Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1942 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1942
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AlXtONA. 1QWA |M5H3SraWJjaKf Vouth orgah»*tl6n m«t%t ^mm^^iimm^ M, «m—. .jjv/L,'t j. ^--i-af.iji 'grtjj-iA.1 Jv.'.Ki£iy:-iJT|-;rtltw;.-; t fj a,';'!' g people attended. Kenneth lid was chaiitiidn, Folk dances ih charge of Clarice Camto- .athryn and Bbb Bode, and ,-ehneth Lirtdhorst; games in Jharge of Harold and Lucile •jRbethers. A discussion was led -by Trella Gardner, and music $?fts given by Maxine Lindhorst •*nd Lois Gardner. Lunch Was Served. Meetings are held once lav month. Paiient Again Sick- Leonard Cruikshank, who had of late been confined closely to home with \heart trouble, had been able to be up and go to town a couple of times, but Saturday he had another heart attack, and it was necessary to call a doctor. Callers Saturday on the Cruikshanks were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jenkinson, of Union, Mrs. Grace Jackman, Lotts Creek, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bode, Plum Creek. Bernard Bode to Navy- Bernard Bode received his call La iM&rM^mmM^:. NOTICE! Our Complete Linoleum Stock —including Inlaid and Felt Base Yard Goods and Rugs will all be on sale from this day on at exactly the same as catalogue prices, and in most cases we can give you the identical patterns and you will not have to wait to order. to this naval reserves Saturday, and, his parents took him to Fort Dodge, where he joined 14 other men, all enlistees, who left at 4 p. m. on the interurbah for Des Moines. They expected to leave for the Great Lakes naval training station Sunday. Bernard is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode. Mrs. Gisch is Recovering— Lawrence Gisch, son John, daughters porothy, Ruth and Rachel drove to Rochester Sunday to call on Mrs. Lawrence Gisch recuperating at a hospital there from a goiter operation. She is- now getting along well, but will not be released for another week. Four-H Girls Talk Gardens— • The Alethean 4-H girls met with their leader, Nellie Jenkinson, Saturday, and gardens was the subject under discussion. Music was studied from phonograph records. Lunch followed. Don Boevers Laid Up— Donald Boevers is again indis- posed, having 1 a recurrence of infection ih the blood. He had two previous attacks affecting one hand, but thife time it settled in the bend of the left knee. Other Union News. Mr, and Mrs. Newton Bolin, with their daughter, Mrs. Dale Blair, and her husband, of Minnesota, spent Sunday with another daughter, Mrs. Walter Heerdt. The W. S. C. S. held a sacrificial meeting Wednesday afternoon at the Good Hope community room. Plans were laid for an Easter program.^ BOY AND WRINGER. Ledyard, Mar. 25—Lewis Jen'- son suffered an injured finger a few days ago, when it was caught m a wringer while his mother was washing. Stitches had to be taken to close a wound. JOINS THE NAVY. Burt, Mar. 25—Harold Bunkof- j ske went to Des Moines Monday to enter the navy. youngest is a girl not yet .old Ll - * Mt»jfl enough for sthodL * * * * . M. L. Rondy, east of Irvirigton, is always th«t same friendly fel- i low. He said ten days ago that Mrs. Roney was feeling pretty well this wWter. The son Kenneth was doihg chores while we! were there, and he said it was! some job to go about the mud All' farm yards hfeive been muddy of late. I Fred Will, I the happy farmer who lives th^ee miles northwest of Algona, lately took a vacation. He said he Hitchhiked south to ' Hot Springs, Ark., and had a real bath while hd was there. He also drank so;ne W the water, but couldn't see that it made him feel any different. Nevertheless said: "I have just been reading your c«lumn in the Advance, and I was thinking it was about time for you to show up at our place." Mrs. Funnemark said she had been busy at sewing for the Red Cross. She has an electric machine, but for some unknown reason the current was off that day. She figured that the light snowstorm might have been the .'** ^ e always enjoy with Mr. and Mrs. Funneri I They are a most friendly cduple. | We noticed a son in the yard, eld- ing chores, and he thought it was a pretty disagreeable day to be out in the open. it was a gres t time to be there. iV^vM'ti'r'U-'V";'';^ 1 *-;'"'^ :, eadThis furnish good, on our overhead by This will also •sg^v&'ftWSWyw.-s- ||^l^||V|!i|better service to" our trade by keep- o serve you. Linoleum order before you send for it. tie it on your car for you at catalogue 'S Company Growing Furniture Store. ^ ••"• 7',™™."""*'%" i-^^i ..^ ^:vymym$mm |1 • •;-: .;•.'»>-. • c-^KSfeJSfiM j IA. •;; v- : : ^t^KMyyM v ^^--^S:«?|;^il!f^ OPENING ft ..ilpU UneseeTO gfljp*™ ... convenient... easy to shop... and jam-pack- lues in everything for yourself, family, and home! •fin planning this new store for YOU—to meet p JPP in g needs of the community. We're proud to j^rith this great, Grand Opening Sale—in which you'll |you want, and at prices just right for your budget. |itore—bring your family and friends—we're look"you! CANNON BATH SET | Bath Towel 25e & Face Towel 15c Wash Cloth lOc C. H. KLAMT, Field RepreiwntallTe We were .at Ella K. Flom's, the chickenhouse when we ar- northwest of Wesley, a few min- rived last week Tuesday. He had utes the other day, and had a been gathering eggs. Alvin refine visit. We talked with Ole marked that he had been cutting and Mrs. Flom about the war. It down some of the shrubbery was appropriate at this time of around the farm, for there was year that we should notice that more of that than was needed. Mr. Flom keeps his driveway in He Had also cut down some tall excellent shape. Many farm cottonwood trees, and there was yards are hard to drive into these another in the yard that was to * « * * We called Saturday at the S. L. Loss place, the Ella H. Lewis be felled soon. * * * * Ben Siehlmann is now farming north of the Reformed church 20x40 Inch bath towel; 15x26 inoh . ; face towel; 13x13 inch wash cloth. *t All in blue, green or pink plaid. Women's Hose 25c Service weight rayon and cotton. Dull finish and ringless. A wonderful hose for day to day wear. VALUE m- 250 Tissues Fine quality facial tissues. A regular 15c value! White. Get several boxes while this low" price lasts. r 'MELY VALUE SPECIAL VALUEb LjQkUlc*) *^T, ' j. •*«*> Ladies' Belts 49, T&SS&Zp* MARCH 26, Bowl Covers A set of five pieces! Each is a different size. They're made of strong white oiled rayon, washable. VALUE ". (ll^plplptpj - «Hf Wfd SatonUy Night farm, northeast of Irvington, and north of the German Valley ™ H™ v T V f H £ L ?" 3S store, and this is the place where on his way to feed the chickens. Clarence Seefeld formerly lived A new chicken house had been Ben, who bought the farm rebuilt since he moved to the farm. - cen tly from giarence, used to He said chickens were laying ii ve on the Schissel & Ley half- lots of eggs. # ^ ^ ^ | section 1V 2 miles northeast from Mr. and Mrs. August Meyer, ^f^V™ T esic * es - He h , a - d south of Bancroft on No. 169, 1™* u f i?l she ^ leamn g. ° u .t hl ? have moved to the farm where Fred Rath lived. This place is thp „„.,„ TT O now owned by "Sandy" Welp, of three children Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Mey- e r one <T a hnv ™H er work for him by the month. er . ones . a b ?y and a girl, are * * » * Lloyd Wellendorf, the hatchery man west of the fair grounds, was trimming a hedge at the west side of his yaid last week Monday, and was donig a fine job. There are many fine trees and shrubs about the place. Lloyd said he was hatching chicks just the same as in other years. * * * • We made a stop Friday at the Edw. Wirtjes home, 5Vz miles south of Lakota. The place is owned by Herman Wirtjes, who lives at Lakota, and he is Edw.'s father. Edw. has lived on this farm 20 years, and the first six years he "batched it." Mr. and Mrs. Wirtjes were married 14 years ago, and they have four children: Phyllis, 12; Marvin, 11; Bernice, 8; and Edw. Jr., seven months. That's pretty good family spacing. * * * * R. C. Lage, whose, place is on the Ridge road northeast of Irvington, was hauling straw to the cow yard Saturday, and he remarked that it would soon be good manure to haul out on the land. Mr. Lage gives his stock good care, and they show it. At the house Mrs. Lage and a daughter were doing some paperhanging. The Lages bought this farm recently. * * * * T. J. Fisher lives south of Algona on No. 169, just across the highway from the Squeeze Airport, and when we called there last.week Wednesday he was feeding chickens. He mixes molasses with the feed and claims that hens lay to beat the band if their feed is thus treated. * * * * Alvin F. Klein, southeast of Irvington, had just come out of Reduce Disease damage to grain crops and make your labor pay more profit by treating this year's higher-priced seed wheat, oats and barley with New Improved CERESAN. Generally increases yields. One pound treats 32 bushels of seed at extremely low cost. Kills certain seed-borne diseases by contact and effective vapor action". Wear, dry mask when applying. Come in now for New Improved CERESAN and free Grain Pamphlet. CERESAN for OATS the original organic mercury SEED DISINFECTANTS A TREATMENT FOR EVERY MAJOR CROP Lusby & Giossi Algona, Iowa SB? 'he landlord won't paint our apartment, so ive're movwg tan little wigwam in the country!" MORAL; Without making drastic changes you can do wonders to brighten up you* home with DevoeMirrolac Enamel. Transform old, dreary chain, dreesers and other articles of furniture into loyejy, gleaming showpieces, llevpe Mirrolac give* a mirror-like finish which resists water, neat and gloom, And M,irrolac p fjjjri to use J Of DIVOf PAIHT* N FRANKLJN STORES lit . ~ o > - «*•**.»_ (,<j ut; uici e. He also traveled to Oklahoma and found people everywhere I glad to give him rides, except that in Arkansas there is a strict' law against (picking up hitch- 1 hikers. I , . «!• . . . '*» We stopped at former supervisor Olaf Funnemark's northwest of Wesldy Friday, and Olaf Barker Drug STATION KVFD, FORT DODGE will Broadcast the Boys' Basketball Tournament at Des Moines, starting with the Livermore game Thursday evening beginning at 8:45 and carrying through till the end of the tournament. This broadcast is being sponsored by De Kalb Corn Co. . AT HUMBOLDT YOUR MEALTIME FRIDAY and SATURDAY, MARCH 27 and 28 ° Must Be Good! , " Quality that never disjoin? *. Poods" t0 satisfaction Morning Light Pork & Beans In Tomato Sauce O 20 Ounce t n Tall Cans BEEF ROASTS Tender and Juicy. Cut from well covered corn fed beef. 21c Pound, 25c and STEAK Bound; lb. ' 35c Sirloin and Short tint, lb... PORK NECK BONES -..: 5 C Per Pound Per Pound BACON SQUARES 16c From Selected Pork Loins iioiii oeiectea i-ork Loins Roasts and Chops, Lb. 29c and 25' LIVER Per it* Pound ... I I C BEEF HEARTS 17c FAN^Y COOKIES Roy^l Anne Cherries In Light Syrup Karamel Peanut Taffy Large 21c Superb WHITE GRAPES Seedless Oz. can 16 can .. 13C CORN Cream Style No. 2 cans Ground BEEF Per i ai Pound MKBBKa _ Pound 12|c • Pound 19c •^••^^•cna Superb Asparagus Fancy Cut Green. Every Bit Edible. No. 2 can 19c White Loaf Flour 1 49 lb, bag 1. EVAP. PEACHES 19c SUPERB CATSUP 14c —'•^^^^ Algona Creamery BUTTER lb. We Qiadly Accept Orange and Blue Food Stamps Cocoa 16c Drip or regular grind. Direct from our roasters into vacuum tins or jars. —••*• «P*» ^fm •.*•» or jar. OUC M Jar. DOC Exchange the empty bags for 22 carat Gold Pattern Dishes. 29c Morning Light *Pound O GROUND FRESH AS DIRECTED WHEN SOLD I Found Bag .. 59c Hershey Breakfast, Pound Can Cake Flour Robb-Ross Per Carton Pop Corn Blue Diamond, Per Can EFRUIT 6 For 19c GRAEFRUIT Doz, 27c ORANGES gr Do , 35C LEMONS 6 For 15c Carrots ST Bunch 5c New Crop Lettuce, Per head 5c NEW CABBAGE, LB 3Jc Superb Relish Fresh Cucumber, 16-oz. Jar 15c Mushrooms Dawn Fresh Sliced •• A Buttons, 2 ounce can 1UC Rolled Oats Superb Brand, Lge. Pkg. 19c Corned Beef Derby Brand, JTo. 25c Hand Soap r.... We Ivory Soap Medium Bar ,,.. 7e 10e Oiaat. '•^* ii

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