Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1942
Page 3
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ttxraontAL PAOE —Washington dispatch Register. a ' tmder the Act «f March s; (WTo OF eounty poitofflcw and out ----•—«•«=", fvane, ttjngstea, Stllson. West Bend, and Woden. 11.50 In No l. 12.50 po.toffloe named • A - "" l-Advance alone to all other postoffices Growing Girls and Their Stockingless Fad the weather was Jperbeck, of Swea inciiirfinWir'"'"' aS many anoth er editor, including the present writer, has done on the custom of l ate vea rs among growing of the next generation. The impression es down from the days when wore wool "longies" in winter and women were loaded down with petticoats pressed in ^^ ° f m ° St Parents is ex ~ frnm** ™ ^ letieT ° n the stoc kingless fad irom a mother to "Ol 1 Doc Brady,"" The same proposal has from time to time been made with reference to Iowa taxes, both income and property. Doubtless the big taxpayers do not need this accommodation, but many "little fel- ows" do, and now that the federal income tax has been broadened to include millions not previously liable there are many more "little fellows." Most "little fellows'' can pay a few dol- ars a month, but find it "pinching" to spare the money for a sizeable larger sum, particularly when it is not directly related to their vocations. The life insurance companies have solved this problem by providing that policyholders may, if they prefer, pay premiums in installments at a slightly higher charge than for yearly premiums. HODGEPODGE • •In*!*, DEER BOSS—So ya want ta know whut neppened ta me? Its a long and very sad story vu a gink whut dussent know when ta keep his trap shut which very few ginks do considering theres so meny running fer office and getting their traps clatterin like & fipn T\QfK* . a hen party. The D. M. Register and Mr. Thornburg U^P^rS P ers< ? nal observation of the u. S>. Senate. I d say that if Mark Thornbure hp"?™?^ a " d . elec *ed he would rank in he top third of the senators in ability Thi" t was so innercent and stuff when ball and chain went out wun nite fer to swap-the nasty, stuff with tha rest of tha gurls while they played sum of that there bridge and at the same time Looie tha Lous neerd she wuz gone so he kum over whic wuz a mistaik. Tha ball and chain give strict Instructions how I wuz to mind little Oscar junior whu ,t P r d l S . " 1U .^? Uenshun to « - * d ° mo. THE MOVIES imc, KIMO'S ROW- «v tha stuff what is when she starts in ta ever gushing ou .... - chin waggle which wuz a mistaik cuz wunce in a while tha S c ^^=i3^S _or .bare knSnTu^coM wea'CwIl! now then in Popular ideas on health are often extremely hard to overcome. People get so" se in them that not even doctors cfn £ them loose. Accordingly, what Doctor Brady said in reply to this mother will probably be met with skepticism by most readers- but even so it is worth reprinting, if f or no i hing else then to provide the girls with an authoritative argument. Here is the Doctor's 'opinion: it t f o S hlrT re my daughter - Ma'am, I'd leave Let me assure you now, as in vears tr. come that it has nothing to do with health whether a child wears or does noT wear any .particular clothing. This applies te stockings, overshoes, underwear, hats, coats or •other outer wraps, ear muffs, chest the throat - belly One of the things Mr. Miller's followers wonder about is why his column has gone editorial and political in the last year.. It had been understood that editorial opinions in the Register were to be found only on the editorial page. Some of the same readers and others have also been wondering whether the Register is ; at present pursuing what has been under- ] stood to be its traditional policy of no favoritism for political candidates. It has seemed evident for some time that the Register was deliberately pushing the candidacy of Mr. Thornburg " Well everything went o k f er a long while and Loo le tha Eo use and I set in tha kitch ndPtted lha and drank sum It is only occasionally that we are privileged to witness a strictly "adult" -movie, due not so much to producer or manager as to the inherent nature of the modern motion picture and its almost universal appeal to both young and old. King's Row, the somewhat sordid (and much too long) story of life in a small town in the early 1900,'s, really packs a dramatic Wallop, and so much happens in so little time that it is almost episodic. Because of faultless direction by Sam Wood and a well balanced, thoroughly convincing cast of stars (there isn't a mediocre performer in the entire two hours of dramatic suspense), what might easily have been a sensational and sexy "melo" of the roaring nineties develops into nnp rtf thr» m/tot iti4>ii*4«n1*» *u«iii actor. There There is a strong religious background (Catholic) in Joan of Paris, and much of the action —^^^; take* place in a cathedral. Laird Gre|ar, big, sinister, superb as "heavy," pl.ys a grand role as German officer who heads the Gestatoo. Hill bdy is my favorite Villain: his performance is so cola, calculated, heartless. .Tdd bad Joaft had to follow king's How—it ain't fair, such booking! LONE ROCK PARAGRAPHS . . >> ^^^^^ M ^^______^_____ The Carl Kummerfeldts, Ringsted, called at P. M. Christenson s Ollfrirln** nf (*%**** *^n*t Dit 4l* V*M* ******•» oii^Uf %*CXAACU Ctb A t ATJU \^11A lOLCllDUIl 9 Sunday afternoon. Ruth Krueger is visiting the Christensons this week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris went to Cowrie Sunday for a few days at the daughter Mrs. Clarence Johnson's. Mrs. Harlan Blanchard drove o Humboldt Friday to bring lome Florence Householder, who had finished a school year there. ., . . .. - . The Mite society will meet at the roaring nineties develops into,Mrs. Lillie Thompson's next one of the most intensely thrill- week Thursday mg productions of the year. Mrs. L. B. Hollister, of Nora King's Row is a town about the Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Martin size of Algona, and might be in Vaudt, Bancroft, and the M. H. Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, or any Heiters, Marathon, were guests at other middle-western state. All W. C. Heiter's Sunday, who have lived their lives in Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, of Mason such small towns know there is City, and her daughter Kathryn much which t air PC ninnn "KoV%inri I snpnt frnm inof week Tuesdav till KffM*. V_A_ TT ^1__ "*-*-•• W111«AA tUWUia IVllUW nuch which takes place "behind I spent from last week Tuesday fill he scenes." Perhaps there aren't Thursday with Mrs. Kate Hawks, he dramatic vicissitudes which and Margaret Johnson, Algona. hake the very foundations of was a guest of Kathryn Wednes- Kings Row, but there are oth- day and Thursday, rs, insignificant episodes that po The Henry Schroeders spent n in people's lives with whom Saturday evening at Henrv we are friendly and intimate. Weiners, at Burt. The S; M Or ""--'- that ™k s ' Le dyard, called at Schroe :„ der s Sunday evening. Timely Topics — . Some of the soldiers in Ireland write that mo'nthT 136 !/ th ^ C ° ming b ?9 k in a few *——• «">>j maun, sum whut must hev been used ta clean out -s and when thet run out Louie the street and cum beck with sum t^mi* 1 ! m teUln ya t"* U *« •** *«*e *» mix them two in the same stumick. : workin on our second can of beer firewurks started by junior wakin up and crying and Louie sez to me yud better do sumthin or thet walking fire sireen get tha cops on us and I sed to Louie he vfTJ ^ n ° Walkin * fire sireen and he yowled like liet when he was wet on tha lower end So Louie sez Yud better go up and fix thet sitteashun so I finished tha can of beer and I j got up and went unstaiT-c n^j i«_i j • 41. ^~.~ T~;v~~*""j luuwneu uy i. T *—> --•••—•«», me xuuiur junior wh,,t i- ° ked m on o he frie ndship between Robert \Longs, and Henry Eike, all of junior wnut was yelpm tin he wuz pink in Cummings and Donald ("Dutch") Bancroft ' Mrs. Richard Long, her puss and I sed sum babeetalk but he Rea f an in this Picture, because it ? ons ' Mrs - Lillie Thompson/and «• *„* - T ^ .. I recalls a tragedy in my own life her daughter Neva.' nm n„..— i , , . Mrs. ICato Hnii:. Sunday afternoon. The Lynches spent Sunday veening at Robert Barslou's, Swea City, > Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hanna entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of the daughter Jun Adele, who was confirmed at th Burt Lutheran church Sunday Guests were-Mr. and Mrs. Alber Wolfgram, the Arthur Muellers the Lloyd Kerns, the Georgt Jentz family, the Clarence Thee! fields, all 6f Fenton; the Merle Hansens, Armltrong; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jentz, the Mark Simmons family, the Harvey Higleys the Howard Andersons, all 0 Fairmont; Mrs. Howard Reeder Cedar Falls; Mrs. Tillie Hanna daughter Myrtle, and Mr; and Mrs. Everett Hanna. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton spent Friday at Spencer, where they attended a bankers' convention and visited the Harley Shel- litnsr evening sSsSS •"* w=T,a i h«»i» . The Wm. Nelsons were guests at Harvey Nelson's, Britt, Sun'™ -^ *-»-»^ *i*m*lH V^, I —-••*-» w| lAir A«U* V* AI1C tJi 1Y.1. \Ji What I mean to say is that Y^ cks '_^edyard, called at Schroe lere are many skeletons in r s Sunday evening, many closets in all the King's Carol Ann Thompson and he ows up and down the vast ex- Cousin, Alice Long, the latter o anses of this country, in places Bancroft, were honorees at din UTO ItrSMtlrl IMHHA t .... . I T1 *H* ft t T?r«1**l* ftl* au __ t n__ • «.-« M_I* aiiu uuwir me vast expanses of this country, in places i —• — ..^^ a at U m we would least expect to find S® 1 " at . ? al P h Thompson's Sunday them—httle towns where every- ?" e 8 lris na <J their first commun one is supposed to know every- i? n at st - John's Catholic church body else's business often harbor Bancroft, that morning. Othe the most tremendbus dramas dinner guests were the A W T was particularly touched by . La mpes, Ventura,' the Arthur friendship between Robert ~ ongs> a °d Henry Eike, all o ^»v^1 r\ r*o «*» J T^ i _i ynv-k , «... I RjlTir'^/\-ff 'K^*» n *n J_i <• » . Too little clothing may make a child or adult uncomfortable, but cannot cause or ^irLto^^ffieiei^^^ health. ."„/ 1 ., - ""^ not writing merelv to is^ SL> he - me f °fe ^^ ha d bettlr y r£ ise tneir opinions. They may not be back _ .„ , and some will not return at all Th ls war isn't going to be finished in a hurry or without fighting. Ilnlsnea m a They say the D. M. Register is for Thorn- 3urg for senator because "Mike" °--™^1 C. Globe-Gazette is for DoUiver -jarl is always for a World War I "buddy" Which may tempt folks who don't like newspaper Political pets to vote for Wilson or— i s that other guy? In the late telephone rate ruckus it was haracteristic of Earl G. Milled to leap UD "ission 15 nev f ° r ? State T ?^ la °°^^- oon 'own" it if we had'one 1 — r^elTrtive a^rsas^swr^'^S ^TSSJTS Sov^,^"»" ays another and quite contrary o Ed. M. Smith, of the Winterset an, former secretary of state tl ^keeping system is antiquatedland toere! most^ySg 68 ^wrftlf lo^^ d probably Mr. Smith also, will stand by WU- sons as probably least juggled. had what looked just yelled louder and so I thet wussent appresheated and Looie hol- lared up tha stairs to change tha kids pants Now boss when yur ball and chain gives ya mstruchuns how to change tha panls on a junior yud better keep yur ears clean and listen for thets no job fer an amacheur whut n,^ "l^ 1 ^. 1010 " 1 . 1 ^ dont know been ' able Ka< * Bollinger, Fenton, her son Harvey were dinner s ' or reconcile. We are so vey were nner about dramatic 0 aests a « Clair Bellinger's Sua- da - The Ray Snyders spent the ' in - yers spent the that fay at Eugene Pearson's, Hamp* on a free fancy ette or redtop. like those depicted "'"&" u^. ow> " Oh> wel1 ' t—-- couidn t happen to me." But ac-| ;;;--•• -™ "««= aucompamed by tually things like this, stark, h^ac. And ersons, Elmore, who i tragedy, strike anywhere ' V1B1 * D ' T -* **- ~" utt -'- wno often right at our doors. And •""*''— T ^— some «-* ~ -»-M*UWi4 tJy •i.ldllllj'" rr ai 3? were accompanied by ^ r. Andersons, Elmore, who at the Delbert Gates any blonde brun- L h , e . •<<*„ sh e) have ?" no sponge, yardgoods is tha ste grievance. Liability Insurance for All Car Drivers Perhaps the frightful number of automobile accidents involving permanent injuries and/or loss of life will be automatically reduced in view of tire-rationing and prospective gas-rationing, not to mention ultimate car-requisitioning, but the problem of irresponsible drivers without liability insurance is still a live question. The Webster City Freeman recently gave a short summary, as follows, of a New York law on this problem which went into effect January 1; age e The navy ran paid stuff last Winter and " to find it wet and it wuz fact how such ; Tha taiken off uv tha easy p art and j maid u Q ^ ^^ ^ ^^ who hed cum upstairs hed ta kick tha dog away CU2 tha dog wanted ta lick juniors fase and Louie sez thet aint sanitary. I handed tha wet stuff ta Louie who sez nust hev hed a lot of beer Louie didnt know nuthin about you cant give beer to fei> his a chanse ba t b a ie t Sa ik m *"* ^^ ^ * W em I found tha new yardgoods and folded ^•JT! d i dnt CUm ° Ut even on eitft er did it again but tha things must been cut wrong becuz they just done such get right Fort Calif., spent Friday af- iffl TWfO 1-ln*.~ T » ., Mrs. Dora . how 1/ --"V »T JUSt react under a given set of cim- cumstances? If we were in someone elses shoes, would we al- wayj ? do the right and proper I have never liked Robert Cummings but his performance in this picture removes any doubt from my mind that he is a capable actor; and Donald Reagan gives a superb account of Mm- changing from The Humboldt Independent is another newspaper which thinks it might be wen w PP k°h ?1 a new - drive for funds e^ery drives Pn^° C ° mb ^ them in ^aced big arives. Put on a drive too often and thp nflta!- time fail to click financially. Besides common folks just do not have the money 'to respond to too frequent drives. Editor Hunter, of the Webster City Free- in a but Q—J i-j;, , , ". ~ «-—.-«. j*****^!. UVC1' SnH 2 ^ & rlght 6nd and StU< * tha goods under him but they wuz bunched up in tha middle so I hed ta do it again and this •tune I cum out air right in tha middle but wuz bunched on the end and Louie wuz no help sayin he thot the kind with elastics in Sows"" SimPleP "^ he SaW ta tha store T S °i h ! d L ° uie taik hold of wun side and I grabbed the uther and we stretched U out ZSn™*?"* ° k and S0 J ^ abbed the middle and pulled it up and then got hold uv tha two ends whut maid a big handful n d ^!. n ! 00ked . f -thapin,whut ghandfUl . tsuerious . determined matics Wlthout to ° man y dra- Ari rh |u rea -L surprise is "oomphy" Ann Sheridan, who give.s a moving portrayal of the Shanty-Irish r - f - - _*»• ** ~ •».^ »~*»iC*41 i, V ~J.11> 8" - f ™m - the - 'other - side - lil'I 1u acks and comes through like a thoroughbred. Betty Field as n.nrotic daughter of Doctor .the incomparable Claude '. adds to her laurels though, indeed, there has never been any doubt in my mhid about Betty's ability. The rest of the cast is like a roster of the stars: veteran mg at Algona Monday. iWt*" HT"»rT ftyTv***. T^ • 1 'r - John Cher{«»" i/r"^ l"« c s " nda y evening. Mr. and Mrs. P. L Person were at John Kylan's, Swea City Sunday. " The G H. Dotys, Mason City, spent last week Wednesday at Andrew Thomsen's, and the Thomsens > spent the weekend The W. R. O'Donnels and the' ?rH 1P w?i era J ed £ called at Leon Mrs! Fr^T Hand>, Kadow C wV Sff ^ Guests at E day were iw Kate sS' JirtS* Per guests at'rffii^ s 0 , Per guests a' ri "' **•• R ln **•• Ruth n o Cedar some weeks" aTc' er's. Mrs. " - er w an Blanchaj s last Mrs. Wendel Roberts, of San Diego, Calif., and her children uA™"^**" visit relativ es en route tobffS 1fnr 0n J e ™? ekswi thM». -- v»vj -"ivnueiy, ne nas 6m- ployment there as carpenter 0Mr - and Mrs. Arend Neeland ailed on the John Slepers, Buf- al ° Center, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck en- ertamed at dinner Sunday *i n onor of the daughter Betty's onfirmation. Guests were the ev and Mrs. L. Richmann, of ISe aufehters Margaret and Rucks', Led^r^thTL^Zar? kes, Corwith, Mrs. Emelie ~ Mil WATCH REPAffllHfl "t Barker-i,, UWTED STATES to exceed perron Si « nnn ' ac . cldent in amounts not or death to °ne wants to know whether it was 1 really Anr^s securities the motor vehicle commission m any manner involved" in the accident! This is a rather unusual law. In Iowa discussion has centered on a proposal to require insurance, K,,f •* +u ^_ ' «di«my insurance, but if the Freeman's summary is correct the New York law requires nothing till an accident occurs. The law is said to have been patterned after one enacted in New Hampshire five years ago. Massachusetts has a law requiring liability insurance, and that would seem to be the better way. Again assuming that the Freeman's summary is accurate and complete the New York law provides no protection for the innocent victim or victims of an ac cident caused by a financially irresponsible driver. The driver himself suffers penalties but that doesn't help his victim or victims. What is needed is a law to compel 'all drivers to provide financial responsibility DeiorpVinni^ -f^\^ nM«. ««.;j * . ... ~~ •"«».» otcu -Cupper st -—- old Star-Clipper, best country ., per m the United States. The idea' Well we are rationing tires, we are rationins sugar, we're going to ration a lot morf things and more and more as the war^oes on, and rationing seems to be the proper cl- per in view of the fix we're in, so whv not' -m short WHY NOT RATION BOOZE' , u woo fer away ta reach and so Louie reached JUthCn the likker hi ' himtnl Opinions of Editors Hilling the Nail on the Head. esponsy beforehand for any accidents in which they TV1 Q XT V* rt n 4- X«t . . 1 A. ' may be at fault. Paying Income Taxes in Installments -.;- *»i. w ma,, sumeming must ?^SW?A£^t,^&'ffiS Thornburg-s Emmehsburg Party £fij25S5« = rys' d 3s'ffs he So he pushed tha pin over wher I cud reach it and pulled himself up and stood Jookm at me and junior and I put tha nin in and while it wuz not a good job it at a e int t h CUVVered hlm and ^^ Louie sez ^e httle S^ ^ tha ^ She blow ^ a ein and tha httle squirt hed maid it nceessary ta change again. So ez they say on the raadio I dood and s*--- - d ° — aU ^ tha Second •• Louie ta tha and thets tha u es w «e tha trubble begin cuz Looie stepped on tha kids , like a beu uv steel and Looie not so stedy on his feet the beU started away W i th Looies of th'e s a t nd ^r' M ° n of the stairs and I sed shush, y ° Wled and thot foot and Looie " horror". —""""^ed sadism and King's Row isn't pleasant, but once m a long time such a show comes as a welcome surcease from productions built for mast appeal. But it won't be pooulaf and it wouldn't do for an evenr day dish, though for studentflf psychology and serious advocates of more adult "fare" in our mo- gr?at P1 S> King ' S Row ^ ^^^•••^M. ^J^IHK^^^^^^^^^^^H * i • ' s lonf WRES.6HTED AND FORTHR.GHT StKKS*? *ne cmcnrcncv ic ^..-i _-.... * "Tii ~ •—•»•• ••wi^n | coura/e^fSit^lvrl^" 5 ^ «' io " «* «" ^.'^i^^rr^-^vs ^r^r^^«^- tio - This is no ordinary election. Your next senator must represent Io Wa in the world's most important capital r a tln ? e when America needs its most able ma vjeorge Wilson is the man best qualified for that job, — - f// "* adv "ti"»>ent paid for by friends of Geo. A. mini l •<IPi^—— _^ . _»j» JOAN OF PARIS— iurtalUi! misses fire ~ paced and maintained. or phrase not true to n tt- o o °e was attacking him so he grabbed hold of Looies and ^ ^ 3nd tha do To the Credit, of WiUon. ;ime nf apnuiT-ir,™ i:n_ YF years from the Looie yowled and tha anJ „„ ,, _ •««»« mo ^»v/ 6 siuwii and pertty soon Junior yowled and then I reached over ta pull the dog off and Looie tried ta get up and thet pulled me over as tha likker hit me and we went in a heep , me and Looie and tha dog all the way down tha stairs with all four uv us bawling and Se dog knew neither friend ner foe but bit us both And et tha bottom I cussed tha dog and Looie cussed tha dog and tha dog growled and the baby howled and then tha ba j 1 and chain came home. hurt in tha fall down Pampering my ««, (hew! FOLKS HAVE TU RN « D m i Bhty «rcful about what they put into the* cars. They realize the best s none too good for automoKles that have to /«,/ Ju8t ' v.1,* *u T!L, w UUWH ma stairs but tha httle woman wields a wicked frying pan and whut she did ta Looie and meTfte? she hed fixed up junior it taiks two doctors ta maik a reesonable facsimile of the former. —OSCAR OSWALD. * — . There's always the that Oscar Oswald will run for office m an election year. But the country now safe for another two years. —D. E. D. mm and is willing tn take that I detected " you re planning to give your •car ertracaretomakeit.ee you throulh-rely on Standard £| CrownGasolineandbo-V., Motor Oil. Completely satisfactory performance has brought these two ««at Standard Oil product, overwhelming popularity. See your Standard Oil dealer ^ an estimate of the, a pp ro j mate life left i n your ^ R member, a nation on wheels i, a ?asa!r£* **: sx?Es»i help guarantee victory. VOUI SIANOAIO Oil CULU |$ STANDARD SERVICE ^ T "*"""- L CORRECTION la t recent idvettiicoeiil« ia»d»otently ittttd tte Pj Of iUuittned wu puKUW April 4. 1937. The ctt ' «j» >«^..n_ purchistd in A 0 *™ in«'themUea«eoflO),3»«J of Much 1,1942-««eom« u lUCed in the tdveftiKintot' Sondtid OU Comfft To Mb yew cor last lonfr n» <^| tM« Mpwiifi riwM two grwt it* STANDARD RED CROW OASOLINC «f a It I * tv* •» my v ••i^iyip »*«>•»• w-wr — , ,. STANDARD'^ ISO-VIS » _• • ^ •» _ -. " _» f*ur ,, ,

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