Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1944 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1944
Page 1
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCfi, ALGONA, THURSDAY, ALGONA MOTHER IS HOSTESS AT A FAMILY DINNER Fenton, Oct. 11 — Mrs. Carrie Haase, Algona, entertained at a family reunion Sunday honoring her daughter, Lt. Mynne Haase, and son, Gail Haase, both home on leave. Mynne, who arrived Saturday from Charleston, S. C., had been on a hospital ship bringing wounded to the United States from the Mediterranean area, and had made 13 trips to and from that area, besides one to Scotland. Gail, who is in the merchant marines, has a 30-day leave. He came from the English Channel area. Other guests at the dinner included the Glenn Haases, Woolstock; the Herman Gades and William Haases, Fenton; Mrs. Clifford Haase, her children, the Henry Phillips family, and Mrs. Gail Haase, all of Algona. Sgt. and Mrs. Earl C. Haase arrived Monday from Texarkana, Tex., on a seven-day furlough, surprising Earl's mother. Mynne left Wednesday night to return to duty. » Baptists Sending Household Kits For the Russian Needy MONTAGS HEAR FROM CHAPLAIN Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Montag, West Bend, have received a letter from Donald M. deary, captain and group chaplain, about the recent death of their son, Capt. Thomas Montag, and of a visit the chaplain made to the scene of the crash, where he found the young man's grave. The chaplain said in part: "This is definitely the hardest letter I have ever had to write, or will ever have to write, for no one could find the way to your heart more deeply than Tommy. "You would have been greatly pleased to see the turnout ol more than 1000 Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish men in this group at a memorial mass we held for Thomas at a nearby cathedral. "In the sermon at the memorial I told the boys that no prayers were necessary for Tommy, but that I Celt sure they could pray to him." Mr. and Mrs. Montag were greatly comforted to receive the chaplain's letter. BIBLE SPEAKER IS DATED HERE A three-day Bible conference will be held at the Baptist church here tomorrow till and including Sunday. . Peter Stiansen, Ph. D., who will be the speaker, was born in Norway. He is president of the Norwegian Baptist Theological Sem- inory of America, Chicago, and Stiansen is also dean of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary Chicago, the largest of 11 Baptist seminaries in the Northern Baptist convention. Doctor Stiansen will preach •Friday evening at. 8 o'clock on "The Gospel of Sacrifice," anc Saturday evening at the same •hour on "The New Incarnation o:~ Christ." Next Sunday morning at 11 the •sermon subject will be "The Glorious Gospel of Christ," anc in the afternoon at 3 o'clock Doc tor Stiansen will preach his las sermon of the conference, 01 "The City Foursquare." FORMER COUPLE AT TITONKA, FISH FOR SALMON, CAN CATCH Mr. and Mrs. George H. John son, Plum Creek, received a lei ter Monday from their daughter Mrs. Dayle Craven, Portlanc ; 0re., reporting a recent fishin experience in the mouth of th Rogue river and off the coast i the Pacific ocean. The Cravens had a cottage i what is known as Gold Beach an fished [hero eight cays. The las*, days of the fishing were poor because sea-lions took both bait and catch. Salmon fishing was excellent, and before returning to Portland the Cravens had their salmon canned, and they went 'home with 84 pounds of plain canned salmon and 22 half-pound cans of smoked salmon. Mr. and Ms. Craven operated the telephone exchange at Titonka before going to Oregon two years ago. Mr. Craven is now employed at the Portland shipyards. ALGONA BOY CITED AS BRAVE SOLDIER IN ITALY THEATER With the Fifth Army, Italy— (Undated)—Pfc. William A. Bes- tenlehner, son Joseph Besten- lehner, Algona, la., has been cited by his regiment of the 34th "Red Ball" division and awarded the combat infantryman badge for actual participation in combat with the enemy on the Fifth Army front in Italy. Standards for the badge are high. The decoration, recently authorized by the war department, is awarded to the infantry soldier who has proved his fighting ability in combat. The handsome badge consists of a silver rifle set against a background of infantry blue and enclosed in a silver wreath. The local Baptist church, in i charge of the White Cross chair-1 man, Mrs. R. A. Evans, has pnck- ! ed and shipped 16 household kits for Russian Relief. The largest prqtestant group in j Russia is Baptist. At a recent Baptist convention at Atlantic City, two projects \yere undertaken, kits for Russia and contributions of good used clothing for all the peoples of war-torn Europe. In Russia 38,000,000 people were forced to flee from their homes on foot or other primitive means of transportation, some for distances of more than 1500 j miles. | The kits, which had to be pack- j cd strictly according to official j regulations, contained: Two 1-lb. ] boxes sugar, two 2Vi>-oz. pack-j ages, dehydrated soupmix; one j 14'/2-oz. 'jan evaporated milk; two packages boullion. cubes; one 5VL'-oz. box sweet cookies; one pound hard candy; a small sewing kit; two bars soap; pair knitting needles; 2M> yds. 1-in. surgical adhesive tape; six yds. gauze bandages; pair men's socks; i Turkish hand towel; pair adult's warm gloves. The kits cost an. average of $5, and the packing .was clone by Mrs. Evans. No writing could be enclosed except a message printed in, Russian which, translated, was: "As Baptists in the United States, we wish to express Chi is- tian love for these small gifts. Our hope is for a world in which understanding and goodwill Vvill prevail. We hope that the people of our two nations can work together in increasing fellowship toward this end." Husband of Former Local Girl Passes A telegram dated Tuesday to H. B. Mason, Algona, from Marjorie Bo'.vyer-Borls, Hollywood, Calif., announced the death of her husband. No particulars were given other than that funeral services would be held tomorrow at a Hollywood mortuary. It is kno\vn here that Mr. Berls suffered a severe attack of 'flu' while the couple were spending a few months at Chicago last winter and spring. He was formerly in business at Chicago. Lt. and Mrs. C. L. Adams are recent arrivals. The lieutenant is Farm Equipment, Supplies and Feed MACHINERY, ETC. New Case silo filler and cutter. 12 ft. grain drill. Manure loader Pump jacks Batteries Lights Gillette tires and lubes Horary hog feeders Wagon tongues Hammer Mill belts Belting Electric fence Anii freeze Grease guns and grease Tractor tire pumps Heavy Duly tractor oil Baling wire FEEDS Scratch feed Tanvilac feeds Our Best hog feed 32 % Our Best Balancer Honey Mead Pellets Soy Bean meal Linseed meal Bran and shorts Pilot shells Grit Minerals and Mineral feeders Chicken feeders Water fountains Laying nests Salt, all kinds Dr. Hess's Products Murphy's leeds . «.„ POTATOES—COBBLERS AND TRIUMPHS Use,d,"Case Spreader/ 15-30~.Tfaclbr,,.Model t :Case-Tractor Taylor Implement Co. Algona Flour & Feed PHONE 257 Celebrating Our 85th Anniversary With Outstanding Values! Come and get 'em! You'll find hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful values at your A&P Store . . for this is A&P'S Anniversary Month! A&P has developed one of the wordl's ablest organizations for the marketing and distribution, of foods ... so it is able to offer you really outstanding "buys"! Visit your A&P Food Store tomorrow . . . and help us celebrate with savings! INI Mill tUMIri I tlCriK III « Fresh Country EGGS Doz. cin. 40* It's Time to Turn io EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 3-LB. BAG 59c Washington Combination .Tancy Jonathan APPLES 18-Lb. Box $2.30 Mb. 12-oz. can- Paramount Salted Soda CRACKERS Broadcast Luncheon Meat REDI-MEAT Ann Page Boston Style BEANS ! 7i r Mali and Chocolate Food Drink COCA N06 'tn Buffalo Kitchen MATCHES 6 boxes 24* Swift's Cleanser SUNBRITE 10* . 14ca ° nz Fancy Skinless, Delicious, Juicy FRANKFURTERS . 111. 35c NIBLETS Brand Whole Kernel Corn (not rationed) 12-oz. can 13* WATIP HAL'WAD A&P FOOD STORES Right io Limit Quantities Reserved. n dentist at, the. P. W. camp and the couple are at Mrs! Wtn. K, Ferguson's. The quota of surgical dressings and bandages has been finished; It is thought there tna.y be a; long vacation before arrival' "bf the next supply. Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moe, who has been office girl for Dr. C. C. Shierk, has decided to find work in California, and will soon leave. • Mrs. Amos Angle, in a letter home, says she arrived at Penclle- ton, Ore., last Thursday. She had no.travel trouble, and is visiting her son, Everett Robinson. Arlene Bast, cadet nurse trainee at the Broadlawns hospital, Des Moines, spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Bast. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDonald, Ellsworth, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wabba, Cylinder, spent Saturday with Mrs. Eva Dcim and her sister, Mary Bieser. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pake3, of Rockwell Cjty, and a son spent Sunday here as guests of Cap^t. a.nd.lyfs* if. E|. Lavertder, of the f>. W. canip'. 'The women are sisters, ' ' H'ntfiei ^iflvnfr student at Drake '< univefsjty,' Des Moines, spent the weekend with hei 1 mother, Mrs. Rachael Brown, and grandmother, Mrs, R, J. Hutchison. • •••.. Landlord and Mrs; Wm. Kerr, of the-. Algona hotel, got home Thursday) from a month's vacation, part : of which was spent at Kansas City, where they visited a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Daubenberger, o£ Heclrick, and, their sons Max and Rex, arrived Sunday for a week with Mrs. Daubenberger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Junkermeier, Burt. Mi's. F: S. Norton, who waS taken sick'last week Tuesday, is improving. Ellen Carlson is nurse, and- Mrs. Norton's daughter, Mrs. M. M. Morrow, Aurtu- bon, is still here. Staff Sgt. Lye Eraser arrived Friday from Camp McCoy, Wis., to spencl a 17-dgy furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.'-pbn? aid Praser, Burt He will return to Carrip McCoy. , Ci»V Sutfl. and M*«- C. U. Poh lard.'-wilh Ihe 'son George and tfie daughter Claudia, spent Sunday at Rochester with the daughter Patricia, student nurse at St. Mary's hospital there. Major and Mrs, L. C. Huttom who formerly lived in the Heise house but lately moved to the P. W camp, are now getting settled in the Clinton Sampson house on South Minnesota. Mrs. J. H. Rowan Jr., Des Moines, spent the weekend with Josie McEvoy, Mrs. Rowan is the former Margaret Bliley, whose father was formerly manager of the Graham store here. Fern, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Johnson, fell sick ..Friday, and was taken to Kossuth hospital Tuesday night in an ambulance. She has been employed at the Carl S. Pearson home two years. Mrs. Mrjlf S«ndf, of the county treasurer's office, 'has received a MoKage frpin hfcr son Russell, now jn! the'Bfitish Isles. It contained a double damask Irish linen? table ojoth • which he •bought ih Edinbufgh. Mrs. James Meaton, Bancroft, whose baby is at the Kossuth hospital, spent, the w.eekend with the Donald Arns family.! she is --= her home \ v ents, Supt. and ivj rs while her husband i s Lt. J..g. C. I Mr< and Mrs. bai had spent seven i tie Creek, Va., ] al( ,, . coast point on u lc All™' 1 f «'| he was to pick U p n I'H which' he was to U Shl " command. Sec °n<il DWELLINGS .HOUSEHOLD GOODS'- FAflM R.S. Blossom Insurance Agy Insurance >• LOW RATES AUTO - TRUCK INSURANCE Bonds — Work Compensation — Health — Accident - t '•'' • ' ' ' "" MR. FARMER! BRING US YOUR EGGS, WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES National War Fund Drive Needs Your Support Give Generously to comfort our Allies! Hill's Bros. 1-lb. Jar 27( Kraft Dinner 3 for 25c No. 1 Triumph POTATOES,100 Ib bag 2.89 ^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^" m.———»—*——m—~*m ONIONS 50 Betty Crocker • Soup Mix 3 for 25c Sunkist ORANGES Large size 49< Hershey's 1 i-lb, 9c Pascal CELERY Large Stalks 23( Quaker •-'•'^., 1-lb. 8-ozs. Yellow Corn Meal lOc No. 1 Jonathan •;.«,':, APPLES per bushel 3.51 POST TQSTIES 11-oz. pkgs. GRAPENUTS b pkgs. ... CDQ Grapenuts WHEAT-MEAL 1 lb. 11 oz. 16-01. 23c 12c GEORGIE PORGIE 1-lb. 10-oz. pkg. ate MALT-O-MEAL l-lb. 10-oz. 21 c No. I Delicious APPLES 3.39 per bushel Osyter Shells 69c HONEY GALLON 1.29 DEL MONTE Seedless or Seeded RAISINS 0 15-oz. «Bf *pkgs. ....... Avf> Gauze TISSUE. . . 3,o,u10< VANISH . . . . Golden i/ 2 gallon SYRUP 29« PJGSOAP.,3,»14< CRYSTAL WHITE 3,,14( per , bar Lux, SOAP 3»lb. Jar each SPRY, CRISCO „ h 69( S.QSPADS 15* MAGIC WASHER 23{ FLOUR SAL€ Kitchen Pride -QQiwimer 1.98 1.89 Meat Specials Sirloin Steak Ib. 25c End Cut pound Pork Chops 27c pound ats 26c Assorted Cold M Skinless 26c

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