The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 14
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BLYTHEVILLE CAKK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 17, 1954 t •"• — Razorback Gridiron Feats Named Top Story of tke Year in State By TOM DYGARD LITTLE ROCK (API — On a sunny fall afternoon in Fay- eUeville (he Arkansas Razorbacks o-pened Hie football sea- ion by wrecking Tulsa University 41-0 and Writing the first chapter of the biggest Arkansas news story of 1954. There were few, !( any, people who looked on that victory over a weak Tulsa team as Die bcRlnnlriK of th« top news story of the year. But victory followed victory — Texas A&M, Rice. Ole Miss, Houston — right into the Southwest Conference football championship nnd the Cotton Howl. The Hnzorlmcks wrote a dramatic story. It Is a story of victory salvaged from Inevitable defeat. They were nutmanncd, outweighed, and counted out week after week. But they wore, not outplayed. They ' won their first seven games, 'nicy rose to fourth in the national Associated Press football poll — the highest peak ever at- 10-Year-Old Quads Are Noisy, Normal Youths By JOV MILLER HOLLIS, N.Y. ifl — The Cirml- rtello quads, are 10 years old now, and four nicer, noisier, more normal youngsters you couldn't find anywhere. Maureen, Eileen, Kathleen and Michael live with their parents, Joseph and Kathleen Cirminello, in a two-story gray stucco house hi this pleasant residential community in Queens, Long Island. Their life is bounded by Queens public school 134 five blocks away. the neighborhood Melhodist church and evenings of homework, television and devoted parents. To them the publicity surrounding their birth in a Philadelphia hospital Nov. 1, 19«, Is apparently just as interesting as the adventures of Donald Duck, their only comtc book—and not n whit more personal. AH are good looking, thin youngsters, with straight, dark brown hair and bright brown eyes. Michad has a spatter o! freckles across his nose. Shortly after 3 p.m., on any •chpolday except Thursday, which Is when the Girl Scout nnd Cub Scouts meet, the blue front door bursts open and the four children clatter In. Mre. Cirminello, the former Kathleen Virginia Hatcher, of Ok- mulnee. Okla., Is a pretty, dark- haired, placid woman who can be fond and objective at the same time. "I have a headache all the Hint they're home." she says as a matter of unregrelted fuel. "So help me, lUstarts when they come home and 11 stops when they go to bed. They get rowdier find louder every year," Joseph Cirminollo Is an accountant investigator with the Securities and Exchange Commission, lie was working i" Philadelphia with the commission and living In Upper Dnrby, Pa., when the quads, their only children, wore born to his :10- year-old wife. They moved to Arlington. Va., in 194B, nnd here four years ago. "Before they came," she ve- recnlls. "I used to think two would be about the right number of children. But you get used to four. The doctor didn't want to worry mo. so he told me I would have twins." Since the quads' weights nl birth ranged from 2 pounds 14 ounces to 3J/-, pounds, their health has been n constant consideration. "They've always been thin and wiry and with lots of stamina," Mrs. Cirminello says. "The last day of every month I line them up and welRh and measure them. They,weigh from 54 to 50 pounds, and Maureen, the tallest, is 54V^ inches. Kathleen was the smallest at birth and still Is, but she's healthy. Eileen wants to be a secretary. Maureen a nurse and Kathleen "a mother like Mama." Michael \x all set lo be a doctor, "because 1 think T cim make ti tot of friends that way. A .surgeon." For Christmas the only thins Mrs. Cirmini-llo knows they want is another little green turtle. Their last one died not long ago and they miss him. "You see, I don't think Ihcy'rt- .spoiled and one reason they're noi Is because they don't get a million tiling. There's usually only our of ii thtHK ami the four have to share it. Consequently, they appreciate what llu-y get because they (Ion 1 1 set loo mut'h. Ami T proh ably shouldn't say this In front of IJiem. but noisy as they are, they're real nice kids." tained by an Arkansas football team. They finished the season ranked the 10th best loot ball tc;un in the nation — the first time nn Arkansas tram ever finished in the top 10. Like their victories, the Halfbacks won UK; nod as the fo]KMf'->t news story ol 1054 l>y ft close nmi- Bin. Top News Story Here arc me slate's bi^r-st IK-WS stories of 1954, as selected by Arkansas editors, with total points received: 1. Razorbacks (102). 2. Orvnl Fiutbus' victory over Gov. Francis Cherry in the Democratic gubernatorial campaign (140). 3. Arkansas Power & Unfit Cu.'.s efforts to obtain a rule increase Of S3.000,000 a year MOH». 4. Drought which ]>l:\n\H'd Ar- kaasas farmers (hroimhout the summer and much of the fall 106). 5 Renuhlh'an Parly's .stroiiR bid with Pratt lU-mmol in the KHber- natoi lal general election ( KM ). 6. U.S. Semite prlmnry rwcc i» which Sen. John L. McClellan nosed out former Gov. Sid McMath and Paul Chambers (80). 7. Sf 1 t4 r(i fi iu:f " 1 ' the tussle for and »K»i' in Arkansas, .since thu U.S. Supreme Court's ruling '50>. a. Opnl SlmiiiBton'.s trial and conviction on charges O f rmbuz/lc- ment at the Bank of Dierks. fl. Death of an escaped mental patient at the hands of an ofl-duty Little Rock policeman. 10. Trial and acquittal of Cecil Rice, Dumns ice phmt operator, who was charter! with the murder of his wife, whose body never has been lound. Ktillcr Case Late The Hanoi-backs w o n over Faubus by collecting more first place votes. Nine editors and station munnyers labelled the Arkansas football success the state's big- Rest news story. Five placer! the ItRzorbAckx second. Fnubus' vic- tory in (he primary polled seven in.-' place votes and three second i place votes. VnU'.s were tabulated on a 10, 9, K, dr., b;i.'.i. ! ;. awardinj; 10 points tor a first place vole and down to one lor a 10th place vote. One of the lop Arkansas news i-lunes of 1954 broke too late to be Included on the ballot, and only thf- last voters to return their ballot 1 ; had time lo write It in. II. was the bludgeon Maying of pit-uy, Mrs. Milton Fuller at Drink- lev, Ark,, last week. Undoubtedly the Fuller slaying j would have finished in thy top 10, and might have filled the big Rap ! between Faubus' election in .second place- and AP&L in third. A CHRISTMAS CAROL BY CHARLES DICKENS itrokes of night faded upon the air, the Ghost of Christmas Present vanished, leaving Scrooge quite clone. • But h« was alone only for a moment. Then h« saw / that by his side stood a third ghostly visitor. "Am I in HM presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?" asked Scrooge. TV- GhoU nodded ond took Sctooj* to*H«it€ group of businessmen were gossiping H0fc«i*< he die>" asked one. "Loslnig(i»,lb«li«e,*(«pS«d another. "Old Scratch hot jot his own <* tot," chuckled a third. you?" The Louisville soldier's enlistment is up in Jui> nnd he hopes to enter the restaurant business. KP of the Year Likes Aopeal of Potato Peeling FT. KNOX, Ky. W—There's no npiu-nl like It — the appeal in peel- ini; potatoes. "It's rolnxiiiK." snys Pfc. Robert P. Cunly. who can clean 11 spuds In one minute. After he took the speed test recently, his mess ser-: yeitnt commented: j "Cortly is .so yood a peeler in the kitelien I'd like to have him on KF , every day." j Thai would be fine with the 25-: year-old Korean vcler;m, who often) volunleers for KP duty. j Coi'dy's prowess as a potato peel ; ing won him recognition this week i as KP of the year, a newly created | honoi for outstanding kitchen per-: formers. He also got a three-day i pass from this post but he can't j wait to get back. | "It's always warm and clean In the kitchen," be says. "We have • lots of coffee to drink, and you never hear of KPs marching, do Brimstone from salt domes of Texas and Louisiana accounts for (is per cent of the sulphur supply of the United States. Woman Acquitted on Murder Charge LAKE ANDES, S.D. (if] — Mrs Mrs. Conzeumius testified she Blanche Conzemius, 36-year-old mother of 10, was found Innocent yesterday of a charge of murdering her husband in their . rural home here last September. had fired on her mate after he halt sought to molest their oldest daughter, 13. "When a father makes an attack on a daughter he is a tres- | passer in his own home, forfeit* nil right to be in the house and i> subject to the consequences any trespasser might expect," Circuit Judge James E. Bandy said in hU charge to jurors. Alcoholism is a ground for divorce in the majority of state*. it PROOF. E G.BOOZDiSIILU-'iCQ BARDSTOWN. KENTUCO IS THK 1'HOIIATE COl'ItT KOH THE nilCKAS.xmVA niSTItlCT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS E.slule of Maude C. llnnlin, deceased. l.nst known noclrrs?, 110 Luke .SI.. Blylhcville. Ark. Date of ilr-nth. Dec. 10. IBM. An inslrumrnl dated Mnrrh \, I!)5I and .July fl, Hlftl!, hn.i licen nd- mitteti lo probale us [be last will of [he above nnmefl decedent and the undersigned has been appointed executor thereunder. A contest of the probate of the will can be effcrleri only by fllliiR n petition Wltbm tbe lime provided by law. j All persons b a vint claims] af.ains! the eslale mils! exhibit | them, duly aillhenlicated, lo the under.Mtmecl wilhln six mootbs! from tbe dale nl tbe firsi pnbhca-1 turn of this notice, or they shall be; forever liarred and precluded! from any benefit in the eslale. This umsce first published Dec n, 19M. JOHN E. 1IADDIN Kxi-nilor. 110 Lake SI., niylhi-villi-. Ark. Frank C. 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Kfich black-and-white print is stunning: nnd a lasting joy. There's nothing complicated to learn, no big upkeep cost after you get it. It's the minute of magic that will provide a lifetime of fun and GUARD'S JEWELERS Serving Blytheville Since 1908 NATIONALLY FAMOUS LABELS IF IT'S FOR A MAN MEAD'S WILLHAVEIT! MEAD'S ,'£*? >: '* 111 MAIN ITRIIT 3$;|^ top style in topcoats... TRUMPETER* GABERDINE Comfortably styled yet distinctively tailored in the newest raglan shoulder model. . . wfcb deep wing sleeves and full-sweep vented badk for extra freedom of movement... yo«1 dad it a topcoat that's ac eaajr on the as it's handsome to the eya. And yo«1 the way this superfine Trumpeter* keeps its good looks geMon *tor m»mm A, Hart Schaffnet & Mara •

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