Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1943 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1943
Page 9
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hRMSTROHG net 25-The Bfey- rtrote Af ristHftifc • l in " , f pastor's duties. in the fdffehpons, the rest of the- dpy . ministers .,• ar Whfer been pressed into and have ; had to Almost forgotten on lOl IJ8***' jf n • In D. AdHWs,, _ . Vyears old flrtd ipqiher of Adams, Lakota, died at l b ' urg Wednesday^ and fsrvices were h;el_d:Sa.t- I The body was buried be-" i grave of hepi husband, dtwo year^ agp.Kl,. • rian "°j L mcs Russell -Winter, n - n nd William. Kienitz toed the Presbyterian jAid i Winter's Thursday,,', and J' G Sauer 'had' cHargf- of L ' Plans were discussed nnual chicken dinner.-'ahd [November 20. •".'• .•''•' 'j [^d""Cross s Meeiiilg— ;;-f'. : lames I. E. Wortmar^and rray accompanied, I., E. to Algona '.Thursday lended a Red Cross, meet[Miss Murray gaye-a.^e- i recent work of the-: Red lists Serve Yearly Suppet- jMethodist women served lannual chicken . • . dinner iday evening and cleared icoplc from Ledyard,.'-Arm 7 I Burt, etc., attended,, ; 'be- lakotans and others 'in the •Presents Her t Rock pullet hatched, last I or thereabouts, carnei. to H. Warburt'on' .ba.ck ,dpipt last week w.ith p -'a.',brpd.d ycllow chickens;.-Snif)jafl la nest, and she ; proudl j; ed her family;.'. "'•-"' '.' Woman Has I Harry Mussman . nc day last, week ^t]!}^ .? I Mrs. Charles Ahder£imr: .of , had had a majpr^i the .Midway hospital',? |nd was recovering:' ;."' J Patient at I Jerry . It the Lutheran hospital, dge, two weeks, It home last ' |convalescing. : the Ellman&— -,. ; ,i. ; . 1 ;• | was born to Mr. a'hd-.Mrs? I Him an at the Kossuth ' last week •Tue'sday He is a first child and named Stanley GfeneT "' .nner is Served— •, ''•.•„ tnd Mrs. Harry Mussman Bests at a duck dinner last lunday at A. C. SchJss*!'^ |ped Ubbe Dre'esrriari'c^ i birthday. , . •'•' ,••. ; . ',•''•"• byen to Hospital—, ..••; * Einer Raven .was taken to utheran hospjlal,'; fort Thursday for Infection in o [her Lakota Jicv. J. Balgei,viui,..iivnjiBT | held meetings''.- at"-''uk£ | church, Ledy.ard,.,..ev,Bry 1st week, and several ifarrt- Im this vicinity,, : a«en'ded; Je Walters, whp'.is.- |year at the F" called here. M s was hitchhiking'i J visit his parents; V ••'•'«• " k \ fly Furst and liprr^inle! I returned to Ced^rx'-Fallff fck Monday, after, w^ekeftJ rim their resp'e'ctiy^J\pal^: I '. ;.' ''.'„• I,' ' H James H. H. |Joe Bruns caed on Mrs.Wn last week Sun.da.y> vV' V- H Warburtpn 'and- ti rs. Nannie SirnRkins; v\* f Harry Warburtons at'El- ay afternoon;... , INannie Simpkins,. Glen- linn' lsclvisitin e the J. H, Ions. She is an aunt of [aiburlon. iyPurst calledi on Nyrs* |Wkamp at tfee Kpiutft last week •K|bndjty hnd Ellen '-•#£T w """*""*«"«*t«~ FARMS »»W« •'••"• «n* C '"' Kl8mP ' Field Repiesenlati *e l^OSSUTH-COUNTY-ADVANCE, ALGONA,- TOWA £ T '"• "".'""' ^uuuiL'clSL ()f irr?r v *JV 1 ** • nlXl just Cowin cinf , r IL h %*i *H<* wc rTachS'h S ''Ai S - ay " , Sh0 'Wa — lace Wednesday and he said thp ft-,, (•,',"' wll ° hac l come in (lad been, insulated but.he said IK- S b^ °-' Q ^ 6f >^' vs.were hitching n Torn- w^wm' 1 ' 1 ! u ,P' cl<er ' He was pleaa- on, a. tractor and worn ir,, .- . • c l u nnlily~ahd fjual- , .,-%-to' get started on S ' V h ' S cr ° p lhis se * s °n- ' '' •rifflit'away. ' K " **** - " ;•• ,**** V°m Mnrlow, Lone Rock,"Was called Friday at Otto Va* M i ? house last ' Week BAiitV, onst , of ,Q nnc f . \^~ w"nuay, and to our notion he is a come home X-' d $ ' L^™^" 1 ^' and *° -••-- ••• m m.uiow hnvr. n ""-i place -at'the i. «. V2 j«9i..v.umu iiome lor din- SS22Si h -fiS in 'i:^ 1 ? «?™-pfc>f- west edgt .*/.'' Vaske's. These boys help ?n oth6r whenever thfi-p k- nr. n """n'/r v"" 11 """' ult -'y "vea on '1^;-'ahd they werc'goinV to urf T ? V n Slale f " m ' wcst of to « d c r, siHi- "-s-'sn",,^.'- -..«>.-but that's too'much P for a ! rnere'rnaiV to remember. >*** T'-W'TA' ~' 'v^w.* s i east of the. i LotMpreek store, we found last* .ondfiy.thht Mr. and Mrs. Dreyer ^'"pmc from a field with a >f. corn. ; They said they .--.ting 'by -hand at the •?.v^?SS c Vbufthe rest would --^ickecl'-with a picker. Their pickefv.w^s busy at a son's north- easLof..Burt. ....' :,',..••;• « '* * * -,'At'Alvih Aiidreason's, south of .Buct-pnjNo: 169, Mrs. Andrcason was, jookirtg after her chickens •f .• VH ~~ thpir. parents,'Mr. and Mrs Fred Laabs. .... '-Mr.iand iVIrs.- Fred Darnell, of •'Ledyard, ,were' recent visitors at iWt^tmah,, and' Maude Hamilton wer,e'Estherville',visitors Wednes- rtav ':.• . ••!••-• ", .»'i.ii.iiucisi ut Burt, ana , Mr. Bonnctt, who works'the're had just started-to.unload a'ibig oad of corn by , elevator.''^ V w2 timed him, and it,took just^rep minutes to unload;. 50 ^.bM?he¥ That certainly beats dld-f^n'- loncd scooping, th'^ ^w'ajr^wpls iti'p it in the idng'ago. .I^r.-iandoMrs. bhipler have lived: on";this'farm ..... r-.,,? , r ~.~ year they bought P |aoe It-has good -buildings. •«r.t e a , re two boys and one girl in'the'family. •,"****• .. —n/' wp 'arrived' Wednesday at Clefnansi J. Elsbecker's, south-, cast. 'Of Bancroft, it was;evening ,.""- linio. Clemens raises a t jne lot of hogs, every'year. He 1 Us soro'e of his ,1943 dan- rip, said ^e.had 150 spring . There aye four .boys and or,c-girl,in. this';.family, and the *^ W?^ h ?'R Dad ' The y »ke to read the fMnnies in the papers. .. --,'- mac ? e a brief stop Friday at Mrs. Jqo Elsbecker's, southeast ?I ^ a ap r P?t, and we sure missed Mr, Elsljecker, who ^ died last summer. The boys were there for dinner. Thfey are Otto and Al- Phfmse, Who live near by on jarms"a.nd; "batch it." Naturally tney-lijte to eome home for Mother s.gppd eats. The boys : are a jolly pair. ' ' • . ' i '• '• * * * * . Del Marlow, ' north of Lone Koek, was getting a go6d start at corn'picking when we saw him a week ago Monday. He picks with a single-row mounted picker, and he was doing a good job with it. He Had good corn which it was a Rleasure to see roiling :inlo the T: '.:.-r :: :,..**$*. i. :'* At'Anton Stork's,: east of Ban- crof|/ : .wp 'jiad 1 a.short .visit-,one flay/last' week,, and- th.is is one f )gd : ,place, at,,which to','call.' Mr. .ork,pid.^e'and'Mrs.i Stork read ,., o'^qvanco,' not' fbrgntting our — -...^ war, they said, dannot end too soon to suit them. * * * * A.t -the DeGceter, place east -of Bancroft, S. B. was putting some Of his machinery into a machine shed when we arrived Wednesday. At the house Mrs. DeOeet- er showefl us a new daughter, bom September 13, named 'Rita Catherine. There are two other children, Barbara Ann, 2,' and Melvin, 4. At the Frederick Schulti'. store at Lone Rock last week Monday Mrs. Sluillz was waiting on the trade, and she was plenty busy while we were there. She remarked that' business was good—' if they could get the goods. Mr. Shultz had gone to Algona on, a business mission. On October -18 we slopped at the George Bannick farm, north of the Lotts Creek slor<.v The Bannicks are always busy. This time they were cleaning out the chicken house,' but. they took a little time out for a visit with us. They said they hnd had an extra lot of rain where they live the past season, more than there was both north/and south -of them. They had good crops, however. N. H. Christcnsen, northeast, of Burt, was at the house-Thursday, Page Th* The E^iitjbr?;S<Kifty> pbjective in • making farm^l^fi^,is \Q Hflfi Farmers, buy farms pf tlifir own ai\<J eventii*lly < _ have them f rwi^d elf ar.: • " ".-' , . ,' ' ^ THOMAS,!. '?***im(>x,'j>resi<le,ni T ,'Mfsh'Gccil -Black is a Rochester i patient.; as it .was noon when.we.Arrived. He- said a little convpicking had been done by haffe. He has a fine field of corn south of the house, and after picking a few rows at different points- he estimated that the feed would go 90 bushels to'the acre. . * * * * Last week Tuesday at Eclw. Goche's,. north of Bancroft, we found a busy place. A new base- ment.was being constructed under the house, and getting ready to pick corn was also in progress. Edw.'s father, William Goche, was there, and Arthur Goche, 1 Edw.'s • brother, had "brought a mounted picker. The Goches are nil hard workers. * * * # Emmet Plath, east of'Bancroft, on the Tilonka, road, . had just finished plowing when we saw him Wednesday. He farms with horses. Before he got lo Ihe barn up came a big rain, and he said he gol a shower balh. Emmet has done a good job of farming with horses, but he now thinks of buying a tractor. * * * * D. M. .Stewart,, east of Burt, is always busy when we call there. •Thursday he had some barrels on a stoneboat, with a team hitched to the boat, and was hauling water, to hogs across the road from where he lives. D. M, .likes lo de- clares. His son Roscoe, who does I on (he place, but lifts leased ]t : to the field farming, was at his i ho present lenants, wh.q are. Mrl Brother Web's, holpinc; \vilh c-:,ni-1 atut Mrs. George Johnson; M$ icking. The hoys pick win a l.; ; ill;ird op'erntts a , rendet>>n&» -.vorks, also a feed mill, at f ' Minnesotan Buys a -, Vl j in - g . - - u -- y^tfT; 160-Acre Fa rm Her- ' • Sell them by a Wani 44? " ~" ' \ -k- Union T\vp., Ori. :>fi—Mr;. T,.-m ' Robinson lak-l.y iui'l ;> visit IY,,-,n ' (^§533335: H^Fs-^ifiiwOIIOIKIJMI farm, a quarter of the Center ... ... Loans for All I'lirnosoft S<, Blossom (H. S. IHossom Ins. . -•""-- •••••••••"-..'•'';] "Agency) •• . • Tlvo ;• ;] 1st door north Iowa TRADE-1M v\ ') iS1 - Hnllk Aigdna, la. c' i : ' - •. • M 2-5 Store Used 1'n n> !!»!•;• Creek contemplate 1 mo u Bought ;it-] Every East of I'oiirl. USE TABLETS. SALVE, NOSE FAR M toovvnyour i ! free/booklet. LOAN makes it ef FLOOR SANDING FIKISHIKG Estimates ^Furnished BUILDING •;. siippLY ; co. :- •.-.::-;;¥ ! - .•'; ; -r'. : '-v..^H -i^ii ''•''*; - ' 4''•"•'' • ; ->•, iJ,, '' ' "" ' you think the war docin't come very close to Elin,$|rfft^-lots of Elm StrfeU.aU over the U.S.A. "W*lWr CJarlsen, the mailman. Hf knows Elm )|irtf4,Hf knows its broad i bad* trf, f i, He knows Ihoif nt,«t, white cottages in them- s. Adams. deliver that official tny«. lope from Washington. It made him hotf In a way W«lt«r he doesn't fe every iwrn He is used to »P«if»| Blue Star Servlp* : t. Thty r*f, Stor in tlow—kt can't get used to 'tkat. It remindt him that faf jTOtaJft h* (PW do isn't •noujh. It reminds him ilhtt *k« w»y to Victory Will bi \oi\t j»nd hard. H« itt cost. on • Y«i, ^aUfr CarlMni knows how the war comes to Elm S(re«t— lot* pfPlm Str«eti •liav.rtboU.S.A. Adams was always ehterful— even when her ' fcifind* r««cl?<ed put so ' 1 fii|4fiy . • for- those letters 4 fr|(tii ^ fi<*r-overseas. You ;| ,• rtmfmlper Bob— that fine, ( ; M^iilky,! wjde-eyed boy, ; I>0f >n't |«e>n 18 months : fry ; W|l(<^r C?«rUfn didn't know :• ebouMhe ^r«a.df4 telp- jra'-. : |^8l ISarah Adams pejvfd.but he will never it th» d»y he had to i - .!.'•• * ' '. •' ' ' ~7 i ' • n >r z, i h , i- if' ts ' d g •-"e ..ia ...y ""y ' 'it ' : a •' n ie • i. 5- •rJ

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