The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 8, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1966
Page 9
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Monday, August 8, J966 Tonight On Television MOKDAT MIGHT 6:30 O Hullabaloo O Showcase ID Greatest Show on Earth © Twelve O'Clock High 7:00*1 John Forsythe 7:3fe O Dr. K31dar e ffl Vacation Playhouse ffl Jesse James 8:00 Q Kraft Summer Theater ID Andy Griffith Shenandoah © A Man Called S:30 Ol Hazel ID Peyton Place 9:00 O Run For Your Lite G French Eyes On The Future flJHollywood Talent Scouts © Big Valley 10:00 O News ffl News 10:30 O Johnny Carson ffl The Late Show ID Far Awav Places II :00 © Theatre 13 32:00 « The Last Word O Lord's Prayer J?:40 © Conaway Comments TUESDAY MORNING Aug. 9 6:25 ffl Sign On 6:28 © Sign Or 6:30 fD Summer Semester IE) Cadet Don 7:00 G Today ID Weather. Surfing. Fishing © News 7:05 CD News 7:25 O Weather 7:30 O Today flj Morning Show IB Cadet Don 8:25 0 News 8:30 0 Today HI Captain Kangeroo © Kitty's Comer 9:00 O Eye Guess HI I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanne HI AND LOIS By Mort Walker and Dik Browne YOU EITHER, YOUNG VVOULDN rr REMINDS M£ THAT WE HAVENT ear A MOTEL VET FOR TDN1&HT.' FINGER PAINTING BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred LassweU GLORy BE" IT LOOKS LIKE I HITTH' JACK POT TODAY NOTHIN E\JER HAPPENS IN THIS OL' HOLLER NO MORE AIN'T HEERED A PAW- !'M GOiN TO TAKE A LEETLE FENCE BREAK THE BORN LOSER By Art Semsom . WAS SHORT AkiP FAT WAS SHORT AUP FAT FlOREt-lO fiA 6UAKPIA WAS SHORT AUP FAT— LOTS OF 1MFORTAKJT MEX) SHORT AJJP FAT! EEK AND MEEK By Howie Schneider OH..WO.' H6R£ COMES THA.T YDU WAUWA KKJOCU HOW MUCH YOU MEAKJ TO ME, LUVA&LE? / VOU'R6 THe ASRRIM I FOR MY HEADACHE. YtXTRe TH6 AUT1- l BfOTIC FOR.MV FLU/ THE AW2OUA FOR MY SIKJUS cowcesnou Cost Of TFX, Weapon System Keeps Skyrocketing 9:25 O News 9:30 G Concentration ffl The McCovs © Girl TalJc !0:00 G Chain Letter 10 Andy of Mayberry © Super Market Sweep 10:30 G Showdown ffl Dick Van Dyke © Dating Game j 11:00 G Jeopardy { ffl Love of Life © Donna Reed Show 11 :25 ffl News 11:30 G Swingin' Country Q} Search For Tomorrow © Father Knows Best 11:45 Q) Guiding Light 11:55 G News TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 G Midday With Ginny Pace ffl News © Ben Casey 12:30 G Let's Make A Deal ffl As The World Turns 12:55 G NBC News 1:00 G Days Of Our Lives ffl Password © Newlywed Game 1:30 G Doctors ffl House Party © A Time For Us 1:55 © News with Woman's Touch 2:00 G Another World ffl To Tell Th e Truth © General Hospital 2:25 ffl Doctor's House Call 2:30 G You Don't Say ffl Edge Of Night © Nurses 3:00 G Match Game ffl Secret Storm © Dark Shadows 3:25 G NBC News Report 3:30 G Marijane's Magi Castle CD Movie © Where The Action Is 4:00 O Merv Griffin © Kitirik's Karrousel 5:00 G Chris Chandler ffl Marshall Dillon © Woody Woodpecker 5:30 G Huntley-Brinkley ffl CBS News CU Leave It To Beaver WASHINGTON (AP) — The costs of a big military project — the controversial TFX warplane and its Phoenix air-to-air missile weapon system — have skyrocketed. Defense Department figures show. The department made the multimillion-dollar increases known in reply to series of questions submitted by The Associated Press. The Pentagon figures show the cost of the TFX. known as the Fill, to be about S5 million 'or the Air Force version and $S million for the Navy model. In 1962 there was testimony 7/ie Sun's Te/eScope By CTNTHIA. LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Televi- sionese is a language that is sometimes harder to understand than Urdu. Ther e are, of course, the simple idioms. "Live on tape" is a good example of contradiction. Obviously a broadcast of a taped show, like "The Tonight Show" already reviewed by network censors who occasionally erase naughty words from the sound track, is not really live. The phrase merely means that the show was taped as it occurred, without goine- back to reshoot when it faltered or fell apart. When ABC recently advanced by one week the scheduled debuts of 12 of its 16 new programs, the network called them "advance premieres," and insisted that its "official premiere week" had not been changed. When, to meet this competition, NBC promptly moved up three new show dates, they were not premieres but "sneak previews." In old fashioned Hol- lywoodese, a "sneak preview" consists of springing a' new movie on an audience which had gone to the theatre to see another film. NBC's "sneak" is about as unsneaky as it s publicity department can make it. On another front — show categories — there is also semantic confusion. Press agents for a new NBC entry, "Star Trek," recently issued a release proclaiming that it was not, definitely not, science fiction, but "real action-adventure in tomorrow's space a g e -" "It is good science fiction," declared the star of the show, William Shatner as he sat, dressed in a modified "Batman"' costume, explaining that he plays the captain of a military spaceship that "patrols the outer reaches of the galaxy." Shatner, last seen in television in a short-lived CBS disaster called "For The People," is another in the growing group of actors who, while still bowing reverently to Shakespeare, has) made an adjustment to commercial television with its rewards and security. His "For The People" two seasons back was received well by the critics but as a midsea- son CBS entry it never managed to surface in the important Nielsen ratings. Shatner, a Canadian, got his start in Ottawa's National Repertory Theatre, moved on the Stratford, Ontario, Shakespeare Festival. He has played on Broadway and starred, in live television drama. But now as Captain Kirk of the space ship in "Star Trek" he owns a piece of the action, which, if the show is a success, is like a lovely annuity. The three networks turned in slick, professional if routine jobs in the difficult job of covering the Johnson-Nugent nuptials on Saturday. The problem, as in the coverage of space shots, was the long waits between the glimpses of the principals. If there were holes in the reportage, it was in the fashion-knowledge of the reporters. Even the expert women, great at identifying the celebrity wedding guests, were fuzzy when It came to the important chores of describing authoritatively what the bride and members °1 the wedding party wore. before Congress that the unit j General Dynamics, while cost of the Fill would be about; Grumman Aircraft Engineering $2.9 million. i Corp.. Calverton, N.Y., is build- The original estimated cost of •' in S !he Navy's FlUB. developing the Phoenix system The Fill was selected by Scc- \ was $137 million. The cost now I retary of Defense Robert S. Mc| is $258 million and the weapon \ Namara despite the- recom- i stili reportedly is having guid- ] rnendation of a 235-man evalua- | ance and control problems. j tion board that a Boeing Co. I The Pentagon said the rea-' design be accepted. sons for 85 to 90 per cent of thej McNamara said the General increased costs wore "govern- ; Dynamics design would uJti- ment change orders to improve! mately save the Defense Dethe capability and increase the j partmenl SI billion. versatility of the Fill." One of the reasons, he said. The Air Force version of the i was that it offered a high de- Fill — the F111A— is being j gree of identical parts for the built at Fort Worth. Tex., by ' Navy and Air Force %'ersions. | Thq Pentagon said more than j 82 per cent of the air frame j parts arc common. It did not j use the term identical. \ The term "commonality" ' arose during 1962 Senat^. hearings on the craft. The Boeing design offered parts that were "common;" that is. similar. General Dynamics offered identical parts. The plane and its weapons system also are behind schedule. The Pentagon said the "F111B and Phoenix schedules have been revised to provide for a more optimum weapons system development. BEETLE BAILEY fy Mort Waicer you JUST WAIT, E>AV I'LL SET YOU// --\VELL, THSN, /VHEN r>/.55 WOW OLD WiUL. THATfe HI! OM ALL TrtC&S: I.O.U. SLIPS L5 ALLEY OOr> By V. T. Hamlm WHY THAT NO-GOOD LiSSEN, SISTER, I TOLP VOU ONCE BETORE.- NO REFUND , MV DEAR, THIS is A PRETTY (3OOP WEAPON AFTER AUJ T THINK ITU. KEEP IT.' „ ^ NTT HERO! V HI, OOP. NICE \ WELU,THW4K.S, BO(S YEAH, WE OH? WEU-, OH, DIFFERENT THINGS... ... 'I ACCIDENTS HAPPENING TO TH FROM WHAT? ) MERCHANDISE FOR INSTANCE... UTTLE BUSINESS; NOW WHAT CAN I VSOT HERE.' fT^SELL VOU THIS MORNING? ^ AFRAID BUSINESS PROTECTION MXIGOTTH' FUR WRCNG- SIPE-TO, OOPJ MR. ABERNATHY By Jones and Ridq«way BECAUSE SHE COMES IN VERY HANPYJ TAKING THE F¥\RROT !N TO DINNER WITH US? WORDS SEEM INADEQUATE ATATTME LIKE THIS. MlRROR,MIRROft, ON THE WALL...WHO IS THE TOUGHEST EFFiCIENCY EXPERT OF THEM ALL? LITTLE HENRY By Carl Andem*

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