The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 8, 1964 · Page 13
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 13

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 8, 1964
Page 13
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it; tlJltIU WjAlia4iMI iteaMMMIW Wesleyen 13 Michigan North Central 13 i Illinois 21 Michigan St. 21 ! Northwestern 17 ! Minnesota 6 ! Purdue 7 1 Wisconsin 13 Iowa 14 IPenn State 27 Oregon State 24 13; Ohio State 0 Indiana 14 Illinois State 27 Western 21 He Won Minnesota lineman Jim Puns; carries Floyd of Rose-dale, a trophy pig which goes to the winner of the Minnesota-Iowa game. The Gophers won, 14-13, Saturday. i . . He Von . . . N.L. Orders Braves To Fulfill County Contract PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - The Braves were ordered to play in Milwaukee next season but were granted permission to move to Atlanta the following year as baseball's upper echelons 4 wound ud a historic meeting Saturday on a climatic note. The National League took action of the Braves' efforts to shift their franchise, first directing the club fulfill the contract with Milwaukee County playing there in 1965, then voting unanimously to allow the team to go south in 1966. Owners from both the National and American Leagues also agreed to another key move: To again make the baseball commissioner a true strong man, in the pattern of the legendary Kenesaw Mountain Landis. The owners agreed to restore to the commissioner who succeeds the retiring Ford Frick next year the full powers of the office, thus giving him unlimited jurisdiction over all aspects of the game. ! V . t' ft'b Of l i. '-'4- V' , v. --"'" ,v -. A ' 1 1 f f inois State Jolts ill Western in Redbirds Surprise With 27-21 Victory 1 1 AC Yardstick Tolt Flrt Down B ru5hi"t By paMng By penalty Ntt yaras gsined (ro-ri Krimmsg J . 1 By running 1' By pacing PasMs aitfmpied Completed Iniprcepied ry ISU Wl u u 31 1? 1 I" HI JJ II 1 H 7 ?5 J 1 1 I ID 1 Angie Vallejo (40), Western Illinois halfback, is pulled down from the rear by unidentified Illinois State tackier in this action in Saturday's game at Hancock Field. ISU defender at right is Dennis Fulk. No. 21 is Noria Steward. Illinois State won, 27-21. downs in the first five mm utes of play, John Court, the senior quarterback of the Birds, By RON COFFMAN , N'APERVILLE Illinois Wes-lcyan University still has an undefeated football team. ; And the Titans have been of- w n c Total First Downs 13 By rushing J By passing 11 .finally declared undisputed Neyv,7;, gL.d from ; champion of the College Con- gX;," L" rerence 01 Illinois. But happenings of the day here Saturday afternoon weren't exactly what Wesleyan coaches, players and followers had in mind. Th first blemish on what the Titans had hoped would be a perfect campaign was admin Rv I Ki;i) VOl NT. Tllinnia State's lourrh and readv natives of Death I Vallev show slight regard for caste. Having tasted tne ;m;v;Ve v:::: fruits of victory a week ago in the homecoming game, ZTTTZrttl the Birdies rocked previously unbeaten Western (in thoiv.rdpnaui IIAC) in a spectacular 27-21 duel at itancocK nc n1 . .. . Saturday to the satisfaction of some 5,(XK) of thoir j, m S"ppcd followers. , , I Refreshed by the intermis- They played rude hosts to the' urmshed a Up on ha sion. the Birdies launched an-Macomb resident gentlemen i, S drab' olercast other touchdown .drive in th. (and scholars, we hope) who "v', muu Ud- 14 third quarter and Court hit came crashing down from the This was grea team victory ,lcjfnpr for the TO but wa, top of the heap in the IIAC with the Normal ine functioning s (m ,he at(empl tl) run in an almost must game for the llkf; 11 nas functioned all fall. thp ba across on a fake kitlt McDonough County boys. a"d ll. was the, ,i "P- , . . ,. eleven s peak exhibition of the tnhrK..n .hot ovrr renter for Completing four of five pass-ll0CJ M ' inn nM fhal haH .Johnson snot over (.enter mr m in thp oneninu drive which ; -.c..,,.,. . h second Mac()rnD taiiy wun j .u open'n8, a"ve , . been frustrating because of the .... , f f th rj()d netted the first of four touch- . f tnchBirdics to score 7'f;7 lcIt 01 1 ' . , . PT rinWn in th. first fivp min- . . i after a concerted Western d r l v more ouen wnen in pay am. !and Bi DudIey kicked the ex- But this was a great day for tra point, the Birds. Their defense was. Then Spangenberg's error fol-airtight and their end play su- 0wed-the big break of the perb with special honors to game as earlier related, so that Britt Farroh, Elgin senior and the final Western TD was anti-Gary Brucker, an Octavia High climactic. School product who came to; steward and Vallejo are two Normal as a center and was 0f the toughest backs that Nor-made over into a fine defensive mal eleven has faced but the end. great rush put on by the Nor- Redbirds 4-4 mal line a 4-4-3 combination TVinn Viat wnrlrhnrco 5 f a n ctnnnprl fhom pnni5tpntlv anri opening kickoff and launched : However, the miss gave North times before North central got pcny a Heyworth boy, was the Leathernecks were actually an immediate drive which car- Central a chance to take the the break it needed. Raab never' jn fjner fettle and seems held to 19 yards rushing jn th ried them to a first down at lead, and it did. fumbled on the Wesleyan nine tQ be irnprovjng wjth every second half, so stubborn were 'J the Titan 12-yard line. j Two minutes and twenty sec- tne iteamras recoverea, dua stgrt IIis kpy blocks plaved no Carl Heldrs forwards in wnat However, Wesleyan held and nds later the Redbirds dead- Vibral hit Janzaruk on the next sma part jn ,his triumphi aj. Normai mon regard as one 0f Bill Feind's field goal effort locked the score on a 23-yard play in he end zone, remd s h , gs js usuall (he case th(,ir greatest victories of mod- Vu from the 18 was wide. pass from Mike Vibral to Rich- try which would have defeated whcn a team reachcs jts k em tjmes ara janzaruK. Ana reinas kick me nums, uu u.c mam. :jt was a case of everyone of And don t forget David Rol- T ..u .U ,-,,l, r,,,il.l tnr ... . IIIC LI IIUIIUS lilfll V.uav.11 lanu UIC icu-naiitu 111VT iauo mm situlk qunny wr Weslevan then followed With North Central made a bid to ct-,.t, noi-inn Vnrt p L . . - - Oil UUft U.UU uviliLiuig i i i . a wi jvum nnw ntv vm Iddu ;fc nri roul nffnntMVP nnvp rf 1-rt .Amminri c-lir.,.tlir tVitro. , . ; i . l- i iu vmi.j .u. ..w..... lane tuuwuaiiu diiui uj muv- cnampions. jaiu puni in uie ciuicn, ana the afternoon to regain the ad- after when it drove to Wesley- j The victory raised ISU's sea- Vedder's recovery. vantafp It started at the Ti-'nn'c ninp . varH linp Rut Rnh. j . t I J 1n,..nrnr4 Drr,i r,.t, o U';i,;( n ... . ,. laa w! L down. tans' 29-yard line and required ert Walters fumbled, and Dave Western's to 5-3. sophomore was always a threat HpWH6 Si Sanv1 rihC VVeS,eyan 4 , , , 12 P,aT 1ft , Smilh recovered for the Titans- I Although always out in front to the enemy and turned in one helped Wesleyan from many a Two running plays lost four The last one was a 10-yard wciM'B final rhan mma r a ithnm thi of hi host oamrs aaainst th. Macomb eleven. NORTH CENTRAL MARS IWU RECORD Titans TiecL.Stil! Win Title Yardstick By passing 263 Passes attempted 30 Completed 16 Intercepted by 0 Number of punts 7 173 3? 14 0 Average distance Number or tumbles 1 Own fumbles 'ecovtred 0 Yards penalized S 37 3 35 0 the Titans. After Dick ? failed in a crack at the North s Central line, Laub threw to e Penn State Coach Rip Enle is all smiles after watching his Nittany Lions claw second-ranked Ohio State, 27-0. istered by North Central when Jad J am nad a c hanc e to be- yards, and Laub returned to the pitch from Laub to Raab, and when quartcrback Gerry Hill a bitterly contested battle be- J the Underdog Redbirds held me the . hero in the closing a.r for a 60 - yard paydirt McMinn's kick this time was fumble and Bryan 0iofsJon re. cause so' much was at stake Wesleyan to a 13-13 deadlock. snds fb"lm's-se,d, I lfal Pltch to Bruce Dadlf- good. . . covered at the North Central and the decisive blow did not - E-Heifner, Petty. BruOr, T Dbiton, Bfluer, Brewer; G SMIcuo. COme Until the last Seven min- ri, Nunemer, Jonnsoni wesleyan to a 13-13 deadlock. """"" fu" pnen io nruce uayau. good. covered at the North Central and the decisive blow did "I felt we should have won," McMinn s kick for the point Alter a wild nrst nan in 33 a disappointed Coach Don Lar-i worm central aominaiea piay after was ruled wide, although winch offense seemed to dom- son said atterwaras. "i minx "' vigorously disputed Dy tne n- mate, tne contest setuca into a mentarilv but Laub threw to the football in the end zone at '.: M.W. c imvc a unn-i udii viuu. " " "J - lails. 1 IIIOUUHI II Weill uuiuiisive sjtjkH'c l"c ouluiiu . , , That the Titans are the better first. through." Larson said. So did half, team Js indicated in CCI stand- The Redbirds received the most of the spectators. I The ball changed hands five ISU The Titans were stalled mo- utes when Rich Vcdder fell on tocVuJuT vS; S lentanlv. but Laub threw to me iooiDau in me enu zone a Nelson on a faked punt for a the north goal after Gary Span WESTERN Tomhave. Johnson, Fle'schbeinu A t .u o.ju:.j.i it nonhoro a lartcnnvillo cpninr j4ckson' Brockhouse. Michel; T-Van- 0 V ings which give Wesleyan a championship rating of 5-0-1 as compared to North Central's 2-3-1. Not Saturday But on this particular over cast afternoon, the Titans were not the better team. I The inspired Redbirds completely shut off Wesleyan's ground attack, and applied plenty of pressure on sophomore quarterback Steve Laub I when the situation demanded pressure. - ! Laug, never losing his poise, kept the Titans in the game with his scrambling efforts and finished with 16 completions in 30 attempts for 263 yards. : He was, however, thrown for losses on numerous occasions, 'and Wesleyan finished with l minus seven yards in the rush-' ing department. The Titans longest ground effort of the day was one of nine yards by Laub. On the basis of statistics esleyan was outplayed. North Central claimed 18 first downs to Wesleyan's 13 and outgained He DJdn'flhirzrJ r-ieia voai i ry wia The Redbirds presented a more varied attack, with 144 yards coming on the ground. However, despite all their problems, the Titans might easily have come away with the victory. M ft - A 'iff i i jf f'v - Si Jf Jerry Burns, Iowa coach, is incensed at a referee's ruling that helped Minnesota beat the Hawk-eyes, 14-13. (Big Ten stories on pages 14 and 15.) Augie Nudges Millikin, 17-14, On Hauff's Kick aef. Anderson. Pnrtun. nw Three running plays moved the had made the fatal mistake ot' 'bcj ball to the nine and with 35 trying to field a Dave Kelly j vaiieio. Burgwaid, Miner, Dudley, Brooks! seconds left, McMinn made his punt that had traveled 52 yards J;' unsuccessful try for heroics, ifrom the line of scrimmage, tsu 7 I I V I his was tne big DreaK the "We're flat now," Larson said in suiiiiiicti v. i c 11 lid v c , . rmy jo ya. pass rrom Louri), Meifner tronhlp ppttintr nn for npvt falr and tney took a 27-13 lead ul ' ps" ,rom Cour,) Veader lrecoy-llUUUie gLUing Up IOr next ,v,, .u red tumble end zone), PAT Heifner woQlr " "ill! una iau- (Jdsa, au nidi iiil- western Scormq TD Spanqenberg (if n .J i: U U- f I l;il rnrino TnBrt.i.l M u I n IK I PH 1 Ml I 1 1 II 11 I a I - v. ,u. Klw,.w, nave r. , , . , " " , , Pe"" vd pass trom Court), Heilner Wlin iniS iaUX pass, SO Uiai ine Western Scormo-TD- final U'octorn tnnrhHni'n crnrorl vd pass trom Raber), Johnson (12 yd. The Tifanc rln;p next Salnr- """"" .s.u pa5sl, steward yd. pass trom Miller ne mans close next saiur- b yNoria Steward, their ace PAT-Dudiey (placement). Ud oiiim uiinui, auue. halfback on a flare pass from: 117 C C I EVA U E-Daydit, M. Nelson, McMinn, Smith, 1 ItOger Miller UlU not mailer,' DECATUR (AP) - Wally . gr"Vi tU S. Neison:inor did tne Pass over the mid- matter, even though it added a two-pointer. Boruff Scores With :33 remaining of the first capodice, wertz, Hymbauqh,- c die to Jim Johnson of Uecatur a H-lt lie ailU gave MUgUMaiia i cncuson, wcwninney, wota, Neal, trues, .ain,iuii. wnat, rilCUIIiail, J. Mill, NORTH CENTRAL E Janzaruk, Clark, Cofley, Corra, Ayery; T Danforth, Gruszka, Sargent; G Allpeter, Zook, Carlson, Moravec; C coiner, nenarix; h mi . ueelien. .. .... t-. ...r . Goodin, Walters, McLanis, Vibral, Schultz, Muaner- r ran OOrUII, CnaiS- ; worth senior drove over right Score by Ouarten 1 1 1 4 T'l crnarW fnr tho first TD aftor of at least a second place fin-; North central 7 0 t o-u Court had hit Petty and Heif- terback Ron Christian pitched ish in the CCI. wesleyan srorinaTnnvrti B..h- "pr for first downs and a fourth three touchdown passes to end toss tn Ppftv harl nptfprl a fourth Bill Pplkpv Saturday to iive nicy iiiuaii inuii h-okuc sea- wnrth rontr.i c..,;..Tn i. t, , - " ' " son next week against winlesslu,i fAi-Femd (kick). Hauf's 32-yard field goal broke j 2!e?y. a ue ana gave Augusiana a 17.14 virtnrv nvpr Millikin J Saturday in a College Confer- ence of Illinois football game. Hauff's winning boot came ini the closing minutes of the third Feind- Q- Goodin. quarter and assured the Vikings Wesleyan Scoring TDDaydit, Raab; Northern Rally Tips Central, Clinches Share DE KALB, III. (UPI)-Quar- Ann Arbor (AP) The ball floats in front of Illinois' Ron Acks (14), but the Illini halfback is having trouble with a Michigan defender. The action came on an Illinois fumble by Jim Grabowski. Michigan won the game, 21-6. MICHIGAN THUMPS ILLINI North Park Augustana's touchdowns came on a 20-yard run by Bruce Sop-er and an 11-yard run by Ron Walter. Millikin scored on Ken McGhie's one-yard plunge and a 77-yard pass from Mike Jur- 0h gens to John Helm. Augustana has a 4-1 CCI rec ord. Big Ten Standings CONFERENCE ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) A pair of second period touchdowns, following an intercepted Yardstick pulling into a tie when Custar-j straight by the Bump Elliott- an Carthage 20-1 9 Victor Over Carroll KENOSHA, Wis. (AP)-Gary Schlunz blocked Bill Sanders' kick for extra point in the last pass and fumble recovery, lifted i.. . , . r.' rr. r . Yards rushing Michigan to a 21-6 Big Ten foot- Yards passing ball victory over Illinois Satur- passes intercepted by riav Pun,s Hd.v- 1 Fumbles lost The Victory Was the Sixth Yards penalized Illinois Michigan U 97 137 11-24 0 B-41 2 60 15 30 53 55-8 . quarter Saturday to preserve a "J OfLIQ Pnllono Ton (bronco nf Till aos extra pomi auempi was coacnea wolverines over winV. ! TllinniQ tpam nnanVio Th. ruin ffc;- tvRnrnn'shrnthPr PPtP 2-.19 College Conference of Illi- was bliiited I ewhat by wmel Michigan, which entered the 'cLT fancv nuntin? hv MirhiMn's game as the nation's leading ( L,annage over Larron- 7-38 c ,sZ . . crrnnn nnir,ir,r, to. .:ii. A six-varH nsss from Srott 68 to nunt. spvpn timps anH nf 266-yard averaee. was limited Meyer to Mlke Gattie and Sand- straight by the Wolverines over SfWP ramp mro ,hai fhpcA rftiiH m,t t hnnAo tv, to 202 bv the Illini defense irs' boot put Carroll ahead 7-0. the Illini and put Michigan just two minutes after Michigan's! Illinois 15, 13, 9 and 3 yard lines !Timberlake hit on five of eight! But Carthage tied it in the first one-half game behind Ohio State. first taHy) but Illinois mjssed The trium fifthasses for an additional 53 ! quarter on Larry jReinhold s one- w. o State 4 Michigan 4 Purdue 4 Michigan State 3 Minnesota 3 Illinois 2 Northwestern 2 Iowa 1 Indiana 1 Wisconsin 1 L. T 0 1 1 2 2 first down in a row and Jerry Northern Illinois a 19-14 come- Maley had taken the ball to from-behind victory over Cen-the enemy one. tral Michigan and assure the The second ISU touchdown Huskies a share of the Inter-came early in the second quar- state Intercollegiate Athletic ter when Court hit Petty and Conference title, he bulled over two Western The win was Northern's third pet. ' tacklers to run across the TD. against a single defeat in confer- jj ' jjjjjj Heifner's attempt to convert ence play and closed out its o B0 was too low. loop season. Western Illinois, 0 .600 i Spangenberg followed three which lost to Illinois State Sat- 1 ;33i successive downs by making a urday, could tie for the title I great one-handed catch in the with a victory next week over o -2M end zone for the first Western Eastern Illinois. Top Ten At a Glance in the race for the league title The Wolverines, held without a first down in the first quarter, got their second period touchdowns on a 15-yard run by Carl Ward and a 24-yard pass from Bob Timberlake to Jim Detwil-er. The first score was set up by a pass interception by Frank Nunley on the Illinois 36. Michigan marched 40 yards for its second touchdown after Gerald Mader recovered a fumble. Timberlake capped a 94-yard Michigan drive with a one-yard scoring plunge midway through the third Denod. w l t pis. gf ga Detroit 6 2 1 13 23 15 Illinois' touchdown came on a Montreal 4 2 4 12 21 . , , 1 loronto 4 3 4 12 32 2 50-yard pass play from Fred Chicago 5 4 1 11 2 27 Custardo to Bob Trumpy, The j 'J 1. Notra Dame, 7-0, beat Pitt 17-15. 2. Ohio State, 6-1, lost to Penn State 27 3. Alabama, 8-0, beat Louisiana State 17-. 4. Arkansas, 8 0, beat Rice 21-0. 5. Nebraska, 1-0, beat Kansas 14-7. 6. Texas, 7-1, beat Baylor 20-14. 7. Georgia Tech, 7-1, lost 'to Tennessea 22-14. I. Louisiana State, 5-1-1, lost to Alabama 17-9. V. Florida, 5-2, lost to Georgia 14-7. 10. Purdue, 5-2, lost to Michigan State Boston " 21-7. rinrinnstt ( Illinois College Tips Chicago Illini, 20-12 yards. (yard plunge and Sid Trucken- The Michigan defense held,brod's kick-Illinois' powerful ground attack,! After a scoreless second per-second nationally with a 265- iod, Carthage went ahead 14-7 yards-per game average, to 97 on another one-yard smash by yards rushing. Custardo com- conversion. Then Carroll made JACKSONVILLE. 111. (AP- Illinois College, behind the run-Pleted n of 22 Pass attempts it 14-13 on Meyer's 16-yard run, ning and passing of quarterback ' for 137 yards, 49 coming on the but Sanders' try for point was Lucky Sullivan, defeated the touchdown toss to Trumpy. wide. ward led all ground gainers Before the third quarter with 67 yards in seven attempts' closed, Carthage was ahead 20-while Timberlake added 44 and! 13 after Carroll Hickenbottom fullback Mel Anthony 41. Full- returned back Jim Grabowski led Illinois yards. wun bz yaras in 17 carries. failed. I Carroll came back in the NHL Standings Chicago Illini, 20-12, Saturday at jacKsonviue. NBA Standings EASTERN DIVISION Won Lost Pet. Behind O 1.000 A StA A rnnaaeipnn 4 4 500 i"i M York 2 6 .250 tV WESTERN DIVISION St. Louis 6 3 .667 xLos Angeles 5 3 .625 l" Baltimore 6 .500 V-j xsan i-rancisco ... 2 t .250 3' j Detroit 2 f .182 t x Played night game. a kick-off return 82 Truckenbrod's kick' Michigan I u 7 021 furth to score on a one-yard Mlch-Ward 15 run (Timberlake kick, Pnge by Rich Bribe. Then .Trumpy 50 pass from Custardo Came the blocked kick. (Kick tailed) Mich Detwiler 24 pass from Timber-lake (Timberlake kick) Mich Timberlaka I run (Timberlake kick Attendanca 62,414. NHL Results New York 1. Toronto Chicago 3, Montreal I "- fcr V"-' 1 vr m A''' 11 11 1 ' " 1 r,. mima Barry Bock of Illinois State (with ball) crashes into Western Illinois' James Jackson after turning leftend in the IIAC game. Bock excelled in relief of injured Jerry Maley. (Pantagraph Photos)

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