Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1944 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR WINS WINGS, BOOTS AS A PARATROOPER Fort Benning, Ga., Nov. 18 — Pvt. Henry ('Bud') Helmers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Helmers, Algona, la., has won the right to wear "Wings and Boots" of the United States army paratroops, having completed four weeks of jump training, during which time he made five jumps, the last a tactical jump at night involving a combat problem on landing. Jumping at the parachute. school here has been steadily developed to a recognized war science, and American paratroopers arc now recognized throughout the world for their meritorious action against the enemy. In addition to producing jumpers, this parachute specialist training is given to qualified men in communications, demolition, riggers and parachute maintenance, vital skills for airborne troops. - * TRINITY LUTHERAN Church — Sunday, Nov. 26: Sunday school and bible class, 9:45 a. m.; Divine service, 10:30; subject The End of the Road With Jesus.' . If you can t get i* in a store . let a Want Ad find it for you KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA FOR SALE—PUREBRED Hampshire boars.—C. C. Baas, West Bend, Iowa. Ilp9-ll FOR SALE — BLACK-FACED sheep buck.—John Glieden, Lu Verne. 10plO-ll WANTED—A FEW STACKS OF straw.—Ralph Hurlburt, Lone Rock. 8plO-ll TRACTOR TIRES just received. Big shipment. Buy now for spring.—Coast to Coast Store. 13ull FOR SALE—F-12 Tractor with cultivator; on steel. — Henry Scheppman, Irvington, Iowa. 12pll-12 FOR SALE — F-12 TRACTOR, completely overhauled. With cultivator.—Nick Berte, Irvington. llplO-12 HIGHEST PRICES FOR FURS. Will call on you. Write or phone.—Bill Parrish, Thompson, Iowa. 15pll-12 FOR SALE—2 GOOD Hereford bulls, quiet and gentle, one 2 years, another 3 mos. old.—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. IBpll FOR SALE — THREE REGIS- tered Brown Swiss bulls, serviceable age. Priced for quick sale—John Bockes, Lu Verne. IGplO-ll FOR SALE — CHOICE HERE- ford boars, eligible to be registered. l ] /2 miles north of Fenton on Highway 44. — Everett Mueller. 15plO-13 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Duroc •boars. Good bloodlines.—John F. Weber, Irvington, phone 15F22. Two miles east of Algona, 17ull-12 MECHANICS AS WELL AS IN- experienced men wanted. Steady employment, good wages. —Inquire at office, Kent Motor Cc. l.'uotf FOR SALE—REGISTERED milking shorthorn. Bulls serviceable age; also some heifer and bull calves two weeks to two months old.—Ray Kading, Fenton, phone 418, Lone Rock. GOOD PIGS REQUIRE WAL- nut Grove in their ration. Poor pigs require more. Our service is free. Give it a trial and be convinced. — H. S. Fain, Humboldt, la. Phone 297-M. 25(2)51tf FOR SALE—60 ACRES SOFT corn in field. Excellent for cattle feeding. Can be fed in field, shocked, or picked.—Irene Johnson, Bode. 25pll FOR SALE—PUREBRED Black Poland China boars.—R. Bierle, J / 2 mi. S, and "A mi. W. Lone Rock. 18pll-14 WANTS LOST—ARMY OVERCOAT between Algona and county farm. —Phone 7F12. lOplO FOR SALE—PUREBRED Hampshire boars.—C. C. Baas, West Bend, Iowa. llpll-13 WALNUT GROVE IN THE RA- tion will produce better hogs.— H. S. Fain, Humboldt, phone 297-M. 12(2)51tf WANTED — ALL KINDS OF hauling. Mail a card or call at house on East Elm. — Kenneth Foster. 17(2)13tf PUREBRED DUROC BOARS for " sale.—M. J. Howlett & Sons, 6 miles south and one mile east of Britt. 15u5tf FOR SALE—PUREBRED Duroc boars. New bloodlines. Farmers prices; M> mile south, 4V 2 west Ti tonka. Phone Burt 8-94.—Paul Krueger. 19pll-13 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Duroc \ boars. Longtime vaccination. • Delivered if purchased by Dec. \ 15.—Corwin C. Peer, phone 8F22,' Algona. 20pll-13 WANTED — WORKING GIRL between ages of 18-25 to share my sleeping room.—Call at Algona Coffee Shop or 206 Water Tower ave. no_-,i FOR SALE—KOZY INSULAT- ed and ventilated laying and brooder houses equipped with roosts, dropping boards and nests for immediate delivery. — Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. la. 24ull FOR SALE—FIFTY Registered Hampshire boars, new blood for old customers, ranging in weight from 180 to 500 Ibs. Broken belt boars, $45.00 in November only.—Joseph Skow, Wesley. 29p9-12 FOR SALE—PUREBRED CHES- ter White boars; good individuals, priced to sell. New blood for old customers. Vaccinated and guaranteed.—Harm H. Huisinga, 4 miles south and \Vz miles west of Buffalo Center, phone 10F67. 30u6tf FOR SALE—EXTRA GOOD Poland China boar. Registered and been tried. — Harold Brandow, Algona. 13pll-12 FOR SALE — DUROC BOARS,, new blood lines.—P. M. Chris-1 lenson, Lone Rock. 9u8tf I FOR SALE — PUREBRED PO- \ land China boars. — John Bockes, Lu Verne. 9plO-15 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Hampshire boars.—G. M. Will, 4 mi. east Lu Verne. 8u8tf FOR SALE—35 V-3 Deluxe, good tires, $200.—Lawrence Riedel, phone 19F2, Algona. 13pll FOR SALE — DELCO LIGHT plant, late model. Write or see Bertha Gardner, Bancroft. 12ull FOR SALE — PAN AMERICAN cornet, excellent condition.— Will Marty, Lu Verne. 10pll-12 FOR SALE — 30 CHEVROLET coach. Fair tires. — Francis Sanford, Lu Verne, Iowa, llpll FOR SALE — DUROC BOARS, S45 a head.—Marty Bros., 2 miles east of Lu Verne. 12plO-12 MALE HELP WANTED—Inside work, $35.00 per week, willing to learn.—Inquire Advance. 12u4tf ESTRAYED—5 SPOTTED PO- land China pigs, wt. 150 Ibs. Finder notify Vernon Larsen, Burt, la. ispll FOR SALE—CHOICE LOT OF purebred Hampshire spring and fall boars. — Joseph Thorn, Lu Verne. 12pll-14 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Berkshire boars; also outside toilet. —Henry C. Schick, 5M> mi. N. E. Algona. 16plO-ll FOR SALE—REGISTERED bulls large enough for service; also a few grade bulls. — Joseph Skow, Wesley. ' 15p9-12 FOR SALE—TWO PUREBRED Duroc Jersey boars. Some are March pigs.—Alfred Bierstedt, Whittemore. 12pll FOR SALE — THREE GOOD Spotted China boar hogs.— Ralph Hurlburt, Lone Rock. 10plO-ll FOR SALE — POLAND CHINA boars, 4 miles west, 14 south of Burt.—Jess Dugan, Lone Rock. 16pll-14 FOR SALE— BLACK POLAND China boars.—John Hoppe, 2 mi. W. of Lotts Creek Store. 15pll-13 P.B. DUROC BOARS FOR SALE —1 mile west, M> south of Seneca—Otto Wilberg, Fenton. 14 (2)7tf TRACTOR TIRES just received. Big shipment. Buy now for spring.—Coast to Coast Store. 13ull FOR SALE — NINE BROWN Swiss cows. Some fresh, some to be fresh,—A. L. Baker, Lone Rock, Iowa. 18plO-ll FOR SALE — DUROC BOARS. Choice weight 275—Four miles west Lu Verne, Matt Weydert, Livermore. 14plO-ll LOST—TWO LAMBS FROM trailer between the Perry Phillips farm and Algona on Nov. 17. —Perry Phillips. 17ull WANTED—JOHN DEERE TWO i row mounted 226 picker or pull I type, any make. — Write L. B I Erdman, Wesley. 17pll FOR SALE — SEVEN - ROOM modern house, garage, two lots, 722 East Elm. Priced to sell.— See D. D. Monlux. 19pll FOR SALE—TWO EXTRA FINE yearling Hampshire boars from purebred stock.—Floyd Duncan, phone 64 Burt. 15plO-ll FOR SALE — MONTGOMERY Ward's tires and batteries; also all sizes of grade three tires.— Schultz Bros., Algona. 17pll WANTED—A MAN WITH AI car to sell and service a line of livestock supplies. Either full or part time.—Midwest Mineral Co., I "rinnell, Iowa. 21u8-ll • FOR SALE—160 ACRES UNIM- J proved land. Plum Creek township, $110.00 per acre. This is a good investment. — C. W.' Nicoulin, Algona. 20ulO-ll 23pll j NOTICE—RENT OR Interest receipts don't pay for your home. Our low interest rate of 4%, convenient terms and cooperative service will enable you to own your home quickly and economically.—Algona Federal. Savings & Loan Ass'n. •"/ u9tf FOR SALE, BOARS—SPOTTED Poland Chinas, Herefords, Dur-i ocs. Vaccinated. New bloodlines for old customers. See me at Wesley.—Joseph G. Miller. 21plO-13 CORN PLANTER PART found Monday on pavement north of town. Owner can have by proving ownership and paying for this advertisement at the sheriff's office. 24ull STRAY HEIFER TAKEN UP IN my pasture east of Lu Verne. Owner may haye same by paying for this advertisement and other expenses.—Carl Hanselman, Livermore. 25plO-ll FOR SALE—FEW BUSHEL Hybrid seed corn. Dotasseled right. Iowa 939 and Indiana 608. Ear tested if you order soon; $6.00bu.—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 24pll WANTED: HATCHING EGGS. Can use limited number of additional flocks for hatching eggs. Spencer Chick Hatchery, Spencer Chick Hatchery, Spencer, Iowa, phone 1000. ull-12 PATRONS WHO WANT 1945 daily leafed desk calendars should order them now. Those who waited last year could not get them. Phone or call at office.—Advance. glO-12 LOST — RADIATOR TRUCK grill belonging to Ralph Hurlburt, some time ago in vicinity of Good Hope. Anybody knowing its wherabouts please notify Dau garage for reward. 26ull OPPORTUNI'kf! FOOD CHAIN seeks managers for stores in Northern Iowa towns. Men.with or without experience capable of earning $50.00 a week or better, under 45 years of age. Advancement possibilities excellent. Men who want to be well paid for their ability will be interested in these openings. Write IPA, care of Advance. ' 11-12 OUR BRANCH OF THE KOS- suth County Hatchery at Algona will be open the first of the year. In the meantime, we arc booking orders mailed to us at Spence,r. We will deliver on requested delivery date to the Kossuth County Hatchery, Algona, Iowa. Write us and order now from the SPENCER CHICK HACHERY, SPENCER, IOWA. Phone 1000. ulO-12 NOTICE OF HEARING ON REPORT OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County. HENRY W. SCHULTZ, Single, I Plaintiff, ' vs. MARY BATES, Widow; JOHN 1 BATES, also known- as John Joseph Bates, and CORA Bates, his Wife; EDNA HENDERSON and ROBERT HENI DERSON, her Husband; LIL! LIE PEARSON and CARL ' PEARSON, her Husband; JESSIE TOMELSON and LASHBROOK TOMELSON, her Hus! band; GODFREY SCHULTZ I and ALICE SCHULTZ, his ! Wife, LENA SCHULTZ, Single; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUAR-t DIAN of WALTER SCHULTZ; A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF ARTHUR G. SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND, Defendants. TO MARY BATES, Widow; John BATES, also known as John Joseph Bates, and CORA BATES, his Wife; EDNA HENDERSON and ROBERT HENDERSON, her Husband; LILLIE PEARSON and CARL PEARSON, her Husband; JESSIE TOMELSON and LASHBROOK TOMELSON, her Husband; GODFREY SCHULTZ and ALICE SCHULTZ,- his Wife; LENA SCHULTZ, Single; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF WALTER SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF ARTHUR G, SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the -District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Report of R. H. Miller, Referee, setting forth that he has received an offer for the sale of the South Half (Sy 2 ) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the Northwest Quarter (NW'/i) of the Southwest , STRAYED FROM MY place, a I , red heifer weighing about 400 I Ibs.; sometime prior to Oct. 29.— Orville Koppen, Lakota. 18pll FOR SALE—ENGLISH Shepherd pups. Guaranteed heelers.— Victor Franke, Elmorc, Minn llplO 40 SHROPSHIRE, HAMPSHIRE, Cheviot and Dorset yearlings and 2-year-old rams for quick sale.—Ben G. Studer, Wesley. 17ulO-ll FOR SALE—PUREBRED Hampshire boars. One mile west, 6 miles north of Wesley. — Ubbe Meyer, Wesley Rt. 2. 15u5tf DUROC JERSEY, BERKSHIRE and Hereford boars. Shorthorn and Angus bulls ready for service.—Ben G. Studer, Wesley. 15ulO-ll r" fla 1\ te^ WJ^gf^ - Mfe'M. THIS IS FOR MSI' ;/ l ^" W AMD ir ; S F^fgi, Children's Wctr Bond Premiere Just buy ci bond -or $«}( a bond*-of any danomination — : -HI g«|- yowr fre* ticket sweil movie show*^ *o It's Another "Lassie Come Home" With a Wonderful Dog "31V PAL U OLF" TUESDAY AFTEKXOOX, 4:15 P. M. Call Theatre IT'S * SMASH M fOB m SIMSHIKG SIXTH Smart Dress Fashions » are Here Chrischilles Store There is a real "dress famine" this Pall when it comes to good looking, smart, . exclusive frocks for both dress and sports wear. There arc plenty of "just dresses," cheap, shoddy, poorly made dresses but when it comes to real QUALITY garments! —then it's a different story. We have the kind of dresses every girl or woman wants — the kind that gives her a feeling of being well groomed. These dresses come in junior, missy and women's sizes from 9 to 17, from 12 to 20 and from IG'/v; to 24^ and prices range from $8.95 to $29.95. There are blacks and colors in rayon crepe as well as the very p o p u 1 a r gaberdine and novelty effects. All colors are shown, as well as the more conventional bl a c k and brown. Come in this week and let our salesladies show you the beautiful new garments that are arriving each day. Quarter (SWVi) of Section Four (4), Township Ninety- five (95) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, of Thirteen Thousand Two Hundred and no/100 ($13,200.00) Dollars. That he has taken a contract for the sale of the above described premises and has reported the same to this Court for approval, and you and each of you are hereby notified that said Report of Sale of which the Contract are made a part thereof will be presented to the Court for approval on the 1st day of December, A. D., 1944, at two o'clock P. M., at the Court House at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. And you and each of you are further notified that at said time and 'place above stated the same will be open to the 'public for bids and you are hereby notified to appear at said time and place and make any objections thereto, if any you have, and unless a higher or better bid is received Order will be entered approving the Report and Contracts as prayed in said Report. R. H. MILLER, 10-11 Referee Thursday, We Have Your New Fur Coat-When You Want It Chrischilles Store You don't have to wait for a "special showing" or a "special salesman" when you buy your fur coat here; we stock a fine selection of popular and wanted fur coats made by the famous ANNIS company, for over 50 years manufacturer of only fine fur coats. ANNIS fur coats are sold Ijy tliis store and backed by the liberal guarantee of satisfaction which goes with eveiy purchase here. We have muskrats in both southern and northern backs, with rich mink and sable dye in sizes from 10 to 44. Full cut, full length, no skimpy seams in these coats. Now is the time to buy that new coat. We have just the style you want —-RIGHT HERB IN THE STORE — no delay, no waiting, no disappointment. Come in or make an evening appointment with Mr. Chrischiles. 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