Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1942 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
Page 2
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OPAL OORHUS, OF LEDYARD, WEDS SOLDIER Ledyard, June 24—Opal Cor£ us ' 1S ,f n ,,P ie g°- Calif - and Corporal William Barnes, Fort Rosecrans, near San Diego, were married Saturday, June 14, in a double-ring ceremony at the home of a cousin of the bride at Coronado, Calif. Attendants were Joyce Corhus, sister of the bride, and 'Baf Knudsen, of Algona, friend of the couple. The bride wore a light blue suit with white accessories, and" her attendant was dressed in yellow, with brown accessories. Both bridegroom and bride are graduates of the Ledyard high school in 1936. Opal, who had I since been teaching in rural schools, went to California in .May. Kosatmt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. lowA^ Bride Bus Load io Reunion Several families here attended an Englebart reunion at Cedar Sails Sunday. Most of the local people went down in the Nitz school bus. They were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Johnson, Mrs. John Johnson, the Otto Englebarts, :?hT an £ ™ rs ' Ervin Klinksiek, the L. D. Maynes, Mrs. Ella Gelhaus. the Howard Jensens, Mar- tm Englebart, Mr. and Mrs. Nitz Laurence Nitz, Mr. and Mrs' Fr ed Logemann, Bluo Earth Mr' and Mrs. Ernest Englebart, Waterloo, came here with the group for two weeks_with relatives. Army Sergeant Vhils Here— Sgt. Paul Kollasch, of Santa Monica, Calif., Sister MarvDen- ise^Dubuque, Mrs. Orville Koli. Whittemore, and her 1 rhters were dinner guests at '-THIS IS THE former Bonnie •*• Phillips, now Mrs. Norman Fagerstrom, who was married Saturday evening at Denver, Colo., to Lieut. Norman G. Fa- gerslrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Fagerslrom, Des Moines. Bonnie was graduated from the Algona high school, and has been employed by the University Avenue Coal Co., Des Moines. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Phillips, Algona. Cut courtesy Register and Tribune. SWEAOTYAN HELPSBUILD ALASIA ROAD ELEVEN TONS SCRAP RUBRER AT SWEA CITY -- - --,—,, Jwe 24 — Lowell Baldus received liotice to leave June.24 to join I group of construction workei en route to Alaska to assist in building a new governmenj highway. He had been awaitiig final notice several days, ha'irig been instructed by heaquarters to be prepared to leavl at any time. Workers on th new highway are to rbport foiwork at Sitka, Alaska. They areallowed to take 60 pounds of Baggage, which must include cloliing for almost every t3'pe of leather, and a rather omplete Upply of medicines and drugs. An article in he Minneapolis Journal for Jun<i 14 graphically describes the typ of working ^onditior s under rhich Mr. Baldis and his co-woiters will live. The m w road Ml be built in the foothills insoar as possible, but much of it bnust traverse ground that is nw muskeg, or peat swa Tip. Sons of this is apparently bottomles and caterpillar tractclrs and cher roadbuild- mg macHnes hav been known i to sink ccmpletelyinto the muck •In such places, ties are being felled and thrown nto the swamp to make solid btitom for the road. Mosqunoes are specially troublesome just now and workers must be well prcected against Whittemore Alumni Hold Banquet Here The alumni association of Presentation academy, Whittemore, held its annual banquet and election of officers Monday night at the Algona Country club clubhouse. Thirteen members of this year's senior class were guests. The Rev. Father Kneip was toastmasfer. Edward O'Brien, president, and Francis Fandel, member of the 1942 senior class, spoke. Mary Kelso explained the work of the association. Officers elected were Mrs. Marion Hyink, president; Anita Brogan, vice; Coletta Elbert, secretary-treasurer. There were 48 persons in attendance. How Inflation Can Be Prevented Told County Agent Brown spoke oh "Inflation" at the Plum Creek Farm Bureau pie and ice cream Jk' CtUll .l_IV*4.^CtV« P*^ WA1V* J.%.V> X**.*«u*l social Friday night at the Center schoolhouse. Other numbers on the program were a trombone solo by Everett Keith, Algona; vocal solo*, Evelyn Bode; and piano numbers by Aline Martinek of the Doah neighborhood. A large crowd attended. PERMITS* TO WED. Three marriage licenses have been issued since last Thursday: Albert Swanson, Edith Dahl, Swea City; James Hatten, Bancroft, Bernice Krnmer, Whittemore; Harold A. Roschke, Waverly, Alvera R. Behnke, Whittemore. WANT ADS e? OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS HERE" LOST, SATURDAY NIGHT—Set or 6 or 7 keys on ring.—Leave at Iowa State Bank. 17p41 FOR SALE—22-INCH Rumely Ideal Separator, in good condition.—A. E. Merriam, Lu Verne. 12(2)41tf WANTED—MARRIED MAN for farm work. Good house, electricity.—Claude Seely, Algona. 12p41 REG. SHORTHORN AND Angu bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berk shire, and Yorkshire boars.—Ben Studer, Wesley. 14(2) 14tf FILM SERVICE—Developed and printed and satisfaction miair- anteed. Price, per film-—,-~^~.. L'..;..* LUSBY * 010891 r fe.-~>U ..:,..,„.•, ,1 | them. T one must --- f~ »"-x- v*_u ugUlliiDL eir hum Is so loud that raise hi voice to be uess a tne U C. Ternes home Monday re Thompsons Attend a Reunion- Mr and Mrs. George Thomp> lere with Jeanne Marian n Kay Thompson, of Sioux City, attended a Thompson snn"T U MrS ' Peter P °" son s, Lu Verne, Sunday. Reformed S. S. Hal Picnic- An annual Swca City, June 24—Northwest Kossuth snapped into action on its drive for scrap rubber and turned in 22,000 pounds in the first four days of the campaign, according to figures released Monday by Chairman Myron Johnson. Comparing this with reports heard abcve them Mr. Baldus wnsinstructed to take -turpentine vrth whi^h to smear his arms toguard against woodticksj which ee bad during four or fivb weeks f the Alaskan season. | The Baljlus fami'r will remain here dunrig his abence. REUNiON POSTPONED. West Bdnd, Juni 24— Due to WE HAVE A STOCK OF USED window and plate glass for sale at reasonable prices.—Cowan & Son. 15(2)40-41 nnri r> i ^ "^"""c ivianan i „ <-u.i, F ciiing U us> wim reports, ---, — , —.. ~ T —j^ uc LU StoiivPi? ** £ J hom P s °". of from other localities, it appears h; ar conditions, a Go-field' town- bioux Citv. ntfnnriori o rpu ihnf +)-,„ c,,,™ /-.u — ,.-**. I ship No. 8J school runion which JUOGEsON IN PRAISE OF SCOUnOEALS Judge Fred M. Hudson, one of the organizers of the Hawkeve fen |tate, said in an interS when he was here one day last week that there are two experi- One is the short-term experience at the Boys' State in practical politics and govern? vassed Bo'v Sco^t ° ther thG lon ? terrn ed ' •coy t>cout program to train for citizenship. "My only regret," said the Judge "is that the Boys' State I is ;L m i f - so few b °y s ' an a it is therefore impossible to reach for this training the vast number «**tii,wjj A t ci^_^(jcii. a that the Swea City area has gone all out" for turning in old rubber. Young and old are participating, and everything from baby's teething ring to Grandpa's crutch I tips is being thrown on the scrap heap. ^ The bulk of the old rubber contributions is made up of old tires, but almost every type of scrap rubber is making its appearance among the collections at local filling stations. A "rubber parade" was staged Saturday evening, led by the high school band under direction pt Gerald Niemeyer and includ ing several truckloads of old rub ber Curtis Kluger was on hand with his public address system and Chairman Johnson gave E booster talk. Mr. Johnson wishes to give special praise to tank wagon drivers who are bringing in the scrap rubber from the farms in connection with their usual calls on gas and oil deliveries In this way, virtually every farm in this territory has been or will be can- FOR SALE—1939 PLYMOUTH coupe, radio, hot water heater. —See Lawrence Misbach or phone 985. 12 P 41 NURSERY SCHOOL — Child de velopment through supervise group—play, stories, songs, hand craft. Begins June 29—rates $1.5 for 5-day week, 9-11:30 a. m Phone 942-W. — Mrs. Ear Sprague. 25g4 FOR RENT—4-ROOM APART ment, insulated, heat furnished hot soft water, tub and shower either furnished or unfurnished Available at once. Located up town.—See Lawrence Misbach or phone 985. 25p41 FOR SALE—4-YEAR-OLD saddle horses, either spotted or bay; also work horses. — W. E. Lane, Algona. I6p41 FOR SALE — COLLIE PUPS Males $3, females $1.50, 5 miles south, 2% m. west Hobarton corner.—Art Henry. ; • ' ' 17p41 NOW IS THE TIME TO GET your summer chicks. A nice supply of one week to three weeks old heavies, Leghorns and Leghorn pullets. Last hatch July 4, and it will be small.—Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 36(2)41 on wc was to haye been hid next Sunday has been postpned till next year. FOR SALE—1938 CHEVROLET De Luxe 2-door sedan. Priced to sell.—Casey Loss, Burt. 12(2)32tf CARD OF THANKS—WE WISH to express our sincere thanks to our neighbors and friends for the kind assistance at the death and burial of our 'brother and brother-in-law.—Mr. and Mrs. J. L. RosenbeEger and Christina Rosenberger. p41 numer that are reached through Scout"We have been fortunate in the quality of leadership we have for our boys," the Judge continued I believe our youth projects are S Aflnest things sponsored bv •f^ * mer l can Le S ion - I have visited the Boys' State each year heretofore, but was unable to be there this year." Judge Hudson is a member of the Prairie Gold Area Council's executive board as representative ™ gS T I° m Pocah °ntas county. The Judge said that in his experience on the criminal bench so tar he had never had a boy or man before him who had received Scout training. Picnic is Planned for the 4-H Clubs The county Farm Bureau will entertain the 4-H boys and girls at a picnic at the fairgrounds ' - -• -•»•- j.a.uKiuunas n f. x t Tuesday. This will be an all-day affair, beginning at 10 a m. V. B. Hamilton, Des Moines' secretary of the Farm Bureau federation, will speak in the afternoon. There will be kitten- ball games in the morning and sports, including races, hog-call- tefnoon d nail " drivin g in the af- -*- New fall shoes are beginning to arrive. We need more room, so w> are giving you this opportunity to get your summer shoes A the lowest price possible. Come early while we have your aze AAAA's to C's. Cod and airy Men'; ROBIEE Summer Oxfords The men's shoe where style and confort meet All Godyear Welts $6.85 to $6.00 values KRANTZ REUNION Doan, June 23 — Bryan Asa, Kathenne Hutchison, and L E • ant f ^tended a Krantz re'un- Pnlic Q ^ Ke o non park - Sioux Falls, S D., Sunday. This was the ninth annual gathering, and the Asas have attended all of them. Some 75 persons attended You Can Save interest and renewal costs by refinancing your present costly home loan thru our modern plan. Full Details. No Obligation. - BUY WAR SAVINGS BONDS from income — every pay day. For Sale Here Algona Federal Savings and Loan Association White Leghorn Pullet -«•-• 2 to 3 weeks old $16.00 per 100 Cotton Hatchery Lone Rock 14*00 Mid $5.00 Men's Summer Oifords Coo] and airy Joty strides The sl]oe ttut does not roll up under the foot. AH Godyear Welts ?5.(0 values NO\\ $4.39 Men's Summer BedfoH Squares Cool find dry. Goodyear Welts. All nade over com- fortaf)le last $4.00 values Nov $3.89 Ladies and Girls Air-Step Dress Shoes All white, brown and white, beige, black and white. All summer styles $6.50 values Now $4.98 Ladies and Girls Odettes Dress Shoes All white, brown and white, black and white, and beige. All summer styles $5.00 and $4.00 values $3.98, $3.50 and $3.00 Ladies' and Girls Summer Sandals, Kedettes, Any color and any style. Sport Oxfords, white, brown and white. Pumps, straps, and a few ties $1-98, $2.45 and $2.98 BROWNfeilf ALOONA JHjJHgJTORE THAT TAKES FOR SALE—400 ACRES well improved with 2 sets 61 buildings, one hew set; fine land. Located in German township, Kossuth county. Price $115.00 per a^re. Good buy. Big Hst of farms on easy terms.—O. B, Anderson, Forest City, Iowa. 39p41-42 to TIBCAS about July 3 and can take two passen- «tfS,—Mrs. Gail Towhe, Algona, jphbne 379. , f7p4l r 4 tlon of fathous Mary Kine Beauty Products full ot- frnrt time it! ' Algona. Deluxe case filled wth ; eottplete. assortment of products (value $12.60) free. No investment, ho experience necessary. Average earnings dollar an hour. — .Write Mary King Beauty Dept., 150 Liberty St* WiMnnn tfi«« •',...'' ESTRjVY weighs white ; Minn, 47p41 %*! one. wink a 39-41 <uMjVfef r &*****&Wf >4&* ;/*fe»r quart w I C r 24C & Mary Stevens SALAD DRESSING Mary Stevens Sandwich SPREAD..... Campbell's TOMATO JUICE 3 APPLE BUTTER DILL PICKLES 18K GRAPE JUICE 8-oz. bottle FJjMJ NECTAR 2 tor 15c HONEY ... '^23c quart l)0t. at Our Everyday Low Prices 59c •'Ml). E-Z KREEM.. SPRY .. . SODA CRACKERS 17 NORTHERN TISSUE ftowtww...::* SrlS""-: 1 * 18K5ALT. . :*7 C LAVA SOAP MED. BARS 4 for 25C CAkTfoUR !3c 18KMILK S tall ^o cans . £CC Sun Rich CORN FLAKES 3 Ptg , 20c Kellogg's CORN FLAKES 2 1)k8 ,l5c Sun Rich BRAN FLAKES .'£• Sun Rich ROLLED OATS ^ QUAKER OATS '" re<! Carol *""** • . Pkg. C I U WHEAT PUFFS pt - 8 c Sun Rich WHEAT CEREAL ^I4c Sho Pair Ma<.n»__- . r^o* • ^W^f ..3,29c PEASUARROTS2 to 25c l-Ib. can PINK SALMON 2,. r 37c No. 2 can Carol GRAPEFRUIT. .2, t 21c No. 10 Hn SEEDLESS GRAPES 49e EARLY PEAS ..2,«Z7e Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS Mb. . box Orange or Gum Drop CANDY BISQUICK Large Pkg. 28c No. 10 each PRUNES 35c Fruits & Vegetables Humboldt County BUTTER .. 36'/ 2 c Good size New Potatoes 10 pounds 34c Sliced I)OX Quality Meats BACON ENDS Minced BOLOGNA SMALL WIENERS ,.2U Summer SAUSAGE .. .., 2614C PORK LIVER.. ..,, 158 PORK CHOPS...»27e BACON SQUARES, 16'; SHORT RIBS ...Jl 1 /; BEEF ROAST - 24e ^ ^ ^^^ -r*i«H ••Vfli^l , , , IM. — HOODS LGA Where Quality Costs No More

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