Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1943 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1943
Page 6
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Page Six ,»**'• 'MIKE' COWLES IN A JEFFERSON SPEECH TONIGHT Gardner Cowlcs Jr.. who has of Idle years boon a frequent speaker at city events, but. has not often spoken in the 'smaller (own?, will be hoadliner tonight at a Jefferson banquet apparently inti'i'ck'd as ;> start-off for a municipal airport there. Attendance a I the banquet will be limited to members of the Chamber ol' Commerce and of the Kolary and Lions clubs, with their wives, but the public has been invited to hear the address. The Jefferson Bee said:Mr. Cowles has not been assigned a topic, but it is expected that he will include remarks about his aerial trip around the world last year vrith Wendell L. Willkie. That famed trip, from which came Mr. Willkie's best-selling "O n e World," and Cowles' recent position as assistant director of the Office of War Information in Washington, make it possible for him to discuss with authority both international and do- mesiic problems. The proposed airport is to be a subject for yenerai remarks ai- tcr the Cowles address, and a commercial airlines speaker will talk "on the future of aviation as it v.'ill ali'c.et county seat towns." The Jefferson Chamber recently voted to pay all expenses of a i.pi fl ial ek'Ciion, if tile City will call n:ie. to present the airport issue to the voters of the city for a municipal lax levy in support of Hie project. FAMOUS CLOSE SHAVES By Barber Sol GOOD OOOK SAYS., A SHIP SPRANG A LEAK CAUSING SHOUT TO ADMIRAL NIMITZ"SHE'S ^m . . IN THSAIRnt WALTER CASSEL RUSHED ON STAGE AND PUSHED LAWRENCE tIBBETT OUT OF THE PATH OF A FALLING BUCKET OF PAINT. THIS INCIDENT STARTED CASSEL'S CAREER ASA MET. BARITONE STAR! .KOSSUTH COUNT* ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA FENTON SCHOOL PUPILS PLAN ENOUGH WAR BONDS FOR JEEP Fenton, Oct. 25—War stamps and bonds are now on sale through the noon hour at the local public school building every Tuesday. The opening sale last week Tuesday had a program furnished by the grades under direction of Miss Carlson, primary teacher, and Misses Bratland and Hewitt, other grade teachers. The three teachers are also a committee managing the weekly sales. The aim of the student body is to purchase enough stamps and bonds before the end of this semester to buy a jeep—$900 worth. The first day's sales totaled $136.35, A separate record is kept for three grade rooms and each class in high school, this to promote friendly rivalry. Last week the Junior high room led with pur* chases totaling $52.35. .' .•'.-•-..," The program presented in the assembly room for the opening sale was: ' . ; :-.'-. Song, Remember Pearl Harbor, grades. '•."••• Play, Uncle Sam's Pennies, characters: Virginia Ruth Mueller, Yvonne Arbogast, Kaye. Ruske, Jerry Holldorf, Allen Holland, Duane Dreyer, Robert SfJeth,- Mark Firinestad, Carol :. Jane Bierstedt, Marlene Stigrnari, Maxine Donahue. , ,'"•" Talk, Superintendent Tatum. Song, Any Bonds Today?— grades. •''.'• Closing, group singing of the national anthem, 10,000 READERS! NO WONDER Advance ads pull business from here there, and everywhere. Cost is low, results are high! • • BARBER SOL SAYS LITTLE JAP, BUSy MAN WINDS UP IN ASH CAN' KEEP BUSY BUYING BONDS SISTSR . WHITEHEAD, 32, NEVER KNEW SHE HAD A TWIM UNTIL A FIELD WORKER WHO WAS LOCATING HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE INTRODUCED HER TO HER TWIN / ' WARRANTS CASH BY HOSPITALS Navy Deut.. Marine Corps, DCS iV-ines. Oct. 22 — Margaret E. Dits'.vorth. Algoiia. is now a Marine. As Private Dilswortli she ha.- 1 been s\vorn into' the Marino CV'jH \Vn:r,en's Reserve and is ;nv.-ii;i;->r> orders (n act-iyc .duly at Camp Lejuone. New Rrv'.er. N. C., one of the largest Marine Irain- i:v !.:i--'.'<. During a strenuous six weeks i-'fl-^'trlnaiion course known t'lrpi'j'h'iui the Marine Corps as the "boot" camp. Private Dils- \vorlh will refi'ive inU-nsivo '"'- struclion in such subjects as military eti':;u.ette, law, organization, Marine Cm".~>« history, drill, MI id physical exercise. Al'UT graduation frnm the Cap- i''il C'n\- Commercial College, D^s Moincs. Private Dilswofth was employed l.iy the director of visual inslructicn service at lov/a St. 1 1e colliv.'.e. Ames. The parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Ditsworth. also have Iwo sons in the service. Privale Di';-- v<"Tlh chose the Marine Corps Woman's Ko.-crvo hot.'ouse MK. lh"un!u she could be helping her brothers at the same time she \\'iif Ju'lioing her country. Miss Ditsworth was lasl weekend reported at home recovering from an illness. A L>'ood many ceive county warrants never cash them, particularly if the warrants are for small amounts. There are nv.'.ny such outsia.nding warrants issued vears ago. and now. at the suggestion of slate examiners, the board of supervisors lias adopted a vesolulion cancelling all such warrants. The only exceptions are drain- 'ge warrants. These remain good Mid will be cashed whenever (here is money in the drainage funds to take them up—which, however, in the ease of many of them will be never. The resolution does not ine-jn that anyone v.-ho holds -i r-<-i- eellcd warrant cannot get Ihe money. County Auditor Immerfall is to prepare a list of Ihe '•aneellalions and keen it on file. Then if anv such old warrant is presented for payment the owner will have to' file a claim for it in the regular way and the board will allow it for payment as it doc.- 1 in the crises of other claims. The auditor will file a dupli- "Ue of his list with County Treasurer Pearson, who will Ihen show return of all money covered by the cancelled warrants to the funds on which ihey were respectively drawn. KOSSUTH Ocl. 13— Mrs. Lawrence Rath,. Lone Rock, boy; Mrs. John Stray- 1 or. Alyona, boy. j Oct. 14— Mrs. R. J. Doyle. Ban- | croft, boy; Mrs. Leo Crowley, I Bancrofl. ;;irl: Mrs. George Seng- buKch, Algona. girl. Ocl. 15— J. F. Weir, Bancrofl, surgical. Oct. Hi— Mrs. BurncI Bruns\old, Algona, boy; Mrs. Waller | I. ill. Aljrona. snrl. i Ocl. 17 — Bonnie Kay Weyderl, j Bode, medical; Mrs. Emory I Smith, Lakota, surgical. Oct. 18 — Mrs. Wey>mand Blunchard, Algona, girl; Bill Zimmerman, Algona, lonsiilec- lomy. Oct. 19— Chris Nelson, Algona, medical. Ort. 20— Mrs. Dclbert Benlon, | Wesley, girl. I Oct. 15 — Mrs. Bilbray, Corwith, I girl. ' • TAKE STEPS TO KUSINFSS SUCCESS This is Blanket Headquarters in A 1 g o n a—• of those big, warm, fluf- ' I'y Chiuham blankets that wear and wash so well. Now is the (into to 'buy your blankets—better be sure than sorrv. P.racilev Bros, have bought Ihe ouarter block across. Ihe alley south from the Algona hotel, except uart of the north lol sold many yp'jrs ago to E. A. Boss, owner of Ihe Boss b.olel'-line. for an annex which has never been built. The purchase was made from Klassie- & Little, 'who formerly operated the garage and rented out the gas station. Dr. alley Bros, already occupy the property, which includes the former garage and gas slation buildings formerly owned by the I. G. D:-wel estale. The gas sla- lion is iv; longer opera'ted. The firm luis built up a flourishing farm in.i;le/ne!il business featuring the Allis Chalmers and Oliver linos. Tlu; brothers are Jos. and Walter Bradley, and both are married. The.' former came here from Humboldl and inaugurated till' business in 1939, and Walter joined him in 1941. They have five men in their employ, also Marcella Thill, bookkeeper. Joseph was recently elected to Kiwanis membership, and Waller was elecled to the Rotary club. Greoiesi * Bad Luck Week for a Liverrnore Woman Livermore. Oct. 25 — Mrs. Emil Welter relurned last week Monday from Des Moip.es. where she visited her sister, Kathryn Ries. While there Mrs. Welter stubbed her right, small toe against a chair and suffered a broken bone. Then, to add to that misfortune, she ran a crochet hook into one hand and a doctor had to remove it. MRS. DUHIGG DIES. Mrs. Charles Duhigg, Emmels- bui-g, mother of Mrs. E. C. Mc- M;'hon lierc, died yesterday. The funeral will be hold at liie SI. Thomas church, Emmetsburg, Wednesdav. KEEP THE RECORDS straight! The right form helps so much. We can prepare the kind you need quickly and at small cost. Come in and talk over . youi l/r'.'jVrp.f. -Ji<,V;-.nC'. Pub. Co. In Our History | CHRISCHILLES' I "What a big stock of coats"-say many, many ( pleased customers who have expected to find S scarcity in the coat department. Yes, we have S literally HUNDREDS of fine, warm, stylish 1 and reasonably priced winter coats to select § from. You'll have no difficulty in choosing 8 that new coat from this grand assortment. 8 There are plain tailored Chesterfields with S j sleek, slim lines with velvet collars; there are 8 the plain black untrimmed dress coats; and 8 both sport and dress types with gorgeous fur si collars of wolf and racoon; also plenty of the 8 remoyeable linings. In fact, if it's a coat you S want, WE HAVE IT. | We Slock Fur Coais | He stock tJie famous AXXIS fur coats, long recognised for S Uielr reliability. AXMS I'TU COATS are luxurious, highly J styled, reasonable in price. Buy your fur coat from your S Iiuiiie merchant—don't buy it from strangers who have uo == interest in your coat attttr it is sold. The n year old repu- =1 tation for honesty of THE t'lllilgCJilLLJig STOKE is your = best guarantee. S H .'-\\ \ xWv^Vt'W.^.lsar'k-tJX - - Blue Earth Sheriff Comet for Old Man tohc .Blue Earth Register, an aged man named Neis f hfoup disippeared from his roWri, lit « Blue Earth home a wifek ago SMurday night and was found \wa~rideririg ground aimlessly near 'Alftdha last week Monday morning .County Attorney H. W. Miller Sent Word to Blue Earth, and; the Paribault c&unty sheriff came* itbr the man. CLINTON VISITS CAMP. J. E. Clifton,- Well known byline ".writer for the DCS Moines papers! was here Wednesday, in- tervic'wing officials and others at the prison camp. He was accompanied, by a photographer, and was. taking notes for a story in the Register. _____ BARBER PRICES UP. Most -of -the Algona barber shops recently boosted prices — shaves to 30(i'and hairtrims to GOc —but Eagle Grove"bhrbfcrs have gone thdfh' one better with a A TRIPLE VALUE . Big Gain Mineral Stock Food is a triple value feed for all livestock. It contains in abundance;' those proteins and mineVals; that-are vital to the ratibty'afld .Without which rapid'g'rqwth: and sound development.,cannot be expected; •• ', ".•It'is' strongly 1 fortifield With yitajfn'ns.A, and p and the vi-' tafnins v! of;' the' B complex, Wh'ich Myc be<en .found, so ncc- cs,saVy 'in'"the regulation' of bbdj;;''./processes ' find disease Con'trbl. 1 .'.'•;'•'. ' ' . • "• •' , '; It' is rnrtrlo' with''the. highest quality:.-' i 'ii)gfe.dti;hls we. can buy-..';' -•;'•;_'_. ' _; , Its'.eeitinorVi/ and efficiency in 'itfid fcpci 1 - lota : arp constantly proycrv by ; : lo\v :cost !,'ain«, big-. Ecr-ptqfits, and a'Consistently large ;; ne'rc'entagc "o'f -market "toppers.""' -""" ;• Afek : •.-., your ^dealer"' for Big Gain'Mineral Stock 1 .Food: Whjf»»mor«; Produce, Whit. temor» * ;•; . -• • K. fc H. Oil Co.. Burt J. F. Lorvni. We«Uy Ulferi! Siockyuds, AJgona tr inis Your Chrischilles Store ft E. F. Firm Support for Comfort and Figure Perfection Whatever your figure type if your figure requires f^' •Cowards front-lacing C ombi£ turn wiU work beauty mitad Its comfortable support ends fatigue, keeps you looking and feeling young! Model * 1 3699A.,C,D.,E.orF. *7 1 Iwi A. Average D. Tali Average G. Full Hip E. Straight Hip F. Short Average '.>:-•*& ^'. >> >s ry>; "XL ' jr**tfS.r**" ^ ^T *£ -J^ /<• /.7///1 In. tl»o face of acute shortages of materials »ml f»i, JJCH of Wl kinds, we offer the hoJe dS™ UUrJ"S Kos.Mitli county, the biggest selection of liiirh tn-aile Ves, wo in,ve the >»«0ds. Mako this 1'OUJl piece goods store. : tfc-H > .//* .Vr* 1 1 ,»/•* 'K! rw* RISCHILLES STORE

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