Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
Page 6
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'" ' ~ The Wonderful Horseless Can ''* The most glorious, elaborate, expensive aud comprehensive GRAND-FEES STREET PARADE. fvet Bern. Containing more Grand New Features, more Sublime Sights, more Bows, more Caimeto, more Elephants, more men and women, more cages, chariots, Tableau cars, more bands of music, moro airtoiniaitllc music, more, beau- ttful lOOfttomcs, than any other Show possesses, besides a World of other Sublime and startBug-New aod Original Innovations -so much) Grander, Greater, OosOier and more Meritous than any other pose&sep, tlha,t opposition posltlve- Ifr.lpaleB at the thong-lit af daring to dream of attempting.-even; tie:weakest flmltattonca thto All-bveiBhadowlng IntraducUoin of a New and Mlgbty .'Gala aiy Proceastohfil Amazement. • .-'•-.• The Grandest, Richest, Rares^t Street Parade Ever JBeheld--Defying all Competition—Every Morning at Ten O'clock. a. Complete Performances Daily at 2 and 8 P. M. Doors open 1 hour earlier.••' 1 Ticket admits to all. Coming-as radiant as •iBe dazzling Sun'to - - - ' .. • . LOGAHSPORT TUESDAY ADfiOSI 18IH. Uied BottUd Br*»tb; ' '• • HountaJn-cllmbers will be Interested learn of the »ucccHsful experiments Dr. BersonV of'Staissfurt,' who' by •g of "bottleiJ breath" »as been en__ rto 'ascend- to great heights, 'both .land and in a! balloon. The doctor, ri«n endeavoring to get further above level of the sea than anyone else ever climbed : or'flown, carries along ••'fiyllnder of compressed oxygen, fitted £,:&fch;a;/tube for 'breathing. Whenever g?-< mg experiences diBcomfort on account of "*' rarity of the atmosphere a few from the cylinder suffices tor.e- ' ' .. Dr.- B«irson, by means of 'this device, ntly ascended to an altitude of 31,feet, which is 2,000 feet higher than. of Mount Everett. . - a«rm»n la the United Btntet. 1801 there were only 280,000" per- in the limits of .the .United State* epoke the German tongue;; now : 7,OpO,pOO, of''our .people, Gflrmans dewcnflanto'of Germans, read Md cotton Of cotton other than sea island we exported 3,502.iTi;787 pounds, we rcefred $202,118,381- 1>*8EA8ES OP THE SKIN. intense, itching and smarting juc! ?, •m-wetaeniai 'tetter. »lt-rheamj and other :»iibeHM'ortho «lin is instantly ftllayed by -applying Chamberlain'i Eye and Skin - ftntment." Many very bod cases have been ^•BnnBneirtly cured by il. 'It is .equally ! ; Sldent for itchinpr piles and ».favorite rera- ' for sore nipples; ciiajjpedi.imnds chil- Jn», I'roiit biles; and "chronic- sore eyes. r iole by druggfcts nt 23 cents jjer box. ar«JiJ"t ?('but n horse needs,irhcn in bad'oondi- ' ~ ?ifii Wood ^iniGirknd vermUujje.; •'•'irileii Kill 'Stock. Crawfordsville, Ind':, Aug/ 17; ! — Out along Black creek and in the surrounding country hOffs and cnttle are, flying 1 by the hundreds from the. poisonous bites of s.warms of flies, thnt are somewhat 'larger, than 'the common housefly land much more pestiferous. Hogs and cattle have been bitten by the flies until a fever sets' in arid death follows. The fanner's tire' greatly discouraged; •'"' Bunk JKeoeiver Removed; Hammond, Ind., Aug. 17.— Judge Gillett, of the Lake county circuit, removed George. W. .Lewis as receiver for the Lake county bank of East. Chicago.. Judge Gillett also appointed George H^ Lewis-as assignee for the defunct 'bank, thus .removing 1. R.-Ladd, to whom Banker. E.ess -hnd nssigned.. The assets are $9,600, with liabilities 'of '$5,200. A F»t»l Battle. . Bedford, Ind., Aug. 17.— A report just rcceved states, that Heed Station, ilve iniles. nor.th of here, was the, scene of riot and butchery .Sunday. Dan Cline riiot and : 'killed ' 'Chris Lentz. Max Lentz was fatally injured. -Herbert McDowell wan dangerously . cut. .' :' The trouble seems to have been caused by drinking. ;'.. ; , ),.•••, ,.-. •••,•,;••, :-. '• World's - Largest - Pcssible • Slows! THBQREAT Robinson. Enormuos Shows Combined '-.l': r Ji*olutely die mightiest arnuscmout coiwoli'diitlon ever seen In this or auy land undor the largest tents over causlructed—\vnter proof. , Living Pictures. EnchaDting Statuar)! PERFORMERS aCOHPLETE CIRCUSES. ACRES OF TENTS Menageries. Hippod rones. Nationalists AttE • ' .- era pk Stone Throw- .Police Succeed in Quelling the Dis- turbance—Further'Trouble Feared. • Bel'fast, Aug.. 17.—Serious rioting occurred Monday morning- in coTinec- tion with the natiomillBt manifestation In favor of granting amnesty to the IrUh •political'prisoners. ' ' TLer« were several processions of nationalists, through .the .streets as a beginning, arid they filially were merged into a: large procession,. bonded by; baudmon armed with spears. Th'e procession soon -attracted immense . crowds • of people and. stone- throwing was commenced. . This served to enrage-the nationalists, mid their bandiuen attwulced ihu crowds with tlieir speai-H, wounding 'many people. .:•-:...: .;;'.:-. Tins police ,-lnirn-eri the rioters and iis«d their birons -fvcely. with the result .tliat-'st-'VeriJ. persons were hurt,lbefore brrler was.n-Vlored. ; -'' '. •': : The rioting ciiiiRed the'prentest excitement thrciuprhoiit the city, nnd fur- tlier disliul ances were .feared Moud«y ; evening, if the demonstrntoi's should carry out their threat'of reluming in very much prrnter strength nnd mar-.:h- Ing- in proai'ssioji throughout the main' streets of Belfast. The poli'-o, hinvcvcr, ore tnliing steps to make n displny of force c-.ilculated to prevfnt liny further serious rioting;, nnd, il' ii'.:cvf-h:iry. tin 1 military will be culled ilium to'assist the constabulary in inniin;iin'np 1 orrlf.r. SAVED BY,BARKING DOGS, P»rtj Dr. Jiiiuium Found the Jiiclc«oii Throuf;li u' Luck.y, Acoldimc. Viirclo, Norway. Ang 1 . ]7.—Dr. Nau BCII le.ft here Moiirtuy morninjj-'on hi V(iy to-Ghristinnia; It now develop thut the meeting between Dr. Nanse nud Jackson, .the English explorer,'wa the result of Uie-barking of flogs. Th Xorwegian 4in.d his cojnpimion wer exploring one clny when they hear bnrking, and, following the sounds, .t their nmn/oment, they runchecl Jnck sou's cnnip: -Varclo' hns been en fet nnd clecornted in honor of the return of Dr. N arisen..'. •. : Yoiikeri, N." Y,, Aug. "l7.—William' Jennings Bryan laughedrMonclay morning when some one suggested that hi» title be changed to "the Boy Orator of the Hudson.','. The remark was apropos, of'the fact tfiat Mr. Bryan made" part of hia northward -journey by means of the Hudson river 'day boat Albany. Mr.-and Mrs. Bryan, Mr. Sewall and the members of MrrJohn Brisbeu Walker's family had an early breakfast, at -,tbe Walker residence at ,Irrjngton. There "was some ' uncertainty as to •whether the Albany -would stop at .Irvlngton, and when it was learned from the steamboat company that tha 'depth of water was.not sufflcicnt.tpper- mit the vessel to make a landing, Mr, Bryan, Mr. Sewall and;the others of the party took a train to Yonkers to catch ,the Albnny there. As the two candidates drove past tbe Cosmopolitan (Magazine) building on their way to the Irylngton station .they were cheered by the employes, nnd there was more ;cheering:as the train: pulled out. • .••" . ' The train reached Yonkers at fl:45 'and Mr. and Mrs: • Bryan ; and -their friends went immediately to the Albany's landing. The vessel had arrived a few minutes before, aiid after good-bys to Mr. Sewall an'd Mr. Walker, th«' democratic presidential nomine* and Mrs. Bryan-started at 9:45 on their trip up the Hudson. They .will go as far as Poug-hkeepsie, aud then take a New York Central train for Upper Eed Hook, Dutches. 1 ; .county, where Mr. and Mrs. Bryan are to visit their friends, the Perriiies. Mr. Sewall returned to New York. WED IN BIKE COSTUMES; Impromptu Way in Which a Young Couple Tied 1 Up in Buffalo. The Groom Oblnlni the Convent of th» Brlde'i P»r«nU Over the'Pbon* While the Mlnliter-WnIM-Promluent Society Xonng People. OUR BATTLESHIPS. NINE PERSONS KILLED. Fire CuU'Ort a Floor, ( .to .'Collapse'"In m Ctinri'h lu Kentucky. Cincinnati, Aug', 17." —'The Times Stnr's.special 'from Lexington', Ky., say that by :a fire in'Sandy Hook, the ooun ty'swat of Elliot: county, Sunday,-him •persons were killed and 40 or 50.other were more or less Injured. The J5aptist£ were holding an association in an olid frame church when it suddenly, took fire,: mid.-a portion of the upper floor f el 6n : the struggling congregation. • 'Nini persons. were ; reported' billed. an d: -40; q; 60: were trampled under foot and bthet wise injured. Details'Svith names.have not been' received. '' , . CHILD HANGS HERSELF, it TT>l Too nicn. precious baby waa. geitting food^tlhat •was notiisvfflicieatly rich for hlmifBojBej aaked flie L njilk Hinfipector tp ."iaiwilyzfr some of It, wbon it was discovered^ tiot' It tvas'too rich; '''The baby 'now thmcs on a diluted diet, and the milkman bn» bad a laxge,lncreaae in -his list of ciis- ' ' " ' . It '!• stated tHwt the. claims the 'Chartered company arising p't$" ; ' ' f i;bdd> ; " Daughter of H»rvoy Wlmborley; of Mount Voruon, .111., Commit! Suicide. 'Mount Vernon, 111., Aug. 17.—Harvi»y Wiiriborlcy, a farmer living nine miles northeast of h«re, found the'body o: his 14-year-old daughter hanging'-from a .beam 'in'.a .bn.rn. It is thought-the child committed suicide, OS-she has been, in a despondent mood for several weeks Her parents..psvid.little'attention.to.her humor, ''thinking'she would .get over it as she had several'times before', Stabbed .bj a Lunatic. { : Reading', Pa., Aug. .17.—Fraiik Dan' 1 - 4els, the 'alleged lunatic; attempted to steal a-pair of shoes' in front of a Pehn .street store Monday afternoon 1 . He was caught In the act, but before he was secured .he .stabbed ,four ; people, two oj them .seriously., ' The injured . a;«: Charles Sfiayely, a colored .bootblack; John Wirikleiy an- aged : Germah; Robert L. Grossman, ! a'' tailor, 'arid Zarchari.ia Wink,'city iclerk.. Thovvouridtfof Sriave- ly and Grossman are seriously, but both will recover. .-...,: ; - ', -Much. Gold Mined. Toronto; .Ont.,.:Aug. 17.—OflBclal -returns from British Columbia ; to'the dominion government show .that in 1S04 the 'aggregate value of precious inet- als mined in the province was $1,750,000; lust-year the. value was $5',038,375, and this year,,the output, will 'be greater, judging ,-froni the : three months ended July 15,. when. the estimated yuJue of gold smelted arid shipped was $1,750,000. ' : i ,-:••-..'.•.- •'• .'. ' • ••• Fnr»ker Going to London. • New York, Aug.' 17.—Senator-elect J.' B. Foraker arrived at the Fifth Avenue hotel .Monday. He will'sail for Europe, next Wednesday on .the steamer, 6t.:Paul : to meet his daughter8,.who are now in London. 1 He .expects to, return by the middle of September and to;inak« speeches before the campaign closer. To a'reporter he said th"at : he : had no /ears whatever about Ohio. 1 ' ' ' Hi* Anns Torn Out,' ! New Brunswick'; -N.-J.,' 1 Aug. ; 17;— Abram Kether.wbod; 60 years ; of age, of the Norfolk'&.New BrunswickiHbsiery , company, had his arms caught while adjusting a ; belt on some machinery ^on- day.'morning.' He was .whirled round repeatedly. 'His arms, were torn out : 'niid he "was- hurled to the other end of j, the y rpom;,..,. He 4 ,die<3. flve,.mlnute6.»aftor< : *trildng ithe floor. : ' " '...'•'.', To Remain Closed Indeilnitely, '. . Woonsocket,'R, I., Aug. 17. —.'The Alice, milbof ..the >yoonsocket/Buihber, compnDy.'was! to have resum'ed opera-i tioris.'Monday jnorBingf'but-the.tinited, StateS Hub'ber c6mpa:ny''nas.*6rclefed it to be.;closed ,indefliiitely. ; ; 1 ,The'jreason given-'is' 1 the ^general business 'depfeiB-' 6ion.. v The,'iiull employs 1,400vhaudsV»„.. . .Thomnn./>«vi>iW)y Sot ' .London; :/ the lTish-;r leased fi'pnv The Mulno.and TvxaH Full to-. Join'tho North Atlantic KquuUron. Xorfolk, Va., Aug. 17. — The battleships -Maine aud Texas, which are now at-the Norfolk navy yard, did not join the North Atlantic sqiiadroji before its departure, ns it was intended they should do. The Texas crew \vas not complete and hor stores lire not all "on 1 board yet. Besides this her magazines must be replenished .before she goes to sea. . TJie Baleigh, however, brought down a draft of men from the New Yorli yard, which will'be'assigned.'to the big battleship at 'once, when she will probably go , to TompMnsville, Staten-'Island, to join the . stjuadvon. The Maine, which, bent several :of. Jjer plates in southern, waters while on patrol duty-off Florida, will also.pro- ceed northward just as soon as repair* to. her cnn .be completed^ " Thefleetwiliremain in New York harbor until the arrival of Li Hung Chang arid will participate in the reception to be given'him. After the Yaqal Indians. Washington, Aug 17.—Gen. Wheaton, commanding the department of Colorado,, telegraphs. the war department, .that he believes the ,Ynqui Indian raid-, 'ers have moved north.,-They have scattered' nnd the recent 'ht-avy'.rains haye. obliterati-d thfir . trails. They are on •foot. The prompt arrival.and action'of the United States troops has bccnbArie- fleial and.the nolcliers arc so-stationed as,to .iuU-Tcept the .raiders who have not 'returned to Mexjco. , Sudden t>enl"i of an Editor. ' . Winston. N. C:. Aug.: 17.—Capt. J. W. Goslin,. editor,, of HIK- .Winston ,Kepub- lican, iii. sttipping off ,a .street-car fell anB bis head stnicl< the, maoadamizcd payemeiit 1 , producing 'concussion of the brai'fl'nnd-causing 1 death' in two hours^ •He was 55 years old. He wns a gallant soldier during the -war and-'was promoted to the captaincy'of his company. Eliicott Evans, brother of Joraoji Gary Evans', regent at : Chicngo for the Anchor line and son. of E. T. Evans,'of Buffalo, a wealthy shipowner, and Miss Jvatherine Hamlin, grnnddaugliU'r of Cicero J.. Hamlin, were married ar, Buffalo the other :night by .Rev. Walter North. They wore bicycle costumes,' for tbe marriage wn» evidently :the result of n hasty determination. Dr"North knew the y'pung'people well and is.acquainted with the families of both. He wos surprised when they appeared at his study un'l asked to be married. Miss Homlin is 20 years old and Evans is 20.. Dr, Northifiaid4ic.,w,ould,hnve,to require the.. consent, of the girl 1 !? par-. cnts. Evans went to the telephone next, door and called up Mr. William ITamlin ;at his residence. He said: "Kate and I nre here .it Dr. North's. We 'hove decided to get married and Dr. North wants to know if you consent. Do you?" "Of course.' 1 Evans alone heard the answer. He hung up the receiver, and, returning to T)r. Jmrth's bouse, told him Uint Mr, Hamlin, whlH grea.tly surprised, was ccnt.cat. ' "Do you giv«> me your word of honor that be said soT' asked Dr. North. "I do," sa.id Evans, and the doctor performed the ceremony. The young people rode away on their wheels, and later departed for New York. The Hamlin and Evans families refuse to discuss the matter. Evans lived at'Chicng-o until this summer, 1 being- 'associated with his brother in the Anchor line office. Both played po-lo in.the Chicago polo team last summer. . Miss Hnmlin's father is the eldost son of the owner of Village farm, who controls the glucose works in New York state, and Miss Hacilin's home was one of tihe finest in Buffalo. Mrs. Hnmlin objected to Evans, who hns no property of. his own oml has been working here os a clerk. Evnns is a Yale graduate aind a member of the best clubs here. the blood. pun wood. lir. H»bb. cur. itiul W,|o«WeBo»k»••. > Dd.WBMKr.ot; a, i«t.>w su rMMbM.,1 . For'Si'le'in-LOGA'jJSPORT, JND., by . ' Bcn.Ficher. 311 Fc.juith St. and John,^" F. Cou!bon,3CM Mutrkst St. "LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR.' THE MARKETS. . Grain, Provision". Etc. . .'.• , '; -.;. '.Chicago; Aug., 17. VLOVR— Quiet and dftsy. .Prices, rnnefitl •.follows:' ' Wlritbr-Paten'ts, SMOSW: orid9,,-»l.!K)9:2.00;.'.lo.w. grades,, JJ.71)10)2.00; SprlnK-PatdntS,'' »3:S5®3.75; stralKhts, J2.M eS'20:': bakers', $2.10@2:26; low grndes.'»1.50 ®L ; 75; ,Red Dog,.»1.2C©1.40;.Rye, $2.00(8)120. WHEAT—Moderately active and lower. September,'S4@56!4cr December, 57vtii8>68?i<:. 'CORN-Ea»y.--. No,;. ; 2.-.22%@22^ 0 ; No.' 2 Yellow, 22'4i8'22Hp.: .September, 22Mi@22%c;, De'cember, 23Tt®24V4c; liny, 26-%(8>27c, , .. OATS-Falr iti-idlng'arid steady.' No.'J cMh.'16%c;, September; 16@lCMio: 'May.;19« 0]frt4o. Simples, hlgh.er. . No Grade, S>@ 32V4? No.' 3,'.13@lllc; : No/ 3 White; IGKSJWc; No.S,-16%®17c;;No.-2.WJUte 1 ,20®2014o,:. - : ' RYE— Ruled quite firm. No. 2 cash, «30c' No. 3, 22c; September delivery, bid."- •' :•, "•' : ' •'.' '' : ; -•' > '"'' "' ' BARLEY— Demand fair. for -old Barley; new slow as yet. New Barley, 20®24c for No. '8, •according to quality. . No. 3 old Barley, 2E@S6c,-.... : • :•• '. :•-. . ' '' MESS PORK— Market moderately -actlv* and prlcea' higher'' at' J0.3(X8!(t35' for 'cosh; l«15@6,40 tor September;. J6:10igi8.15 for October,. and.|6..97i4@7.20 for January. ., mo'derate and . prlcos n«h«r -at' »3.««iS;'42^ for cash; for. September; I3.40@3.52%;for October, and ' '•BUTTER—The' market Is ruling quiet, with: quotations - iit ;10i3il6c for creameries and 9®12c for dairies.. ... i . . • LIVE POULTRY—Fair demand. .Tur- «oys;-S@10o;. "Chickens,. .7^4@8c; Ducks, 80 lljo per- pound; • Geese, por dozen, J3.00 ©6,00,-"' , ' ' " • • , WHISKY-Steady'on the basis of J1.21 for'hlghwlncs. •• .j ^ • .;• New York, Aiigi !17.' FtOUR—Quiet, and:steady." , WHEAT—No. 1 Red.flrm, fairly,steady. Septemb'er, «2V4i8>62 7-lflc;' October, CS%o; ^.ocera'berr flGS'GSHcji May;-•683i®G8% c ' ' CORN—No.. 2 .quiet, rtrmsr. • No, : 2, 28'/i© September,-28?4@28Hc; December,, OATS-yNo. 2..dull, steady; -Western, 2]9 : 880; Septenjber, 20T40. .... , •• ": ; BEEF— Steady,' quiet. Extra' mess, 6@7c. PpRK-Qulet New mesa, J8.00@S.7B; old $S.OOia!8.26.- ''.'.•• ' Gorman Soldlen Required to Train C»nln« - A»ulBti>nt» for Mlllt»ry Service. From'» report just:issued by the wni- department it.appcars rlhat there, are. really such things as "doga of war," a.nd that it.is. a part of the functions of the German soldier "to train carefully, certain breeds of dogs io'oid him in both ; hostile and defensive operations^ The' dogs art not intended to'actually %ht, but! by-training 1 .: them they are made of value'fin watching camps, in .. picket duty, ,in carrying dispatches,-and .in. looking' for.mfssmg-.men.. .; .. . • •,-. • The'military information division of 'the war depoirtment hos^ust issued the ninth number of the'series of valuable eduxmtional : publications, the present Heing devoted principallyto -a. description: : in.grea,t-detaJl.,of the large military schools ,of Europe.. ,-..;;• .',,. Other pagioe in.the volume trea.tof the difficul ty, experle'naed in' the' Earopeaix military'countries 1 in' securing theT»-' enlistm'ent of 'irioi-consmissioned : 6ffl-' cers; '6f the- various devices used in EU-; lopean armies as range finders, with illustrations of the most successful appliances of ..that, kind;"the influence of smokeless • powder- : on ' tactics; and a most interesting -statement of the changes;that.the;uae..pfcthis nev?:mUl- ta'ry aid will cause in. old .mert-hods of fg-htirjiT; - a topical^ pa pel* by Ix>rd'Wol- sey discussing the possibility of ahos- life 'invasion of. the British isles^ and:a curious, publication.,of the regulations for the use. of. ^yar dogs in.the. German nrmy. , / .. : . : . ..' ^ -. GHOST ;SCAJ1ES-FARMERS. »e»rohln«t'' : P«irty;Arm«ij iwlth-'8hot«nn« ... .' Orffanl'^d'for It* Cftpttfro... " " '• Fai-mcr.s,of Ben*on township,: Elkhart county, Ind., ar« grea.Ujyexcited , over the appearance ,of an : ,.appar.itjon at an old church and graveyard. ' ' : ' The'specter was first seen;'by John W. French-aud his 1 wife'while they were returning from-a : visit,< in tbe neighbor^ hood. .'The ghost'-ls said: to be about' eight leet high and. to resemble.an:old : man with long, white beard, dressed in : white arid carrying a.club.. jWhile it appears' hi the form of a manVhowevc'r, U. ( tf traris'pare'nt arid'makes a noise resem r 'bling : thunder! it'advapcesTapidlytip- on travelers 'iihHl : about t«n ; feet 'from them, \vh,en it suddenly disappears.' •'• " , .The ghost .frightened;. William; M. .Moon ,one night recently so-that he liu been under the.care..of,a physician .ever: since. 'A. searching'.party went. c:ri -the, other night •armed with shote-uhs.l,oofc. ing for-tbe'ecepter',' and it was seen'se*- 'erei times at a distance, and each Mm" .was greeted-with a volfey froin the ihotr POZZOM'S COMPLEXION POWDER bCGD the Biandnrti for fnrt ii more poj-ular toniar tban eiJor betor* With e v«-rv box ofJPOZ; •nlfleent Scovllr». «j BOX U given tree o The COAST LINE .-^>... I..TAKE TI MACKINAC MACKINAC ../DETROIT'" "• PETOSKEY • _ 2 New Steel Passenger Steiiniers Theare.te«t Perfection yet ittalMd In B«S ConitnicUoa--Utxi>rtoa* Eqalpmait... ArtlMM . .. FMDtoklag-, Dworftloii and Enictcat Snnrl«*, lniuiin( the highcit degree of.' ; , i- : '_ >.>'j^. : COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR Tni^i KR WEEK BtrwE» Toledo, Detroit*fMackinac PETOSKf.V, ''/THE SOO," MARQOtTT t .{ANDOULOTH.,.. . LOW RATES to Pkto«*iii». Maddaie ««d . Rttiini. iBcJudlnc Hnlt Md Berth*. Pro*. .CUveliMl, »i8; tnm TtM*,*ISl tnm OMntt, |ij-5o. • ../•.... -i :.-' " • . .',-.'.- • 4VERY EVENING ,. Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting/it Clcveltnd with H*rllett Tnini for all points But, South and. Sombwnt «nd «t Detroit fore ilpolnU North and North wett, - , *iRid*rTr|p« Jin»,Mr, tornt «n* >*»l*i>bir **•':-' . ' (' EVERY t)AY BETWEEN" 1 " ' : - ; ' :: '• Cleveland, Put-ln-Biiy^Toleito Send t<ff'.ai««lr«ted Pmrnphtet,' : Addrtw ,£., j V^, A: A. 8OMANTZ/.. ».v.;o«T«bif.wie«."- Tie Dtfrair aadf lenlatfltett Kr. M. r ) :• 13:85, .. . . BUTTER— Firm, quiet. Western dairy, @12c; do. creamery, llWiSilSc; Elglns, I6o. CHEESE— Steady, ' .quiet, Part . skims, 2®fic. - ,.'. ,,..->!: v f- :••>' ^i .C'Ji. ? "> '•> . EGGS-QuleVfl"n- 'Western, ll@12c. • Xilv*. Stock. Chicago, . ,17. 'CATTBE-MarJaif steady sfoUOo, higher. Falr:tp'-li'eat-Be'eve'S, r »3.2r>®4.66; stockcrs and, eeder3','-$2,40!S)3i/IO; mlxed'-Cows '' J2.'BO@8,10, • <•.••••-••'- ...... v ' stronger, to 10c' higher, _ ' 'rough lipciolnsr, ..}2.70@2.9fl;;. ars', ' '52" (IS<£M. :: W:' heavy . guns o£ . the, pursuer*,; but. each. dlFappeared;,only ; to .immediately . reap- . pear in"a different locality.. , ; .•••• ..;. Another posse went but the '-next night, which was 'divided. Intorgroups of two -an^ : 'three; per.soris, •stationed- ^00 yBrds ; Bpiirt. ' Quite" a -'number 5n the neighborhood -.ref used' to go on'theae ex- • .pedltionRi iearlngidiro resultBi. 8ome,of : tic neighbors say that the spirit resera- blca an old lhan who was murdered some -years'-agb-'ift' .th'aflbca'nty', "isi height \ati8h --this ye aiiset 3"ier JB to hiv^ is yea$. 'A welKkno pur- gilist has opened a "scrnp" college. H« ',ie , tli ere to act as tutor for "the bin* bloods/and will pilot ticm4hrp'ogh?tJi«; Tfeysteries of the manlyjatt.'? £ :,- * f, vt 3"\ . 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