Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1944 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1944. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Cast of 'Young April', Junior Class Play, Pictured Grahl, state selective director | to visit Mrs. Arnold's mother and .who in the picture in last week's brothers. 'Advance was shown swearing her ing to the WACs, is a brother-in- law of C. A. Phillips,, local „ ...... Chamber of Commerce secretary. | Co. route hero- before J. A, Freeh last week received , a letter' from James A. Kelly, law of C. A. Phillips, . local: vvho was conducting a Jewel lea entering GARDEN CLUBS an overwhelming patronage England and in "j? taifi Tuesdav the opening dav. AIL from Normandy to Pans a .Sd was exhausted by 1 p. m., German border He said he liked .and by 8 he had to close the door, the service ant 1 ho, e J \° vlhlt Baskets of flowers sent by the some of J. A. Fiech a clav vc sin banks the Chamber of Com- ! Alsace-Lorraine. Jake had give •meree the Creamery, and the , him Uu-ir addresses 'before he left Bjuslrom furniture store were for the front. _ . on display. j - - -- - - ~" ~ Mrs. O. S. Lindsay left Saturday for Spencer, where she is visiting a sister, Mrs. II. V. Chamberlain, for a time, after which she will go to Lake City to j spend! the winter with her tkiugh- The Leo Stevens, Woden, at- ter, Mrs. Fred Bunker, returning tended services at the local in. the spring. Mrs. Lindsay has c | U irch Sunday, and were dinner two other sisters at Spencer. She g ues ts o f Leo's- parents, Mr. and rented her house to L. A. Craig, M,- S . Harvey Steven. The Hcr- Sexton '"THE ENTIRE CAST OF Ihe Junior Class play, "Young April." dir ected by Kay Mills, is pictured. •*• high school audilorium tomorrow night at 8 p. m. The play will be presented at the CAMP DOCTOR SERVES UNDER ATITONKSAN ness mission. Mrs. Hugh H. %Villoy, cl-n-k at Ray's Market, is visiting her husband, Pfc. Huj-h H. Wilky, who will attend a veterans administration meeting at Des Moines as state U. S. W. president. Wilfred Resseguie, who lives at telegrapher at the Northwestern man \Visc family, near Ilonwick, depot. L. L. Phillips, Big Stone City, S. D., arrived Monday to visit his half-brother, W. W. Falwey, who t j lo c i ea th of, a brother, moved here two months ago from gchahcn, Fulton, N. Y. a farm south of town. L. L. was I lid 1 1 TT1OW -lUllilJJt i . ._».»•. -.,_....- , 'spent the evening with Hermans ' mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mrs Joe Cink received word of John Mrg Allen, of born and reared on a farm ner.r Dcj , Mo j nc _ S) wcro Sunday guests Whittemore, but left many years , t " H . u . vcy Steven's. The Aliens is in a medical[detachment at j Evanston, 111., stopped here en Mr. and Mrs. have as guests Allen Buchanan this Week Mrs. Major Harry O. Lynch, who was stationed at the prison camp here as a member of the medical staff, but was transferred elsewhere in June, is now in service . overseas, and recently he was '. welcomed to a base hospital : somewhere in the South Pacific, j by Col. L. B. Hansen, a Kossuth man. i Colonel Hansen. son of Mrs. j Edna Richtcr, Titonka, was grad- uated'from the state university medical school in 1929. He served his internship at the university hospital, and as a reserve officer was assigned physician to a CCC camp. He remained with the regular army, and a year ago was sent to the South Pacific. Doctor Hansen's first hospital was a tent, but now he has permanent building. Last summer, at odd times, he finished a mechanical freezing unit, and after that his hospital patients were provided with ice cream twice weekly. The Colonel recently received a citation and a bronze star here for the work his unit and he him- Carl Wiuff,. Atlantic, Mrs. ' Bu- j ; chanan's mother. i Mrs. I. S. Riggs, Highland Park, 111., arrived Monday for a • visit at her twin sister Mrs. A. i E. Kresensky's. She will leave i for home Friday. j Mrs. Amos Angle got i Saturday from the west \ where she spent several Fort Francis, E. Warren, Wyo. | route to a bankers'" convention at Mrs. Merle Webster is meanwhile O maha, and spent Monday and Tuesday with his mother, Mrs. Harry Holmes Sr. Wilfred is an assistant cashier of the Conti- home | coast, I weeks; substituting at the store. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood, Dps j Moines, spent from Friday till Monday with Algona relatives. The Jos. Bestenlehners, the John Woods, Donald Wood, and Esther Homerbqld spent Saturday with the Lewis Duffys, Whittemore. M. P. Weaver, C. R. La Barre, Judge G. W. Slillman, and H. R. Cowan, directors of the Federal nental Illinois National 'bank. Mrs. Stanley Muckey and her daughter came Wednesday from last week Shakopee, Minn., to visit Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Muckey till after Thanksgiving. Stanley, who was recently promoted to staff sergeant, is now visiting relatives at Pendleton,: Savings & Loan Co., went to Chi-1 an aerial tail gunner at Foggia, Ore., and Los Angeles. ] cag p Sunday night to attend a ] Italy, and he has flown 34 mis- Mrs. J. C. Kongsbach spent Monday here and visited former teacher friends. She is the former Kathleen Lorenz, who taught in the Third ward school. Phyllis Walker, Briarcliff college, Sioux City, will arrive next Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. Clara Walker, county recorder. Slaie Legion Adjutant and Mrs. R. J. Laird, Des Moines, with the daughter Linda, were guests of R. J.'s mother, Mrs. Ella Laird, last weekend. He came for the Legion banquet on Armistice day. Mrs. John Rhyne has returned to her home at Rock Falls, III, after a week here, caring for her selMiad done on an island where : grandchildren while the par- he is situated. He wrote that it was a very impressive ceremony, but was all in the day's work. His unit, he said, really did the work; "all I did was guide it." The colonel also said: "The food is good — not as good as at home, but very good for the army. We had fresh cabbage today. I had never cared for it much, but it 'goes good' here, because it is about the only fresh vegetable we get other than carrots." ALGONAYOUTH GRADUATED AS BOMBOFFICER Ellington Field, Tex., Nov. 10— Lt. Alfred Christiansen, 19, Algona, la., son of Al Christiansen, was among navigators graduated a few days ago at this AAF central flying-training command Before entering the service he was employed at Mason City. Aerial trail- finding in distant skies is the objective ahead of these navigators. Skilled in all types of navigation they soon will be qualified to sit in navigator's chairs of bomber planes bound for Berlin and Tokyo. Here the men have received their wings as navigators, also their bars as second lieutenants or flight officers. They have achieved the cool-brained accuracy and the familiarity with instruments which are requisites of success as navigators. FORMER ALGONA GIRL IS DIRECTOR RAD 10 STATION Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Ryther have received word of the appointment of their daughter, Mrs. Mildred Ryther-Dahlhauser, Wenatchee, Wash., as traffic manager and orogram director of radio station KPQ there. Mrs. Dahlhauser began her new duties Nov. 8. For 22 months she had been employed by KPQ as continuity writer and transcription clerk. KPQ is a basic Blue Network station and serves North Central Washington. Prior to marriage nearly two years ago, Mrs. Dahlhauser represented Algona and the county as a news reporter for KGLO and the Globe-Gaxette, Mason Cfty, and KVFD and the Messenger Fort Dodge, also a number of county newspapers. Mr. Dahlhauser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dahlhauser, Algona, is also employed at Wenatchee, by Wells and Wade Inc., wholesalers and retailers of builders' hardware and orchard supplies. The DcthUiaus'-rs moved to Wenatcht-e immediately following their inarriuge at Algona. e nts, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Norton, wcre a t Princeton, 111., on a busi- IOWA THUHS., FUL, SAT. Nov. lii-17-^S C'mon! Meet The Daffiness Boys! national savings and loan convention. They were to return today. A state convention of Garden clubs is to be held at Ames today and tomorrow, and attending from Algona were to be Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon, president of the Garden club here, Mrs. Wm. C. Dau, president-elect, and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt. Mrs. D. D. Monlux left Tuesday for Independence to check a state hospital. She was then to go to Waterloo for a third district U. S. W. convention, and tomorrow she sions. A. L. Long got home Monday from two months in the east. He made headquarters with his daughter Doris and her family, who live 25 miles from Harrisburg, Pa. A week was spent at Washington, D. C., with A. L.'s brother-in-law, J> D. Jackson, and he also visited relatives in New York a week, Eleanor Fraser left Sunday for Des Moines, after a few days as guest of Mr. and Mrs. Myrle Griggs. Brig. Gen. Chas. H. „- had not seen his brother in 40 years till he stopped olf here en route home from Portland, Ore., where he had been employed. Carl and Albert Harms, Ram^L 10 ^ 18 !^ ™™ ^;^"?! d ^ i old Hunt's. The Dennis Gocdcrs family at cousins of Mrs. Steven, and they hadn't seen each other before in years. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Hughes, of o said soy bc-ms there were a good i tended a Townscnd card party a Algona Sunday night. Bcuke in service in the South Pacific, ! ma's ' Sunday were the Arlhu was last spring given a medical Bleckwens, Fenton; the Adan discharge. He "is improving, but j Exarskis, Wesley; Pvt. and Mrs still has recurrent attacks of ma-! Guy Thomasson, Marshalltown Cpl. George Beukcma, of For Knox, Ky.; Florence Beukcma Mr! and Mrs. Charles Arnold,; near West Bend; Clarenccjeu_kc Ortonvillc, Minn., spent the • ma ' crop, averaging, in places, 30 bushels an acre. Albert, who was Visitors at Mrs. Pearl laria, with attendant chills and fever. P, W, GROUNDS Plans Under Way for Trees, Shrubbery, and Plants. Co-operating in a statewide drive, for communities located nonr government buildings to help beautify the I grounds, the Algonu Garden .club, of which Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon is presU dent, asked some lime ago that thorilies 325 whit,, four feet high 'urn . cs l «oj four foot hj K i,' '., n ,| V!'. 11 ? 0 01 blackhill spruee n ,' 'i, h > have been planted Yi, , Ccl the road I,' lh " l , * all ^ lion building.' n:'"! •" mini^ nayo a complete ,•„,„ '« t'-s plan,,!,, an r n «J> CHrialmas. ,,|| i. brought" from'ithern 1 ' 00 camp authorities. Lt. Col. |,(,),, mate goal ol -l.i nials at the eamo ,.;, --re has bo(!n done hy n,>, , ' * Many Plantings Mar! Last spring ,|mi ,,. *•• truck loads ,,f shnii, slvol; dollars worth of ri. nn , i*. : II( IM wore made. The Algona H persons willing to donate plants tribuled or shrubs to be set out. at the j prison camp contact club person-1 nel. Some plantings were provided in this way, and in addition the club is responsible for furnishing 200 ash trees, 30 elms, 350 'lilacs, 300 barberry bushes; 200 spirea, 70 hydranges, 400 Siberian pea bushes, 150 rose bushes, 100 shrub's other than named, and 150 German Fugitive is to Speak HerJ Warn,.|,I, v . hl Fenton; and John Beukciria. w^kenTand'sundV^ercalD^jPvt.. Thomasson left Monday - - - ' evening on return to a hospital at M. G. Bourne's and J. A. Freeh's. He is a cousin of the doctor and .a half brother of Mr. Freeh. He and his brother Arnold man^ .years ago conducted the Stale's Cafe here. Recently Charles sold a cafe at Ortonville. He and Mrs. Arnold left Monday for Waterloo Springfield, Mo. Cpl. Beukema riot an extension on his furlough till the weekend. The John McMahons, near Brilt, were Sunday guests of John's mother, Mrs. Essie McMahon. perennials. The club hopes to duplicate these numbers next spring. Some of Ihe Donations. Of the contributions listed above the Humboldt Garden club donated spirea, iris, and perennials, and the Emmetsburg club sent spirea, roses, bulbs, .and iris., The Mason City and Fort Dodge clubs expect to make contributions for the spring planting, work on which will begin' in Feb'* ruary. Donations have also been received from nurseries. Many things set out la«l spring died because of unfavorable weather conditions, poor drainage, and planting where top soil had been taken off. One row of pines, a row of high shrubbery, and a row of hedge have been planted along the north side of the grounds, each row is as long as six city blocks. While Pines Set Out. In co-operation with camp au- Gailher P Warsaw ah,. ^ was captured by tijp later was e.xcli.-mg,, f i and cd to Warsaw, then was into, by the Gestapo, im( l fj n ., released by the CJcnnans i efforts of I he Swiss B ,,venin«i will, speak at lh,, Mcth church here Sum,- ' Nov. 2G. He is a dynamic address on mis FOOD VALUES Enriched Flour PILLSBURY'S ..... ?° b g 2.27 Sunnyfield Top-Quality CAKE FLOUR .... 4 J£ 20* A8cP PUMPKIN Paramount Salted SODA CRACKERS . . . 5£ 26* WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR EGGS5 x lb Sunnyfield Enriched FLOUR 50-lb bag Europe, particularly war-t on Poland. | COURT HERE MONDAY. Judge Davidson was hero (' Emmelsburg -Monthly f orenot accompanied by his wife j, held court for ;, n hour and atal3 •The Judge is still in. poor heal and this was perhaps his last. pearance here as district judgal FALLS, BONE BROKEN. Mrs. J. D. Burns had a MJ home one day lost week, and o examination it w:.s found that j pelvic bone \va.s cracked. It will be necessary for her to remain ii : bed a month. Her husband i employed at the P. W. camp. THl'KS. AM) 1'MtT., NOV. 2SI-24 HOLIDAY ATTRACTION! THANKSGIVING DAV Continuous Show From 1 O'clock CALL n L. G p Sun Maid LI-OB. Mil CURRANTS A&P Small Early June PEAS . . . Sultana SALAD DRESSING 'T can Produced by &AM KATZMAN ond JACK OlETZ * Fiod^tt |AfiN{r SAfitChr D«t<Hd b r D KOiS ItOtSMAH o- i—i 'ft; tm h<u* n«i ft* l«Jii iwlu »•< AJimji CM i** ,. Second Feature SMILEY BURNETTE —in— "CALL OF THE ROCKIES" Serial, "Flying; Cadets" SUN., MON., TUBS., WED. NOV. 19-20-21*22 JJING CKOSHY FllEI) ASTAIHE —in— "HOLIDAY INN" Second Feature GAIL PATRICK —in— "A WOMAN IN BONDAGE" THANKSGIVING DAY Mat. 1 P. M., continuous JOHN MAC BHOWN —in— "WEST OF THE RIO GHANDE" ' Second Feature MAKX BHOS. —in— "THE BIG STORE" Jane Parker Orange- Pineapple COFFEE CAKE' 12-oz. size . fresh Colored (12 pts. Jb.) DAISY CHEESE ....... lb .32? Heiriz Famous (not rationed) TOMATO SOUP .•.--.•. 11 «£-1H Raspberry- Apple Blackberry- Apple, Apricot-Apple SULTANA PRESERVES ' Sultana Manzanilla STUFFED OLIVES . . 8 #S 28* BUY ALL YOUR THANKSGIVING NEEDS AT A&P FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Washington Combination Fancy Delicious or JONATHAN APPLES. . 2 ,*, 22c Texas Marsh Seedless, Size 96 GRAPEFRUIT..... 10 ,39c U. S. No. 1 Idaho RUSSETT POTATOES tO „, 47c In the Shell FANCY PECANS \ Roll Your Own Cigarettes With VELVETTOBACC0^.10< Makes 15 Ibs. Dog Food—Daily DOG MEAL . . . S: Hurts Only Dirt KITCHEN KLENZER 1c4 ;° nz ft Buy an Extra $100 War Bond During 6th War Loan Drive!! can A&P FOOD STORES VVINlQ .AHD Qflflfiltt) B* IHL C.HIAI Riaht to Limit Quantities Reserved. JAMES CARDWELl • ALLYN JOSLYN JOHN CAMPBEU "I'm Moling 8oli«»« Ten Ooyt With Baby" Chug, Chug, Choo-Choo, Chug* 4 , "Hey Bubl Lift Hovo A Ball" w ^iffL*?*. 1 it/ ^"iyju, ^*/£ .«__ ^ ~ ^i^^ FRI. AN}> SAT., 3fOV. I7-./I8 It's coming on a wn\o of joy! Walt Disney's ''Plastic Inventor" FUN FOR THE FAMILV SA'll IU)AV SUNDAY, SfOISDAY, NOV. Itt-20 A Great Romantic Coined)! i*:z TUBS. AKJ) WED., NOV. 21-22 Dziiiy Matinee, 2 P. M. SO STIRUING ,*$ TO MAKE fcAi H MOMENT i GH.PPING AD- nTUUE AND EN I HRAuUHG b X P £ « i £ N C E !!! RAN 1 i puritu

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