Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1942
Page 3
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^gSgggSBHBgHgBBggBgSgBgggggl^^^MMMM^^ Baccalaureate Is Preached atTLakota KOSflUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALOONA, IOWA gggB"""*^"' ' ' ^^IMiMiMMM^MIMIMBI'frill 1-1 LARGE AUDIENCE ATTENDS; BRUTE, PASTOMPEAKS present. Mrs. E. G. Sauer read I » sc "P ture an d gavfe a short! talk. County Agent Brown also' spoke and showed colored Slides Lunch was served, as usual. Posimasier Leaves Hospital— Postmaster Walter Leslie came home Friday from the veterans hospital at Des Moines, where he recently underwent an operation He sa he is feeling well, and he «i* *•»«.«.!_ '„ ji . ... O Sunday evening, with a large crowd present. The program follows: processional, War March of the Priests, John Wort, on or; hymn, Come Thou Almighty King, congregation; invocation, the Rev. N. F. Grote; music, vesper hymn, double mixed - " » WMWWA^, -itiAAcu QUaiV tette; scripture lesson, Mr Grote; music, Thanks Be To Ood, girls' trio; sermon and bene- Tohi° n w^ r - Grote; P roc essional, John Wortman. Acorn Club Has Meeting— The Acorn club held their regular meeting at the town hall Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Harry W"*'"-*"- read the History of isekeeping Magazine. „_-' Inlay told of the/ Housekeeping Tested snt and Seal of Approval. ' i'jy°? tman talke d on the of Modern Advertisements. part time. New Mother and Babe- Mrs. W. E. Ley and her new son were brought home Friday fm™ the Buffalo Center" hos- ars .Ley's sister, Marvel v^i*"~\ ' Minne apolis, came baby Care f ° r Mrs " Ley and Good Luck for Fishermen— "" , Beemer and Dean Ells- to northern Minne- BACCALAUREATE GIVEN SUNDAY NIGHT: WESLEY uo ern nne sota Thursday for a fishing vaca Wesley, May 20 — The baccalaureate sermon was delivered by the Rev. J. A. Riggs, local Methodist pastor, Sunday evening at the high school auditorium. Helen Schneider played the processional, also the recessional. The audience sang Abide With Me and America, the Beautiful, led by Miss Schneider. Pearl Sin- They are employed at a Glenn Martin plant at Baltimore. The. Rev. and Mrs. Berntsen, 61 Muskegon, Mich., Melda Egland, Houston, Minn., and the Rev. 0. M. Johnson, Bfitt, were Sunday dinner guests at Ole K. Flom's. Mr. Bernsten conducted services at the Free Evangelical church, Britt, last week, and many Wesleyans attended. Mrs. R. J. Thissen, of Algona, a few days last week at ~ Ricke's, caring for Mrs. , ./ho was brought home recently from a hospital at Rochester. Mildred Funnemark, who teaches at Little Rock, spent the week-end at her parental Olaf Funnemark's. She closes her school year this week Friday. Mrs. Oscar Erickson, of Elmhurst, 111., spent a few days last Week visiting at Clear Lake and Mason City. She is a guest at Litella McPherson's. The Paul Flahertys went to Nevada Monday for a week at Paul's sister Mrs. George Rinehardt's. , Florence Olson and Delores, Arndorfer, Mason City, spent the weekend at their parental homes here. Roy Sherman, of Austin, Minn., visited his family and his father, C. J. Sherman, here Sunday. , _, J 'Chuck' Kraus, Ames, spent the ** was ° ,j a d day in my weekend at his parental Charles whe . n the old Call burned. I nev- «•-- ••- ' ---- to conform with the so-ealled needs of the times. This we do in'much the same way that we take on hew friends and acquaintances. But hone of us Who have a tbuch of sentimehtalism evef lose that deep inner longing for the past. My whole youth seemed wrapped up in the old Call, There I attended my first stage productions, my first home-talent plays, my first commencements, concerts, public gatherings of all kinds. Old May Hobson and Walker Whiteside appeared there in person, the Minneapolis Symphony orchestra once gave a concert, -and sound-movies found ways of what we call life, And th<p l*n't anything more poignant, mote moving, more nostalgic than the destruction 01 a public building that holds tender memories, youthful recollections, glimpses front'the almost forgotten past. OF THE CLOUDS— life Kraus home. ' -— -— -"*-v* uuiiuav With S catch of wall-eyed pike, some of which were enjoyed by friends. School Picnic is Given— S hfr,I att r^ on , held a P^nic . n- njng,Played the accompaniment. Mr. Riggs spoke on Educating for Democracy Through Character- •tsuiiding. The high school seniors had THE MOVIES By T.H.C. ersements. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Alton Anderson and the new programs will uted. be distrib- Florence Alberts, Swea cfty^aT- tended and stooned in T.ai™*., „«. -.-— *"6" o>_iiuui seniors nao. .._ _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ their class night Tuesday even- NOSTALGIA—PERSONAL mg. A vocal trio opened the OBSEHVATIONS— Th° agram1 ;/r an , dthe , classnistor y byi In Miner's Over the Coffee tn^ ye M M " lli! V ollowed ; saluta - column < Des Moines Register, tory Maxine Kirschbaum, class May 13,) he concludes: president; class will. Donnahelle "Fnr thp fir=t *i mo * , stopped in at Baccalaureate Services Baccalaureate services were held Sunday night at the hieh school syditorium, the Rev E P Nuss delivering the sermon The processional was led by Leon McCoy, senior president, and Lurraine Darnell, junior president. A bass solo Friend of Mine, was given by Leon McCoy, and a m . lved ,Cartel sang Abide With Me and Now the Day Is Over. Out-of-Towners at Play— Among persons from out of ^attended the senior riv«, aoa at Clyde Sanders on her way home for a visit with Mrs. Sanders Soldier Here on Furlough— Harry Needham, soldier at Fort Warren, arrived Saturday president; class will, Donnabelle "For the first time, after hear- sentatinrfnf nil John ? on >' P re - ™8 Ce cil Brown on Saturday and & - 1 ° f _ class memorial,Supt. the stars on Sunday at the Shrine .„ VJ . ^Adoo inciiiuiiai, oUpi Tff£ e r.V,K ss Prophecy, Maxine ineater, some of that deep affec- Kirschbaum and Delores Sher, tion welled up in me for that man. v»i«,^,-*^. Donnadelle round auditorium with the heav- memories to any living person; and yet a dignified old architectural patriarch like the Call must be destroyed. I That's a good deal like the doubts we sometimes have regarding the human race, when ROmp TtrATnicinfr \rr\1t*\rt win*.4-n1 in -me p%misingyounr mortal is . , via train at Manly, Needham met him 3 where -, •-.*.«.». I.UIJT, jjoiinauene Haynes; presentation of awards, Mr. Page. Henry Ricke is Eighty— Wo Rkk reached h j s g oth -"—-™» *.UA*« ****!! UAC JiCtt V enly ceiling and the terrible echo—the affection you have for a Place where you've experienc- eotions ' -».»j * i AI. n.t? 19 t*igniy— CQ aj| sorts nf rl * ttSS^-'fels in . y o City, came Saturda/'af- 0 With Mr r-">.""*i;"'i- a11 of Lakot a; Evelyn Chamberlm Swea City; Esther Anderson, Dua'.ie Overa^; Leo ° ur ant, and Jean Gabel, "all of Waldorf college, Forest City Joint Birthdays Observed- Samuel Warburton and F. Gus Tonne celebrated birthdays Sun- burton's. This is a yearly event TWV £? n u es birth day is May 16 : Mr. Warburton's, May 19 Afternoon criers were Mn and Mrs. j R .:, w orley, Mason City Went The Connie Roelfsemas, Paton came to visit the J. A Barears ar , ^j IT .•'• "" Oi nis cnu- d !? and , the families were at the Frank Rickes, Rickes, Morgan, '.,— *-""ian Rickes, Ban- ttie Lawrence Rickes, Al- tne _ G . e °rge Rickes, St. rather . overworked that word "deep," didn't you, Mr. Miller?) r- fhfP^tial wrecking of the old Call theater stirs me in much the same manner. There'll never be trnna- +!,„ /-i --—™».«j, m- oamc JIiannBr. Inerell npvt>r ho %%z i as fiv-ssSS - br °ther-m-law of' Former Wesleyan in Visit— John F. Kunz and his Mesdames Guy Beemer, R. . unz an hs sister Mrs. R uth M Voss .Madison! S ° nand d Wis., ively Lauren ___ Gar / en Party for Seniors— at a ;nS Uy Beemer enter tained at a garden party Friday afternoon honoring her son Robert his senior high school class of 14 young people, and the school faculty. A large decorated cake graced a table in the garden, and home made ice cream and cake were served, following a social time. Pictures were taken. Gets Plane Factory Job- Mr and Mrs. Leo Keopple, who familv e were week Blue Earth visitors" Tast Tuesday. at , te P d a family dinner at the Chris Paulsons. A large crowd attended the senior play, The Miracle, and admissions totaled $53. be , _,—— «««*j=.AAi,ci, respect- Mrs. Ruth Kunz, all for- pects to be inducted into the lr- national defense plant °uT Indi- dna, Gl °? eT Gets Suqar Quota— Frank Kouba Jr., manag- _,_____„„.„„ TY AH A wiiiuii me is constantly filled. Not only does the material world around us bet we ourselves also change in our views, our desires, and our physical make-up. Perhaps it's all for the best— ne>n x»V..»__.___ **«• . _. Sat* discuss but some drunken old derelict lives out his three-score-and-ten. But that, again, is something entirely out of our realm of thought. To get back to buildings: Structures like the old auditorium (of which Mr. Miller speaks) and the original Call have a distinct personality. They are not material things of brick and stone and mortar, butr almost breathing, living things endowed with all human attributes that we find in everyday life. We feel, when we sit in the darkened confines of some treasured theater or auditorium, the same emotions that we feel when we meet old friends, after an absence of many years, the same surgmgs, the same nostalgic tug- gmgs at the heart-strings. It is m Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wortman quolT the, Four Corners where Leo will work in an air plane factory. Leo took six weeks ™J!£ eC u * Dining in his line of work before they left Denver St7rt tT 61 " ag °' Where thev ha d Jived the past year. Three in Family Die Friends here were saddened by reports of the death of Frank Evans Charley Evans, and their %$**> M j; s - Ba tes, Des Moines, all within three weeks. The "Evans boys', William, Frank, and C0hatrles - were all former residents of this vicinity, as was an other brother, Rufus Mi T?/r Si ° nary Program Prepared— a ± S ^L A V* ar ^. E. G. w o^auglltCl'S Clll ---at Mrs. Mart Elmore' next W eek Thursday Edna Mitchell assisting, and^he o£en ing song will be When You and to hf 6 ng _, Ma Sg ic - roll cal to be answered on problems our grandmothers didn't have A play committee consists of Catherine and Norma Walker and Mildred Robinson. The club will have a picnic at the Ambrose A Cal state park next Sunday' each ^dS*?fofL? f3 y . >dTn her e e r win be a program in the after- Smith, xBurt, and Saturday noon "•"•- The Ar- Grands °n Graduated Tr Thayer her , was graduated. Mrs. her Ray . IS and A fl Vin Ri PP en trop mt Saturday afternoon with Mrs ' 1 an3nd COm •---— *°r the year's work of Presbyterian Missionary society. Mrs. Connie Roelfsema was a guest of the_comm°tteeT T °wnship F. B. Meeting— ine Ledyard township general Farm Bureau met Friday night atGeorge Ennen's with about 40 rs TiAi r ' an Mrs. Lyle Alexander, of Sexton spent Sunday at Spirit Lake ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett Witham with the daughter Ellen attend^ Call J 1 ? 1110 3 f the Am brose A. Call state park Sunday for the IS E ! Ien Attends, MarceU Fandel teacher. Dinner ice cream, cookies, and crackers were served by Miss Fandel ek> Camp Leonard R c .u" was a S uest °f the Ray Smiths Saturday night and Tr±r y> . and al l went ^ Tom Trenary's, near Hurt, for a family dinner Sunday in Erwin's PODPY pay This Saturday— ^KHlSi^'^pS Sl§£fj™s'HH3S as of the first_ World war. | M a*erns io Clear Lake Mrs, Jos. M, Clear Lake, the home »,. Haverlys, Mr Mrs. Evroul Loebig^ Mrs Hauptman, the LaS L J. L . Clara Walker For County RECORDER I am soliciting your vote at the Democratic Primaries on June 1st. You gave me a very fine vote two years ago which is highly appreciated. With your support again this year, added to that of friends who are favorable to my nomination, I fed that my chances for success are greatly strengthened. I shall deeply appreciate your support. CLARA WALKER ton EXTRA PROFITS 'ounce or bigger eggs from pullorum tested parent stock -they 're scttnttficolly incubated m Swift's up- to-the-minute hatchery. BE CAUSE Swiffs Chicks have demonstrated amazing livability in tests on 389 flocks involving 165.000 chicks. 97% were alive and healthy at 8 weeks! jBf CAUSE Swift's Chicks daily prove to more and more raisers their ability to survive, thrive, and develop into real °f y makers - Get y°"r Swift's Chicks BUY WITH ASSURANCE AT SWIFFS HATCHERY 97% ALIVE AND HEALTHV TEST DATA • -WESK TESTS, (1941) Numbtr of flocki 339 Number of chkk*.. 165,000 livoblllly... 97% at • weok> ALGOWA, IOWA TO OUR IOWA TELEPHONE USERS: IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUEST OF THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION, AND WITHTHE DESIRE TO CO-OPERATE FULLY WITH THE NATIONAL EFFORT TO PREVENT INFLATION, WE HAVE WITHDRAWN THE 15% SURCHARGE ON TELEPHONE RATES IN IOWA EFFECTIVE MAX 15. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONECOMPANY er feel the complete peace of body and soul that I used to experience when I dfopped into the Call on my way home. It was part of a changing world now torn almost to shreds. Perhaps such disasters make us stronger and more self reliant, perhaps they give us courage and * a "hJ but there is something de- vastating ' about the , cruel so this is one of the besV "air pictures to date, also one of the most beautiful technicolor jobs that,has ever been filmed. The cooperation of the Canadian government, as well-as the courtesy of the R. A. A, C., have been largely responsible for the breath-taking color panoramas and the startling realism, of action, but it is safe to assume that whatever trouble our neighbors to the north of us, have been subjected to will be amply repaid by the stirring message which Can- tains of the Clouds voices. While thij picture follows the somewhat general plan of all airplane productions (the familiar boy-meets-rgirl formula), it gives a new twist to the old pattern early scenes in Canada are thrillingly beautiful, with '^"yeno^JNoJfl Brenda MarL^ ™ S - S^S^ -. seems to fit *j into the r™ ' mosphere th™ J made debut?°' type for there ft" ^ beauty in her n l %! "h° wanted** 1 hem" a " th ' u NC i L OAK STORES ======== YOUR FRIDAY and SATURDAY, MAY 92 and 23 COUNCIL OAK- At Your Service•. *° '' " our tense desire to please in the fullest measure in '' COU NCIL OAK IS A SAFE PLACE TO SAVE! our 53 BEEF ROASTS Well covered corn fed beef. Tender and juicy. Pound 25c and 22 Ready to Serve COLD MEAT Pickle and Pimento and VI a c a r o n i and Cheese Loaf. ?er «ftw Pound 290 From selected Pork ROASTS & CHOPS, Lb. 35c and 29i 21c Pork Spareribs, Pound Wafer Sliced Dried Beef, *-Lb. S! Dry Salt Pork, Pound Yellow'Cream Cheese, Pound SHORT CUT STEAKS, Lb. 23c 27c SUPERB SALAD FRUIT ASSORTED COOKIES Bat Plain Assorted Store Cookies J instead of Home Baked and con- *' PULL RIPE APRICOTS Light Syrup serve sugar for other purposes. OQrf ^^ MORNING LIGHT DICED CARROTJ CANDYSPECIAL DWARFIES PUPPED POUND MA BROWN BREAD Whole Wheat 150 Loaf OLD COUNTBY RYE BREAD Pound Loaf Morning Light DILL PICKLES 16-OZ. JAR SUPERB Mustard Dutch Style 16-OZ. JAR IDC %5lCreamery Butter Ib... 39 !H^|GETABLECpCKTAIL H*ENCH DRESSING «-OUKCE CAW, lie *—18V4-OZ. CANS JHBAPtw ft OUNCE •"•BACtE Q BOTTLE SUPERB ROLLED OATS CATSUP FIRST PRIZE MEALY BEANS 2 Poundi 13c SUPERB GRAPE JAM Ife 24 & 24t ~—^— ; ~" •-»• *AB ,..4, I^HAJLD^EACHES.po,,^ ROBk-Miicc BAM^M.^ ' rvMIB S ^ mmmv ruM^MI.^ Poym| |9c ^^Bi^E^g^J MACARONI & SPAfturv^-. « ^ F _ fi -^ CRISCO POUND CAN .—-. ** nt yiiow Newtow,, APPLES CAMAY TOIICT SOAP ..„....!* PAGNapfctki

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