Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1944 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
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,M V' PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGO.NA. IOWA POST-NUPTIAL SHOWER FOR A SENECA COUPLE Seneca, Oct. 30—Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilberg were guests of honor at P. post-nuptial shoWer at thp Lutheran church Sunday evening. A program was given: group singing, devotions by A. E. Nelson, a vocal trio, Jeanne Wilberg, Wanda Oleson, Donna Jean Cody, reading, Mrs. Henry Looft, vocal duet, Mrs. Norman Thompson and Harriett Oleson, and instrumental number by Arlot Cher 7 land. ''" The program closed with group singing, after which the honorces were presented with gifts. Refreshments were served to guests by the Women of the congregation. Aleution Soldier at Home— Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Voigt entertained at family dinner Sunday honoring the son Carl,' home on furlough from the Aleutian Islands, where he served move than two years. Others-present were the Paul Voights, the Mcr- vin Widdels, the Eclw. Sweeneys, Bessie Heng, Emmetsburg, and the Fred Hutchinsons, Eslher- ville. College Speaker Gives Sermon— Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wilberg entertained at Sunday dinner the Rev. C. N. Hanson,' Waldorf college. Forest City, who conducted mission services at the local church that morning. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Halverson, the Robert Halversons, and Mrs. Linus Jensen, Ringstcd, were other guests. Guests at Wm. Osborn's— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fischer, of Chillicothe, Mo., arrived Friday to visit the Wm. Osborns. The same evening Mr. Fischer's sister, Mrs. Elmer Letcher, Alexandria, S. D., arrived to visit her brother and mother, Mrs. Wm. Osborn, also the latter's daughter Mrs. Lester Osborn. ENGINEERS (VWB DEVeiOPEP A PJflSTIC&IVSTS THflfJ SO M/lfS ft* HduK jS/jMlK'' OtJ A AMLWAUkK SIPEETWR. A AVllJ REACHEP INTO ACS OAT ppcwrr AHP u/fts errteJ EV A S1R/1N6E 5ET OF FAISE Ttrm SOWECNE llftO UOflW -THERE FDR THE FH3CflU ViMR, , IM MILLIONS OP DOLiflRS ARG : " UPIIO16TERER JflMESA. VllUl( FOR HOSPITAL P.ortland Twp., Oct. 30..— The Portland Service club met' last Thursday with'Mrs. 'DonaldRings- dorC, and 14 women tied and Hemmed three chair-robes for the Shick hospital at Clihfo'n. ' Mris. Rihgsdorf .showed soliyghirs 'hdr bVo'ther Richard 'brought home from the Pacific area. ' Dinner Honors a Sailor— Mr. anoVMrs. Roj? RifVgsdprf en- entertained ' at' dihfteryast • 'w.eek Sunday in honor 6t their son Hunters at Becker Farm- John Pray, superintendent of waterworks '&t F °rt Dodge, and two : 'other men* from, there, w(th two from D.es ,M6ines, were bunting Saturday'£>t.'Martin Beckers, and got.two bird.s each. O.ther -E^gtlqwl *f?V$', Captain and . Mtfs. Edward Stewa'rt,- with 'their small son, left'last Week.Monday, fbj 1 . Cah- fbrhia, after'ten, days here with relatives. "' Mrs,''Ray McWhorter went to Amek" ! Friday.fbr a" few'days With her Daughter Mary Janice, stu- d,ent at Iowa Sta'te. "_ FARMER'S WIFE NEAR LU VERNE DIES SUDDENLY Lu Verne, Oct. 31—Mrs. Renix Wilson, farmwife rienr LU Verne,' died Friday'evening ma Fort Dodge hospital, where she was taken by ambulance on the previous Monday. She had worked all day as usual,' but hv the evening suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, 'then Went into a coma from which she failed to rally. , ] home Th Mrs. Wilson's mafden name was dron f/, f il.iH._^>«.Ji. *i«_ rtilj i -.1- _ ', _ "'*-", m ,,,,. ,_..a Isabelte Hoy* and she was ! sisters bbfn -March: 18, 1892, in Russell j countjf,''.Kyj 1 She was married- .Dec'. ; .24p 19J1; hhd 'the Wilsons lived'in Kentucky till 1914, when, theym'ovcd to Illinois. In 19.30 the family came to Iowa, and had since -lived' near Lu Verne. .', Fundhil services were held TueSday at 2 p. m. at the Baptist church, Algona, the Rov. Albert Rust, iCorWlth, in charge, assisted | by the 1 ftev. R. F. Kittrell, Algona ! paslof?' Burial was in EnsfLhwn j Memorial'Gardens." j Mrs'.' Wilson is survived by her | husband-"and seven children: Hol| lis, fill Vbrhe; Dewey, Algona; 'Mrs. Vclma Renncnger, Corwith; Kdw. Ho Mrs. 'Mir'jorie Rath, Lu Verne; ami u 1( , Beatric'fc;' Geneva and Bonnie,, nt i Grant. %J "•" five, Lu Verne services fur formerly Coi the Convjll in a Cui-'A'ith where •i *,,, i '1 WQ('k Willin Wore i Were- Mr. Youth's Birlhday Observed— Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Nelson entertained lust week Wednesday evening in honor of Wellington Nelson's birthday, and attending were Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson, Mrs. Welcher, Ringsled, her daughter, Mrs. Fred Brown, Mrs. Al Hewitt, and the latter's son. KOSSUTH YOUTH GRADUATED AS A GLIDER PILOT Harley Larson, former Kossuth joy. left Monday for Maxion, N. 2., for further training, after a cave with his parents, Mr. and VIrs. L. B. Larson, who for many fears farmed in the Doan vicinity jut last spring moved to Mason ily. Harley had recently been appointed flight officer, graduating Group Hunts Pheasants— Weekend guests at Supt. Gowan's were Charley Rippey, Walter Buenneke, Dr. George Whisler, Stephen ' Cummins, and M. L. Grattenberg, all of Coon Rapids, who came for the pheasant' hunting. ^ Vacation for School Kids— The'school pupils will have a two-day vacation this week Thursday .'jnd Friday. The faculty will attend a state teachers convention at Des Moines. Birthday is Celebrated— The Kenneth Larsons, Mallard were Friday evening guests a 1 Curtis Oleson's and trvin Classen's, and helped Mrs. Classen observe a birthday. Jensen Son Has Furlough— 'Ted Jensen arrived last week Monday for a two weeks furious! at the parental J. H. Jensen's. He is stationed at Fort Worth, Wash, as an engineer.' Otlif.r S< The United Service Women FRED HINZ, 90, LU VERNE, DIES TUESDAY HIGHT Lu Verne, Nov. 1—Fred Hinz Sr. died at his home lierc Tuesday night after a short illness. He was 90 years old and had lived all his married life in this vicinity. He took an active part in community affairs (particularly in the Lutheran church, of which he was a 'charter member) till age and declining strength made him take things easier. Funeral services will be helc Sunday at 3 p. m. at the Lutheran' church, the Rev. Louis Wittenburg, pastor, in charge. Burial will be in the cliurch cemetery. Pall-bearers will be Conrad Lenz, Gus Riddel, Max Meier, Mike Hinz, and Fred Tiede. Mr. Hinz was born Feb. 18, 1854, in Germany. After emigration to the United States he was married at Geneseo, 111., iri 1889, and with his bride came to this county. They settled on a farm near Lu Verne, but 40 yeai's ago retired and move to town. Last February Mr. and. Mrs.'..Hinz observed their G4th"Wedding 'anniversary. Mr. Hinz is survived by his wife and these children: Mrsi, Fred Schneider, Mrs. Maggie Zentner, Mrs. Chester Stoddard, Mrs. Lillian Hesse, and Fred Jr., all of whom live at Lu Verne. There are also 13 surviving and 23 great- frorn, Lubbock, Tex., as glider | granc]children The young man entered service grandchildren, in the fall of 1942, and was train- „ . M T OVSTAD D1E o ed at Ames and Jefferson Bar- SAM LOVSTAD DIES racks, St. Louis, then transferred Burt, Nov. 1 — Sam Lovstad will hold a work meeting at th school building this week Friday and Saturday afternoon will bolt a business meeting, Mesdame: Reuben ICnudsen and A. E. Nel son hostesses. Maxine Cody, student at Wai dorf college, Forest City, ant Helen Cody, teacher at Ledyard spent the weekend with thei parents, Mr. .and Mrs. Albert Cody. Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, Burt, and Mrs. Chris Madison, of Lone Rock, were Sunday evening callers at Charles Osborn's. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jensen spent last weekend at their daughter Mrs. Florence Manson's, near Ottosen. Donna Jean Bollig spent the weekend with La Vonne Bailey at Minneapolis. + TEMPERATURE HERE TUESDAY HIGHEST FOR NOV. 1 Tuesday's high mark of 80 degrees was warmest Oct. 31 ever recorded bv the local station, Observer Noite reports—the previous high of 78 being registered in 1933. The temperatures for the past week have been exceptionally warm for ,the season though a change was forecast last night by high winds and clouds. Today started fair, however. The record follows: High Low October 26 71 35 October 27 73 39 October 28 72 47 October 29 71 36 October 30 78 45 October 31 80 43 November 1 75 46 to Ohio, from there to Wichita! died at Earl Millers early Mon- Falls, Tex., finally to Lubbock. i day morning of a heart attack. He He was married to Harictte DC i had been sick in the spring, but Burg, Grundy Center, in 1937, hn< 4 seemed well of late, and and his wife had been doing civil j d( -' ath was sudden. Tt-x'^but'Tent'wiUi him'lo Max-' i REPLYING TO AN ARTICLE in j on . Upper Des Moines under date Roger, youngest Larson son, is; of Oct. 31 stating that it was also in sorvice, having enlisted in ! (supposedly) understood that no the navy in 1942. He is a Ph. M. i candidate would file for county 1-c., and for the last year had I sheriff, I would like to ask, With been stationed at Vero Beach,!. or b Y whom was this agreement Fla., where he had charge of a ! made? If there be such an agree- laboratory, but has recently i ment, I know nothing about it. transferred to Portsmouth Va., | It is my understanding that this for a short time, after which he I is a free America, and one has ' the privilege to seek any office he desires.' At least, the American armies are fightng for, and to keep this a free America, and they are dong a first : class job. Now, in closing, I would like to Wesley, Nov. 1—Mr. and Mrs. | cal , attention to the fact that the sheriff has been in office eight will report on the west coast. *Wesley Youth is Ordered to India John Weig have received word that their son John has been, y( _. mB Jlloll . uu ut 1UUI) aa Ulc VJ1 ,. transferred to India, after having | p 0r Dos Moines is trying to make served in New Guinea and Aus- it ap p t . ar) f our yea rs as deputy years instead of four, as the Up- tralia. He had malaria in New Guinea. John entered the service Jan. 3, 1942, and was in camps only three months before beriig sent across. and four years as sherff and is now asking for a third term. As patriotic Americans, let's get out and vote.—W. H. Steward. Lu. Verne I^ to Meet Cross Lu Verne. Oct. 31— The a'. '.Dual meeting of Lu Verne branch of Lu Verne branch of the county Red Cross will be held at the community hall here this week Saturday at 2:30 p. m., and election of officers will be held. President is Mrs. William Moed- ing, who has held the office two years. 33 Head of Purebrecl Cholera Imrrmne DURQCS A(. choke offering p.f gqq4 bloodlines Spring Bqars, 6 F«*ll Boars, 5 Spring PPMS Sale to Be Help! i, Pllie Write for Wm. Meyer & Son Owners WesseU & Wall, Auctioneers 1^-v .*\*ti if> ."-'- '•', -'"'.' ''.: > BAGS! .T. BAGS! I Paper bafts are scarce . . . very scarce. Available <mm,i: ' arti farVUtlotf civilian requirements. IMcase brine !•»•»„ " per bass, shopping baskets, shopping ba B s or boxes «,i you shop.; Your" co-operation will be greatly appreciated "<N ... ,..,. ..., ..-.--.. Fresh Ground Hamburger Ib 2$c Beef Brains, lb>. - - -.--'- - - 7? Qx-Tailsrlb. _J____-L -17c Beef LiverJ Ib. ______----------29c Spiced Lunch H-,9^f> It- - - -37c Fre?h Beftf Tpngue, Ib. _ _ 33c Bulk Pprk Sausage, ^b. _ _•_—33c Dry Salt tfprlc, lh - --- - -2Qc Bland Lard, 2 1-lb. pkgs. _--___- _33c Pickle and Pimento Loaf, Ib. 29c . Macaroni ind Cheese Loaf, Ib. __29c •- • *-.-. it,: '"r *=• J tS- ;• ; yi „ • ff - - v '^7*, •- .u .J. •. j ' v ---' - ' ' Tender-Savory " WO POINTS Shoulder ROAST, Lb. ..26c Round STEAK, Lb. . 4lc Sirloin STEAK, Lb. ..33c Ground Loin VEAL, Lb. ....29c Loin CHOPS, Lb. ...40c Veal Stew, Lb. !8c Fancy Imported OLIVES Lay In a supply of these fancy imported olives NO.W for the coming liolitlay season'. All indications jidint to a sliorlae-e . lajer on so GET YOUUS NOW! ° Placed Stuffed Manza- nj . nilla OLIVES, 3-o/.. .lar tHfi Placed Queen OLIVES, q-j . 5!/$-oz. Jar' £ i fi Thrown Stuffed Manza- MA . nilla OLIVES, 3-07. Jar ACG Thrown Queen OLIVES, n* . 10-oz. Jar g|G ThPBc nro lirnullful ollvt'B of hnpi-rlor rilivor; liirifK ulossy quociM mill ildlcinus Miinxiinillns sli with stilly Hcil viincnlM. Red! River Valley No. I Triumph 100 pound $7 89 noM-noss PANCAKE t WAFFLE MIX SV4-11). ]Iiig , FINK ItMiND Tac-Gut Coffee Lb. Jnr - -, 'Drip & Regular Grind THE THIRSTY rtoiiR^ ;*. Potatoes for Winter 'Storage .-./••••• SEE Council Oak ill for With Butter at 20 points.per Ib.. you'll want 'to eel several jars of this smooth-tasking; NEW TACK Standard Peas s „ v , : SUPEIl-PAK CUT GREEN BEANS . sui'Enn WHOLK KKKNEL GOLDEN CORN &* ' POUND TOWEL FIRST PK/Zf » 1 f MORNING LIGHT PE'ANtff IM TTKII BIG 2-LB. JAR LIGHTLY SALTED -W -1ft M M ..3k 4» M ALGONA BUTTER. ..»! jfRQSTED COOKIES . ,JU| PUDDINGS ALL KINDS Seedless Raisins LAUOE SWEET PRUNES VEf-VK* Chocolate Syrup SPANISH ' , ' .' Salted Peanuts 1 Mb. Dug .. S-lh. Dng 20-oe. Jur . BIG 2 LB. BOX DROMEDARY GINGERBREAD Made from a VoQ-year-old private recipe ow>ned<>y George 'Washington's mother. ' • ^ PIUS. .;;;.;... 20e .*.•;'.••.• MMTEI 7-oz. ,.14c 24-oz. . .Me; lOW UNRATIONED! |jff!\y PacJr. Campbell's New Beef-Noodle Soup Can 140 New* Crop Texas Seedless GRAPEFRUIT Fu »y . . ^^ "Assorted Afatured LDi iw*^ V »H"/jassi FLAME TOKAY GRAPES Lb. Solid Hcndii Cabbage Jersey B»vc?t P«tatoe$ ' Fey. Del. Apples $3.39 U"'. toi .SPANISH IfflWHj^^^HJ 10-Lb. Bag, Drlglnul 50.lb,Ba& Nancjr ^I Ifl ¥Q BREAD 24-oz. Loaf ,v t .V...... tSc 2 16-oz. Loaves ......15c Ma Brown lOOfo Wbo^ Wbeftt BREAP 24-o*. Loa; .".:...' lie R/MP 2 -- 2f **9 • v" K: —SPECIAL- ^ Iwith i* Cakes of YOUH OAK STOR E» MEALTffVIE All lot LNOV. 3'ANDY

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