The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 12
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*ifr »**• P** '*"* *** ant«ntoa: Miftfnun rtaw 1 tstae ptr line t tiiwt per line l*r 0*^ •• i tim«« pet !'•* P« d *' •• T timn p*r Hn« p« d»j .. SP«K« •«« «4«rtlslnt ">PJ •"'• » , »"'' M,h So- must b. »«on«.«ilrf 1>T ««»• 1U<« m«5 be nHV compute* Iroi" thf *«««•.*« orderrd for .-«....' I- •ertfoa take the one tlmt 1»T>1*. So re»pomlbHit» will bo takfi> 1°' .on I*™ one Incorrect In.ertlon «' inv classified ad. AH »ds »™ restricted to their P'OP- „ cl.SBlflc.tlon style and type. Th, ?oomr .Vewi resertei ln« rteht to edit t* wject lay »d. AH el.irifled adnrtlilnt niu|| be In br 5 p.m. precedtnr day of publication "icept for Monday's Issue aft mult be In before noon on 8tt«i«»J. _ SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY Adding Machines, Typewriter! DON EDWARDS TYPEWRITER CO. Phone 3-33B2 Plenty of Parking Space 1853 MODEL UNDERWOOD Stand- «fd Typewriters 35<* discount. aUBhtlJ' \s6en, fully guaranteed. Other models 129.30 up. Sales and service. Typewriters. Adding and accounting ma- BUHNB6S MACHINES CO. lifl 3 Broadway. Ph. 3-8901 12;lfi pk 1]I7 Barbecu* CeMl. tell barbecue by me pound to bom« Kre&m KftRtte Drive In. Pb Bricklaying BRICK WORK, GLASS BLOCKS, HOLLOW TILE Fred Manie Bricklaying Co. Fr«d Manie, Osceola, Ark'. Ph. 544 12|13 pk tf Catering L«t LOWE'S prepare your meats loi you while you are working or Chrint raw shopping, ph. 3-4597 12,3clt 1|: Ear Corn Oood quality for this year. Fine to' •oose or hos fe*d. Farmers Soybean Corpormtkm. Ph. 3-I1I1. Sorlli Bro»d„.. 1J|11 ck 1|12 E»t t Poultry •gp from producer W con»umer fle- llTered >o your door Call jour order •I nlghl f* 3-M31 Mr» H. L. H»lBtll PromUed Wnd «;« "* ll T.»M »"« '•"' *'*' r>u * cl «M«l7B. L Huliell. 3-M3J «1* Firework* FIREWORKS Arkansas restricts anle of Ilreworks drasllcally. For complete lino of fireworks ' to select from, drive to Shell Station. Ark-Mo State IJne north of arch on right aide. Gns with n ?lp. llie«orks with a boom. 12.3 ct 1.0 Foods Let EDDIE coot & coon Tor you. We know how. Call towe's Grocery. I'h 3-4591. 12(3 ck 113 Grist Mill Wo shell ear torn, maK« chops »nd home ground meal. Ramej's Storo 6 Ml, So. Bly. Hlway 61—Ph 3-48« 122 pk |,a Insurance These We're For Your Holiday COIN' 9-17 CHEVROLET ..$195 StylcmRstcr 2-dr. with radio, heater, seat covers, »un visor, ;ood tires. Good transportation. 919 FORD $•195 Justom V-8 Tudor. Radio, healer, overdrive, seat covers, (food ransportatlon. Very nice nppcar- ance. Merhanclally A-l. 951 STUDEBAKER $395 •i ton pick-up with radio, hcat- r, overdrive, and good tires, ^eady to roll. 1951 FORD $695 ^ ton truck with IOJIJT wliccl- jase, healer, and (urn Indies(or. 825x20 tires. Red finish- nice appearance. 1954 CHEVROLET $1495 2-dnor with nirllo, hpul-cr, good tires, scut covers. Very low actual milciiRC. 1951 FORD $595 !-i inn V-8 pick-up wltU deluxe rnb, healer, heavy duty bumper, side mount tire rurrlfr. 1950 ........ $595 Custom V-8 Tudor with be.uitl- fill bliit'h finish, yrllim* sfiiit rovers, fjidio, heiitrr, praiMicnlly new tires. A Honey. CALL 3-4553 Fur Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OL1NCOI HO'IIJ BUILDING 134 W Ash Si 4 6 CK t: HMO (' Coach—Ronel (ranspiirtullon. 1951 KOIIII .. ONLY |895 X'lcloHa \'-t with radio, heater, Fnrd-o-nmtfc, beautiful two tone Krcen fuctory finish. 1952 CHEVROLET ..-VM;> Deluxe tab '/j Ion nick-up. Hii- dio, hratcr. heavy duly rrjtr hitmitcr, pnu'tlcttlly new tires, low milciiKe. 19')H FORD ........ |295 •>i ton pick-up with vrry ROIK! 700x18 tlrrs. Mrrh. A-l. Oood »p- 1950 FOK1) ........ $495 Tudor with, henlrr. Rcmd (Ires. A good Hiitoniotiilc. 1917 MKKCIJRY .... $295 Fordor with radio, heuler, new seal covers, Rood tlrcK, prar. new motor. Appearance very nice, 1917 FOKD ........ $2-15 Tudor with radio, and heater. 11153 KOKI) $1295 Tudor V-8 with radio, beater, srat covers, rear seat speaker, side mirrors, vrry ROOI! Urrs. Original Sheridan blue finish. 19-16 G. M. C $85 1 5 ton pick-up with good tires and motor. AVill give service. Moving, Storage "MOVING A^D STORAGE Don't call nn oui ol town nmvui: coinpftiiy until you inspect oui »an »:rvlcc and rates. Call lift for rrcc CMI motes on local or lonf; dlKlancc moving BeckhEm Moving and Storhfje SO'. N. 2nd St. Ph. 3-8928. 11 U p* M- Office Equipment Royal typewriters. Atanciard nnc: portablts. Victor addinp machtrieb McCBSkey Registers. Sales and "Jcrv- ; Ice. Office deeke. ofllce chairs, new and used, WHITLEY OFFICE SUPPLY 109 W Wnlnut Ph. PO 3-8802 12 10 ck HI' ——_ • Painting-Wallpaper Paper hanging, painting, filieei rocl: rinUhlng, carpenter work. References If desired. Ph. 3-8372. 12 H Pecanc We buy fur and Pccann. Joe Bes- t«r'» Oro. So Highway 61, Ph 2-2632 13 : 6 pk lib Plumbing Uc«n»*d »nd bonflefl plumbing. bettlDff- C*D »*»« TO" money on «p- pliwice* Before yovi buy give me • try Ph 3-63W. H»rry Meyeri. U 1ft pit il.lto Religious Books BIBLES Lane itock to lelect from NBlne^ Imwlnltd. R«»i!lou« «n<l lnuilrallon«i bookt 3uod«I School Commcntarlei T«J-»TATI» eonoot SUPPLT IN «. flrtt «1 P - ml?>htTl!H, Ark 1953 FORD $?$ Custom V-S n'itli radio, liealrr. tailor niatlr scat covers, \\'W Urcs, Mire spoke wheel covers, confincnla! rear spure. Dressed tip aiul rcii!l,\ a honrv. I!IIS CHKYSI.KH .. $12;. l-H(ior t\lth CIHH! moloi, fair tirt-s. Loaded ivitli extras. Nice apjirariinre. 'IS CHKVROLKTnnlv $259 1 ion pirk-tip with henlcr, radio, good lirr\. 19lfi KORD ........ $215 '•j ton pick-up with prac. new- motor, heater, new sroumi jirlp tires, ICxrcptionally niee looks, SKVKKA1. 1MI and lil.Vi FUKI), niKVROI.ET and r;. M. C. TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM. ALL SIZKS. Open 'til 9 P. M. Nightly Phillips Motor Co. Hroadwa) A Chlcknawb* PHONE M4U BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUSlERHEWi FRIDAY, DECEMBER, IT, 1964 BETTER BARGAINS on Better Trucks and Cars! 1*41 CHEVROLET X ion wttti lUVe be<l. TM« truck is ready In ft * 175 135« FORD K ton pick-up with mud ind snow Hrf». Plumber, body SIOM 1D53 INTERNATIONAL 'A ton pick-up; * MS 1951 STITOKBAKKR 14 ton pick-up- N«f I" 1 '" 1 in<l " rM See this truck. s B85 19»0 NASH 4-door. ONLY! J 385 1951 FORD Mi ton pk-k-up. Ont owner. Has nrw tires and paint, radio, holer, and dcfroit»r S»S 1850 DODGE '/, ton pick-up. A eood buy $ 495 1952 INTERNATIONAL V4 ton pick-up. Kitrllinl condition.? 115 1948 CHEVROLET 1 ton. A rood buy S 350 See Hulon Holmes for Trucks —FARM EQUIPMENT— fORD TRACTOR, CULTIVATOR * PLOW in lood condition "25 1918 OLIVER "M" Tractor. It's clean »nd In good mechanical condition * 795 MOLINE Model "U" tractor with 4 row cultivator S745 WE HAVE FARMALL "H". "M". AND MANV OTHER MAKES OF TRACTORS AND USED FARM EQUIPMENT. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. "Service Holds Our Trade" 312 S. 2nd Ph. 3-6863 ITS HERE THE ORIGINAL BUSH - HOG STALK CUTTER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Allen Hardin, Mgr. Your Ferguson Dealer For Sal* Antique picture frames boushl lor iii-rtoiiHl use In BouUi Carolina ina VlncliiDi Samuel F. Norrlt. across Horn Uli full « -" ck 23 ud ftnrt snow tires 1216 pk 15 -670 X a (20.00. Pli. 3-3J1V. Klectrlc range, oil heater, bedroom Milte chairs, Ittmpfi. mirror, card tttblcfi drlnV: box, baby bod. combination Radio & necord Players. Call 3-3682. I 2 ! 16 P* U We. buy Hiid Hell used plumbing and i.nrr:, Orsburn Supply. Ph 3-4521. 12 6 pic 31 CHRISTMAS PUPPIES {egisterecl male white Spitz: )lond Pekinese; registered locker Spaniels. Will hold till Christmas. 433 S. Division Ph. 3-3101 12|17 ck 25 Flfrlrle tram, practically new. Also mm nrojcrtor. Cnll 3-3572. Alter 5 ,„. 12,11 pk 19 Septic link Strvicct Septic Tanks Cleaned, work BUnr eed Gto Knuckles. Ph. 116. Monc 11,la pk Servlcct GUARANTEED RECAPS We ma new 1U» In your HIM! Llkti rw nt H Inictlon the co&l. All alzu ruck nntl car tires recapped BURNF.TTS ROYAL TIRE SERVICE R. Highway 81 Ph.3-8662 Ironing wanted, r.22 5. Franklin. IJI14 pH 2 Television, Radio Servic*! TV & RADIO SERVICE Service gunrnnteod on all maKfts and models. BLYTHEVIU.E SALES CO. 0 E. Main Ph. 3-3610 rinrlrrf- filling dirt, cotton hulls. .-' I") per load W. P. Sharp. Ph. PO- 3-M84 128 PR I|S ilrlolll. p\ir Television Service Am Uate Bl.AYLOCK'S RADIO & TV SERVICE 'hon. 3-317a—tf no »niiir«r call 3-430B flal ck tf WI-LSON'S ' TV ft RADIO SERVICE 114 S. FIRST (Inprrum Bldr) Nlghl Service by Appointment Ph. U-4237 B:2fl ck tt for Sale, Real Estate FO?rSA~LE 2 Bedroom 100 percent G.I. Loan. Modern and practically new 4 room house and bath only $250.00 pays closing co.sts and everything. Price $7,200.00. Practically new 'I room house and bath, attached carport, closed-iii back porch, gas i heat, Venetian blinds and! drapes. $1600.00 cash. $5^00.00 loan balance. Payable $<ll.- 41 per month. You will like this cozy house. Immediate posessimi. 705 Hardin St. . Beautiful 6 room house, 2 full baths. Huge den, fireplace, attached garage, patio Extra large lot, fully landscaped. This house is only <I years old, good neighborhood, you will like it. Price $15,900.00 Terms See or Call JOHNNY MARK, Realtor Ph.3-4111 Res. 2-2596 JACK PINNELI,, Salesman Ph.3-4111 Res. 3-8697 122 ck 11 TURKEYS Home grown, fat. drcjiBed. all Jt-llvcred any day. B. E H'.-^lo, 3-6fi62. We have prepared fresh cnlrkon -salad h.mi salad, pimento . potato Kiilari. home baked 'leans cued fresh ham. barbecued ribs cued fryers Best T-bone steak and 3eautiful parakeets, all co- ors; canaries; fantailed pigeons. 'Teddy Bear" hamsters, THE PET SHOP 433 S. Division THE PET SHOP Ph. 3-3701 12:17 ck 25 be&i. ground beef LOWE'S GROCERY, ph. 3-4597 12:3 Ck Christmas Trees Hlhntls. cantly, Iruils nnd nuts. Opd •tcnfngi* until b p.m. lAWlR Poultry 607 Fast Main 128 ck 12|24 Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds Cleaned . MiuMiine proceM T»p«. cordi »BQ UU tfiufcUBff clean L«* Ui r«p»lr Joui - P»ln». OlM«. Wallpuper Apartment for Rent Turn, efficiency ifnt. Utilltlfa /urn apld. Oas. furnace Ph. 2-2300. I unf upfitotrs upt Call cHlflrn C«t)ln» Court*. Ph 3-995! ApH lxX>t DOT 10 30 ck 11,30 Mfwly dfcorntert modern unf urn 5 •in iipiulr* »p».. h»rrtwoort floori. new rcnelUn bllndi. «;•• heal, icrfcn porch intl (true Well located. Otll 3-3B21 10|ll ck tf Uodfrn room furn »pt Ph 3-1565 3(« ck tf i film. fcpt. Ph. 3-20B7. 11 30 ck tt Finn apt . 3 rme. 107 W DnvlB. nnd bnth. On BDI i Clc Oynaniltf iiud Supplies nYRUM IMPLEMENT COMPAWY Dylhtivllle-, /vTk Ph 3-4404. J3;2 c)c t Used TV Sets mid Radios ELECT RONIC LAB—2003 \V. Main St. 12:3 ck tl S1 jnsh Cameras complete. Gift wrap cl for Xnms SDH5. O'STEEN'5 Hi ,.1,674. 12.7 ck 2 4 practically ne RcRlatcra. Ph 3-3122 Modern 4-room nnnnr, bath. 1 ncre iiul. First rnnd KOlnR wesl from ilrsl Alrbufin K n te, third houflo on right. K P Watt*. 11.20 pk 12,2U 6 room lirime hnrtlwood floors i floor furnaces, gnrspc mirt storage room. * room HOUHD on buck of lot. $9,000.00. Terms. room liolive and hath, $3,250,00. 6 room house nnd bath, 4 room house on :fc 01 kA. 400 acrw near catron, Mo. A room niodrrn home, tenant houses nnd barn, good land. BO acres arid Rood 8 room hone* fB,- 000.00, Stoddsrd County. Mo. _.:o our TOTLAND—Us« our lay iiw»T plan now for ftll tour Chrlstm* ill HXJBBARD HARDWARE CO. 11.9 c* tl I have Ir.e trncls. Set- or nil) R. Ph. 2-2893 ,iny oilier >u«fl. 1120 South Clark. Ph. 12 17 pit l|li 12,4 pk 21 NEW THRRE BEDROO^IS 008 Pecan St. Move in today. Large lot, fully completed. If you lire navinK R unrty or club ilnncr Ifit us help you prepare for It JUKI call LOWE'S GROCERY, pli 3-4597 123 ck I;3 Ken Fresh drfSBcd turkoye. Mrs. .•right. Ph. 3--1634. 12,7 Record plajecrV Tom. M.05 ami ilnn. models to choos . U«" our layawa 5 Appliance Co. 11.16 ck US National cftfil 11,10 ck t New Hlfch • ridellty Zenith record .layer with fitrobeacope. speedometer Used for short time as doiuonstnitoi Will sell very rensonnble Cash or term: O'STEEN'S,'ill W Main. 12J7 Ck t farm houses. Can either be moved r wrecked for lumber. Will sell cheap, harles Stomac. U ml. east or railroad teasing Ruddle Road, 12,17 pk 12.25 Santa Claus Her 6 p.m. costume. Ph. 3-3472 I2;17 pk 12^21 For Sale, Car* & Trucks Post binders, loose leaf supplies, fll- ig equipment, carbon paper, dupltca- or nnd mlmeogrftph suppltes. WHITLEY OFFICE SUPPLY 109 W. Wfilnut Ph PO 3-8802 12,10 Ck IjIO For Rent u rm. pvl. bitn. unfurnished duplex nut. gas 1030 Holly Ph. 2-2732 or 3- J187. 12,14 CK 12.22 Concrctt block building 40 x 60. Living quarters upstairs optional. Ph 2-2361. 12|11 pK 12i20 . room furnished house with bath. Ph. 2-8276 12J10 pk 18 5 room house at 1138 Willow St. ?25 per month. Ph. 2-2897. '2;10 pk. 18 uUslncss building, corner Main and First. Mrs. Holllpeter. ph 3-3255. 12 2 ck if 5 room furnished house. Call 3-3^31 Hj27 ch tr House for rent furnished Modern 2 bedroom home, completely equipped Garage, oil heat pli 2-2856 1118 ck ti rm. offtc« tune loci ted at 138 X Unln St. formerly occupied by Or ttlhon Webb. Space ta auUnble foi KfTertl offlcci. Call T J Barnes 3-6801 1(00 ck tf MdlO Call 3-3370 8; 12 ck tl A business bldg on corner of Franklin and Walnut Paul By ruin. Ph. 34404. 13|4 ck tf We rent floor. Banners, edgerfi and polishers. HUBBARD HABDWARa CO 'hone 3-2015. 2;» ck tr Just received truck load of cedar & fir Chrlstmai trees. From 25 in. to 13 fl. tall." Joe Heater'a Oro. 80. Hlshwxy fil. Ph. 3-26M. U« Pk 25 Los* Boy grocery store Nice living ouirteri, newly decontted. Ph. 3B951. 11118 ck tr t—power Inwn mower, 1—2 wheel caiipr, l—new Senking 5 h.p. motor Ph. 3-3633. 12,13 pit 20 30 gal. irnltur* 3-8928. elect, hot water healnr. misc , Beckham Storagp Co. Ph. 12 14 pk Ijl4 Free! -149.50 value Bulova wrist 'Htch to be given away Dec. 24 Rt 3 p.m. Come to O'Stcen's now and re£;ter Nothing to buy. O'STEEN'S, 111 . Mnin St. 12 14 ck 23 Hens on'foot. Nice and fat. Lewis Poultry. 607 E. Main. 12M ck 12;22 | Tile kitchen & bath, attic fan, .v... . rm apt. nil etoctrlc ' ,r a , s hcatilK r , cai'-llOrt With •hen. ens hpat, close In. PH. 3-4432 . * r " ' ,,] b — - u storage room. See or " ll11 Attention! T now have the new fall oolens from Greenfield Mill. I alM) have shoulder pnds, lining, in nil colors nnd buttons, Special group of heavy woolens reduced nt low price HOWARDS CLOTH SHOP. >.j ml. from city limits, N. franklin Road, open 3 till 6. 13;14 pk 1220 . ia;i3 j Christmas pets for sole. Toy fox ter Callirlrr pupc. wormed, rcfldv to go. Will fur 100 W Ky. ?10 prr 3 room Apt. 122 E .cat. pvl i-pck. 12,14 pV Dnvls. 13 15 For Sale, Real Estate FARMS FOR SALE Frank WaRiior, at BUILDKKS SL'IT'LV COMPANY Ph. 2-2066 iiiKhl 3-6217 12 17 ck 12:25 hold until Christmas Evr. Ph. 2-2m'2. 1215 pk IS BALDWIN ACROSONIC SPINET PIANO — Fully guaranteed. Sell locally assume easy payments. Write or cal Cape Music Company, 419 Broadway Cflpc Glrardeftu. Mo. 12 15 pk IB t) 80 ai-roh. R mile* .\om liven t tM i Blvthfvlll,- on «otxt gravel road. Kin;- vy mixed lunin soil, WcH rtralnert. A d farm at *3CK) prr ncrc. Excellent ( 2» 80 Ht-ro.-. Nrw Mndrtd Countv. Mo., hi the fine loam hell two miles went of Matthew*. Mo., on main first j t-lw* smvel road, mall und school bus- route. Nlro old style home with bath. s;ond burn, fenced, and in high cul- inv.uion. Cnod Rr«dr sandy lonm soil. ' r ihls tnnn cnn he hoiiRhV at *275 v>c ( i ncrp. ftiitl now has a loan of over J175 | per acre. Cnn be handled for le.vs I than Jfi.OOO down. This Is no error. Let p. ftiirt now ha« R loan of ovrr J175 acrr. Cnr n Jfi.000 (\o\ mr. show you. i... -i.. i.. .r.i — Pouilj-col County, o ! mllfh nonlicnst Of Slccle, In Mnplr- inuinUy, '* mile off H\vy. 61 gravel road, The very bes'- noil. Cnn x\vc pos*|-sslon. KARUS FARM & ]=OAN CO. Cecil I. Earls Of. Ph PO 3-4052-Honvf Ph. TO 2-3416 Of Ph PO 3-6810—Home Ph, PO 3-filRfi 12 Id Ck 24 , .LAND MISSISSIPPI COUNTY 120 ACRES UKAtfd firavel road neat communl tj- .Good croji hlstorr » n(1 ba» nice liouHF A eooo" h\iy for person who want* 10 operai* o*ni form Price J225.00 ptr »cro. Call or See CHARLIE b. KOBINSON Realtor I'll. 1059 Oficcola, •Arkansa.s u n ck u 40 acres Lltln River land. H'. L. C. Mr.Cnnn. 13,10 uK 1 SANTA SPECIALS -FEATURE BUY- 1949 CHEVROLET $345 Radio & healer. Beautiful Dove blue finish. Low Mileage. llMfi Bl'ICK .... $l!).'i Super l-dr. u'ilh radio anil hrati-r. 19.18 Bl'ICK ?2!)o Super t-rir. ivith nirti« :tnd heater. 19-17 OLDS $29r. 11 as hydramatir drive, radio and hcalor, 1950 NASH $II.i Ambiissitrinr i-dr. witli livtlrn- mullr drive, radio, and hrat- er. Nirf car. MANY OTHER GOOD BARGAINS 1919 PONTIAC . . $395 4-rir.. hydramalic, radio, heater, and white wall Vires. 1951 CHKVKOLET S795 Power slide with radio, and healer. 1951 PONTIAC . $79.") l-dr. with h.vdrarnatic- drive. radio, heater, and \V\V tires. Help Fight TB bedroom unfurnished white frame louae on farm, adjoining north city tmlt of Blythcville. $40 mo. ph. 3-3756 ]2i7 ck tf BUSINESS BUILDING Concrete block, appro* '25' i 80' irerhead door, glafis front' .Avail. Jan. I 1955. Reasonnblfi. Cull PO 3-6915 after i p.m. 12|7 pk 23 •* room house and bath, 852 E. Main ph. 2-2406. 12.14 pk 22 , room house with bath. 717 Clark Si Apply. Jirttel's. 224 Mali\ St. 12 17 Ck 2 IfiO acres Imid. Cash lu advance 22.50 per acre. Ph. 2-2631- 12 17 ck 12 21 Private Rooms DOLLAR DAY Friday & Saturday! BUY ONE AT THE REDUCED PRICE AND THE OTHER ONK FOR JUST SI. SOME OF THESE CARS HAVE HEATERS AND OTHER EXTRAS. COME EARLY AND TAKE YOUR PICK! 1917 BDICK *-*. Jed**. WfT.l". 1942 CHEVROLET Grey li-dr. WITH BUICK 1947 DODGE '/, Ion pick-up. ONLY! 1939 PONTIAC 2-dr. sedan WITH DODGE FOR 1942 CHEVROLET 2-dr. sedan black. ONLY! 1940 PLYMOUTH black coupe WITH CHEVROLET FOR ..SI50 .. Si ..$ 99 .. SI ..$ 99 $1 1939 DcSOTO 4-dr. sedan special. ONLY! ! 99 1938 PLYMOUTH ':. ton pick-up WITH DeSOTO FOR $1 TRUCKS PRICED FOR QUICK SALE RECONDITIONED AND GUARANTEED 1953 CHEVROLET (4 Ion pick-up for 1952 CHEVROLET " = ton pick-up for.... 1951 CHEVROLET % ton pick-up for.... 1951 G.M.C. >!• ton pick-up for 1950 CHEVROLET >.<, (on pick-up for.... 1949 STUDEBAKER ?', ton pick-up for.. $800 S700 SB45 S545 $545 $795 Many More to Choose From. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan. Remember you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Cor Lot on Wo/not Street" 301 W. Walnut Phone 3-4578 The New Ford "600" Tractor SO MUCH MORE FOR SO MUCH LESS ~ SERVICE PARTS SNOW TRACTOR CO Phone i 3-8951 Loans FOR THE BEST IN FARM .AND — FARM LOANS See EARLS Form & Loan Co. O L Earla 3-241ft— J. Mirsh 2-2730 BlythcTllla Ph 3-4053 Money To Lo»n On Jewelry, shotguns, luggage, cameras »dtos. musical Instrument! other rtlcits of Tafue East Main Loan Co. 300 W UalD P». 2-2660 3|30 ct tf Loit & Found FOUND—3 mules. 2 black wt. 1200. 1 lowii. wt. 12W1 2 miles west ol HU«- lan Store. Charles TalklnKton. 12,14 pk 21 Will man who found rlillds KlaSfies aar Catholic School, Jim Inside case, Dec. Hth. Please return to Jlmmy Vllson, 408 S. First 12[18 pk 12|20 Lo«t—1 billfold, keep billfold and eturn papers Henry Wood's Ocn. Del. Blythovlllp. 12.18 pk 19 Notice TALLY LAKE CLUB, INC. (near Tomato. Ark) Notice — Trcsapassers will be prosecuted. TOM H. OALLIS. Secretary 12|15 pk 1|15 Leaving for Flint. Mich., Wed. Dec. 22. Would like 3 passengers. Call 3-9633 01' 2-2958. Ruth Hosteller. 12117 pk M ?lo reward for information leading to arrest of person or persons who stole and broke into the Courier News paper stand. James Brown Circulation manager Courier News. 12]13 dh « Wanted to Buy We buy tin cans Blythevllle Iron and Helal Co Ph 3-8S62 H!5 ct tf WANTED — GOOD USED LAROK SIZE GAS HEATING STOVE. PH. 3-366S. 12:15 pk 23 Wanted to Rent 4 to 5 bedroom home. Call Hotel Noble between 8 to 12 a.m. Room 808. 1Z|13 pk 12121 SAHARA'S OASES Oases in the Sahara Desert result from springs, underground streams, or the nearness of the ountains, which are sufficiently ligh to cnuse moisture in the air o ,condense and rain to fall. Paint- Closeout M»ny Types and Colors ^ Price Hubbard Hardware Rooms to rent to girls. Kitchen privileges, ph. 2-2514. 12,11 pk I.II Comfortable bedroom In private Lome. Call 3-3370. 12,11 ck t.' Betlroom. pvv bath, pvt. enuancr, Tloso In Ph. 4-4>lJ2. J2;l ck tf Bedroom In quiet home Ph. 2-2414 II 3 pk 1222 Nice front bedroom adjoining bnth Gas heat. Ph. 3-3109. 1706 W. Main 12.14 pk 22 Help Wanted, Colored Housekeeper for crippled woman 1113 S Lily. 2 rooms furn. Ora Jones 12.4 p>C 12,22 WESTBROOK IRRIGATION CO. Sales and Service For IRECO IRRIGATION SYSTEM FAIRBANKS MORSE • GARDNER DENVER • MARLOW PUMPS t WISCONSIN CHRYSLER WILLYS ENGINES 225 NO. 1st. ST. Estimates Free PH Help Wanted, Female Ambitious woman—ploaslnp personality—can earn Mile Income as Spencer Corsetlere Car helpful Write Boi RB <~, courier News 1136 pk 12,26 Help Wanted, Male Wanted—salesman and collector for city of Dlythevtlle. Must have car If Interested "please contact J L. Fox before 9 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m.. Room 18. Abraham Courts. Hwy. 61 south. 12 10 pk 12 Man to take over sales and supervisory duties. Jlust o\vn good car. Write box LR, ^ Courier News. 12|13 ck tf RAZORBACK SPECIAL! HAMBURGER STEAK Complete with French Fries, Combination Salad and Hot Rolls. Pure Ground Beef Drive In rure bround eeer RAZORBACK 75' WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. HCT DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK— 6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE DKIVI Buy Christmas Seal* LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Uroiidway Ph. 3-1555 'rompl DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-1507 Hours: 8 a.m. It i p.m. with Deliver? to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE :?1 West Main St. NOW OPEN At Former North Star Location Vi Mile from Blythcville on N. Highway Gl — Phone POplar 3-9922 Serving Good Food & Catering to Parties— Large & Small Enjoy Dancing Fn Our Newly Decorated Dining Room ROBERTSON'S Good Food Rebecca and Jlmmle Robertson

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