Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1942
Page 4
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BIGHT HUENHOLD AT BIG CAMP IN CALIFORNIA Well Known Algon- ian Put in Platoon of Buglers. By H. F. Huenhold. Camp Roberts, Calif., May 3— I send greetings from, the nation's largest army replacement training center. This camp is only 18 months old, but has blossomed into a reality like dandelions on a sunny May day in Iowa. The huge camp is located half way between San Francisco and 9n°nnn ngeles> and U "graduates" 20,900 selectees from basic training every 13 weeks. I understand that at present there are 40,000 soldiers, officers, and per- In I \ ne L sJt , ationed here ' but that bO to 80 thousand will be here by Xclll, All of the soldiers here live in barracks, two-story structures housing 60 men each, 30 on the first floor, 30 on the second I am grateful that I was shipped to a camp with barracks instead of to one of the so-called "tent cities like those in the South. Twenty-five From Kossuth. At least 25 Kossuth men came out on the same troop train with me. After the first few days here we were split up and assigned to companies according to classification as well as so-called aptitude tests. Only two days after I arrived I was transferred to an all-bugle platoon. All of the boys are musicians in some form or another, but I can't see where I rate in a bugle school AH these years I have tonted a clarinet in the Algona Municipal band, ^and haven't touched a valve instrument or bugle since I i was.a youngster in the grades I Most of the other men from Kossuth have been assigned to regular infantry or artillery units Most of them will get the full 13 weeks' training, but the boys who get specialized training will have only part of this training period. The Chow is Fine. The so-called "chow" in our mess halls has been good. Being in California, we get plenty of citrus fruits. There is no reason m the world why any soldier here should crab about food I think the saying that the American soldier is best clothed and led of any in the world is true. It does seem that all of the trainees have wonderful appetites. _ When we get into the mess nail, it becomes a regular madhouse. I find it necessary to watch that some fellow soldier in a hurry doesn't stick my hand -with a fork thinking it is another •piece of meat! I am rapidly adjusting myself •to army routine, and I hope that as the'weeks go by and the going g , et ;L ^ugher, I shall have the •stuff it takes to make a first-class soldier. Stroll With Algonian. It might be interesting to know that I haven't lost all of my contacts among the hometown boys. I have "Steve" Merch- land the Sliver Grey cafe manager s step-son, with me in camp and his address is Co. 9 87th Inf. T. B., while mine is Co. D. 85th so we are fairly close neighbors. T Th 1 ? being Sunday "Steve" and I strolled all about the camp to see what this huge government project had to offer. Having had plenty of drill practice and marching, we seemed to be pretty well conditioned for a long stroll. ° All of the fellows in my platoon are fine boys. A good majority pf them are even college graduates and come from fine families throughout the crontry "Buddy" Knows Ex-Algonian.' «,i«L,5 iave a . linot ype operator sleeping next to me, and he was employed by the St. Paul Pio«H?i«» w ii he daily paper that Kuss Waller was on before n? 1 ^ 0 ^ 180 -™- This boy tells me that his sister is a sororitv sister of Priscilla Southgale who was graduated with me from the Algona high school in 1923 You 9 6 .fnn -, n yo ^ get even a s far as AOUU miles from home, there is always somebody who knows somebody you knew — a sman world, after all. I expect to see a lot of high- class entertainment within the nevt. few weeks. We are only 00 miles from Hollywood - Junk some of the celebri ~~ of stage, screen, and radio make frequent appearances here Anyway they have done so k> radio a ^'" a » d -?° b H °P e -' with his - _ • ====MHMaWSH«HM»Ha335ji£iiMS5i^^j3 Mothers Honored at Baptist Church Sunday COttNtY AfrVANCB. AI/IONA. I6WA LONE ROCK LObALSf ^^ ..... , ^. .^,..._.__.... .,-„ ,^LL^^J_L* Mrs. Alice Bierle and family Mrs. William Murray nnd son William, WSlter Dacken, Mrs Jessie Goosey, and William Householder were dinner guests at the Ralph Bierstedt home Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Ora Hurlburt, of Fairmont, spent last week at the Ornie Behrends home. Mrs. Behrends and Mrs. Hurlburt were callres at the Ralph Huhrburt home Saturday afternoon. The Ralph Hurlburts were guests at the Everett Richardson home at Algona Sunday.' Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough and Judy, Mrs. Jim Long, spent Tuesday at the Delmer Angus home near Burt. ,Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder and sons Dale and Laverne were quests at the F. F. Schroeder home at Fenton Sunday. Mrs. Wendel Roberts and children, San Diego, Calif., were guests at the Gerald Angus home Sunday. Mrs. Emelie Heidenwith, Al-- •» » <V •*« 1 __. * ' CUSTOM was continued Sunday bv P«,* n , vTu" 1 ^° Unly Advance —--«««. Beauty Operator a Bride— Helen E. Patterson, Aleona daughter of Mr. and Mrs OR! • Fidelia Skow had charge of entertainment and refreshments. Two to Attend Convention— Darleen Immerfall and Rita Uooley, local delegates tn a no fci Wa-Tan : Ye g sessU°a? & Sunday to at- TT™.*— ~-' s on of E. .E,. (jnciirist, Fort Dodge, were married at ..•jit r\ m TJV;,-3,»__ -HIT i , , ay 1, at the "--"'"•-"si. cnurcn at Dakota skin' n^ The , Rev ' Mr ' Da *skin, pastor, performed a double- ring ceremony. The bride was attired in a blue ^l°51 d f, ult ' an d .she wore I gardenias and sweet SmSla b h*t?-^« duat ?° f - th * TITONKA at the Algona hotel has been postponed a week to let the delegates report on the convention. M -. & L D - Banquet Tonight— A r-™,~,,g ational Inothers and banquet which was postponed last week will be held tfiis evening (Thursday) at 5-45 'fi-snT^V The ori gmal time 6:30, but has been ' o jf structor ^ the' Fort ge beauty academy y Mr. ----- ""^ will continue Gilchrist was graduated ----. ---~., me run ojoage junior college, and the For!' Dodge beauty school. For the last tote tho** hte n h ^ d £ een meager of the Fort Dodge beauty school. He recently enlisted in the • is now stationed with a corps at Great Lakes, 111 home economics style Bel Canto Will Elect— ^ The n/r Be . n U ' Ivle yers called on the Martin Bleichs, Bancroft, bunday evening. Mr. and Mrs j r ?f Onke n, the Jake Gislers' S£L Z a ? d Mrs " Ralph Hal ™s were guests at Henry Sonken's HI.,™ 6 afternoon. Mr. and Mrs William Ricklefs called on Mrs.' Grace Bruer, Lakota. '!£?; Je ? n TT e AWa S ner . Buffalo tnt V and U> A ' Dr eesman, Lakota, stopped at Ben U. Mever's Sunday afternoon on the way home from Algona, where they had spent the day with relatives. The Everett Rippentrops, Wes«-/, the Dick B. Mever<s an^ Henrietta Tapper, theTatter em- 1-»IrttFrt J ~ i. TT._ . * . «f w^j. Clil ers day with the JoV H Tao pers. ' q ^ "•tiV -»"">«'aj' morning al -—. Wm. K. Ferguson's, and hostesses xvere Mrs. Fannie Stewart, Mrs. Henry Tjaden, Mrs D «nr^ ar , l i n 'A Mr . s - V> V - Naud'ain,' and Beth Annis. Mrs. Robert Williams was received as a new member A brief memorial service was held in honor of the late Mrs. A. L Lone ??° wasta member of the club and a past regent. Election of officers was' also held: regent, Mrs. D. P. Smith- vice regent, Mrs. D. D. Paxson-' chaplain, Mrs. George H Free-' recording secretary, Mrs Antone n °rv nS wi : Tcorres P° n ding secre- ary, Ella Lewis; treasurer, Mrs. W. G. McCullough; registrar Mrs Bert Palmer; historian Mrs! J. O. Paxson. Ella Lewis, local delegate to the national D A. R. convention at Chicago last week, gave a re- SSfmSlS r r t e he m ^a e r f ° wn S win e be 5;a Flag D a yy p^ Whl0Ch oi officers will take place. Lucia Wallace is retiring president having served two years. ^ Baptist S. S. Class Today— in ^ B ? P £ s - t Loyal s - s - class ui meet mis afternoon at 2-30 be Mes&e^^is^gfr^S ^J C i U «!:_- d O^Moe.New , Mrs. Anna •; Mrs. Min- e PPenrop and the Bert C. Meyers, Buffalo Cen- v\, were , dlnne r. guests at B H Meyer's Sunday. CIa rence Penning Pellf _ **-"» acui CUell" Mrs. L. V. Engstrom.' Boy Has Birthday Party— P1 "yd, son of Mr. and Mrs R hiW^ tZe V el .? brated his seventh birthday Monday by entertainind seven little friends at a party af? ter school Guests were Judy Nasby, Dorothy Louise Hag J Jackie Becker, Bill Ben Wafford and Charlene and Barbara Brose- visit Clarence's 'tends col- 3— *•» w •*• *-t.A.Ct f The O. J. Dewalls spent the week-end with the Dick Paste! nows and another Dewall family at St. James, Minn. Mrs. Dewall's mother, Mrs. Dick Fastenow came here with her daughter for m e u v _ era i d , a y s '_visit. spent the . i, Minn., •s parents, Mr. uaugmei Neva were dinner guests at the Walter Thompson home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schultz, Elmore, were guests at the Charles Schultz home Sunday. Mrs. Caroline Ackerman, Burt, came Saturday for a visit at th Frank Flaig home and to atten the graduation exercises. He granddaughter, Maxine Flaig, i a graduate. The M. O. Richards family were guests at the William Bils bo , r o u g h home at Algona Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Ross Browning and family were Sunday afternoon callers at the James Wadsworth home. The Ray Snyders were guests at the C. C. Anderson and A. D Snyder homes at Elmore Sunday Mrs. Walter Paulson, of Dow- S e3 ™ SpTent the wee k-end at the K M. Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elsbecker, of Bancroft, called at the Mrs. Kate Hawks home Sunday evening Mrs Hugh Marlow, daughter i^ola, Jean Leeper, Phyllis Hawks and l George Kissner were guests at the Bernard Leeper home at East Cham, Minn., Sunday. Mr - an «J Mrs. Frank Macumber were Mason City visitors Thursday. wi ^ r - and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith Mrs. Dorothy Sebers and Mrc T n- : Whitte more, Rev. and Mrs. L. Richmann and Shirley, of Burt. were Sunday evening call- the Henry Kueck home Mrs" Tim! w™' Everctt Hanna. ivirs. iiiiie Hanna and Myrtle l^ 6 gl f i ts at the Maude Hanna home at Burt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hanna and family called at the Albert Wolf- pam home, Fenton, Sunday afternoon and were supper guests " f the George Jentz s. Miss Ruby Nelson accoihltenifeid her home for a visit ,n Mr. and Mrs. Qeo. Long and family were supper guests'at tho H. E. Luedtke home Sunday. i:| Mr. and Mrs. Ray Biersteati the Lyle Marlow family, 'and the" W. R. O'Donnell family weft guests at the E. C/ Bierstedt home, Burt, Sunday evening. ;:', FINE RED CROSS JOB ' IN HEBRON TOWNSHIP Mrs. H. E. Woodward, county; Red Cross chairman, reports that Hebron township collected $84 iii' a recent Red Cross roll call. •,';•; Last fall, when the county roll call was taken, Hebron township, was not organized, so was not included in the returns, but it did organize in January, with Mrs.' Thomas Berg as chairman, and ;is now doing an exceptionally,.fine' 1 job, Mrs. Woodward says. . The township chairman asked national headquarters to -permit the later roll 'call, and permission was granted, with the result that almost everyone in the township contributed. : Besides the $84 in the roll call, workers sold lunches at Steven? weekly sales, and now there is more than $300 in the township's Red Cross fund. Sewing and knitting are on the program for Hebron women in further Red Cross activity. Mull, Inn M'-~"- S5"f!" t '"{f *'- •» *HdSe, „. 1008 fcrryyiJurln Co,, mdae. 4^ Duncan Idled. Af/g. Go., mdse" lain Des Moinea Marble A Man. toJ <X Iab.6* ....i.^..;,.,, Jiofli Theol B. Robertson Prod. Co'., Snap-On Yootf'corpV'niidse. Ry. Exp/ Agcy, impress Cowan' Bldg. Sup,,, nidse. .. L^owart & (Son, labor „;„ / Algoha Laundry, Idry. , F. S.. Norton Son, mdse , 3ots/ord Lumber Co., mdse. Tunk & Diem, mdse. " Cohlhaas Hdwe., mdse. ...," ^alng & Muckey, mdse. ...". Wm. C. Dnu Garage, mdse.' Tarrls Bros., gas Skelly Oil Co., gas •..'.[ " Eagle Fire Ms. Co. ins ' Algona Grenhouses, mdse."" : Cresco-Unlon Bloc. Co., signs Burr. Add. Mach. Co. contract .........' ton Rand Co., contract Drug Store, mdse. \. Bathes, sign .... '. Sullivan P. M., post- CITY BILLS '.' Bell Tele., service",';'.'!.' WATER FUND liHarry, Barton, salary and overtime ;.. Frank Ostrum, salary" and .. overtime Joe Dunn., salary "-y Barton, salary .';..,'.!;.".'".'." — U. Pollard, salary 'Ira Kohl, salary .......;....".'I;'I.';" 'Laura Mitchell, salary """"' Ernst Theil, metef read"'"'" .Neptune Meter Co., nidse T Buffalo Meter Co., mdse.'.." iCulligan Zeolite Co., mdse Electric Dept, mdae. Matt Parrott & Sons, ni'de""." '46.53 9.45 21.00 30.00 20.00 65.00 14.01 205.57 75.31 10.27 33.58 1.15 11.53 ssvz J 1 - S. Norlon s e. —•. • SffsisSft.'SJ ,j s ,, ' Co., ig Oil Co 8a - I Clement Oil sU *«»J iSWS'idr-"" 1 1'°' rcnt ''.',; ^'•"m, salary;'"- .ifc MATxmw,.. "?•• Alg-oim Fire •April 30, 1942: The City Council met at the City Hall in regular ses- ston with Mayor Overmyer in the chair. The following councilman vere present: Hawcott, Harris Kohlhaas, Fox, Huenhold and Bo- mnnon. , Building reparis for H. A.' Tuttle pproved. • (Appropriating Ordinance No. 57 was passed. Appropriating Ordinance No. 571 ELECTRIC FUND -j. M. Bellock, salary $ 7755 • C. Dailey, salary and ovor- *"»e 91go Tom Halpin, salary .75 Q( C. C. Wright, salary*™..."."'.'." 65.0C Earl Bowman, salary and overtime Alvis Hill, saTafy I...? 1 59 « Ray Barton, salary "."".' 44.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary and overtime 7B0 . Chester Webb, salary and" overtime ,- finr Frank Ostrum, salary"'."! 17 50 Joe Dunn, salary and "over'-' TT^Vv"- ; 55.00 H. S. Roth, salary and overtime „ an ,_ y-l TT T, ., 7 oU.10 i^X^Lr- X H^^^jgy ::: - »« T i w"/ . u ""rage,- mdse. .. , J. L. Richardson Hdwe. mdse. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. «' •72 Attest': 7.901 Chrischilles Store There are only two or three types of coats that are selling We have them ALL. That's ^^-^sn^r- 1 ^ """ ^' b ^ W* ^ caln? Lo " s Creek Lassies Meet— nl.rtT *° ttS ^ reek Lassies 4-H club met at Gertrude Kuecker' Saturday, and foil call was on A New Flower I Have Planted a\if wered by all members ' ci,^ f T° r Rally day were di! ^ ? j ^i 0 " 13 F£ »ulstich wa S G 1 dele ?- ate to th ^ annua Dinner is^GSiven— ' ^ A %. skow entertained at hda y d inner Sunday honor- Mr ^ h ^ sban ^- Guests were Mr. and Mrs. George Seaberg Wesley sons David and Dwighf: _ Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kromin- <?a are parents of a 7-lb. girl, born Saturday, the second ohiin' +VIQ other a boy. Mrs KroSga il Th °W Sl?? e Kuchenreuther. i\T-ii j G- EIll °tts, Mrs. Howard Miller, daughter Betty Ann and Mr. and Mrs. Herman ~ were guests at A. M. *i inompson, on mothers day .Frank Fishers • were di atE. A. Fisher's, Britt -__j. Albert Manus ana ;•-"=•""" Helen, Mrs. H W Manus, Burt, called at the P M Chnstenson home Sunday after- James and Miss were visitors at the 15.00^19,95 (These are all wool.) There is the silk-twisted boucle for the matron who wants long wear at reasonable price — $19.95 . There is the "dressy" tyne m nav and black -— „ afternoon. Mrs. Dora Laabs and familv were guests at the Paul VoS home, npm- •R'O T ,+«« c..._ , v "'Si 919.95. We have all these wanted- th°± in St °£ k ' You Better buy them now because there will beno reductions later. THEY ARE GOOD BUYS NOW. . Annex Coat Bargains At the ANNEX we have good plazd and tweed coate Tt $8.95 Many at Garden Breakfast— Between 90 and 100 women at team. Mrs. Butler, club leader, gave a demonstration on canning vlge! tables. Four-H dances werl prlc- a1 all entertahi- really ment. Wesleyan's Husband is Serving in Hawaii Wesley, May 13—Mrs. "Bud" Hauptman, nee June Haverly e°.t bome Thursday from Everett, Wash. She had spent several weeks with her husband at Pain IS 'i,» ear ?veretti in the arm y- &ne has since received word £21? h ™ that^he is now in Ha- wan, and that on the seci day there he met John Froel who had been there for some - :, Miss Schultz, and Mrs//? L. Brown were guests. P ? n f. xt meeting will be held JunJTl! iS Gengler>S «"«d^ Dinner Honors Two Mothers- Mr, and Mrs. C. H Becker P n Stained at family Hd i™ ers ^: fe S lng ^ e , latter>s m °ther, Mr? T X ler ' and ^ andJ Mrs""'n»^ Amos Ber snian. Mrs. Bergman was celebrating Gn rP ,t 8 ° th bir ^ hday annivSSSr! Guests WPTP Mrs. Tvler and Aland --• ~~^ Ajumuger Sunday . Sffl ^Jf^SSl guests at the Edward Zunke Main store; a f ew navy $11.75 LOTTS. CREEK • -— -" ^*ic gai- -"•-- ~, »AAO. »y. ^. Irelan's circle Proceeds went into the W. S C S. treasury. M ^! n T?: Tea"for Public. day 930 « « mornm g tea Fri- oay, a.dp a. m. to 11, a t Mrs Harry Spongberg's, Mrs Eimer of 8^ S in ?" - The attendance ot the public is invited. Faculty to Entertain— The H. S. faculty will be hosts - the senior class at the annual JEE3nW£?. at l :3 ° s-SSS Sherman Mr. and next month. the 1 » v last week 3r an ". E. OTHER SOCIETY. -_— *.*. Games will be n , d . refreshments served a £ hM «ton Giddings enter- *inea ner xijinbroiderv "•"--* *" • ay afternoon. There were taken. Dinner for Two Mothers - -. _~.. , T **izvc, v,oV~ej""*j a a mothers day din- I h"r s SK««r e "'"?,.i»»'>^ ?^^S?~^° n>il ig club ; A -p--ii ? vtenin "& a* thl r^V C £L state PS! > k. 2:30, • ~-* *-""iunojm will _of the program. R CABLES. - l %~ Mrs - Andrew south of town, re- sore throat. T J* elactiv es and friends helped h?^L S ° h ^ llin c e lebrate his 58th SSS^K-teTSIrt tss-wss AJPS 1SS%.2S&&333 5^ ?J? d ^ H ' F - Mittag? Mr and Mrs. Fran* Pom De , Mr -,nd M™ r? ern ?^ n Re^er, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig, son Rospr j-'ico. jaenrens. The evening was |Sl nt at , 5 °0. H. F. Mittag and , t .• ^arl Zumach winning <ho Si|H^ M sur£.- Mr and Mrs. John Schallin and the Donald Radigs were Sun" e d rTB^rt tSOftheMartinDre ?" hr«£ hn ^ Ohlwes had three ribs broken when he was kicked by a w^4 ndt - fe11 on a m »kPail. Jil was treating a cow for bloat from grazing on sweet clover •""- ^"— Kohlwes family. O f 3hfner Juest SS ° n Hope""'""" " ath h °me" e Goo a d t ™ s tt,'5, ui ° 8 rs npt s m:Cp ° r * Whitehousef^ng 163 ^' R^ Christian Soldiers anrfi n W a r d ^^*i^ ] f &'%J^»Z*SK Miss Ann Duda ' recess ional, FATHER STRICKEN. Da? P ° a ^^ ay 13 ~ Mr - and Mr s- S-^S^J^.were called to ££«"« and uaroiine Kipfer, of Venton; Mrs. James Tornabane Fort Dodge, and daughter Karen Rural Youth Group call a for —---»• w I-'OACHIB, Mr. John Kohlwes rfr MrS ™ Lydia -^ Wetzel - her dren, Mr. and Mrs. with who nursing. ffiMssalr'WB M - -' Mrs. Rn a ^ A ?, kerm an, «rst stroWTo^mVKS l*r™ JBC - usslon was You th Looks! Mabl^T-K,^ by ? dna MU1 " r^ T? u u ly ' and Kennethi |trould. Barbara Schrauth and Our Job bto gave *^~ Dollan ^•nf Pay Day Wichtendahi the Peace •*• church: p«di? ~ in honor Adding ? Unday enroute 1Tlo« 0 ~ ' -" 1Uae iO*.« Elec. Sup. Co., mdse . 768 .,, 4 "PLAY SHEER" gives PLAY TIME! ^^^^^^^••••••^••••^••••••^••g Curtain Tim.) at Chrischilles Store » '; *-*<rM Crist. Crow CDBTAIN8 IP rVj* THESE $2.00 $3^95 B«ndr«d» of smart Sizes 12 fo 20. <• Chrischilles Store greatest display erer *• HIOM. Come ••< MM tMi ip

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