Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
Page 5
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gfm^fi^slSliasmsmSBseseaaf^ismmtmiiiiiai BEFORE AND AFTER TAKING THOUSANDS Patent Adjustable':: Unilrella Roofs: Your Unibrella. Hade as Good as New While You Wait. '' ~t DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER Are sold us to Mer Children, reasons fo ways Fres Styles Rig and your dissatisfied chase. ach season by Women and There are good r it, Stock Alt, Quality High, Prices Low icney back if 'ith your pur- Stevenson ft Klinsick. 403 Br «way. ' THE\ ' FIRSI NATIONAL BANK • -OF- LOGANSPORT. , . CAPITAL. $250,OOO. INDIANA. X J. Murdock, Pr««. W. W. • -~ J. r. BrootanWi *•*• . DffiKCTOBS: w. H. BMngbont. Dennis Uil. F. M, Hanraod, W. T. WU«on. Bnnklnir in al; lu D*p»rtinentt promptly and carefully don*. _• -.^.i.,.....,..,— flafQty to Cuitonicnl ana otocKnviuerv "l^wlMMm run* maintain*!. Business Change. James Beehoor ha» pnrchaaed 'the pelton meat martet He now occupies the n»w room Ju»t erected to the west of tie old itaaxJ, and It to Ma Intention to nm a flnrt-daw sh»P M»d na n ^ le a foil line of frefib and salt meati. l DAILY JOURNAL F"" '" Subscribe for The Journal. Girl wanted at 1515 Broadway. Children's Tarn O'Shanters.-Trade ' palace. McKinley Club meeting tomorrow night at the rink. Geo. Harrlaon ha* the flnert line of bamroocka In the city. Kauffman & Co. s.ay they do their advertising at the store. Sec new fall shoes. ••• Bead Harry Frank's new ad. Pick 'an overcoat or a suit and pay 50c on the dollar. - , George W. Funk will speak to the members of the McKinley club tomorrow evening at the rink. Everybody Invited to attend the meeting of the McKinley Club at the rink Wednesday evening. Ton need Hood's Sai*aparlDa to enrich and purify yonr blood, create an appetite and give aweet, refreshing sleep. ' The Cumberland Presbyterian church Sunday school will hold , its annual picnic at Spencer-park tomorrow. All are;lnvltcd.to atend.. .' , .'• Ladles' serge slippers 30c, oxfords 48c, kid button,~80c,' men's, shoes or shop shoes, ,88c'and 98c, children's 3Cc, .misses' 75c.—Kaviffman •&' Co. _..' Ft. Wayne T. P. A'a Have Their Hall Draped in Mourning, The boys of Tost F,, T. P. A., foe] sorry for the boys of Post A,, Ft. Wayne, but really; they brought It nil on • themselves. The pnpers of Ft. Wayne boasted In tills vain-glorious style on Saturday preceding tee game: "A few days ago the Logansport traveling salesman, just to show that they wouldn't stand any bantering, accept ed the challenge of the Ft. Wayno drummers to piny a game of base ball. The game is in progress tills afternoon nnd the recent contest between the policemen and the Jolly Sixty-five facle^ into insignificance beside the exhibition. It was a fatal mistake on the part of Logansport's jolly knights of the grip but they can console themselves upon the pointers they are getting from our champion knights of the grip in today's game." And after the game was plnyed, this Is what they said about It: "The rooms of Post A., T .P. A., were draped In mourning lost night Down at Lognnsport there was good cheer and festivity In the quarters of Post F. for the .brnt.es by the grassy banks of the Wabash had gone home with gory scalp locks dangling to their belts. The way they did It Is something of a mystery, and the local knights of the grip are still making explanations. Ed Muhler pitched for the locals and held the visitors down to 20 hits. Men. were going round the bases all the .time nnd sometimes fell over each other in getting to home plate. When seven Innings hud been played, and Ft. Wayne thought she had the game, the scorer announced that Abe Minskc had only made three runs, instead of seventeen, as alleged and ,the game went to Logansport." A sort of before and'after taking, ns it were. The boys of Post A. will have an opportunity to recover their lost, laurel's, or make It a crown of thorns, when they again meet the Post F. boys In this city, two T$sks from next Saturday. . "^ ARE ENCOURAGED. Republican Speakers Have Good and Respectful Crowds. Republican speakers are having no trouble In getting the people to conie out and hear their speeches. This campaign, though It has but scarcely begun, Is one of the best for the speakers In years. A public speaker, if he sees a house full of people, can do himself and his subject Justice, whereas a small crowd chills the trdor. At Royal Center Saturday night W. T. Wilson spoke in the open air, the hall not being large enough to hold the crowd of people who wanted to hear the financial question discussed from a sound money standpoint. Mr. Wilson made a splendid speech, nnd was heartily applauded. There were more than two hundred present, more than half .of whom must have been Democrats, Populists and Prohibitionists, or who have formerly belonged to these parties. A McKinley club of over forty members was organized, with the following corps of officers: President—George H/ GIse. . Vice President—Thomas Vernon. v Secretary—Frank Fouts. . Treasurer-John W. KIstler. The dram corps and about twenty Republicans from this city accompanied the speaker. • The Burnettsvllle Baptist Sunday school will hold a picnic In V. <B. Marvin's grove west of BurnettsvJlle,' Saturday, August 22, to which everybody is cordially Invited. Democrats Make. a. Stand" for Principles. A CLUB ORGANIZED Rousing Speech by Ed Kearney, and a Love Feast. Three Hundred Signatures—The' Pharos Given Some Hot L Shot by a Railroader ., The meeting at the rink last night servjwl to encourage and uplift those who are struggling for the .cause .of sound money In Cass'county. The disciples of free silver and.debased money have corresponding reason for feeling depreciated this morning. There were more than one thousand people In the rink, nnd all stayed until the last word had been spoken. Ed, F. Kearney was the speaker of the evening, nud after his election ns presi Ulent of the Railroad Men's club hq spoke for sound money from the stand-! point of a sound money Democrat. His; points wore well made, clear cut, .and the enthusiasm they . caused' showed 1 that his hearers were appreciative. The crowd was one that any orator would; have been pjeajpsf'to address. Not onlyi was It In sympathy with tho causejl but its feelings were not suppressed; And. there was occasion for cheering; for the remarks of Mr. Kearney place| him well up In the list of Cass county; campaign speakers for sound money.; Mr. Kearney will be heard from againJ The first thing done at the big meeting was the organization of the club.' The officers chosen were as follows: \ 'President—E. F. Kearney. '] : ;' First VIce-President—H. S. Coats. ' ". Second Vice-President—J. .T. Uannon, Third Vlce-rresident—W. H. Gifford| : Secretary and Treasurer—A. F.Hock- enbenmer. The pext meeting of the club will be,; held : on the cnll of the president, and' the rink will be the place of meeting." In accepting the honor tendered him, President Ed Kearney • said in substance: • . "My Fellow Citizens: I thank you' for the honor yon have done me. I see In your presence here tonight an argument for the cause .of sound money. I wish to thank the many business men. and other citizens present for their attendance. In their presence and inter- est.I see that they are'alive to the fact that the Interests of the railroad men of Logansport are the Interests of all the citizens here. There has been a rumor circulated and an Insinuation appeared in'a Lo- gnnsport paper, that we were being coerced Into taking up this movement. There have been many methods of coercion since civilization began, but the most contemptible method to my mind Is that of the man with the'cowardly heart, who, hidden behind the columns of a public newspaper, seeks 'to intimidate the Independent American citizen. "I have always been a sound money Democrat. I absolutely refuse to become a Populist. I am not alone"; 'Tiie Independent vote will be targe. T'hls year I shall vote the Republican ticket,. National, State, Congressional and Legislative. ' ' ' " "I will give you, briefly, a history 'of the money of the ,Unlted States, 1p 1792, Madison, the first Secretary''of the Treasury! and that 'Father'of De ; mocracy,' • Thomas Jefferson,, recommended a ratio upon which gold anil silver wore, to be coined. They'went abroad into the markets, of the, world to secure It. And they placed "it" at abput 15 to 1, That'was tlie commercial ratio. This ratio prevailed until 1800, when it was found that, the ratio was not correct. Silver dollars were being melted down and sold as bullloni the silver being worth more than, a dollar at the-ratio of 15 to 1. Thomas Jefferson ordered the coinage of silver dollars stopped,- and no ' more ..were coined . until 1834, when, a law',,waa passed for the further .coinage of sll- .ver dollars at the ratio.of 16 to : l..This. ratio was also, soon found to be Incorrect. Gold became the -cheap; metal, and silver again went .out of circulation; . •' . ', . ....'.. -':•'•:;•- Times^ally Hard? f „ c . 0 Echo Answers Is Money Scarce? ' ' NO — Do you Want to Buy Cheap? '•....;-'.' i i .'; i.',,:•. ; . . . Efut "we say Yes, Yes, Yes, times are hard and money is scarce ar»d ; 1n *oite ef appa-ent in iffartnce of the people to snap really and truly* great barga ns, we will continue to keep sharp look out anft offer for~sa!e such bargains as we *ecurd. ' • i f , • • G. Gerstle &"tJo , Successors to Black, Gerstle & Co., Cincin^ riati, Ohio write- -In consequence of an error of their representative in "forwarding discription of orderon Ladies' Full Dress Patent Leather Cace 20th Ceri'ury Needle Toe Shoes they authorize us to close out the lot 100 pairs regular $5 shoes at $2 50, and they will stand the loss, allowing us one week to make the sale. Respectfully for the manufacturers. ifTO KRAUS -"Of Course '.'.Up \to'1873 8,000,000 silver dollars had-.been coined, nnd only a small part •of:;*ln.'ni'..were in circulation. Silver :wjis-• being-sold for bullion. The law passed .in 1S73 made no provision for :the;free coinage of sliver dollars. In •187Sithe:Bland-Allison law calling for .the, puuchnse-nnd coinage of ,?2,000,000 or, not;, more than, $4,000,000 of silver 'monthly, wns^pnssed. There have been since 4873, more than $000,000,000 • o£ sliver, .coined, and yet they tell you silver has ibeen demonetized. To demonetize nieaiis'to take out of use as money. .Alli-kno.w that silver was not demonetized.. There are now more than .$300.,000;000 • '.in' the treasury on which ceX'tlnca-teft.nre issued. There are not .more' thnn>.52,000,000 silver dollars In .circulation. They cannot be made to iqlreulate.: .above a. certain mark. . , ,r ; : "Our-friends say that the'llirgument ofitheijMexican.dollar is not an honest one., [They'Say our.cold dollar is-dis- ,.hon<?Ht; that, it is n 200 cent dollar, dud .Mexican dollar is worth 100 J will tell you something new. You fellows:who have- been getting J10, >a, w.eels wages ..all these years have really, been getting $20 a week, but you didn't know It, did you? "They say that Mexico is prosperous. Let iine-'tell you that if a man took a crowd of American workingmen to Mexico and offered them that sort of "prosperity, they would run him up n -make- him puli the 'tree up nftor lilm. " - '•' ''me tell you some facts. No sliver country has an ounce of gold circulating within its borders. On the other hand, every gold standard country ! 'Iiifs gold, silver and paper, nil side by ; s'i8<i. '•': ''Seine people mix their Ideas of mb'ney' : arid v capital. Money hoarded away'is' 1 not capital. Put it Into the '' of trade, or into enterprises, omes capital, and n blessing to|h'e.m,en ; it employs. Work Is'whnt prosperous. '•.Confidence must be re- is" nd'ede'd,; When work is plenty all " ! A irtck; of confidence,' caused by'ine 1 'agitation of the question of free MJiSSgelof Silver Is back of.'the; thou- ettn&s'ot .nj.eta put 'work. !,'.".p)i','niy,,?eno.W,,citizens, one and all, rri.iiVpjicl''men 'and business men;. farmers aptf'mechanics, poor men and.'.rich ' - n5en,,.1(you would only learn.the-lesson, of 'civllizatlo|s, it you would but learn th''^ 'iefwpv". of' the last .few years, and rem'pmber forever.and. forever:that we" iconld not, no nation ever has and no' nation .in ,the. -sight of God- ever can t>u'(ld. .prosperity upon the shadow of 'fl'rijiri'9Jal.,,dlsgrace." , .^There, were.nlmost three hundred signatures to.the roll of the club last njgh_t, two-hundred and seventy, at the rln^bejCore the meeting finally : closed. Of'jthlft'num-ber./ully one-fourth; were "p^inocrats, not.ropullsts." . - .'<T ; b<>vfoUow,lng,telegram-was received from;;Charles.Graw, E. W. Alexander andi-.^.t-M- Bant7.,.who were ' out on, their.run. and-unable to be present: ;T,!;•::?:• ."ChiCttgO,'III.. Aug. 17, 1890. '• "E.---F.'-Kearney: We are sorry we •willlhot be'able-to be with you'tonight However,'-'we are with you in spirit. Success to'tlie Railway Men's club. We watit.a dollar for our wages worth 100 cents', purchasing, power." • : -.Other: messages'expressIng regret at not being able to attend were read from-James Pomeroy at Calumet, and Williaan :Farks, Charles Morris, and Ji H. Salgell, who were at Chicago. Other messages were also read,' and jiU'wewy-received'with cheers. . .Another feature of the after meeting wns the, rending, by.Dewltt C, Justice, of :>. personal letter from Charles Watts of Plttsburg. The communlcntion is of deep interest to workingmen and especially to the railroad men. The letter is as follows: Pittslmrp, Pa., Aug. 13.1800. ; . "Friend Justice: I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 10th lust, and in reply have to sny that the bonded indebtedness of the Panhandle is ,<47.021,000, the greater part of which, together with the interest, is payable in gold. The .innunl fixed; charges are about $2,080,000, principally payable in gold. The dividends dc : '. clared during the past five years from 1891 to 1895 inclusive, were ns follows: 1801,3 per cent.; 1892, 4 per cent; 1893, 4 per cent; 1S04, 2 per cent.; nnd 1895, 'nit'. The average net annual revenue applicable to the payment of fixed chnrges for the last five years, 1891. to 1895, Inclusive, was ,$3,865,000. "It will be seen, therefore that in the event of the success of the Demo-Pop candidates, and gold reaching a premium of 170, this company would be unable to meet the interest,, and would be compelled to go Into bankruptcy. During the war, gold went to a proSS? urn of nearly 300, and It is thought by. able financiers of both the great political parties that that rate'of gold would again be reached. ' I do not think that any additional statistical Information is needed to convince every reasonable intelligent Panhandle workman that it Is to his Interest to vote for McKinley/ nnd sound money. "Yours Truly, "CHAS. WATTS." After the reading of this convincing letter, several halting Democrats stepped forward determinedly and: placed their names to the list, swelling' It from 249 to 270 in a few moments. : The Independent Democrats were cheered as they subscribed themselves to the sound money document. The new club Is to be a moving power Jn the campaign now on. ' . As a proper wind-up of the evening's work, the following message to the. Advaace Agent of Prosperity was written, and placed In a committee's hands'to be transmitted to .William McKinley: "Hon. William "• Canton, Ohio: "The railroad, men of the city, of Lo- gnnsport, Ind., have Just organized a Sound Money club, three hundred strong. Many of them former Democrats. Wish you success. :•;-• ; "E. F. KEARNEY, President "H. S. COATS, "J. J. HANXON, '•W.' H. GIFFORD, Vice Pres., "A. F. HOCKBXBBAMBR, T "Sec'y and Treas/' The railroad men propose to turn out in force'Saturday evening, August 22i™ jsvhen Hon. Theodore Shockney, of Union City, the staunch friend of the workingmen, will speak on the paramount Issue at the rink. ' ; SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS r V!A WABASH August 18, 1896. Special Train Will Leave LOGANSPORT at 5 p, m. 4.o»;ust 18, arriving Niagara Falls at 6:35 nf-xt morning. ONLY $10. For the Roaud Trip from Logan* port. Tickets good on special traici only, GRAND FETE Reproduction of Famous War Scene* Thrilling: Naval Engagement The Rev. W. A. Harp, a young minister; who is known to many In Logansport as a promising yonth-of several years ngo, was lu the pulpit Sunday at the Ninth . street Christian church. He delivered a sermon of unusual power. • | Firework.^-! St Joseph Sonday ADgBst i r FARE $2.00 Train leaves VanJali* Station *t , 7a.m. Returning train due to leawe ' St. Joseph at 7 p. in. will be helft three hours eo that excursionists may enjoy .h« entire entertalnmeBi The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Crueltjfto Women Children and Animals E. S. Rice— Pr»». ' ' G«o. W. ffalt«rt-8ec. J. J. Hildcbnuidt-TraM. W. M. Bluhop— Humuie OBtcer. 1. S. Bio». J. C. HWIej. F.C.C«olbpu«fc GooWWolten, J.J. Hlldebmndt, Peeked Juntlee. ' " UMb Mm. W. p. Pratt Vln.1. N. N«n. Telephone No. SO. E*j«tt caiee of cruelty to SecreMUT. ADDITIONAL LOOAJL Hammocks at your own price at Gett. Harrison's. > See the beautiful line of ostrich boss at the Trade Palace. Children's new fall hats, capes adB Tarn O'Shauters.— Trade. Palace. Small 'size «xfords, -slightly 8h«p worn, 98c, worth ?3 and $4.— Kauttman & Co. .-Come early and often, and make m guess on the wheel. Last call!— B« Bargains in every department today.,' We want to record the biggest day of •" the season with the close of the wheel : contest.—Bee Hive. • , ; Subscribe for The Journal. Harry Frank's place of business "wffl to jknown In • future as the GWfte Clothing Co.' The Rev. H. Harris was the speaker Sunday at the morning service of the A. M. E; church. Contest on the wheel closes at 5 p. , m. . If you 1 have not made a guess, try your luck. It costs you nothing.— Bee Hive. . . Large line, of new ribbons at .the Trade Palace. 'Sec the giugbams for '_ dresses at 5c, worth lOc to 20c a yaflL >. It's, fourteen days today and thirteen ; tomorj-ow to close out our whole stocfc • Make i haste; select what you want»v' and carry, it. off at. half-price.— Frank's farewell sale... • John L Sullivan sti$|q#fed by an All Star Combination: Don Creedon, Tom Tracey, Tom •• ' .' '.• .. ; .' V -}t j nns '.!(":!'.<•• •'• :•••.'. ' •• • White, Billy Miu^phy, jioe Bertrans, Big Tom Cnandler, Big Bbb ^iigSilJrpng, and others under direction of 'Tar levies One Night Only.

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