Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1944 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1944
Page 5
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[EGOND SECTION SISTERS WYES HAVE LEAVE AT HOME w ov 22—Jean L. Ga- S Cleo O. Stubbe, c Waves, arrived here «,. 10. and Sunday u"at a "naval" air base, &ite Fla., left Thursday. Tjenonnel. supervisor, iiiilnned at a naval air St Co? Wash, left Sun' , is a bookkeeper and in a cashiers 01- vas formerly a. teach- l"thc Grant consolidated lima Jean was bookkeeper IState bank here. They Kt training together at Icollcge, New York City, Baiaar Dated- attending a radiar school in Texas. He has been in service more than two years. Jorgensons Are Parents— Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jorgcnson arc parents of a daughter born Nov. 12 at a Blue Earth hospital There arc five boys in the family. Surprise Honors Birthday- Friends with well-filled baskets of food took Mrs. Charles' Bashara by surprise Saturday, when they called to help her celebrate a birthday. Operation Patient Home— Mrs. Fred Darnell was recently a Blue Earth hospital patient for an arm operation. She was brought home Friday. Son for the Darnells— A son, second child, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Darnell last week Sunday at a Blue Earth hospital. Other Ledyanl News. November 23,1944 ALGONIAN ON A FORTRESS WINS 3RD AIR MEDAL An Eighth Air Force Bomber btation England (Undated)— Iec:h Sgt. Roger E. Combs, 25, son O f Mr. and Mrs. William H. U»nbs, Algotia, la., serving with the veteran liOGlh bombardment group as radio operator, has been awarded his third air medal for exceptionally meritorious achievement." As operator on a Flying Fortress the duties O f Sergeant Combs are t o keep in constant readiness for radio contact with other Fortresses and certain ground stations for messages vital to the success of a mission. I lie lives of countless airmen parachuting to earth or 'ditching' into the sea have been saved by the alertnoss and skill of a radio operator reporting their position. The efforts of men like Combs recently received official recogni- 45, most of whom will attend the golden wedding anniversary. Certificates Won in a Funds Drive Ledyard, Nov. 22— A certificate has been received by Mrs. Har- rictte Zielske from the Iowa Forget-Me-Not organization, which aids disabled veterans and -a drive for which to raise funds was recently sponsored here by thc local U ' S - W ' chapter, mak- hicken dinner, which this served in September, neti will serve lunch in jtyle during the aven- Ijany pillow cases, dresser quilt-ends, tea towels, 'and other useful items [sold. the Pllgrims { to th chu rch " whieh was the ccntu )iocr , M N " Burrow aan S- and Mrs. Mildred Looft rcad , m . At lhe loca) Mcthodist c Sunda y ; 10 '-'5 «• m. Sunday school; 1]:15) prcachin{ ,. 8 p m \ | M. Y. F. at the 1-iome of the Ilev. ' Mr - Cass; every Tuesday — !i n. division, of which this group is part, was awarded a presidential citation for "extraordinary heroism" in carrying out a highly successful attack on enemy aircraft plants at Osclierslebcri and Hal- bcrsladt. Germany, despite extremely heavy fighter opposition. A graduate of the Jordan, la. i consolidated high school in 1938,! Combs was in grocery employ j prior to entry into the army ai'r forces. — * Ex-Swea City Pair Married 50 Years ,. T .;K.r Makes Calls— el " s ' She is the former Margaret Swea City, Nnv 22—Mr. and FT MPP Wrrnmnanand Mayer ' sistcr o! Bcn Ma y° r ' Mrs ' AllVed E - Anderson plan to [ Lawrence Kirmuman and Mr _ and Mrs Jamcs Simscr| of lcavc Friday for Jolicti ^ to bo Blue Earth, spent last week present at the 50th wedding an- ing her an honorary member of the Forget-Me-Not Legion of Honor. The chapter also received a certificate, which is appreciated particularly by all who took part in the drive, especially children \jv.ho helped put it over by selling Forget-Me-Nots. OVERWORK FD f YFS * N F ED -* HELP , nmunson OPTOmCTRISTl TCL436 flLGOnfl! / PERmADEIIT l UJAVEKIT * ComplctewilhI'crnmnent ONLf Wave Solution, curlers, (hampoo and wnve sot — notliinR elso to buy Requires no heat, electricity or machines Kate for every typo of hair. Ovor B million sold. Money back guarantee. Ciet a Chorin- Kurl Kit today. AT FIRST JIONOFA 'Cold Preparations as directed! • Mr ' »"" Mrs ' Wm - Mrs. Esther, and £ ,r ir' « t£ n ri,»d£n Mrs ' John Bish °P> Exira - ca ™ toert CoUinMwo children. re <. ently for a visit at D B May . Mrs" Wednesday afternoon at Christy niversary of Alfred's parents', Mr. ' Hinricksen's. and Mrs. Albert Anderson, who Mr. and Mrs. William Poppe will hold open house December 3. spent a day last week with the Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blair and Arlene McFadden, |ere callers at Mrs. Pingel's Monday, man, the former Ruth Ian ex-teacher here, h^'l • 11 J i T3 ft 1 r<fMifol* -l^f OlJtllU a \*ay iUDL WUU»\. W I Ul LIIU *-•» l , c'iiu 1V11D. -LJ.'IVVCUU J3IUU' (llll.l ailed to Buffalo Center lor latter , s . molncr| Mrs- Y atcs, Nc- the Ca:;sie Andersons also plan Rners lunerai. vada _ to be present and will leave here The Albert Collins family, Chi- ut a later date. I", 10 , 1 , 11 '^ 00 ^" ee "T cago, arrived Friday for a few The Albert Anderson family land Mrs. Wm. Green have d at the parcntal Wm lived s number of years in the 'that their son, Cpl. Elwood Green . s Pilot Qrovc neighborhood, where , is now stationed on fataten Mr _ and Mrs John Swarlzc] fjf they mared their family. Of their .NcwYork. Hehad been Qli visiting at their daugh- 11 children nine are living, and nP^^tojome^ime. ter ^ A , vjn £ arpenloi , s . PROGRAMS 5:JO—CrUlnhnn Urotheri ....Mon thru Sat 5:4,"i—Jerry Smith D.iily ex San 6:00—Hcnvcn nnd Home..,, .Drilly ex film 6:15—Fnrm Service Mnn Weil Frl Ken. Hiil, Mary I,e«. . .Tuo thu Snt B :.10—Fnrm New.H Daily ex Sun St'li;—Jerry and 7,€ldn Dally tx Sun 7:00—News, Alex Prefer . ...Dnily ex Sim 7:15—Time to Shine Dnliy « "-in 7:30—Bible Broadcaster .'Sunday News Dnily ex £nn 7:1,1—Uncle Sinn & Ken Dnily ?x T-,m 8:00—World News Roundup Sun<"i» The JInden Family... .Mm) l-Vyd T.>| Tleveille Roundup Tue Thu IV't 8:15—lira A'lnmi Fnmily :.Sun-toy Son/rfrllnws Mon \Vrtl 'fr\ Second Cnp o' Coffee.......Tii? Tim Allen Roth Snturilay 8:30—Strinir Quartet Sim-l-y News Mon^hru V'ri Adventure.! of Omar Sn*ur''": f 8:15—Mclnilv Mni'linuse Mon Ihru '-VI 9:00—Chri^iinn Science !5un''^ f I.or:i Lnw'.nn Mon thru ".'rl Grnntlond Tlit-e Sport S'nTic- 1 .: .'""' 9:1R—Vrophecy in the N?'.vs ri'J'it'".y Mews nf the World... .Mon t'.iru .''i 9:30—AmTtcnn Le.^inn r luv'-v Finders Keepers Mon t>-i 'VI To li« nnnonnnd Si •• • -7 9:15—News V"i -y CnMinK All Ciirln Si 1 '-:! 1 •' 10:00—WHO Prerertj oi-?''"'• RonJ ot Life Mon^Sii-ii'/-! 10:15—Rosemary .'..'."!.Mon thru Vrl 10:30—Anirrlrn I!::c!: to Go:! "'":» :' Stnr I'lnyhoUB? Mon tllril ":\. BARKER DRUG STORE is in a medical unit and ed to a hospital train. i for Service Men— stijias boxes for boys Mrs. Amanda Nitz has been j having the flu and was confined •I to bed, but is improving. . I Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bashara and Mrs. C. Rosboro were at Mankato Monday. isfance"'6f the public 'is ' ' *~ ~ Home-made candy OT pour-H Girls Club ' are wanted, and the » ¥ i i « »» can be obtained, Old Holds 1st Meeting s.for quilts to be sent to iys are also wanted. | Swca citV) Nov . 2 2—A newly Ihlngton, D. C., Wedding—' organized 4-H club in Harrison Kind Mrs. Ace Warner are twp. held its first regular meet- Ifor.the two children of Mr. ing recently at Helen Lindc's. PH' ?!2- n ?---^ a . rn . er J ^" Mrs- George Harner has been elected leader. The officers are: hington, D. C., to attend president, June Harner; secre- dding of Wanda Berhow to tary-treasurer, Beverly Lunn; re- I Howard Cairns porter, Dorothy Koons; historian, ; Patricia Patterson. Thc club has ( Ex-Ledyard Boy— i been named Harrison Hustlers. iHazel Jenks spent a few The next meeting will be a m week at the Oliver Mar- Christmas party at June Harome. Kermit Jenks is now ner's. the family group now numbers Thank I take this means of thanking every man or woman who voted for me in the recent election. I shall do my best to continue to merit your confidence in me as county auditor and I deeply appreciate your vole for me. Leo Immerfall Auditor he too deserves HANKS.. 11:00—Church Srrviccj Judy nnd Jane........Mon Alex Drci*!?- ;'••<•.vr •••' 11:15—Perry Mns-i ..'Ion "• "i ''•! * Governor Rlcl;cr:Ioopcr... ^r-i'tin'~y ]'l:30—Edith P. Wch'-r '-m '"-I ''i R.inrh Ho-.ine Jim " •? '~IM " -t 11-.45—Buclinroos : M thru I'.'l AF7ERNOOH P7.CS?..V.:3 '' . 11:00—Old Fnshlonccl Hcvivnl: Sin-'•» Mar'.-.e's n'.id NCT«. .. .Uon Ihru K:.l Corn Belt l-'nrm Hour Sn'.ir- l" 12 :15—Fcsil All Three Mon ".V I -Vrf Victory F.irm?r» -. TiwTh'-l 12-30—Univ. of Chi. Roundtnblo... .S'.irr'ny Newn ... , rwily « S : 'Jn 12:15—Sonrf'••«•« .;....Mon W«d:Ptl.Sit Served .With « Sour;. .......JWTha- 1:00—Those \V<! I.ove •.Sliniiiy GuidlnK Usht Mon thru F.-i Man on the Fnrm Slt\r.-i<r:' j : !5_Tod.-y's Children Uon t iru ••. I 1 -30—V/ostimhour.e T'ro-jram S-ir.' 77 Wonnn in While Mon thru '•'.':'! Pipsliin Parnde Pltll-'fy 1:45—Hymns All Churches. .Mon th-u '/'vi Ratty Crocker Frli'iv Univ. of Iowa Foothall Sr'.urd.iv j.,00—World Pnrndc Sund-iy Woman of America Mon thru !-rl ! :15—Mn Teridns Mon thru Frl J :30—Army Hour .Stui- ••••' Pepper YounK'a Fmly..Mon thru !T| JiH—RlKhttoH»oplne.Ti....Mi«i Ihriryr 3:00—Bnckntnite Wlf« Mon Ihru Jrl 3:15—Stella Dallas Mon t.iru Fri 3 :30—lown-Ncbrnnkn Qali Sunfby Lorenzo Jones Moil thnl j-jrj Iil5— YounB Wlddur Brown. .Mon thru Fci 4:00—Symphony o? the Air .Siin-J-iy When n Girl Marries..Mon thru.I'rj 4 -15 Portln Focea Life Mon Ihru Frl 4:30—Just Plnin Bill Mon thru Fn John W. Vnndarcnok..... .Saturday 4:45—Front PnBe Farrell... .Mon thru Frl Musi* Room Satunhy 5:00—The MnstersinKers ..Sundry News Daily « SunOS' g. 15—News , Sun« ny Songs at Twlliffllt Mon Wad 'Rri Time for Listening Tue Thu l SonRfellnwa Sntun-y 5:SO—Great Cilderaleeve , , .Siini.n.v Austin & Cartrkht...Mon Wed Fn Curt Mnraoy & Co .Sat'.iriby 5.<5—Uritish IMcrstu. Co Mon "hni rrl Football Scorehaard R " u ' r! J? ! ! 5:50—War News and Sports. .Mon thru 1-ri EVHNING PROGRAMS 6 rOO— Jaek Benny • ;Snnifcy ClilT and Helen Mon thru >ri Lcm Turner Show .jijtiirciyy 6-15—News of the World....Mon thru Frl Smiltn' F-d McConncll Sntnnby 6:30—Pitch Bandwagon .Sunday News Daily ex Sun 6145—MorRan fae'ntty.., .Mon Wed Thu M Jimmy Fidler Turn. n» Barn Dance Carnival Saturday 7jOO—Charlie McCarthy .Sunday Cavalcada of America..... .Monday Johnny Presents ...Tuwny Mr. nnd Mrs. North Wednesday Maxwell House Coffee Thursday Highways in Melody :I-rtdny Gnslight Gnlet!es 4 Saturday 7:10—One Man's Family Sunday Voice of Firestone Monday A Date with Judy. ;,v T , uei ' t ! :ly Carton of Cheer Wednesday Dinah Shore Th \£ 8 ,j" y Duffy's Tavern ..Friday Truth or Consequences... .Saturrtay 8)00—Manhattan Merry-Go-Bnd.. .Sunday Telephone Hour Mon 1 By Mystery Theatre .Tueidny Eddie Cantor Show Wednesday Blng Crosby '• Su'J Waltz Time i'r r 'S' y National Barn Dance Saturday 8:J»—Album Familiar Music......Sunday Information Please '* on 5 !>y Fibber McGee 4 Molly..... -Tuesday Mr. District Attorney... .Wednesday Bob Burns Thursday People Are Funny Friday lowi Barn Dane. Ftollc... .Saturday S:0»—Hour of Charm -Sunday Contented Prosram ....... -Monday Bob Hope Tuesday Kay Kyser's College Wednesday Abbott and Costello Th i!J.','r y Amos V'Andy •/"!£?, lor outstaidiig war production s week we give thanks for a miracle ... the miracle Wartime production that is saving our nation. In this acle > a] l America shares . . , the farm side by side with I factory. And in the amazing records of. farm-produc- Fi " OI ? e outshines the record of the Dairy Cow. Fighters w dairy f 00 d s ... so to our armed forces and Allies go pendous quantities of butter and evaporated milk. ; ers need dairy foods ... so to men and women in our .plants, go bottles of milk by the millions. With so Cl1 extra demand for milk, you can't get all the butter i Want, of course. But don't blame the dairy farmer. i n 8 with the creamery, he's doing his best to meet the IJt needs of war. Before next Thanksgiving, he hopes T.;° P rovi de you and all America with plenty of butter f l the o^er dairy foods so important to our way of life. the Air Every Wssk ' W-W UAIBX Rudy Vallea Program PALMOLIVE LUX SWEETHEART Our Itcgular Low Trice 8 FOR 20c With 25c Purchase in Cosmetic Dept. Limit 6 bars to a customer. CHILDREN'S WOOLEN MITTENS— Warm and practical milts that will take a beating. Wool lined. Elastic wristband. Many colors. OUR REG. LOW PRICE 39c . . . PR. Sale Price 33c RAZOR BLADES— Usually sold 5 for 15c. 50 GOLF) CREST One year's supply. , „„.„ u iut iol .. Now 10 pkgs., 50 blades, at Ihis amazing low price. Smoolher cleaner shaves. Gift boxes GAMBLES $1.50 VALUE ..... Sale Price ,s= 69e MUS'S GIFT ^'ECKYVEAIt- Tailored for smart dress wear. Designs and colors to go with any suil fabric. Raylor tipped and wool lined. OUR REG. LOW PRICE 98c 2 FOR Sale Trice $1 LADIES' COTTON HOSE— Full fashioned, 100% mercerized collon. Reinforced foot. Double welt. Absorbent and extremely comfortable PR. Sale Trice §= 35c MAPLE FINISH NURSERY CHAIR 3! Constructed of selected hardwood. Equipped Ej with overhead swing tray. Attractively de- 5 - signed. OUR REG. LOW PRICE $2.98 Sale Trice 2.29 E WALNUT FINISH COCKTAIL TABLE —-Sale Trice ^ Designed by skilled craftsmen. Hand rubbed = finish that will complement your living 5 room. ..Glass top. - . OUR REG. LOW PRICE $10.95 7.95 = SPECIAL CHENILLE'KATH SETS— A .smart, colorful 2-piece set. Made from selected . fluffy soft chenille. A special purchase. OUR REG. LOW PRICE $4.75 Snlc Price 3.19 = ll^NCH TOY DRUM— R«d. white, blue. Actually purchased in j=jj dept. store for SOc. Brilliantly colored with 5 matching cord. 2 10-in. drum sticks included Sale Price 29c Cold & Cleansing Cream Department Store Value $1.00 OUR REGULAR LOW PRICE 49c Our Lady Helen Cream for removing maek - up and conditioning dry skin. 1 Ib. size. LIMIT TWO TO A CUSTOMER RAYON HOSE Our Reg-. Low Price SOc 55c pr. 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