Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1943 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1943
Page 3
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I, Long Ago L 0 f OCt. 8-18' 1S13> "*, j W Kelly's fre- f to 'Milwaukee had 3 D py conclusion. He £VeV had 'been wed, once begun house- tore. potter WHS and had been the freshman o ld Kresensky he team attending •1 i . _1 elected football was an- Ir IT Morse had left the If ;„„' in Mississippi, and 15 letters to the Adl ut 'his experiences. In tied Sept, 1913, ha said IT down there were .right size for watch- l, cr of telephones in I risen above 500. Tho remarked that they I index of "the modest , Algona has been en- 1909." Ingham had come |om Olympia, Wash., Thacl spent most of the [h his son, Dr. George D C was going to winter g Norton had visited tcr Pauline (Worster- |,v!ici was attending the 8C '__ H S. loofball team had Ispcnccr here 40-0. How- pie nnd Russell Peterd at center; right guard, [• left guard, Elmer •n; right tackle, A. Krefl tackle, John Dona- It end. Bob Danson and I Williamson; left end, Haweolt and John Mc- quarlcrback, Clare Illbacks, Claude Nugent, 'urncr; fullback, Earl F. Ovcrmycr was to Library Aid meeting, Duranl and Mrs. Ida were to read papers. ad just been at Tracr lor mother, who was in |th.) H. Stough, Minneapo- liven a dinner party for Jsisters: Mrs. M. B. "Cha- Ina; Emma Plumb, Kan- fedames C. W. Waldo, Inson, and 'Brad' Means, lyin Cities. The young- p sisters svas past 50. Af• they joined in singing I Threads Among the Jfrs. Frank Clark, now of •was a daughter of Mrs. : of poor health, 'Sam' |r. had had to discon- jUdies for. a/time: tesor there now, and lie was on the program ppaper men's meeting a couple of 'soiled been driven out of g. In October, ,1913, rued, but were . soon ir peace officers: and 'giyj- h rs to get out'o'fj'tpywlj I'Wadsworth had gruffly' • "rattle-brained report- ,t to know - what they ping about before they jne city council what to I was a slap at the pres- '', who had suggested a i deaden an annoying chug-chug which oudcst at night. The Inounced that the city y purchased such a Une Advance meekly •from the obvious retort ity authorities, as pub- onanes, ought to have "b ic know that steps •taken to abate a public P: W. Haggard, of the IK Moiiics-Republican, p?Bher A. L. Peterson |Mmg . the building in »e present Upper Des •> Blossom insurance ,P° w located. Mr. d .Mrs. Peterson (or n estate?) now own 9- D^wel had made ? speech at a Metho- ion ib r tho teachers Js. Wonder if that was t 7" h f confessed that [ound out that a mule he mother of a mule. ica roared!) J1ohn Lain s and ' (the latter the pres- ^ Smith) can laugh thty unintentionally n i • that October. d Ft to ' s ° verc °at. - It so that evening the overcoat and movie ' (And a Evelyn who , t ^ jns titution. ° WIves at Ames u --' s -'go. , his own SCRAP DRIVE STILL SHORT OF THE GOAL Believed That There is Much Scrap Yet Uncollected. The county is still short of its quota for scrap metal collected in the drive for the second half of 1943. An estimated 330 tons was gathered in the countywido cnmnaiim on October 14. Prior to the ffi ?PP r ° x '. m . atc ly 300 tons had been handled by Kossuth dealers The county's quota for the second half was 1,000 tons, so Kus- cS h^t '"F a .PP r °™tcly 375 tons short of its goal. Haul in Your Scrap. 11 .jf est , im ytcd by scrap workers that there is twice as much scrap left as was collected in the recent drive, and scrap workers are being urged by W. E Lev county chairman, to continue efforts to collect the full quota It is hoped that the people who •i , hav , e . scrap on their farms will haul it to dealers and sell it before the end of the year; or if they wish to donate the scrap, local chairmen will be glad to see that it is hauled. One thing that has impressed some scrap workers is that there are a few farmers who arc asking for new farm machinery who are nevertheless unwilling to turn m old equipment that such farmers should expect to get new machinery with so much badly needed metal lying idle on their farms. Returns From Drive. Following are estimates of amounts of scrap collected in the various communities in the October 14 canvass: AT T ° nS Algona 80 Bancroft _ 20 Burt HE T^ 6J Fenton 17 Lakota I~25 Ledyard l""-""~.~.~.~~W Lu Verne _ 17 Swea City '_"_"_ 60 Titonka JQ Wesley IIIIII""_17 Whittemore I"I""_22 The figures for Lono~Rock~had not been learned up to last night. COWLES SEEKS DELEGATE JOB ''• A Washington, D. C.. dispatch in Friday's Mason City Globe- Gazette revealed that Gardner Covvles Jr., Des Moines, known as "Mike" to friends, will be a candidate for a place on the Iowa delegation to the 1944 national republican convention. The dispatch said that 'politicos' figure that his object is to support Willkie for the G. O. P. nomination for president.-'Mike's' bJrothqfv-Johh, publisher -of Minrreap'pljs: newspapers, is ! also a s(rorig-'Willkie ^supporter.-, Referring to 'Mike's' candidacy the dispatch said: "This, to some of the brethren, has sinister aspects, for there seems to be some right forthright anti-Willkie sentiment brewing, even though the convention is a good eight months away, which might be indicative of a pleasant, or at least exciting, winter and spring ahead of us." SHE WANTED TO MARRY HITLER Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jahnkc, of Blue Earth, who had been serving a 120-day sentence for harboring a draft evader, were released from the Faribault county jail last week. The two were arrested five months ago, when it was discovered their son Myron, who had failed to report for induction into the army, was living as a fugitive on his parents' farm. The parents had to be taken forcibly by Sheriff Matthies when they resisted arrest, and it was at the hearing which followed that Mrs. Jahnke uttered the words that gave her slate- wide publicity—"I love Hitler; I'd marry him if I could!" The remark was made when County Attorney H. C. Lindgren asked if she didn't know she was aiding Hitler by trying to keep her son out of the army. » • Des Moines Papers Again Boost Rates Further evidence that newspapers which raise subscription prices are not doing it as a mat- j ter of desire but of necessity has been afforded by announcement of the third advance within eight months in Des Moines Register and Tribune prices. The Sunday Register has been advanced from lOc Jto 12c for town delivery and from 13c to 15c for rural delivery, and rural delivery for both Sunday and daily has been boosted from 27c weekly to 30c weekly. Mail subscriptions for the dailies are up from 15c a week to 17c a week. The new prices took effect yesterday. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA to Camp Being Put In ... ,.«*,v on west Call street Hie prison camp west of town. BUY VICTORY BONDS Plum Creek Progress— The Plum Creole Woman's club met October 13 at the home of Mrs. Roy Adams:. Mrs C E Pricbc and Mrs. F. G. Torino assisting, and the president. Mrs Slagle, presided. Roll call v, as answered with choices for club J subjects for (he year. The "secret sisters" for the past year were revealed in a verse written by members and containing fh c names. New names were chosen for the coming year. Mrs. Floyd Bode gave a report of a district meeting at Garner and Mrs. Ronald Gardner reviewed the recent county federation meeting at Algona. The Rev. Mr. Hanson, of the Burt Methodist church, spoko on China, where he lived when his parents were missionaries in tint country . He conducted a false and true quiz on general knowledge of China, and (old of conditions and customs there. He also showed Chinese garments, books, and pictures, and he answcrod many questions asked by listcn- eres. ' r Mrs. Clinton Sampson conduct- ed'an original contest involving names of members. Twenty-five members were present, and guests were (lie Rev. and Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Ben Weber. The next meeting*.will be held November 10 at" Mrs' Paul Black's. Kistmg of Mrs. Bob McCullough, Mrs. E. V. Pierce, Mrs. Paul Bell Mrs. W. M. Giddings, Mrs. A. E Lauritxcn, and Mrs. Bertha Michel also sang. Church Group Names Officers The Presbyterian Westminster 1'ellowship elected officers at a meeting last week: President, Malcolm Lund; vice, Ardis Kresensky; secretary, Dorothy Young; treasurer, Valeria Butts. The C. D. A. Initiates 19— I At a meeting of the local j Catholic Daughters Thursday-' evening at the Acnclcmy, a join', I reception -was held for' members ! of the Algona and Whitlcmnrc' courts, and initiation of 10 candi-1 Hates, ten from Algona and nine from Whittemore took plac-3. -.The candidates i'vovn Algona were Pearl Amfahr, Marie and Regina Bode, Minnie Fuchscn, i Mary Gisch, Elizabeth Grill, i Gertrude Hamilton, Evelyn Prothman, Betty Reynolds, and Gertrude Stcbritz. The candidates from Whittemore were Esther Mergen, Poarl, Isabel, Dora, Helen, and Alice' Bosch, Agnes Reding, and Ann Bormann. Toastmaster was the Rev. Mr. Veit, Whittemorc, and the rest of the program was: Welcome, Mrs. Mel B. Griffin; vocal, solo, I Evelyn Bode; Impressions of the Day, candidates; address, the Rev. J. M. Mallinger; Tribute to Our Boys in the service, the Rev. Raymond Pick, Whitlernore. The meeting was closed with God Bloss America. Accompanists were Josie McEvoy and Aline Martinck, Algona, put on the work. The invocation and benediction were given by Father Mallinger. There are now 105 members of the local camp, and tho secretary is Judy DeZollar. Methodist Board Banquet— Some 80 men and women attended a Methodist banquet at the church Thursday evening for board members and spouses. The piece de resistance at tho banquet consisted of four dressed and cooked turkeys contributed by Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Schoby. Mr. Schoby is president of the board of trustees. '' M. G. Norton, of the board, presided for the banquet program. Mrs. Paul Bell gave a report; Mrs. Schoby spoke on tho work of the church's official board; and Pastor Price also spoke. A male quartet consisting of W. G. Curtis, Rob Richardson, J. W. Cawthorne, and Bob McCullough sang, and a sextette con- and church every Sunday evening at 3:150. The group is to have a Halloween mystery party this week Wednesday evening at 7:30. The young people will meet at the minister's garage, and proceed to the church. The recreational committee in charge consists of Joan Guderian. Shirley Bowman, and Harold Dains Jr. ' W. S. C. S. Week~of.Prayer— The week of October 24-30 is Week of Prayer and Solf-denial for the Methodist church W. S. C. S. There is to be a special mooting of the society this week Thursday at 2:30 p. m. at the church. Members and friends who attend are expected to give up some luxury this week and drop the cost of it into an offering. A program, For This is Love's Porogativc, will be given, and there will be a tea and social period afterwards. ,PJnner (Honors a Visjior— Mr. and Mrs.'T. H. Chrischil- les -md Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles entertained at dinner Thursday night in honor of Lt. Edward Sherman, who was home for a short leave of absence. Other guests were his mother. Mrs. T. C. Sherman, Mr. and ,Mrs, ; N. C; Rice, and,'Lucia Wallace;'J;He is in the h&vy' : , and. at :prcscnt,'is-as- signed (o office work..; at-; 'Washington, D. C. • .*'.?;, ;.-••-,.--.....;..'. Birthday is Hotiored—'..V, ';.?.';••: {' Mrs. J. D. Burns entertained 'a •few women Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Elsie Cady's birth- clay anniversary. Other guests were Mesdames H. W. Post, R. R. Hutzell, E. L. Hagg, E. J. Kel- with a gift. Binqo Party Tonight— The Wa-tan-ye business girls will have a benefit Bingo party this evening at 8 oclock at Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson's. The committee in charge consists of Anna Buss, Rosella Voigt, Beth Annis, Marjorie Peterson, and Elnor Van Note. Heads Presbyterian Women— At a meeting of the Presbyterian Women's Council Thursday, Mrs. L; W. Gillespie was elected president to fill the unexpired term of Mrs. John S. McDowell. Mrs. Gillespie will be installed at a November meeting. Schoolboy Has Party— Jimmie, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kerner, celebrated his eighth bijrthday Friday by entertaining ten boys and girls at a party after school. . IDLE MONEY IN BANKS . SHOULD WORK FOR . VICTORY in WAR BONDS • *• • * Dance NOVEMBER 3rd AT WESLEY Sponsored by THE YOUNG LADIES Ol 1 ST. BENEDICT TRACTORS FIRE LIGHTNING THEFT TRANSPORTATION WINDSTORM lOO/o Coverage ANYWHERE—ANY PLACE—DOING ANY KIND OF WORK Over 250 tractors already insured in this locality. COST IS " OW L. S. BOHANNON PHONE 103 OVER S. & Jj. STORE S8-40-41 WORLD DAY WILL BE OBSERVED BY LOCAL BAPTISTS A World Parish day will be observed at the local Baptist church next week Tuesday. In view of war conditions the national Northern Baptist Convention did not meet this year, but the churches of the Northern Baptist Convention are planning to hold miniature conventions in their local churches. The World Parish day program will start at 2:30 p. m. and carry through the afternoon and evening, with a potluck dinner at 6 -.30. A recording address will be given by Dr. Joseph C. Bobbins, D. D., president of the Northern Baptist convention, and local pastor R. F. Kittrell, will give an address on "Our Church and Its Wider Parish." The feature speaker will be Rev. Edward Catlos, pastor of the First Baptist Bohemian church, Chicago, a distinguished figure among the Czechoslovaks of America. Many local laymen will have parts in the program. Robert Black is chairman of the day committee; John Jordan, chairman of the program committee. An exhibit will display the worldwide work of the Northern Baptists, and will also feature pictures of the former pastors of the local church. JOHNSON TO SPEAK. Francis Johnson, state Farm Bureau president, is to be speaker next week Friday evening at a meeting of the Hancock county Farm Bureau. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1943 QUARTERLY STATEMENT, ter ending Sept. 30, 1943. General Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $40,214.22 Received During This Quarter 1,154.15 Warrants Drawn During This Quarter 15,390.49 Balance- at end of This Quarter $25,977.30 School House Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $22,030.74 Balance at end of This Quarter $22,030/74 General Fund—Disbursements Advance Pub. Co $ 89.19 Algona Insurance Agency 5.00 Algona Laundry 13."i'u Algona Upper Des Moines 3] 57 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co.'".'.'.'. U.82 American Book Co. ........ 13.2P. Blossom Ins. Agency'.... 8560 Blue Star Products i 53 Botsford Lbr. Co 4^93 Bureau Dental Hygiene 4 24 Bureau Educational Research' £-4.14 Chrischilles Store 179 City of Algona """ i 65 ; 06 H. Coleman j 50 Col. Internal Revenue "^ 568 40 Cowan Bids. Supply .... 5*77 Cowan & Son 9'™ Bert Cronan io.93 Elk Cleaners 2.00 DaJl Fields 3.00 Foster Furniture 14.82 Frye Mfg. Co 21.00 Funk & Deim 62.B9 Albert Hagg 118.90 D. C. Heath & Co 1.62 Henry Holt & Co 15.90 Hopkins Sporting Goods 39.00 hit. Business Machine .... 30.00 Iowa Blind Products .... 27.64 Iowa Reading Circle .... 218.37 P. R. Irons , 270.85 Jacobsen Mfg. Co 8.75 Johnson Service Co 254.14 Klipto Loose-Leaf Co 31.42 C. H. Klamp 10.50 Laicllaw Bros 1.25 J-iaurel Book Co 2.04 Lyons Band Instrument Serv G.2G Macmillan Book Co • 3.45 Mahaffey Typewriter Co. 52.30 Maplewood Book Bindery 02.02 J. G. McDowell 25.00 McKinley Pub. Co ]4.?.2 Metropolitan Sup. Co 393.13 Midland Chemical Lab. 108.51 Mid-West Bindery Mid-West Service Nat'l Council Social Studies Nat'l Manitenance N.W. Bell Telephone . F. S. Norton & Son A. J. Nystrom Pacific Press . Petty Cash H. A. Phillips Post Dray &• Transfer . Mrs. B. H. Potter Pratt Electric Reid-Way Corp Reminder Richards Chemical Co C. E. Ridenour Theo B. Robertson Prod Row, Peterson & Co. . Scholastic Corp Schoby, Hubert Sjogren Grocery R. Steinman South Dakota Press Spraguc, Mrs. Earl Glen Strayer Mrs. Anna Sutton A. J. Tillon 49.00 3.80 3.56 8.91 73.05 277.24 39. f4 3.30 34.91 1.30 30.00 2.00 73.02 29.30 5.25 54.40 67.75 81. (17 3.36 1.44 6.30 9.80 36.75 2.04 36.00 8.00 18. G2 31.50 J. S. Thompson 98.(i5 Thorpe Wood & Iron Works -Xi-i'tt.'. lfi.00 O. G. Waffle''Book Co. 3.00 Walker-TumqrJnc 5.40 Warren Webster Co ' 19.S5 Webster PiVb.'Co 6.R8 W. M. Welch Mfg. Co 120.56 Claud While *1 DO.43 WUcox & Fotlett Co 7. r <0 Yale University Press .... JC.3-1 Total Salaries 4,205.;!') ll,l!!5.1f! Total Expenditures $15.390.-]J I, Leora K. St. John, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify Unit this report, pages 1, und 'J., is a true and correct .statement of Uio proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the.Board or paiil District for the quarter ending September 30, 1943. Leora K. St. John, Secretary. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7tb day of October, A. O. 1943. . ,.. . T. C,' Hutchison. Notary. IF WE USEMT WISELY THERE'S STILL ENOUG «0,,r V fiSS inS l,!, n A rT C V»° £W Say - SerVG buttcr at room temperature so'-it spreads Our fighters have first call." Fighting men easily, hence goes much farther. , need butter — lots of it. Fortunately, through •• •„ . . . the tireless effort and all-out production of Encourage "dunking" or "bread andijjr^-vy." farmers here in Iowa and other dairy states, ,„, , . , . , , •. i, there's still butter for the family table, even en makln « sandwiches, buttcr o:w slice only. after meeting the full needs of our armed Help the youngsters stretch their-'butter bv services. ONLY BUTTER CAN BE BUTTER. serving bread-and-milk oftener. ' ' Nothing else can match its flavor and goodness. So, to make it go around, we apply Make butter pats smaller, permit no v.-:xstc. common-sense suggestions like these: Butter vegetables at the table,' after ; sftrVin K . Tune in every Sunday "VOICE of tho DAIRY FARMER" your nearest NBC Sl-ilion ivunc^... . "^ w y ^ff>^ L _^ W ^ 1A _ (} ._ 12 _ N _ 00 ^ '^. DA F12 Noon '•KSQ!012Noon- ~~~^^^^^MM IOWA \ \? •:*.:• i:^ii^u^;^.;^';;^'N5.:j «);?S'p;;!.r.'';;;i^V;.- ; >-;'- J '- SL I I ' , 'if ,t\f\ * ' 1 !» i''Vw***' r i; **»* "SO'lii^Smart lli!l!l!5IilPJl[I!!l!! If you want to get suited—get well suited now. Yes, every single suit is all wool. „ 25 30 Zender's have a complete clothing stock for work and dress. When you think of clothing come here- you are sure to find a quality item. = Invest in your own anti freeze. Get a High Quality — all M wool sturdy coat from Zender's great stock. Do it now. lS 20 25 30 33.50 40 ZENDER'S MEN'S WEAR

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