i The Ben Terhunes, owners of ] ers to remove the salvage parts ^ ut ^ ^ _,_„. ^__. the house o n South Colby where j to the raf( . flnd t h en ce to the Solo parts will be sung by Mrs. Ihe Lewises live, will move here t - re ighler. Craig Vinson, Phyllis Enninger, ,. Thirly-six hours later Ihe. Mrs. Robert,, McCullough, Mrs. bert Kallfleen Huber, Beverly j been placed on the stage crew for ,. ,. <sir-hriiy hi uh school Ardis i the Grinnell college dramatic cle-.. any color, before De^ ^ lor use ; Std , U, h.gh ^ool ^ mi<& p d uclion of "Ladies AnVCinii ntlvinfJ 1 , ' __ . . C -r-* I :« TD«*;-Hnr^nt->4" +Viic wooV Krirl.nvl I' i*ii j « • ft. HI t* VVC»l L/ltt 1 t *. iii.j >...•- ..»..---[-, feoast-..artillery anti-aircraft, t t d t may cM phone 4rtftlr Kr^c.;,! 4^-ii.-,tv»rf nf r*nmr\ A "fa* 1 ^ _ w _ .„„ J .in R^tirernent'l.-.this. week. I'took basic training at Camp |iace, Tex., and Fort Bliss, He was then sent to Nor- ther, Ala. Finally, he Herbsl, James Bui-ns. Cpl. Bob Young, in .' BesYenlehner received engmeers two years, recently Mtj ^ crew « «-»B ---£ — _. . word from her son, Sgt. Sigwel I the Slates and his parents Mr -^\^'™' ™ .8 ^ hence lo Camp Davis, w d Tuesclay lhal hc ha d been , and Mrs. V.dor Young, of Clear wJ 4 J P e and from there to Camp ™"\ } Tom Charleston N C., lo , Lake, have received word of hisi 01 U1L P'fy; 4 was Ihe Schick hospital, Clinton, for i -..rrivaMn France. He is a grand-j pLAGS TILL CH RI S TMAS. she ?S., FHI., SAT., NOV. 30, DEC. 1-2 Iduated from a mechanics furthcr treatment and recupera- son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Young j ^Igona merchants are asked to at Atlanta, Ga. ' tj Ho arr i vcc i i n the United' hen.', also of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. ; disp]ay the j r sidewalk flags De : . t August the young man Slal ' es last wec k from Italy. | Jasperson, of Long Beach, Cam., | cember j till Christmas, this lo I at home on furlough, as was r hn T McGuire came from ! former Algomans, and his motn- be the Qnl holiday slreet decora- . ! : ,,... r Willo To,,,^e^n ^^ ^^ ^^ The w p B d , _„ brolh-r John Jr., Tacoraa, • Rurline ton Sunday for a few ' er i* the former Nilla Jasperson. iiurnn s. 1 . 011 . .°?" u './ , „.. ,„ TJ! ,. „„.„„,<.. h n ,,n .-> vnnptv store. lh., and the boys had not met pe in eight years. [ierk Names His Local Loan Staff days with his family here. He is , His parents have a variety store. not permi t the specia i Hghling ---•-'- ^ ---- v,^ • ; n ^»,«,nr a road contractor and is in charge of work at Burlington. His daugh- A military lelier from Camp Pendleton, Calif., announces that . , tor Marian, sophomore at Cornell ; Marine Private Burnell R. Bruns- Mt. Vernon, spent void, Manly, la., near Mason college, Thanksgiving with her father. , ^, .^,, ., , . if Cifv. was lately graduated from a which Algona had in pre-war times. 'W'-Si IlclIlIVDglVlllg wii,i» *i\-* ^ «•* " • — - » , * i, --. .^ i > -.^ i Betty Ann McEnroe, studenl at tank school there. His wife is the '. C. C. Shierk, Algona chair- ' Clark college, Dubuque, spent the former Esther Geilenfeld, whose for Ihe sixth war loan bond Thanksgiving vacation at her ; parents are Algona farmers, ana ', has given out the list of father Frank McEnroe's here. Her I the couple have three children. :ers for the city, as follows: sister Mary Helen spent the vaca- Marines graduated irom tne Vard, Bob McCullough, Al tion with a classmate at Chicago, , school in question are usually as- anan; 2nd Ward—Ab Long, and also visited a cousin, Pally j signed In service with combat ik Geigel; 3rd Ward, Gene McEnroe, attending Norlhwest- :hins, Lloyd Robinson; 4th orn university. "1. Don Hutchison, John Cpl. and Mrs. Robert Hincs, of iclock; Business District, Paul Columbus, Ga., spent Ihe week- .X- Wm. Finn; Posters, Brail en d wilh the Robert Folhs, Al- ghl, ! - " tanks Private Brunsvold is and was born at Hanlontown, la., j SATURDAY, but was graduated from high school at Manly in 1939. GOOD HOPE W. S. €. S. Bazaar and Food Sale Old State's Cafe -Kldgv. with ' • " ""-A BILL BOVD as "HQPALONG" CASStDY Thrilling Co-^llit WOMAN LOSES LEG Hines is in the in- ia.,1^, — ~ stationed at Fort Benning, Gn.'Mrs. Hincs is nc Dressed chickens, fresh and l»aked goods. Also home made se»jns; articles. Sale Starts at !) o'clock Anna Madson, whose former "'Elaine Wolf, Bancroit. has not been good lately, The couple left for Columbus to Iowa City last week to Sunday night. Ult university doctors, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Carter now a patient at the uni- ' will move to Storm Lake tomor- y hospital, where it was row. Mr. Carter is D-X territory necessary to amputate her manager, and has been trans- i leg above the knee. I ferded, after residing here 4 \-> ' * I years. The notice of transfer »OTHER HOUSE SOLD. i came October 1, but till now it . Bohannon bought a house had been impossible to find a h Wooster St. last week house at Storm Lake. ' jj-va Paugh, Ringsted. It is Mrs. Almira Green pot home ed south of the present Bo- Monday from Onida, S. D., where pan home, and may be occu- she had visited a sister three later by Mrs. Anna Bohan- weeks. On arrival here she found a package which contained TCUMANOVA GREGORY PECK ALAN REED THEY'RE WORSE THAN Cory has something to grunt about... when he discovers his two aunts are balmy! with RAYMOND MASSEY JACK CARJON IOW. EV. MORTON JAMES GlEASON Walter SLEZAK Lucile WATSON Vladimir Sokoloff aramount Pjcture-1 TUESDAY P. M., DEC. 5—4:15 MAT. Children's War Bond Premiere Serial. "FLYING CADETS" HILDREN ONLY Who says that juniors can't help win the war? Sure (they can! That's why we ate running a special; [premiere for them. Just buy or sell a bond of any; jlenomination and you get a FREE TICKET!; Closing-Out Public Sale L. As , J.am quitjing farming, I will hold a complete closing P« public sale of the foUowihg property at the farm 2Vi WK-» S , east of Cylinder; one mile north and 4 miles west of iWhittemore on Highway 18. oh Thursday, Dec. 7th I nalA ><4n«x_ _A ttt.n** • ». __ i . ' _.u xi«n ^tf/\iiMH*t THURSDAY, DEC. 7 Remember Pearl Harbor! Buy Pin Money Bonds Here at Bond Premiere. Snonsorcd by Kossuth (?o. United Service Women Organization Russell, Diana Lynn. .Charles Rugglcs, Dorothy Oish — in — "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" SUN., MOX., TUBS., WED., DEC. 3-4-5-U Co-Operation of U. S. Navy. 1'hrills Just Part of Day's Work T TAYLOR RUTH HUSSEY • —in.— "FLIGHT COMMAND*' Plus a Music Studded Laugh Riot! U STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY! SHARYH MOFFETT UNA O'CONNOR THURSDAY, DEC. 7 WAR BOND PREMIERE Sponsored by Kossuth County Organization "United Service Women" Admission Free If you buy a Bond your pin money Bonds of the women 'at the Theater. Sale starts at 12:30. lunch wagon on the grounds „. , 80 HEAD QF LIVESTOCK . dS " c . head of horse»; $ Sead 6f cattle, including 13 Here. A Full Line of Good Farm Machinery BOO ft h L S , includ es a Red River special separator with a new ;£? h j ^ hd 0 * e W>* P^p Oliver tractor and cultivator: „ m ^ k - D eering hamnier mill. Chevrolet truck, 1933. s ll?es 8nd bpxj » n »»wtric brooder, and many other POULTRY. HAY. AMD BROODER HOUSES AND DESIRABLE HOUSEHOLD GOODS Mrs. Dora Elbert ITIWKR IUUmmi., r DEUGHTnHi fUn..,6WEIT, H1EJUUE8T FUfl-KST HEARTS QAIL RUSSELL PIANA LYNN with GAIl RUSSELL DJANA'IYNN HAIIES RUGGLE

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