Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1944 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1944
Page 3
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A T WESLEY. . 22 -r- Naomi pro- Eisentaacher nml Lnuisn Hpi^r! won high and low n'.s|)iT i livrlv";ii ' 500. Following cords, lunch served, and rnnny gifts were ' sonle'cl to the honoree. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, A.LGONA. IOWA PAGE THREE ews So to Wnler- meeting ~ SATUUDAY, NOV. 2-1-25 MAUX HKOS. —iii- TH K MG STOHF, SKBIAT,, "FLYING CADKTN" X D. Monlux wi :itunl;]v I,, ;ill , , , t , .. ,_^, -nifc, "".' l '" : "'' 1 "I i-'iislodians of the Arch M;i:: ( iiis. noolhlor, Crescn tnwn- nii'T. is suffering from <-v T. ,-nirl has boon ' i"'fl fur tit least Lake, guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sharp, former Algonians, xllON., TUES., M r ED., NOV. 2({-27-2S.2» ti'J * , • ami Mrs. Alex Dermand, ' 'Idren. Leonidas and I Sunday with the dakis family at Em- a quarter-mile south of Wesley, has sold his farm to Victor Loe•big, and ho and his family are moving to San Joaquin Valley, Calif. The Giddings family lived in Algona two years prior to a year or so ago, while Mr. Giddings clr.Tked at Gamble's. Mrs. Eva Deim, who broke her left ankle some weeks ago, is now/ .. -- ---„ able to get about the house with- 1 Donald Deal has completed a j out the aid of crutches. The cast live weeks mechanic's course at! was removed from the leg three the Dunwoody Institute, Minne-j weeks ago. Mrs. Deim, who has "polls, and_ is again working for j been, employed by Modern Dry Cleaners 17 years, is now doing much of the repair work for the firm at home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chase reached Phoenix, Ariz., last Saturday, on the way to California, accord- or-1 Percival Motors here. He is a six son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal. •• -' >: '• m i Barbara Florence < Grady Dick y HALE • LAKE - SUTTON • ELLIOTT Second Feature IllAUTRY in "GET ALONG LITTLE 1)0GIF," IYTHAT "EXTRA BOND :ind Mrs. F. Karl Burgess nied :•'. Thanksgiving din•••'. t!iin,(--.-,'s father. W. H. '•'• '•''•"• f 'i<". imd the Rev. N . Pi ii"' family. Mi";. fUi'.'.aboih Amesbury en- 1 !:iin'"l Hi" I). 1,. Krantz farn- :•'• /i'e .1'ilm I'inks, and the Dr. • ''• P'.'ill.-;, ;ill nl' Tilonka, at din•T Saturday evening. Mrs. Margi.wiio Kenefick left 1 "''''•' ''*'' '.'hicaiio, where she ''II :'ji'iiil :i few days with ••'•ml.-; before leaving f(jr her •' "i a' Si. I'elersburg, Fla. M'iri Schemcl arrived Wedncs- ••!>• iiinrning from Cedar Rapids 'i' 'rii.'inksL'jviiifi with liis par- :iN :HK| granrlpanmts here. He a M.}jhtmion' at Coe college. IAr. and Mvs. W. A. While rc- linn (I SiMikiv from Kansas City, In re lh"v spent two months in ! '•<• interest of Mrs. While's ";il ! .j-.. She is reported much bet- er. .loan Thorpe, student at Ames, '.'ill arrive Friday to spend the \ eekeml \vilh her parents, Mr. ml Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, and will accompanied by her room- e. Mr. and Mrs. Dell L. Schoen- City, who recently Paul, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Schenck, who stays at Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson's when school is in day Thanksgiving brother Gerald, freshman at the college. John B. Wheelock, who recently retired from poslofficu service, has sold his house on Lucas street his | j n g 1 0 vvord from them, and were guests there of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Minn., arrived Tuesday for a week Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne joined the party for dinner. Next day FRAIL AS BABY, BURT MAN NOW IN 89TH YEAR Burl, Nov. 22 —Wm. Elvidge celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday (Tuesday), and his daughter here, Mrs. C. B. Chipman, with whom he lives, entertained relatives at an oyster dinner in his honor. This oyster dinner is a family custom, and during 16 years when Mr. Elvidge lived alone his daughter prepared the dinner and. served it at his home. It was not still last spring that he gave up housekeeping and began living at his daughter's. Guests at the dinner were the to M. J. Ulrich of Eslherville, wherc u nuy will spcnd the win- and bought one of Uie Harrington j tcr> C. R. Schoby, south of Algona, ,_ who, with his wife and daughter Kathryn, has left for a the Chases left for California, |R oy Jensens, Lone Rock, Mr. and Dodge, possession to be given Dec. 15. Barbara Haggard, Jean tagh, and Betty Murlagh- lagn, anu rseuy Muriugn-K.rusc , . —,,.,.. \ camo home for Thanksgiving. motllns in California, explained Barbara is a sludenl at North- i b( i £ T de)l ? arrtur1c : rU1iat hc in . tct ^?western university, EvansUn, 111.,!°? l ? f^ ty ^ el ° ng ™ ri °f Uty Jean leaches at Clarindu, and' abo , ut lhat . much . vaunted state Betty teaches at Faribault, Minn. I and was "^o gomg to find out Mrs. Wm. Dehneri and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson enter- what the war jobs out there were i < i i ! ' k ° by j. i • -\ c one ° ut lmselL . on ene- , t lainod at dinner Thanksgiving at Kathryn was also to look for a the Dehnert hotel, and gucslsl were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vera,! . ., i war job. A conference-wide mass meet- Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hedrick, ! ing in the Crusade for Christ was . , and Mrs. Hedrick's mother, Mrs. | held at the Lake, Methodist church, Mrs. R. F. Elvidge, Mrs. Ronald Elvidge, son Gregg, Mrs. Marion Chipman, daughter Joan, all of Burt, and John Farnour, Twin. Lakes, Minn. Mr. Elvidge has one other child, the son Ross, who lives on the Elvidge farm three miles from town. Mr. Elvidge came to Kossuth in 1881, 63 years ago, and lived '"> Greenwood township till 31 years ago, when he moved to Burt. He is still in good health but his activity is greatly impaired because of failing sight. When Mr. Elvidge was only tV»ron tnTGe ^Irl Vin wic OJu, HG Was > Eh?a n Vera and Ruth Ann Sics-lThe Rev. N.' A. Price, Algona, is to the United States by his par- bee, cadet nurse trainees S! secretary o£ the conference coun- ents from Lincolnshire, England, Immanucl Lutheran hospital; Omaha, spent the high school homecoming weekend here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vera and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee. James Trethaway, of Virginia, Minn., arrived Tuesday fr a week or two with Mr. and Mrs. T. T. City Supl. C. U. Pol- Herbst. Mrs. B. M. Southgate, n South Moore, are i who lives with the Hcrbsts, is , , i -\ • . , i_ . ... TVTv T*r*/^ +Vi nii/mr'c« t_'i c-tnv i v\r\ f Vna^r cil for the Crusade. Others here attending the meeting were Mrs. Price, Mrs. W. A. Foster, Mrs. E. L. Hagg, Mrs. Roy Hutzell, Dr. and Mrs. F. Earl Burgess, Mrs. M. G. Norton, and Mrs. L. C. Hutton. n L c a n n .settled in the new Mrs. A. E. Clayton got home ..y from Yorkvillc, 111., she spent two weeks, after g the funeral of S. J. A recent dispatch from Setterich, Germany, east of Aachen, mentioned Cpl. Arnold Kuecker, Fenton, as a dispatch rider with Mr. Trethaway's sister, and they I combat engineers who cleared a will leave early in December for i path through a mine field and California to spcnd the winter. paved the way for a complete A new Cub Scout den was started Tuesday afternoon at Mrs. V. K. Rising's, with Mrs. Rising SA'I'UBDAY, NOVEJriVEK '2.', CltOSUY LYNN MUHIMCK —in— "MMK'r anss HOIJHY SOCKS" A Clmrml'iil Ann in I of Fun iind Frolic! Added Attractions Fun for tlie Family SUNDAY AND MONDAY, NOV. 2«-27 NO.T SWt THl GOOD f ARTH .•AnURE SUCH AS THIS! Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson will have- as Thanksgiving guests Mrs. II. ivtorUjrothcr of'the late A. E. i as den mother and Mr. Rising as den father. Ronald Peterson, a Boy Scout, is den chief. The boys meet every week, and a den is supposed to have eight members. Lieut. E. L. Sherman arrived Wednesday from Cleveland, Ohio, Paddock, where, on Sunday, for Thanksgiving with his mother, Mrs. T. C. Sherman. A telc- P •cm and Mr. and Mrs. D. Goerlors, Clear Lake, with • randdaughtcr. Linda Falk- Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Norton left Tuesday for Lawton,_ where they M-e Unending the Thanksgiving | gram Tuesday from the other son, holidays at "their son Elwood's. j Capt. Richard Sherman, said he Khvood is superintendent of schools there. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews and Mrs. Eleanor Twogood entertained Hi couples at dinner Saturday night. "Jim" Bishop, who was visiting the Eugene Mur- t'lghs, was a guest. : .... •„., Mrs. Helen White, district 1 court clerk, and Mrs. C. R. Bennett, of the Railway Express office, are spending Thanksgiving at Storm would arrive Thanksgiving morning. Mrs. Josephine Southgate returned one day last week from Rochester, where she visited friends. The Southgates lived at Rochester before coming to Algona, and it. was during ... Mr. Southgate's" "ministry "there'*"'tFiat the present Congregational church was built. breaching of a huge anti-tank ditch. The ditch, 15 feet deep, 15 feet wide and ten miles long, was the most formidable manmade obstacle yet encountered on that front. Mrs. J. C. Buthman, wife of the former Methodist district superintendent here, now of Sioux City, spent several days in Algona last week. Part of the time she was with Mrs. C. A. Inger sail, part with Mrs. Minnie Gil more. Several courtesies were extended to her. A Birthday club which Mrs. Buthman originated was' entertained by Mrs. Ingersoll in her honor, and Mrs. W. C. Irelan entertained her and several; young women. Mrs. Buth- marfc^lso attended a meeting, (pf a churcTi circle -to which 'she' 1 b'e- longed when here and which met this'time in the country at Mrs. and he was then such a frail baby that his parents feared they would "never be able to raise the soy." And he's now going on 90! * SAILOR HOSPITALIZED. St. Benedict, Nov. 14—Mr. and VTrs. Mat Bormann have received word that their son Donald, of j the Farragut, Ida., naval train-' ing station, was recently ordered to a navy hospital for treatment of scarlet fever. W. M. Giddings, a mile cast and L. A. Cruikshank's. Mrs.F.LTribon will sell all of Fred Larson's household goods at his home 325 S. Wooster St., SATURDAY, NOV. 25, at 10 A. M. Maytag washer, drop head sewing machine, good bed spring and inner spring, mattress, single bed complete, walnut vanity dresser and bench, studio couch, 8-piece oak dining room set, drop leaf table, kitchen cabinet, gas stove, 2 heating stoves, 2 commodes, chairs, sled, 2 tubs, step ladder, tools, good canned fruit, other things. Mr. Larson is breaking up his home and all must be sold. IRITER HUSTON eMacMahon.AkimTamiroff Ihrfiin RoU ffumu ttAHtun • lUllldll Uwj * J CftHHOt NAISH WEI)., THURS., NOV. 28>29-!JO Daily Mat. 2 P. M. COAST-TO-COAST eadquarters for Beautiful Charming TOYS tot "Wildcat plane to make at home comes in kit complete with everything you need. 25c and Up Wooden hobby horse on sturdy rocking base 1.49 and 1.98 U S. Army truck, a replica of the real thing, will please any boy 1.49 and 1.98 \l Dolls An adorable doll clothed in a crisp organdy dress and pert matching bonnet. Sleeping eyes with real lashes make her look real as life, 1.49,1.98 up to 6.95 *!*•* IN YOUR' ""KST DREAMS SUCK -*^£l • ' ^ 11 ^ELL LV,,,,,, * , WOODY HERMAN O'KEtK HbLDS . a^d^i^ ± Aubu> ^h,,- ^ CAB GALLOWAY SMITH ILJCKtk »w^^W WfHAT Toy dishes and silverware for doll parlies. 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