Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1943 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1943
Page 10
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P*8» Eight WESLEY YOUTH GETS CALL THE AIR CO Wesley, Oet. 5 — Go r a 1 d ('Bud') Sluclcr has received a call to the navy air corps ;->nd is lo report to headquarters at. ?vlimie-- apolis next Monday. 'lie enlisted and was sworn in some months ago. Gerald and his mother. Mrs Alf Studer, visited Gerald's Bister Phyllis, now Mrs. Geoi-^e Kelch Jr., near Kanavvha. Friday. Sailor Visits a Sister— Yeoman 1st Class Leroy .Shepp- mann visited the J. P.' Studer.-; Friday. He is a son of Mr Mrs. Henry Sheppmann, Irv ton, and a brother of Mrs. ; cler. LeRoy has boon in navy five years, and recently returned from the Souih Cue He is having a l(i-cby fnrioi the first visit at homo in years. He will now report a; Diego for schooling. Third Girl for Benions— A girl was born to Mr. ;:nd Mrs. Delbert Benton at eh" (.'„••.}• eral hospital, Algona. \V.:hK ;day. Mrs. Benton is me for;-'."!Margaret Dwyer. and HUT, •.'.••• two other daughters. [:V;ii"e, ,••.:>,i Doris Marie. Mrs. S. :•;. !)•. \ , ••. Humboldt. has been at the li.. :-• ton home. Soldier Here on Fuv)'ii\ah-- Cpl. T. Dennis Vit/llinin. CI..PI,. Hulen, Tex., arrived r i'-;ii' -d;, ,for a 10-day furiou!:!i at liis :.:;'•'• ental George Vit/tlmiM'- 1 . '!',•.-: Vilzlhum is in (ho Sou,'rm'.•;•! :\ - cific, and Georue is ai c. i-.-r. Pine, N. Y. Six to Red Cross Mac!— Mrs. Julius Kun/.. Airs. /•'•;., Dawson, Mrs. Jos. Mc-nivr. Mr..Vec Mullin. Mrs. II. .1. BIM!.-, . and Mrs. Fred Diokm;m;i aiiemi-' ed a Red Cross executive b,,;ii\i meeting at the public Hbrurv ;,; Algona Thursday. Surprise for Mrs. Wester Mrs. Emil Wester \vas taken ' ••.surprise last week Sunday \vho'". the Karl Westeri;n:irds. o; I , : >, Dodge, with the Emil -Son-:::-•.:>.-. and the David Johnsons, of Ci>,> with, arrived for the day v.-ii.o her. Shower for Mrs. McMahon A group of seven wonieii li.i;- : - ored Mrs. Tom Mc-?.'T:,ii,,n ,.- a shower at the home of Mrs. J. Yi. Kunz Thursday eveiir.vj,. :•',;•McMahon won high ai " I me. - . and Mrs. H. H. Raney wa.-- I,>-.-.-. Registration 2'/ 2 Days— Registration for ration book :\,\ 4 was held at the- pub!!!- •.-.•!•:•:,! building Thursday ;••;;..-.-',. : and on Friday and Snlurdr.v ii"'\\ 8 a. in. till 5 p. m. The' uupi!- had a vacation. Hospital Patient Home- Mrs. J. P. Studer was brn :•.•:,; home from the General hos;-;'.:. Algona, Sunday. She gave :;':; \ to.a boy Friday. October la. -MM the baby died 'the next moi'iiii'.; To Join U. S. Forces— Ivyl Marie Kim/. R. N I, n Beach, Calif., had been .-:pe.-.d:i::; a week at thq Julius Ku,!/ !<<.>n • She plans to join' the forces. Ivvl is; a former Wcsleyan. Auxiliary Will Initiate— The Legion Auxiliary will iv.ei • Monday .evening', I-.'oveYnber 'i. i;--. stead of on November 1. Tii"!-.- will be initiation of new m i-,i- bers. Repori on Scrap Drive— Seventeen tons of sir. collected here on Set- Thursday, October 14. Heads Christmas Eosl S Anna Flom has b,•• n a, Wesley township Chi'.Me chairman. The eampaig November 22. Two io I. O. O. F. Co-;vv Guy M. Butts and t!,. il Riggs attended an <Vi;l convention at DCS Mei week. Other . The Catholic Da the Catholic missio will meet this \vee-; Mrs. Paul Erdma state Rebekah ;.s;s>'i Moines this week from the Wesley !o The Study cfu!> loween parly a! Lease's Thursday, Kruus assisting.. Th. ing will be at -Vfrs. !; er's this \veek Th.iu Mrs. Jos. Studer her 500 club this we To a Bcarnum Funeral Oct. 10—Mr. and | alives in Minnesota. The Heldts, who have been spending a short I Mi's. I,. R. Colwell drove to Har! iuim Thursday to attend the fun- here, will start their rc- Ull ' u trip lato tm ' s week. Mrs. 'leldt. is the former Edith Green- Air. Ki,v.-ler. who was a broth- Joini Church Women's Meeting— er o!' iMrs. Cnhvoll. died a year A joint meeting- of the Aid and ,o last summer, the result of a ' 1lu ' missionary society was held P fvom a binder. Previous lo ! Thursday afternoon at Mrs. Ellis had be-on hospitalized i Chamberlain's. Mrs. Arthur nonihs from a broken Greenfield assisting. !'ered in a fall from hi.s children, the KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA. ill .-. LIIIIUH-II. uiv. Sunday quests at L. E. Col- 12 years old. The ; well's \\-c-re Olemet, Francis. Jean, \\ill continiio lo i.ve on i Charlene, Collett. and Modesta — ! Fowler, all of Barnum, and Em- Ton y Jandl. 1 met Kowler, Swoa City. Emmet I had been with the Fowler chil- j tiren sinee I he recent death of on Fui'lough — j their mother. Mrs. Herbert Fow- >':!'.iy f.irm. \v!i'u.-h Ihe *.<>\\ •' 'r.'..- hi. en o|je!';'Mi)ii' since i!'a r's death. POPULAR BOOK IS REVIEWED FOR PORTLAND CLUB Portland Twp., Oct. 25 — The Portland Progress club met Thursday with Mfs. George Koestlcr, and in the absence of the president, Mrs. Clifford Waltman, a substitute, Mrs. Martin Becker, was in charge. The program ineluded a review of the book I Heard the Anzacs Singing, by Margaret MacPherson, given by Mrs. Oliver Graham, Blurt. A contest on wartime abbreviations was held, and Mrs. Graham won the prize. A report on a recent county federation meeting was given by Mesdames Ray McWhorter and m -_ . -r 11 ale - PINK AND BLUE PAR.; 1 Livermore, Oct. '..",- -",l\ . old Stoddard. Mrs. Orvi!i,- dard, and Mrs. I ; rani. S'.' ; - : recently entertained a'. :• " and blue" sliower I'm- M !•.••. 1: Stoddard. The ai't, i -ijoi-! spent at 500. and liiv.ii wa.; by Mrs. Morris, Bode. V. V. NAUDALN op- I k-. Ovonl'iohl oil f.L'ilion : The Kasniio Hansens plan to -' • •.-'!<!<• Mr. ;ui;l Mrs. j mr.vo from liio acreage west of iiii,! Mr. and Mrs. ; lrvnu;U>n. \vhcTe they have lived :.M'I. the latte of. ; for several your:;. to the Frank .. . . . tcr. , Tex., visited rel- ! Asa house in the village. " if'-* fl 3 '*rPr- : 'l 7) f.,? i 5 v'^'V'r^i ; ( 'y, \v :; <;<„ * >^] he-' d !>. r i '-g' if* '>;! .•?'* a ^" • ?-,j ii 11 r j iVj i! J.i '•.», '-' J •• •*- K • ••-•" i ^ : Tin- :Viid-.v.-:;i Service Co. here i h:- f.ucvreck-d tin.' Fenton Home lO'l (V. ;.n,.t, ha" leased the ser- c;. R. Krause till which the Midwest op,,].;,^, t h o st a t i on. '. I'jntinues as tank h J. ai 1 ! C: ,, p ,, t r-, ags Aro Sewed— The L-:;K>I\ Auxiliary sewing icv'i-ge Jorgcnson's ''i^t rags for the !)-!! at Knoxville, l ,,, s sowing . Mrs ; < r and her son (',ui_'.sLs. the 'Glide. risen, is the '.•.--.. Ailo riol.-ei-t Berkel-nd. iv Sti a ley. ih'tir Uoll- md O. Jl. S!;K-!)c: - -u-(is hostess " H •"•!-: i. Needle club <.iav. anil oUili guests were i! -^ •/ I'auiui'. Oglelhorpe, .ii . H. I-.1. Keimers. Mrs. • J.'f:-e!i.--on. Mrs. Wilfred r. draiyider Janice Kay, •''•''• '^'.vinond Slneber. The " a supper thai evcn- V . W . J. Wei^brod went to -:ia on \Vedne~iI;iy evening v ' v - 1-; "H overniuht guest of Wn,. K. !-er;iuson. Next af- -:; Iv!!,. \\' t i;-;brod attended H. returning Rabey, Fort visiting the V.. .'. Fr-'iiks, went to \Vi. •livsday to see rela- .ii'iiieuaiii n.'ibey. I'r-.er'ii parochial school a tin eo-di.iy vacation v.-hiie. the teacher at- t.-aeliers' conference at p;- hutd wei'i I'd ihe al'lernoon \v.\.- : d Cross so-u'in-;. L.nir.-'n' i-,;,ek by -Mrs. liejii-y Oo\-.-- C.I;.: • N..d ". T .. :NT HOME AGAIN."'•'-'.';•:! C';: v. Oc( Mo—Roy Nich'•i.-. ("-.i-r- hor.v.' l,.st week Tuesday ri'i!!vi. io'.v:-. Ciiy. wVn;re he had '.ak-jii tr-..-:-.tn!<-nt. J'or bronchial !.uv.'ip;no!;i-i. Me expects to be for the local j'.!i AT'.--:. Dei- ' Llerkland His Program— •. \\'. S. C S. i-;.-.'t Deau V/cdnesday. '.•r.;. :tii--,v',-,.red n>ll \V.--i.-!-!'o(' led :-:.,K-.-'.-ion trum (Jreai Si! ile \\ a.-, L'.u'on by Mrs. Jdm Men/. Mi:, Vt.-id \vi!l he !'•'•:; I ivi'.'eiin.i'.. :n- icisi m.ee'.in'' ei ;.-j'\-JC''.' Co. uf snd Transfer Hauling i!\er\- l'i;-.d insured against ''•--•• and damage of all I.i:uls. Lguipped" lo do all I'i.'v:-' o! iiauliiu 1 , & draying. PHOMS JDo Algcna, la. THEREare How Jo Drive Sheep— Geo. W, Patterson received 2400 sheep from Montana Thursday,, and drove them from Hurt to his ' farm here. Boys helped drive them, and no yelling or talking was allowed. Instead each boy carried and shook a" heavy wire loop attached to a tin can. Club Girls Write Letters— The Good Cheer club met with Elsie and Velma Larsen Friday evening and wrote letters to men in the armed services from this community. Ten girls attended, and Gertrude Boekelman- was an overnight guest of Velma. Vernon Larsons Are Hosts— Mr. and Mrs. .Vernon Larsen entertained at last .week Sunday dinner the Wm. Dorseys Jr., Woden; Mr. and Mrs. s *Arthur Farrington, Mr. and ,;Mrs. Harvey . __ Graham Jr., and 1%. and Mrs. j ~ Chester Farringtpn, 'ill of Swea City. -.,..:* Baby Girl Year Old— _^ Linda, daughter., of. Mr. and I ~ Mrs. 'Wallace GdHcPehV'ifelebratcd j ~~ her first birthday Friday'at G. O. I S=2 McFarland's. The Cecil Lon^s I US were last week Sunday guests at \ Si McFarland's. Soy Beans Combined— __ Tom Samson recently combined HS soy beans for Martin Becker. ~™ Emil Eimers combined for Jos. I ~~ Heiderscheidt and Ray McWhor- ! j " ter. LIVERMORE SHOWER. ____ Liyermore, Oct. 25—A miscel-! ~S laneous shower was given at the ' SS town hall Sunday for Mrs. Cc- j S| leste Crany, Cedar Falls, and En- ! sz: sign Virgil Boyd, son of Mr. and ! S Mrs. Ernest Bpyd herd,' who will I ~ be married Nov. 6 'at- St. Becle's j ~: Church, Williams'burg.i'Va. Sri - ' !' : " 'HI s~ Help Them Grin! Help'Tliem Win! Help Them Come Sooner .<rf: £ &*' _ f,,. For Personal Needs sso—$100—$20tr - or" WORE To pay doctor, or." Hbspital bills. •To pur.cl-ias&.next'iwinter-'s fuel. To buy ..livestock ;or feed: TO.'GET'OUT OF'D'EBT —by grouping scattered bills where one uniform small payment can be made each month. Special Plan for Farmers Repayment can be arranged to fit your seasonal income. Come in or phone us today. Your inquiry will bo handlsd promptly. Phil J. Kohlhaas Algona, Iowa, Phone 22. General Insurance Agency. he K ossuth War Chest Drive is on — and we're asking you to ihlnk of it in the H name of a man in uniform whom YOU 'love. In the name of every man in uniform, |j —and of every mother, wife and sweetheart praying for some fighter's safe return, he : War i: Qhe : s ; t,lprive,;needs ; your support ur fighii^.;m|en^i^itheiirf buddies in the ' ." ' ••':';''i u )p \'.''-, Vv^H^j'i iV^^ii't'''!^"-^'"' ' " ; --'---''-' ' Pur which It will use in many ways to help armed services of our Allies. H The U.S. O. which sp gloriously provides entertainment from far flung desert to jl Seed-over plains: Seaman's Relief which gives succor to all our men who sail torpedo |g spattered waters: British; Jpwian, and Chinese War Relief which helw the fighters 1 H and families of these brave,llhid8—all the se benefit by what you give lo the National E."S UV£iV P"nn*4 • - • . "'• •" E TIMES by th,. D-X i you will Sign. find a good ' ny a ?.>-X d'.:uler who ron.siljrliiy in h-rl]jing you 'twctliiy. Visit your D-X 1 ','-'':. ..he ;ias iha expori- '-.; .-.lui.i-^ier.t needed to : -':" C:r; oai!;jKt ihj durn- •. -i c!,.-Lim Corporation. '•'•'•• jr'ietloiJS — $£ War Fund. 1 And each of these orgamzati^:works not only to provide entertainment and allevi- | ation from sufferm^utjOilnake possib le a quicker Victory over our enemies. ive r "T . . -W '„ !Tr r° " CI , { .Z « ,V Vu- ! " , n^osla, Holiel ,,r \MM NoHoly, Hrilish >Var lU W..rK,H^Ass«c.Iat,«,,. Normal,,,, HHiN » ilh(Ml nii »» «"»«-•'» »'»'tcd Cx^hoslovnk , Hefu^e liclicf Trustees, Uuile.l Sl,,lc« Co.aniUee ior the C,,re of l^.n^an Cl.il- This AhVKJITISEMEXT L. S. Bohannon Ins. Agency ., . , ., , , Boisford Lumber Co. SiMdisored liy the lollowillff Bradley Bros., Implements Ben Franklin Store Borchardt's Drug & Jewelry Call 8t Iowa Theatres* Chrischilles ALtiOMAJiS ALGOXA TlltMS Algona Hardware Algona Federal Savings J Ass'n.* Algona Bottling Works Algona Flour & Feed Co. Anderson Bros. Grocery Algona Hotel National Christensen's .Chrome Service & Cafe Hood's Grocery & Market Hobtrton Elevnlor Co. Dr. Karl R. Hoffman Iowa Stale Bank* K> D. Jarnes Drugs Dup.ne Jensen, 7-Up Kent Motor Co. Kohlhaas Hardware Kossuth County Advance Kcssulh County Mutual Fire In-Ri s ' r -9 Elevator James Neville Shoe Store Dr. H. M. Olson O. K. Rubber Welders Parks Super Service Pratt Electric Store Pioneer HiBred Seed Corn Richsrdson's Furniture Consumerwholesale Cpunpil Qak- Grocery D au Garage Y Demand's Cafe As ' Dlu 99, ist Mutual Ins. Co. 5 Algona Produce, John Dreesman _J Algona Upper Des Moines Foster Fur"nilu"re Sto'rV ss Allen Motors p un fc & Deim ^ Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners Gamble Store S Algona Coffee Shop Graham Department Stores S3 Algona Bakery, L. F. Rice Greenberg Auto Supply : Algona Co-Operative Creamery God^en Monument Works Co. jss Barker Drug Store S Barry's Recreation Parlor ss Bjustrom Furniture Cp, = R. S. Blossom Ins. Agency Joel M. Herbst Hawcoit & Ogg E. J. Hough , Hub Clothiers H. D. Hiitchins, Farm Sales III surance Kossuth Motor Co Kresensky's Kossuih Oil Co. Laing 8f Muckey Lusby 8: Giossi Linnan & Lynch Mainliner McCullough Chapel E. C. McMahon Midwest Service Co. Miller Lumber Co. Merrill Funeral Home Madson & Hanson Dr. S. W. Meyer Dr. F. E. Sawyer C. H. Swanson Shipley's Cafe Sargeant & Co. Security Stale Bank Shills Brownbilt Shoe Slo» S & L Store Smoke Shoo and N Sorensen Grocery and Swift & Co. G. D. Shumway Thompson Dis:ribuJing Co, Ulfers Stockyards Viking Oil Co., E. B. Carlson Wilson Bakery Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors White's Market H. W. Miller Mrs. Helen White National Tea Co, w. G. Woodward & Co, F. S. Norton & Son Zender's Norton Machine Works "Issuing Agencies \ IIIIIIIIIIHI

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