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Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas • 18

Corpus Christi, Texas
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mrrnwrpsevwm vV V- I EDITORIALS CORPUS CIIRISTI CALLER CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS WEDNESDAY MORNING SEPT 22 1954 wwsv THE NEST The GOP Plight By BOB McCRACKEX modem household the means of getting in all kinds of not if they have of having those and not having communities offering or repairs In summer and it through most Something more than Just vexation even a hint of alarm was registered recently by Vice President Nixon when he said: "There is no greater nonsense than to say that it makes no difference whether the Democrats control Congress so long as is in the White House" Variations the same theme are likely to be uttered at frequent inter vals by Nixon in the course of the campaign culminating in the November general election It is a tribute to the efficacy of the Democratic siren song whose burden is that the way to the Lookout had with some of the area that was freak-hurricane Set the Eisenhower program passed i to elect a Democratic Congress This aspect of the campaign is causing considerable worry and lack of sleep among the Republican Party faithful Unless they can think of an effective answer such as promoting a business upsurge during the next 30 days they realize they are in for trouble As far as the independent voter is concerned it makes little difference whether the Republicans or the Democrats are in the saddle Their allegiance in the final analysis is to the candidate whom they think is best qualified for the job It is a point of view that never ceases to amaze and create despair among the party faithful The truth of the matter is that no great harm to the nation could result from a Democratic victory in November But it would make it extremely difficult for the Republican Party to win again in 1956 If the Republicans cannot win in 1956 there are many indications that the party faces a most uncertain future To the extent that a Democratic victory in November might seriously impair the two-party system in the United States and only to that extent can a valid argument for a Republican victory be made But none of this nfakes very persuasive campaign material Farm-to-Market Driving through the country the other day the subject of well paved well maintained farm-to-market roads and their importance to the rural areas came up There was speculation to the total number of miles of such highways in the state but no gurus was ventured The Lookout made a note to check on it and coincidentally the mailman yesterday delivered his copy of the September issue of Texas Parade In it is a piece by Wall on that very visited by the subject incorporating the informa- prompted flood tion the Lookout wanted and more ton There are more than 25000 miles of farm-to-market or secondary state built and state maintained roads in Texas The immediate objective is an increase to 35000 miles Since the end of World War II when construction materials were unfrozen there has been no letup in the program Pres- ently the State Highway Department is investing $45 million a year on farm-to-market roads Whatever is required it hopes one of these days to have paved traf-fieways serving every rural home In the state might value her appliances sbove to town weather" They might but had the experience appliances go out access to urban substitutes West Texas this still is summertime of the statg occasion to visit ranchers in the It was a flash warning The at their rural caught in nearby stranded on the event the roads electricity cut were blacked out provided the and eliminated Daya passed before the resumed But hours road crewa Highway Department order that they At least they their foodstuff Nixon has every reason to suspect that the effectiveness of the Democratic appeal is not felt so much among Republicans as among the traditional "independents" who have swung national elections in the past He has every reason to suspect that independent voters have as a result of 20 years of Democratic rule identified the Democratic Party with in handling economic recessions He well realizes that even the hint of a business recession may be enough to convince independents that they should put Democrats in office affair with no most were isolated homes Many wore towns Some were highway In any were blocked and off Their lights The service that power for their refrigerators deep freezes was and even weeka service could be within a period of of the State were busy in could travel again were able to move into towns where electric service had been continued and where preservation was possible Wall's dogmatic statement wasn't so dogmatic after all The excellent farm-to-market road program of the State 'Highway Department of Texas was in the outset and continue! to be the most enriching thing that has happened to the rural areas of Texas Most Important Arctic Bases VVi is RUT ARE YOU GETTING ANYPLACE? Wall write that "Nothing has enriched rural life in Texan as has the hard-surfaced road" Ha goes ahead to admit that his is a "dogmatic statement which probably will draw an argument For instance the farm homemaker who remembers how it used to be Letters From Our Readers All this concentration of airpower in Arctic regions shows Russia's primary concern with the only-nation on earth capable of challenging her world ambitions the United States of America It runs from the north of Scandinavia along the Arctic coast to the peninsula facing Alaska and on south to Kamchatka and the Sea of Okhotsk In United Red Chinese Exports Of Narcotics Alarming the southern segments of this egme sive" USSR chain have a strategic The magazine Aviation Age had a chilling piece of news for 160 million Americans in its current issue: Russia has based almost all her entire long-range bomber force as well as other army and navy air forces at airfield along the coast of the Arctic Ocean It is from these bases that any future attack on the United States and Canada would come "Along this coastal area of the Arctic and northern Pacific about 60 percent of the whole Soviet aerial force stands ready to attack the American continent across the North Pole" the magazine says Along that stretch of coast the USSR has from 150 to 200 air force guided missile and supply bases Aviation Age reports Six months ago not one of the 54 tong-range bomber squadrons known to exist in Russia was stationed in the west or south of that huge territory One of the reported big bases now in construction is on Franz Joseph Land 3600 miles from Detroit It will have a runway 13500 feet long surfaced with iron plates electrically heated tional Trading Co which maintains headquarters in Peiping" This agency he said doea its busineu out of North China ports while the Trade Bureau of South China a department of die Communist regime operates for that area The greatest concentration of heroin and opium in all China is stored he added at Canton and Chungsan significance calculated to disturb any thoughtful American How long could Japan for example relatively defenseless now stand up under any serious Russian threat backed by the air power capable of quickly carrying that threat into instant execution? An even more pressing question is How tong can we afford to neglect our qwn continental defenses against a possible Russian attack on our great industrial centers? Russia has or will soon have the means of delivering annihilating blows upon them from bases along the Arctic coasts Annexation ole Editor the Caller: I read your interesting page editorial in the Caller the other day and hare fully decided to vote for the annexation proposition all the way although I am out on North Beach and will receive no benefit whatsoever It will be for the wonderful city's progress and hope in time the administration will do something for the poor neglected North perhaps after the high bridge work ia underway However I had a discussion with two intelligent citizens in which they both claim that the citizens in the proposed annexation should have a right to vote on it and I think that would be fair and just to let them have that privilege Now one was for annexation and the other against it I am not well informed on politics but was wondering if the City Council could not hurriedly pass an ordi-nanca allowing them to vote on the issue? They claim that it would be sometime before they receive city benefits- but that they would be taxed with next tax payments after the annexation TIIOMES other generals had won this same war but were refused permission to accept the victory by these same disloyal sen-ants of the people The heart of every decent citizen in the United States is aroused with anger and we join with those who hare suffered the loss of loved ones in their anguish and sorrow over this tragic exposure of their needless Mcrifice There must be some way that is still open to punish those responsible for this cowardly unprecedented treachery: otherwise it can happen again No one with brains above that of an idiot would dare say that the debacle in Korea- was a mistake of judgment it was a deliberate scheme hatched in the minds of Planned by those with a Communist complex that placed the United Nations and their policies above that of their own country and its flag What conclusion can the American people arrive at? What can they draw out of this tragic experience that will enable them to profit from this shameless episode? The first step of course is the withdrawal from the Communistic controlled United Nations JACK BERRY Edinburg) I 'arming Germany Editor the Caller: Ho many can remember and indeed who can forget the token force of German cavalrymen who crossed the Rhine In 1936 breaking the Versailles treaty? We watchpd it in news reels and Mid "ho-hum" Then even as now the long suffering French were the only ones who were alarmed How can we be so pitifully dense as to be unable to realize that in this Ing in view of the shabby treat-who pioneered the V1 and V-3 rockets we will probably enjoy priority over the French Russia is a menace certainly but a free armed Germany of unknown allegiance wiU I feel merely triple that riak Germany has played this role before and naturally it is in their interest to appear docil now But they have regained much of their strength and the underground search for another Hitler goes quietly on I sincerely hope' that our representatives are not being bolstered in their present course by the idea that they will probably not be in office when responsibility for this tragedy must be placed if indeed there Is anyone lett to account to Though not one of them raises his voice in opposition I cannot hut feel then-must he some uneasiness beside my own ROBERT MORSE (Beevilfei By PAUL LEACH Last of I Articles WASHINGTON Chinese Communists are conducting a "formidable and far-reaching" export of narcotics according to Federal Narcotics Commissioner Harry Anslinger Their purpose he recently told the United Nationa Commission of Narcotics Drugs is to gain foreign exchange and demoralize the people of the free world" This ia the source of virtually pure heroin that has been flowing infS Japan and South Korea thereby creating a serious problem of American GI addiction which the Far East Command is meeting head-on The Japanese government is now cracking down on the drug business but enforcement so far has been sketchy in South Korea according to reports here Former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee in recently published articles following his visit to Red China said "the poppy ia no longer cultivated and opium smoking seems to be at an end" MARQUIS CHILDS McCarthyism Has Damaged "The close relationship between the heroin and the opium and the political agents extends all the way to the top "In Cjungjin a city in the suburbs of Peiping a factory for the manufacture of heroin ia located Here also is the training center for Communist China's political agents same pattern Involving Communist agents and the Hie of heroin waa followed in the cities of Rashin and Wonsan North Korea "Powerful Chinese closely associated both commercially and socially with lop-notch Communist agents have accumulated fortunes of tremendous magnitude through feeding gold and strategic materials into Communist China in return for heroin and opium extent of this operation becomes clear when it is realized to be a cold fact that 200 tons of opium from Communist China are required annually to carry on the established business of these Chinese traffickers and their American Prestige Abroad DIPLOMATIC DEFEAT Fumbles Badly On Election at UN WASHINGTON The reluming trawler quickly discovers that Sen Joe McCarthy's rtnek la falling on the political stock market But the damage McCarthyism has done to America and Americans overseas is still very much a factor in the struggle to hold the line against Communist aggression The fear that McCarthy and his allies lave Inspired induces a kind of super-caution Americana in overseas jobs have come to feel that the safest course is to keep your head down and take no chances If you make yourself as inconspicuous as possible you may survive This is an understandable human reaction in view of the beating that the State Department and the Foreign Service have taken But if does not make fen the vigor and positiveness that are essential in meeting the challenge of communism and in coping with the problems of colonialism and anti-colonialism again been impressed by how much hss survived in both ability and integrity Particularly' in North Africa where the crossfire of Arab nationalism and French sensitivity is perilious indeed Americans with keen perspective are doing a difficult job Under trying circumstances they are seeking to hold a line that does not compromise America's belief in self-determination and yet at the Mine time does not directly offend French sensibilities Both diplomats and top Air Force officers seemed to have an approach that was both realistic and understanding to the problem presented by the presence1 of nearly 15000 Americans in French Morocco where violence and sabotage have been growing over the past two yrirs In extremes of heat and drought these Americans were accepting with at least outward cheerfulness the kind of responsibility that Americans fnust accept if the free world is to survive What it demonstrates in this observer's opinion is the basic soundness of the great bulk of the Foreign Service To have stood up to the wild clpmor of charge and countercharge speaks well for a body of civil servants long accustomed to little but abuse Anslinger egreea that the Chinese Communist regime has cracked down on drug addiction among its own people But in his UN report he said drug production from poppies fqr export is continuing in China and North Korea at a high rate This report preceded the Attlee trip to China For five years Anslinger as representative on the UN Narcotics Commission has been trying to Convince international authorities of the extent of Communist Chinese traffic and intentions In 1951 he was accused by the Communist Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry of "malicious and dissemination of lying Without divulging the sources of his information Anslinger wept ahead in 1953 to repeat his charges Again this year he went even further "The I Red Chinese) Foreign Ministry" his recent report stated "has overall control ovrr the entire program and directs the export and further distribution of heroin and opium through the Na- Korean Debacle Editor the Caller: The pathos of human emotions Is now being reached by the fathers mothers and wives of those soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in Korea when they have finished reading the factual article written by Gen Van Fleet and published in the last issue of the News A World Report "Catastrophe in Asia" The incredible and complete sordid story of what happened over there together with a lull account of the shocking betrayal of the American people by their own President and secretary of state leaves the average citizen speechless with rage The culmination of their dastardly deception and their cunning efforts to hide from the American people the fraudulent betrayal of their trust has left only i putrid stench in the nostrils of all Americans worthy of the name When Gen MacArthur was suddenly withdrawn from his command over the Korean forces the President then tried to intimate to the American people that his removal was caused by his disobedience of orders Later the people learned that Gen MarAr-thur was fired by Harry Truman because he wanted to win the war that Truman and Ache-son had secretly agreed with the UN not to win This fact was concealed from our people until two And then he named Kwangtung Kweichow Czech wan and Kawng si Provinces as mainland China centers of production In addition to the 200 tons of opium known to be produced he added "tremendous quantities of finished heroin with a high degree of purity are channeled by these game traffickers to their Communist representatives in other countries" South Korea he said is target of tremendous quantities of heroin from North As mucl as five tons of heroin have been stored he said in a factory In Pyongyang North Korea produced in China and North Korea icopyrlitil ISM Oueaw Pally Krwij For the United States had originally indicated it would support Van Kieffens they My and then went back on its promise The United States performed a similar switch last year promising at first to support Prince Wan and then dropping him for Mme Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit of India The idea behind this was that the United States should toss the presidency to India in an effort to pateh things up after the rough treatment handed India at the special August assembly tin Korea The United States led a successful fight at that session to bar India as a member of the Korean peace conference Despite all that has happened since McCarthy first went on the loose more than four years ago this reporter after a awing through Europe and North Africa has once By WILLIAM MvGAFflN united Nations y- Withdrawal of Prince Wan Waith-ayakon of Thailand leaving the way clear for Dr Eelco van Klcf-fons of the Netherlands to become the new president of the United Nations General Assembly represents a diplomatic defeat for the United Slates Prince Wan originally had the backing of the delegation The magnitude of Prince Wan's defeat can be gathered from the fact that he decided to withdraw from the race The prince took this action because he had garnered so few voles compared to his opponent in the behind-thc-xccnes electioneering struggle -The defeat was so gratifying to members of the Dutch delegation at the UN that they looked like the cat that fcwallqwed the canary and understandably so President Changes His When Scott McLeod traveled about Europe in the spring and early summer on Campaign Film Appeal what was interpreted by Europeans to be A 1 1 a security inspection tour there were many stories circulated about this "friend ol Me- WASHINGTON (XEA)-Tbe ending on the MRS FRANK COLBY THE WORD? who had been given so much authority over Foreign Service personnel One such story concerns McLeod's visit to Vienna where he asked to meet some of the most ardent anti-Communists in the Austrian government He was introduced to Oskar Helmer secretary of the interior who has stood up sternly to the Soviet threat in divided Austria After a few minutes of conversation Helmer realized that McLeod wa the State Department'! chief security officer who had been identified in the European press as a McCarthy ally want to tell he is reported to have Hid to McLeod "that your friend McCarthy has done more ham than all the Communists in Western Europe" HOW DID IT START? The call would seem to have an interesting origin Can you tell us about it please? -FW Mme Pandll was elected bet it did not do the United States any good for the Indians spurned the gesture as a "consolation As a matter of fact our tactics last year not only did ua no good lxft built up fresh complication for this year For after promising to support Van Kieffens we found Prince Wan knocking on our door with the word that he wanted to run again and expected our backing in view of the shabby treatment received from us a year ago Prince Wan consequently got the backing he requested but at the expense of offense to the Dutch who have always been good friends of our countfy Copyright 1964 Chicago Dally Men) National Citizens for Eisenhower Congressional Committee's documentary election campaign movie has been changed This is the film which will be shown la the dose congressional districts this year to convince Independents and Democrats that they should vote for Republican candidates just to support the President Title of the picture is "The Year of Big In the original version of the movie there was little direct political pitching at the voters Everything was on a high level intellectual appeal in which the viewer of the pictures and the listener to the sound track was supposed to get the big idea by indirection -In the new wind-up President Eisenhower comes on with the opening statement that "This is an election year" He goes on from there to tell about his four-year program and then makes this direct political bid: "All of us who believe in the aims of this program should join together to elect Republican senators and congressmen who wiU work effectively with leaders of the Executive Branch toward the fulfillment of that program mi (as indeed it did me) to learn that the of the rollicking little song is actually not a weasel (the animal) hor doea ever go Goes the became popular lif London in 1852 The song ha4 an almost endless number of verses most of which were ribald accounts of way that money goes" in Saturday night carousing A footnote on page 510 of Bart-left's "Familiar Quotations" explains that the weasel was a tool used by London hatters often pawned on Saturday night 'pop' being equivalent to Weh-ster's also explains as Brit ish slang for "act of pawning state of being pawned" So now we krow (and I am perhaps the most surprised one ol all) that Goes the Wauel!" ia not an American folk tune and that the furtive little animals do not have the disconcerting habit of constantly going Corpus Cliristi Caller PtiMlihN mrjf week-day morning at Lower rpus hd avui er Broadway aad Twin BtmtCnr- Ki Chrlail Taxai by Uia Calleo-TImei bliahlng Co Sunday odlUoo: Tba Cor-ua Chrlall CaUcrnmM A It is from "hoy!" an old exclamation (possibly from the Dutch hui) used in calling or driving domestic animals In nautical usage ahoy is a call used In hailing You recently stated correctly that in England the derby hat la called a Merriam-Web-strr'a derivea "bowler" from the word bowl a basin or a bowlshaped vessel Right? -McG A According to the British Magazine the bowler was named for Mr Bowler of 15 St Swithin's Lane who designed the hat Louisville: I have been trying to learn just what is meant by goes the weasel" know it's the title of a song hut how can anyone imagine a weasel's going "popJ7-B A It will probably surprise many Onnwny Crafg PuMIftier Robart Jarkaua jCillttir Bob MrCrarkn Aaanrlatn Kditor Uilbart Vtitm Buamraa Manaarr McLeod responded by demanding that HH- mer inform him who in the American Embassy in Vienna had given him such an Idea This really angered the Austrian because of the implication that he could not farm hie own views on McCarthyism but would have to be inspired by art American official The two had a hot exchange which may or may not have been instructive for Mclood The loud noises on this side of the Atlantic are subsiding as the Senate itself moves to bring McCarthy under some kind of discipline But it will be many years before the damage done ia repaired What must never be lost sight of is that hundreds of loyal Ameripms have sought to carry on as best tney eould- despite the verbal shot and shell bursting about their heads (OUtrlboM fer llutd PaaMraa Syadlcata Ik) Member of Iha Amnrlated Prraa Tha Aaeneiatod Preaa la mill lad rlnly In tha urn for publication of all local printed in this newapaper aa wrU at all AP anra dupatchea nYw know my friends it was a man we all Abraham who once strongly advised that we must not change bones in the middle of the Incidentally this was much the same pitch tued by President Roosevelt in his bid lor a fourth term The line -then was that continuity In the conduct of the war should not be broken by swapping horses in midstream ft waa line that worked I snmaipnnx bmto Man BATTS: pally and Sunday: 11 I mnnlba I 00 I moniha month Nl Dally only ja MM moniha SJMi: Sunday only 11 mnntht BY CABRITM: Tailor dally and Sunday 40e a work latrnlsg a Ina aad Suaday dta a urae! THE UNSEEN AUDIENCE i 323 1 J) -t'Vi 1 -f-' i- -v- --v" '-T'.

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