Stanton Register from Stanton, Nebraska on November 15, 1962 · 2
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Stanton Register from Stanton, Nebraska · 2

Stanton, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1962
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I i i i 1 -t ! f ? £' k S V - TK" $ w V- 't? TJ ' S 0’- “k ? 4 'I V 'K r ti i ? i ’£ r ia 4 ' ! PACK ft— Thursday November IS 1H2— ftTANTON REGISTER THE STANTON (NEMO REGISTER NATIONAl IOITOIIAI Agricaltwal Centoal STATE AWARD WINNER 1N-19S1-195Z0953-1954 1955-1957-358 OmCUL PUBLICATION C TTt AND COUNTY OF STANTON MARLIN 0 WAECHTER Publlahar and Etfltoe PuMMied avary Tbaradhy by tha STANTON PRINTING COMPANY aacawd elaaa postage paid at Staatmt Nebraska ' Addraaa labalai Pint figure h imonth daalL fallawad by yaaiw "1-4345” maana Jan IMS Advhnea Subaarlptlpn Rataai Out-af-atatai One yaar 1440 la Nabraakai On yaar U& All Saraleamani Ona yaar 1340 Par month anywhanr TIk Ad vsrtlalng rataa an request Ad Daadllnasi B pm Tuesday Public Schools Klndargartan Susan Throckmorton had a birthday Stas brought treats for tha dan Absent during tha week ha causa of Illness were Mary Daniels Ruaadl ' Seaman and Dale Wlntz -"7' First Grade :-' In numbers we have been studying about the teen nun ben We have also" been adding to sums of five Jimmie Denney’s reading group received their new reading book “We Gome and Go” These children now have a reading vocabulary of 58 words and have been working on 16 consonant sounds: -Science lessons this week have been about the earth Its shape and the air land and water It is made of Mr ' Ronald Denney visited school on Holiday Items of interest which were shown at school this week included gourds brought by Matthias Scfauetz a lizard - which Gregory Hill brought and "a deer tongue shown by Karen Lehman's sister Absentees this week wei Bonnie Jo Hansen Arthur Bur Marty Keenan Qslg Smith and Susan Suchan -ftscand-Orade Rebecca Moritz and Jeffrey Moritz were leaden this week Janalee Dolesh brought soma milkweed pods to ahow - the class W also enjoyed seeing a Japanese newspaper which Sue Ann Chalqukt brought ‘ Barbara Mandl was absent Monday morning due to lit We enjoyed the junior dan play Tuesday afternoon " Linda - Lehman fifth grade hewed our dan the tongue of a deer It was very interesting to see Thursday morning visitors wen Mrs Robert Lodu and Mrs Anton Ridder Spelling one hundreds were earned this week by Robert Barbe Jim Batandig Daimy Osskey Sue Ann Chakpilat Glenda Eckert Laura Gemelke WlUa Hansen Dale Lehman Bill Locke Chrla Meyer and Jane Mussack Third Grads ' Roger Wilson and Debbie Denney were helpers One hundreds In gelling by David Kounov-tky Deborah Denney Fauneil Daniel Mike Anderson Jacalyn Barr We are working on a science unit about changes Linda Hto-lierichs and Jacalyn Barr did experlmewta -ahed-t - dissolving ger Wilson Lynetta Meter-henry and David Chllooat experimented and displayed artt ciea about rusting Mike Anderson and Richard Suchan show ed experiments about evaporation Roger WUaon has started an experiment - for molding Mike Anderson' showed how burning is a change Fauneil exhibited tha tracing of the hands of her family to show that growing is a dungs Jack Beat Mike Anderson David Kounovsky Fauneil Daniel and Julie Vranlcar’s baby pictures also ahow us how growing is a change Odte Hill brought a lizard to show ui Nancy -Mandl brought an atlas and some shells Kim’s mother Mrs Werner Siemiglusz brought us some goldfish to keep through the winter Mrs Ronald Denney visited our room on Monday We have been making posters' for National Bode Week Janie Yranicar and Nancy Mandl were absent Fourth Grade In art daks this week we illustrated the first Thanksgiving and the' modem Thanksgiving This correlated with our social studies also as we have been studying about how Nebraska pioneers UvedT' In spelling this week the following received 100: Robyn Ball Thomas Hansen Scott Burtwistle Douglas PodoD Nancy Drahota Debra Uttedit and Marland Erhat Fifth Grads Patty Oertwich celebrated her birthday this week by bringing treats Thank you Patty An Interesting table exhibit for our arithmetic study has been prepared by-Maureen O'Brien Patty Oertwich and Tsri Anderson Honord In spelling were earned this week by Terl Anderson Ckndy Barr Jean Ckskey Rite Daniels Donnie Eberiy 'Deborah Gutheil Debra Hoff art Alberta Kounovtky Linda Lehman Maureen O'Brien Patty Oertwich James Peterson Patricia Schlermeier Bonnie Sven-son Donna Uttedit and Rick Vranlcar Top honors were earned by Teri Ckndy Jean Rita Alberta Maureen Bonnie and Donna 'SfotiscHptforfBlanR — o STANTQN REGB1ER Box 47 T? f Stanton Nebraska k -h1 s -s 4 Mnn Miff my itoeript!ofi ti ytur mwipipT tor m ytor to to dillvmtf by mail I and omi U0 (hi Nibruka) 4dOO (autalda ItobrMto) t - 4 "A?- y ' ' V -1 jn “ A v” POPS- Dy George Wolfe The eighth grade adenoe dasa has been studying ' methods 6f releasing and controlling sources of energy Sane Interesting experiments performed this week were making a mixture and making a compound from the elements iron and sulfur lighting a bulb with a wet battery uslrig a galvanmeter -to' record the currant of n constructed thermocouple and- examining and finding the parts of a dry cell and of a triode tube The seventh and eighth grads classes attended tha Junior dan play matinee on Tuesday after noon The play was enjoyed by the entire group In observance of National Book Week eighth graders are acting out ' scenes from their favorite books The seventh grade literature dan is working on a mythology unit Greek and Norse versions of the creation and myths concerning various gods and god-denes have been read and shared with the dasa For art work scenes from the creation and the myths were painted The week’s spelling words also dealt with mythology Epecially interesting was the discovery that most of the names of he days of the week were derived from the names of Nose gods A number of other words were found which originated In the Greek and Norse language To conclude the unit pupils will try their hand at writing myths concerning present day happenings in the aky r isity d i is i4 i f I V S frti r i ssztsassuaaa otf tahHMANIA Opera Hauaa as pictured en a 1908 peat card This gathering place holds fend memories far many of tha elder generation ef Stanton who recall-good times enjoyed within Its confines each month Tuesday at 8 pm) CONGREGATIONAL Eugene Loftla pastor Church School 9:45 am ' Worship Service 11 00 am October b Loyalty Month -- Area Church Notes On Tuesday afternoon we all EVANG UNITED BRETHREN attended the Junior dan play which we enjoyed Sixth Grade We saw a film "Middle I America” this week which I showed many things we have I Stanton Harold WUUarna Norfolk padfor Sunday Sdwd 10 JO am Churdi Services 9 JO am STANTON FREE CHURCH Stanina — been reading about these coun- 'ZXS£2iT iwMinHM I oUMiy BQKXBi S9Q tnne countries 1 Morning Worship 10 JO ami --We-are- prepartog-a 4v khowr gr-FjG:YJ-Tri5 pjaEvenlnf big of the story of the col Gospel Hour S pm industry in America ' I nundv iS Bible Study Sweral Proyer meeting Jr TJCYT been completed with coven to1 illustrate the character of the toqr Learning new synonyms this week created a great deal of interest Seventh A Eighth Grads The seventh grade social FAITH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN (Mai lynotf) “Churdi of the Lutheran Hour” Stanton Donald Vetter pastor Sunday services Rialto Thea- todies class made a tlme Uneltre 11 am Sunday -School rnd bay lilted In the fanporlantl 10:15 am events of Egypt the Near Easfl “'Choir' practlre Thureday 8 and ' Greece ' Other events : of other’ oounMes will be added aa they are studied pm (except ' second week of METHODIST Stanton Thao Krumrey pastor Worship Service 1 am Sunday School 10 dm METHODIST POger Thea Krumrey pastor Sunday School 10 am WorsMp Service 9 am ST JOHN’S LUTHERAN Stanton Edward W Lindemann pastor Service 10-00 am ST PETER'S LUTHERAN Pilger Carl Schneider pastor Saturday 10:30 am Jr A Sr Cbnflnnation Classes Sunday 9:00 amo WonMp Sendees 10:15 — am Sunday Clothing Drive concludes Please bring all items of used clothing and eta to the church basement before then ST JOHN’S LUTHERAN Pilger "Church of the Lutheran Hour” 1L M Roth pastor Sr Instruction Class Sat Nov 17 1:00 pm Children’s Choir 2:00 pm Jr Class 2:45 pm Sunday School and Bible Class Nov 18 9M am and Divine Services' 10 JO am the Rev O W Faszholz et Beemer aa guest speaker Circuit Bible Institute and “Train Two" program at St Paul's Lutheran Churdi In Wlsner from 7 JO to 9 J5 pm Please bring your clothing for Relief to the churdi kitchen fay Wednesday noon of Nov 2L Mixed choir Wed Nov 21 8 JO pm Special Thanksgiving Ser- Churdi School Tuesday Nov 20 7 JO pm Stewardship it Evangelism Cbm- -mlttoe meeting Wednesday Nov 21 7 JO pm Thanksgiving Service Public Invited ST LUKE’S LUTHERAN ' Stanton Chri Schneider pastor Thurpday 7 JO pm Luther League meets ' Saturday 9-00 am Senior Cbnflnnation Class Sunday 9:15 im Sunday Church School 10:30am Worship Service Sunday Nov 18 LWJL Vk--: i ( t-'if r 'V' ?' - 'V 1 ‘ ' ' -t?- - 'hy 1 s IHANKSGMNG y iyour'iTg with tlw purcHoif New and Vtewa from Your — I StantonCounty Agent Retoni $357 Per Head 1 ' - Jos Batandig ' s-- "SV Average produrtion per cow and the peroentage of days per year a cow - la producing : milk are two important factor " that influence the cash’ returns from dahy herds -1 i 1 Y Recent i summaries frond 'Nebraska's Ydairy- herd improvement i associations show that I dairy Y herds ' In which f cows averaged v 13S97 $ pounds ’ milk ui km pounds " of butterfat had ' an income OverTeed from a low of 241J00 to a high of S33fi0p pounds of milk itk' cost about three times' greater : than where the ’ average production nt 6123 pounds of milk and 261 pmmds butterfat' YTtiactuid htccsno evin'faed coat jrar 6357 per cow? fori the high producing herds compared to -8138 tor the low producers according to C W Nlbler University of j1 Nebraska extension dairyman iP c - Ided Yoor New te Rang! fran tb mam nodetf os dbjfav St Hr Ga Company and ofa ths easiest thantagMng Dq Cook-' O Halt Latli auaa ImiM m A aatra Aaa aaaaa HatO Halt aao loLa JW DM eWHannlH I rooty liM Rip OyM ratal NKS roUiand cssroroii dishes wtiBo Iks turiity is rosnnf snd Ihtrin bs ns robing of flatori Ircsbs i Gaf rorp oral tas f‘ s tod dr droSbOoiL Youl Br ths new to tanpentnrs i setOtytooL tt holds Hr nul hot anti ttravttaRtlb ! -:wS oat aver epokinc or difty cut V: A‘i! t- - -f f t m I I s I u I I V t V UiOilci "Cooitf of The Got Company : v thru Novembor Zlsf- Vr 't' ' i ’ The Gm Company V t (J ' V -w'' Tama Aroflabte The feed cost for producing 100 pounds of milk was higher for the cows producing at 6123 pound ’level than when at the 13S97 poimd teveL Tbe average feed coat per hundred pounds of milk for Nebraska DJLLA cows wu BIAS last yeah ' T cows produdng from 5J50 15J60 pounds milk 'the' feed coat per hundred 'weight: ’milk decreased from UT 81 A3- v:v ?v ' Y During fiie test testing the high produdng cows in production-85 percent dry 13 peromtof the time low produdng herds - wen production 76 percent and 24 peroent of the time Members of dairy herd Improvement odations have oduced 485J00 pounds of milk In -a year on 4en4wur day baste This varied TheCourts County Court David P Thalken arrested vices Thursday Nov 22 9 JO of SW and corta tor an OCL lap speedingrfw- held on Nov ItPollca litef Jim Mandl was the officer In both cases Call Your News Social Itama to 43S-217S THANKS I wish to express my thanks to the voters who supported me in the election I shall endeavor to carry out efficiently the duties of Stanton County Sheriff ’ j ‘i 1 1 V 1 PI I 1 ’ ' ’ p n ji EftDL P CHRISTENSEN i- 's'Vi 1 r KffRIlim v i V l ‘ I'- Nov 2 paid fine of 810 plus costa for speeding at night Arresting officer was Trooper M Adams Donald K Wright paid 810 and coats for hunting without a non-resident permit on Oct 28-Ha was arrested by-state conservation officer Andy Nelson William Weatherholt paid a fine of 310 and coats for a speeding at night charge He was arrested Nov 2 by Ttaoop-er Hutchinson Arnold VoIIbrecht also paid $10 fine and coate for speeding at night oi the same data Arresting officer -was Trooper Hutchinson City Court Robert B Mussack 17 was arrested Nov 10 and charged with willful reckless driving Hearing was completed Nov 12 and he paid a fine of 830 plus coats Robert D Scott paid a flna of $10 and coats tor an Oct 81 arresting i : i: r '1 wh'W? &: c s'kj s ft! & Vf: f- - 'V Y ' -j - ' “ i - rv--’V- W-Y 'V-': Y ir: V VV M k' t I J I ' ft' I I v t t ' X 1 ' i it - 'X - 1 1 I 1 J ' f'l 1 ’ t Y -’‘V 1 -r ri-y j- -v 1-o : - - -y --'y 'v : -lx - -'A - 'i"-- Yil: - v-T:-" ' - - ‘ - Y I’f-i m"Z2 ’ - " 11 - r i --j- v " e wiwn-nnn - -j w 1 1 anieviMi-uriK

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