Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1942
Page 4
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PAULJAMILL WATCH REPAIRING For Sale I—John Deere Corn Planter I—10-ft, Disc 1—500-lb. Separator 1—Endgate Seeder 1—4-sectlon Drag 1—Iron Wheel Wagon and lk/\v Lmbr. Wagon and box 1—old box 1—2-row Cultivator l--John Deere 8-ft. Binder 1—John Deere Plow 1—Bob Sled 1—1987 Chevrolet Coach, good condition, good rubber. R. S. Blossom — KOQgtmi COUNTY ApYAKCj,ALQOKA,JMA______^_. Many at Last Rites for Anton Goetz at Wea lAflM^I ft* •« ••*»••••• in4 The fVtltvtlrnir an .4 il«4t._ B>. . ir " '' '" " mmtmma^tt nrf 'in- •• • ——•*—^—»^^j^-»——». n'-'Tff If" I « ^. ,.t j^l _ V '' .-,'.. WIDELY KNOWN FARMER DIES FRIDAY AT 81 Wesley, Apr. 15— Out of town relatives who attended the funeral of Anton Goetz Monday in- c i ded £ e Albert Hoffers, Waterloo; Frank Goetz, Elma, son, and three .daughters; Mr. and Mrs. George Hauptman, Charles City; Hilda Goetz, R. R, Woods, ---„ The follywog and Better Be Good. Hansel and Gretel was Denied --by fifth and sixth grades. Pupils of the third and fourth grades sang The Winkle One and We Will Fight For the Stars and Stripes. The seventh and eighth grades presented <'My Cousin From Sweden," and The Ghost of Lone Cabin was presented by the seventh and eighth grade boys. Glenn The THE MOVIES BiyT.H,C , . , , Wl f-J J a< * Hoag, Milwaukee; Peter Wolf and James, Illinois Barney and John Goetz, Lostant, Mr. and Mrs. William Wolf, of Osage; Mrs. Jake Wolf, Bancroft, two sons; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent ftf±^-^ a &fl, k '«?,. dau « h ter;' BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY— I spent a few days in Minneapolis on business last week and in the absence of anything better to do for entertainment went on a "busman's holiday" — took in "5!?j*S Botten— two movies both dealing with es- _- Giddings family, of pionage.' thage, 111, came a few days The first, Elizabeth Bergner in to visit the Gordon Giddings Paris Calling,-at the little World, ily here and the Milton Gid- was made enjoyable only by the at Algona, also at complete comfort of the "lounge" ions, Mason City, in that intimate little movie family here and dings family ' ^^^••••^•^^^^•••••••••••MMMMMMMMMB ^^^^ seen there. It is a waste of good talent to put Miss Bergner, Basil Rathbone, Randolph Scott, and others into such an utterly impossible yarn. • The thing that gripes me about these espionage pictures is that the Nazis are always portrayed as a group of stupid,' blundering asses, the very opposite from What we know to be true. The ""is may. have made some mis- a I\ii4 ttrt 4f\ **«««•» 4t*n*»t«*n J« fTfSB^ontodn SSSf" ° f 6 ." * i 1° d .° educa ' on ' ben t ew . rear and I" Parls'ciling the finale is mezzanine floor fitted so beyond all realitv or luxur j<™- deep-seated arm- hension as to be S " —^^^^•"•^^^^M House Point SUPER GRADE GALLON 5 GALLON LOTS COAST-TO-COAST STORE ete Kailcworf, Belmond, two sons; Mrs. Frances Huber, Waterloo; Louisa Johnson, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. Lou Matern, Algona. Pall-bearers were five grandsons: Frank and Vincent Goetz, Paul and Edw. Hoffer, and Eu- CTona T IA*.J _i_ i the • gene Lloyd, also one nephew, Edw. Johnson. ~ Shower for Bride-Elecl— ure is beautifully pho- i to S. ra P hed - an ?- considering the -.-- _„... ,,ui..iauu. | oiiers nutn, Jane, Mrs. Nor- —,.. >.,^ j«nu were going tnrougn a lot or w i Go . et . z ' a Pioneer in the bert Hilbert, Mrs. Charles Nel- to enter a technical school Mrs ™ is Ji? ken identit y espionage stuff Wesley vicinity, died Friday at ?? n ' and MI> S- Clarence Nelson, Loretta Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs Al , ln The Lady Has Plans < we rea *his home here. He was born in M .rs- Alber * Lickteig, Mrs. Lou Wagner, and Mr. and Mrs Les- J. y w< i nt there to hear the cele ' France July 17, 1861, and came ! L , lcktei S. Theresa and Marjorie ter Lease accompanied them brated Gene Krupa play his to America .in 1878. He married also attended. — ' drums) with the sole purpose, ap- Tn£»r£»cn \A7/il-P «* H/TA t~i_i_i- —», . »%: ». . •& _- • I naT*nti41*r n.f •I*M«»«.M At j." 1 %»• V.. * *«««r-*iwgi— ! f or f a o anvth Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lickteig in a theatre spent the weekend at the par- The ental Joseph Smith's, Buffalo mos t i lower to^Mrs. ^ckteig's circ^* 1 ? nder such advantageous I AT THE ORPHEUM— Dorothy Smith, Sunday. Paris r"a?uJ!f en J^ ^° Then to the Orpheum, where great ! ™ rs - Ignatius Eisenbacher, the wlakeft show T^I' W3S ? au } eiie Goddard and Ray Mile "" i daughters Ruth, Jane, Mrs. Nor-' weakes t show I have ever land were going through a lot of ., hprt WilKot.* 1k**.» riu i__ TLT_I A- -- * . . • I tYiiofal*-«»i j«4n*%*:4«. .»«;.— «._ _i..4« I A ^"'.x *'i looi, ana came to America .in 1878. He married Theresa Wolf at Mt. Palatine on January 29, 1884. He is survived by his wife, -—-• —«.nfc, *j.mm, .r cuuer - —— (Edw.), Tarkio, Mo., and '..; Louis. Wesley, and three daugh-T" ters, Mrs. Albert (Gertrude) Hof- I es w , W ^ erlo °; Hilda, R. N., i W . oods - Wis.; and Mrs. Loretta 1 Lloyd, Wesley. Father Fidelis said the solemn 3lso sttended. • < .—— i UIUIUD/ WAUI me soie purpose, ap- ,f»n* w™ v £~ • Dinner for 12-Year-Old— R 81 "??* 1 ^' ? f Proving that Miss Mil, • * t Pneumonia— Rose Mary, daughter of Mr and Goddard has a very beautifu '« GeTr ^Keldf°£ 3nd MrS< AugU ^*^ Stud " r ' V» "! Sun- b -° dy> S - he spends most of Mnyon City seriously three classmates, Wandif ^her- ^ause, I hasten to add, everybod tn e thTT a - Th f Kelch- man, Patricia Richtsmeier, and L thinks she has some secret mil to the parental George Cheryl Meurer. • tar y diagrams painted on he /arm^near Kanawha nice back. ar- Assists in Goetz Mass— Insofar as Paulette is concern of Father Linus Eisenbacher, of f d> the net result is all right a Fort Dodge, came Monday for a far as * am concerned. There wa few days at the parental lena- "ever any serious doubt in my tius Eisenbacher's. He assisted mlnd about Miss Goddard's per : .._. .., . , g for on sonal and very physical charm i _Ht_it *"** •*««•*•««._ ___• _.i .• , and Mrs. Alf Studer. Visitor Back to Job— Virginia Benton left $ BABY CHICKS $ Early baby chicks are well developed by the time hot weather arrives, avoiding most ot the hot weather troubles experienced with late chicks £arly chicks may make more rapid gains and the pullets will usually be laying at th° time egg prices are the highest. Big Gain Chick Starter has all the essential proteins vitamins, and minerals combined with powdered milk and reinforced with cod liver oil and yeast. These furnish your chicks with all the nutritional requirements they will need for rapid start and steady development into a profitable flock. Big Gain for Results Ed. J. Hatten, Bancroft; J. F. Lorenz, Wesley; Dick Meyer, Titonka; Whiiiemore Produce, Whitiemore; L e d y a r d Elevator, Ledyard, -^—, -. *«^j. i0 OQJU me solemn requiem high mass for his father, and was assisted by the Rev. L. N Klein and Father Linus Eisenbacher, Fort Dodge. Interment was made in St. Joseph's cemetery. Other Wesley News M?* le - as t 2898 P e F s ° ns watched £ Sl^ffi S^'si?!^-= FOR SALE—CLEAN MUKDEN soy beans. — R. O. Dreyer phone 3515, Lone Rock. 9p31-32 FOR SALE — 6-FT. COMBINE, John Deere. — Paul Black phone 8F4, Algona. I2p31 EXPERIENCED WAITRESS wanted, 6 days week. — Der- - • mand Cafe. gu31 Iowa. FOR SALE—3-BURNER PER T ~" , ;v • i «nui«:e oiuaer, oreath] few wppks' ^ioit T^U- r.j._ __ , ... Vbo 6f ea ' tnat it was impos- dialog for at fection oil stove Separa e few weeks'visit John vT f ° r / ^ (so &** °J» ona Good condition 5 Prfcel withTe party 5o AcklJ?to vistt Ss? aXS'mi, Mrs. M sack sizernew-rubberrrre HlS! ^rt wheelbarrow. Guaranteed. $100. WoTf Corwfth -F. M. Chnstensen, Ringsted, end at Morris ' I --------- _ FOR SALE— BERKSHIRE boars WE DO Clyde Burt. - . __ ^ORT-O-DINE Mineral & Meat der's. Mr. and Lyons, Chicago, ar— for a week at the ^r " parental Albert Reno's, inekla Eisenbacher. R N B so rocked the theater that it i fully two minutes before or- restored and one could ick. --—* anplause greeted pic- I tures of MacArthur, also anything c • else dealing with tVm iir-,,. .,„ «i LOAN $50-$75-$100 or More CAN BE ARRANGED TO MAKE HOME IMPROVEMENTS, REPAIR YOUR CAR PAY B!LLS OR MEET AN Y SITUATION REQUIRING CASH FARMERS Start your Spring Farm op- t'ons on full scale — buy EED, SEED and LIVESTOCK NOW. Repair or purchase new machinery Many Loan Plans with convenient repayment terms are offered. See Us Today for the Cash You Need. Phil J. Kohlhaas Phone 22, Algona ueneral Insurance Agency 29tf •™. SALE HUB FOR SALE-HUBAM SWEET I to thank the Algona Fire De St., Friday and Saturday. 1 4p3 1 ; .-*«. -. fa i*tii, A uD i^iocnoacn- er and to attend the wedding of thp fHs ,, r v,5 n u Tj'V 1 --" iv " her brother Vincent uul "s 01 tne tiag, which could be nour- ~ .Ansa. o t . Mason s| a vs'^z?;Yu 0 t£ in Minneapolis really LIVE their Pictures. They make demonstrations that put us small-towners WEw So Chevrolet coach. Good tires.- ! sack. Seed potatoes » n Kenneth Mathson. Bancroft_p31 ; Ohios $2.35 pe^sack; Cobbler $2 FOR SALE— MOTORBIKE. Can ! are from l^vl*?** J?.°J a *°es go 35 miles hour, $58.— Hamil- East Fn^ r y S certlfie d— ton Hatchery, Bancroft. 12(2)32 fff-T^ Grocerv - 30p31 FREE FOR THE HAULING F K U * ZER i~ NOW IS ^E Manure piled outdoors. Come need? q° •*?• 1 J° ur fert ilizer and get it.-Colwell Sales Barn Sable wl" ^ Steer is de ' i4n-?i * jen ° aole ' We can give you auick „ - -------- -_iP^, service and economical price on FOR SALE — MUKDEN SOY • ? ny -, standard analysis. — Swift beans, good germination.— Carl & Lo " A1 g°na, la. 32u28-31 Hu,.h, n! , Ph o ne 24F3 , A1 POI M 800 Rawlelgh 1 --- - -- • . — "iv-i 6 »i <-uiisumers NO FOR SALE — MUKDEN SOY- ex P er 'ence needed to start Large beans. Gqrmination good.— O. sale f mean bi S profits. Perml- " . time. - Write Raw- D ept IAD-10-104, Free- . . Ely, 1 mi. west, 5V^ north of sley. _ i 2p3 0tf e 'eh's FOR SALE-MUCKDEN - OY ' 28(2 j^ beans. Germination 95%. Ready ! F 9? SA LE— SEED POTATOES "l^nt.— Alvin L. Weber ' Flrst y ear certifie j Verne, — S Lu , Flrst y ear certified Ohio, Cob- Ilp30-3li^ er - a nd Warba. Cobblers and ' DR. G. G, SHIE PODIATfti, (Foot Specialist. Corns. Callouses. n m , Toes, etc., are oft en symptoms of more ,.-, trouble. Avoid moi> trouble by prom pi an, . Don't neglect your tw ••' Berk tagged seed WANTED - CUSTOM~SHEAiri———— 38(2)31-32 'ng.-Frank Lewis, Carl Wei-I BABY CHICKS—DAY OLD OR ^r phone 805 Lone Rock or 1004 ' three weeks f rom largest McGregor, Algona. 13 P 30-31 hatchery in America and con, FOR SALE _ DUROC BRED ca'r S •>---- J ? PaneS ?- bl °° d ' You Algona Flour & Feed Co. nTT^fvn /<»•>•• .«.„,„. Lone Rock. ,, Phone g'>o- WELL DRILLING SPECIALTY GUY BEE IV! E Lakota, Iowa Phone 2!)01 Pnlmer, Lucas. OR RENT—3 OR 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Heat, liPht, and water furnished—B corner of Harlan 19p31 TO CONJESTED CONDI- t'nns at the paper mills we are ^nornrijv out of the paper ; "ri^t till further notice. —Joe Cireenberg. 20u31 39(2)31 GET YOUR STARTED CHICKS now. One week to three weeks old, at reasonable prices. Blood tested and guaranteed strong and heal hy A good supply on hand Leghorns, $10.90; Leghorn cockerels" 17H --.-= j 18, Saturday.. fpllow m rpd o^r who nick- i n up please notify?—Wallace ' novan. Britt 2 1 P 31 i H.W. PC- l»ray and TransiVi STORAGE OFflLl Klf OS I "g Distance Rvory load insured loss and damage kinds Equipped to .1. kinds of hauling & dravi: PHONE 298 Algona ..— ^,t. , V j,. 1,-in.-- m cat- or hnrses.—Orville Gardner, Lone Rock. 12p31 ^OT? RAT.E—SHAFER HOUSE toiler 18-ft.. sleeps four. Com- nJotely furnished. Reason ib'y """"l~ Tnr "' ire Ba Ptist parson- ->ee, Bancroft. ItipSl ._. IMPROVED Knssuth Co. farms: 200 acres "S: ^o pores, $20000; 240 acres' o Thpsp are pood buys, loin Algona territory. — O. B. nno V J — -»««»«€• vciniuijr.—v;. JD. oeneca XNO. a schoolhous Anderson, Forest City. 27p31-32J Kinsey, County Auditor! at all times. $9.90; Heavies,' Dullets 1Q on- i 41 on io -? u » ^^e"uui cocKereis, $1.90. — Hamilton Hatcheries Bancroft and Titonka, la. u31tf THERE WILL BE A CONVEN- tion of School Presidents of the "•"nis School Districts of Kos- county, State of Iowa, held " n ""-* "—- of said of May ^^ 'i"\ r "'•' • L ° r ^ e purpose of electing a County Superintendent of Schools and three members of the County Board of Education, as provided by Sections 4098-4120, Code 1939 The Rural Independent School Districts will hold their various meetings on April 25, 1942, at 10 q m " follows: Buffalo Dist Dist. 8, Buffalo Dist. •.i ~. — """ No. 8 schoolhouse' Harrison Dist. 2, Harrison Dist « 3, Harrison No. 2 schoolhouse: i* Seneca Dist 7, Seneca Dist 9 f Seneca No. 9 schoolhouse.—E. S. xilnsev. C!nii«Hr AI.*J:*~.~. ftt GET YOUR Started Chicks Now One Week to Three Weeks Old at Seasonable Prices Blood tested, guaranteed strong and healthy. A good supply on hand at all times. Day-old Leghorn... _...._ _____ $9<90 Heavie * — ...... — ------- 10.90 Leghorn Pullets . _____ ______ Leghorn Cockerels _ _ n acees Bancroft and Titonka, Iowa t6 shame. But, well, I guess they their money arid they takes « pleasure .the vtfay they see though it's still an experience — me every time 1 attend the theatres in the Twin cities and watch the audiences. THE FLEETS IN— No picture in months has been given the almost Unanimous audience-approval accorded to The Fleet's In. Everybody, including .even our owh Doctor •Janse, enjoyed this production, which offered alhibst everything from Lottie Lamour's singing to the slap-stick comedy of one Gil Lamb. I had dinner with Gil (next table) at Harding's, in Chicago, on my last market trip, and was. much impressed by the generous tip he left for the waiter —who was completely oblivious to one Chrischilles, sitting there and waiting for only a roast-beef sandwich. Then when the waiter told me Mr. Lamb was appearing at the Chicago theater in person, I spent •—— _ 75c to find 6tt{ Just what kind of comedian he i**-*ftd must say 1 was greatly disappointed. The rieet's til has At least one hit font, Taniartne, • lot of fast dahcihg, and enotigh of i story j.*: .^v . Rose Le e . Free Summer for Winter See us today for full particular"" CURTAfN LAUNDERING Is an art with laundered or dry cleaned to perfecting ^ ruffles are even and smooth—and nr ed S««' you ready for the rods, looking tb. P ? returil & ALSO DRAPES AND 7 FURNlTURPr^ 681 a l stored to their original beauty. c °VEiij We are the only synthetic dry Hon suth-county. ycle aners| ni Phone 267-for prompt sen-ice. Algona Launderers Dry Clean. Across Street East from ~ * "v*- WHIj^nf" '-y .fili^^l Crape Jam COMB AGAIN •RAND 2-lb. Jar Corn Flakes FOKT DEARBORN ALL PURPOSE SHORTENING fr»»l». Gr«M and T.ndtr ^ Asparagus.. 2 Call*. GrowB, Fr.ih and Crl.p Carrots 8-oz. Bunches Wilson' c SI'ICtD IUNCHION WIAT Baby Foods CLAPP'S ASSORTED •'£.7- TMOI Grow,. F r«k ««! Critp ^ Radishes... 3 Sjlod P.ars_24 Sti. ^ Calavos.... 3 CELERY FIESH. CRISP AND TENDER Bunehei For WELL •LEACHED STALK National's Finest Quality Meats i ,_ ^ ^ • u. 21c ^ 17e FBBSH, IJBAN Ground Beat... i 8BC&I.I., WM-L IWMMeD Beef Tongues . . Fresh Caught LAKE TROUT . SmmMtS«Mic» HOME 8TVIX-COAB8B QBOBHD Ring Bologna.. AB80BTBD V*W»« Luncheon Meaka KCON01UOAIXY FKIOBD Stowing Ltmb . SHOULDER CUTS Lamb FRESH CAUGHT Lb. ,,29c 27c u. LIAM, SUGAR CURED ANY SIZE PIECE Lb. u. Pdlmolive lOe •nar- Waldorf SOFT AS oio UN«T scot u. Lifebuoy 3 20< wan Soap 3 19c

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