Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1944 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1944
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Buy Bonds Maine 44 Named Iowa'* Best Weekl of IRGIL J ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 30, 1944 12 Pages 96 Columns Number 12 N. ALGONA. KILLED ixth War Loan Bond Safes to Date Under One-Fourth Quota ME QUOTAS IF, 1THERS Lu Verne Veteran, Aerial Gunner Against Japs, Home (INGOMPLETED ie Theaters Will Bsent Two Free Bond Shows. .j more town and two more iships have reached 'goals in War Loan to make a of eight towns and eleven fiships which have officially led their quotas. Lakota has its quota of $17,500, Buf- township has passed its , of $32,000, and Burt town- is well over its quota of M. |omplete reports have been in coming in from both .. and country. Many solici- ihave completed their work, fept for one or two people heir territory. All workers rgcd to complete their terri- and report to their chair- i by not later than Saturday. Some of the Reports. ate returns show that Eagle iship has a sign-up of $20,'5, a trifle short of its quota Grant township has l);Signed, with some 20 calls ' these are expected to Grant up to its quota of fr'Lotts Creek,- "with- most i returns in, has only $24,000, derably short of its quota of "0. Lu Verne township, with lete returns, has passed 1,000 mark and expects to its quota. Springfield hip has reached '$20,812.50 i quota of $23,500, but this is ncomplete report, j addition to towns and town- previously mentioned IBVIN CHAPMAN Grou P oi 25 Leaves to Begin Training in the Army COMPLETES 500 COMBAT HOURS Served Also in No. 1 World War & Has Service Son. Lean and lithe as Eisenhower, wiry and brown, T-Sgt. Irvin Chapman, veteran of two wars, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman, Lu Verne, arrived from the Southwest Pacific last Thursday with a unique record of 500 hours in combat service as a tail gunner in the U. S. armed forces. Chapman, whom his comrades still on the job probably regard as a "glutton for punishment" when it comes service against his when it comes to service against his country's enemies, has only a few days here on leave. Next week Saturday he is to report at Miami, Fla. What the next assignment will be, Chapman doesn't yet know. He may be assigned . to further ' aerial combat service, or he may he given an air force job in the States. He is still ready for anything. Served in Two Crews. Chapman got his baptism in the first world war, and when this one broke out he was at once TWO BEN STUDER SHORTHORKS TO INTERNATIONAL WOUNDED IN LUXEMBOURG; DIES NOV. 8 Served as a Machine Gunner in Patton's Third Army. Chicago, Nov. 27 — Seventy leading breeders of purebred Shorthorn cattle have consigned M Ada c n A1 the unprecedented number of 174 . , . .. head of improved seed stock to, celve ^ * telegram from acting the International Shorthorn Con- j Adj. Gen. Witsell, Washington, I gress show and sale Dec. 4-5-" at D. C., on Thanksgiving day noti- the Chicago stockyards. Not fying her that her son, Pfc. V.ir- since the boom days of World gil F. Johnson, 22, had been seri- War I, have 3o many Shorthorns • ously wounded in combat in Lux- T HIS GROUP OF 25 left last week Monday morning by bus for Ihe induction station at Fort Snelling to begin their training as a part of Ihe armed forces. The men are, left to right: Back'row—Johnson, Riggs, Bunkofske, Elmers, Coyle, Seller, Raidal, Long, Struecker, Trenary, kollasch. Von Bank, Jensen. Front row— Molampy. Bowman, Beenken, Busch, Hillslen, Leonard, Kollasch, Biersledt, Ross, Menke, Murray, and Schipull. KOSSUTH KIN OF INTERNED YANKS M(ET A second meeting of pare its of Kossulh boys who are enemy John Bauer keyed up to get into it. , other war he was for two years i assigned to driving an ambulance prisoners of war was held at the high school building Tuesday evening, and parents of men missing in action, thougfi not known to be prisoners, were in- In tho vited. ; Mrs. Donald Arns, chairman of which have reached goals j in Italy, and for a time was in [Bancroft, Fenton, Ledyard, VRock, Lu Verne, Swea City, [Whittemore; and townships have passed 'goals are: Garfield, Greenwood, «, Riverdale, Seneca, Sher; ( Union, and Wesley. |Fi«« Shows at Th«»ters. tres in the towns are stag- pond premieres. The motion re industry is furnishing the and the theatres add their ices without cost. Algona the Call will have a free bond show for chil- >nly next Tuesday, 5:15 p. o a show for the general Be will be given next Thurs- the army of occupation in Aus- iria-Hungary. He has never been wounded, and today he is entitled to wear 11 variegated service ribbons. To get his 500 hours in combat, Chapman served in two crews as a tail-gunner. He flew every chance he got. There were times whon his combat planes were shot up, but never a bit of ack-ack touched him, though once the crew found nine holes in one of the bomb bay doors. Served on Many Missions. After enlistment in 1942, Chapman was trained at Coffeyvillc, Kans., Denver, Tucson, and Negotiations are under way Blythe, Calif. Last October he premiere sponsored by the ! was sent to Australia and thence A. Friday, ids actually purchased in unty up to last Saturday to$302,000, a little less than |ourth of the quota. At the "^ge in the fifth loan, over a half million dol- ' ad been actually purchased. , Sealer* Will iet Moisture Data „ was held at the ^office Tuesday to instruct iity loan inspectors, bet- wn as corn sealers, to go weir territory and select "nples from three cribs entative of crops grown and send them to the office £. be analysed for moisture nmation. The corn to be the American enemy prisoner of war committee of the county Red Cross, presided. New (information as to prisoners and the sending of packages were donsid- ered. There is now available a supply of three pounds of chocoy late in bars, which m;fy be bought for 75 cents and inpluded in boxes, and Mrs. Arns may be contacted for this. Friends Can Send Gifis. Containers meeting spclcifica- goJdier'in TITONKIANON LEAVE LEARNS BUDDY KILLED GRONBACH of championship timber been en- embourg November 8 and Friday of last week she received a tele- tered in one sale. Kossuth county, la., will be 1 gram telling of his death the day represented by Ben G. Studer, he was wounded. Wesley, who has consigned -two | Virgil H r<s a meiv.ber of Genof his topnotch Shorthorns. j eral Patton's army, and in his Mr. Studer has had animals last letter to relatives received from his herd nominated for this in October, he mentioned hoping official annual sale six out of the j he would soon be able to send a. last seven years. He has been, gift from Germany to his niece breeding purebred Shorthorns 35 N Gloria, daughter of Virgil's years. brother Melvin. [Mr. Studer, who said last • Machine Gunner. weekend that he would leave for Virgil entered service at Camp The Advance of November 16 carried the announcement that for meritorious, combat flights, achievement in 2nd Lieut. Alvin E. Gronbach, Mustang fighter 17HEN JOHN BAUER, son of V Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bauer, comes i wars, kid him about been the I driver, got home November 12 on ]a 31-day furlough. The home trip i was tinged with extra anticipation because first he was about to meet his young son Leon, two., years old in October, whom he j had never seen. The young man's first week at home' was spent with his family and other relatives. Then, last week Tuesday, he and Mrs. Buss went to Lohrville to see Mr. and Mrs. Chester Grierson there and give them firsthand news'of their i son Sgt. Dale Grierson, Melvin's' buddy jn Italy. Young Grierson and Melvin had been in the same company from the time they entered service, and had last seen each other October 6, the day before Melvin left on furlough. But when the Busses arrived at was startled ll. Gronbach, Lu Verne, has been •, awarded the air _,., .. , 1 • 1 • V*iK.4..LV.*l WV^t V.IA - i3\,± V A^.V» I* \i \*f*.l 1 * 1 tJ Chicago sometime this week is a Dodge November 23, 1942, and veteran breeder of many kinds was trained at Canlp Carson, of purebred livestock—probably Colo Camp WolterSi T ex., a more kinds than are to be found c in Mississi p pi and Fort on any other farm in this section M eade, Md., and he embarked of the country. He has won many for overseas fr Om New Y ork City first prizes and championships at n montns aga district shows and state fairs, and The-young-man,was a machine has won his share of "Blues' at gunner in the infantry, and had,,, the International. j written his mother of pulling the * * A ^ Am K° ng u S ^ Ud £ r f bl * w "? nters gun with, him, Since lie had , : medal and the was the bull Colrossie Victor been overseas he had never men- first and second i reared on the Studer farm and tioned being in any country but bronze oak leaf shown at the San Francisco y rance clusters, aft e r I world's fair, where the animal 25 m i s sions won the grand championship.] against the Ger- • mans in France. The picture of the young man was to have appeared with the tions for shipping to prisoners ing jn action " an d didn't know it. may be had free at Red | Cross ^. wo y^e^s a g 0 the Advance said headquarters here, and, ^£ de- a war department message to his sired, assistance will be given in paren t s had reported him miss- packing. '"& ing, but last week another war A label is sent by the govern- department message said it was ent to next of kin of such pns- all a m j s i a k e< This week, to wind hat that and nd son, had died in Italy October 18 from wounds received in combat. Melvin, who has been in ser- ment oners every 60 to New Guinea. Later he served in the Admiralty Islands, and his last service was on Biak Island. He was on bombing missions to Celebes, Borneo, Halmahera, and Minandao Islands. Chapman has a son Robert in service in the Southwest Pacific, and they managed to meet three times. The son is in radar service. After the first World war Chapman was engaged in business at Lu Verne with his father, veteran hardware dealer. He is married, and his wife now clerks in the store. The couple has another son in civilian employ at Detroit. loan program is expected to be in operation by mid-December, and the loan rate for Kossuth is 89c a bushel. All 28 townships um--^ -.-j -- da y s > ^.J^i 8 up Ihe story, this picture is ore- label permits sending an ll-ib. sente d j 0 show how John looks box. Recently a regulation has when he isn ' t " m i ss ing." been made that also permits ^ _ ROMANCE OF WAR label. Talks by Camp Speakers. Lt Col. Lobdell, of the local p W camp, and two jioldiers gave jalks at the meeting Sgt BRIDE ENDS UP IN A DIVORCE DECREE Charlene M. Neal was awarded Stn W crmpdgn7;"toTdTo'r;hTs a decree of divorce last week experiences. He was returned to Wednesday by Judge Stillman the United States, and alter ar- from Mer]e E Neal The par ties riving made every_ effort £ con- ^^ married in K ahoka county, Mo., August 11, 1941, and lived of their relatives, some killed, miss ng yet the s 1942, is to re- at Jefferson Barracks, St. , for re-assignment. His brother Joe, employed in a defense plant at Baltimore, came home to see him. The boys are sons of Mr. and Mrs. E. Buss, German township farmers, and are grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Parinkuk, Titonka. EDITORIAL BY AN ALGONIAN IN BIG FARM MAGAZINE The December Country Gentle. , man, one of the great Curtis Pub- till last January. Mrs. j lishing Co. trio of Philadelphia alleges cruel and inhuman j magazines (the other twx " story, but it failed to arrive in time, so is now used with this mention. As stated two weeks ago, Gron- Dach is a member of what is •mown as the Pioneer P-51 Mus- Red Cross Junior Collections $346 Junior Red Cross contributions Member Local Church. Virgil was born at Bloomington, 111., March 5, 1921, and was brought to Algona by his parents when he was only three months old. He had since lived here. He attended the local grade schools and had one year in the Algona from school children in the coun-1 high school, but quit school to ty total to date $346.52, of which i work on farms in this vicinity till $115.83 was contributed by rural schools, $182.78 by town schools, and $47.91 L-y parochial schools. When 21 more schools have reported the county will have 100 tang fighter group of the 19th j per cent enrollment in the or- he went into the army^ He was unmarried. Surviving besides the youth's mother are two sisters, Mrs. Edna. Richardson, Des Moines, and Mrs. Carl Lowery, Algona a brother tactical air command in the Ninth! ganization, according to Fidelia! Leslie at Woodward; the brother Air Forces, and the group was re- Skow, deputy county superin-1 T-Sgt. Melvin Johnson, in a med-., cently awarded a presidential tendent, county Junior Red Cross ~' —— : ~ ^ unit citation for outstanding per- chairman. formance against the enemy. PHILLIPS GOES TO CONVENTION HOUSE IS SOLD. The Scanlan apartment building on East State has been sold ical corps in France. Virgil was a member of the Algona Presbyterian church. g y , was a diffici It com- treatment. Her maiden surname day Evening Post, Ladies Home ««» , b re n the editorial 's not sealed. The corn [ were represented at the meeting From Three Schools Visit the Algona Library r°u a re P° rt W Beth grades, Fluffy (pink bunny), by r /son, n pi/. , m ' Munson ' unson 'cpTVa^ond Bu, X en- ' W S'^ that in 1943 she page a Christmas 2/3-page edi- v Tri i in the North Daklta Na- spe nt several months with her, tonal by Duane E. Dewel, Al• S n a i Guard recounted experi- Sand, who is in the armed gona. Accompanying is an art tional Guard recou g nusDa , tationed outsid e cartoon showing at the top a cou- ences he encountered in canal, where army men rines fought side by side News of Prisoners!. Juadal- forces and was stationed , --. _ - ndma- Iowa . she says she has. spent all Pi? watching a young boy at play i the rest of her life in the state. I The couple have no children. Mrs. Neal asked that her maid- librarian, 650 , , ,, ,, Q ctinn<5 MI'S. INeai HSK.CU uiai. nci u»»v. Following the talks, questions fa restored, also that she were asked and answeied. and en ^ $5Q R month alimon y, some relatives reported lews oi their enemy prisoners. Mrs. Freda Steussy, Algona V \Ullllk. '*J\+**'*J *i " IVllO" i A CVA«* t~"*" v i — , Hill., by Lawson, had received a letter fiom her \& ^^ r "teache«7visited! Hooke?s1loliday?b/Brown, and . ""£ L^Gerald, October 8. Mr. "& ms P ec ted books/and Paddy's Christmas, by Monsell. and Mrs . Ro y Adams cf Plum i snnu, n ... v . _ ,.... L.. M«,,,_ , j letter fron tneir (_lCeiV, Mavi AJ«~w ,,rr-ittpn around "thV'b'ui'ldTng Third" grades* Pandora, by New lu n W ^- ek i Thew were berry, Private Pepper by Cava« on display, with 90 nah, That Silver Fox Patrol, by ^cements, and rVi»v «/cro nr.^tnn anH Scuttlebutt Goes to ents, and they were Ungs 'en visited the groups, 8-30 I* **. tf«MK «K by "*«•«£•« The King and the Princess, by to 13, A t\" *Xl»iK OH i* v*»%- •• ------- - . O'Brien, Corporal Crow, by Fris* • ld Under the Magic ; fifth grades. Augusta . LeGrand, Little Bear's Pinto Pony, Tousey, Big Boy, W Robinson, and Dr. George Wash- LeRoy ago. He was et here. om. •renz, of but had not been imprisoned long pnoueh to receive packages from home and for a reply to Local Boys Heard F Mr. and Mrs. Fred La Burt, received a letter from their son Cpl- Richard Uyrmz, November 20, written August 2ft and^he mentioned havirg met a bS? from Estherville. L Lighter, Algona, m a lel ten in June to his parents, ,nH Mrs. Clinton Lighter, i tery, by Farmer. an_ ,._., . of Gold, by Taylor; eighth grades. Northern Aerial Adventure, oy ^ nadav '•»•' r* vac wwvwiw Lathrop, Green Turtle Mystery,, ana ackages and let ffli bv F ^ st jra<i*5, Nws- by Queen, Tad Lincoln and the ti°™*P ^ and ^r * Vas^f ^| ^S&&88& ^ onsbergi A1|on3 ': bad I and this court. was allowed by the written May 6, t. Duane ter writ- Mr, men- ers from Hawy the m«at Local Storeroom* All IFUled Again All available store buildings in Algona are again occupied. F. L. Huxtable, who moved here recently from Wichita, Kans., has rented the Dr. A. L. R|st building occupied during the last year or two by the Youth Center, and will take possession Jan. 1, when he will open a Firestone tire automobile parts shop. recent letter,written by Pyt. John Spongberg September 3 and received last week, which was considered speedy delivery. • Another meeting of the group will be held m two or three months. with Christmas toys, while below a youth in a foxhole stretches at length before an opened Christmas box and dreams of home as he breathes a "God Bless You" to "Mother and Dad." The editorial was written by request; of the Country Gentleman editor. MORE JURORS ARE CALLED AT COURT Judge Stillman is holding court this week, and in view of the fact that a jury case is up for trial, ten more petit jurors have been called as follows: Arnold Gade, Whittemore; Gustav Hagg, Algona; J. A. Haggard, Algona; Amy Johnson, Algonji; Elsie Kienitz, Lakota; Harold McDonald, Whittemore; Clarence Morrall, Algona; Stanley Norris, Lii Verne; Delia Reaper, Algona; and Nettie feeding, West Bend. C. A. Phillips, secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce, will attend a meeting of the Iowa Association of Commercial Organization Secretaries at Des Moines Friday and Saturday. The meeting is held at this time to consider proposed legislation to be presented to the next general assembly. Mr. Phillips will talk Saturday morning at a group meeting of secretaries for towns under 10,000 population on how to obtain new industries. There will be four other speakers on the same discussion program, presided over by A. J. Cadiex, Estherville. Discussion at general meetings, will center around the problem of airports and feeder lines into the larger ports and the problem' of municipal taxation. Mrs. Phillips, accompanied her husband, and they expect to return Saturday night. FARM IS SOLD. Union Twp., Nov. 28 — Fred to~Russell Cook of the cafe. This Schoby, it is reported, has sold is the former John Galbraith his farm (160 acres) to the West- home, ern Buyers, Algona. Pin* Money Bond Booth TEACHER SHOCKED BY NEWS HUSBAND AMONG 'MISSING' No graa4 jury will 'be impaneled, it was said at the clerk's office Mrs. Elnor Detlefsen, formerly I Miss Van Note, science teacher in the Algona high school, received a war department message Tuesday afternoon announcing that her husband, in the air forces overseas, had, been missing in action since Wednesday, Nov. a. Shocked and grief-stricken, she left that evening for her home at Ames. Mrs. Detlefseu's husband was a lieutenant in the air forces in England, and was pilot of a P-51. The lieutenant had almost finished his 250 hours in combat- flying, and had been hopae for Chrj§tipa$.. BOOTH FOR BOND buyws, with

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