Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1942
Page 3
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2Vto»an« «ettber „•*•* SECOND OUASS MATTER r>«. ». 1908. at th« postofflce at Algona. th« Act-of March 4, law. I-T. TERM* OF SUBSCRIPTION tounty poMofflcaa and b"ord«ri»g Cylinder. El more, Hardy, West Bend, and Woden! nd Upper Des ^T P 0810 *" 06 ln Kosauth county or neighboring postoffloe named In No 3, — •-1 ,— by citing facts not merely his own conclusions. In addition Mr. Miller might explain why, if the administration was backing fortification of Guam strongly enough, it could not get the dredging bill passed by its own congress. •-Advance alene to all other postoTftceVy'ekVI2.W. *~^l!i V .* I1Ce and Upper Des Molne8 both to same •Wresa at all postoffices not eicepted In No. 1. year ..~l i . , ." -..-..., oui/cmiauus peo- H.w pie who look down on the weekly newspa- TIPT* £)C f*r\mr\nnf*.j3 ~-.!lt_ i 1 i. _. but HODGEPODGE W*b.t*f-A tit* «| TM»OU. la. fi*U*nHl ft mixture. Public Reaction to the Telephone Boost The recent autocratic boost in telephone *ates by the Northwestern Bell company cer tainly stirred up a hornet's nest. City councils all over Iowa have "resoluted" against it, and the newspaper is rare which has not bitterly scored the company's action. Over at Storm Lake the city council did something more than "resolute." It directed the city attorney to institute injunction proceedings, and Judge Hudsbn, of this judicial district, is to he* the case. The Storm Lake petition alleges that the Bell company is a subsidiary of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co., whose net earnings hwa v,,™., , *_ Incidentally, could Guam have been made into another Corregidor before the Japs opened war? If not, then who would have benefitted from whatever had been done? Homesick Doughboy and the Hometown Paper There are a good many superlicious peo- .e who look down on the weekly ne\ per as compared with the city daily, out such of them as saw and drew the lesson from a recent Saturday Evening Post cover picture must have got a jolt The picture was of a lonesome doughboy eagerly perusing the columns of his home town weekly. "The way his eyes bulged out, and his expression of intense concentration, showed how deeply he was engrossed." Someone at Chicago, doubtless also home±,. f " "dT/n t e K° id home town - 'tutor A. L. Frisbie, of the Grin- 1-Register, to call attention to the picture and Mr. Frisbie made it the subjec of a little editorial which expressed riot only his own views but the views of nearly if no quite all other small town editors- THE CARROT 18 emerging as a very valuable vegetable. It seems from reading the papers that all that is necessary to cure a bad cold is to rub the essence of a carrot on the tummy. Make your own wise cracks. k__^ •n — i'^Mwwu alleges uicit tne T^U * • — Bell company is a subsidiary of the Amer- It would' for* a^rfv snlSll ? lntereSt for us ican Telephone & Telegraph Co., whose net 'nan. It makes u^feel that whSt " ewSDa P er earnings have been around $9 a year per n * totd ° * worth wnlte'STSi^u."^' Ss^r ±rr^ ab - *• ^ as/s y&s*- ?~? ?£ THE NORMANDIE, almost converted former Trench liner, seems to be ihor- oughlr French in behavior, It catches fire, turns over, catches fire again, and generally is in a mess, much as the French people were during the invasion. WHEN HITLER makes a speech it is necessary. He made a speech the other day, and from what he said and the way he said 1r rriai*A rMt»*l.^i*Aii « .. .. THE MOVIES ByT.H.C, AHDY HARDY'S COURTSHIP- Claudette Colbert,.then Wiaybl The spring that has been sup- somebody else Wight get tired of plying fresh, sparkling water to her too. And after all, We are all thirsty cinemaddicts in the form entitled to our nickel's worth 6f . — —-- — ••<•* v-*^.WOUUUl, investment return in the country. The petition further alleges that for the quarter ending February 28 this year he company's official statement showed net mean a return of more share this year. The Bell company iclP nf tho "=«"y or semi-weekly chor ^ ta ^s~ Jffl ttafe F^JSKtsS&szsx} SSri;'",,,* 8 .'-. 0 .'. 0 -'-^ 8Pave e ^° K than $10 a to Smith, of . -—"* ««»u me way ne SI it there can be little doubt that he has j headache of No. 1-A size. Those ver dampfth-f-f Rooshians just wouldn't lay down, and Churchill' and Roosevelt are a couple of stooges who seem to be doing quite we'll, thank you, and the paper-hanger doesn t like it a little bii In fact he doesn't like it a heluva lot. ALGONA HAS a pretty good reputation over the state. In fact peopl* not m the know think it is a cit of 10,000 or better because no many presidents of state organisations, «!«•., come from Algona. Of course it could be that Al. gona's population is made up of the best Part of an ordinary city of 50,000. Could piying iresn, spanning water 10 thirsty cinemaddicts in the form of homely, folksy family-life American sagas is running dry if this latest Andy Hardy picture is any proof. While it still retains the social philosophy Which has made this one of the most popular serials in the history of the silver screen, there is too much moralizing and too little plot to keep up interest As a matter of fact, it isn't the courtship of Andy (Mickey Rooney) at all; it is Andy's girl friends who do the courtin* and poor Andy is kept busy keeping out of their avid clutches. The supporting cast is the same—and very efficient tod, with Lewis Stone as the understanding and erudite judge but the producers will have to substitute a little action for the long-winded and rather tiresome tirades which Judge Hardy delivers throughout the entire picture. FOUR JACKS AND A JILLA local attorney made me a bet that given a director's megaphone, a little (and darn little) financial support, a troup of just grade-B actors and no script whatsoever, he could concoct a be « er Picture than Four Jacks and a Jill and win a law-suit on the side without even taking off his coat. I didn't, take the bet because I think he's right. This is about the poorest excuse for a picture that has come around for some time. Ray Bol- r f*l* Q nlA«*A*> J«._ . i. . WHEN THIS WAR is over the white race Pmntr *rt V.«.— A_ ... . . . iT ner too. Ana alter an, we are entitled to our nickel's worth 01 opinion. Arid the same goes tot the male actors. If I never see Tyrone Power, Don Ameche, and a whole host of others—again in my whole life— I won't shed a tear or even feel badly for one second. Let's get rid of the whole kit-and-kaboo- dle of 'em — saving out only a few of the oldsters for character roles, and break in a new crop. Well, ITS worth a trial. WHITTEMORE COUPLE WED FOR 45 YEARS -^^__^. Mrs. Ghrte Meyer, August <3a<te and Mr. and Mtt. William Meyer! lirlluiiym Relative* helped Mrs, M*** JflftattwiL***?* 1 Mrs. Mrs. 3«^m.lfa3frjtt,,*the'--¥ Meyers Jf., Mr, and Mrs, ] Meyer, the Albert Meyers Leonard Meyers, Mr. and Efwin Struecker, Mr. and Walter, Strueckef, all of he're'- Mr. and Mrt. Herman Behnke' West Bend-and the Edwin Liebs' -otts Creek. Cards furnished entertainment. T, A. Swanioni Are Here— rT'ii'*"" "'.""""'"on, of .......«.«„.-, calif., arrived Fridav The son Leo left here by car three weeks ago to bring them and they will be here all sum- finer. l«iTlCn • vvc* me went j * fiolng to h ave to quit looking _; I TnrtCQ itfVi^rt—. _i_* _ * -" «o tOO -^lUUII indefinite to justify the boost, the newspapers and too attention to smaiit"own AewsSr S X^'* "^ tious and painstaking coverage events of a small community '' reason for existence. The smalltown newspaper is primarily people and their doing 1 Itroll (in-] A-11- _i . ° rt n t white be called /hat is called ™ ilc I, but is pink. Then' we could an equal footing of color with the blacks, ^ yellows, and the reds of fa^+ +1, 4 -i ' -^-*-"- *•»" otieiuion TO rr~i~"'""-? " Jl " J^opie ana their doines ff ^ /~~" we're going to have to do iust fact that city councils have authority by {L d ?! s ltst J°b well and tells about people I that ~ n ° matter what we may think abont to rppnlnto Q ii ,,*,M: i .--_ , . . J y tne more the hptfor ;„ „ ;_" *:. r.?.' 4V,« „ •__,, . . '"* ln mK about on something ——..». iv<i oume iime. Kay uoi- ger, a clever dancer, can't act for our applies; June Havoc, a tream-lined damsel without any looks, and Ann Shirley, who has- -nt much of anything, are only a few of the actors who make up m™ f™ 1 ?** fc £ this cinematical monstrosity. There are some gangsters and a "king" in the mix-up — but that's about all I can remember. PERSONAL NOTES— ' had a " Whittemore, Apr. 28—Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz were taken by surprise Sunday evening when they returned from an absence and found their home in the possession of their children, the families, and friends, with supper on the table. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ziemann and the Albert Ziemanns, Fairmont; the Rev. W. H. Discher, son Norman; Teacher and Mrs. H. W. Behnke; Teacher and Mrs. P. L. Jessen, son Ralph. Other guests'for the evening OTTOSEN The John Sohes family, Cherokee, were at Chester Alme^ Saturday afternoon The women are Asters and daughters of Mr. and ^r^J* 01 ^*"?" lwm?for°(S!S drove to A r ? n ' an(i H week Monday $' MljJ cyville, la im-Class is fh Hamilton'business S3SK*ffi %£ i ££3& W*'* Brad "EADS.,,^ ,£ PP A e L Io2 7 Uni a friend of Knute, were nmner guests at the Eugene Hofius a—•*«( wa president of fraternity teleph ° ne lt e ^panes, and it is charged that the omission is due to 1=1 * , *•""""!!> nave authority by +„« 7" *~ j«" weu ana tern about peoole s°=^r±^ ^ •» «^feir- -* ? < ** *"^*%*»£»zzz scarcelv PVAr h^,. „ .1 _, . *">fci scarce, y „ has . WOTd =l ™«P- to F. J. ijUnri \VoKo.tn_ /i:.i_- , lawyer,, , -_ ..._ v •-ii.jr, claims that the legislative manipulators see to it itihty committees of both houses packed m their favor at every session of the general assembly. •The Humboldt Republican notes that the f n :lVr^L! X ^ ted from ^ "te raise the superiority of the took a terrific white race. The at Singapore. The exasperated Webster Citv figures that about all there is left I™* t it. — 6 at 01 "sapore. loss of the naval base was nothing comet to the way it was lost, and the "far*" tear-i and John .. c.,,u c m wnai would be the traditional m same thought EedT^ *»^^£%. F-- i5£ ect °fftSri gamed in this epnoroti^« mi.- ._., .. few wecte Q ™~ 4.U...L r ;_,..' d „«• ^ thiS generati °n- The whites are going to have to prove themselves. few weeks < Loretta have N ~— ^^c^j, exempted from the rate raise day l 214 000 a ^ a. r ' Mm Sallons a ^^•t^'Mttt was done to keep its action to action commission headed by communications Leon Henderson. an intrastate the federal would be sis i4 Jin Sr caplta yearl y i - ^^^ZSttjS&t that I walked a picture I h™-~<*~~™~ 7""^ "" c "J"y—now they Dore me to tears. ., w ,i u any of us ever forget the te^ f ,? Ha PPened One-" The Webster City paper, Mr. Lund, and the Humboldt paper all discuss the fact that Iowa has no such commission to regulate telephone rates as some other states have A bill for such a commission was passed w en Nate Kendall was governor, but Kendall vetoed it on the ground that experience in commission cases had shown that if ah Iowa commission were established the telephone monopoly would soon control it. It is claimed that while the telephone in"•«*• •'-not want control by city councils, 000. To many observers the 111 tin M« U«« j- i-_o—„„ v/j.j.<_jii>ive 10 pernac jority of Catholics, and the ^u" 0 ' £ ee - n disciplined and fighting hard, becauseTe'"has som ethlng t fight for He ^ ^ ne has free to run his own country in 1944, and he nao. a mpaonT-Q „* — 1^ _ ' 1<= more seasoned) as she was Then And the terrible thought came to vxmci gucau, J.UF me evening were the Charles Schultzes, Lone 1 Rock; John Schultz, Rodman; the! Ernest Meyers, the Max Meyers,! Lu Verne; Rosella Voigt, Algona;! the Herbert Potratzes, of Lotts 1 Creek; the (William, Herman, and ' Chris Meyers, the Arthur Hei- denwiths, the George Meyers, the Richard Potratzes, the Herman Voigts, Mrs. Emilie Siems, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie C. Baas daughter Elda, and the George Schultz family. The occasion was the 45th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Schultz. The Rev. Mr. Discheri read scripture, and hymns were! sung Mr. and Mrs. Schultz received many gifts. The evening' was spent at cards, and refreshments were served. Chris Meyer is 76; Party- Relatives and neighbors of Lhris Meyer gathered at his home Thursday evening to help him celebrate his 76th birthday Attending were Mr. and Mrs' John Geitzenauer, daughter Ma- llr'^i^^^e, Ar£, B fflflfe I^^K (• mm 1BV A *"~ v<« "" v-uunLiy in lass, and hp An/i ;,- *iT — , ,. u-iu-iiiiieraf a.^ ew T; u ™ rf r- go -™ mra ' >-«£ »«|™ art&rffi! *a i/prort^^riu h ™ haadsomet ^ 8 l™™™'-» "-'-'^ m "-" r s India, those not outright hostile mnctciT»c« iiTn«~ ,•* _ _ and glad see the the uncs e will fight such control to the death they Jt Was P ret 8~d. in the Humboldt A —^—_ K*»^ ,j i,iici i. m ^ such a commission has already o rate raise. Harlan Miller's Note to Iowa Editors 'TL/T —i" " """'"ay in Ger- Monday, and it was also :ar Lake—but hold, don't ^^ k ^^~^. ion easy, not the Japanese, vaunted machine might be. When natives ^hl' as hey^did fa the Philippines, it makes a tough J£ S r ^./^. to . kn «* them over. A £ who commit- is learned that government official ed. But for them Guam mieht «tiii K v. ij U ust h °w it ffsss? -"A'sse'.s^ah^ H „, a^JW-Sf" •««> otto ., and -is timed so that swrs:-."-—' the Coffee column. The trouble with Mr. The rrir^T- ;ri --»« t/ * ° ne ° f those democrats who the democrats can't be wron g _e ve r or ever or ever? *«"B—ever e r was always Col- 2hK*«;J5J»S 5t wondering if erng nerhar PertCMr.Tnd M^Ar^'v^ son James, Mr. and Mrs! Arthur Heidenwith, grandson Ralph Se er, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voiet Mr ?n^Mr d> ^ Ughter Eve °S mr. and Mrs. Herman Mever daughter Gertrude. The eveffi hin S h SPent at Cards foll °wed by Hemrn^Meyer^idt^Ininl ^ re J h /Alfred Bruhn y s,- ening "••mi mi..ijiia3 We specialize on Baby Needs. If Mran runs, De Mr - and Mrs. Robert Dreyer of Lotts Creek, August Gade West Be , nd - the George SchuHzes Mr Mr, MArs VvF eorfie Mever - Mr ' Baby Bath f C Therniom'r IOC ,- son ^.??&.^=r; Mr. and Mrs daugh h YOUNG STEM from 45 to 64 been registered. And there are a few grandpas mad about the whole thing ' .v . ****o **6 ^^^ Ilia COi™ the other week scoring Iowa's renrc I sentatives but fortification, or, at t S, feT ^±^1^1^.^^- that prob-' 1 stanc ; to give up a a war, to get _..„ ' ax once lev e wtST? ^ deba ters - must see what he has m his brief to back up his claims before they rush to his support This newspaper is tied to no congressman or congressmen and will ' ' ler in condemnation ^f any or unions of Editors Democratic View of Willkie Ringsted Dispatch—We back r tt !it- Mm - r " iii '^''-"»- The invitation of some weeks columns is still open to Mr. Mi Jie r. ^et him show whether public opinion backed fortification of Guam when the dredging bill was UD. LP* hirr, of,*,, w u, f v, ^ 6 . S " WaS what his Great and Good behalf e the w u WTaShlngton was . Let us have the facts on whether his Friend's state department was pursuing an appeasement policy towards Japan and was deprecating fortification of Guam or any other steps offensive to the Japanese war lords. I n short , let him case his resolution rathpr «,= {.* j • aa °P t ftls u^JSSTL-^rSI« »«e trymg lo learn » bif affit tSls.Tf e ng because a man's 80 or thereabout does- n t mean he's all through, CHRISTENSEN'S STYLE CEJNTER" +v,« j r. *ci«;e-sHiing iob and the conducting of the war around the craT er-barrell - they . re ^^^ *J <£* democracy and by goU y the elder statesmen are miffed about it and the youngsters can go ahead by •*-" "• • and they'll see if they will! Without thejr help the war. So to see in . and < ls not uncommon O SPP In cr»v«« J! ±1 ••«« MAAVUUlIUUii #" —w———— THIS WAR is causing a real problem for readers of newspapers. The moat im- Portant part of the daily paper was shaved down last week-the comics, in- »tead of being full page width, are now reduced to five columns. And the "spap. opera" tear-jerker poor-workingTgirl story » put on the same page. Taint n»ht to deprive us of the news thai way. Have to look real hard to iind out how Superman's doing. THE STATE ASSOCIATION of busines, and professional women's organization have £** 5™l cash aa » Teaid '*- ££» oe tne girls are open to a charge of being gold-diggers who can't get " ' ' ~ the cash? * * ^ LET EVERYBODY the poor Bell '. ade several _, everything to do" per cent bump on users so A*>0 r»Q-rt v^»* XL • ——*•*•* MV w**\^ UO" ers can pay the increased taxes of the telephone company along with their own S- vidual increased taxes. Tough world «£ noor tf>i<mTi n «x . iuu e n worw for last 7—•»-%* fcO-A-CTia, poor telephone companies. -r-D. E. D. Clearance of Suits and Coats order to make room r incoming early Slunmer e, We ^ « or our entire stock time. s Prices which you are not li ke . lyto fl eeforagoodlon gwfalle early inspection will a*-' PRESENTS FOR BABY Baby Sets $l,oo I Baby Cups $1,001 Baby Spoons 50c| Baby Fork and Spoon $lj Baby Ring., Baby Locket and Chains, etc, DUpoeable DUpen BABY NEEDS Baby Foods S.M.A. Pablum Cerevim Cod Liver Oil for Baby'. Vitamin. Baby Rattle. Teething Ring., cte . Baby Cough Svrun 2fi* Battle Price 85c Babies it

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