Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1942
Page 1
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DEFENSE STAMPS IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 19, 1942 , Colonel in Visit to Kossuth Draft Board oaci ~m~z*^^tt*s?£x."' ETi^lfscKl&Iiiaiave- al^ wr 4*kk«p$h^^ P^5^Wp^|^itests, 7rs|a«acho^g« fgthls^^ Jjn^^le^WsjiniBiitjweek. ^i&«*^pgpft|bf; con _ -^^Tm>^m^t^mA&a.VB ^'•Mngxt5^eMli:^Saturday- ^^m-^^msaf^yuanay— j^;28! ! sfte^wnsl^leaders s^tol|i^^iiam^|o^4winners 1 cards for :thp nirrwwoic*,..^4 «,K _ f —jfurnish- •KJW« . red MONDAY AFTERNOON THE DRAFT board met with n* for a conference on problems before the board, t Rotary club luncheon. From left to right of the board. L. L. Lease. Wesley. " 9 clerk: Colonel Hallagan; G. D. . ««w V'JV'i'/tii/i.ffBfgft KoMuih County Advance Flash-Pidure. "-* ' Hallagan. of state headquarters. "«»~«i' -=»—• «« wme neaaquarxers. ¥H1 ? 11 »3an spoke Monday noon at the S J s* D \ L< 7f' """ft agent ' fte ******* ' Al9 ° na: Eleanor Frascr - »*»** PLENTY CANS PROMISED TO THE CAHNERS Kossuth families will be provided with an adequate supply ( 0f tin cans "for home canning this ie year as a result of a recent ruling by .the War Production Board, Robert M. Loss',""counter USDA War Board chairman has announced. As a result of^ the war, not fewer, but more tin cans are going to be set aside for home canning in an attempt partially to relieve the drain on the commercial food market by promoting increased home canning. But while agriculture will n year benefit from an increased supply speller ol tm cans > m any commercial us. ^^o ers will be restricted. For the duration of the war tin cans will ^speller n °t be available for such things Ite Mr ' as d °8 food , French fried onions ?**• *»**• n n «4 « A 4. n £ _ _ **. . . GOVERNOR WILSON TO BE SPEAKER At ID VERNE BANQUET Lu Verne, Feb. 17—GOT. Geo. A. Wilson will be speaker this week Friday night at a father and son banquet at the school gymnasium. The Community *£J»A>. » A ._»|SE«>?!5B ^ Ihe event, and Ine^Band Moth*' ers club will serve. Lu .Verne school boys visited Algona to sell tickets. KENT IS NAMED KOSSUTH SUGAR ADMINSTRATOR F. E. Kent, chairman of the Kossuth defense council, has Raymond Lund on a Cruiser; Courtney So n in Australia Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lund have and potatoes, coffee, beer, and motor oil. These industries that _ _ ---- — _._ . — - 0 M »s. tjunc UA Illy JUG, tobacco, This was the first letter in two I months f«P!f; i " dustri f. s that will be: Raymond is on a light cruiser forced to discontinue the use of and he had just received a new tin cans tin cans, the beer, coffee, e and rating, second class radio man Son ' . **«7 viic aircttc xdllOIl-' ing officer, Robert B. Adams, of ,Des Mpines, - Mr, - Kent: has «not yet been: definitely, advised of procedure, but many of the supplies have been received and are now in storage awaiting instructions to proceed. Tire dealers and jobbers who wish to return their merchandise to the manufacturer or brand owner must make shipment before March 31, the local rationing office has been advised Those who have tires too worn out or damaged to be recapped the rationing board to self them immediately to a scrap or junk I dealer. The scrap rubber so obtained will help prevent a drain on new rubber stocks. Boy Scouts have been working on such a project, and are adding tires and old iron jto their collection pro- Cffnvr* f . ~ WILSON SETS SPEED UKASE FOR DRIVERS Forty Miles an Hour is Fixed as Limit for Cars. Governor Wilson, in accordance with a suggestion of President Roosevelt to all governors, proclaimed a 40 m. p. h. speed limit for Iowa passenger cars •Tuesday. • The action was official, yet not authoritative. It was official be- j cause the governor issued it. It' was not author tative because the ' governor is not empowered to fix speed limits—only the legislature can do that. Nevertheless the governor's office gives him high moral authority, particularly in times of great national emergency, as now, and u is expected that a large majority of lowans will respect the proclamation. Law Fixes Flexible Rule. • Iowa used to have a speed law for passenger cars—the old 35 m. p. h: law, which became such a joke, and was so generally ignored, after .new cars developed high speed that the legislature repealed it. . The only fixed Iowa speed law still in force relates to trucks— 40 m. p. h.—and that is pretty generally ignored when no highway patrolman is around. For passenger cars the flexible Pupils Set for April 4th '"~' •——————— •— ' •^^^^^^•^^^•••^•••B Killed at Pearl Harbor SULLIVAN AND KENEFICK GET LOW NUMBERS F. R. Hunt, Bancroft, Draws Top Place in Lottery. Some 1610 Kossuth residents, members of their immediate fam- Hes, and friends scanned the numbers drawn Tuesday evening n the third draft lottery. Holder ol the first number to affect Kossuth residents was F R. Hunt of Bancroft. Second was oseph Durnin, Algona, and hird was Reynold J. Sten Z el~o£ . , --- -• °* St. .Joe. was advised by Secretary ftZXlS^ ^tSTSLl * ™« *- "?n is now, and for some years kUled in *« T™ ""« ner son. Thomas G. Wagner, had been ?S.££&£US£ =^£*?-M-KKMSrt V£ speed as may be reasonable under all the drcumstances^-which .may mean anywhere from no speed at all up to 60 m. p. h. or of tin were used in the' manufacture of beer cans alone This order by the War Produc- ~r-. „. tion Board halting the use of tin ty re- cans for luxury and specialty •n to I items which can be packaged in may other ways is expected to result fined m a saving of 40 per cent in the amount of tin used by the can- nine industry compared with 1*W1* It is through this sayings' of tin in other industries that an adequate supply of tin cans will be , — available for farm home canners, check who are expected to double their -rtion) previous annual schedule of canning. ^ tied sen- may or a I correct the "-—- •-%*••> ^>*A«*Aca j_iullU| Oi Des Moines, recently enlisted in the regular army, and is now in Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Courtney have recevied word from their son Wilbur stating that he had been advanced to corporal and is now in Australia. ROLL CALL DROPPED. Mrs. H. E. Woodward, of Whit- ternore, county chairman of the Red Cross, has been advised by national headquarters that the annual Red Cros sroll call will not be held this year, but will be combined with the next war fund campaign, scheduled for early in 1943. gram. own cars are now w e now permitte.d to sell their cars to anyone, whether a certificate nolder or not Prior to last week Wednesday 1 no used car sales were permitted. JIMMY I!f TEXAS. James Murtagh, recently inducted into the army, is now in a new unit of the coast artillery at Fort Bliss, near El Paso Tex His address is Battery A, 604th Coast Artillery^ Fort Bliss. Tex; ^ EMBALMERS MEET. The North Central Iowa fun&£S££5 s - and _ embalmers met na hotel business — •• —.-~«Q 3t til6 <c~uc for 6:30 dinner and a session. Attends Annual Chamber of Commerce Meet BjBHfl6te3^sstt?ti < t^»^^i«««^^MB : Btfttft*^1 > fli'f J itr"«nna-1111111 rn- n t- ' ' ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ more. The highway patrolmen do, however, take note of speeders and stop them to give warning of danger. Patrolman Clark, of Algona, reports that this is usually effective with mature drivers. Arrests of passenger car drivers for speeding are few outside cities. Wording of Proclamation. Last December, before the president acted, Governor Wilson took action by himself, recommending publicly that lowans driving passenger cars observe a 50 : mile limit. The governor thinks this recommendation was widely, adopted. The present proclamation says: I do hereby call upon all drivers of motor vehicles within the state of Iowa to observe a careful and prudent speed not to exceed 40 miles an hour for the duration of the war. Of course the president's objective, also the governor's, in the present world emergency, is not primarily reduction in speed to prevent action and save lives but to conserve rubber and the life of both cars and tires. Legislature May Act. eventuate, however, PIONEER LOSES 2 OF 3 GAMES TO GRAIN BELT i ., , that the legislatures of Iowa and the other states will at the first opportunity enact laws fixing enforceable speed limits. Patrolman Clark reports that the tire shortage has already had tournament, with Interstate second, and Silver Gray third. In this week's games the Grain Belt team took two out of three from t the top-ranking Pioneer, and the t h£ i Junior Chamber of Commerce v",® foam tnnlr «U_ nn *_ rrr - _i UCeil SHUMWAY GIVES UP SCHOOL BOARD JOB G. D. Shumway resigned Tuesday evening from the school board, and T. C. Hutchison was elected to fill the vacancy. \ Shumway said he had served for c °""" years as president of the and previous to that time a member, work has increased and for Local draft headquarters win tot begin assigning order num- >ers till the "master sheets" ar- ive from Washington. It is expected these will not arrive till next week. However, in the meantime newspaper lists of numbers called have been used. First Number Here 441. In the first 500 numbers drawn, there were only 105 numbers which applied to Kossuth. Numbers over 1610 are automatically- skipped so the first number to apply here was 441. Thus the holder of that number, Mr. Hunt, will be first in order for classification. Tlje second number drawn under 1610 was 1103, or Mr. Durnin's number, hence he will be second to be called for classification. Here Are First 105. Taking these newspaper reports the following is the order for Kossuth county for the first 105 men to be called for classi- fh^J \^ the order •** which tney will be sent their cmestinn naires: ' quesuon- '• R. Hunt, Bancroft I*R^ ^' Jos - Durnin, Algona 1584—Reynold G. Stenzel, Elmore , 176—Walter A. Dittsworth, Ban- 1577-Arthur F. Schweppe, Algona \ team took three from Wesley Auto. The K. C.-Whittemore and DeKalb-Interstate games were postponed. Standings of the week are: • Team— W. Pioneer 55 Interstate 51 Silver Gray _1 50 Creamery _ 44 DeKalb 41 Wesley Coop. Grain Belt 36 K. of C. .35 Jr. C. of C. 35 Becker's _„ 33 Pforless Oil 33 Burt ^___30 <~"dstvle Lager 29 Whittemore 13 Dick Cowan came through L. 23 24 28 31 31 36 37 40 39 40 43 45 45 44 49 50 Pet. 705 680 641 587 569 and a half he has the appeal agents e draft board, which re- so much time that he v—, no* continue with the school board post L - C. Nugent, who has been a years was elected preside^fo succeed Mr. Shumway. Mr. said yesterday that period he was on the it was characterized by Wesley Auto"II~l42 36 538 KV* Wa , s characterized by Courthouse 41 37 526 f ?f ndl y. settlement of all debat- WesleyCoop 38 40 487 a Hf^ omts ' and . the .re had been and - there had been between the , . Loucks, Ledyard Ha wbaker, Ban- wf Jentz ' Fenton W. Langerman, Swea Two More Algonians. 1218-August kota Streit, Whitte- ington. 636— George B. more R • QSil " mons - Elmore B. Smith, Burt 659-Floyd A. Kubly, Corwith (Continued on Page 4.) with a score of 647 for an aver- w« n a scoi a ^ eat e £ ect on ^ affic in this age of 215 There were~i~9 f for"™ EStimate * S °' 8ta .tewide!on the «200» hono? roA 15 or 20 per cent reduction of j week: hte re * ards as Forburger, Wesley Auto 242 ~" - f r T«»O "*• *cKaiua aa too low for this section, and he would raise the estimate to 30 per cent or more for this part the state. THREE GARS PILE UP IN COLLISION Deputy Sheriff Lindhorst was routed out of bed early yesterday by a call to *he North End, where a triple-car collision had occurred. W. M. Letcher, Buffalo Center, accompanied by his brother Melvin, was driving east on No. 9 at 4:30 a. m,. when, in passing, his car and one driven by C. A. T P am Becker, p.'go Buffalo Center, side- ShiHs~Brownbilt swiped.each other. Recker, who Kk Cleaned " was going west, was alone Modern . Both cars were halted by the M dem impact, but the Recker car rolled over on the paving. The Letcher car was practically completely .'The third car in the triple accident was driven by Gordon McDonald, Bancroft, who was ac- compjiUed jw Gordon Kollasch, also J$tjp|$ Jdbllasch ran Into the :-wmm>tiK- and hw own car Wa 5 9»n«4SMiJy'damaged. No^one WM much hurt, wounds D. Cowan, Jr. C. C. „,„ Fraser, Courthouse _. 2:il S.. Baker, Peerless Oil 213 D. Smith, S. Gray __..213 Clark, Courthouse 212 T.amDriPht, Broker's __ .._ 2'2 Philip, Alg. Cry. _ 212 Root, Wesley Auto 212 Dailey, S. Gray I 212 Tf.. Beamish. Becker's ____ 210 Barry, Grain Belti ~~?07 Sharp, Jr. C. C. 204 Morgan, Burt __ 202 R. Godfrprtson, Pioneer ?.m Purst, S. Gray ~ 301 D. Cooper, Old, Style L. -JOO The ShUts Brownbilt team has :ome to the top in the woman's tournament and is one point ahead of the Elks team. Stand nps are: [•earn— W. Barker's _LI/IIII."?? L. 24 28 37 41 Pet. 619 576 439 359 VACATION TOMORROW. f# that there will be no school tomorrow at the high school bwttd- the Bryant, and Hie Third if » Wet; Recker theater man; McDoA*ld a Rachel LaVonne. infant'daujrh if. Hum_ Crpek Former RAF Flyer Speaks --,. j: ^iSSteroKHBP^ H&maffteeA&CK .??.••.&» t-j i - r i -~ M''StI._iM3

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