Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT GROUP TO FUNERAL AT FAIRMONT Grant Twp., June 24—Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Mayne, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mino, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mino, Mrs. Mable Mirto, son Harold, and Mrs. Gus Anderson attended the funeral at Fairmont Saturday of Mrs. John Speicher, •who died of a heart attack last Thursday. She was a former resident of Grant township and the mother of William Speicher. Shower for Recent Bride— A large crowd attended a postnuptial miscellaneous shower at the schoolhouese Saturday honoring Mrs. Wallace Reynolds, nee Ardis Anderson. The bride received many gifts. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Pilot Reynolds Transferred— Mrs. James Reynolds received •word Wednesday from her husband, Co-Pilot James Reynolds, Atlanta, Ga., that he was being transferred. Mrs. Reynolds and her son will remain here indefinitely. To Take Army Physical— Walter Dunn has been at Algona since Sunday. He is to leave Wednesday for Des Homes for an army physical examination. Other Grant News. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gretillat, Delavan, Minn.; and Mrs. Alta Sturgeon, Ventura, with the latter's daughter Dorothy visited last Sunday at David Farrow's. Mr. Farrow accompanied Gurney Farrow to St. Paul Sunday evening with livestock. A Sunday school picnic was held Wednesday at Tuttle' lake, but, due to inclement weather, not many attended. Auditor's Office June 8, 1942 Algona, Iowa 9:00 O'clock A M Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. The cash counted In the Treasurer's office at 8:00 O'clock A-M, June 1, 1042 by W E McDonald, J H Fraser and W 8 Cosgrove was found to ba as follows: Cash ;..;...$ 540.09 Checks ,.... 589.74 TOTAL i....$ 1135.34 Signed: W B McDonald J H Frascr W S Cosgrovc Motion by Helken nnd 2nd by Qulnn that the Contractors Bond of M T an<J John T McGulre In the amount of $24,710.00 with the Western Casualty and Surety Company as Surety be accepted and approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by, Julnn that P J Ilelken be appolntedi o make necessary repairs on the fol- owlng Drainage Districts Nos. 102, 30, 151, 88, 4 and 12. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by Cosgrove that the official Bond of Marvel )olo, Food Satrap Issuing Officer In he amount of $3000.00 be approved, lyes: All Motion by Cosgrove nnd 2nd by lelken that the transfer of $100.00 be made from the Secondary Road Main BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office Algonn, Iowa May 15, 1942 2:00 O'Clock I>. M Board ot Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Heiken thiit 2:00 O'Clock P M. May 20, at the Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa. be tho time nnd place sot by the Board for Grading Letting. Ayes: All. Motion by Ileikon and 2nd by Cosgrove that the Engineers report of Chas. ID. Chubb on Lateral No. 11 and Lateral No. 11-A of Drainage District No. ST> ho accepted and placed on file. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Quinn that Clarence Xufnll of Elinorc, Minnesota be awarded the contract fo repair work, digging and laying of tile- and back filling ditch which is to ba 1075 feet in length as proposed in report of Cluis. E. Chuiib on Lateral No. 11 and Lateral No. 11-A of the Drainage District price accepted by No. 85. Ko'ssuth contract County $010.00 and Bond ?300.00. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by Qulun that P. J Heiken be and is hereby authorized to purchase tile and other materials used for repair work on Lateral No. 11 and Latereal No. 11-A of Drainage District No 85. Ayes; All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Cosgrove that Board adjourn to May W, 1942, 9:00 O'Clock A. M. Ayes: All. J. H. Fraser Chairman B. S. Klnscy County Auditor Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa May 29, 1942 9:00 O'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present Motion by Quinn and 2nd by Heiken that the Contractors Bond of Clar- enco Zufull in the amount of $300.00 covering contract on Drainage repairs on Lateral 11 and 11A of Drainage District No. 85 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Cosgrove tliat a paupers notice be served on the following named persons: Odea Martin TJlderlck, Toney Plcmel and All. family and Nora Kelly. Ayes: Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that H J Rice be given a refund for taxes paid in the years 1938, 1939, 1WO and 19-H on 5.81 acres taxed, as a paprt of SV, NWVi Section 4 Twp 97 Range 20 that does not exist us to survey on file certified by C 0 Scharliich, engineer. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and 2nd by Quinn that the insurance policy covering Fire Insurance on the County Home, Emergency Home and all out buildings issued by the. North River Insurance Co. of New York bo approved: Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and 2nd by Cosgrove that the following transfers bo made from the various Drainage Districts to the General County Fund, for Supervisors expense for the year 1041: Dr. 4 Dr. 5 Dr. 9 Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. 60 82 80 a. 82 .., 85 88 90 105 110 121 135 ;.., 165 . 160 Dr W K 3-11 .. »r W K 35-89 Dr W K 58-119 Dr W K 68-136 Dr H K 2-36 .. »r E K 4 »r P A K 1 .. .$ 328.3.1 ., 17 40 7150 32.80 8.10 ., 2010 10:00 70.60 34.65 3 2! SO'.OO 4.00 3.05 410 3.'33 50.75 ,1 29.00 4.78 477 4)77 10.28 49.50 4.30 , ........ jjj.. 10.80 Ayes: Ai: Motion by Heiken and 2nd by Me Donald that Qulnn be appointed to •aake necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 60 and P A K No. 1 Ayes: Al Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by Qulnn ' that Heiken be appointed to wake necessary repairs on Drainage District No 4 Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and 2nd by Cos grove that McDonald be appointed to •aaka necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 85. Ayea: All. Motion by Heiken and 2nd by Qulnn that an abatement In the anv •unt of $50.35 for the double assessments of 1808 on buildings on tbe SE^ Section 1 Township 98 Range 30 be made to Battle M Hauck. Ayes: All Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Heiken that tbe contractors Bonds 01 John Schumacher on awarded contract gar graveling and maintenance in the respective amount of $20,000.00 and $1500.00 be approved Ayes: All. 2:00 O'clock P it Auditor's Offlca Algona, Iowa Chairman J H Fraser directed Secretary to open and read all sealed. bids submitted and filed for Grading letting of 1942 work. Motion by Cosgrove and 2nd by Qulnn tbat H T and John T McGulre be awarded contract for County Grading for tbe year of 1942. Ayes: All Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Qulnn tbat tbe salary of Lloyd Steb- blns, janitor be increased to $95.00 per amouth. Ayea: All Motion by Heiken, and 2nd by Qulnn that tbe Board adjourn to 9:00 QT«Mk 4. V June 3, 1942. Aye*: All Attcct: B S Kinaey County Auditor J H Fraser Cbaimia tenanee Fund to Drainage District No. 5 (West Branch) in payment of Special Assessment levied on Lateral 1, Sub-lateral 2, Sub-lateral 3, Lateral r of Sub-lateral 8 iwd Lateral 2 of Sub- lateral 3 to main Drain of West Branch of Drainage District No 5. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and 2nid by McDonald that the date and place for letting of Gasoline and Coal be as follows: Gasoline letting; Auditor's Office. Algona, Iowa, 10:0: O'clock A M June 18, 1942, 80,000 gallons of gasoline: Coal letting for Court House County Jail and Shed and County Farm; Auditor's Office, 11:00 O'clock A M, June 18, 1W2, Algona, Iowa, 5 cars of coal bids on Iowa coal, Illinois and Indiana lump coal (lump or egg) Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Heiken that the Resolution for the Destruction of Noxious Weeds, recommended by the State be publshed in the the three Kossuth County Official Newspapers and then be placed on file In the Auditor's Office. Ayes. All Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that the salary of Marvel Dole, Stamp Issuing Officer be set at $80.uu per month starting with June salary. A3 Motlon' by McDonald and 2nd by Heiken that the following named persons In their respective named districts be appointed as County Weed Com- Almft Nelson Judge tit election Freda. Norman Judge ot election • Mary Strelt Judge of election 4.98 mlssloners: Algona Incorp !wca City Incorp. Harry Harrta Ole T Molan •luui Creek, Cresco, Union and Irvingtou Townships Alex McArthur ^aglc Township T John Teesfeldt jlricoln Township , Theo. Dornbuscn pringficld Township Fred Darnell larrlson Township Henry_ Gettmnn Whlttemore Township Marfield Township H F Schultz Herman Harms Sherman Township AI Verne Township uarriem xownsnip , itcrman juuuio Uverdale Township John Frleders ~ Henry Kohlhaas ,. . E B Thomas Seneca, Swca and Greenwood Townships Pete Peterson >otts Creek and Fenton Townships Ben Llchty Ramsey Township , A B Lappe - • - • • .. Lcm Marlow Robert Krause election Linda Clapsaddle, Clerk of election i i...... Marguerite Wray Clerk of election Bertha Johnson Clerk oil election * Judy DeZellar Clerk of clec- itlon Henrietta Hucnhold Judge of election , ....(.., J H .Brownell Judge of election i |. ..I Dena Kohlhaas Judge of election Vallle Tribon Judge of election John Overmyer Judge of election Marie Murtagh Judge of election ,.,, Mrs Gale Townc Clerk of election ..'....i Mrs. K C Dickinson Clerk of election i Mrs Elvira Monlnx Clerk of election Mrn Tom. Sharp Clerk of election Clarence Schutjer Judge of election W P Stenzel Judge of'election L F Callles Judge of election Peter Bcenkcn Judge of election Ida Sachau Judge of election T A DunmJre Clerk of election E P Hanscn Clerk of election Anna Andrews Clerk of election Clara W Bruns Clerk of election 5urt Township Jerman Township Uiffalo Township Clarence Schutjer J ortland Township Bill Rlngsdorf Vesley Township o K Flom L'ralrle Township American Legion Hall rent Ray K Hanscn Arrang booths Tltonka Savings Bank rent P L Drcmmel Judge of election K R Wolte Judge of election Hugh McDonald Judge of election i E O Chipman Judge of elec- George Clnk Motion by Ilelken mid 2nd by Cosgrovo that the Personal Property valuations be equalized and adjusted as follows: COLTS 1 YEAR OLD— Springfield Township HORSKS 3 YKAR OLD— rvlngton Township \IULKS 1 YEAR OLD— ' Buffalo Township MULICS S YEARS—. 'enton Township ,. ; Tvington Township lamsev Township HEIFERS 1 YEAR OLD— ?Ium Creek Township ..,. STEERS 2 YEARS OLD— larrison Township ?ortlond Township ......... Swca Township SHEEP 9 MONTHS Plum Creek Township ... OATS— Wesley Township ,...>.... INCREASE DECREASE 10% 18% 33% D2% 31% 3% 100% 5% 0% On Motion Board proceeded to Audit nnd Allow bills as "per Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FUND Bertha Johnson assessing ....$ 460.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service .... ; 94.78 City of Algona, light service.. 0424 W W Sullivan P M, postage .., 5.00 W W Sullivan P M, postage.. 10.00 Dolores Sherman, assist, in Auditor office 12.50 E S Ivinsey, delivering ballots 45.10 W W Sullivan P M, postage 32.88 C W Pearson, Treas., office expense J II Fraser, conim. and session P .T Ileikeu coimn, and session W S Cosgrove, conirn. nnd session J F Quinn, comm. and session W E McDonald comni. and scs sion .. Alma Pearson assist, in Audl- 202.07 212.20 208.20 137.00 195.15 181.43 5.00 H B White, Del. tax collector 81.52 tor office A J Cogley Bd. and Lodge Prisoners A J Cogley Mileage and Invest 43.20 Fees ; 132.50 A E Ltturity.cn, travel expense 47.SO Ada Lauritzeu Sth grade exams 2.50 Mrs L H Burger Sth grade exams 1.50 Helen C Schutz Sth grade exams i 2.00 Mrs. E L Grabau Sth grade exams i , 1.50 L A Wlnkel office expense ... 54.32 James Stebbins, labor 2.75 Dwlght Webster, guard air port i 75.00 Faris A Miner, guard air port 75.00 Bancroft Register, Board Proceed 139.55 J H Welch Printing Co. sup Jenkins Fergemann Co sup. Loring Supply Co., sup 1.25 . 10.13 Matt Parrott & Sons Co sup 83.52 11.00 Whittemore Champion, sup,... 10.20 Lakota Record, sup 9.18 Katherlne McEvoy, office exp. 1.12 Keystone Envelope Co. sup. .. 29.90 J S Latta "Co. sup ...". 14.27 Baker Paper Co. sup , 18.00 Metropolitan Supply Co. sup. 26.09 Bancroft Register sup. 116:28 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co. sup... 1241.61 Swea City Herald sup .... 14.40 Algona Up. Des Moines, print. 898.50 Kohlhaas Hardware sup 3.97 Richardson Hardware sup. .. 1.53 Missouri Kansas Chemical Co sup 108.83 Irwin Bcenken Bty Elmer Boykcn Bty Kenneth Bauman Bty Alfred Baade Bty Melvin Rlcklefs Bty Harvey Boeckholt Bty George F Graham. Bty Arthur E Prlcbe Bty ...... Anthony Jamil Bty James Long Bty George Butterfteld ,Tr Bty. R A Evans Coroner Fees ... C II Oatwlnkle J P Fees... A J Cogley Sheriff Fees F A Newvllle Const. Fees . H A Warmbier Mtg H J Kohlhaas Mtg Sim Leigh Mtg John P Bormlann Mtg P M Christenscn Mtg Alex Radlg Mtg C B Johnson Mtg .BO .70 1.10 1.40 2 .30 2.70 0.30 20.00 .70 1.50 (1.00 OSS 14150 9.00 .85 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 400 Ayes: All. II H Dreyer Mtg 4.00 Kossuth County Farm Bureau Approp 410.60 I E Wortman local reglsrar 4.25! S P Eckholm local registrar.. G D Curtis local registrar n II Dreyer local registrar .. F P Newell local registrar .... II A Thompson local reglsrar Win Boyken local registrar R H FIniiell local registrar .. Florence Hof local registrar Fred A Dlckinann local registrar | Wllma Augustine local registrar 2.00 .50 1.75 .75 5.50 .50 2.00 3.25 Adah Carlson local registrar 18.00 Mrs Clotilda Hutchison OAA Exp Bert Cronnn labor Haggard & Peterson rent .. Browns Studio pictures .... Katharine McEvoy erroneously disbursements , Auditor of State examiners ex pense H A Phillips School Service sup , Omaha School Supply Service sup 0 W Barger school mtg ....... C A Gutknecht school mtg C W Elbert school mtg . . L ... .' E P Hanson school mtg ...... Dr R K Richardson J C Skow school mtg , H W Llnde school mtg Roy E Brnvender school mtg Otto Stenzel school mtg Mrs. George Chapman school mtg H E Rachut school mtg .... O II Linde school mtg ...., D A Carpenter school mtg .... B F Edwards school mtg .... D C Gardner school mtg .... G F Sonnenberg school mtg .. Frank Bedtenlehner school mtg Thomas Berg school mtg .... M E Burwash school mtg Herman Nordman school mtg Orvllle Ruby school mtg ..... O R Patterson school mtg .. Joe Grccnberg Judge of election R F Donovan Judge of election Hazel D Lusby Judge of election C H Reilly Judge of election George Mahoney Judge of clec-. tlon , W J Becker Judge of election Leora St John Clerk of election Harriett Setchell Clerk of elec- , tlon ,.. Mary Walsh Clerk of election Lee O Hopkins Clerk of election Frank Gelgel Judge -of election ., C C Scharach Judge of election H B Nolte Judge of election J M Moore Judge of election Claire Keith Judge of election Edw. Capeslus Judge of election ., Mrs H M Smith Clerk of election : Eva Corey Clerk of election .. Alice M Hutchins Clerk of election II M Harris Clerk of elecion Julia Benson Judge of election Eugene Hutchins Judge of election i. . . , Harry Hargreavevs Judge of 12.00 1.50 1400 4:29 37.00 083.81 0.39 3.51 3.40 2.SO 1.40 220 i:so 1.10 3.40 2.70 3.50 2.00 1.00 400 2JO 3.40 .TO 2.80 1.00 3.80 1.90 1.90 220 2:50 4.50 4.50 4.50 3.90 3.90 3.90 4.50 450 3.90 3.90 5.10 5.10 4.20 5,10 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 5.10 5.10 4J20 4.20 tion W W Boettcher Judge of elcc- Won IT Graham Judge of election Lillian Schrader Clerk of election Pearl Chipman clerk of election C C Smith Clerk of election P Httwcott Clerk of election Donald Mitchell Arranging booths .• Burt Library Rent 7... Harry Sabln Judge of election ,T P Simon Judge of election Sylvia Gormann Judge of election M L Philips Clerk of election Minnie J Matcrn Clerk of election ., T L Thorson Judge of election L J Hanson Judge of election Sam Larson Judge of election Viola Swanson Clerk of election , A H Llnde Clerk of election A H Hanna Judge of election Lcm, Marjow Judge of election R C Thompson Judge of election K G Ewoldt Clerk of election M O Richards Clerk of election Fred Flaig Rent E B Johnson Judge of election C R Krause Judge of election H N Dreyer Judge of election George C Goetch Judge of election , W C Stamcr Judge of election P H Jensen Judge of election W E Stoeber Clerk of election II E Relmers Clerk of election F H Bonn Clerk of election.. F IT Eigler Clerk of election C W Newel, Sec. Rent : Herman Harms Judge of election Michael Helderscheld Judge of election Joseph II Schaller Judge of election H W Balgcman Clerk of election | Robert Kruse Judge of election Mike Wagner Clerk of election Harry Rleklefs Judge of election John Cordes Judge of election Menno Risins Clerk of election R W Gingrich Clerk of election Ely Anderson Judge of election Aden D Reynolds Clerk of election W C Nelson Clerk of election J F Coyne Judge of election I F Engesser Judge of election Charles Qulnn Judge of election George AV Nyman Judge of election Ivy Button Judge of election. Mrs. Charles Baker Judge of election i Mrs. Verno Austin Clerk »f election i Andrew A Fangman Clerk of election Albert C Kollasch Clerk of election Mrs Evans Carmean Clerk of election ection Roal Roalson Judge of election Geo E Butterfield Judge of election Jonnle McCary Judge of election Elmer C Smith Judge of election C F Berggren Clerk of election Dora Smith tlon Clerk of elec- J J Anderson Clerk of election Mamie Sperbeck Clerk of election : A J Anderson Rent L W Enrich Judge of election Thomas Berg Judge of election Butler Jordahl Judge of e!ec--< tion Ray Eichborn Clerk of election Wm. Oldenburg Cleric of election E R Maudsley Judge of elec-' tion Henry Scheppman Judge of election i • M Ii Honey Judge of election Hugh Raney Clerk of election Robert D Skilling Clerk of election j Farmers Lumber & Grain Co. Rent 4.90 4.20 4,20 4.06 4.95 .00 4.50 4.60 4.50 8.00 John McEnroe Judge of eectlon 3,00 3.00 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 Chris Brandt Judge of election 4.80 p POWMS Judge ot election Olgn Wortman, Judge of elec- - tion fi H6n . .. Lewis Judge of elec- George Hectland Judge of election .............. (.i... .;» Jennie Gutkittscht Judge of cl- Art Lester" Judge" oif election Julia M Ball Clerk of election Miriam Stafford Clerk of election Janetto Mussmnnn Clerk of election j B Heetland Clerk of election 2.70 2.70 2.70 8.70 2.70 4.50 4.50 J H Monsel Judge of election 7.20 J H Holcorab Judge of election .••• N A Plngel Judge of election ... .< Edw Halverson Judge of elec- Vlolft Stnde* Judge ot election .. t «•. • '• • "' yii« * '• » Henry *C Nelson Jttdgfi of elec- F>ed°A Diekm'a'n'n ciork'of'el- ection ,,,.,,.<. .»•••»•» > < Albert Neuroth Clerk of election 8.90 4.80 4.90 Myrtle kouba CJeVkjJf elecUon • 8.00 8.00 3.00 2,00 8.00 tlon Edw Looft Judge of election Glenn Yahnke Judge of election Mrs. Martha Gabel Clerk of election John Hartshorn Clerk of election* • •: D A Carpenter Clerk of election Mrs W M Flynn Clerk of election 4.80 4.80 2.85 2.80 2.85 480 7:00 2.85 2.8C 3.00 2.00 3.00 4.50 4.50 4.5o' 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.50 S.OO 3.00 6.70 1.20 1.50 7.50 6.10 5.10 5.10 6.10 640 9.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 4.SO 4.80 C.40 4 SO 4'SO S'.OO 8.50 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 2.70 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 0.00 4.SO 4.SO 0.50 4.80 9.00 4.SO 6.00 6.00 6.00 8.00 5.40 O.flO 4.6T 4.05 4.6E 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.65 8.35 4.05 J H Warburton Judge of election Town Clerk of Ledyard rent Paul Hertzke Judge of election B F Edwards Judge of election Menno Rlslus Clerk of election Belle M Koppen Clerk of election 4.20' 4.20 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 4.20 4.20 8.70 8.00 6.40 5.40 0.40 5.40 Myrtle Lease Clerte of election .. i i * American Legion Rent Paul Friberg- Arranging of booths Town of Wesley Rent ........ Wm. Meyer Judge ot election B.40 H F Schult* Judge of elec- . 6.40 4.60 4,Bp 4,50 4.60 4.60 6.40 B.40 4.00 2.00 0.60 178.74 201.43 57:40 tlon Fred Kollasch Judge of election »•* i Elisabeth Hlgglns Judge of election • • Alice Rctmcrs Judge of election .•« Edwin Wichteiidahl Judge of election Mary Woodward Clerk of el- tlon Marie Hogan Clerk of election Brwin SIcms Clerk of election : Chas. Bormann Clerk of election Alex Radlg Judge of election /4.80 P M Christenscn Judge of election 6.80 WGFlalg Judge of election 7.80 Art Priebo Clerk of election '"" Geo. C Pctttt Clerk of election C W Elbert Judge of elccctlou O E Ruhnko.Judge of election eo. Wlnkel Judge of election Martin Meyer Clerk of election Hackbarth Clerk of election I B Thomas Judge of election A Schlpull Judge of election , : J Chapman Judge of election 3d Chamber Judge of election \nn B Murray Judge of election I n Ida Frltzmcler Judge of election H C Allen Clerk of election 'aye Llchty Clerk of election riiclle Hof Clerk of election 'lolet Dlmler Clerk of election 'own -of Lu Verne rent.... E McEnroe Judge of election lenry Bailey Judge of election Leo C Miller Judge of election i 'lark Scuffahm Clerk of election Ifred Jergenson Clerk of election ..CO J Miller rent lussell Shlplef Judge of elec- American Legion Post rent.. 2.51 J E Kelly Judge of election.. David S Anderson Judge of el- Frank Asa Arranging booths 5.40 8.30 5.4C 3.0C 3.9C S.W 3.90 3.9C 8.9C 5.40 e.oc 5.9C 9.7« 6.7 B.7 6.7 5.1 6.7 5.1 5.1 6.1 20i 2.00 tlon 4.80 0.60 0.80 5.40 7.40 6.40 5.40 4.50 4.60 4.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.50 4.50 5.00 3.00 6.00 4.80 4.80 4.80 0.70 4.80 2.00 0.00 Town of Whlttemore Rent.. Theo Knccht Arranging of booths ...,i.. A II Borclmrdt Sup Advance Pub. Co. Board pro Koch Brothers Sup Sliver Burdett Co Snp ....... Macnilllan Co Sup McCormlck Mathers Co Sup 18.41 American Book Co Sup 40.07 JVIIItJl 1UH1L j_«WJi» w «j..(» ..... j no *< Glnn & Co Sup , Ig8.«l Scott Forcsman Co Sup Follctt Book Co Sup Follctt Book Co Sup Houghton MlffUn & Co Kllpto Loose Leaf Co Sup. Lyons & Carnahan Sup Charles Scrlbners Sup 170.00 28.03 28.03 210 2.81 2.4' Waterlog 8.06 48.R8 45.M 37.81 81.71; 87.0S 10.M 517.08 Co Hup .....,...i....,,. ... 131.83 Globe Machine A Sup^Co Slip 59.28 Iowa Public Service Company LUtnt tarvlea . file* Ford DodfS Co Bnp . I itlro Fle> Co Sup .,....!,.< lefMittt M.Broim^Cfl guf . ••» Central Auto Electric Co Sup { V AdaUs Co Sup Constnictlon Co 8np Paper C«lmen«oh C« Sn Olbba I'OSbk TMctor A ISu bplJT Deerl ^ Co Stlp 65.05 . WcCofhilck, Deerlng Store Snp, ... (51.83 Concrete, Product* Corp. Sup 8185 Bancroft Oil Co Sun . , ..... .. 706.12 3wen. Cltjr OH Co Hup Standard T Oil Co Sup 37.44 654.88 Peerless Oil do Sup .......... 28S.OB Kossnth Oil Co Sup Dr. DRAINAGE FtJND No. * 0.30 , Rand McNally Co Sup 12.05 Row Peterson & Co Sup J.j» A N Palmer Co Sup 1-J2 University Publishing Co Sup 19.85 FAIR GROUND FUND Kossnth County Fair Ass'n Dick Bflado Labor ..,. C M Cobpcf Labor ,.., George. Looft Labor John Wjilch Labor .... James M Long Labor ,, Stott Halrdwaro Labor ., Dr. No. T; Dick Bnado Labor C II Codpcr Labor Stott Hardware Labor ., Dr. No. iO James Kclso Labor Clarence Hentgcs Labor F S Norton & Son Sup Dr. No j!2 George'Looft Labor ........ 10.21: John W*!ch Labor "" Dr. No. 'IS Dick Bata1e Labor C H Cooper Labor Dick Baade Labor , Dr. No 20 C H Cobpcr Labor ...... Stott Hardware Sup .... Dr. No. 23 James M Long Labor .... Joe H C/ulborison Labor George Looft Labor Dr. No 00 John Welch Labor ..... )r. No. j 07 ames KclAo Labor .... 'larenco Hentgcs Labor >r. No.jOS ames KclBo Labor .... larenco Hentgcs Labor . Jr. No. 09 a?™f.S'"3',!W: fi^I'SX &:•;::: Ho OB p." , . Sorcnscn Orovor Hoods R v ,. i. ro ' T •• o r " v Kennedy n rnR rr Huff Restaurant estaurant i., ....... Itrooks Food Mk, i, rov .. ' INSTITUTE FUND V J Stewart Judge of election 11.80 Vlil Rlngsdorf Clerk of election 0.00 Wyot Stott Judge of election 0.00 5 O Mann Clerk of election 0.00 Tohn Arndorfcr Judge of election 0.00 sadore Mayer Judge of election ,... 6.00 leo. Cink Judge of election .., 0.00 "lea. B Ludwlg Clerk of election 0.00 ohn Ludwlg Clerk of election 0.00 Hary McKenna rent 3.00 A. B Lappe Judge of election 5.40 'ohn Farrow Judge of election ;.., 5.40 Leo Goche Judge of election 5.40 ohn Hellmau Clerk of election , 6.40 3 H Cushuian Clerk of election 7.50 'ohn Frlderes Judge of election 5.10 Charles Plathe Judge of election 5.10 lenry Bormann Judge of election 5.10 ,Vm Runchy Clerk of election 5.10 fohn Bormann Clerk of clec- IBlon , 7.20 5 11 Jenson Judge of election 7.90 J W Bolllg Judge of election 5.40 Donna Dooley Sup Algona High School Activity Fund Rent of Auditorium INSANK FUND Katharine McKvoy Clerks fees O II Crctzmcyer Comm Fees T C Hutchison Comm Fees .. Dr R M Wallace Comm fees Dr C H Cretzmeycr trip to Cherokee LIBRARY FUND Macnilllan Co Sup Scott Forcsman Sup ........ Glnn & Co Sup : American Book Co Sup : J B Llpplncott Sup ... i.... D M liiile Sup C Heath Co Sup World Book Co Sup .• H A Phllllpps Co Sup ......' Laldlow Brothers Sup Informative Classroom Pictures Sup .Tolm Winston Sup Capital City Bookblndcry Sup >. Longmans Green Inc Sup .. Allyn & Bacon Sup Uougbton Mlfflln Co Sup .. CONSTRUCTION FUND II M Smith Salary John D Frascr Salary Kugene II AVray Rodman .. Jim Mcrryman Bridge Insp.. Hoenk Motor Serv. Storage Schwartz & Peterson Printing Bancroft Register Printing .. Advance Pub Co Printing .. J D Lowe Tile McGuire Bros Grading MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone W H Elmers Judge of election i , Chris Dahl Clerk of election Thos. J O'Donnell Clerk of election [.. C O Bailey Sec. Rent , Herman Wise, Judge of elec- Co Tele Serv City of Algona Light Serv Peter Movlck Adv Patrol .. Tom Weir Patrol W F Schrader Patrol Peter Movlck Patrol Clifford Holmes Patrol Mllo Patterson Patrol M L Worby Patrol 2.00 5.00 10.50 3.00 0.00 3.00 50.00 5.86 6.20 10.43 1.09 1.22 24.30 25.03 7.51 2.19 12.01 4023 8i05 10.70 .39 .93 1.27 205.00 135.00 5700 34:62 10.00 20.00 W.4f 114.08 30.00 478.50 1730 12.54: 24.00 92.00 90.00 70.00 100.40 100.00 115.5,1 Harry Hclmkc Patrol 149.50 tlon James F Black Judge of election M N Bormann; Judge of election Henry -Elscheld Clerk of election L C Hutchins Clerk of election Sim Leigh Judge of election H J Kohlhaas Judge of election ,. i...... H A Warmbier Judge of election M Paul Phillips Clerk of election t , John P Bormann Clerk of election , Chester B Johnson Judge of election Guy B Risk Judge of election Lee W Kcssel Judge of election ., S F Blome Clerk of election.. Cunegundes Sullivan Clerk of election , C C Anderson Rent Wm Krumm Judge of election A Emanuel Anderson Judge of election , Lev! Schuler Judge of election M J Kennedy Clerk of election Orvllle Thorson Clerk of election | John P Byson Judge of election Henry Tjaden Judge of election , Jens Sorensen Judge of election R A Harvey Clerk of election Glen W Jenklnson Clerk of election ... , A L Klelnpeter Judge of election Ole K Flom Judge of election i. .; L A Boleneus Judge of election ......';..{ ^.. ;.....| 5.40 5.40 540 3.00 6.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 5.80 0.40 5.10 5.10 B.10 5.10 8.25 4.05 4.05 605 f 4.65 3.00 8,50 5.40 5.40 6.40 5.40 6.30 8.70 5.70 5.70 6,70 4.80 4.80 6.20 Win F Gronbach Patrol Ed Fuchsen Patrol Ralph Markla Patrol .... Archie Dodds Patrol .... Hubert Mergen Patrol Joe M Ksser Patrol .... James Kclso Patrol Bert Shcllmycr Patrol .. Cliirence Hentges Patrol Joseph M Studer Patrol A .T Hildman Patrol , S Ilirner Patrol Lcm Stockwell Patrol ., J E Falk Patrol John Stott Patrol C II Cooper Patrol .' Dick Baade Patrol ". Calvin Householder Patror Alfred A Schultz Patrol .... 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Dr. No. 120 James Kelso Labor Clarence Hentgos Labor F S Norton & Son Sup ... Dr. No. 132 Curl Johnson Labor ..:.., Dr. No. m ' " Olaf Ofenduhl Labor ...... Calvin Householder Labor Dr. No. 135 Thco Dorenbush Labor ... Dr. No. 151 George Looft Labor ....,... John Welch Labor Dr. No. 108 George Looft Labor John Welcli Labor ...... Dr. No. 174 Clarence Hentges Labor ,. James Kelso Labor Dr. H K No. 2-30 Dick Baade Labor .., C II Cooper Labor Leon Geliier Labor Ivan Jvcreon Labor Leonard Kllpplng Labor . Joe Lnmoreaux Labor Dr. H K No. 3-40 Art Shllllngton Labor „ John Collins Labor Dr. H K No. 7-120 Jerry B Knabber Labor . Dr. H K No. 8 F S Norton & Son Sup ... Dr. W K No 35-80 George Smith' Labor A E Quumuie Labor ...... Buffalo Center Lumber Sup Dr. W K No. 08-130 ' R Pomeroy Labor POOR FUND Co. 10.00 4.50 4.00 30.20 28.40 000 13.50 5.50 4.00 4.50 4.00 55.70 o.7r 5.8T 5.2( 12.15 10.80 18.0C 20.25 O.OC 8.0C 2.8 15.7 14.0C 2.7 1.4 4.5C 4.00 2.0 130 12.4 6.7 1.1 15.7 12.tt 4.54 12.0C 4.0C 11.2, 12.5C 10.0 4.0 3.0C l.OC 11.29 1.1 1.03 4.1 8.2 0.1 4.0 .77 2.3C 12.8C 16.0C 3.60 Sen toy Larsoii' Labor" Tames Kclso Lni )ot -larenco HentgoH Lni,n«" Funk & Delm Sun r L E Stephens iVhV"',", 1 ' Northwestern Roll iLi P™ Co Tele Service „ lc| """« F 8 Norton & Son ,:.' Ilobarton Klevntor fn.i F S Norton & Son sip :ir P A ,T Kason ilen'tnf """ '° al " v D .Tiime.s mod ,si, n Kossuth Hospital Ho»'p"«» lldWCGf.t & Oirrr *\nn \v r* AT f 11 "" Kohlhaas Ylnrrtwa^'p 1 '"' Richardson Hardware sip"" 1 McCormlck Doorlng Store Vn'j Bancroft "6lY Co'RiYn Henry Field Seed .Store"™" mi Insurance Agency pi Geo Kohl sup".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.', ' Hereinbefore Written. 1 ' Motion by Qulnii nnd !nj ttl Donald that the Hoard minn j All. •T II Frascr Chairman E. S Klnse; County Auditor Auditor's Ollltt Algona, Ion 0:00 O'clock A M ' Board of Supervisors met It lar session with tho followlm bers present—Frascr. Helta, Donald, Qulnn nnd Cosgrore.' —None. Chairman Fraser directed tit rotary to rend the minute of III regular meeting and all meetings. Motion by ndkcn nnd 2nd by that, the minutes of the last session and nil adjourned stand approved as read. Motion by Qulnn and 2nd grove that $11'00 valuation be from personal tax ot Ed \V( Fenton Incorp. for the year of as recommended by the Town" of Fenton Incorp. Ayes: All. Motion by Ilelken and 2nd t>r that a paupers notlco be vn Richard Slicrcr. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and Si Cosgrovc that the Board n, 12:00 O'clock, Noon, June (J Ayes: All. Attest: K S Klney County Auditor J II Fraser Chairman Auditor's Offii Algona, Ion ..' June 9, «8 12:00 O'clock Noon Board of Supervisors m to adjournment with all present. The Board of Supervisor^! offlclo Hoard of County proceeded to open the Poll canvass the returns from (• precincts of the County M the poll books returned few oral election predncts aw owing Is n statement oil of the candidates nomuutM Primary Election and ttae which they were nomlnitw statement of the ottlcenBJ nominations were mads « mary Election held ot of June, 1942. For County nnd Sob-I _ . DEMOCRATIC County Auditor ;.,....... B S Klnscy County Treasurer None CJertc flf District Court ... ',•'.. ....... .....Nellie Van Allen Sheriff ,. , . ' ••• . _~ ...... Recorder County Attorney County Coroner A J Cogley ....Clara Walker ...Ii A Wlnkel ............Dr. R A Evans v,»u.. v v,uiuut,-> ..... ,i....|..,....., ur, n. A m» Supervisor lat District ; .....J H Fraecr Supervisor 3rd District - - W S Cosgrove u..t>w. l.ov. o*u J-'IBLrtUb ....•«....«...•.. V* O WOK**"' Supervisor 5th District ..,...,.,, ,.'..Frank Bauer Precinct Justice of Peace Algonn ..**•....* C H Ostwlnkle Buffalo • • • • • Burt ..: ....« Creaeo Eagle •; Fenton Garf ield ,' &ermuu Grant Constable Reiader Krominga DEHOORATIO NOMINATION OF JUNG lit, 1942 Trustee—Term IMS Trustee—Term 1944 W P Stenzel Clerk AueeiBor Blelch Herman Harms Telko Btecker ... J H Sheridan J L Vaui ....... Greenwood Harrison : , Hebron ., ..,...,...... Irvington ,. Ledy urd i Lincoln Lotts Creek .._...... Lu Verne , Plum Creek H Portland '. , Prairie , Ramsey ,....,. „ ......._.. Illverdule Seneca .' Sherman i Springfield .'....'."..... Sweu '.'. ..'.... Union *. Wesley John Uhlenbake Whlttemore Rudolph Hahu ., Joe ' Scballer ., Robert Kruse Jake Keller J Renger ,- A A Fangman .... Hike .Wagner .... Henry Schmidt Bobt. A Buniofske ,.,...„ .-,..,... Linus Vaske ......•.•.« "" Art Lester James Black A C J J Anderion Paul Hertzke C W Blbert .. ... MarOn Meyer ...i.iw.aj,.,;*...,.. L C Hutchins ,....• Belle Koppen .;..•'•-."""* John Arndorfer A B Lappe ...., Leo Bngesaer H A Warmbier ,. ...."...... Isadora Mayer Leo O'oche .... George B Ludvriv .... nttn Wolf .... • *•*••*•'*'& n T» rt i. w "* •••••••••»tt#«»»»«» • wllQ Tf«ii ••»• -« • :•.* H H Cushmau ,..,...- ;.,', John Bormann Wm. Hammer Joe Crowley f . jl H V Jens Sorensen Edwin Wlchtendahl Precinct Buffalo Burt . Cresco . Eagle .. Fenton . Garfleld German Grant Justice of Peace J B Johnston Delia Welter .. Howard Andrews ...I...*. W J Davidson ju.. .....^1...^..'. Geo. Moore Greenwood Harrison .. Hebron Irvington . Ledyard ... Lincoln .... Lotts Creek Lu Verne .. Plum Creek Portland .. Prairie ..... Ramsey .. Riverdalu Jeaeea, ,.... jbermaa Conttabl* Floyd Newvllle .....Ernst O Thiel W H Mcklefc ....w H Stott ... W H Stewart „ .„.„.•. 3 D Clarte ..,., Will Blomsiar BBPCBLICAN NOMINATION O» JUNE 1st. 1M» Trustee—Term 1843 Trustee—Term 1M4 Chris Brandt Elmer Potter T L Thorson O B Johnson Jobn C Cordea Geo. Nyman „.. Thos. Berg ..., Clerk JLnteuor B P Hangen ~^^ • ••*.w.'^*.»fiH»« 11 t»f t««..i«i*a tt . Q* ^ rM 11 **. •••..•..».,•.„•*.•.,„.•.,.»« •Blf£non»"»v..« .„„„..»,] B W Gingrich .,., ,,..,ij,.i..i, C R Lewie Fred Dnttoa H O Larson .. Henry Bischeld Wm, Frandle ..... ....... '* •*•»*••«•*•• *•• ••*»*•*•«• Marty ,...,.,... ww ....; MMt , Iwea Jnlon • ..... Wealey .... WbHtemvr* ••.••»«...••»»••*••• ..«.- .-jit.il.-. . Harner H L Braley ^^, 9 TBT T *~ J -~ ' W 1-U^ttQ t»tl**t«* •'•'» 11 • t« *** 11 f » • i « « Ole »*••.,». Chriji Itabl o i» Ttomm -M...V.tJ. .V"!?"**!. if H W«.

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