Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1942
Page 3
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FARMERS GANG UP TO HELP A SICK NEIGHBOR Henry Schick Jr., Plum Creek township farmer, has known all along that he had ( good neighbors but now he can cite the proof. A couple of years ago Mr. Schick suffered injury to his back while he was helping to clean out a dredge ditch, and last Saturday tio n n/1 i w^ n •!«.« . • . . — "- ««,j -—.».«. ^iwv** v-o, w nici wiat; uilfc; UI major operation at those productions that ought to be good because John Steinbeck wrote the original story, Victor Fleming directed the cinema production, rmrl Q -finr. r*v.J „ he had a Rochester. Meanwhile the Schick corn and soy beans fields needed attention, and this week Tuesday 12 neighbors gathered at the farm and did the whole job—100 acres! They did a fast job, too, completing it in only two and one-half hours. The Kossuth Oil Co., (H. D Clapsaddle), Algona, furnished 55 gallons of gas for the tractors, M'Her Jr. furnished] THE MO VIES ByT.H.C. TORTILLA FLAT— Well, kind and indulgent read- ersVVou've had a"'nicriong va-' ™ V^ °" e 7» k and in ' cation of about five weeks* and effectual lme ° r gesture in her , we'll waste no time in getting down to the business at hand— the usual "dirty" work at the movie cross-roads! By this I mean that I'm going, gently but firmly, to depreciate ' " also, really acts in this picture. I tried to find one weak and in- —- O«-M VM* *_ All AAWA. portrayal of the fiery sweetheart of Danny, but I was unable to do so. Her work was restrained, sincere, first-class. The photography is a delight to any artist. Taken against the KOS3UTH COtWTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA WTOGEtiJER FOR TENANT FARM BUYERS c iL *"•"•**> l<j ucyieiauie 10 any artist. Taken against thp vor P H n M, ***%"*% SO - C ? lled " fa - ba ^ground of the rocky shore! ru°l ed Pi 0 . 1 "™ 8 /'. otherw,se one of line of southern California ?for sore- line of southern California (for years the paradise of all camera fans), the "shots" are truly little masterpieces of pictorial beauty. Don treats Son 8 anT^f th£ *¥"» *"" Done in sofT s^pi^iV nevv S tent cast DhL it 7° fh nd ° OI V P , e ; ! lique does much to blend P^tures ^^^S&fF^l&oL^ 0 * and attractive Its about a simple, homely I But Tortilla Flat falls down, in I fnllr h i* £"*"-» **^***^-ij- . JJUL j.uiuiia rial lalis down ill "T>°" "^'^ Clifford and Benschoter. John Scuff-—.., Ronald Gardner, Howard JLunberry, Andrew Miller Leo TT^^ 2 r \' - Gu £ Harmon . Arthur «agg, Calvin Bode. Clarence, Ali\ •*- )uane > ar >d John Metzger rnitVi' S u- ick i ?, at St Mar y's hos- PJital. His wife and daughter Mary returned from Rochester Tuesday, and he was doing well v -.-. v ,.,v v*n_ \,L*4^,O WI11I.,J1 UU~ set the rest of us. (I venture to —• there isn't an ulcer in the -oc h e e edTn een s t° ^&" 'l e "^ AM* ^of'U^ , * " *-*-*. i,t.t 111 icj-jgiuuo Llltrlllt: which is never quite clear. The characters are all devout in their own way, and they give an im- SSrrWTSS of* f f0l ! <0 r ssi - of-s^ncerify l-ather'th n hich respectStill, a ^ ^ ' Jpn j hypocrisy_we never feel that • j ^ , t u " I "^yone in tne cast is disrespect- incis me ot tne same author's i fni thrtucrt-i ^n ;«*««*,«_i ~_i: •_._ „,._ ^,^ vii^ ooiiit; tlUUHJi S Grapes of Wrath), but the action centers around a half dozen pais- anos. There is Spencer Tracy the real "power," who has the Kossuth tenant purchase borrowers who have purchased farms under the Bankhead-Jones farm tenant act with the cooperation of the Farm Security administration, had a picnic and election of officers Tuesday afternoon at the Arthur Tietz farm, southwest of Lakota, under the supervision of William H. St. "?lair, Algona, supervisor. A. L. Brown, county agent, spoke on inflation and presented .he problems of farmers in rela- ion to World War I as compared o World War II, showing the amount of goods to be purchased •md the amount of money with which to purchase it in relation to the price trend. Tenant - Purchase Committeeman Albert Johnson, Corwith and William Patterson, Lakota, spoke of the progress made since the families obtained their farms The rest of the afternoon was LOTTS CREEK jn in individual wayT'The "looi'sp'nt,rVSp "Sgta," 3 Father meanwhile looks deep in-1 games. singing and INGHAM EDITOR OF REGISTEIUO YRS. down to - . —- • ~j "»»6«»am tauie UOwn to his office Tuesday and started patting out his column as though there was nothing unusual about the day. But there was. It was ^ ML et !° n °* 40 years as edi- - —,.-^~ ii.wMii wimc iuuiva ueup into their hearts and realizes their shortcomings. Then, there are Akim Tamiroff, John Qualen, and Allen Jenkins who play strong supporting roles also a real surprise, one Frank Morgan. I've always suspected dogs (who by the way, deserve a word of commendation here), the picture fairly drips with what seems to me oversentimentality —too much of a good thing. It's possible, but highly improbable. However, all that's n motto,. „* I Officers were elected: Howard Sparks, Burt, president; Mrs. Arthur Tietz, Lakota, vice; Mrs. Walter Campney, Burt, secretary- treasurer. Swea-Eagle Youths Home on Furloughs Swea-Eagle Twps., July 8- Frank couST "T^ ^ However, altffi HSte°of ^eut Merlin Larson,'son of M7 a reallv ^,t,nH^ eCTthr °} lgh with Personal judgment, and perhaps I and *?"• Paul Larson « the ar- Snd^ff tt^liSr^SS!: I *SHW ,onfy _ say simpfyth^ "HL"f «*** Florida, came et . or ,°f The Register and Tribune And it was the completion of 60 ye « a £?. ln the "ewspaper business, ihe manner in which he got started m the newspaper business is unusual. He had been graduated from the University of Iowa school of law and passed the bar A year in the newspaper publishing business was recommended as a fine experience for a fellow planning to practice Jaw. So he bought into the Algona Upper lowan, moving from it to the Register and Tribune as , Tortilla Flat he really turns on the dramatic heat While some of his scenes are a trifle oversentimental, he plays with a masterful touch of sincerity and genuine pathos. And beautiful Hedy Lamarr, Tortilla Flat doesn't ring quite true to this critic. If you like it, then it's because it touched a responsive note in your heart, and *• "*" -»v* KV. Aii j i_f M.I. AIC;C*I t t ctllLl your heart is your own, so you can do what you " ' ' • — -~»~* j-ti*4jL fcjv*n ^11 tin; ell ~ my air corps in Florida, came home a few days ago on an 8-day J ur J°"gh. He flew from Florida to Chicago and from there went to Minneapolis by rail. Gordon wii a t^' j une Larson . and Helen with it. BUS GROUP TO UO.F.HOME AT MASON CITY Members of the Naomi circle of the Rebekahs and their children chartered a bus and went to editor in ion9 a* -muuuu as ^cmucia OJ . me i\aomi circle requirement was imposed by the without Pinc«,;» he reads °, the ,_Rebekahs and their chil- federal communications commis- "A^h" °,, ses - , «ren chartered a bus and went to slon - The U. S. government "ofr when= sha PP are . n «y ••« Uttle Mason City yesterday to go could claim jurisdiction because vev "bouZ W W ^ te A, that Har - ^ l '?I h the L °' °' F - hom <? for the Estherville exchange serves ™£ T^?"! h ,P nAto the Algona L Up- children and old people. Thev one subscriber who lives across PHONE RATES ORDERED CUT ATJSTHERVILLE The Northwestern Bell telephone company has been required to cut rentals at Estherville back to the schedule which prevailed on December 31, 1939. This requirement was imposed by the federal communications commission. The U. S. government : own, so you Won tt' j tT ljarson . an a Helen darned please Wallst rand drove to Minneapolis to meet him Saturday and bring him down. . Sgt. Emory Bergeson, in a medical service school at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., is home for ten days with his parents, the Edw iJergesons. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bell, Ottosen, were Sunday evening guests at Elmer Pijahn's. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, of Whittemore, were afternoon callers on Mrs. Ida Kuecker, . and others were Mrs. Hugo Faulsfich and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke. Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Schultz, Whittemore, Mrs. Lydia Wetzel, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Wichtendahl were last week Tuesday evening callers on Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, and Thursday evening visitors there were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig, son Roger, Mrs. Ida Kuecker, Lucille and Jeanne. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer entertained at family dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. L. Wessing and daughter Judy, of Denver. Mrs. Wessing is the former Loretta Meyer. Others were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scheppmann and Larry, Irvington, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz, Beverly, Bernice, and Roger. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leisener, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach were July 4 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reisner. A picnic dinner was served at noon, and the afternoon and evening were spent at cards. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallin Algona, and Fred Schallin, Sturgis, S. D., were Sunday dinner guests of the Arthur Rusch family. A number of men helped John Schallin shingle his new barn- Frank Schallin, Robert Leisener Ervin and Ferdie Mittag, Herbert Potratz, Arthur Fuerstenau, Ort- wm Kressin, Ernest and Rupert Luedtke, William Buss, and Theo Behrens. The Herbert Potratzes and Mrs Henry Schultz, Whittemore, were July 4 guests of Mr. and Mrs Ernest Meyer, Lu Verne . Mr. and Mrs. William Boettcher were Sunday evening visitors at John Schallin's. WESLEYAN MARRIES. Wesley, July 8—J. P. Studer a t a ^ ma cf le mu to Wilma Shepman at the St. Thomas church, Webster City, Tuesday morning. The Driae nnprnto/1 ^ v, nni1 4... i___ , de ° perated a . parlor at w ,. y paror at Webster City. Mr. Studer is manager of the K. & H. Oil Co. here, e gona Upper lowan." According to B F Reeds county history the paper Cresco Light-Power Holds Annual Meet The South Cresco Light & ?° W(? r Co. held its annual meeting at Algona Thursday. John Oerber is president; M N Phillips, vice; H. L. Gilmore,' secretary; L E. Stephens, treasurer and meter reader. Andrew Lehman and A. E. Clayton are other board members. There are 28 patrons and the line is in good condition. One-third of the poles have been reset within two years Juice is bought from the Algona electric plant. Harvey Ingham drew the fol- ArS »£JV*?__ G f-g column Moines -a-- — -- •*. v. *_/. i- . ilUHll.' 1O1 j * ^ -u^mt.1 Vint.' CALIlcUlge S children and old people. They I one subscriber who lives E stopped at Clear Lake for a pic- the state line in Minnesota m c lunch at noon. Under the requirement the i he home is owned by the Odd I company cut its Estherville resi- X ellows, and orphans whose par- I dence rental from $2.25 to $2 ents were members may live This is for wall type phones An in last Thursday's Des Evening Tribune: -4 Nine Churches Get Ingersoll Devises Mrs. Fannie Ingersoll, who died a few weeks ago at her Waverlv home left $6000 to nine Bremer county churches. Three Waverlv churches received $1000 each, and six outlying churches received $500 each. Mrs. Ingersoll was the widow of Arne Ingersoll, brother oi C. L. Ingersoll, Mrs. Walter Sperbeck, and Anna Ingersol had no children of their'own° lived here when Mr. Infiersoli worked in the Sperbeck-Lamberl buttertub factory many years ago. Mrs. Sperbeck and Miss In- eersoll attended the widow's fun- Anpther Local Boy in Navy's Uniform Great LakcZliTTJuly 8—Now serving with the U S Navy is Howard Ray Vanderwerf, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. William John Vanderwerf, Algona, la., who was received at the U. S. naval train- jing station here and is now undergoing recruit training The ^S^'U-^en a scries -^^^-iiiij^j. o iiiay live there and may not be adopted. Lodge members themselves may live there in their old age. Those who went were Mesdames Rose Smith, Mabel Lund Leona Ludwig, Bea Lynk, Amy Geenng, Lizzie Post, Esther Barton, June McMahon, Alma Nelson, Ida Forbes, John Ludwig Helen Ludwig, Ellen Bjustrom, Bertha Spear. Linnea Hiserodt, Luella Ether- mgton, Mary Carter, Rose Anderson, Eva Wille, Mae Anderson, Blanche Loge, Rose Fritz, Lillie Aman. Myrtle Turnbaugh, Betty Asa, Billy and Martha Lou Etherington, Daryll and Bobby Carter «n, «, south of town. . lives on a Mrs. Daisy Cook, Emmetsburg, spent the weekend with her son .Ray, clerk at the Sorensen gro- POT-^r e^nvm O eery store. — •* -*" "J ,f- J/ii\JllCO. Xill additional charge of 25c is made for desk or hand-type phones. The Estherville phone rate was $3.75, and this was cut to $3.25. Algona patrons of the company now have to pay 25c a month more for residence phones than Estherville patrons pay, and 50c a month more on business phones. TITONKA LOCALS tf •" --+H —*•-•—^-»——^— t Mrs. F. L. Tribon spent the Fourth week-end with Mrs. ion, uaryn and Bobby Carter y White ' near Burt. Donald Hiserodt, Jerry and Bar- 1 TTMrs - J - E - Moulds went to bara Ludwig, Ruth Ann and Humboldt Saturday for two Sherry Spear. i weeks with her daueht^r M™ '"•"-**• >-^t4iiiAa. \AO, y 4.UJ. weeks with her daughter, Bernice Green. ^ - J-'t-Ji illUC *JTJ CCH. Dr. Harold Streit , Colleen and Edward Jr.. daueh- _ _ TOT* QY^rl c**-i»t «-C TlJT— T •» •• .2 « Made a Lieutenant Antone Streit recently received w ° r d that his grandson, Dr. Har- —--— — *A rw \**. v» W *•* UClUKll" ter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed,ward Parks, plan to spend Sunday at the Okobojis. Don P. Smith, of the postoffice is spending a two weeks will go their to work July 16. A. H. son, ",^ o t "'?. k '"? season, ur. Jtiar-| lorce, is spending a t\ old Streit, who is in the navy at'vacation at home He a i-'anama submarine base had v% °" 1 ' *~ '- T ' been promoted from lieutenant junior grade, to lieutenant, senior grade. The young man completed an internship in a Cleveland, O., hospital before responding to a call last summer to naval duty. He is in the medical service Graduated in 1935 from the local academy, he entered Loyola university, Chcago, from which he was graduated two The Donald Havilands, Minneapolis, were weekenders at J R Schutjer's. Dorothy Brooks, of Knoxville, came 'Friday for a were with the J. L. Millers The Kenneth Swans were dinner SJ. eStS w a *i the . Rev - C ' B - Mitchell s, Woden, Sunday. The Senus Isebrands, Dick B Meyers, Thomas Loats family' Ben U. Meyers, Mrs. Clarence Penning Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sleper, and John Isebrand had a pic- mc Dinner together July 4 at Ben U. Meyer s. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Pefferman, Bancroft, and Mrs. Dunn and her daughter Doris, Omaha FourZ 3 Lake t0 fish ° n the t ^ r V/r an ? Mrs ' Ben u - M eyer took Marjone and Maxine Tryon to Spirit Lake a few days ago for a WPfk llritVi ^ „ J f° . . of girls SWEA CITY Mr. and Mrs.- Wm. Christensen returned Thursday from a visit with Ingmar Haugen, Burlington Donna Ruth Barker, who accompanied them from here to Cedar Rapids, remained there for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Haugen are both employed at rhe Burlington ordnance plant Mr. and Mrs. Ward Taft, Fairmont, were July Fourth visitors at their son Harold's here. Mr and Mrs. Raymond McCrary of Ventura, spent the day with the rnrmo-n'o t-vm+u,™ -ntr T _ _ mother, Mrs. Jenny Mc- >rary. Dr and Mrs. Walter Gilsdorf and three sons are here from New England, N. D., visiting Mrs Uilsdorfs parents, Mr. and Mrs J. J. Anderson, and other rela- h RH , OWa £ d - Marquardt ' of Straw- Jerry Point, was a weekend Tn^ A iu * J- E ' Vau ghn home. John Alberts and his daughter Florence visited relatives at Buffalo Center Sunday. t , sch001 ban d un- the direction of Gerald Nie- GRANT with with were business City Tuesday, i local painter. F. L. Tribon: and Mrs. Dickinson will go to Wes----. —„„„..„„ ,„ iaoo Irom Saturday to sell the house- the local academy, he entered ™ furmtur e of the late John Lovola univprsiti, r>v,«^^^ x__. . J^aen. Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs Wil liam C. Dau, is spending thi week on the farm with his aunt Mrs Theodore Pompe, Lott Creek. Lawrence and John, n P o g called the Worldwide Workers Mr and Mrs. John Swanson Rpckford 111., and Mr. and Mrs! William Steburg Jr., Fort Dodge were weekend visitors at Mrs Mane Sathoffs years ago. -—- ••••• "•- fc iv^ii cl buries of aptitude tosts to determine whether he will be sent for further instruction at one of the navy s many service schools o assigned for duty at sea or a some other naval station. Railroad Agent is ExpertJVVith Whips Irvington, July 8 — Mr. and Mrs. Overturf and the daughte Myrna spent the Fourth at Whit temore, where they were fea tured in the free attractions. Mr Four-Corner Shower for a Sunday Bride Four Corners, July 7—A shower was given Monday at Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom's for Opal Sabin who was married Sunday to Harold Campney, and the bride received many gifts. Lunch was served by a committee. Mr and Mrs Campney entertained at a Sexton dance Monday night. They left Tuesday for Los Angeles, where Harold is employed sons o , sons o Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rickey Williams farmers, were here las Overturf is an artist with a d i CHUB i wiin a blacksnake whip and a rope, and Mrs. Overturf and Myrna assis in his acts, which are reported excellent. Mr. Overturf is the depot agent here. Lu Verne Girl Has Enlisted as Nurse t^ f L^ e d" ; &^; E L da ,daugh- •****• «*ju ivn b. j?. ^j r< jiintz is leaving Wednesday for Fort Leonard Wood. She is a registered nurse, a graduate of the Lu 7qT7 ne « lgh I 0 ? 1 ?. 01 in the clas s of 1937, after which she took nurses' ^? a * «ie Broadlawns hos- Des Moines. She has en'«"" as a Red Gross nurse, and a second lieutenant. SOLDIER MAKES VISIT. < u Pvt ' JHenry Scn eppmann spent three days early in the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry acneppmann, near Irvington He is stationed at Camp Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, and he is an ambulance driver. He has been m the army almost a year, and before going to Indiana was station in Virginia. _. SCOUTS AT CAMP. Eight Lone Rock Boy Sco'its id their scoutmaster, the Rev. v-. S. Whitehouse, and seven Lakota scouts, with their scoutmaster, the Rev. E. C. Sauer, are at Camp Nitaton, near Fort Dodge this week. .---, guests of their aunt, Mrs i M. Huber. Mrs. Rose Peterson, of Boone and her daughter Roberta Anne left Tuesday, after the weekend ixn T n +1-11-1 -Tn.i^u. »_ i — _ sister, Mrs HOSPITALS KOSSUTH Mrs. Leo with the former's Harry Baker. The Homer Andersons got home yesterday from a few days m northern Minnesota, fishing They spent some of the time at Wadena. Minn. C. W. Nicoulin is expected back from Rochester in another week or so. He is making rapid recovery from his recent gallstones operation. Claude Whitehill is back from Naytahwaush, Minn., where he spent a month with his father-in- law, A. M. Curran, proprietor of a summer resort. Mrs. John McCorkle, Kanawha, with her son Kermit, spent a few days last week with the J H Seemans. Mrs. McCorkle and Mrs. Seeman are sisters Rose and Christine Arend left bunday for a week with relatives at Remley. Rose is employ- i ^ 9 raham>s - and Christine clerks at Hawcott & Ogg's. James, son of Mr. and Mrs W I. Dodds, had his tonsils removed Wednesday morning at the Kossuth hospital. He will be a sopho- mOTf* in Viitrh nnV. An i J.T*_ . ". Ju>6-- Mrs - Leo Stevens, more £Thigh VchooT this cofi Britt, boy; Angelo Holta, Algona I year. coming mprhml ««__ M _ — \ Mrs ' Ar thur Eady and M. O. Amundson, St Paul Michaelson, of on, came Sunday for a A ? sink . Kanawha, was a ., for , At, arrived Thursday days with & destination. undisclosed W Waterbur y- Violet Mino, Wanda Patterson, and Reva Work left Monday for the Okobojis for chaperon and Mrs. William the ine Robert Belken, Minneapolis - SeVeral das la st week and ADS " _ Want Ads of all kinds are GASH; no charge accounts. No till ordered out' orders. Ordinary wants, for sale, for rent, etc.. 2c word.. Minimum 25c. Add lOc for mailing replies to 'blind' ads. Stamps accepted for ordinary wants. Count each set of initials as one word, also each set telephone or other numbers. Omit unnecessary words such as one/ etc. Contract low rate on long readers. Legals lOc line. So line for repeats. 17 WANTS WORK. - Call 663 - 6(2)43 WANTED—CUSTOM BINDING 7Pi? ll 5f t Har S reave s, Phone 7F12, Algona. 7p43 OR SALE—AWNING 18 Vi ft by 4^ ft., like new. — High- Vay Cafe, Swea City. 12p43 FILM SERVICE-Developed and printed and satisfaction anteed. Price, per film LUS~BY~~&~G~IOssi . --- SALE—22-INCH Ideal Separator, in gooa concur—A. K Mernam, Lu Verne 12(2)41tf FOR SALE-1938 CHEVROLET to S6P 11 r 6 ^ d °T° r sedan - p «ced to sell.—Casey Loss, Burt. 12(2)32tf medical. July 8—Wesley Evans, Swea City, surgical; John Genrich, Lu Verne, surgical; James Dodds, Algona, tonsil-adenoidectomy. GENERAL July 2—Jimmy Dolan, Swea IT.V Slirtfin-al lity, surgical. ' ' 7—William P. Studer, Ph^ir' £ ?' Benson ' daughter Phyllis Good, and Mrs. Sadie Frankl left Monday for a few days at Spirit Lake. Phyllis is Vflf>atir»Mi M « J! ji « ^ _*° -T° *. —- **£,+*. n, j_icii\.c. JrJl vacationing from the S store. & L. ir , J ,—"iumm r. omaer, ss.fe^a.^-^a Mr. and Mrs. William Barry Jr are parents of their first child a son, born Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital, weight 6 Ibs. Mrs Barru i= 4V,« *_ Z ,. 0> TWO SMALL PIANOS _ MUST be sold immediately. Cash or rms. Write Acc't Dept., box «v 6. Mason City. la. RED CHERRIES,',,, . . ,„, 10c _ / i Mary Stevens SALAD DRESSING... HONEY. ...... CAROL APPLE BUTTER Orange and Grapefruit BLEND JUICE ,„. 18p43 ---•*~i:r"r~*, H - R ENGINE, suitable for elevator, etc. Good condition.—D. E. Man, Burt. 13p43 FOR SALE — TWO BINDERS Can be used for windrowers.— H..p. Hobson, 7 miles north, V 4 mUe east of Algona. 17p43 $95 Wo. Must be cash to v „ iT" » rit ? Critchett Piano o.. Des Moines, Iowa. 24 P 43 OR SALE—TWENTY - FOUR - °»? Pj^ebred Yearling also 18 purebred " 30p42-43 31 c 5 jar 89C «*• 1 ftr , . jnr I DC .... 46-02. b«5C TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE *S19c CUT GREEN BEANS :,,r.. 2,, 23c ITALIAN PRUNES "i'!. . 35c No. 2 can 1st Choice EARLY JUNE PEAS 2, or 37c POTTED MEAT r 11 2 w ,11c No. 2 can Fancy WHOLE KERNEL CORN 2,, 23c FANCY PEAS AEROWAX . CORN STARCH PRESERV-O-WAX"?, ±23c 2, r 1 3c 2 for 25c §1 PICKli quart Jar . COCKTAIL 211 fall Cans ±—__25cl CREAM STYIP WHITEci _ N °- 2 can 3 ±L ____29cl 18 TALL I Scans . . . 22d CORNFUKG 3 AA. pkgs. ... £uj IfHEAiT ^ 'pkgs. ... 19c m c I finST"" 7 37k •^•' ^* I I'o»nd Vf 2% ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"""^^^^^^"-^ large £ ]>kg. . .C 23c 1 6c «c POST BRAN FLAKES ,„,... SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR Carol MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI CAROL AMMONIA SPAN BROOMS FLAVORITEIMT. VANILLA f¥U!!Bsrms2liE 3 doz. 15c £ rolls 19C • • each I C • Z box 19c • . box 1 9C 25c Sweelheari TOILET SOAP 4 bars . . . . . 23C SANI FLUSH 18c can JAR RUBBERS .. KITCHEN TOWELS — • --*w« uux . GRAHAM CRACKERS Sunshine KRISPY CRACKERS SNO WHITE BLEACH CLOROX OR HILEX large Pkg CLIMALENE . 19c Mason quarts quart hot. ««tjg e A'AUaUil JAR COVERS dozen .... LvCj MASON JARS pints 55e| quarts 63c MAGIC BAKE FLOUR £ Elb -. ... 1.591 MATCHES O boxes . . 21C | Fruits & Vegetables Sunkist LEMONS doz. 15-lb. peck . , New Potatoes 39c ORANGES ^.. doz .33c ORANGES •£ 2 do , 35c Vine Ripened Jumbo CANTALOUPE CARROTS Jres , RED PLUMS . each 1 9C '2 i,,,. 13c • doz. 15c Quality Meats PORK CHOPS !U * 27c BEEF SHORT RIBS, 14' 2 c BEEF CHUCK ROAST ,24c SLIC. BACON St.ET* BACON SQUARES n 17' 2 c BOLOGNA large ib 17^/28 SUMRSAUSAGE, 27' 2 c BRAUNS'WEIGERn 27' 2 c Fancy 9r*nd»d ^_ SIRLOIN STEAK .. »> 32c Where Costs No More

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