Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1942
Page 4
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WANT ADS Want Ad. of all kinds an GASH> no charge accounts. No 'Mil ordered oul' orders. Ordinary want*, for sals, .' " « Minimum 25c. Add lOc for mailing replies to 'blind' ads. Stamps accepted for ordinary wants. Count each set of initials as one word, also each set telephone or other numbers. Omit unnecessary words such as one, etc. Contract low rate on long readers. Legals lOc une, 5c line for repeats. EXPERIENCED MAN WANTS farm job.—Write box 400 Al- 8p36 GRAVEL BOX FOR SALE. —F. IRVINGTOrS SCHOOL PLANS PICNICODAY tn«u,\ 20 "-The Irvington school, No. 9, will close the year with a picnic for the pupils, parents, and friends this week Thursday at the school grounds The s ADVANCS. AL<*ONA. IOWA iigBititmtlffitftiHBUHitiRiHHtBtHmmNiHBitt ouns school, which has had an unusually large enrollment for a had two ^ars. It —j V" , l ocv «ai years. It understood, however, that be--Jse the size of the s<' decreased considerably eacher will be hired Halpin Wedding Particulars— Ensign Warren R. Lasser av y> and his bride, the former a Halpin, whose marriage a week ago Friday was reported last week, left Pensacola, Fla., at once on a» motor trip around the tiulf coast of that state, accord- mg ,',9 a lengthy account of the Bedding which was featured on the s or,,, ------—;•«! "vjwcver, mat DC- ' .V. '." ••••"-•» >v«o Jieaturea Ol S!"!!J?! size ° f ^e school has i Sf^ 0 ^. W& of a recent Wat The bridegroom was an W. Bacon, gona. phone 26F13, t * xi- 9p36 - -.. _ WANT TO BUY CORN new and A old; shelled—Write Box 400 Algona. - • -FOR SALE— HOUSE and garage U Advance. -— FOR SALE-REGISTERED yearling Berkshire boar. - Guy hph' T Z an ^- beth Lemkee are present teachers. years ago a second room ed to the schoolhouse to room for the large number pupils, there being some 50 in attendance here at that time. ° f em- Pe °Ple's Mutual _ waetgterr FOR SALE-1938 CHEVROLET ff™ es Saturday afternoon. He TJ.T-tj- . V c Copies Mutual Building & Loan Co., Waterloo, before he entered the navy's air service, and Miss Halpin had ne schoolhouse to nian y times been a Visitor at the the large number I ho , m _ e of his Parents there. *,«!.,„ *^ . ine couple, who had a formal wedding first met at the State I college, Ames. There were 60 wedding guests. M* other ensigns served as ush- and lifted their sabers to i *r;v. an ? rch as the newlyweds left the chapel. ' Before marriage Miss Halpin i/HQ ntvtr^ ls%«m J n _ i .. i« > Kipfer will be married May 27 to Dr. E. J. CapesiuSj Fenton. S. S. Class Has Picnic— _, The Dependable class of the Baptist Sunday school had a picnic Friday afternoon at the Ambrose A. Call state park, and attending were the substitute teacher, Mr* L. V. Engstrom, Opal Cook, Georgia Richardson Catherine Knudsen, Celeste Moulds, Betty and Lorraine Adams, Bonnie Rentz, Joan Vanderwerf Wantelee Runchey, and Juno Minard. After prayer and mn« the group had a picnic , State Center caned on old friends here Satur-' . He had umpired a school baseball tour ers e AND l ™. father, the late J bein a Ralph . . a store keeper there for ""• ouj-ueans. — nalpn & " siu le Keeper mere for Morgan, phone 7F3, Algona. P TS y y™™- Marshall was gradu- . Hp35-36 jU^ Jrom the Algona high school beans Recleaned. — Alvin L. Weber, Lu Verne, phohe 2558. 9p35-36 I WISH TO candidacy fo cp township c Preaches to Graduates— The Rev. A. English preached a sermon Sunday especially to the members of the Irvingto Naomi Circle io Meet— The- Naomi Circle will mee Friday at Mrs. G. C. Barton's fc.^ GTeeTr ing, Mrs. Pearl v -tJonar, and Mrs Knudsen (Burt), assist„-.. Ro11 call will be tributes to mother. There will be SPECIAL PRICES on STARTED Ji,np 1C n£- l hlle they last —Orde June chicks now. — Wellendor Hatchery. 13 36 REG - SHORTHORN AND bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berk WISH TO ANNOUNCE une primanes.-J. C. Skow. 17p32-37 1 ON started clucks, while they last. Order June chicks now. Nutrena Mash- M es ^^j T-, V-, -"""ciici iviasn- HatcherV. ^ ~ WeU< Tgg FOR SALE — HYBRID SEED arn, early 90-day Indiana 416 lowa new Lancaster, $2.50 to Theya^Ph^^wVS Srlf°c n h e a y mb^S h AS3 ' ^ Home on Long Furlough- Raymond Harr is here with his mother Mrs. Edna Harr, on a 90- day furlough, subject to call at any time Raymond is training for aviation. Mrs. Marshall Laid Up— Mrs. George Marshall suffered painful sprain last Monday -— -.—.^ ^J.-roj.£)J_iJL liNUJi- pendent oil company wants to ase service station, well located -fully equipped.—Write to P O. Box 400, Algona. 22(3)35-37 MORT-0-DINE Mineral & Meat Meal costs less than tankage ' g °u s ^ ce as far wit h better results Algona Flour & Feed Co or local Mort-0-Dine dealer , 26-w-50-tf FOR SALE — 25 PUREBRED yearling Hereford bulls, own •raising. Domino breeding, high quality Priced right.-On form ffi miles southeast Rodman C M. Haas. ^ 23u36-37 FOR SALE —200 A. WELL IM- proved, known as the Stephen Tjaden farm north of Al«ona $87 59 per acre. 'Call or see O B' Anderson, Forest City, la or Jelle Tjaden, Woden, la. 30p34-36 CORRESPONDENT W^ANTED The two Algona papers desire a correspondent at Ledyard who can supply each paper with a column of different news each week The work will be paid for in cash.—Write the Advance. H ^ RRI1 ? F ED . CORN -IOWA ™. 3 u 6 W State ™ certlfied > germ. 96% or better; 306 is also called the new improved 939, $4 to ~$5 bu Have a few bu. 939 rounds at $3' ^n h l ea ^ S^ing hybrid_seed ^ T ... iu ^ obtain iasi ivionaay evening when she fell down the stair steps at Carl Seip's. Other Irvington News. An Aid meeting scheduled for his week Thursday has been postponed till next week Thursday when it will meet with Mrs ^"k Asa The postponement made because of a school ,. -"•j"«j'cu as auverusing CO- ordmator for the Sears-Roebuck company.. Ensign Lasser is instructor of primary squadrons at a Pensacola naval air station. Townsenders Honor Member— The Townsend club met at the Region hall Tuesday evening ine membership committee reported that the club quota of memberships had been reached, making the club eligible to receive a large American flag. n.i—.*„ e lected t(j att | nd a --, -.«„. -"via Schmidt, and Lloyd Haubach. Mrs. Anderson, club president, is automatically a The convention is to be " TT " J ' Kirkwood, blT~ M~ wi "resume; jyirs. KOSe fin ™ ' s ,!: cr etary. There are some oO members. Party for Little Boy— Eugene, son of Mr. and Mrs. I L. Seeman was six Monday, and m honor of the occasion he entertained seven other little boys at a party from 3 p. m. till 5. The < re . <BilI y* Don . Andrews Hutchins TAKE PICTURES OF WRECKAGE TORNADO LEFT Doan, May 19—Mrs. Rudolph Larson got home Saturday from ten days at Mineral Springs, Tex., to which point she accompanied Mrs. Charles Formfmek md Marie Christensen, Britt, to 2amp Wolters, near Mineral Springs, to visit Mr. Formanck. En route the party passed ;hrough Pryor, Neb., which had )een hit the previous Saturday >y a tornado that demolished the usiness district and killed 90 sepple. One hardware' store pro- jrietor allowed the women to en- er his wrecked store and take some pictures of the debris. The town was closely policed, and strangers weren'e ordinarily allowed to enter the district. Mrs. Larson reported that , on utcns R ° nald and Donald Elbert, Ronald Peterson, and Michael Streit Following the business meeting a reception and dance were held n i ng * Mrs - And erson upon re- An^ ° n 3S district President. . Anderson was presented by Ray ., R - Hanna, Ruthven, post president, now a candidate for i n e republican coneressinnai nomi neressnna nomination. Mrs. AndTsonTnd LOTTS CREEK The Martin Dreyers, of Burt were Sunday dinner guests of and Mrs. John Schfllin and Minnie Schepprnan, who owns |" d . operates a beauty shop at Stratford, recently parents, Mr. and Scheppman. visited her Mrs. Henry Fi "* Communion Celebrated— M " -id Mrs. Arnold Elbert en- ct relatives ctnd friAnrJc at inner Sunday noon honoring heir son -Billy Joe,' who receiv? d first communion Sunday at t Cecelia's Catholic church. Guests were Mr. and Mrs Mike Fandel, the Wm. Besch family Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs Jos.' Elbert Jr., their children, Cleih Archie, and Evelyn, Mr and Mrs. Irvin Elbert, Mr. and M?s .; . cn and Theo Behrens was also a visitor few 1116 Heman Mi «ags and Fritz Meyers were with Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hintz. Mr and Mrs. Alex Radig en- ""o. jucuauii repunea inai crops along the way looked good, and that it was as hot as 90 in the shade in Texas. The beautiful flowers of Texas especially impressed Mrs. Larson. Attends Friend's Funeral- Mrs. Jerome Hawkins left Saturday noon 'from Mason City for Milwaukee to attend the funeral of an old friend, Mrs. Oscar Zmn, also visit relatives and living friends. Her son Paul took her to Mason City. New Girres Grandchild- Mr, and Mrs. Fred Girres, with he daughter- Frederica, spent Sunday at August Grendler's, Armstrong, and got acquainted with a new Girres grandson, Clare John Grendler. Kains to School Picnic— The Robert Kains attended a school picnic Sunday at the Ambrose A. Call state park for pu- . ar or pupils and parents of Plum Creek .Weiilejr, were visitors at A! i Maitinefc's Sunday evening, ,,,„. Tie Herman Lyons family wen supper guests Suhdtty eVeft ing at Robert Rain's. >'•••'• The William Sengbusches, -At goni, were Sunday dinner guests at Tout Ellefson's. Tie Dean Andrews family, 0: 3urt, were Sunday visitors ai Ted Hoover's. WESLEY CHURCH HAS 37 IN THE ARMY AND NAV)( Wesley,, May 20—A list of service men from St. Joseph's parish here has been prepared -by the Rev. L. N. Klein, pastor, and hung on a wall at the church. There are 37 up to the present time, and they are: Andrew Cosgrove, navy, 1928; Verncn M. Wingert, 1935, navy; Lawnmce Goetz, army, 1941, died April 7, 1942; Lawrence Neuroth, army, 1941; Harold Wolf, army 1941; . Denfiis .Lickteig, army 1941; Edward Lickteig, army, 1941. v Ray Erdman, army, 1942; Cletus Stalzer, army, 1942; Mark Studei air corps, 1942; Richard Lawsdn, army,» 1942; John Cosgrove, army, 1942; Edw. Froelich, air co-ps, 1929; Joseph Lorenz, navy, 1937. " : Matlhias Hildman, army, 1941; Zeno Neuroth, army, 1941; Donald Coigrove, army, 1941; George Vitzthikm, army, 1941; Le Roy toeg, army, 9; aul Gar- Bian, awrtk 1942J John Ffoelich, •r.my, ,1939j OotdOtt Loebig i >' .' , Lickteig Hildman ---,,1941. Ambrc ner army, Ll^; Cha! 8 42 t _ OK Rubber , Tire Shop BEFORE Ricke, . Sunday at the M > p asaderia, Calif Mr -, and Mrs. Henry Thies, Ban- v an r a S °» n; the Harold Gross ' Gra ettmger; the Donald ' an and Mrs " Radi entertained at . rFank Hempel, Pasadena, Calif., and a * were the Paul Voigts and HOSPITALS , . s ' Sandra and Rodney , Ml ! ler ' DolOT es Elbert f i*' and the A ™old Elbert children, Algona; and the Leroy Schilts family, Bancroft evmng dinner KOSSUTH May 17—Vera Johnson, Al- -"<».>, a —vera Jonnson, Algona tonsil-adenoidectomy; Mrs Edwin Wolcott, Algona, gir . May IB-Mrs. Leo Gardner, Wesley, boy. May 20—Mrs. Alfred Schultz £i!- OR ; a '™ mt ; dical; Mrs - Fran k Bleich, Wesley, girl; Mrs. Harry Strayer, Algona, girl. GENERAL were the JOB: El- of hi f T A & famij y; the Mike Elberts- a " d M r- and Mrs. Donald Alex Radigs, the William Fuer- stenaus, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer,. High score 'prizes W y Mr Lohse and™ r> Hem Pel and Mrs. Reunion at Lu Verne Home— The Guy Carlsons attended a family reunion Sunday at the Gu /,p ldd ings home, Lu Verne and the May birthdays in the group were celebrated Other Boan News. Betty Hutchison, w h d had n ^ chmiel spent Saturday and Sund ay with friends at Alona £.nmeisDurg, with their son! h™^ mal l Mi i tag had part of his Tommy. Mr. and Brs Bush are hfeh J& in * gled ^ Week ' The fnrma,. AI~—.-— •,, _-" u .°"_ dte nign wind storm of a few weeks . . . us are Algonians, Mr. Bush ha™ been depot agent at Sexton. . Titonka ' May i9—George Yeoman, Corwith, surgical. —Buy Defense Bonds— Shower for Fenton Girl , «,, M w- T r ? lk Ca P esi "s, Mrs. Jul- ^ HIS Wmkel, and Mrs. James Tor - daW - nabane, the latter of Fort ' ^Si" ed . 2 8 w ° me n last ^ - ......M. tj^^jM.m uj. ^i j_^vy \y ?So tore some shingles off. thur Heidenwith and his Ellsworth did the work son —--*-* >.m.n=u C.Q women last week Thursday .at a linen shower at the Capesius home honoring Caroline Kipfer, Fenton. Court whist was played, prizes being ^ & Mr ^' William Dodd s Jr and Mrs. Andrew Reding, the hatter of West Bend. Decoration! were in pmk and white. Miss and Mrs. Otto Wichten- th , e E dwin and Wilmer ^'^'itf"^ 11181 the Geitzenauers, and the Kenneth Bellingers were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mr?- , Edwa £ d George, Armstrong, and the John Geitzenauers, Armstrong, were also there. M t! d ««atch pads? — There's a ** M80 "*d «s at give- __>..., iiuutniBuii, wna nac been staying with an aunt, a Mrs Bonnstetter, West Bend, while attending high school, came Fri- day ,? r % e weekend with a sister, Mrs. Fred Asa, Doan, before returning to her parental home in Waterloo. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rea Hutchison. ,. The Bridge club met Friday at Wrs Clinton Sampson's, Plum J-.reek, and all members attended. 1 he high prize went to Mrs. Tom ifllefspn, and Mrs. Pearl Knox, -orwith, was low. Travel was won by Louis Larson. Mrs. Gerald Bahling was a guest The Howard Sparks, Myrwin imond, and Guy Dimond fam- --ies, Doan, the Elgie Akers, Estherville, and Mrs. May Page Corwith were dinner guests Sunda ,y at John Dimond's, Britt. . The George Seabergs drove to Galva Sunday to visit the Edwin Burrs. Mrs. Burr is Mr. Seaberg s sister, and Mr. Burr is athletic coach in the high school. Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. ^SL^^jyere the Franz eters and Edmund Larsons, Moore and Rni vT a oor Rudolph Larson, Doan. Mr. and Mrs. Henry with t he daughter Jar7et, were Sunday guests at Mr. Mertz's sis- rt Reed ' S> Whitt e- more Titonka, a H and Mrs. Tom Forburger, STARTING OFFER- Wanted— Reliable man to sup™« w 8 ?! 1 " custome rs with famous Watkms products in Algona No investment; special starting offer includes $30 free products Steady earnings, starting imme- CO n ,9 w- e J ' R ' WATKINS <^u., D-52, Winona, Minn. 38(2)36 i'OR SALE BY REFEREE— TWO improved, all tillable farms fc n 3S i, the o ^etland estate farms, neV 4 25-99-28, one-half mile south and NW% NEW and S% NWV< 36-99-28, one and one- half miles south of Lakota, la., on mam gravel road, close to good and 1J ve stock ""''"""'"""""iiiiiiMiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiujiu Chrischilles Store M% *j> Q ~——— ^ f ——- •»»»»• ^^« ««oo owl i meeting dresses ... for W* 1 ° R TRADE -FORD i" r J?^* 1 ' perfect me- l condition, new 1942 style hot water heater 5 top grade toes with less than 2,000 w 6Sl ^ has 2600 ° mile s- Mohair cushions, seat covers, paint all perfect condition. Will take " bu ' o^door ear co?n DO~YOU NEED OFFICE forms mnrf * st ^ ug f le alon g with ou moded and inconvenient form » C T ^° nes x- cost so httl e glad to figure costs— of er suggestions.— Advance Pub ISV ftMMifor Bataan Invest A Dime Out of Every Dollar in U.S. War Bonds Beautiful new washable Junette juniors are here —the biggest values In 9 to 17 sizes you ever saw — seersuckers, ray. ons, madras, chambray 4.50 5.00 6.50 % Bobby suits in plaid and stripe seersucker^, smart, useful, cool garments thai are well made and i perfect-fitting, sizes 18 to 80 and junior sizes from 9 to 17, Priced Stripe , , e y army, 1941; Urban Rich- WEDDJNG ANNOUNCEMENTS —Yob'll be pleased with the quality and appearance of our work. Printed or engraved announce nents of d i s t i notion Many styles to select'from.—Ad- vance Pub. Co. I MAKE EVERY PAY DAY WAR BOND DAY STOP mtum— UK OK THEAD WELDER We just received a large shipment of back for the recapping of car tires TIH compounded under war-time emereenc r/A k and is mostly reclaimed rubber, it i,S .± trlctloi! good service. w " eei1 We also have plenty of Truck Camelback the capping of pickup and panel truck a high grade rubber. We give prompt service on all capping, Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Work. L. R. DeBoIt, Prop, Back of Poitoffcce. ~ Consumers Wholesale Grocery Company] He L *f d 2 FOR 29C EEF ' Oven Roast Ib. 25c Pot Roast, Ib Meaty Short Bibs, Ib. ___15c Prime Rolled Bibs, Ib 29c U. S. GOOD VEAL Veal Boast, Ib 27c Vea Chops, Ib __85c Calf Sweet Breads, Ib. 89c Veal Liver, Ib s; c LAMB Shoilder Boast, Ib. _ 21c T °" Stew, Ib. 9 C Algona Creamery BUTTER 36c Kraft CHEESE Sj'BEAB S-o«. glasses 2fr29c Pork CHOPS Tropic Nut OLEO 2,, 49c Minute, all meat, no waste STEAKS , b 32c BEEF Bett 19c None Better Special - Lean SLICED BACON Lb. Layers 29c PERCH FILLETS 27c Assid. Cold 1 Q J MEATS, i/jlb.-twC Skinless ,. Ring or large 1Q*\ BOLOGNA, lb.-tt7C | Wilson's BRAUN- 9? SWEIGER,lb.v(IC. •^^"^TSEtt^.'i ^6 \<\ New Kay Dunhill Dresses the entire summtr line is now her»- sises 12 io 40 onlf. tailored, claiiic styles and the moH gorgeous maitriali you ever saw $6.50 $8.00 $9.00 y*. r? ;-I'N> ? ^W i/ « <•» wwtrf'iU^'iuSisr'' w sra^tauJ&Jti you ever saw—_»i.ii i 1 ***°rtOM>lt r s *2Lr. w *2« «wy Ust tor <B »ttractiTe w«« as »* - serrlee and WMMV^V $4,50 K $5.00

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