Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1942
Page 4
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Junior and Senior Banquet, Lu Verne, Success come home late in May for a month's vacation.. New Carl Mmkle Baby— Wilhia Merkle and her nephew, Richard Merkle, Minneapolis, visited over the week-end at George Merkle's. There is a new son at Carl Merkle's, Minneapolis, born April 2, named Lynden Carl. ..:: Lu Verne, Apr. 28—The annual Palrolrjiari to; oW» Talk— junior-senior banquet was held ' Sargent JHolt, of the Iowa high- SENIORS TAKEN TO FORT DODGE FOR A MOVIE Titonka News Briefs The Fred Steekefs spent the Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan £f k ;£ nd " w » mM Y Mi nn., with Asa, the Fred Asas, and Mr. and .rs. Steckers parents. Mrs. Clifford Krantz were guests Mrs. Wayne Miller and her at the R. L. Krantz home Sun- daughter Rosslyn spent a few day. at Earl Hobb's, The Jos. H. Tappers have a new grandchild, a girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Harm Huisinga, of — —o"w>-» te»«i a T* Cr ^ talALa . ke The Alvin Honkens were Sun jumiu-ociiiui- uanquei was neict "<"5 c «»>' "wit, uj. me j.owa nign- *"« ^vivin nonKens were sun- M«r. ana iwrs. warm Jtiuisinga, of Saturday evening at the gymnas- wa ^ Pa^ol. will give a lecture t day evening supper guests of Mr. Hutchins, Friday. This is the ium. The room was almost com ^ R ; £" C ? bl ?V lass in llrs '$? n ,, ke! ? s "K* 1 "*' Mrs - Henry Huisingas'first child: The Dick tiletplv or«roi™^ -vi V i ' aid at the Clt y hal l next week Miehnoisnn Th nmn .« n -m._ «__ In iw«,,«-o ««n_j __ «.. «..i.._ E^;r y -^?y. el , oped Wlth . b . lue Tuesday evening at 8:30. nnH lh P crepe paper streamers. A fence with an arched gateway laden with flowers in the senior colors blue and gold, blended into the Betting for the moonlight dinner. . A horseshoe shaped table seating 28 was decorated with flowers and tall, lighted blue and gold tapers. A combination placard, menu, and program was in , the shape of a new moon on background of blue with « £ S ' -j U u, cups were in gold and blue stars. The gold on last course was served by candlelight. The dinner was prepared by the mothers of the juniors and was served by the following f rfhrnen: Imogene Mertz, Janette Miller, Irene Knopf, Irma i,ustace, Norma Jean Hanselman Joyce Bockes, Donna Sanford, Darlene Ramus. After dinner, Toastmaster Phillip Blumer introduced the following program: A-rch of Progress, Eleanor Nelson; O-ver the Keys, Thelma Swanson; O-nward Arnold Hjelle; N-ola, Mr. Peterson; L-ooking Ahead, Beverly Smith; I-n the Future, Vera Dimier; G-ateways, Jean Putzstuck- H-armonv. -girls' trio; T-hanks,' Tuesday evening at 8:30, and the public is invited to attend. News of Service Men— Clair Nelson, stationed at the Navy Pier, Chicago, was at home for the week-end. Norman Hesse has left, after a furlough, to take special radio training at the University of Chicago. Gels Washington, D. C., Job— Marjorie Baker left last Thursday from Fort Dodge for Washington, D. C., to do government stenographic and typing work. Goes lo Health Resort— George Merkle left Tuesday for Excelsior Springs, Mo., to take treatments for his health. TVT - girls Memam. ,, Th . e guests, immediately after the banquet, were taken to Fort Dodge for the picture The Lady Has Plans. The success of this banquet, conceded one of the best ever given locally, was made possible through the cooperation and ef- direction of Marjorie * V*. -VJ.CH JUrifc.* , „,-'• nome economics teacher and Mrs. Raymond Meyers, chairman for junior' mothers. Farewell for ihe Frenches- Mr. and Mrs. H. were entertained at G French Keith Al- a e l- bertson's, Klemme, Sunday. Mrs , , un French loft Tuesday for a Sister > Mrs - few ph > rs - e °rge Elbert, Whittemore, before going to a new home at Sioux Rapids Last week Tuesday evening Mrs French was honor guest at a party at Algona given by friends who were nurses when she was a nurse there. Evangelical Year Ending- Tin^ 6 ReV ' ?' H ' Aurar >d, Fort Dodge, conducted a quarterly conference at the local Evangelical church Sunday. Next Sun^ y 1S t1h ?, last of the Church year, and the annual district conference will be held in the following week at Dysart. Takes a Handicraft Course— +1, ^a* 1 Merkle, who teaches in the Red Bird mission school, Beverly, Ky., is at present taking a a course in handicraft in a school at New York ritv ViT V ooi Splnt Lake ' and w ^ork City. She plans to spent the day here. Other Ln Verne News. Mrs. B. H. Gardner spent the week-end at Fredericksburg, guest of Mrs. W. D. Purdy. She accompanied Verna Parks, who teaches in the Vernon Consolidated school. Mrs. A. D. Burtis visited last week at her daughter Mrs. Willard Hersche's, Chillicothe, Mo. Barbara Ann Blumer spent the week-end at Iowa City. She accompanied an aunt from Renwick. Mrs. Barbara Lothringer, For Dodge, visited from Sunday ti Tuesday night at her daughte Mrs. Charles Wolfs. Mr. and Mrs. William Knopf visited thei daughter Mrs. Homer Thiel Cumberland, recently. The Birthday club met las Thursday evening at Mrs. A C Dimler's. Three table of bridge were in play, and Mrs. Hugh Shirk won high, Mrs. H G French second, and Mrs. Dimler third. Florence Godfrey, now employed in a newspaper shop at Keister, Minn., spent the weekend here, and the DeRae Godfreys, Mrs. W. F. Godfrey, and Ruby took her back Sunday. The Jake Kublys, of Goldfield were Sunday guests at Henry Kub y's. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kubly, St. James, Minn., spent the weekend with relatives here and at Hardy. Mr. antJ Mrs. Wilder Rockwood, with their twin daughters are living at James Godfrey's! and Mr. Rockwood, is helping with the farm work. ™ F ' I- and Irvin Chapman and Mr and Mrs. P. C. Lichty were at Clarion Friday evening to attend a district hardware dealers' convention. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mus- cnamp, Minneapolis, spent the week-end with Mrs. Muschamp's father, M. L. Barton. Dwight Baker, Corwith, and Vernon Stribley spent Sunday at Spirit Lake, and Mrs. Baker , . enry c: e Mtchaelson, Thompson. The Hon- B. Meyers called on the Huisin- « I. were recent dinner guests gas Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Mey°i , Mrs. Honken's parents, Mr. er and Mrs. Huisinga are sisters. and Mrs. Henry Moe, Lake Mills, Henrietta Tapper is caring for and Mrs. Honken's sister, Hulda mother and babe. . , Moe, Sioux Falls, was there. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Buffing Aplington ^Reformed church. John K, Rippentrdp, one of Ti tonka's oldest Citizens, is sick with the flu. He is 88 years old. Mr. and Mrs. C, J. Slppentrop, Lakota, and Mr, and Mrs. John E. Sleper called on him Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ubben were visitors at William Ukena's, Lakota, Sunday afternoon. The women are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Ben U. Meyer, with Marjorie and Maxine Tryon drove jto Spirit Lake Sunday afternoon. . . Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Keil ton, Crystal Lake, are parents of ^ -Algc-im visitors Saturday. 8 %lb.- boy born /last Thursday. The Edward Sathoffs and Craig Mrs. Buffingtori and the baby are were supper guests of Mr. and at Ray Hansen's, and Mrs. Han- Mrs. Martin Bleich, Bancroft, sen is caring for them. ler were The is at Junior Hansen's g~- dsr.0 °KX, s 2sj?&2? JK, Bra- Mr. and Mrs. Rea Hutchison, of St. Benedict Isadore Mayer recently received news that his brother Frank, Si Cloud, Minn., had died. Th funefal was held last week Wednesday, but no relatives herd were able to attend, the farm season preventing. busy Mrs. Simon Hirnef attended t recent'miscellaneous shower at Wesley for Imogene Neuroth. Mrs. Martin Rahm is seriously sick from age and complications, plus a severe cold. The ReV. Father John Neppel here and his sister Emma attended the funeral of a brother-in- law, a Mr. Hoffmann, Humboldt, last week Tuesday. Mrs. Gregory Studer, Mrs. Madeline Marso, daughter Arlene, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dorr, their sons, Pvt, Ralph Dorr, Francis, and Dennis, drove to Lakefield, Minn., to visit the Charles Mar- sos Friday and Saturday. The McMurrays, their daugh- er Mrs. Orville Kollasch, West lend, and her husband, were Sunday afternoon visitors at Mrs. McMurray's uncle and aunt Mr. and Mf$ Isadore . Mrs. Jos. Willger accompanied glitiVej^Mrs. jphmp RoetMtt Mr afttl Mt*.> Prosper fridges "": ~"»« i:" 1 ;' * »W»FW JT nacres and Leo Frideres —to a funera at North English last week Monday. , , Adolf Dorr,, fielmond, called the local Itaff fiMttfti te* days ago, and Pyt Ralph Dorr, accompanied him to Belmond for a coupe of days with Dorr relatives. Mrs. Ben ReCkeC had an operation for gallstones at the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday She had been in poor health for some time. . . , . Alma Grandjennett, who had been employed at the TJlfers home Several weeks, lately returned to help her mother with household duties, gardening, and poultry. Mrs. {Catherine Downs, who ives with her daughter, Mrs. Julius Seller, is spending a few Weeks at Tony Hildman's, Wes- ey. Mrs. Hildman has been ick. - ™ ml le haul „ 1 s of 3. jj stripping£J> te blanks and ffi Pits. •sw&swS: owa. y ^igini E. s. April 18, 1942( Yoi/7/ have MORE MONEY MAKERS... WITH SWIFT'S CHICKS /The average poultryman loses 3 out of every 10 chicks during the critical first eight weeks—some even more. Yet large losses that reduce profits need not occur '/ you get Swift's Chicks! In 165,000 tests Swift's Chicks have shown a record of 97% liability! Better because Swift poultry experts select only the 2 ounce or bigger eggs from pullorum tested parent stock 6w»// 5 Chicks are incubated with painstaking scientific care. Come on over now and see for yourself-then you'll protect your future profits with Swift's Chicks! SWIFT'S HATCHERY Algona, Iowa Manufacturers of Iowa State Brand Butter BUTTERMILK POWDER SKIMMILK POWDER Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese Distributors AL-CO GAS — AL-CO TEX GAS VEEDOL OIL AL-CO PENN OIL AL-CO OIL Kerosene, Tractor Fuel Distillate No, 1-2 Feed Oilmeal - Buttermilk Powder - Salt Your butterfat test determines price received for . wholemilk Wholemilk, testing 3.5% equals 3% Ibs. butterfat at 42c Wholemilk, minus B. F. equals 96# Ibs of skimmilk at 50 .per hundred Ibs. „ .485 Total price per 100 Ibs. for whole milk $1 955 3y 2 ) $1.955 .56 per Ib. B. P. in whole milk. The following prices paid 1st of ApriiaprU 15th, 1942: Wholemilk Butterfat (8.5% test). _'_______66 C Sweet Cream Butterfat _____ First Grade Cream Butterfat. 0. B. ™^ "*• • • fc' m \ T» A i 't u. is. Algona Algona Co-op. Creamery Co. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, MAY 1 AND 2 MAY DAY c ?r SALE! GOVERNMENT PRIORITIES have already curtailed the Variety in all food stores ... as the War continues more items will di. appear from retail shelves. . . . Both local and woru " Whole Peeled 1 Cans 27e SUPERB FRESH PRUNES SLICED PEACHES DICED ASSORTED Fruit Cocktail 2 10-oz. onus FANCY HALVES Apricots 2 10-uz. cans FOR BETTER PIES Blueberries Ko. 2 cull SEEDLESS White Grapes 2 16-oz. cans Jfo. 2 can MIXED, DICED Vegetables 17 Ounce Cnn .... Largo 2% Cnn 16c HALVES 2'Xj Can April 27 Council Oak the National proved Baby Food's CLAPP'S Chopped, 2 cans Strained, 2 cans cERBERS Johnson's Graham Crackers Honey Flavored, Ib. caddy Worthwes Bartlelfs Heavy Syrup No. 2i/ 2 Can WHOLE SEGMENT Grapetruit ROYAL ANNE WHITE CHERRIES GREEN and WAX CUT BEANS, 2 a" Golden Cream Style LARGE, SWEET PEAS 2 No. 2 cans COUNTRY GENTLEMAN RED KD3NEY BEANS No. 2 can SMALL, WHOLE BEETS So. 2' can SttVER THREAD KRAUT No. Z can .'... .39t Accept O Blue Food Stamps MA BROWN Council Oak Coffee Morning Light Coffee FTM¥^ ^ _ Coffee Whole Wheat BREAD Our Every Friday Feature Exchange the empty bass for 22 carat gold pattern dishes. May be had in regular or drip grind. Packed in tin or glass. Pound ,.30c COOKY SPECIAL OLD COUNTRY NEWTOWN PIPPINS, Dozen YOUNG CRISP RED RADISHES. Bunch .. 2c CAMAY TOILET SOAP 2 CAKES 130 P&G NAPHTHA SOAP ICEBERG LETTUCE, Large Head: 6c JUMBO PASCAL SLICING TOMATOES, Pound OXYDOL Medium Package ~» Large Package ».—•. Medium Package „.,. Package ..„.. Giant WHITE 8HAITEB NEW POTATOES M ,.„... 3 90 Giant Package v...^ Tender, Juicy BEEF ROAST Cut from Corn Fed, Well Covered Beef Pound ' O^« 25c ™<! 4&mmL PICKLED . PIGS rFCT "i I WAFEB SLICED ^~^!Ilziz^!U>mEP BEEF SHOuyJERBEEFSTEAK tt-Ll). m - 2lc .Pound 2" Y»H»w Cr. CHEW, It.

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