Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1942
Page 3
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x "***• the Act of March 2. i*j». ,^ H 1 SUBSCRIPTION mce and ^Advance alene to all othw^oitottioeVVeVr st ? te commissions "- **«*Ci*Xlg CtU SS?S'S'«l ! i£s ! S ««,,«* *u' ", avi ."B some or their ft vocate the placing of the control Phones under a state commission This '' * HODGEPODGE W«btter—A *Hw of various la. i mixture. .The Telephone Rate Boost Again The recent 15 per cent boost : tent'i'nn "£"Ti," if "i 1 Municipalities calls at- the staJ°« ™ fact ^ ai under decisions of Fifteen percent of $2.50 is 37.5c. The half by the number of The Fair-Haired Boy of the Administration The Wlnterset Madisonian quotes the Chicago Drovers' Journal as having said- The soldiers are not on a forty-hour week The sailors are not on a fort? ' ^ The airmen are not on a ' HOW THAT CHURCHILL has dared Hit« ler to use gas it is wise for the U. S. to get posted up on it so they can know what it's all about. There are about 16 different kinds of known smoke, gas, and liquids used in chemical warfare if Hen-Hitler wants to start anything. These have been given nicknames in the U. S. army, and a few follow t Hot stuff—a mustard gas, burns skin, can Mustard Imitator—similar to mustard gas. Enemy's Delight—a stinging gas, causes blisters, paralysis of hands, lasts an hour. Puking Stuff — gas that causes crying, coughing, vomiting-. Short duration. Choky-Gas—irritates lungs, causing dopey feeling. Short duration. THE MOVIES PEH80HAL HOTES- Continuing my little controversy about the urgency of getting new faces — both masculine and feminine—on our '• sllve? screen, I remark that the motion picture is unique in the annals of Art because of its great mass appeal. hour stand itself --•""•io cue not on a forty for-ty-: h o h u°r U we^r "***** «« week 6 Germans *** not on Japs are not not on a Cry Now—gas that causes tears—same as used to quell mobs. Dirty Mixture—causes sneezing, sick and depressing feeling, lasts only a short time. Dopey Ache—A smoke that causes sick feeling and headache. The Heat—incendiary powder. Most of these can be used in guns, bombs, or sprayed from cylinders as the occasion may require. The great outcry about "nerve" gas coming from German stations in an effort to frighten the world is discounted in J«i. In my life (and I have probably seen more legitimate stage plays than most small-town folks, because of my frequent market trips to Chicago, covering a period of almost 30 years) I have seen only once each' such celebrated actors and actresses as Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Ann Pennington, Lunt and Fontaine, Will Rogers, Sothern and Marlowe, many others. Since most 'of them nnrtAfiF In r\nlv nnA *t1 ****• n «**«*&*• Which almost proves inly point, for If Hollywood Itself admits that ah actress is a "newcomer" the fact proves neea of them/ MY FAVORITE BLOMDV My little dissertation of last week on advisability of disperis ing with what I described a! "worn-out" actors and actresses,, resulted fn som.e discussion among the erudite mortals who comprise Algoha's Intelligencla. For the special benefit of these persons, and because I have not the time or the disposition to discuss the matter ~ L '— ij - *'--'-' week, I Carroll and she la s&fy supported by an e*«sllent Cast, fhe eotirt-rooni inblni, ttiolih li a *"—• drawn, eVert hoti — ef View* 1 in._ B ._.. , BW . '-:• ..-ft 1 ? 1 *--- 1 **. WoilW almost fall out of his seat fittt dinget is a real "eyeful" as Roxle, in he* black net tiehts and her rehdltion of Black Bottom is breath-taking M more respects than one a few years, wonder that them. * «•» ft ^.AJVSU \JL say it is no one gets tired of 1 ago, but took The reason same that the JeSn^JS?,! reaS ° n f ° r the St °™ ^e a forty-hour week. » None of these are nice, but if the Nastys ^And the Drovers' Journal could have ad- rr\- .- even get that an unsup- ^rrt™''''^- P r nsthaan ' deep regrets. cri^ E rn AVY EFFECTIV «-Y answered crimes following Pearl Harbor who howled - -Where is the navy?" There are a number of Japs who could tell the world where the navy was last week_at least enough U. quS -I" 6 £" J3PS nm f ° r cover ' ™ Consider the fact that many of the oldsters I am beefing about have been in pictures eight or ten years, and you get an idea of my point. Furthermore, while the motion picture may be definitely considered ART, it is not to be confused with such other arts as music, . e Percy, e Penguin, too, who does a rather neat job of "character" acting. kind of i>one of these are niiv> hut it *K w A. .\ .o«vn umer ans as music, start usimr ftT™ «T . e Nastys P amtin e. and literature. Though SK T thCTe 1S nothin * like a g°°d I* "Conceivable that one may get nealthy dose of their own medicine to cause tjred of . a P iece of music, a fam- deeD TVtn-ofc •< OUS naintmcr r\T a »•.,,!.. i r —_.:. c ««m iu spy-siuil (not The Lady Has Plans, nor yet Paris Is Calling) that combines perfectly the current 1! locale with a pleasai screen entertainment Cash' is always Let's see more ous painting, or a truly good book, motion pictures are "ground" out with the regularity of a coffeemill, and for one masterpiece we have a dozen ques- tionables; and they are foisted upon us with a great blare of trumpets, a loud boom of publi- C1IV. aft/1 Q <4n1«*M. ^* Hi. • <• public authority, either stafp nrT7 7 * it shnniH v, i r fede ral, and it should be severely thorough If it cL,,,. that the company is fairly entitled to tL boost, well and good, let tL pa ons ace p he verdict. If it does not so show, hen je he company be somehow forced to cance the raise and restore the overcharges. he telephone company cannot but admit that this would be a fair deal. It elates that the boost is needed. If so the intS gation will prove it. It is said that the case has been reported to Leon Henderson, federal price administrator, and that he has promised to look into it Some observers do not believe this sort of investigation will be satisfactory To name one reason out of several, they think Mr Henderson is too busy to conduct a complete investigation or have it done for him The cas e seems to be one fop a legislative or congressional committee or commission appointed for the purpose ,a^ 8 ir o i ! r ea s,r,"sss public objection does not in the meant' peter out; but what the legislature can do, If, w !u g> remalnS t0 be Seen " Presumably the Northwestern Bell -— - - sheet Grad, la t^ ee 3nd neither does. this idea With = g- Tl 11 ? mi g ht b e a good —*— -—" *w* ^uvci, uui Maybe it wasn't a great sea vic- ve have been warned, but it's a damsite better than those moral victories we had been winning. DON'T BLAME the retailer if he can't deliver things on order a, quickly as before The retailer is the bird caught ui the middle between wholesaler and consumer, and ifs a light pinch. Give mm a chance. * • • * administrators are — cars for "petting parties" banned "for the duration." ' tary Sue says she'll do her city, and a dope* which deluge of "inside rather depreciates — -" ~-=c niuie favorite blonds"—and they can throw in a brunette or a red-head for me sometimes. ' ROXIE H/ Roxie Hart is "rootin', tootin'"! Al Capone stuff from his fabulous period in the annuals of Chicago s Golden Gangster era As «J?i? C ui ment o£ the 1927>s . 'it is probably as accurate as the aver-"-£-— •» IA.IVII A. c* iiier aepr< their standing as art per se Considering the fabulous salar- S OI mAtinn-nin4ii**n n*~.« **. ies of motion-picture stars, it would seem that they ought to be satisfied with brief appearances on the screen, then be content to make room for some newcomer who can catch the public fancy. out no, the way Hollywood does it, we get them pushed down our throats till we gag and rebel Nevertheless we get more doses' till we succumb with feeble struggle. It is this last kick in the face that I object to- A faint glimmer of hope for my point of view is shown in a recent preview that stresses "this is a jiewcomer"—a rising star. ™o*- cincni3QQict| plc3SurG~h<?Ti fr I could QGsirc, I _ nGi Pg. er Rogers puts plenty of Pep into a rather glamorous role, — —,. 11WW) Iowa State Bank Algona - Safe . . New At IMdtiona ase - ' e gasoline. Besides when, sez she, did it take ButT f/ t0 get t0 a g °° d Pitting place' " ^ Snicker -g-they could ABOUT ONE customer per 100 bel- lers about the amount of suga, he gets for b» coffee, local waitresses report. The type « exclusively confined to those who yell anyway. Most -^^ ^ ^,±^"; Whichlhek -n^ think >eare a d'of a le^teSk'on^ubeStorfJl J£' tionery instructing the wnS±™ at °-^ sta : The -— points uj. distinguished , —>-" i-uiiijjciijy, wnicn is the operating subsidiary in this area, is like £ parent, the AT. & T . Co ., an interstate enterprise, in which case it may be subject only to federal authority. J What many observers think the legisla- iuld not do.is considered i on this page. Commission to Pass on Telephone Rates? Two weeks ago, reporting some ClTnTM OV»+ <i**mi«,3 ji_ persons, abilities and a a n b S it I pen°o J n i af r ^ getUng rather bitter T~loo TVT»-,-;n e*(JUUL Wllat llG Cfllls **l"Vlf* -L.'es ivioines crowd backing th TvT K : the world a few a battle. Every they get u about putting f AIR PILOT IN A LONG FLIGHT TO WHITTEMORE Whittemore, May 13 Staff !3 ge ^ nt V o e . m Weber ' s on of Mr and . Mrs - Simon Weber, arrived mornfn nn b aP ° liS 6arly Sat »rday fat . her ^ Vein's e brot S h t S 1 ° n R d ' HlS sister Marjorie, and Evelyn A ^ ere before midnight lYidav and drove to Minneapolis where ^^ et , hlm at the airport, and 8 CAKE AND ICING RECIPES ON PACKAGE , v - * —j^«* viiAg auuie of thp comment around the state on the recent telephone rate raise, it was said umns: these col- soon^controht telephone monopoly would SltoSn "Jralxt 18 headquarterss at Marsh! s\SH-HEH£ publication Mr. Pierce discussed the com mission question as follows: Now that the Northwestern Bell Tele ara^Xss •*•»£«£• pa-iff^aaffa-nare be an ISSUP in th 0 « Q ^* * : . "ouna 10 »TOKMI',ST£«H two years now total 44 per cent Wh- ? =.«S-,e=KK WONDER IF thelocal boy, in Ireland learn anything new about Blarney --and whether the boy, in the «>uth will come home with a southern accent —•o* will the boy, on the west coast refuse to leave that alleged wonderful climate-or the boy, in the ea,t become too sophisticated. t°iv!> 0 c Ck; "Sunday evening" relatives neighbors, and other friends gathered at Weber's Opinions of Editors clothing , tW L° ,. tro , users - .. The extra WHAT IN THE WORLD has Oscar Oswald? His name on the draft "calls. * * THIS WAR TIME isn't the approval of mothers of you J dren. How are you going \T^ youngsters in bed by eight o'clock i ih. evening, when th. ron tart down yet. and it doew't get dark till 9 p «,? And the timeai com, when it will'.till be light al 10 p. m. THIS IS THE PERIOD of college reun "sh'ocktoMe^e ShOUld neVCT bC ld> K * ago turned into a meek bald-headed genE and a double shock to see in his eyi ^ shock at your appearance • ®— • this week. He will return to Spokane next Monday. Birthday is Celebrated— S We ?" e at Otto Bell's evening to help Prunes ff. \ g^«p£Hi; vuiiiarn Koehnecke, Sheldon- and Mrs Erwi- «•--»..'. ?" ei aon, Meyer" Macaroni or Spaghetti Come Again Brand S-lb. Package Package Com. Again, Except Strawberry and Roi| Com. Ago!. i,. B- ' Grape Jam...... forf D.orborn Corn Flakes Wheat Fllakes 2-lb. Jar Mb. Jar 11-01 Cvop 3 Hatienal Brand V4V2-9i. Cant Grapenuls . N»r Tatty D«si«r»f Shortcake Cm 8-oi. Pkg. 12-ei. Pkj. of * t! Wilson's Mor Iowa aren't like the old bought those at in the next few" months next legislature. and -- — j "* m<= HCAI legislature. City and town officials should not listen to some suggestion made, possibly bv a ren Liberties. and sold Any time you amount „- Bonds Lots of us at 81. But g overn rnent ° f to per month. It's about time. That Mn. Herman Bodes THE BOMBING RAIDS on Germany a reverse of what happened to ItaghL f ar ! d « half **<>• K now remains To be seen whether the German people can take hem as did the English. It^s easy to be on £e dishing out side, and not so hot to be on the > receiving end when the big shots have to d o „ ca «, t ve told you all along us". i j •„ ~ MACHINES have now been declared illegal by the supreme court Se° ag a a V in. Played ^ CaU them S0methi] ~~D. E. D. Meats ,, 25c S^'WhlttemoreKewt. w$- Dit^ s s e ^^ a a id V MEF ROAST Creamed COHA6E CHEESE,, 5e I*." 1 Ib. Assorted Cold Ib. ti!L cr • 29c Cu *» ••• 25c g^ . . ' tt. l*mb Ib. gacon . 25c Steaks . 29e ^•f Short Ib. Mock Chicken Ifcr £*•:>• *fc Lcgt...25c FrMh n, M ^i ,. ^J^ fc CHANNEL *Rf CATFISH. i*V 2 - n HEADS.. J»»* •rtta, Nacy $ (lew* Cucumber* ..... Ui. f*r e—v-oio ui neroer and Mrs. Richard - i — v Bonds— -««rviiwiA SUNKIST Rhubarb vraagedi crVw'o, DO aid 22A c:.. ^ liiwwp l»| Caki'iJ. vVltewfalw 3 uJ< .,.. 3 4 LH-

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