Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1944 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR The Papers Say Up at Swoa City tho streets are being graveled, and one oC the gravel-haulers is a woman—Mrs. Nick Burgess, Armstrong. But that's nothing: look at the scads of women out at the Pioneer corn plant and the hemp plant! — <t—' That Blue Earth peepcr-panty story this columnist wrote for the Advance the other week, using facts from the Blue Earth papers, was reprinted in the M. C. G.-G. under a Blue Earth date-line and has since been going the rounds that way in other papers. (But who the heck cares for credit?) The Spencer mayor and some other North Iowa mayors proclaimed Oct. 8-14 as National Business Women's Week, but Mayor Kohlhuns didn't do a thing about it. (How about a protest by the Wn-tv,n-ye duly.') Doggone! Here's a ration- board warning in a non-Algona Kossuth newspaper reminding holders of the new gas books that they now have to keep a mileage record. Ten to one, it's been forgotten by some !i5 per cent of drivers. (But how in Sam Hill is an overworked driver whose trips are mostly a halt' dozen-or- so blocks in the Algona biz district going to find time to keep such a record?) , .'jf , Well, in case you missed the Saddle club 'rodeo' show in the Evans pasture near Svvca City Oct. 15, you really missed something—if it came off as advertised. The Herald said that some women were going to try riding wild steers. Editor Gilbert Knudson, of the Em'burg Democrat (his bro.-in- law Wade Sullivan claims the 'K' isn't pronounced), had an editorial rhapsody recently on church chicken dinners. He wants MacKinley Kantor, Ruth Suckow, or somebody to write a story centering around such a happy event. (And it could be done.) BUILDING WORLDW DEVELOPING AN ENDURING PEACE IMPROVING SCHOOL FOR TOMORROW WINNING THE WAR WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8 MONDAY, NOV. 6 TUESDAY, NOV. 7 BETTERING COMMUNITY LIFE PREPARING FOR THE NEW TECHNOLOGY SATURDAY.'NOV. 11 THURSDAY. NOV. 9 COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Whittemore Boy U Coming From India S.-Sgt. Charles A. Kollasch lately wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kollasch, WhjtUpmpre,. that he would soon be on his way home, and it is thought that he is now en route. He had been in India on army flight service and he completed 50 missions. The young man has been overseas since July 1.942, and he has re- .ceiv.ed an air medal and a presU dential citation. See slory elsewhere Ihis issue for local progra us in observance by Algona Public Schools and cooperating organizations. FAMOUS CLOSE SHAVES I A recent Swea City Herald credited to the M. C. G.-G. a story from Ledyard about efforts there to get a Ledyard stop included on the M. C. to Estherville proposed new bus line. The story was written in the Advance shop from information supplied by a Ledyard -correspondent. (But no kick; this column, too, has to be filled .somehow, and it's all rewritten from what "The Papers Say.") — w— Editor W. F. Miller has of late been getting out his Livermore Gazette despite poor health. This column forgets how old he is, but he's somewhere in his 80's and is the whole staff in his shop. His editorials arc among the most 'readable' to be found in country newspapers, and it has been said that he composes them as he sets them right on the linotype. The boys in France will be reading this week's Advance- about Thanksgiving day. Anyway Clarence M. Bruns wrote Editor Ray Sperbeck, of Swea City, that it takes that long for the Herald to get to him. (Wonder how long it takes for Iowa papers to reach our boys in the Aleutians, New Guinea, India, etc. Maybe six months would be a good guess in some cases.) AT THEALcXANW/AN GATES, PARCHED GERMANS CAPTURED NEW BRITISH WATERLINE AND DRANK VORACIOUSLY. .BUT THE WATER WAS 5 USED TO TEST LEAKS. THE NAZIS GULPED THEMSELVES SICK TO POSTPONE ws FINAL THRUST-ALLIED VICTORY HUNS ON THIS L(JCKY THREAD.' ,LTY, FOR IT WA5 FORCING ROMMEL BOMB MADE FIRE AID.' DURING AN AIR BLITZ, AN INCENDIARY BOMB FELL THROUGH THE ROOF OF AN ENGLISH HOME. THE BOMB STARTED A FIRE WHICH BORNEO THROUGH A WATER PIPE- WATER GUSHED FROM THE SAME PIPE AND EXTINGUISHED THE FIRE GINEERS FOUND BARBER SOL PAPER WEIGHT IN TONS ARE GREAT/ SAVE PAPER SCRAP.^£2Z- HOW SMOKE!! w AMERICAN " " " LEANED AGAINST A POST FOR A S[VIOKE AND HEASD A POP. FORTUNATELY-RAIN HAP SOAKED THE FySE. LATES, EN- HE NEARLY SET Or >r EXPLOSIVES. SENECA P. T. A. IS FOR SCHOOL CODE REVISION Very likely your soldier in New Guinea — in case you one there — hooted out loud plenty if you wrote how awful hot and humid it was here in Seneca, Oct. 17—Tho Seneca P. T. A. held its October meeting last Thursday evening at the school building, and the program was opened with group singing of America the Beautiful, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance 10 have the ling. , Mrs. Russell Jensen had charge of a demonstration on reading by the fourth grade. Mcsdames Clar- July—or was it August? A letter in a recent Armstrong Journal said it Rot up to 130 there every afternoon—and the humidity, you wouldn't believe it. '—*— That's a unique and scheme by which men and women from Swea City territory who are in war service to get the Her- ence Oshorn and Henry Wilberg played a piano duet, after which Supt. Tatum, Fenton, talked on the proposed school code revision. The program was closed with a group of songs by the 4th original; grade. Supt. Gowan conducted the business meeting, and a commit- ald. Obviously Editor Sperbeck ' for hot lunches. tee was named to see about plans couldn't afford to send the paper free, so he invites his constituency to give cash donations to a fund for that purpose, and the list of donors he publishes regularly shows that the scheme works beautifully. Last week's total was $9. This columnist had been wondering what had become of Ralph Anderson, former Ringstccl Dispatch publisher who went to Ames for a college job, but later vanished from newspaper view. Now a letter home part of which was published is last Thursday's Estherville Daily News locates him in France, where his infantry It was also voted that the secretary should draft a letter to our state representatives informing them that as an organization we are in favor of the new school law revision, the letter to be left at Seneea store for signatures of all who -sre interested. P. T. A. calendars containing committees and topics will be distributed soon. of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, October 18th, 1944. (Seal) HELEN WHITE, G-8 Clerk of District Court. WALKER DAIRY HERD, OF SWEA CITY, TESTED Swea City, Oct. 31—The dairy herd of Ralph Walker Jr. was recently classified on dairy characteristics of the cows. This is one of the first herds in Kossuth to be put through such a test. The tests were under auspices of the Holstein- Friesian Association of America and -its Iowa branch. In such tests cows are rated poor, fair, good, good plus, very good, or excellent, and of 14 tested in the Walker herd, three were good, ten good plus very good. Men present to observe the proceedings including H. W. Norton Jr., Brattleboro, Vt, secretary of the Holsteinjriesian association, and Wm. Diamond, Waterloo, secretary of the Iowa branch also interested dairymen from' this and other communities and vetenarjan J. A. Sanftner, Swea City. The classifications in the Walker herd were made by Claire Miller, Medina, <X and the herd is one of seven associations classified in .the nation. PASTOR ATTENDING ALL-WEEK CHICAGO D. M. MEETINGS The Rev. N. A. Price is at Des Moines this week, attending a Des Moines area correlating; council of the Methodist .church which met Tuesday and Wednesday, and an area school for secre-; taries and counselors of Christian education which opened -yesterday and closes today. • • i Tomorrow Mr. Price will spend at Chicago, attending a meeting of bishops, executive 'secretaries of education and presidents of conference boards of education of the North Central, jurisdiction of the Methodist church, which em- THURSDAY, Wesley Couple to Wed November 9 Wesley, Oct.) 30—Banns were published at SJ. Joseph's church hero Sunday far the marriage of Rita, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lc ebig, to Kenneth, 1 Mrs. Fred Ras- place next wee son of Mr. an mussen. The wedding is to take •: Thursday. There was a lars;e attendance at a shower for Miss Locjbig Sunday at the parish hall, anijl many gifts were presented. Home After 54 Mos. in Pacific Service An army postcard from Omaha reports that Cecil Elbert Peter- division had bedded down at 4:30 j son, Lakota, tech. air corps sgt., a. m. in pup tents in a former | was ^expected Sunday at jJeffer- German rest camp after having slogged along in rain and mud all night, every man load on his back. with a 100-lb. How would you feel if you were a prisoner in a German stalag who hadn't heard from home in maybo months, but finally got 42 letters in a single clay's mail? Well, that's the way Leonard Appclquist undoubtedly felt when he last wrote home, according to the Swea City Herald. —#— The national mail force bottom to top is strong for the Christmas package idea for the soldiers and WACs, of course, but you can't blame Yin for some ardent cussing recently. Take that Ksther- ville to Em'burg star route m;m, for exanvjle. Every day he was loaded cellar to garret even after the seat lie wasn't using was removed. 'And imagine what a mail car looked like at the end of its run. A recent New York dispatch reported arrival of a lon« train of nothing but over- son Barracks, St. Louis, Sunday on rotation furlough, and after report there would come to Lakota, where a brother, Jacob Peterson, resides. That the youth had seen, plenty of service was indicated by the fact that he was credited with 54 months, or 4Vz years, in the Southwest-Pacific. Two Couples Feast on Canadian Goose Paul Wille, Ambrose A. Call state park custodian, and Kermit Sotchell, local game warden, shot a Canadian goose Monday while hunting pheasants. It is not known which one did the actual shooting, but the bird weighed 7'-j Ibs., so both families joined for dinner last night at the Setch- eli home. NOTICE OP PROBATE OF WILL No 5217. State of Iowa] Kossulh County, ss. In District Court November term, 19J14. To All Whom j[t May Concern: You are heifeby notified, that an instrument f>f writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of William Link, deceased, dated May 3, 1943, having been this clay filed, opened and ivacl, Monday, the 27th day of November, 1944, is fixed for head the Court Hou: ig proof of same at e in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at of the day above mentioned all persons notified and show caus why said inst for the last V of said deceasi ten o'clock a. m., interested are hereby and required to appear, e if any they have, •ument should not be probated and allowed as and Mil and Testament ,-d. Dated at Aljona, Iowa, November 1, 1944. (Seal) JHELEN WHITE, Clcrl): of District Court, ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. E. C. McMAHON, Attorney, Algona, Iowa. NOTICE O" PROBATE OF WILL No. 5209 State of low ss. ber In Dist Term, 1 i, Kossuth county, .•ict Court, Septcm- 944. It May Concern: To All Whom You are hereby notified, that t of writing pur- an instrumen porting to be Testament of ceased, dated having been opened and i 13th day of 1 ieas box mail and 3000 volun-j w jjj | 3C m ade teers wanted to care for it.) I tery. J. L. EUSTACE RITES. Lu Verne, Nov. 1—Funeral services are being held today at the Lutheran church here for J. L.. Eustace, who died Sunday at Oakdale, near Iowa City. Burial in the local ceme- at the Court said County, Court; and at the day above why said ins be probated 8-10 the last Will and Fohn R. Johnson, de- December 29, 1942, this day filed, cad, Monday, the November, 1944 is fixed for hearing proof of same House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of r the Clerk of said ten o'clock a. m. of mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, rument should not nd allowed as and for the last Will and Testament FOODS FOR FALL! 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