Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1942 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1942
Page 9
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__..'» tob* •rt hopVfu i/.£,.wJ»nv i i W4. KO8SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ADQONA, IOWA lene Boyaen, and rt qptot Saturday at . Boettthcr FMVAV ,*»•»• •**•*• »•»»»»»• gJr&'f state basket- An lBs8,Devick ac- "li^ftp as Ames. 'AlvWHardcopf and V Albert Heftl;also r _ at 'Des 'Moines, - CD ...tended a barn dance frolic 5ER !l ' evening. ,s,, a inMB 80 'YMHVWM— s rei. Matt "and Fred Baumgart- u md Michael Wegner, were t Dodge Sunday to attend th wedding" anniversary of nd'Mrs."'August Gramenz, ts of l both' Baumgartner ... ' Oiher -children attend- ere Edw. 5 Roy, and George snz, South,Bend/Ind;, and loward* Becker; California. •I,Local Stor*— , Kruse, Council. Bluffs, aver ownership' of* the Cor- Tii'itore' Monday. , f His "family, '"'ting of his wife } and*two |upn 17 and 13, will. stay at mril !il Bluffs'till school is'out Murray continues in the "" that time. ' j, A * E m rd Dehnert Uncle Dies— QV. Dehnert came from Har- 7J Saturday, and 1 .with Mrs ert went to Algona to at- the funeral-, ( of , his uncle im Dehnert. 1 Edw. is su- jtendent 'in charge of 'con- fion of a $100,000 gymnas- it Harcourt. '» 'n^"") , Henry Groen, who for some Worked for Jos. Preston, southwest of Swea City, now lives on the Alfred BarsloU farm, southeast of Burt. This place is known by oldtimers as the Charley Falk farm. The Falks lived there 40 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Groen have a girl and boy, and Mr. Groen works for Alfred. * * * * "Fim" Krull, on the Mrs. Thos. Kain farm, southeast of Burt, Was doing his chores when we called there on March 10. The Kain .farm is one of the well known oldtime places in the county. The late Mr. Kain, who farmed it many years, served a long time on the city council after he retired and moved to Algona. , * » * * Wilbur J. Stewart, northeast of Burt, was ready to go to Jos. Koestler's sale when we arrived last week Monday. He auctioned for some years, but is- now kept oo busy on the farm. Mr. and ATS. Stewart have a boy growing p, and he can do the auction- ering when the time comes. Mrs. •tewart was out gathering eggs, nd she said that about all she id was to care for the boy and ook after the chickens. Wilbur was a guest of L. E. Linnan at a Lotary banquet at Algona for armers that night. When he offs his working clothes and jesses up he looks as much a own man as any of them. * * * * We were briefly at R. F. Miler's, southeast of Titonka, ten lays ago, and we had a short isit with Mrs. Miller. R. F. was herd of Holstein cows, and all his stock show they are well fed. Mr. Jesse said his .wife had gone to get the man who worked for them when they lived near Corwith. * * * * The Van Hansens are back in the Doan neighborhood near Wesley. Last year they had a place in a county west of here. Now they have the farm where not at home that day. These folks Ben Knox lived, southwest of Ti- - - - - - tonka. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen have one daughter at home, but there who formerly worked for the is an older daughter who is mar- manage a big farm and do a lot of hard work. J. E. Fickbohm, Kossuth Motor Co., at Algona, ried. They said it seemed like now lives in a house across the road and works for R. F. j * * * * I Vincent Cruise, northwest of Wesley, was doing some work on his tractor when we called there a week ago Monday. Like many another Kossuth farmer these days, he was getting ready for spring field work. Mrs. Cruise was hanging out her washing. Some women say they really like wash day, but to us, as a man, it seems the dreariest job in the whole calendar of women's work. * * * * We called the other day. at Al- >ert Girard's, northwest of Wes- ey, and found everyone busy at ;he house, where some decorat- farni where Ward & Goetz lived many years. The insurance com- I ____,. HUB* L _ fr enty Methodist^yourig-peo- cicr.ad a scavenger jhuhtxThurs- " n evening.. i ' ECOi Dehnert, and*Mary Dimler in charge; and Mrs. J. H /, Mrs. Vernon 1 Stribley 3eulah Eggleston were adul ' AM " IV." ' BiuteMs ,doun»— ! j 1 -. and Mrs; .George ,Tiede and 1 ± Dimler went to Central City 1'iay 'to visit Jean -'Mosher ?; •, who was -graduatedA from Uocal high school :jastUune "i to-begin a buainesi'.course ?dar ' lived Algona ' earl; pSrcy vmfMonda llstohes. Island i, r s»»turday home to get back into the old neighborhood. * * * * L. E. Deibler, southwest of Titonka, was doing his chores when we saw him on March 11. At the house Mrs. Deibler said W. F. Deibler, pioneer just east of Algona, had celebrated his 86th birth anniversary on February 11, and his children were all at home for the occasion. Warren, of Swea City, and Harry, also Some friends, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Burger, east of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell, Algona, and Soren Didriksen, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Deibler, and the two sons, Ervin, 9, and Ralph, 2, (these the only grandchildren of FOR SALE—PUREBRED Poland Hereford bull.—Everett Weiland, 3% miles n. of Wesley. p27 FOR SALE—BISON FLAX seed. —J. J. Wadleigh, phone 2512, Lu Verne. ' 9p27-28 FOR SALE—HIGH GRADE Holstein milk cow.—M. W. Woltz, Burt. 10p27 FOR RENT—MOTORIZED Fanning mill for cleaning oats and other seeds.—Algona Flour & Feed. Co. 12p25-28 WELL .DRILLING — Spear & Phillips, phone 255. 1007 North Main, Algona, Iowa 35tf FOR SALE — GOOD WORK horses. — R. I. Simpson, Burt, Rt. 1. 10p27 FOR SALE—FORD TWO-DOOR, 1935 model.—Geo. Rippentrop, Titonka, R. 1. 10p27 RED WING FLAX SEED FOR sale. High germination and purity.—G. W. Patterson, Burt. 15p25-28 WANTED — RELIABLE for general housework Moines for family of vate room and radio. Algona. PAGE NINB GIRL in Des FOR SALE— 18-IN. JOHN beert Fri- E« e i Phone 360, g ' 19u27 single tractor plow. *— Charles - - - - LOST—SIDE ENDGATri truck box, between Algona ahd Sexton on Highway 18. ReWard.— Joe Krieps, Sexton. 14p27 FOR SALE—NATIVE EWES TO Bahling, Hurt. lamb middle of May. Also young work horses.—P. M. Chris- FOR SALE — BROOD SOWS, Duroc Poland cross ,Ajiril far- row. Cholera immune.—Carl E. 12p27 tenson, Lone Rock. 15p25tf FOR SALE — BROWN SWISS bull, eight months old. — John F. Weber, Irvington, phone Algona 15F22. -12p27 HYBRID SEED CORN ORDER- ed is ready. Bring sacks if pos- ible. Home except Tuesday and Saturday.—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 17p27 POTATOES — LARGE SOLID Cobblers, 100 Ibs., $1.55; No. 2 size, 100 Ibs., $1.97. These are from last year's certified.—East End Grocery. 17(2)27 BIG SUPPLY OF STARTED chicks at reasonable- prices. Leghorn baby cockerels, $2.90— Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. ng,,was. being done. This is the Grandpa Deibler) were all there. •n«*m *«»llnv*«> Wn«*r1 Jf- f^.e\t\lf 1l«m/l jany which owns the farm re- :ently remodeled the kitchen and lad new cupboards built. * * * * James Hilferty, south of Wes- . , , . ley, was hauling straw last week. repainted inside woodwork. Tuesday, but it was almost too' windy for such a job. Mrs. Hil- * * * * The R. I. Simpsons are a new family on the Hugh Marlow farm, northeast of Burt. Mis. Simpson and a son were doing som paperhanging when we called there Friday, and they had Guy. George Thompson, of Led- rard, was a Sunday guest at Lotie and Jennie Mason's. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. French, who had been living in the house Mrs. Grant Henderson recently purchased from Charles Wolf, noved Monday into rooms al l,awrence Hof's. Rita, 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Larimer went to Algona by train all by herself Saturday morning. She spent the day at the Cecil Will- .ams home. Orville Kubly, who had a three-day furlough from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and Jeanne Jennings, Eagle Grove, were guests at H. T. .Blumer's last Thursday. Mrs. Frank Moeding, son Frank, and Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Markman were at Lake Park, Minn., last week Tuesday to attend the funeral of a relative. J. L. Eustace was a flu victim last week, and Willard Sanford managed the Standard Oil station most of the week. John Tiede has been sick at home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kubly, and the Edwin Martys were at Goldfield Monday to attend funeral services for Edw. Kelling. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schumaker, Spokane, Wash., visited last Thursday at William Hardcopf's. Mr. Schumaker is a nephew of Mrs. Hardcopf. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey and Robert and Florence Godfrey drove to Fort Dodge Monday. Miss Godfrey will be there for an indefinite period. Daniel Higgins made a business trip to Kansas City Monday, and Otto Ramus accompanied him as far as Anita to visit Bert Ramus. Supt. and Mrs. Vernon Stribley spent the' week-end at Correctionville with Mr. Stribley's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, of Livermore, were guests of Anna Murray Sunday. Norman, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hinz, has pneumonia. There are cases of measles among school children here. ferty, who was helping, was putting straw into the chickenhouse. One does not find many farms where all of the stock is as fat as at this farm. James is some feeder. i * * * « j Fred A. Diekmann is the busy bookkeeper and manager at the Kunz grain office at Wesley. He remarked one day early last week .that this was "sure" a busy time. His son, who worked at the Iowa State bank, Algona, is in the army now. Fred A. has been with the Kunz string of elevators many years, and he is FOR SALE — TEAM 3 YEAR olds, broke. — Everett Witham, Whittemore. 10g27 FOR SALE—RED CLOVER seed, farmers' price.—Frank Meine, 3 N., 2% E. of Whittemore. 16p26-27 The Gerald Bahlings, south of Titonka, are a new family in that neighborhood. We had asked a number of people who had moved to the farm before we got there, and no one seemed to know. On arriving we found Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bahling there, and Mrs. Frank told us to come in, saying, "Just see what they have here" — a new girl, born January 19, named Frances Jean. Mrs. Frank said she was her first grandchild. She recalled that when Gerald was three the family came to Algona one day, and right in front of our garage just south of the Advance office EASY TO FEED — SARGENT'S Minral Meat Meal for hogs.—J. R. Woodmansee, Sargent & Som- pany, Algona Branch. 25-29KS REG. SHORTHORN AND Angu bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berk shire, and Yorkshire boars.—Ben tuder, Wesley. 14(2) 14t OR SALE-T-HOUSE AT COR- ner of Minnesota and Eas orth streets. Paving both sides modern. Want to sell to settle state. Call 876 or see Dick Sor msen. 27u27 job. V^AV- V CAbULhT Jliail V V CCll. O. ClIJ.lt 11C iJ 1 1 i • a dependable man, always on the ^ wa£ U rui Y°Y!]: by a c ' ar d £ ven • - , by a Humboldt woman. How* * * * I ever, Gerald was not hurt. The Humboldt woman, who felt the accident keenly, wrote several times afterwards to ask how Gerald was doing. Dewey Hutchinson, northwest of Wesley, on a Budlong farm, was doing chores when we stopped there a week or so ago. He farms with a brother and a sister. They have 40 whiteface cattle, also som'e other stock, in the feed lot. They built a new part on the barn, 20x60, to shelter the cattle. * * * * Last week Monday evening we had a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Post, Algona. Mr. 'ost is what used to be called a drayman, for he delivers freight n town. He also operates a ruck line. We recalled the time when Hugh had to dray by team and wagon. While we were conducting a garage at Algona years ago we sold him his first truck. Hugh has kept trucks rolling ever since. * * * * Ernest Jesse is a new man on the farm where the Tienans formerly lived, southeast of Titonka. Mr. Jesse was grinding feed when we made a stop there a few days ago. He has a fine •V X iv*l ;ET good fun — and it saves wear jily automobile! You'll be helping taking packages with you in the your bike! Several models at 7 Joe Bloom Want Ads of all kinds are CASH; no charge accounts. No 'till ordered out' orders. Ordinary wants, for sale, for rent, etc., 2c word.. Minimum 25c. Add lOc for mailing replies to 'blind' ads. Stamps accepted for ordinary wants. Count each set of initials as one word, also each set telephone or other numbers. Omit unnecessary words such as 'one/ etc. Contract low rate on long readers. Legals lOc line, 5c line for repeats. FOR RENT — FARM HOUSE seed barley for sale. — John Long Jr., Burt. 26-27 NOTICE ^ To All Persons in Kossuth County Who Purchase, Possess, Sell or Use Explosives of Any Kind ... The Federal Government now requires that all persons engaged in any way in the Purchase, use or sale of explosives must have a license from the county auditor of the county in which you operate. All temporary licenses which have been issued expired March 1,1942, and you must purchase a new full-year license. This is important so do not delay. The license fee is 25 cents. Licenses are of three kinds: (1) Vendors License—Allows you to purchase, possess and sell explosives. (2) Purchasers License—Allows you to purchase, possess and use explosives. (3) Foreman's License—Allows.you to purchase and possess explosives. Ammunition for guns and rifles are not included under the above law. For full information; see the county auditor at once. The Federal Government is going to be very strict about the use of explosives, so better get your license at once, . . Kinsey KOSSUTH COUNTY AJUP^OR Explo«ive» licensing agent f or KoMuth Co. MORT-O-DINE Mineral & Meat Meal costs less than tankage, goes twice as far with better results. Algona Flour & Feed Co., or local Mort-O-Dine dealer. 26-w-50-tf ALFALA $11.85, CLOVER $9, Blue Tag Edgedrop Hybrid corn $2.65; all per bushel. Also many other bargains. Postal card i us today for catalog and samples.' FOR SALE—MODERN 7-ROOM house with two lots ih Bancroft.—Nick Sandt, Admj l2p27-28 BROOD SOWS — HAMPSHIRE and Poland.—Ed Chambers, 1 mile south, 2 west Corwith. p27 MUKDEN BEAN SEED FOR sale. Germination 99 pet cent. —Cecil Bjustrom, phone Whittemore 3212. 13p27 CARD OF THANKS—WE want to thank all of our friehds and neighbors for their kind deeds FOR SALE—THREE SPOTTED Poland China sows. Purebred Berkshire boar. Farrow in April. —Frank Riebhoff, Burt. I4p27 FOR"SALE — MUKDEN' soybeans, good germination, $2.50 per bushel ready to plant. No bags furnished.—Alvin L. Weber, Lu Verne. 20p27-28 and sympathy in the loss of ourr SPECIAL PRICE ON BABY beloved wife and mothet. — R. j cockerels Friday and Saturday. H. Ortman, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Order baby chicks now. Nutrena Ortman . v p27 chick mashes and pellets and —Hall Iowa. Roberts' Son, Postville, 30(2)25-28 CARD OF THANKS-Wfi to express our most sincere and | heartfelt thanks to all our j PLENTY OF HEAT WITH A friends, neighbors, and relatives | Green Colonial Furnace. No for their many kind expressions ' shivering. No cold mornings. of sympathy following the ill- , steady, comfortable heat at less beloved C ost. Come in. — Laing & Muck* ey. 27 ness and death of our daughter and sister. Dacken and Jackie. — Wilma p27 FREE STARTING OFFER— Wanted—rReliable man to supply regular customers with famous Watkins products in Algona. Special starting offer includes $30 free products. Steady earnings, starting immediately.—J. R. Watkins Co., D-50,Winona, Minn. 33p26-29 USED MACHINERY WHY BUY EXPENSIVE MIXED 4-ROW | feeds!—You get every needed beet cult; 20-disc grain drill;! supplement in one bag of Sar- regular Farmall; F-14 with cult.; i gent's Minral Meat Meal. Easy to John Deere G. I.; '«*"-•"- ^ - ----- corn-planter; Little 102-Mc-Dg. I feed.—J. R. Woodmansee, Sar- Genius 3- gen t & Co., Algona Branch. 27 FOR SALE—SCHOBY 160-acre farm. On pavement 1% miles northwest of Algona. About 100 acres cultivated, balance pasture. 25% down, balance 15 years, with low interest and small annual payments. Possession now. Farm not rented.—Clyde Lesan Company, Mount Ayr, Iowa. 39(2u)26-28 bottom, slat plow; 2-sections No. 1 spring-tooth harrow; new No. WE WISH TO THANK OUR 42 combine.—J. Co., Lakota. E. Ukeria Imp. 39(2)27-28 MRS. IDA TAPPS, MANSON, writes: "Since installing our Green Colonial air conditioning system heating our home is a simple matter. At Christmas time, with temperature outside as low as 18 below zero, we had ' friends and neighbors for the beautiful floral tribute and express our appreciation of their kindness during our bereavement.—Mrs. Wm. Dehnert and family. p27 SARGENT STARTING MASH— Reduces mortality, develops chicks into pullets much sooner. no trouble in heating our home, j Contains all needed elements. All eight rooms were very com- j Get information. — J. R. Wood- fortable." For information, Laing mansee, Sargent & Co., Algona & Muckey. 27 Branch. 27 WE SAVE YOU MONEY ML- A FRIDAY and SATURDAY At Our Help Shop and Save The Wholesale Way Prices 6 Days a Week Will u Save for Defense Needs. MARCH 20-21 UMERS WHOL PROTECT SILK, WOOLENS, Etc. DREFT 21c LARGE SIZE IVORY TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS Ivory Flakes " 22c MEDIUM SIZE .lOc , THE COOL WATER SOAP Ivory Snow . &"23c 4 FOR Sweetheart Toilet Soap 23c LARGE SIZE . OXYDOI MEDIUM SIZE lOc NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. GENUINE Wheat lOc SUNSWEET FOIL WRAPPED Prunes- xtraFancy Extra Large Lb. 12'/2C SWEET CREAM—CREAM STYLE WHITE No. 2 Can Corn 8'/2C CAMPBELL'S FINEST QUALITY Tomato Juice 19c LENTEN MEALS CALL FOR VARIETY MACARONI (Elbow) . SPAGHETTI (Cut) •• lbs> 3» 19c CONSUMERS 5 LB. BAG YOUR CHOICE RYE FLOUR, ._. GRAHAM FLOUR, 17iP WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 11 2« CONSUMERS FINE QUALITY 3 Ib. BAG Pancake Flour.... 12y 2 c Buckwheat P. C. Flour 17c WHOLE WHEAT Pancake Flour ..... 15c REALLY CLEANS Boraxo DIRTY HANDS 8 OZ. Can 14c BLUE BOX CONCENTRATED Super Suds ' -- 24c OVEN FRESH TASTY . Cookies-Cookies WHY BAKE? WHEN YOU CAN BUY DELICIOUS OVEN FRESH COOKIES AT THESE PRICES? OATMEAL—COCOANUT—FIG BARS FRUIT OR SPICED COOKIES 12 1 /2db. MAKSHMALLOW—CHOCOLATE OR SANDWICHES ISclb. CRISP CRUNCHY WHEATIES lOc PKG. Fancy Sweet Juicy California Navel LARGE SIZE icy Sweet Juicy California Nave! ORANGES 17V2C Doz. 2 Doz. 35c MEDIUM SIZE 12 1 /2C 2 doz. | Doz. 25c Good on Store Stock for Sale Dates Only CLIP OUT THIS COUPON TO PURCHASE MACA YEAST 3""5c THIS COUPON ENTITLES YOU TO 3 PKGS. . REDEEMABLE ONLY AT YOUR CONSUMERS WHOLESALE FOOD STORES Save! With ' Coupons At Your Consumers Wholesale Food ; I Stores Good on Store Stock for Sale Dates Only CLIP OVT THIS COUPON TO PURCHASE GIANT SIZE 'AND THIS COUPON ENTITLESTOU TO 2 BARS REpEEMABLE ONLY AT YOUR CONSUMERS WHOLESALE FOOD STORES SLICED Bacon Ib. 23!c PRIME ROLLED Tender Juicy Special Ib. 25c SMOKED OR FRESH LINK BEEF SMUB.E.JJ un rncstt Linn. j% j^ peer m ^ SAUSAGE,,. 29( SHORT RIBS » 13c PORK *MHE, A A run*. ._ GROUNDBEHW 33c HOCKS KSfSr. .He LARD ,, CHEESE - 2-LB. BOX ALGONA CREAMERY BUTTER GENUINE LAMB Shoulder Bst, Stew, Ib. 7 Vic. Ib. RING LIVER SAUSAGE 17c STRIP BACON SMOKED FISH • ff. BLOATERS 2,., J5c CHOICE YOUNG TENDER BEEF ROAST <1 <fl7 OVEN ROAST 1 1 Ib. 21c— ___ pot, Ib. I I WHITING FISH*,*. 25c CHOICE YOUNG U. S. INSPECTED AND BRANDED BEEF Front Quarters kverag* Wt, 90 to 100 Ib*. All Kind* of Seed Potato*. We GUdly Accept Food SUmp*

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