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The Herald from Rock Hill, South Carolina • 2

The Heraldi
Rock Hill, South Carolina
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In many of the lower groups nt animals organs nf smell are distributed widely over the body Better Hurry Son Time's A-Wastin' IKNEWWHffJo D( Hollis Lake Sets Opening For May 31 Hollis Ijike located shout a mile west of Ebenezer will open for the summer season Saturday May 31 Dan Hollis Jr owner said today that the bathhouse and fun-deck had been enlarged and renovated and are among the beat In the county Both awimming and fishing are provided at the lakes The lakes will he open each week- day and on Sunday afternoons Make Dmd ffoppy shin OACsmOmm lull SS lllWS yum Wat MSwIlaraw I NAMED JUDGE COLUMBIA Greenville at-i tomey Alfred Burgess today was named by Gov Byrnes to be a ipecla) Judge for a regular term of General Sessions iCriminali Court in Piekena County beginning June 2 LOOKING BACKWARD May za left A new club among Ihe Rock Hill young set' hs been organized with the following members: Mary Steed Elizabeth Buchanan Mary Speake Pauline Goodman Virginia Brice Rota Pressly Elizabeth and Mary Beckham Annie May Hope and Eunire Tompkins The Rev Oates pastor of the York A Church since 1909 has accepted a call to the A Church In Columbia Robert Miller and Gilbert Henry of Ihe Presbyterian College Chilian are In Rock Hill for summer vacation May lest Mr and Mri Water of Rock Hill announco the birth of a son David Jordan Mlsa Nancy Rodman of Oakley Hall High School near Rodman haa won the Fourth Annual Gnrgaa Memorial essay contest for South Carolina Wolfe president will preside at the Interdenominational singing convention of York County which will meet tomorrow at North-side Baptist Church Rock Hill May IMS Misses Frances Craig and Mary Jeter students at Convene College Spartanburg have returned to Rack Hill to spend the summer with their parents Krneat Brady Honeycutt Rock Hill High School senM1 has been swarded the annual Phi Beta Kappa scholarship to the University nf South Carolina Mr and Mrs Jackson nf Newport had aa Sunday guests Mix Howard Simill nf Rock Hill Mn A Jackson and Sirs Jackson GET IT AT PARKER'S close are BotanieaJIy apples relatives of pear Among all best sellers Only one best taste Report From Washington Just tell the man you want Imporial Kefauver Builds Up Record In Taking Stand On All Questions Today's Test -Whet rotor I the floor of the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Rraxil? It la made up of red blue and green muds which get their color from bite of volcanic rock and coral -To what denomination did the founder of the Salvation Army beling? A -Founder William Booth wee a Methodist minister What two countries does the Khyher Pass connect? A-Pakistan with Afghanistan Dynamite Blows Opening In Roof Of Negro School JACKSONVILLE Fla Two sticks of dynamite htew a small hole In the roof of Walker Vocational College here early yesterday Police Capt Edrington made the report and said two adeka of dynamite also were found on the ground close to the porch of David Dwight Negro president nf the Duval County Democratic Alliance a political organization home la about a block from the college Dwight could not be reached for comment but police said the organization had taken no great active part in this year's election Edrington quoted Dwight as saying he did not know why anyone would try to dynamite hia house The precinct where the college ia located at Ninth and Myrtle Street! la near the center of the city and haa 2390 Negroes and one white voter Damage resulting from the 3 am blast was small police said Hiram Walker makes Imperial smooth end good and people like you hove mode it one ef America's very largest-selling whiskies MFNOfO WHHKir snoot to MAIN NfUTtAl IfHMTl HMtAM WAim a ions INC MONA IU THE EVENING HERALD FlHiM fiivy Afternoon lndi Wednesday May 2ft 1952 Thoughts A Und flow In with milk and Exodus 3 Even the Deid Sea contain fabulous wealth but Inflntcly greater Is the gieateat man who Med and labored there That I the real wealth of any land For Joyceo Wives A Word Of Warning The Rock llill Junior Chamber of Commerce is consid ering a special award for some Jaycee wife Stripped to the bone this Is It: To the Jaycee wife who is most understanding and tolerant of her husbands time away from home for chapter meetings committee meetings and civic projects will go a loving cup Right-side-up that little proposition sounds all right tha Junior Chamber of Commerce an outstanding civic organization? And a wife appreciate her husband'! interest in Jaycee activities? Sure Sure Now turn the idea over siow-llke In your mind We can hear any number of our Jaycee friends calling a committee meeting: "Bob we're gonna hold a meeting of the recreation committee at my er by the way can you bring your chlpa?" wife doesn't protest got that loving cup In mind The Junior Chamber Is a splendid hard-working outfit And its members are all public spirited fellows But they're human Smart too They know what they could do with a promise of that loving cup To the wives we aay lt'a only fair to be tolerant of your husband's dvic-mlndcdness But don't sacrifice your right to put your foot down for a try at a loving (loving?) cup After all wouldn't the winner also inherit the title of the wlfe-who-has-spent-most-tlme-by-herself? By Any Other Nome fanatic" says Winston Churchill "is one who cant change his mind and won't change the subject" We thought that was a politician Foir Freight Rote The South has won one fight with the North It's going to get equal freight rates Friday of this week a uniform system of classification of freight will go Into effect ending a 13-year-old battle begun In 1939 at the Southern Governors' Conference Discriminatory rafts In the South have been In force about as long as tha railroads hava been In operation But now the Interstate Commerce Commission throwing out many protests of the new rate structure has put the South on a par with tha North railroad-wise The atep of course Is long overdue Unfair rates have cost Southern shippers millions of dollars Now thank goodness they ran do business without the penalty of an antiquated unfair freight rate system Other Folks Soy Doti a Curve Curve? A new snd awesome electronic calculator says a common baseball of tha shape baseballs are supposed to be weighing what official baseballs are supposed to weigh propelled at the speed and with the spin any good pitcher can put on It actually curves All of which may appear as merely auperscientific laboring of the obvious to several millions who have (a) sat behind the plate anywhere from the Polo Grounds to Sportsman's Park or (b) fanned the air with a willow themselves But some surprisingly few will recall the stroboscopic pictures In Life magazine 11 years ago which showed that Carl IJubbell't and Cy best twisters didn't curve at all just dropped There they were: A string of white circles right down a straight chalk line No optical Illusion here A camera can't lie or can It? Anyhow If two marvels of technology are going to stand up and can each other liars why not seize the baseball by the seams and see If It won't curve around something solid? The answer is It's already been done long ago Sporting News (baseball's fountainhead of knowledge) says alar pitcher Fred Ooldsmith did It right times In 1870 He and a catcher stood on the same side of a line of three stakes The ball left the pitcher's hand to the left of the first stake traveled to the right of the second and smacked into the catcher's bands (no mitts then) at the left of the third Bill Posedel and Lenny Levy did It again in 1950 Who's right? Well anyone who has twisted himself into a pretzel as he swung at a big "round house" and missed for the third strike knows that If that curve was an optical illusion then his bat had an invisible hole in It Christian Science Monitor i Not Interested The politician returned from a big campaign speech "Well how did the audience receive your statement that you'd never bought a vote?" "Well about a dozen cheered a couple hundred seemed to lose Interest In the speech and about fifty just got up and walked Femandlna Fla News-Leader Before marriage they quote Shakespeare afterwards Junior Ellavllle Oa Sun Most Ameriesns live In the present-tense Memphis Press-Scimitar THE EVENING HERALD published by Herald 'Publishing Co at 132 West Main Si Rmk Kill Telephone 316L Entered aa Second Class matter at Rock Hill postofflce under act of March 3 11178 The Herald deaires to be notified promptly of any errors ao that proper correction may be made Any complaint of unfair treatment In Its column will ba adjusted If the public will get In touch with a responsible executive of tha paper DELIVERED PRICE: CARRIER: 30c a week No advance payment acceptable at office Rural motor routes 35c weekly BY MAJX York Cheater and Lancaster Counties: une year $10 a Lx montlu $5 JO three month one month $1 North and South Carolina: on year $13 six months MTS three months $350 one month $125 Elsewhere In the I'nited Siiim: nne year six months I8J0 three months one month $160 Officer Candidate Opportunties Are Open For Women New opportunities fnr Officers Candidate School Training have been opened to civilian! and enlisted members of the Women In The Air Force This announcement wai made today by Major Russell Mitchell Acting Deputy Commander for Recruiting in the South Carolina Military District It was emphasised by Major Mitchell that this opportunity is open to young women in civilian status as well those already serving with the WAF To be eligible for OCS training a woman must he between the ages nf 30's snd 26' i must hsve completed high school or have the equivalent education levrl and he mentally and physically qualified for general service with the Women In The Air Force Idee Rut he 1 one of the group aupimrting a resolution to have the President call a meeting of Atlantic Tart nalinna to atudy what basis exists for a stronger alliance Senator Kefauver haa auppnrtrd both military and economic aid fnr Europe He la In favor of keeping lr troops In Kumpe lie sup-pnrla President Truman's action in Korea hut tlie senator goes Ihe President one better in favoring hnmhing Manchurian air bases On other domestic issues Sens? lor Kefauver has supported universal military training He favors rearmament hut hs wants emphasis put on Point Four-type aid far friendly countries He Is for tha St- Lawrence seaway and more valley authorities modeled on th TV A so successful in his own state Senator Kefauver haa reeelved big hands fnr saying he Is in favor nf the balanced budget and a reduced national debt He eays he dnran't eee how taxes can he rut hut he ian't in favor of raising them nor does he support the Idea nf a general sales lax He is for continuing both prlee snd wage controls and he voted against the Capehart amendment In allow enst-prirs increase On rorruption In government Sen ator Kefauver takes the stand he has taken sinrs the end nf hi Senate crime investigation He favors ri-ratinn of a federal crime commission first to clean up ths national government second to aid stale end local governments In carrying out their primary responsibility of crime suppression That the Tennessee senator Isn't afraid In meet an issue head on was shown during hia campaign In Wisconsin BE COOL and SAVE the BAXTER WAY ru Vah hv your Reglstra-Uo TOU tlon Certificate? aM lllliei eke nskt II IMr lint choke A- StTUosepK ASPIRIN 100 UMTS 4ft lly PETER KDNON WASHINGTON In the first 100 days of hi campaign (nr tha Democratic presidential nomination Son Ealea Kefauver of Tennessee visited in 35 states entered 111 primaries made 3(1 major addresses and at least 300 whistle-alnp talks had been on radio or IV once or twice a day and had shaken 117459 hand Or some such number Anyway slowly but ateaili-'y the tall Tennesseean ha been building up a record of where he stands on every single Issue To Washington polities! writers this somewhat remarkable because they never considered him wired for sound Even when his Senate crime Investigation was go-Ing hill tilt dragging Information out of him was always tough lie was always soft-spoken and shy to tha point of seeming embarrassed during an Interview This has caused some doubt about what kind nf a president he might make lie has had little or no executive experience When rongressinnal voles have hrvn counted Kefauver has usually hern (mind on the side of the pen pul for progressive and liberal reform rather than reaction He ha not voted the straight New Deal Democratic line I Ic has changed his mind on some Issues Kefsiivcr's opponent say this is a sign of weakness Hit supporters say It provea that wheix the aenafor has found himself in the wrong he has admitted it Thus while Senator Kefauver fii-at voted againal the Taft-llart-ley set he saya now he would not repeal it hut would amend it tn limit use nf Injunctions and modify the flat closed-shop ban Senator Kefauver has been critical of Pivsirient Truman for his seixura of ths steel nulls to prevent a strike ran nee Farm Tien The senator has also differed with the President on the administration's Brannan farm plan Ke-fauver supports the farm prire support program hnwevvr and he favors a higher parity level to include the farmer's own labor In computing production costs Kefauver haa likewise opposed compulsory health insurance Rut he la in favor nf more federal aid for hospital construction and the training of more doctors He is hie mona federal aid to general education too In this connecting Kefauver favors Sen- IJsler Hill's hill in allocate oil royalties from federally-owned tldclnnds for education Senator Ke-fauver was absent when the last Senate vote was taken on reluming tidelands to stale ownership If present he would have voted for federal ownership The two issues on which Senator Kefauver was hardest hit hv Sen Richard Russell during the Florida primary campaign were hi civil rights stand and hi past sponsorship nf I'nion" Frankly Senator Kefauver does a llule fence-straddling on civil rights He is opposed to Senate filibustering to prevent a vole on the Issue In Tennessee he has supported a stats law to ban the poll tax He thinks this question and fair employment practices ran best be handled by voluntary action In the states If tlie Democratic platform written at Chicago calls for a permanent re PC howwr Senator Kefauver says he'll support if This Is obviously a stand Intended to please both North and deep South 4 Id To Europe Senator Kefauver insia'S He is not fnr Clarence Stmts "Union Hn You hv our Bo'glstra-1 wu lion Certificate? 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