Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1942
Page 3
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-,.,, ' Vl "-"acii t rutKe, Stllaon, West Bend, and both Woden, — 11.60 same Victory Buy UNITED STATES DEFENSE Register, and in it rehashed ««. all the oft-repeated Hitler so-called arguments. Not one word in defense of phrase to show thai he """""*"""*""•"---••---.-«. i-Advance alene to all other P osto7flc~e Mr. Miller Puts His Foot in It Again Our mutual friend, Earl G. Miller the for er Des Moines obscurity who in 1938 elected Iowa secretary o f state when wits of voters happened to be ^^^ O n ceih ^,-:^ a ^ fuSv S tw meit>Sa r0ally funn ^ one ' s «ll funny two years after it happened. It appears that the secretary, all P _ ts and privileges of and vvrote a letter-official statioTer'y' of state, and everything—cl ' W .^ ene ° ufb *e Hamilton county of a pote?^f C e a t"queTte f0r ^ ° f ° bservance y tilflt OH CjptnhoT* OO 1 f\An ii_ "?r'°,° r-*.f* -»«"'»- fa £ Tn« * . ' obviously > onl y on German- Jap terms! Tens of thousands of loyal Iowa hearts burned with indignation as readers scanned the naive communication, but it remained for the war board of his own West Bend to give Mr. Daubendiek his due. And did they do it! They, also, could write a letter for the Register, and they did! They took Mr. Daubendiek and his German-Jap ideas for a ride that he will remember all the rest of his days. In faof thoir AIA *t.« • i. • j AH j.ai.i tney aia tne job up so brown that there might be ground for a libel suit- but where is the Iowa jury that would return a verdict for the plaintiff? If Mr. Daubendiek will take sound advice he had better get as far out of the limelight now as he is permitted to get, and do it pronto. His cue is to pipe down in a hurry. The cold eye of the F. B. I. is probably already viewing him speculatively and will remain on him for the duration HODGEPODGE Wtbtur^-A •(•* of fulma ta. Dear Constituent— that is if you are still a constituent—oth erwise so What? Your,, comments received and brothe you're talking my language, the only differ ence being you are where you can shoot off your bazoo and not have anyone knocking your head off. You're not the only one who's put out by war profiteering—and meaning by that- profiteering by both capital and unions, and when it comes to the latter the unions are the biggest business in this country and the toughest babies to handle. Sure I'd vote against them—but I'd be about the only one. You see there are some 500 of us, and 499 are from districts where the unions control the vote—and brother, they control'it! They go right down the line for a stooge and this business of repub lican or democrat just don't mean anything, And don't worry too much about those boys getting the big checks. Remember Teapot Dome and the scandals after the World war? They'll look like peanuts to the scandals that'll be dug up after this is over. And those boys pay plenty into labor unions for the right to work. Don't forget this—someday this will be r r»t* "\7-t* • . Ml _ i; n * THE AfOV/ES T.H.C, H. M. PULHAM E8Q.- Occasionally a motion picture, while not in Itself an extraordinary production, is of such a deep human quality that it opfehs'up countless avehties of speculation, provokes thouhgt and leads Us into -almost philosophical contemplation. Such a picture was Philadelphia Story. And euch a picture is H. M. Pulham Esq. From the moment I saVv Bostonian Babbitt Pulham start his methodical and precise day, beginning with his breakfast at home, his casual good-bye kiss to his Wife,'.his arrival at the office, all perfectly timed and faultless- V f* rttl Ol 1 tf%*vs ntj"ks4' n nnrtnnrf A f «*n*v% perb sophistication. _ . i ^ _ ^.i p sopnisiicauon, , ± particularly liked the suddenness with' which the. courtship between Pulham (expertly played by Robert Young) \and the Myles girlYHedy ILatnair) conies to its dramatic and devastating conclusion. After building up this ideal relationship for months arid months, the end conies quickly— in a split second almost. . How many things in life, care' lly guarded and assiduously urished through years of painstaking effort, are suddenly shattered in a hioment of Timely Topics rnS 111 ! Harfan M ! ner 's~Vecent Over the coffee column in criticism of the Iowa dplo gation in the lower house of congress for ™™*^$ a0 £ tt $^ t ?££& riTl/*n4*AM ^£ **^ « . . . voted against of Guam , . ^" a »"' over. You'll still have your work — but those boys will be back on the county again Sure you have to work extra hours, but that's the price you have to pay for the hours you can take off some day. And say! Don't for a minute think a mere nto my eave. ( "Life is not .governed by will or intention," says one of Wilde's characters. "Life is a ques- , ion of nerves and fibres, and lowly built-up cells in which ' hought hides away and passion as its dreams. You may fancy ourself safe and thirfk yourself irong. But 'a chance tone of col- r in a room or a morning sky, a articular perfume that you had once loved and that brings subtle memories with it, a line from a m penecuy timea ana lauitiess- "<jj"s"iiess uusie. mere is some- y consummated, a passage from thing'cruel about life— just as 3scar Wilde's famed novel. The 'there is in Nature. Nature, who ^icture of Dorian Gray, popped fashions the., perfect .rose-bud, ito my mind and would not I on 'y to have it blossom for a few die and pan into oblivion, there are those who 4eli us that nothing to ever toi^lRat the dying scetit of the fragrant rose lives on and en. Perhaps this is the parable of immortality. Who knows? . x To jet back (o the picture With the exception of the last ciopnt , five minutea-which sinkSa levd cS c °/ of extreme banality--.!!. M. Pul- perform ham, Esq., is 6ne of the most im- and >resslve screen plays of the year driven mi n ot ttffiel ^^uman i more^vu^ naUre. i; HedyiLamarr is thplamWt! weakest character because she I SSfc does not ring true in Jier role; M™^ ? '?>Wng'i n Part,5 viuy tu nave ii uioKsom ior a lew short hours and then wither and oo intelligent for the part she ssumes. Ruth Russey, as always, is alluring, in fact, this is ne criticism of the picture that le choice between the Wife and the "dther^oman" is difficult to make in* the minds of the audience. Van Heflin and Charles Co ± b "™«*^*w*\* «w«t s . o You probably won't agr with ^~ g the- r^;..°™ as printed "'^•"•i" -•_-. ...... ' and this was Now it may bo true that most men would dismiss such minor derelictions as uninten- ° ° f "° ^orta and above all 'n"°" , hpahStbteen b ?/ ore con sress. Harfan "re- whnf 1° W " tanother column to ex- what he meant. As was to be expected in view of the auto shortage, devices to prevent theft are an gearing on the marked One of them sete the horn blowing its loudest if the car is even.jiggled. Whether any of them can be „ „,. u minute UIIHK a mere congressman can tell Eleanor to sit at home and make the telling stick! In fact it's a lot healthier right here in Washington when she s barging around the country where she can't get in our hair. And maybe—well skip And real citizens join with you in appreciation of the draft and ration boards The 1tmw1_ V * * * ***v» ...w.. *x,u »T 4fc»* A*,, « III 1C 11 UII1 U. forgotten poem that you had come across again, a cadence from a piece of music that you had ceased to play—I tell you, Dorian, these are the things upon which our lives depend". If ever a text was suited to a particular situation, certainly , > -"I. ."-1.1. iviuier is made of sterner stuff; so after brooding over the matter two days he could contain himself no nger and sent the following complaint tc the president of the women's organization Imagine such an admonishing letter to the a^T'otTeVKot ^^ W °^ S dUb ° r ° f nS??f n>t " " bUrn them up " ? WelJ'the Hamilton county women are built of the same stuff as their Kossuth sisters and they reacted m precisely the same way that our own women would have reacted. In fact they were so "burned up" that they filed per'cSTfp'erfecr ""' that Wouldn>t be 10 0 ar°lhp"fn t? War r ? stricti °ns various | 10bedeartl ? of merchandise" isn't notice only when something you to want is missing. A year from now case may be different, probablv will ho Even now i---i. - ...fuuduiy win oe. — _„. uuu j. a nun uoaras me work being done by these men is the brightest hope we have for democracy; They are about the only ones in this graft-ridden country who do a good job and ask nothing these lines describe smug, com placent, methodical," cock-sure Pulham; one moment, master of himself and his surroundings—' the next, helpless in the throes of a love affair he had all but forgotten. The picture is well directed by ' King Vidor, who is second only to Orson Welles in allowing the camprn tn toll i+r*. *.«*.«.. ._ ** — .—:""•• v=nca in anowmg tne camera to tell its story—as well 35 thf» flpfnrc fpl^ict i« „*—;i • .*__ country outside the armed forces not put a price on their patriotism in who do as the actors, illustrated in - -_ u vu* j c»tj w Wll This is strikingly the opening se- place stocks. fs^er 3 cen7 h i° ^^ ^ ecently notified of rates , , subsidiar of the American consid- _ - „ and bonds top investments for both friends. No Yet now ey e the missive away against a time when they might want to resurrect it. And the time seems now to have arrived SraT ° f ? ^ Miller>S reneW6d P^itical aJ P ra ion, and he seems destined to learn that blunderi "g -^ are always that h nr r 3nd ° Ver again ' nam «that hell hath no fury like a woman m akHn y e S wfep * * 3 s P-t£cle.fit7o we have onlv^ nday ' W . hen this is Britten we nave only the Jap stories of what ha Sh, Set ce^K^ffSStttSl'B? Sic^td^'-^^ "?- ™ ^ for. And when you're putting the sting on me for my shortcomings I got a few for "youse guys" out there in the sticks. What happens when it looks like sugar is scarce? You run hkell to the grocer and buy all he'll let you have credit for. When we put -the bee on tires you beg and beller and yowl and buy recaps till we have to put the unhunh on them too. And how about bikes? Sure even though ^oTou'S nave n one e And^ ^ '* ^ ^ we put the bann on biSs^w many^rjoi ran U p town frantic to find a dealer who'd An°d U n £ ° n l bef ° re the U P - m ' b ™V And another thing .along the same line- you will agree to do something all in the name of patriotism, and then give yourself a special permit te forget it "just this once." Just like fennstance certain businesses in •--"• V^-M. *»» me ujJcinng SG~ quences as well as the frequent cut-backs" into the past, usually disconcerting, but in this case quite clear and easy to -follow.' Thoughts are portrayed in hushed whispers, as has been done in many other productions, and there are many moments of su- WlVEAF COSTUMES IN MANHOLOBS Irvington, Apr. 22—Gene Colwell was startled one night recently, when, after having spent the evening away from home he went to the brooder house' to make sure the chicks were safe ^U 116 " 181 ? 1 ' and foun d some of many towns which ^^"^^^ certain time and then.some of'them dfd bu And W not e a feW " Spedals " who did n't- whatinell did the congre^smen^hea^from n un have had the letter photostated and are preparing to broadcast it to all the club ,° f '"I State ^ 3 Prize «"»P£ of boonshness. Mr. Daubendiek and His Heil Hitler Stuff W. H. Daubendiek, West Bend, is the Opinions of Editora Hey, Mr. Henderson—Look! o? 1 tn e a r t Se tL M ±^ a ^ a ^ the sugges- a lot of rubber, and [railroads to charge ' towns. He is also the owner other property. America > him rich some years Mr. considered a pronounced fore Hitler started -Our old Cannon? civil car cannon - to. Daubendiek and came back full of en- ed so munh i- t r £- hing Geman - He s °und- ea so much ,ke Big Germany and little U t>. that an Algona club turned down a s,^' gestion that he be invited here for a talk Itis possible that Mr. Daubendiek's sympathies have been with Hitler and 1 give it up if it can be replaced by or Jap gun in the future. Earl Miller. •The mo'st damaging candid^ ? happened to Earl Miller, candidate for governor. As the which you beller today—yen—, were y ou? Brother when we did hear S^r 1 * StUff - tahe11 wit * ^e P T hatet^many^d^^ - g °° d ^ bUt y ° U it would matter you wouldn't do^lot oMhe thmg s you are doing. But you say you're s™T^^r™£? SSSSSLt'H And another thing, now that it's a dead «£==£?=•= Listen-every congressman would like t,riln I"" 6 ! and for one term have the Privilege, honor, and dignity to vote for th P interests of the United States instead of jus t his own district. He'd get bounced out on his ear the next electoin. And by dab 5 some of you clucks don't quit putting the screws on for personal gain? by goUy this is one congressman who'll do it! —Any Congressman. h pluma e e °f bril- hues. Gene must have his joke no matter what the circum! stances, to —-»•-* »* **« L tut: Lircum- inces, so h? immediately said h - hlmsel £' B °y- it looks like I'd have to change feed for sure " He then hurried to the house where i/|^ put them into the brooder house B °B W ^ son " e « Again— Bob Watson, who left here only a week ago Saturday for the eas*- coast, is back again on a 20-dav leave. When he repor-ted at his destination he found the ship to W on ^ d recentl y *en assigned was not ready for sea &*'£!?«.«« extended 1leave" returned t o with his moth..^re. When Bob • -.-*-— here a few davs Iwn weeks ago he was being* trsms- cifk coast Ship on *e Pa° ne ° n the A «antic was $35. .„„„, not American Et U *r^' S a " itUde does n <* repre- — Politics in Iowa only a small fring e ; mostly PrussTan "jJnk- ers, overbearing, arrogant, ruthless warmongers, m short "Huns." They ,,^ "j"J- are that there will oe ^AlreL5 f fd ° Wn the good old GOP Already a few cuss words have ' ^J!,^? ec , ted that there Most Germans of this stripe in America «m learn that .they had better keep their traps shut, or else, but occasionally one of hem becomes so wound up in the import- luring somTIlls whUTavIn^ With °" Ut £™L . ,° Wn opinions th^ he ventures to jat^t, outweigh h^S.^^-'i? 1 ?. cases Mr. Daubendiek fell for ""*"" the other day, and was he reaction was Basketball Good for Girls? SS^'FttugZ***. «* .» fbaste, ffif S^iSS "^ffl o o - — „ letters congressman. Therp isn't much doubt that there's an underground swell among voters that bodes ill for con . gressmen and senators who come up for election this year. Maybe P. D. R. will have the same curse as Wilson AGREATptss'wa * pen last week because" mL^'hoT* **' the woman's auxiliary army uniform or neglected to give specifications for panties! So what! The poor dears will be in V J, V u uf r t d tape that>11 cover th *m. And probably the old fogies in the designing service will come forth brightly with a set of woolen long jeans per woman. Remember what Sherman said about war I t Firemen Put Out a Whittemore Blaze Whittemore, Anr v> TV, *• surprised! The of terrific. In brief Mr. Daubendiek penned a letter and _^« v ^ ^happens to . w***\* ctuuut, war it sure is, sister, it SURE is! You can sing that popular army tune this way: You're in the army now With sweat upon your brow— You'll never bewitch, Gee how they itch— You're in the army now! ANEW NAME is wantfd for the war No matter _what it is called it's still what Sherman said it was. __ D E £ SWEA CITY The Clayton bought the S. p. have formerly Mar Patterson Was YOUR ML8foB$ AT MEALTIME***"^ raw Beef NECK BONES _ • 50 Bacon Squares 170 PORK LIVER Tender. Juicy and Well Covered BOLOGNA Shoulder Cut BEEF STEAK .'......270 SPARE- Dry Salt SIDE PORK Sausage Council 'Oak Coffee Exchange the empty EiJS* '*£ 22 carat (old pattern dishes. Pound 3 ..29c 84c JJS™"?" 8 Ugllt C ?»S? e , COOKY SPECIAL Dainty J round Pound Tac-Cut" Coffee May be had in ref. ular or drip grini Packed in tin or glass. Pound Morning Light Peaches . Syrup, Sliced or Halves. FULL RIPE Apricots _ Unpeeled, Light Syrup. No.- 2 Can SUPERB Peas Small, Sweet. N». 1 Can Morning Light Tomatoes Full Ripe, Solid Pack. PRIZE MEALY BEANS 2 VAN OAMP'fl PORK& BEANS 20 SUN MAID ' • '• • • Ti ^i '^^ RAISINS I5& II* SUN SWEET PRUNES Extra Large, BROWN WHOLE WHEAT BREAI 4lbs. 25c OOUNTBY RYE BREAD 6 for 25c RADISHES SUPERB ROLLED OATS Pound 3c NEW SPUDS LIGHT TISSUE Palmolive Soap Crystal White Laundry Supersud tkg, KLEK 9-Ot.

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