Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1944 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 7
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,|.WOMEM, Jt ROCK, GIVE VANISHIHG TEA abed. Some time ago he suffered of the being teas wu".» •">• —, n. M hereabouts was hold at fide Seegebartn's. Mrs, Geo. assisting, evening week . There were S~of 50<f, one of "con- Mrs Russell Bates low at rs A A. Krueger high, v Snyder high at "con- 3y - lone Lease low, Mrs. >w winning door. The was taken in .which „ for Boy's Birthday— ! James Long entertained ; v at a birthday dinner hon- Yer son Roger, 13, and , there were Mr. and Mrs. ' r Leonard, Hardy, Mr. and y H. Riedel, • Burt, Mrs , Zimmerman, son Emil, hter Mary Ann, and George 1 Rath, all of Rockford ere injuries to legs and ankles in a fall from a loaded wagon. Card Parly at Long'i— ix/r A 50 $ £? rd P arl y 'was 'hold at Mr. and Mrs. George Long's Sunday evening. There were seven tables, and Mrs. Sam McClcish was high for women, Mrs.. Eric Seegebarth low, David Lynch M? M°or e £' Alcx Krue eer.low. Mr. McCleish won door. Sunday Dinner for Chunw— Mrs. Hugh Walsh entertained at Sunday dinner for her son Edman and in honor of Phil Wclb Bancroft, who is entering the air corps and leaves soon. Other guests were Merle Johnson Bancroft, Tom Poth, Algona, and Jos. Crowloy, Fcnton. ' Pastor's Wife is Sick Mrs. Whitehouse's mothe-, Mrs Athey, Cherokee, is spending a few weeks here. Mrs. Whitehouse has been sick for some time. Mr. Whitchousc' is the local Presbyterian minister. Girl Back lo California— Clara Bicrle has left to resume , T , her work at Los Angeles, after a , Jack i vacation spent at.hnr namnini funeral of Jensen, Algona, and Sunday were at Mr. Hawcolt's m, --_°? or B c Hawcott's. ino t,mil Persons spent Sunday, at James Wadsworth's, Arm- j^WoStMSr. st WSaSr" "™ .Mrs. Paul Olson, Burl, and her children spent Friday 'at Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt's. Tech. Spt Lc- roy Ricke, Wesley, was an evening supper guest there. , J h ,°u_ H ^. v . ( ; y H 'i'cys, Fairmont, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE THRE1 ,„ :-— Jr Merrons and Al- Wolfgram, Fcnton, were bunday dinner guests at A H Hanna's. •Mr. and Mr.s. Ralph Bicrslcdt, with their daughter, spent Sunday evening at tho former's sister Mrs. Walter Dacken's, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Shcllito, spencer, spent last week Wednesday with Mrs. Shcllilo's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton. Mrs, J. M. Blanchard spent tho weekend with her mother, Mr.s. Ada Whilchill, Burt, who is still abed with a broken leg. N. L. Cotton, Angus Cotton and Jack Quinn attended the Mrs. J. A. G. Smith • In m lUUn, clU Ui ivvyv.rvj.^1^. - -- -•- ~uu .•tiisi.K.-a, ailur U , . , - -- Irtarence Householders visit-1 vacation spent, at her parental ™ al ^ Mrs. KdUt Hugh Marlow's in Mrs. Al.ce Bierle's. . 1^"%^^ , , ,, - | Mrs. Allwm Lockwood and her $53 for Election Lunches— ( son Gene were brought home , Familv Reunion—• . ^T^ Lc g'on Auxiliary .took in frolT > Fcnton last week Wedncs- L * o***** j _ a •RrS.'tRII (~\M r>lr>ofirt« *J *>.. ..'.I. it H ?»iX amily Reunion— - . * e ^ e Lc g' on Auxiliary .took in f , rolT > Fc Mrs E. E. McCallum, $53.68 on election day, .when the day. mli >-_^_ On t,,^,i.,,, ^ women served lunches; • • Mr. -a BROOK TOMELSON, her Husband; GODFREY SCHULTZ and ALICE SCHULTfc, his Wife, LENA SCHULTZ, Single; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN of WALTER SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF ARTHUR G. SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND, Defendants. TO MARY BATES, Widow; John BATES, also known as John Joseph Bates, and CORA BATES, his Wife; EDNA HENDERSON and ROBERT HENDERSON, her Husband; LILLIE PEARSON and CARL SIE TOMELSON and LASHBROOK TOMELSON, her Husband; GODFREY SCHULTZ and ALICE SCHULTZ, his Wife; LENA SCHULTZ,. Single; LENA 1 SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF WALTER SCHULTZ, A PERSON OF UNSOUND MIND; LENA SCHULTZ, AS GUARDIAN OF ARTHUR G. SCHULTZ, A PERSON MIND: OF UNSOUND . You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Report of R. H. Miller, Referee, setting forth that sale of the South Half (S 1 / 2 ) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the Northwest Quarter (NW>/4) of the Southwest Quarter (SWA) of Section Four (4), Township Ninety- five (95) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the 5th P. M., ' Kossuth County, Iowa, of Thirteen Thousand Two Hundred and no/100 ($13,200.00) Dollars. That he has taken a contract for the sale of the above described premises and has reported the are made a part thereof will be presented to the Court for approval on the 1st clay of December, A. D., 1944, at two o'clock P. M., at the Court House at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. And you and each of you are further notified that at said time and place above stated the same will be open to the public for bids and you arc hereby notified to appear at said time and place and make any objections thereto, if any you have, and unless a higher or better bid is received Order will be entered approving j-.iu JT&AKSU.N ana UAKL. Miller, Keferee, setting forth that hereby notified that said Keport PEARSON, her Husband; JES- he has received an offer for the of Sale of which the Contract UU JJiUIIllSUb ctllU Iltlb J UJJUI LUU U1U WIUU1 Will IJU Ulll^lUU UJJIJIU V J11& same to this Court for approval, i the Report and Contracts as and you and each of you are prayed in said Report, hereby notified that said Report " " "" 10-11 R. H. MILLER, Referee use at the first sign of a cold. Treats one hundred hogs. H. T. BARKER 3I1U i*** <3. •*-*• ' - Grove, came Saturday to |ihc Ray Snyders. Mrs. Sny- lurith the la tier's children, and Donny, the Benny I mr. • and Mrs. Wilfred Radig spent Friday with the InlUVs i mother, Mrs. Rahmstock, La-' Other Lone Rock. Mrs. Carl Hammerstrom and kota family" "and'the women's Mr ' and Mrs. L? Verne. Hammer-. , Mr , and Mrs. M. O. Pichards Mr -Ind Mrs C C An- ;strom s P cnt Sunday with Mrs.. s P cn t -Sunday at the former's f'Hmorc with the worn- La Vei-ne_Hammerstrom's; aunt, a «."t Mrs. A. L. Greenfield's, Al- nthcr Mvrl were ,all Sun- Mr ' and Mrs. .Ray ZWiefel, Fen- 8°™ton. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ackar- -The. Vincent Behrends family man were Sunday dinner guests wcrc Sunday dinner quests at, the iat John TrUnkhill's, .B.urt, and' 01 ""' 0 Behrends home, Algona. | with Lois TrunkhiU. visited the M r> - an <:l Mrs. Wilford Mueller' I People Have Session— . Burl Methodist youth J met at the M. O.; Richards ' • ^rV —r" A - ,, >•, SnnHav fvenine The G Thc A - A - Kruegers, Iwr 4 s. War- i —• :—— -Muli'nn- 'L E Rc-ibhoffi ^ Montgomery, and the' toiler's! NOTICE OF HEARING ON ho Rev'' and Mrs. Heddle I daughter Susan Jane spent Sun- REPORT OF SALE OF . M. Chnstenson's. Thc »».v*l ^JVJ.O J. i U111V11111 . Vl&llUU llie , ' ' •' A'll.T. VY1J1U1U iVAUUil'Jl, Edw. Trainers, Kanaw'ha,'in the R 'i(TRl.nd, spent Sunday evening afternoon. , at Clifford Mueller's. The A. A. Krueaers. Mrs. Har- — - — '—. —— the at REAL ESTATE cd transportation. Plans ""' ""'• '"• ^'"'amiioun s. znu laid for a booth .at a church Ame y Cherlands were at Stanley! j n the Di5»vict Court of Iowa, .._,. ,,r-.,..--.,_... Jensens. RmPstr-H- the. Julian in and for Kossuth County T--•,.-_.- w> SCHULTZ Si ' n ,,J C) Plaintiff, vs. this "v/cck Wednesday' £L nS( ; n s ', R^gslcd; the. Julian in and . i Cherlands, at John Jacobson's,' HENRY Cylinder; the Alton Hurlburts, I Kanawha, and the. Maynard [ Service Women Meet tu Dervitu v»"ii*uii x't^c*—• i *»««.«....«, <j*i-_t tui; i.irtj'paiu. jc U. S. W. met Friday at Kuecks, Swea City, at Wrh.'Nel- f Ralph Bierstedt's, and in a'.son's. • • iiess session the treasurer. The Glenn Crossleys, of Swea ted $141.07 and a lump sum City, spent .Sunday'/at Henry 1 sent to the executive sec- Kucck's, and Shirley Richmann, .y. Lunch was served. The , Burt, spent the weekend there. [meeting will be held at Mrs.; Esther Wetzel, Algona, was at . Blanchard's Dec. 8. (Mrs. Lydia Wetzel's,- and • the — • Wesscls were Sunday dinner i Behrends Still Abed— I guests at Clara Pompe's. The Don ..,; Ornie Behrends family, of Radigs spnnt the day at Martin ina, spent Sunday at Ralph Dreyer's, Burt. ^burl's. Ralph was brought Mr. and Mrs. Hawcott spent e from the Kossuth hospital last Thursday with 'their, nephew, week Tuesday, but is still and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Martin' : .. ' -...-.'. MARY BATES, Widow; JOHN BATES, also known .as John Joseph Bates, and ' CORA Bates, his Wife; EDNA HENDERSON and ROBERT HENDERSON, her Husband; LIL-j LIE PEARSON and CARL] PEARSON, her Husband; JES-j ' SIE .TOMELSON and LASH- MINTING LA "(IE JORS Ol ?lll pf»| uii,a. naitvji wciJ LJIUIAKIII. 1YA1. rtllU 1V41C5. nelW^ULl. :>JJtMIL .*-mitl| IM*'V Fill t'f'l ("HlcrUl H',from the Kossuth hospital last Thursday with'their, nephew| 'tTition and skilled workman-^" /eek Tuesday, but is still and niece, Mr. .and Mrs. Martin | .•• tho.Advance XStf Always — Smart — Comfortable — Reasonable Modern Styling With Carved Frame this luxurious sofa and chair especially designed by Kroehler. Sit in the suite feel the comfort of the new style button-back and Posture- 4MMQ £1} m seats. Spring-filled throughout. Choice of two fabrics, only V a*T Vail W Clearance Prices an Krpter Posture Suites TapettrySiute, Regular $120.00-^--Cotton Frieze Suite, Regular {149.90 . [Piece Blue Velvet Suite, Regular |I55 ? 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Japanese industry is strong and modern and they have the supplies to prolong the war unless we stop them. And remember, when you buy a Bond during this drive, you're backing the boys fighting into the heart of the Nipponese strongholds.; Buy Bonds with a grateful heart out of an open pocketbook. TAKE YOUR CHOICE.' The "basket" of securities to be sold under the direction of the State War Finance Committee is especially designed to fit individual investment needs. It consists of eight issues: • Series E, F and G Savings Bonds. • Series C Savings Notes. • 2'/2% Bonds of 1966-71. • 2% Bonds of 1952-54. • l'/4% Notes of 1947. • 7 /a% Certificates of Indebtedness. V This Space is a Contribution to Our Country by Algona Implement Co. Aleona Maytag Store Dr. W. D. Andrews Algona Hardware, O. F. Peterson Algona Ice Cream Factory Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n* : Algona Flour & Feed Co. * Algona Greenhouses Algona Hotel Algona National Farm Loan Ass'n* Algona Produce, John Dreesman Algona Upper De Moines Allen Motors Aleona Laundry & Pry Cleaners Algona Coffee Shop Algona Bakery,.L. F. Rice Algona Co-Operative Creamery Co. '•'.'.'Algona Skelgas Service, Jess Deen, Prop. . Arnold Motor Supply Barker Drug Store Barry's Recreation Parlor Bjustrom Furniture Co. R. S. Blossom Ins. Ajrency L. S. Bohannon Ins.. Agency , Botsford Lumber Co. ; . R. E. Bushnell, White Front Tavern, Bradley Bros., Implements Ben Franklin Store Borchardt's Drug & Jewelry Dr. M. G. Bourne Brown's' Dairy Store H. W. Becker Sporting Goods Store Call and Iowa Theatres* Chrischilles' Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer Christensen's Clement & Briggs Barber Shop Chrome Service & Cafe Coast to Coast Store Ed Capesius Consumers Wholesale Council Oak Store Cowan Building Supply Co. Dau Garage and Body Shop Druggists' Mutual Ins. Co. of Iowa Dutch's Super Service Dr. A. J. Eason Dinette—Paul Hudson Elk Cleaners & Furriers European Hotel, R. A. Johnson, Mgr. Finn's Bakery Foster Furniture Store Fox & Winkel, Veterinarians Funk & Delm Galbraith Pool Hall Gamble Store Graham Department Store Mel B. Griffin, Raesly Lumber Co. Greenberg Auto Supply Grottc Cafe Harms Oil Co., Phillips 66 Joel M. Herbst Hawcott & Ogg E. J. Hough Hub Clothiers H. D. Hutehins, Farm Sales Hood's Grocery & Market Hobarton Elevator Co. Dr. Karl R. Hoffman Hoenk Motor Service Hutchison & Hutchison Iowa State Bank* K. D. James, Drugs Duane Jensen, 7 Up Kossuth County Implement Store Kent Motor Co. Klamp's Service Station Kohlhaas Hardware Kossuth County Advance Kossuth County Mutual Fire Ins. Kossuth Motor Co. Kossuth County Credit Bureau Kossuth Oil Co. Kresensky's Kossuth County Hatchery Kirk Auto Co. Lain? & Muckey Lusby & Giossi Joe Lowe Liiinan & Lynch Mainliner Dr. Harry McCorkle McCullough Chapel E. C. McMahon Midwest Service Co. Miller Lumber Co. Merritt Funeral Home Madson & Hanson Mathcs Cafe Dr. Harold Meyer Modem Dry Cleaners & Taylors H. W. Miller Morrison Beauty S'hop Modernistic Beauty Shoppe Momyer Abstract Co. Gene Murtagh National Tea Co. F. S. Norton & Son Norton Machine Works James Neville Shoe Store O. K. Rubber Welders Percival Motors Garage Potter Lockers Electric Store Pioneer HiBrcd Seed Corn Co, Ray's Jack Sprat Store Richardson Furniture Rising Elevator Dr. C. C. Shicrk, Poditarist Sjogren's Cottage Grocery Dr. F. E. Sawyer G. W. Stillmau Sargent & Co. Security State Bank* Shilts Brownbilt Shoe Store S & L Store Smoke Shop & Newsstand Sorensen Grocery & Meat* Swift & Co. G. D. Shumway Spilles Hardware Silver Gray Cafe Thompson Distributing Co. Twin Co Beauty Salon Ulfers Stockyards ; Viking Oil CD., E. B. Carbon Western Buyers • . Dr. R. M. Wallace / White's Market v T W. G. Woodward & Co. L. A. Winkel '* Zander's •Issuing \Tjk to 09 effifkl V* ft idvtrtinnuttt~pretar*d undtr Wftfett ff

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