Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1942
Page 4
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PAGE BIGHT KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA EX-BURT BOY A CAPTAIN IN AERIAL FORCE wife was with him. He Is a nephew and apparently a namesake of L. E. Fairbanks, Algona. PHONE LINES AT IRVINGTON Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Wallace here and the latter's sister, Marie Grover, Burt, recently received a letter from the women's nephew, Luther Fairbanks, former Burt youth who is now a captain and squadron commander in a U. S. force somewhere on the east coast. Captain Fairbanks is in a I me meeting was called Bombardment group, and he may' cuss rebuilding the lines. ho * oar "* from in action later. At go into Algona on the Flow** Club to ftla*i-» The county Flower club will meet Monday evening at the high school building and the program will be an open discussion of WANT ADS Mrs. Lloyd Robinson entertained the local P. E. O. sisterhood i ^ last . we gl me HS vpstprrinv Mr* uToi Po»or«nn I basement Roses Old *»} be discussed Algona "for the duration," gave Bode talk on Hawaii. New . Mr. and Mrs. Chet DeSart en- _. „ ... _, __, _ _. St ^T* nedl £ 9 arr ~~ Th *" ne * ceA MAY REBUILD Irvington, Apr. l_Patrons of'play, and" defense''stamps"were' lie"Circle N"o.~3 The committee the telephone lines Nos. 14 and : given for prizes. j m c . ha ^e consists of Mrs. Emi ,„ ! •&*,.<, (•"»,„* n«o«-« __t~_t_:««j Arndorier and Mrs. .Lawrence . . - 1 tertained their dinner-bridge club tVtTh £*J" n }! et * l . c S! eA P 1 £ " at 7 o'clock Monday evening. *« st - Benedict hall next . Mon Two tables of bridge were jn d. av evening, given by the Catho- - - - , lie Circle No. 3. The committee i? i, ij • • * i • i i Mrs ChPt Dpqart pnfpHainprf : Arndorfer and Mrs. Lawrence 17 held a joint business meetmg MrsChet^ DeSart CTlertamed . and ^ attendance of ^ at the Irvington elevator office L? eleht members fndfh e time Public is invited. last week Wednesday. The meeting was called'to dis- ., .. . are eight members, and the time is spent at sewing or other hobbies present he is training recruits. | poles, and as a number of the \ The captain must rank high as! poles need replacing, and some' an air pilot, for he was chosen of the lines are in bad condition i some weeks ago to fly General, it was decided to look into the 1 linker to California after the lat- matter of rebuilding. ter was ordered to the command ~ at Pearl Harbor. They flew via Randolph "' " tonio, same .'Bridge Club to Fort Dodge— Mrs F E Saunder-? of Fort ' er ' of *°™- .Past Matrons Initiate The Past Matrons had one o'clock luncheon Tuesday at the Masonic hall, and the newest past t » - matron, Lola Scuffham, was in- Tj'ii'K.vi — *""j"°j- it. i Possibility Of dividing the pa- I .,- trons into three groups and hav- i Field, near San An- ! ing three lines instead of two was ; an .d stopped briefly also discussed. There are some > and in attendance were M T Pr,nl R W Mil ' there for gas, oil, etc Flew by Instruments. At Randolph Field Captain Fan-banks had a ' visit with Bernard the latter's wife. Bernard, a nephew of Doctor Wallace, is an officer in the air force there. On the way to San Antonio the weather was unfavorable and the flying had to be done wholly by instruments, Captain Fairbanks wrote. No stop could be made il^iiUJIieniS. tv * c * t M1C3CHU 1 _f TT,,___u_i Ji n • J— .• Field Captain ! TJ - C - Mawdsley and Ralph I ^ ve "sTn Mrs Ken* wtanta a i&atoa-- MARKETS HOGS Algona Girl Will Wed— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olson announce the approaching marriage of their daughter Myrtle to John R. Alke, Titonka. The event will take place at 2 o'clock next week Wednesday afternoon at the First Lutheran church, Algona, the Want Ads of all kind. «f« CASH; no eharfft aeeountt. No 'till otdwMl out' ordm. Ordlnaty want*, f«* •*>•' for nni, »tt« 2c w**d- ' Minimum 25c. Add lOc lor imaUlng MpltM to 'blind' ad*. Sfampt acmetad for ordinary wanii. Ctiuni tach Ml of initials ai on« word, alto each set telephone or other numbers. Omit unnecessary words such as 'one/ etc. Contract low rate on long readers. Legal* lOc line, Sc line for repeats. FOR SALR-HUBAM clover, $».«0 bu. Flow & Feed Co. FOR SALE.— CttOiCi It bred Poland China gilt*,} row soon.—Aaron Stcussy. SMALL .. be wen in Algona. Acc't City, ' FOft SAL&-MUKDEN Good germination, — dO Hutehins, phone 24P3, Al GARDEN TRACTOR -r2-cyl., 8 h. p., with tachments.—Ralph Lindhorstj Algona. » 12(2) FOR SALE—20 BROOD SOWS and pigs.—Elmer Hansen, Burt. 9p29 WE DO CUSTOM SHEARING.— Clyde Bristow, phone 13 on 96, urt. 9p29-32 OR RENT — FARM HOUSE with electricity.—John Long r., Burt. 8p29-30 VT-;, V. Lup coma oe made ,, , at Kelly Field, also near San An- i Med - hvv -. 180-200 $12.30 tonio, because of ground foe The ! Med - nv >'- 200-300 $12.40 • —o . — captain remarked that the trip to ; Packing sows, 270-330 $13.00 Rev - E - K - Nelson, pastor, offici- California turned out to be his Packing sows. 330-360 $12.90 atm S- The couple will live on a toughest assignment, involvin i Packing sows, 360-400 12.80 farm .southwest of Buffalo Cen- i iviavcu. j.Awokc»>*JCi3 WCTG jfica 1 j dames D. D. Paxson, A. A. Bishop, and Chester Benschoter. BUTHMANSGIVE SEXTON CHURCH JESUS PICTURE Sexton, Apr. 1 — The Methodists held special Palm Sunday j ; services Sunday, with Dist Supt [FOR SALE—MILK COWS AND and Mrs. Buthman as special brood sows. — J. W. Johnson, mmc* fit A w^JMi.«.M_ _4 /"ll__:_A ' _ ' *~* *»i_ *t4 ft * n ttr* n + nt\ FOR RENT—7-KOOM _...,„, house two blocks from • Main street.—Phone 876 or see. Dick' —Sorensen. lluZt) po WANTED-PRACTICAL SALE T MUKDEN Raney, SOY FOR SALE—SOME GOOD clean timothy seed. Good germination, 1941 crop.—Lawrence Hap* sen, Wesley. 13p28-29 REG. SHORTHORN AND Angu bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berkshire, and Yorkshire boars.—Ben Studcr, Wesley. 14(2)14tf OR SALE—GENUINE English Shepherd pups.—Elof Pearson, Wesley. 8p29 FOR SALE—2-YEAR-OLD roan mare. — Mrs. Peter Fandcl, Whittemore. 9p28-29 WANTED — YOUNG BLACk mare or horse, must be blocky and about sound. — Lloyd Ncs- wold, Wesley. 13p29 ' s1 !: Whiti 5l 'OULTRY FEED—WHEAT n " JW..IU5; Triple A StarUng.S %££!*«££- H"-«oJXh Eafly Ohios, $1.75; No. 2 Con Wen,'11.07. Bring sacks _-Ea, fenrf Grocery. FOR SALE—TIMOTHY SEED, 1941 crop, 8c lb.—R. L. Kuhlman, 4% w. Ernst Oil Station on 169, S. of Algona. 20p29-30 toughest assignment, involving day and night flying when he was short of sleep. He said nothing of his return trip. Packing sows, 360-400 $12.80 CATTLE ter ' -$4.50-5.50 Miss Olson, a graduate of guests. A picture of Christ in Corwith, 616-12. Gethsemane given to the church by the Buthmans was unveiled. Mrs. Buthman gave a presentation talk in which she spoke of the artist's conception of vision and beauty in the picture. SS&lp30 also be of interest mans and the Ja^ S| and pubc " •' vf i tipn is therefore not deemed ad visable. This, however, may be $5.00-14.00 No . 2 , ellcnvG « AnN __ _ pfjc .::— ::--Sc c - * ---.._ ,, ^ nu y t; IJclc culU yet know that fellow pilots are so outnumbered in Jap invasion waters that they haven't chance. It heart. "But we ....— and friends at a 7 o'clock dinner- dance'Friday evening at the Algona Hotel. There were 70 people in attendance. R. J. Harrington, was toastmaster, and and Bob Williams, president .—,_._. .presented D. E. Dewel with barley 64c j a testimonial for publicity and ^"^ 'cooperation last year. Following dinner the women played """ * —' • ' Was f 0 l] OWe <J by FOR SALE—STACK OF OATS straw, well stacked. — Alfred Jergensen, Algona. 10p29 Wesley or Algona. 27c 23c , --=•-" --^ -»!.» aijiu war areas in droves of a.hundred or more at a time there may be a different story- to tell. So if sometime you heard that my squad- No. 2 -35c -33c ron has blasted a good paft of' Hens' 4"toVlbT the Jap navy you can reflect " " ' the little slant-eyed devils nave made us mad." Sweet """I'I""l36c POULTRY Hens, under 4 Ibs. HVzc Bingo, which the dance, Townsend 'Aux' to Sew _ The Woman's Auxiliary of the Townsend club met at Mrs. Marie Paetz's Monday, 13 women attending. A program was presented and lunch served. The next meeting will be held April 27 at Mrs. A. M. Anderson's. It was decided Monday to sew at the next meeting on material donated for aprons and children's dresses. . Doctor Buthman gave a vocal solo, Into the Woods, accompanied by Mrs. Buthm'an, then spoke on the significance of Palm Sunday. The service was concluded with prayer by Pastor J.. A., ~. „ ..«,..>. Riggs, and the usual Sunday school services followed. FOR SALE A picture of the American flag alfalfa hay, Mi with an attached cardboard has ' J - Dittmer, Burt. also been hung in the church, I Fr >n g and on the card appears the ad-i F 9. R , S dresses and transfers of all boys' .?' by leaving the church for the U. S. "" armed forces. - . Special Easter services will be held next Sunday morning. Among other things an American FOR SALE—HUBAM CLOVJER seed. — A. J. Martinek, phone FOR SALE—TWO GOOD work horses, one five-year-old mare, weight 1200 Ibs.; one aged mare. —H. C. Snyder, Titonka. 19p29 &IORT-0-DINE Mineral & Meat ' Meal coste less than tnnkngc goes, twice as far with^etter re suits. Algona Flour fc Feed Co" or 1 o c a 1 Mort-0-Dine dealer' .....'. 26-w-50-tf FERTILIZER — NOW IS THF ^ time to plan your fertiliW needs, • Swift y s Red Steer is dependable. We can give you quick service and economical price on any standard analysis. — Swift & Co., Algona, la. 32u28-31 10p29 FOR . SALE—ALFALFA - HAY, loose.—H. W. Dodds, Algona, la. Phone 19F111. 10p29 BALED STRAW, alfalfa hay, Mukden beans.—A. ~ ' 10p29 TANK, 2% —. _„ . _t.—Ernest Bormann, 2 miles south Irvington, Ilp29 DEMONSTRATOR FOR SALE— clean, easy milking machine, used as demonstrator. — Good as new, at bargain price. — J. L. flag given to the~ Junior class ' S?T' ? ba ^ gain price ' ~ J ' Mil. Drusilla Noble, teacher wiU Ii Rlchardson Hardware, Algona be formally presented. The class ! 19u29 earned the money to pay for the flag by gathering and selling old magazines and papers. Among Sunday Guests— The Henry Phillips family; of Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Sarah Wise. The BABY CHICKS — STARTED chicks. Special on baby cockerels Friday and Saturday. Nu- trena and Sterling Feeds.—Wellendorf Hatchery, Algona. I6p29 * -- -»...vw b«b jk \-iii,wHj uXiU s brother from Des Moines was also there. AN ATTRACTIVE LETTER- head_is an asset to your busi- have new type faces and quality stock. — Advance Pub. Co. ^ m _ IIIIHlllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllSl Chrischilles Store THOCTT I A - ^"""^^^• WE HAVE THEM R It's ATo Extravagance*^ to Maintain the ~ of "Fine New SUITS and TOPCOATS 30 $ 35 SUITS Plenty of suits to choose from—both light colored tweeds and navy and black dress models—dressmaker types and plain tailored. Priced from $12.85 to $35.00 COATS DRESSES EIIIIW^ •,;• • ' _ ' < Deluxe m There's an extra gooO, measure of Easter Smart! ness m the new Spring Clipper Graft InniLM 11 ? receive d ... the kind of suave goo® t£« il? at co , m P ler nenj; the chic Easter outfitoi pari the, ladv you're walking with. You'll like tk i selentmns of guitg ^ Wors te(k ', Cheviots, Twists, Shark- .**->_ J_ * VH v •• r «1 *iA«ritS m - th» • Craft Dro£, P that win ~T ™^ f A VV^M/£ _ ' model. At the low ClipP eI j *u pocket a substantial savingj , towards the purchase of " ). Such values - .. ^ w ive you the eci stores working together w\ r*\*it*+ «.- x"*i • s~i f>L Tllntl I

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