The Herald from Rock Hill, South Carolina on February 2, 1961 · 1
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The Herald from Rock Hill, South Carolina · 1

Rock Hill, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1961
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I News In brief Ex-premier is convicted in Turkey YASSIADA ISLAND Turkey (AP) — Ex-Premier Adnan Mcn-derej wax convicted today of mis-using up to 13 million lira ($41 million) in public fund during hii 10 years in office Sentencing of the ousted premier was put off until the end of the current mass trials of leaders of his regime now in progress on this Marmara Sea prison isle Me faces a prison sentence ranging up to three years on the - charge Ahmet Korur charged with aiding and abetting the misuse of funds also was convicted and also faces a prison sentence of up to three years Korur is a former general secretary of the prime ministcr’a office Sit-in anniversary By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The first anniversary of the lunch counter sit-in movement was market by anti-segregation dem onstrations by Negroes in five Southern states Wednesday The largest demonstration occurred in downtown Atlanta where several hundred Negro college students puraded in groups Picketing began at Greensboro N C where the sit-in movement started on 1'eli I I960 after six Negro students were denied tickets at ‘an all-white theater Fifteen Negro students from Hampton Institute ete arrested on trespassing charges when they sat it a theater section usually reserved for white persons at Hampton Va At Orangeburg S C nine Negroes were arrested on charges or trespassing at the lunch counter of an S H Kress variety store when they ignored a warning from the store manager In Nashville Tenn several hundred Negroes unsuc- “mEy oT dtwr'Thealers" Some 130 students marched in the downtown area of High Point and later picketed a theater which closed its Negro balcony in what was termed an economy move last week A group of apparently unorganized Negroes believed to have been high school students were refused service at throe lunch counter in Spartanburg S C 5350 million to 5150 million this vear Of this total 5250 million would be prepaid The German offer also is reported to include a willingness to increase military PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police orders already contracted for by Wednesday night arrested some 65 persons following a scuffle outside prepaid a midtown theater where the film 'TZxiftlus'1 depicting the birth of Israel had its Pennsylvania premiere The scuffle broke out when police spoiled an auto with Lve young men who allegedly were carrying rocks and eggs When officers put the men in a patrol car Averarpersons attempted to stop! ment on the offer from the Amer-it Others refused to disperse Pn-! icans but U S oficials here lice said a picket outside the theater Ralph P Forbes 20 of Arlington Va was wearing a Nazi uniform He was quoted as saying he was a follower of George Lincoln Rockwell self-styled leader of the American Nazi party who picketed the film in other cities Georgia showdown ATLANTA (AP) - The Georgia Senate today headed for a showdown on bill to give teachers a 5400 salary increase while the House Appropriations Committee continued its hunt for funds sufficient to finance an increase half that size Certain to encounter strong administration opposition the 5400 pay raise bill by Sen James Dykes of Cochran was up for debate and vote in the Senate Hie bilf states that every teacher who was employed in the previous school year shall receive a salary increase of 5400 a year and the increase shall be paid from state funds Strike may end NEW YORK (AP) Negotiators today reached a tentative contract agreement to end a strike of 1700 truck drivers and helpers that partially disrupted circulation of New York City newspapers and magazines in the metropolitan area The agreement is subject to ratification by the strikers who will vote Friday at 7 p m The strike will continue until then The strikers are employes of 34 wholesale distributors who handle part of the newspaper circulation Town talk By A BARBER Peggy Robinson finally went rabbit hunting The secretary to Rock Hill City Manager W M Kennedy had postponed a hunting trip planned for Thanksgiving The delay gave Pcgy time to bolster her courage for she was afraid ahe wouldn't have the nerve to pull the trigger However Peggv time to bolster her her first hunt She chased one rabbit but before she could climb the barbed wire fence after him and release the safe-ty catch on the gun the rabbit had escaped The only other game she saw from 11 a m until 4 pm was a cow Pnafunafcly she couldn’t get the safety catch off that time either Sutherland debut Soprano Joan Sutherland la making hrr If S mlfal debut at Wln-tlirop College tonight See story on page 2 almnt Miss Sutherland and her arrompaniat-huidmnd Richard Ronynge Kennedy sweeping By STERLING F GREEN WASHINGTON (AP) - President Kennedy today handed Congress a sweeping anti-recession program built on faster federal spending higher old age pensions and an emergency extension of unemployment pay Kennedy’s tightly-packed 7500-word special message brought the news that joblessness rose by 900000 in January to a total of S4 million W Germany to pay U S $1 billion BONN Germany (AP) — West Germany told the United States today it would pay about a billion dollars in a single payment tuwnrd easing the drain on American dollar and gold reserves The payment proposal was made by Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard to U S Ambassador Walter C Dowling Neither would say officially what the proposal contained hut informed sources said the amount would be about a billion dollars Informants said the Germans i proposed to pay $587 million as whirh now totals 5757 million They asked that the remaining j 5700 million lie canceled as smile- ment for German assets seized in tbe United States during World Wnr II informants said chases in the United Slates from i measures to "revise and strength' en” the unemploymet compensation system— presumably by setting some form of federal standards for the states— and to extend the coverage to "several million” more workers in ‘ the retail and 5175 million which also would he The Bonn government further offered to boost its share to the! North Atlantic Treaty Organization infrastructure by 510 million I he infrastructure program deals with maintenance of depots n other fixed installations There was no immediate com- wore reported dissatisfied It was understood the Americans who do nnt look upon the dollar drain as temporary want the Germans to make some sort of arrangement under which they svould help pay for some recurring projects such as military aid to Greece and Turkey Demonstrators are serving sentences at prison farm In the wake of yesterday's trial at which 10 Negro students of Friendship College in Rock Hill were convicted of trespassing at a lunch counter in a variety itore the convicted demonstrators are beginning today to serve out the 30 days of their sentence at the York County Prison Farm Meanwhile at the scene of the arrests McCrary's Variety Store lunch counter this morning bore signs reading “lunch counter dosed" while employes laid boards across the seats and covered them with wrapping paper The store manager said he could give no idea of how long the counter would be dosed The lunch counter of adjoining Woolworth’s Variety Store has iieen dosed for several weeks Rock Hill Police Chief W S Rhodes said the 10 students convicted yesterday of trespassing at McCrary’s Tuesday were serving on the work crew at the York County Prison Farm today "That’s what we do in every case where a man is jailed for several days This case is no exception” In yesterday's trial the first student to be arrested Charles Taylor of Rahway Union County N J wai tried on the trespass charge convicted and sentenced to 5100 fine or 30 da vs confinement Following hii trial the attorney for the students Ernest A Finney Jr a Sumter Negro made an agreement with Rock Hill city attorney CWF Spencer Jr to use the record from the first case in ths records of the remaining nine cases I LITTLE LIZ 1 Tact is the capacity to shut your mouth before someone does it for you Vol hands Congress anti-recession plan The President said he would submit further proposals to Congress within 75 days if business does not improve His message spoke of the general expectation that there will be "minor improvements" in business this year But he added "speaking out of realism not pessimism we cannot rule out the possibility of further deterioration if we fail to act” Kennedy predicted hie economic proposals would "abate the waste and misery" of unemployment and "restore momentum to the American economy" He laid they would not by themselves unbalance the 580 1-billion budget unveiled last month by former President Dwight D Eisenhower Yet Kennedy did not provide Congress with cost estimates of any of his proposals today as he: 1 Called for quick approval of higher Social Security benefits for some 4!£ million Americans including a 510 boost in the minimum monthly pension a two-step two-year increase in the 51 minimum wage to 51-15 and then 5125 an hour a speedup in federal contract-letting and construction government aid to depressed areas federal relief payments iof the children of jobless fathers 2 Announced executive actions -beside those disclosed in his!c news conference Wednesday — to stimulate credit release $724 mil' at once and start a quickie ex pension of urban renewal local public works and college housing 3 Disclosed he shortly will send Congress tax reform proposals to spur business investment and close tax loopholes and another message demanding permanent other trades 4 Announced he will create "President’a Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy’ with 21 members drapn from bor management and the public This body whose chairmanship will be alternated annually --between the secretary of commerce and secretary of labor will advise on wage and price policies essential to the curbing of infla tion as well as such problems as automation and economy-crippling strikes 5 Spelled out details of the moves announced Wednesday — cutting the interest on government-insured mortgages from 5 to 54 per cent making early payment— within the next 30 to 60 Rock Hill Recorder's Court Judge Billy D Hayes subsequently pronounced the guilty verdict and placed the same sentence 5100 fine or 30 days against them When notice of intent to appeal was given Judge Hayes set the appeal bond at 5200 per person In lieu of payment of the total 52000 the group of students remained in jail The other nine defendants were identified by officers as Willie Edward McCleod Rt 1 Rock Hill James Frank Wells Friendship College Clsrence H Graham 416 Bynum Ave Rock Hill Thomas Waller Gaither 510 Hampton St Rock Hill David Williamson 247 Carroll Park Rock Hill: Robert Lewis McCullough 163 W Black St Rock Hill Mack Cartier Workman 1160 Carolina Ave Ext Rock Hill: Willie Thomas Massey 112 Friedheim Rd Rock Hill and John Alexander Gaines 206 Hag ins St Rock Hill Kennedy WASHINGTON (AP) - Without waiting for Congress to act on his anti-recession program President Kennedy has moved on three fronts to spur the lagging economy and relieve hardship At a news conference Wednesday Kennedy ruled out any tax rut at this time as a means nf dealing with the slump But he announced he has taken these steps designed to brighten the picture: More than 5250 million in GI insurance dividends will he paid out this winter instead of spreading the payments through the year as planned originally The maximum interest rate on FHA-insured mortgages is being cut The reduction is from 5 per cent to 5'$ in a move to encourage home buying end building An experimental stamp plan to provide free food for the needy is being put into effect in some areas nr the worst chronic unemployment These ere West Virginia Pennsylvania southern Illi 84 No 53 Rock Hill days— of the 5255 million of veterans' life insurance dividends due in 1961 and starting pilot food (lamp plana in several areas The use of food stamps by needy familiee will be tested "as rapidly as possible" in localities in six areas— West Virginia Pennsylvania eastern Kentucky northern Minnesota southern Illinois and the Detroit area he said (Wednesday Kennedy said the food stamp plan would be tried in five areas a sixth area was added) Kennedy held out the hope to veterans that they might get another insurance dividend check later on He said: "If sound insurance practices justify it as I hope further study will show en additional dividend will be paid this year from the substantial funds that have been accumulated" Kennedy' promise that he would come back to Congress in 75 days "if these measures prove to be inadequate’’ could imply a request for a temporary income tax reduction His task force on economic policy headed by Dr Paul Samuel-on of Massachusetts Institute of Technology urged such course in unemployment reached 75 per m - nt the Ubor forcc Ham the hero Hero Ham back on job using levers By ALTON BLAKESLEE Associated Press Science Writer CAPE CANAVERAL Fla (AP) —A little hero is back at his old job today— just pushing levers The hero is Ham the chimpanzee who rocketed awav Tuesday and was picked up safe and apparently sound a few hours later 420 miles away in the South Atlantic Ocean The day when an American human astronaut first ventures on a similar ride as a beginning to manned travel in space could well depend partly on studies of Ham Also upon careful examination of the huge capsule in which he rode and yards of special taped information holding clues as to how the animal and his rocket actually performed on the daring ride Ham was flown back here Wednesday after being fished from the sea Authorities said physical checkups and X-ravs indicated he auffered no ill effects Ham was put right back at light workouts for several days in tests of his ability to push levers at the right times and to avoid slight electric shocks He had mastered this technique before his ride and officials said data radioed from his capsule on first lance indicate he kept remembering "and thinking” how to do it desoite the hazards and stresses of his spare flight His post-flight testa will be compared for clues as to how man's brain might function in space travel moves to spur lagging economy nois eastern Kentucky and one other section to be specified later Kennedy took these actions under executive authority — in advance of sending to Congress today an economic recovery pro-grans which will require approval liy the legislators before it can be put into effect At his second session with newsmen since taking office the new president volunteered these announcements at the start of the conference He also disclosed he has repealed former President Dwight D Eisenhower's controversial order cutting back the number of dependents living overseas with servicemen Eisenhower issued the order in a move to reduce expenditure of dollars abroad Kennedy said the repeal "does nnt imply any weakening of our determination to protect the value or the dollar” He added "It is the judgment of the Defense Department that other savings can be made which spill be more satis- S C Thursday Afternoon Captive hams It up — A Portuguese rebel one of those who helped seize the luxury liner Santa Maria uses a movie camera to film a laughing passenger one of over 600 held as hostages aboard the ship The passorigers were freed today in the Brazilian port of Recife Power to destroy nations soon may lie in finger (Editors Note: The following story was written by Bern Price of The Associated Press Washington bureau Price frequently writes ee military affairs By BEM PRICE CAPE CANAVERAL Fla (AP) —Warfare is now nearly at the point where one man by the simple movement of a finger can destroy nations This possibility is no longer a dream For purposes of practical consideration it bacame a reality at 11 a m Eastern Standard Time Wednesday At that precise moment the Air Force touched off a slender three-stage missile the Minuteman which ii designed to span 6300 miles in less time than man can have shower and dress In its initial test at the missile range here the Minuteman trailing streamers of bright flame traveled more than 4000 miles For a research vehicle the launching was undoubtedly a success But its very success however Minuteman brought the United Spates face to (ace with a question jt is going to have difficulty ducking Does this nation want these things scattered all over the front lawn thereby setting the United York County Hospital gets $ 1 20000 expansion boost York County Hospital is assured of an additional 5120000 to boost its 52 million expansion program Half of the money will come from federal Hill-Burton funds It will match 535000 to be borrowed from the York County Sinking Fund end 525000 promised by the Duke Endowment Fund This was disclosed today by David Watson the hospital's administrator "We hope" said Watson "that this will enable us to re-instate a number of things we had to cut out of our building plans when we were trying to get within our 52 million figure "We have asked the architect (Lockwood - Greene Engineers Inc of Spartanburg) to contact the general contractor (George A Creed of Columbia) to determine the prices of putting these 'items back in We are going to put back as many items as we can" These are the things the hospital's trustees hope to restore: — A pneumatic tube system to handle supplies and eliminate long time-consuming walks to the pharpiacy laboratory and supply room — An elevator one of three originally planned for the hospital addition — Equipment for the canteen factory to us" and at the seme lime maintain morale in the armed forces Hie President's news confcrenre was carried live on nationwide television and radio as was his first as chief executive a week ago White House Press Secretary Pierre Snlinger said the next session won't be on a live basis hut lie added this format “by no means" was being abandoned altogether At the conference which drew 3fW) newsmen as compared with 410 at Kennedy's first the predominant theme was the President's expressed conviction — stated first in his inaugural address and then in his State of the Union message — that at home and abroad things are going to get worse before they get better But he did say that things on the Jmme front aren't bad enough to justify a lax rut at this time in an effort to improve business 1'ondi‘inns Kennedy added however that Feb 2 1961 14 States up as a prime target for surprise attack? By the same token this successful leap toward the age of true punch-button warfare bespeaks the beginning of a rapid shift in U S defense posture which may well have worldwide political and economic repercussions Under present Air Force plans 450 of these easily manufactured Minutcmen will be buried across the northern tier of states and another 150 will he on special railroad cars by 1964 Ultimately there will be 2000 on trains and in underground silos In warfare the primajy objective of any armed force is the destruction of the enemy’ armed force The so-called civilian targets are secondary By placing hundreds of these missjle silos in the United States the nation suddenly finds itself in a position whereby an enemy surprise attack could knock out both military and civilian targets at the same time Hie entire weight of any attack would thus hie concentrated against the United States proper The seme thing epplies to the Soviet Union but with a difference The United States has pledged its word that it will never attack first the kitchen and the laundry Watson uid the State Health Department which administers Hill-Burton funds in South Carolina is holding 560000 for the hospital Of this he said 535000 was set aside several months ago upon assurance by the legislative delegation that it would permit the hospital’s trustees to borrow that amount from the county's sinking fund A bill authorizing the loan was introduced by the county delegation Tuesday The money is to be repaid by the revenue from a one-mill tax levy the hospital receives In addition the Duke Endowment promised 525000 and the state agreed to earmark 525000 in Hill-Burton money to match it This additional money would mean a total of 52120000 to he spent on the hospital expansion The work will give the county-owned hospital a 261-bed medical facility capable of handling up to 350 patients in emergencies Present capacity is 134 approved beds and about 215 patients in emergencies Current patient load is about 190 patients for the peak January-February months he will take another look at the situation in two or three months and determine then “what action can be usefully taken” As for whether he had painted a somber picture of international nnd domestic conditions so he later could claim credit for any improvement Kennedy replied evenly: "They are painted accurately as I understand them to be and anyone who mikes the judgment that it was laid on thick for political reasons is making a serious mistake I hope they would give us the benefit of the doubt of an honest view” Kennedy's first remark at the conference wea that he and his wife had received more than 100-00 congratulatory mesages since the election the birth of their son John Jr last Nov 25 and the inauguration Me said it won't he possible to rrply to all the messages so he and Mrs Kennedy were taking this means of expressing their gratitude Pages Today— Price 7c Santa Maria rebels free nerve-frayed passengers RECIFE Brazil (AP) - The Santa Maria steamed into Recife at noon today to unload her nerve-frayed passengers For the time being at least the odyssey of the Portuguese liner was ended— 12 days after she was seized 2800 miles away in the Caribbean by Portuguese rebels headed by Capt Henrique Galvao The Brazilian government had not - announced what was to be done about the ship after the landing of the nearly (00 passengers The liner moved into shore after several tense sessions of bargaining between Galvao and Brazilian authorities The 610-foot ship sailed slowly to within 500 yards of a dock Passengers jammed the rail waving and shouting Some cried with emotion at the end of their captivity For more than 24 hours the passengers had been within tempting sight of land— about three miles offshore— as negotiations for the landing went on Some of the passengers had been verging on panic as rations ran short while the hot equatorial sun beat down upon the ship Bill offered to change S C electoral system COLUMBIA (AP) - State Rep John C Hart of Union today put in legislation that would change the method of choosing presidential electors in South Carolina Hart suggested that two of a political party's eight electors be chosen by all South Carolina voters The other six would he chosen by the voters within individual congressional districts At present all electors are selected hv the state political party conventions Hie Hart bill would give candidates defeated in close elections at least the electoral votes of the congressional districts they may have carried in their losing efforts Light snow temperatures fall in area A light snow began falling in the Rock Hill area early this morning as temperatures at Celanese Filter Plant began to plunge The reading at 7 am of 8 degrees fell to 27 by 11 a m Yesterday’s high' temperature was 57 No measurable amount of precipitation had fallen by 11 a m The U S Weather Bureau reports some snow is likely tonight with low temperatures ranging from the upper 20s in the north to the low 30s in the ' southeast portion of the state Snow is likely Friday changing to rain and ending followed by clearing and colder The final monthly report for January from Celanese FiltcV Plant showed the highest temperature of the month at 64 degrees occurring on Jan 8 The lowest temperature was recorded only two dayi before that On the 21st with 8 degrees Total precipitation for the month including rain and melted down snow and sleet amounted to 318 inches Sleet on Jan 26 measured one inch in depth 3&N Shadowless groundhog could get snowed on Today ii groundhog day According to an old belief if the groundhog sees his shadow when he rnicrges on this day six weeks of winter will ensue It was highly unlikely that any groundhog would see his shitflow in the area today so Weather forecast Snow northwest portion and sleet freezing rain or snow elsewhere beginning tonight and continuing on Friday High temperatures this afternoon 55 to 40 north in 40a south Sunset Thursday l:M Sunriaa Friday 7:8 Galvao refused to tie the iXip at the dock Tugs went out to begin taking off the passengers Buses were brought up to take passengers to the Portuguese Club where they could await arrangements for their return home US citizens in Recife threw open their homea for the 45 or so Americans aboard Galvao S3 demanded assurances that the ship would not be interned if it docked — crushing the seafaring revolt he launched 12 days ago Brazil’s new President Janio Ouadroa has guaranteed his "old friend" Galvao and his 70-odd insurgents political aiylum But Quadras indicated international law might prevent his letting the rebels keep their 5165-million prize Santa Maria seizure said to have backfired on rebs By LOUIS NEVIN LISBON Portugal (AP) - Henrique Gaivatfs seizure of the liner Santa Maria has done the opposition to Premier Antonio de Oliveira Salazar great and perhaps irreparable harm reliable political observers in the Portuguese capital say Reaction against those who seized the ship has been strong both in Portugal and in her overseas territories The government apparently feels iti case is so strong it can sit back and let the United States or Brazil handle the affair Dr Ramiro Valadao chief of the government' press services told a news conference Portugal would let any intervening power handle the case under its own laws He said hia government would not even demand extradition of Galvan and his 70 rebels even though an officer of the chip was killed in the fray Thirty-nine opposition leaders aw fit few days neo to write President Amcrico Thomas divorcing themselves from the seizure which' they called an “un- Community College lists curriculum of 25 courses A curriculum of 25 courses ranging from current affairs to flower arranging to tveryday law to understanding sports has been drawn up for the second annual Rock Hill Community College Classes will be held one night a week for six weeks There will be two one-hour classes held each Thursday from Feb 16 through March 23 There will also be two two-hour courses offered Registration for the college is scheduled for Feb 9 at Rock Hill High School from 7 until 9 p m Course and teachers scheduled for 8 'until 1pm each Thursday The curriculum offered will be: 8 p m antil p m — Personal typing Miss Maria Culp Everyday law Nolen F Brunson Savings and investments Dr Harold Gilbreth South Carolina History and culture William B White Jr Public speaking John Joyner Understanding sports Rip Wilder1 The young child Miss Rosemary Allhouse How to buy for the home Mrs Sara Knox Current Affairs Connie Morton Music Appreciation Mis Ruth Stephenson Flower arranging Mrs E T Hr Groundhog: the weatherman doesn't agree he should take that as a signal that warm weather is right around (he corner Ilui-er the weatherman dM-Mi't agree In fart the weatherman casting superstition aside and insisting on going by his complicated weather Negotiations with the rebels were being directed by Quadras an unpredictable independent and no friend of Salazar from Brazil' new jungle capital Brasilia IJMO miles away There were indications that Quadros 44 might bo searching for a loophole in the law to enable him to accommodate Galvao and at the nine time fulfill hia technical obligations to Portugal 'Humberto Delgado tho Portuguese rebels titular leader who stayed in Brazil while Galvao and his band of 70 seized the ship reportedly went out to the Santa Maria in a private boat Wednesday night There was speculation he might be carrying a new offer from the Brazilian government or mapping the insurgents next move with Galvao equivocably serious act” Humberto Delgado the unsuccessful presidential candidate in the 1955 elections who has been living in exile in Brazil hurt his position gravely at home observers believe by assuming responsibility for the seizure and even more eo by publicly predicting the seizure would lead to uprisings in Portugal and her territories Nnt the slightest disorder of fe political nature has been reported Delgado's association with Galvao was never close in the past Galvao was pretty much of an extremist both while an ardent supporter of Salazar and after going' into the opposition Delgado was considered more moderate and measured Their present apparently close association has surprised many here and disillusioned others The facts of the seizure as published here disgusted many Tha reported international character of the Galvao men— onlv six Portuguese the rest Spaniards Cubans and persons of other nationality— gave a Communist tinge to the whole affair in the eyes of the man in the Lisbon streets Crowson and Mrs J W Anderson Sr Sewing and tailoring Mrs Kathryn Barrett pm aatil 10 pm — Persona typing Mira Mana Culp Iicterior Decorating Miss Pat Blackmon Applied art Vernon Grant Improving your written English Mrs Bernice Yeager Parliamentary procedure J J Wise Knowing your automobile (for women only) Guy Misenheimer Behavior twixt ten and twenty Miu Eleanor Col-lard Democracy vs communism Fred Sheheen Current plays Mrs Mary Long Great Religions of the world Mrs Rebecca White Water safety Mr and Mrs John Marshall I p m aatil 10 p m — Red Cross first aid Jack Carroll Management seminar State Dept of Education Wesley Langston A 52 registration fee will cover all expenses for courses taken The Community College is sponsored jointly by the Rock Hill Rotary Club and the Rock Hill Junior Woman's Club and ii conducted in cooperation with Rock Hill School Dist No 3 and the S C State Dept of Education predicting instruments says we could get sum snow in the next couple of days! So many shadow les groundhogs may be forced to swallow their pride and head bark for the hole — either that or get snowed on!

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