The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 23, 1997 · Page 100
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 100

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1997
Page 100
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ii aMcag mMim i "I have a suggestion," Porky said as he and his Streamhouse friends were finishing their dessert. "What now?" Fat Cat wondered putting her spoon down. "What say we get our Christmas shopping done early? We could make out lists tonight and maybe go to the mall later this week. Is that a good idea?" Porky answered happily. "Not really," Fat Cat quipped. "First of all, you know how I like to shop. I would just as soon order Christmas gifts from a catalog. Besides it's still too early. I'm not even in the Christmas mood yet." "All the stores are full of Christmas stuff. All kinds of stores have lots of lighted Christmas trees already," Rocky, the raccoon, announced with excitement. Subject: Christmas shopping Deadline: Noon Monday, Dec. 1 Publication: Sunday, Dec. 14 CattgorUx Kindergarten-second grade drawing. Third-fourth grade drawing. Fifth-sixth grade drawing. First-second grade writing. Third-fourth grade writing. Fifth-sixth grade writing. Spec. ed. drawing and writing. Entries should be sent to The Flying Horse, The Pantograph, 301 W. Washington St., Bloomington, 61702- 2907. Entries are not returnable Winners will receive a prize. out in October. That's too early. In fact, it's ridicu lous," Fat Cat remarked with disgust. "Well, lots of people like to shop early, and I think that's what we should do. Then, we won't be all stressed out trying to get everything done at the last minute like we usually are," Porky stated with authority. "That's kind of the fun part of it though, Porky," Rocky added to the conversation. "When it gets closer to Christmas you feel more like shopping, especially when you know it has to be done." "Well, you guys can do what you want. I'm going to the mall this week and start mine," Porky said with his nose up in the air. "Betcha don't," Fat Cat said with a grin on her face. Send drawings, writings, and poems "Yeah, I know. They start putting Christmas stuff about Christmas Shopping. AW felt- vrrm '''() no: ! ', It Gr.8,Coi a: - 1,1- Best IsElldav Thanksgiving is the best holiday pf the year. Thanksgiving is a dayjvhere your whole family is together having peaceful conver sations. Sometimes they play gamfs and have fun. Most of fee - - - ' - f time they have a lot of food. That's . . . almest my favorite thing. The best GOO J pardbout Thanksgiving is I get to see my whole family. That's why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. Klmberly Farmer " Gr. S, Gibson Clty-Melvin-Slbley Americans wanted to be friends. And they shared foods with each other, too. And they played games with each other, too. They also said 'please' and 'thank you'. They did not have school. Chelsea Prosser Gr. 2, Goodfleld Family tir 11 W I like Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family. I love Thanksgiving. Do you? Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. For Thanksgiving I go to my grandma's house. Then, when we get there, we have a big feast. Indians and Pilgrims made Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is fun. Kayla Hall Gr. 2, Parkside, Normal On Thanksgiving, we have a big feast. We eat turkey, bread, corn and other good foods. The Indians gave the Pilgrims a big feast. On Thanksgiving we celebrate because the Pilgrims found land. On Thanksgiving we visit relatives. Melanle Heimsoth Gr. 3, Lowpolnt-Washburn family. There are different kind of food. People eat turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, squash, pie and much more. They also have drinks. They are celebrated on different days. In America it's celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Zak Flatley Gr. 4, Emden . ft.,- Thanksgiving is when we invite grandmother and everybody we know to come over. Thanksgiving is when we are polite to the other , people. We give thanks for food and for having places to live. I like Thanksgiving. - ' T.J. White Gr. 1, Fieldcrest West, Toluca Celetirstloa Thanksgiving is a celebration because Pilgrims and Native TKe Pantaen Jn Education aphfl Thanksgiving is a very important time of the year. It is one time of the entire year you can reflect on the year and give thanks for everything. Every Pilgrim used to celebrate this. It was to say thank you for living. Not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving but that's okay. Turkey is a regular dinner on Thanksgiving but some have chicken or fish. I spend every moment I can with my family to say thank you. I am very thankful for friends, family, food and life. I may not show it, but I definitely am. One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Erin Hosch Gr. 6, Oakdale, Normal ffiBr!3finHa I flying Horse is judged by raatagrapn stan. iodic ior mis week was: Thanksgiving. brigham, Bloomington I JUkuaii cuius, o, wining. Chester East, Lincoln Kari .Tnnpa fir 2. writine. f airview, Normal Danny Riflen, Gr. 5, writing. Harrshurir-Emden Erin DiQ, Gr. 5, drawing. Heyworth Katelyn Blary, Gn 3, drawing. tTnHsnn Rrandi Garreet. Gn 1, drawing; Loren Heusel, Gr. 3, Writing. LeRoy Andria Adlesperger ana iom Marcum, w. o, iuaw me.' Lexington Amber DuBois. G& 4, drawing. McLean Kaylan Adkins, Cin A. drawine. Northpoint, Bloomington I oaf an i reuei , ui. o, ui awing. In the U.S.A. and Canada, a day is set aside each year as Thanksgiving Day. On this day -people give thanks with feasting and prayer for a bountiful harvest. It is usually celebrated with Thanksgiving is fun getting together with family! Lauren Kellar Gr. 1, Rldgevlew, Arrowsmith Time to harvest There is a time to harvest what we sow ; A time to give thanks for every day To celebrate the friends we love and know. When vibrant leaves scatter and cold winds blow When squirrels search and store their food away There is a time to harvest what we sow. In the past Americans became foes But Thanksgiving swept the hatred away To celebrate the friends we love and know. I I i: 17 C :. 1, The sweet smell of pie and bread dough In the air is cinnamon, thyme, bay There is a time to harvest what we sow. Families meet, eat and together grow They relive the past and cherish each day To celebrate the friends we love and know By giving thanks, our love, our joy we show And this makes Thanksgiving a special day There is a time to harvest what we sow To celebrate the friends we love and know. AlyssaHuff Gr. 8, Brigham, Bloomington Thanksgiving Day. Some things we have are turkey, potatoes, corn and bread. After dinner everybody helps clean up. If I did not have a family, I don't know what I would be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. Brittany Crews Gr. 5, Brigham, Bloomington Tiia fcr mm Thanksgiving is a time for remembering, caring, loving, and sharing. Families get together and celebrate all they're thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie! . Caltlin Knisley Gr. 4, Lexington Sliarlnq and friendstilii Thanksgiving is about sharing, friendship and love. The reason why Thanksgiving is about shar- - -ing is because the Native . Americans shared with the . Pilgrims. The reason why it is about friendship is because the Pilgrims came to be good friends. ' Thanksgiving is also about love because they loved the Native Americans for giving them food and medicine. That is what Thanksgiving is about. Molly Trainor Gr. 2, St Clare, Bloomington Piicriins and Indians Thanksgiving is the holiday the Pilgrims had with the Indians. It was a feast with lots of delicious food. It has been a tradition to eat turkey but some people eat chicken or some people don't like meat. Thanksgiving was a time when Indians and Pilgrims shared and loved each other. The Pilgrims made up Thanksgiving to pay the Indians back because the Indians showed the Pilgrims how to farm. Kristie Saddler Gr. 8, Atlanta Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for all of the wonderful things He has done for us and to enjoy all the things we have. I am so grateful for my family I love them all. There are delicious smells and tastes on Thanksgiving also. I always savor the delicious, juicy turkey. The creamy, buttery potatoes are one of my favorites. I could never list everything I am thankful for. Just remember that God made all things and we should be thankful. I love Thanksgiving. Kara Sauder Gr. 4, Tremont Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. A long time ago Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving. That's how we have Thanksgiving. The reason why Thanksgiving is in November is because that's when the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving. We usually eat turkey or chicken on Thanksgiving. You should also be thankful to the Pilgrims too. The reason why you should be thankful to the Pilgrims is because they are the ones who celebrated Thanksgiving. Elizabeth Serna Gr. 4, Central, Pontiac feed and telly Thanksgiving is a time you spend with your family. You eat lots of good food. You eat until you are full. Sometimes you eat turkey. Sarah Allen Gr. 2, Delavan I'm tfigiM for... Have you ever thought about what you are thankful for? I am thankful for my family. My family is important to me. We do things together like have a great big Thanksgiving dinner on And some more things that we eat are pumpkin pie and dressing. Thanksgiving is my third best holiday. Turkeys are colorful and bright. They have a lot of colors on their feathers. At school when it is almost Thanksgiving we make some turkeys too. We color them a lot of colors they're pretty animals. We go to grandma's on Thanksgiving because we celebrate what a fun day. Monica Zoss Gr. 2, Lowpolnt-Washburn Warn fete In mm The first Thanksgiving was when the Indians and the Pilgrims ate together in peace. Thanksgiving is about love and friendship. When Thanksgiving comes around I think about corn bread and turkey. I also think about apple pie and corn; I think about my family, my relatives and my friends. You should be with your family on Thanksgiving. Every Thanksgiving, my family cooks a turkey. " Brin Gee - Gr. 8, Hudson I love Thanksgiving for these reasons: I get to go to my grandma's and they always have real good smelling turkey, pies and mashed potatoes; another reason is I get to be with my grandma, my cousins, my aunt and uncle and one of my uncle's friends. I love Thanksgiving. Dakota Pattern Gr. 4, Tremont Like most kids, I like holidays, Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, though. I like the warm feeling I get when our family gets together. I stuff myself with all of the good food. Mounds of mashed potatoes, dripping with gravy, cranberry sauce, squash, stuffing, corn, pumpkin pies, and the traditional turkey. I think of the Pilgrims, and how happy they must have felt. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Mary Rassi Gr. 8, Tremont first IMsfifia Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving with the Indians. The Pilgrims didn't know how to grow corn. The Pilgrims came to 'American because they wanted to be free. They had turkey, corn, beans and pumpkin pie. I celebrate with my family. The Indians - helped the Pilgrims grow corn. My family goes to grandma's house. We have turkey and apple . pie. This year we're going to my -aunt and uncle's house. Melissa Weddel Gr. 3, Fieldcrest South, Mlnonk Ifill I like Thanksgiving because we eat my favorite food turkey. Turkey is my favorite food because I just like the flavor of it. Thanksgiving! What a wonderful sight. We should thank the Indians and Pilgrims for the feast and the good Thanksgiving Day. Colleen Burger Gr. 2, Odell project 1 rm r -i ill Ah 3 This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. You are in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. It will include turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie. How much do J IIILIIII : you think it will cost to buy ,." ' 1 the groceries for your meal? "II-, I On a piece of paper, write I down your estimate. Now use the food ads to and prices on each of the items you need. pOn a piece of paper, write down the item and price you'll pay., Now add up the prices of each item to find your total cost. Is the actual ilBmmJ cost more or less than your estimate? The Pantagraph's Newspaper in Education (NIE) program's corporate partners include: A B TV v :: For more information on NIE, please call 309-829-9411 or 1-800-747-7323, e?t. 353.

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