Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1942
Page 3
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l-Te OF SUBSCRIPTION and bordering •-Advance a, e ne to a,, *In/ 11St /l 15 main points of A * j s P«>Pa ganda, and the staff promptly complied Th S!jf **???* Snd worth t 110 attention o every patriot who wants to be on guard against seductive attempts to lower Amer ican morale. Here it is: 1—Democracy is dying. •Our ni*fv%***i *—_-^ ° , are weak and cannot west coast is 7—Cost of the war o '"*' they sold - bankrupt us. will be more than we at «n „.,«. «• " iu ""» ootn to sami at all postofflces not exoepted In No. l Herr Daiibendiek Again government is incapable of waging Air« Hi« View* own shores, 13—The Chinese and HODGEPODGE W*hft*M__ ft -A— . « - — _. -^^ Webtter—A Hew of various la-^'- ft mixture. •»•«••••• people : at ?25,000 as a salary limitation it am , TT sufficieht - Ma ybe to those who would n ,1° m ° teandhave liabilities " wou d not be enoUgh, but it would seem ample if unnecessary items were eliminated. . . 4h cannot und;rs^ndToranyTn™cTn d^-" TT^ *** *° that some can get rich? * with v,™ „„, . . . I j udging from h . s recent ^^ Oines Rptfistoi- lur- T-.---, ... agree with him, and so nis views. in spreading MJUdgln | from Ms recent letter in the Des Momes Register, Mr. Daubendiek, of West Bend, mijrht r. i, *u:_ -*..*. .-- l ven- Citv'W" *"""'" ^ a g ai n. in the Webster S? fiL 66 " 13 "' and WS 6XCUSe for Hi «eri m this tune was the desirability of 'Union N °w'^ continental Europe - -~ a - ANf) THE the dumb, and the old and the young got sugar ration books. Seems an American way to do It.. * * * if th^,?'^'^ 1 ™ almost every American if they take the car, the tires, the gasoline But wtT f G " needed to Wln the war t>e to the politician who permits to government underlings whose «i * t ~ n t0 the War effort is drawinj There's . r T *!' S ° dal Uplift busin( •ni^f * u ' and the av erage citizen is waft. « * dow : nright Provoked when he cW "„ Politician's second son of a cousin rides. And that goes double for la- bor^acketeers who were granted alntt a blanket exemption from the draft NOT THAT IT MATTERS much, bu* ™?? t - b ' m ** o» 1-cks? A,. si.cks on made m. , -••*-—.n.. UA war. xne great b and , . e, o Bend, might o. k. this stuff 100 per cent GRANT JUNIORS ARE HOSTS TV SENIOR CLASS Grant Twp., May 6—The jun- or-semor banquet Was held Pri- way evening at Estherville, and a patriotic theme was used. Emerson Kelly was toastmaster, and toasts were given by Oren Beck Naomi Speicher, Arline Brand S. B. Peavey, Supt. G. D. Be ken, Mr. Nardurft, and Earl Co well. Elsie Selberg and Hele Pedersen sang a duet, Whisper ing Hope, accompanied by Mrs Peavey^on the piano. Sgt. Raymond E. Hutchinson Estherville, former teacher here was an honor guest. He sang America and led the group in The Star-Spangled Banner. Harold Fischer, Burt, former student here, was another honor guest Fi T? *° ^ Sl C< s - Meeting- Mrs. Al Zielske, Mrs. Joseph IDEfll^GIFJ Mayne, Mrs. Otto Kelly, Mf«. William Speleheivand Mrs. Wiri. Beck, all of the Grant Methodist church attended an all-day meet* ing of women of the N* W, few* ftVtnfa»AM>i*t ' M*> Ah* - Mu.it<~Jii*.i ing wi wui conference at church, Algona week. , the Methodist one day last wir.'anaww, Milton Olson a« parents j»f a boy. born April 22 named Robert Milton, * u ** . Pvt.John. Steenhardt An at home for an 8-day furlough from strik'pV^ 6 "? 0 a . cross " ••" "eip Put down of war* 6 The" £S th J3? I11 ? a f h «*4 ™SS3 be too much ' "•*• 6*-»vcj dictation „. great military Hitler, Goebbels', ar machine of Germany, ' proposed union will be I " vc B essn k. by us as soon as Herr J, elephone HOW tn ro ^ill be tive session^lik'ely'to be^ "t Xt legisla ~ SEfSlssSSiS]? >t the one thing, 4?™5"f '» " »°n _«wn/ For S^Stnc^^^ ^WhlVh ,V ...u-i _•. . - ' lne so * former veai^""^""" C1 ° Unty politici ans of SAfS-rSSs UNCLE snm ytv inDIVIDURL SERVICE RECORD. BOOK "My Part in the SfCflBD HIORID HlflB" .. alJl nj oe rujeo bv i^ (which is what it would amount to) So_ much for that one. It hardly into ** seems «,„ T. i ' "" vc one answered War^B^ G SLT' Wh ° Se edit ° r ' Bender sh o uld b^dSo^ Ste TrS Cross or something. l n the letter ™ Freeman Herr Daubendiek said: blame any per- our " -They do not stnn^i ,.,,-tu m_,. u here, omeetoh^p^n^^™ 0 ^^",.^ CUP nntiir-oii, <• j -"=j' u laKe tne cue, naturally, from congressmen. ^•^-v count than now. _ — ,~ .. iit the in this counfry at a greater dis- ie statewide hullabaloo of a So? Well, Mr. Barnes remembers nincr olc?^ +u^i TT__. .~ thing else that Henmention: some- —••*«rf\^j.o OVII 1C"* Daubendiek fails to times with Adolph Ji P'TAOrl + V» «-i +• i-f i_ /TT • get together Hitler, several from $1356.68 highway servers. °n ne wanrprt an^V ""«""o, that was M Memo to Editors Dewel, of Algona, and T - -- - ' Miller and the Iowa Congressmen Courier Berry, ° r —e> Mi **^>c wmun H Inu'a n^« ^_ «L1X1C^— 'Nol'-Harlan Miller's OvP^ eSSmen voted umn in Sunday's D. M Register C ° L You can get Harlan to say almost any thmg about a congressman, especially £1 Iowa congressman, but just try to get him to say what his Great and Good Fr end L Washington was doing about Guam The Great and Good Friend virtually own of congress at the time, ana of Gu am ~ 16 W ! S Str ° ng for ^rtification Ut LjUalTl. nr cnroM At*A J«:_ _ i -S ssri irs™^ be - liaL™? SPRING 8 youn ^ «»•• f-T »«KtriSM£ JS^TS^SIK ness can gel going again, gals— a short war gets 'em ^"ef£ Sf""" - *—• — b - « siS's.jscr iney ve shouldered thf» v\nf^ n _ .or^rif±--~ Help him keep a record of Ms part in history** This 1 handsome little book, will be his conjlanj' companion..-.a place fo record his V«at adventure", from day of induction lo date' of discharge. p| aee $ f or vital data/camp and overseas events. A treasure of stirring memories after the job is ' "" ~~ YOUR FRIEND AT MEALTIME FMDAY and BATUWJAY, MAY 8 and 9 Carefully Bought „ for Critical Shoppers Every article is M good M we «ay or better. Make youi-personal selections at Council Oak under our 100% guarantee of complete satisfaction. Make a comparuon of price* and note the savinn to council Oak customers. OOUKOIL OAK IB A SAFE PLACE TO 8AVE — • SPECIALS JELLY BEANS . ABB l*(] _ | jj "'^""•^^^^••••l^BHB^Bl^H^BIHH^^^I^^H •^•^•^•^•^Hl^l^l^l^l^^M CLUB FRANKFURTERS FRESH SIDE PORK, Tender, Juicy and Well Covered PORK LIVER BEEF HEARTS Pork Spareribs DRYSAlT Morning Light Coffee JNO -MM . _ nr»»T M «. COOKY SPECIAL iai«4-TT *.««. in _ Council Oak Coffee Exchange the empty bags for 22 carat Sold pattern dishes. Pound . .29 C 3 Lb 84c Dainty vamUa cooky, topped with marshmallow, raspteJry jelly, and toasted cocoanut Pound ft* "Tac-Cu* Coffee May be had in rej. * ticked in fin glass. (in « Pound . Jar 58c *.*I_AC service it J ,rtf' a _ n l th ? official whc pression of th favorabl e pression of the patrol system! Opinions of Editors TVT _*u Somet hing Else for Tires t "• j- iiorri i Governor Wilson for believes the governor's i executive experieLe'^erior congressmen feel that eitheTdredginl or fortification of Guam was vital anrtm- gent? Were the army and na^y ch 5s dT mandrng or deprecating immediate fortifi-" wh T o°rt aolittlet >, farther baCk ' and to re P^t, have for ea^s Uy ^ thiS °° Untry mus * Lake"st a te^ir < u o r ll ° t - Tribune -Tl ie storm +VI Q T^ S nown Wft at the Germans tores throughout TnJ?= e> - lilte , . otner liquor the Japs were doing towards prepara- to se " United States^U 18 m ^ klng an e «°rt tion for war (or if he didn't was grossly neg- st W to ** custome^f ST C e f ^ and ligent). vet fi^i^i^^ wit , _.. , s f neg suits have been nitif,,i T. us far - th e re- with pet domestic re- state board o MS?Vn«5 e f Orts ^^ the Lpt'c K r~"\~ 3ke the countr y? Marc « the Storm Lak°^ 01 re X eal tha t in Lets be fair about this, Mr. Miller. If we)? n bootz e. During[that same er^o $8 ' 632 " 12 to the amount of S151 Q9 <i»f!^ tie store. y^"i.»-« were wire, Lieutenant GoveSor Hicft t0 ^ e conceded a several TeSs ^. enlo °P« is nearest competitor Eart r TJ ? ii d ° ver his ed, granted to MUler? "" ls locat - -Sp^SSSn-*- 1 s?> °.«^'"r^sr^ te"i-»: Lusby & when again mess men. ® • low N n C ^T - a 1Ime ther * W « • *• £ a Mg1^r 0 No^ h °H milde ' ^^ ***» «**«ip. now he sounds like a . • ^^ me wind is lei out **$ him. * ou * of -S^.5^*-*^ again. If s been a long time since tho^ i£"£! W i°. Pr ° miaed to ^ drunk LOANS $5Q-$75-$100 or More FARMERS chase newmachu^ ° r pur ' ^ssssfa-s Fancy GOOSEBERRIES For Sauce & Pies No. 2 Can 19e Morning Light BARTLETT PEARS For Sauce & Salad • 21/2 Can 23c 53t: lb...39(| ^yog$J79 Blue Food Stampjf I4ci Morning Light SPINACH No. 2 Can lOe Morning Light PORK & BEANS 16 OK. Can 7c '''"'•'•Kohlha.. fboae 22, Algona General lasurance Agency 29tf There are a — •«-«. v/* *-/AUOV They envy your youth. will meet. Thev am c™~. .-;--;-"" zttjti£~&* are not for you-but are tears shed who couldn't join you. Add personal note—by the way Shlv) b T ly attaCking (W3iving >whet ^r rashly), are you now on the defensive? Samples of Pro-Axis Propaganda An Iowa publisher recently navy recruiting staff at Des of newspaper!^thisS* p f the hundr ^s Grahl, slate selective SJyic?^^ rfes H ' serted recently that "ThS H 51 ctor ' as- nex/ OT *^,,_j t_ ""*: . xnis aepartment has ,any Iowa Papers had a^an' ^ff"%3\ ' ,, bloc in congress on the per cent above parity business? Ihose farmers be mad if a aen suggested i Profiteering? MEN ARE GIVING ?p Pants and flaps on their pockets but ut cuffs «. t metal junk and basement or cellar the junkman for war use. Don't worrv frozen 6 ^ Set riCh ° n U beca ^e INVISIBLE NIB, VET A REAL FOUNTAIN PEN — AS STREAMLINED AS A HIGH DIVER Ib.bag *'*'* R*T POTTED CRISCO O// er . s Cereal Food All For MA BROWN WHOLE WHEAT BREAD lot ORANGES Dozen |f/. M 35•••«*. ^Vww OLD COUNTRY BITE BREAD S^^^^ris ^^^ON^^j SUPERB ROLLED OATS SUPERB BRAND TOILET TISSUE sob Sftaa. NEW SPUDS LUX FLAKES Small rtg....],,,. LUX TOILET SOAP 22?" 13c LIFEBUOY TOILET SOAP Iff 13 C RINSO Small «TL. * • V'*WKf+\ 5«t Th.» Amqjio, N«w Initcumcot >• JAMES BSize Ohiot '"* ^^r ^|^lMft^|j|P4|P flV j^B^FflsBflsC ^^V jjara*-"

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