Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1942 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1942
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PAOK FOUR DEATH TAKES AN EX-LOTTS CREEK WOMAN COUNTY ADVANCE. ATXJOMA, IOWA Mrs. August Huenhold returned Sunday morning from ten days at Apache, Okla., where she attended the funeral of her brother's wife, Mrs. Anna Minde- Jnann, resident of that community since 1911. Burial was made in the Lutheran cemetery there. Mrs. Mindemann had been in failing health for some years. Before marriage she was Anna Voigt, and she was born at Carnitz, Germany, June 13J 1874. She died Thursday, March 19, at the age of 67 years, 9 months, and six days. Mrs. Mindemann's husband was Gustav Mindemann, and they were married at Lotts Creek. There were eight children, four sons and four daughters. One son died in infancy. In 1901 the family moved to Oklahoma and settled in Canadian county, near Union City. In 1911 a move was made to the Apache community, which had since been the family home. Mrs. Mindemann is survived by her husband and one daughter at home, three other daughters, Mrs. Fred Pohlman. Medicine Park, Mrs. Edmond Koerner, Minco, Mrs. Leo Zweiacker, Devol, all in Oklahoma, and three sons, Arnold, George, and Erwin CPete'), near Apache. There are 11 grandchildren and one great- grandchild. Mrs. Mindemann is survived by many nieces and nephews in the Algona and Fenton vicinities. T HIS IS RUSS Hoogerhyde, six times national archery champion, who will perform at 10 o'clock next week Thursday- morning at the A. H. S. auditor- i ium, demonstrating long shots | (long as auditorium permits), up, side-down shots, backhand shots, | I and others. Supt. Laing says | governor in case Mr. Godfrey is ' that this is another of the assem- named, but this would not be the I bly programs put on at cost. The Algona club's first experience, I charge to pupils is only 3c; the for the late Al Falkenhainer once public can attend in the balcony served as district governor. NAME GODFREY FOR GOVERNOR OF ROMS The Ames Rotary club is sponsoring Geo. W. Godfrey for district governor. The governor will be elected at a district conference late this spring. Mr. Godfrey is a past president of the Algona club, which is expected to support his candidacy. He did not seek the office, his candidacy having been originated by the Ames club. Whether there are or will be other candidates has not been learned. The Rotary district consists'of. - , . . nearly all Iowa, and there are 60 j f ° un , d that h °e s had littered up or more clubs in this district. The i ^ e house and broken part of the ;overnor is expected to visit and j s '°Y e : CHICKS KILLED IN A BROODER MUSE FIRE Sexton, Apr. 1—Mr. and Mrs. David McGregor lost nearly 400 two-weeks baby chicks Saturday morning. , Mr. McGregor just happened to look out of a window and see a small trail of smoke rising from the brooder house. He investigated at once and discovered thht the brooder stove had become overheated in the night and the floor had begun to burn. Only 40 chicks survived the smoke and fire. Previous to this experience, Mr. McGregor had prepared the brooder house for arrival of the chicks, and had left the door for sunshine. Then ' he peak before every club, and this ivould fit in with Mr. Godfreys Ames college duties, since it is art of his duty to travel over most of the state on college busi- ess. The local club would share the onor with Ames of furnishing a FORTY-FIVE ON HONOR ROLL OF THE H, S, HERE Forty-five A. H. S. student rated the honor roll for the third quarter by earning a grade aver age of "B" with no grade lower than C plus. Five were straight "A" pupils Bob Reed, sophomore; Mary Frances Carney, Jeartne Guderian, juniors; Maxine Dailey and Richard Palmer, seniors. The roll by grades follows: Freshmen — Mary Anderson Jack • Brownell, Robert Fuerstenau, Phyllis Kain, J9hn Kenefick, Ardis Kresensky, Kermit Kuecker, DavJd ^f-aing,, Nadine Olin, Margaret,•Pelisek, Georgia Scribner. Sophomores — Arlene Bast, Julie Chrischilles, Phyllis Crawford, Donna Deen, Irwin Forbes, 10,000 READERS! NO WONDER Marilyn Keen, 'Bill' Pletch, Bob Net y e * too discouraged, McGregors now plan to the try Advance ads pull from here, at lOc. Husband of Former Teacher Here Gets the Rank of Major MRS, GEO, AMAN, SEXTON WOMAN, STROKEJ/ICTIM Mrs. George Aman, 66. died Monday afternoon at her home at Sexton, following a stroke Sunday evening. She had been in poor health two months with bronchitis and pleurisy. Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at 9:30 at The harbor defense commander, Fort Williams, Me., recently announced promotion of Capt. "William F. Collins, of the army - were Lawrence Cink, St Bene- vetcnnary corps, to the temper-j diet; Eugene Cink, John Kutsch- a ^ r ?nfc of major. • l ara ' and Arthur Klcin - Sexton; Major Collins, a native of West Arthur Cink, Forest City; and William Hauptley, Wesley. Mrs. Aman was Kate Schaben, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schaben, and she was born Janu- Choice of Godfrey would also add a feather to Algona's cap as the home of service club governors, since Duane E. Dewel is Kiwanis governor for this year. The terms of Messrs. Godfrey and Dewel would parallel during the last half of the year. The Kiwanis year is the calendar year, but the Rotary year runs from July 1. Local Farmer Buys E. E. Finnell Home Fred Willrett, Plum Creek ;ownship, has purchased the Evan Finnoll house on east Call street, and Mr. and Mrs. Willrett, with the daughter Elsie, will take pos- ession May 1. The Finnells will move to Bancroft, where Mr. Finnell is now in Bancroft Register ot n i-i i i -r, ,,,— ' Kl1 Ja "uw in x>ciiii;iu.ii rteeiHier St. Cecelia s church Pallbearers employ, after many years with •U/nrp T.nurrnn^rt r'lt-.L- Cf t3^n rt .. ^ . . ' J J'*-'-"'-' vvin* Bend, is a 1934 Ames graduate. also a graduate in 1935 of the army medical field service school. The major was made a second lieutenant in 1934. a first lioutcn- ary 16, 1876, at Algona. She attended grade school here. On Oc- she is an ex-AIjrona teacher. Major Collins is at present in command of a veterinary detachment at Portland. Me. Grant Farmer Has Serious Accident Grant Twp.. Apr. —Ervin Huskamp suffered a serious accident Thursday. He was bringing his tractor from Fenton to the farm to which he recently moved, and was riding the tractor, which was being pulled by a car. On a soft shoulder he lost control, and the tractor overturned in the ditch, £olh of Mr, Huskamp's arms and a shoulder bladB were brokerl HeJ . ' J ? c ' was taken to a Forest City hos- j ter ' married life. Mr. Aman died only two months ago, on January 29. Surviving are a son, Walter, Mason City, and a daughter Thecla, at home: two sisters, Mrs. Jos. Cink, Algona, and Mrs. Gertrude Valentine, Chicago; and two brothers, William Schaben, West Chicago, and John Schaben, Wecclsport, N. Y. The brothers were unable to come for the funeral. the Advance. Mr. and Mrs. Finnell have two small sons, and Mrs. Finnell is the former Norma Greiner. * SENIOR HOLIDAY. Grant Twp., Apr. 1—The high school seniors left Thursday morning via Fairmont and train for Minneapolis, where they spent the week-end sight-seeing our touring the city. Mrs. Alfred Zielske chaperoned. All returned late Sunday. BURT BOY GRADUATED. Chanute Field, 111.. Mar 31— Pvt. Robert W. Voigt Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Voigt, Burt, la., was graduated recently from the Chanute Field branch of the U. S. army air corps technical schools. Scouts Organizing a Troop at St. Joe Algona's Boy Scout Troop 29 working for an Acorn award helping to organize a troop at Earl Sprague, scgutmas- s ~~. ^ liy iluo -1 , -. uociu&h, organization pital, but is shortly to be brought ' chalrrnan . and Chester George, —*• district Boy Scout executive, were at St. Joe yesterday noon to give talks before boys in the parochial school there. Swea-Eagle Youth Buys Farm of Dad Swea-Eagle Twps., Mar. 31— Maynard Jenson recently purchased the home farm in Eagle township from his father O 4 Jenson. Thy Jensons came here from Seneca township 24 years ago. Since Maynard's m.-jn-iage six years ago, ne and his father had farmed in partnership Mr and Mrs. O. A. Jenson moved two years ago to another farm they own, south_of Swca City. WESLEYAN TO^WED. .Wesley, Apr. 1—Banns of marriage were published for the firs* o"]£ Sunday at st - Joseph's Catholic church for Vincent --on of Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Kison- bacher, and Dorothy, daughter" of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Smith, Buffalo Center. They will be married Wednesday, April 15. Two Kossuth Boys Enlisted in Navy Spencer, Mar. 27 — Bernard Platt and Raymond W. Browning, of Kossuth county, recently enlisted in the naval reserve at the navy recruiting station hsre, Browning in the construction branch. Both were sent to Des Moines for a final checkup, then returned to their homes to awnit orders for active duty. AUCTION AT BURT. Burt, Mar. 31—A good crowd attended the auction Saturday afternoon of the J. H, Graham implement stock. The firm had done business in Burt for about 51 years up to the time of Mr. Graham's death a few weeks ago. The W P B Conservation Order does not Affect Men's Suits made prior to March 30, 1942 be . sl Our suits are all wool. Our double-breasted suits carry vests. Pleated trousers still are availab e Coats are generously long. *v«tiid.Die. the carder. ^ ^ pennissible ' Below ^ a recopy of After March 30, 1942. "NO PERSON shall finish a pair of r made of WOOL cloth with cuffs or^ause such finished wi h cuffs by others for his account; enough. Who wants cuffs anyhow? The army does not wear cuffs. The navy does not wear cuffs. We all admit they are dirt catchers. It will help conserve ten thousands pounds of wool for our "Boys in the Army" annually We'll take our cuffs off. Zender's WHAT A LITTLE AD DIDfOB/OTATOES Frank Vora, of the 'East End' surburban grocery, has of lale been learning things about the power of advertising. News mention of his colored rabbits flooded him with callers, and last Week's Advance 'for sale' wants on- 'spuds' just about did him up physically Saturday afternoon, when, between one p. m. and 6, he sold two tons plus 200 pounds. Cost is low, results are Reed, Floyd Sawyer, Dewey Shilling. Juniors—Gloria Baker, George Banwart, 'Bill' Burns, Jeanne Buthman, Valeria Butts, Mary Frances Carney, Jeanne Guderian, Betty Jane La Barre, La- Verlle Long, Patricia Lynch, Miriam Norton, Patricia Pollard. Seniors—Kenneth Asa, Max Bartholomew, Maxine Dailey, Jean Gross, Charlotte Johnson, Owen Nichols, Richard Palmer, Mart Schemel, Bernice Venema, Cecil Will. BURT ARMY YOUTH IN BARRHGKS FIRE Lieut «otta1d M. Elvidge, of Burt. suffered if dm suffocatlbfl at Fort Kno*. Ky.j Tuesday, when barracks In which he was sleeplhg caught fire. He was gassed and smoked, but was re leased from the hospital the sam day. Reports are that he is do ing well. Seventy-seven officers wen asleep in the barracks when the blaze Was discovered, and three besides Elvidge Were affected The two'Story frame buildini was destroyed, and the estimatec loss was $40,000. All clothing and personnel belongings of the offi :ers was burned. Lieutenant Elvidge Is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Elvidge, Burt farmers, and his wife s the former Marilda Pratt, daughter of Druggist and Mrs, F. Pratt, Burt Two Algerians Make College Honor Roll Cedar Falls—Ninety-four stu- ents won places on the honor oil at the Iowa State Teachers ollege during the winter quar- er, Dr. M. J. Nelson, dean of the acuity, has announced. From Algona were John Phillips, freshman, and William Phillips, .senior,- sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phillips here. Mr. Phillips is secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce. "On the Go" days ahead ,. • « you'll be Walking More to save Tires . . . enjoy the softer Comfort, Longer Wear of Interwoven Socks. The HUB Algona CONSUMERS Wholesale Grocery Co. ARMOUR STAR TENDERED WHOLE, HALF. OR PIECE HamOlc MUTTON LEG OR CHOPS Oven 21c SMOKED-LIVER SAUSAGE BACON-SQUARES GROUND BEEF J Pot n, 15c 17V 2 c 19c 19c 19c llj. Ib. 11) BUTTER RING BOLOGNA Pft ranx " PORK CHOPS S. 2lbs49c large crisp ...... 9C Be Sure to Check on Our Big 6-Day Sale Consumers Wholesale Grocery Co. Flowers for Easter T UltN to nature for sufficient beauty v/ith which to express your Easter wishes! Potted ' plants that are long lasting—varied bouquets on which to feat eyes and sense of scent—a corsage to make her know she's loved —we provide them all for every name you want to remember at Easter time. Roses, Carnations, Snap Dragons, Gladiolus, Calendulas, Daisies, Daffodils, Sweet Peas, etc. Blooming Plants ... Hydranges, Rosebushes, Cineravids, Calceolarias, African Violets, etc. Corsages . . . Roses, Gardenias, Sweet Peas. Algona Greenhouses YOU'RE IN THE with Freeman Shoes S ^K^l » -- to 0,00s,,,, feet! eaS to choosine a , ;~ „ -v. V4HH.JJ (ujjg j Q ot v lp or,,! „ «»»«B A • feet! Not with ext i ^ IG > an « easy on the ^^-""^THIE^ ^^-^ 2 s *'" We«leyan in Army Ha* Bad Accident "-\Wertey,'Apr. 1^-Mr. and Mrs lillke ddetz left Monday from fot Sfrtt Pfancisco, (sailed ^efioU* cbndltioti of no sort LftWtence, who had been in lufed in an accident at Marshall Fleld,,where he had been since December. Me enlisted in tho army>rt,year igo last January attd was at Chanute Field, in before golHg west. It is reported All for y,,,,,. Easter Dinn " ** EGGS! 5*«=W,S,|Srf "^** ^* - Ho Go /111 be hall, f »< rt m . J^K&S d Frid To Color for Easter! tfT on hi *FRESH EGGS,:;« -">, JH j SMOKED HAMS — TENDERED PICNICS PAAS 'EASTER EGG DYES California Site 288 Seedless ^ORANGES ,, , VHfMlVsW vitamins (j-i T «*«« Marsh Seedless, site 96 * (RAPEFRUIT SftX *HEAD LETTUCE broi flttflifl 4i --VSi } bags, » 10 - ,ntj ,bcdjac . in " - j 4 * f baby lOj.^ 1 C bootl New ' *CABBAGE T " M "" S m+ c+ ,™l e . y j° Yi tamhls ' ^Excellent Source 4 plea of w , stain FINE QUALITY AKN P A « K FO oJS3 "^•H ™ •• l"HBi5 • « pflni PEANUT BUTTER & ! ' SALAD DRESSING *» rm **&- PRESERYESX FRENCH DRESSING and .... jar gieck si Finest Farina MELLO-WHEAT Fancy Semolina MACARONI Ann bottle W Cross businc l-II) 12-01, like. Fancy Semolina Page . J < South. SPAGHFTTI A " n 3 lUrch 24 JrAUllLI ID Tape , lk j{ heart; As Featured in Ladies' Home Jounul^'of 6 * iirainiMw^^ EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE W *|ONA FLOUR ftisS *IA. STATE BRAND BUTTER »&j MEL-0-BIT SET. IS MARVEL BREAD Enri . cl : J .tffl HOT CROSS BUNS . ** & BUTTER KERNEL CORN CANDY EASTER EGGS *GREAT NORTHERN BEANS *NAVY PEA BEANS.. *PINTOBEANS.. . *SUNNYFIELD FLOUR Kur "" 1H ™ Exmor 49-lb. dag 11 MINIATURE CHOCOLATES L JELLY BIRD BEANS . .IONA PEAS ..... 2™. BLACKBERRIES wr % *.' We Redeem Federal Orange and Blue Fooi As Featured in "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING'! WhUa Sail 2J-M-1 pigs- SOAP GRAINS 2 White Sail SOAPFLAKES While Sail HAND SOAP While Sail LAUNDRY STARCH « 16-01' t-iins pure l«f crushed . • ••rj OYSTER SHELLS STARTING MASH „„„ GROWING LI A cu Dall y VHV.I? IHv IvIAyWI Growth OLIY-ILO TOILET SOAP RED CROSS PAPER TOWELS'- LIFEBUOY^. .. 3* Outr April'Woman's D»>» OD FOOD to Umii

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