Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1942 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1942
Page 5
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K08StJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALCtONA. IOWA , ni\ oim • %1 i *:^'*v/i^,'-^j{Vj«-tfj^u^.,;*e/ii^iKy i iJCiiiii^'JVfls>~*' 4 fc ilfeM; Bank t#ne _-___._ PMB/.'lW O > pap^tt/,0nc ,^.«: t: . •^•-''jt.Sy'/. Ki * »,.. $|pMr. I^S"AauW A n ^ ;» • . MJ'Vil*«"^> j-»*TM»»w«l'ifiCBlIlGIlfc )any for a $100 Wire. ; ne )a ?yc-.l'icate WM ilgiietl April 20, % nJ^6y|M^|^tt|ifii^tit, ff^^l^^^tii^i^ii^l^oT -•-^ifictti^sBr'"'' p W*av,'JiirtS'*il.». r .— ,«..„_ 1 lenot flOW.^Undftf ; Some of Mifeiffistill l "'IMttm in """"""""" """" """MUSinwiel •|^1859, «,; v Janiei.i;I , 4 . Kissam * 'iS&i MM. Frank Shilts had a major, operation at the Kossuth hospital yesterday morning. Mrs. Chris Johnson is reported to be recovering from a ten day attack of bronchitis. Mrs. J. W. Sullivan recently suffered a broken ankle when she slipped on a piece of ice. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Klamp were Sunday dinner guests of! Mr. and Mrs, M. L. Vinaas, Burt. j - Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Bierstedt.l Burt, spent Sunday evening with i the former's sister Mrs. Rosa This was the third death in the family since November 1. that she was about three-fourths through. She does not have to take real estate this year. The council will go over her books early in April. MM. J. 1. Peer returned Monr day from Renwick, where she had been caring for her mother, Mrs. Henry Tank, who is seri- „ i, -.._,„ I.-H i- .1 lvlrs> «enry ianK, wno is seri- T. H. ChriMhillM has accepted ously sick. Mrs. Peer plans to a .double invitation to speak at I go back in a few days. The Peers fiS'nirS 1 !? " ex * T M esda y ~ St., are on the Geo. W. Godfrey farm, Patnck's day. m He is to address southeast of town. PAQfl FtVIS th'e Rotary and woman's clubs at separate 'meetings. Loraine Tierney, Des Moines, is expected for the week-end with her aunt, Mrs. B. E. Tobin. She is a former Iowa State bank em- ploye, and is now employed in a Des Moines bank. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burns spent Mrs. Li E. Linnari has a sister at Chicago who is a nun and had been deaf ever since childhood. Recently an operation was performed, as the result of which hearing was restored.' The case was considered remarkable, because deafness is usually inoperable. Jil.his win ^Jit* M$£>& —jSjitp' • the assigned to Itm/: j*.y:*iii»iB''«fltt!;i;and Mr. y :came>tafe; poM&wion of ~" ocument when he^purchased »_ , ,« <' ••W.>T : -^ '•". ''?':': .iC»»V:'*' V' "MI'S • •V>| ui 1*****:*TV'BJi^^^ n-/'• .**"*JC 'it -;.-^^»< v '\)fyfMllj^gi^^i^ ;;;;--|||p||g^| ::; . 0ti!! ; j£3^S(OTtedtiSSl^' Des ie^^ho/^aS^'enj'.igick'.'three ^SB^^^l^S^ 1 .''- he brp^ghi*to^ti^;criun|ry. in —v i^.s}an 1 dWKadJi!'Uy!eii^ i 'at ; ^;Des i\ esi'-iMnei.yealrSirl^-I^g^feiieral held -Saturday andlburial of • I If li^W»Mll*.»»»f -,.W»M*W.-:-, •ir^p>«»> •..•.—**.«-•»•—• j I i^tftiSBbelie^ailiipMlsame cut! ••v^iiU'iryiivc,.',v.vuxiuu.vtc :u :.*=* twhere~'Ganibie!s? ; is : *ndw lo!$ ;:Sp!lgSI|;|fillip|;;? »•?- na, la., ;,to the J, and ['squad- It and t|train- J!j9 the fatter E. BJfalttend- , His »h col- r 'ty:-' * L :HfiI||'-W '"IfON. "fe;-'R. E. lyears or 'Algona gro- ™J?. * or .•visit her Laro- l enter- club ESHHj flgeioW"! - 8J Mrs. Jos. Kelly Sr. had an operation at Mercy hospital in Chicago Monday and is reported doing well. i Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd "Ho6c$ of Graettinger, were Sunday guests at their daughter Mrs. William Barry Jr.'s. The Perry Collins family spent Sunday with Mrs. Collins' mother, Mrs. Fritz, and' a niece Mrs. J. Nevitt, both of Menlo. Mrs. Henry 'King. Rockwell, arrived Monday for some weeks at LeRoy Crapser's. Mrs. King is Mrs. Crapser's mother. The Hey. and Mrs. F. C. Volz- k.e, Eve Presnell, and Mrs. Roy Richardson were Mason' City business callers Tuesday. Barber Weim has moved his shop from the Sigsbee building to the basement *of the restaurant next west of the creamery. Frank Ernst, Humboldt, and his son Franklin were Sunday dinner guests at A. H. Hagg's. Mr. Ernst is Mrs. Hagg's father. Roy Bjustrom, who had charge of the Kiwonis program last Thursday, presented a swing band from the local high school. Jerome Nielsen, freshman at I. S. T. C., Cedar Falls, was here from Sunday till Tuesday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Nielsen. 'Indy* Morton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Morton, of the former Behlmer shop, has begun work as temporary clerk at the postoffice. Mrs. F. W. Dingley and her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Nugent, of Des Moines, left one day last week for a few days at Rochester, Minn. Betty.Kohlhaas, Cedar Falls, was, a week-end guest at the parental, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas home. A. R. Cruikshank and his brother Frank got back Tuesday from Chicago, where they sold their cattle. Mrs. G. F. Towne left Wednes^lay for Kankakee, 111., where "she is spending a week with her daughter Betty Lou, who attends college there. Albert Hagg and his crew have completed painting, and decorat-' ing of. the new. George Miller apartment building on north Phillips street. .^Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dearchs were Sunday guests at their daughter Mrs. Henry Peterson's, Fort Dodge. Mr. Peterson is a dairyman there. "• : Olive Bateman, Mrs. T. ,C. Fielder, and Mrs. Aaron Buckles, Webster City, spent Sunday at A. A. Sterling's. They are sisters of Mrs. Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Buchanan spent Sunday with an uncle, J. M. Buchanan^ Montour, and Mrs. Buchanan's brother, W. F.' Russell, lawyer at Toledo. , Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wibben spent Sunday at the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claus Wibben, Titonka. Mr. Wibben is in Miller lumber employ. Mrs. Alyda Allen. Mason City, was a week-end guest of Mrs. Ruth Kintigh here. Mrs. Allen for some years kept house for the late T. H. Wadsworth. Mr, and Mrs. M. J. Isebrands, Webster City, were Sunday guests at Herbert Fursfs. Mr. Isebrands is in the- real estate and insurance business. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Geibel, with two daughters, spent Sunday at A. R. Cruikshank's. The Geibels, who i are cousins of^Mrs. Cruik-> shank,; farm near Britt. Druggist and Mrs. H. T. Barker, sons Richard, Thomas, and James, drove to Correctionville Sunday for the day at the home of a sister of Mr. Barker. Mrs. Eliza Simpson, of Fort Dodge, aunt of Mrs. George Yeoman, died Wednesday morning. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jos. I Lydia, daughter of Mr. and Qriger, Estheryille, who were!Mrs. Alex C. Miller, will leave celebrating their _25th wedding!soon to accept a position in the anniversary. Mr. Burns Is a Kirk A,uto Co. salesman. ' Hatiie Wilson, high school normal training instructor, will take foreign funds control department at Washington, D. C. She is an Algona high school graduate, and recently she resigned a position nf T")r TT TW Cllanrt'ts ^ nM 4-»1 ~t "—— "— »""-"e3 —«ww» Mwvwjh, »» JUA fculvw I * *»v.v.** l/Ajr O11G IctllgjllCU a LJuSlllUll five of her normal training stu-1 at Dr. H. M. Olson's dental of- derits to Cedar Falls next week > fices. Friday to attend a mid-west conference on rural life. Mr. and Mrs. George Rezebek, with their son Cecil, were Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark are the parents of their second child, a girl, born Sunday. This was also Mr. Clark's birthday. The 3" ""**" vw*m. t vr V-AV^ j.»JLV/At- ui.nau ATJX . ^iai. n. O Uil tllUay * JLIlC O" day evening guests at John Heg- year-old daughter Sally is tern- arty s. The elder Rezebeks are porarily with Mrs. Clark's par- naY*Ante r\f nn«*n TTm-*n**A_. —.— J AI j._ w__ . .. •» w . / <• * _~ _ . . parents of Mrs. Hegarty, and they are farmers near Britt. ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hewlett, Kanawha. Mr. Clark is a state POT. and Mrs. Robert Bell, patrolman here, daughter Mrs. E. C. Wittkopf, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Blossom, and Mr. Wittkopf, the latter of Manchester, arrived Monday for the Coffee Shop, drove to Ceylon a few days at the parental R. S. yesterday for the funeral of Blossom's before going to Oma- tit*f\Y>etft 'Dlntl-i V\*tn4-l* A_ l-» 1 ^» 1 1 w__ **« . his sister left Monday morning tional Business Mechanics. Mrs. for two days with relatives at Van de Walker is the former v^ 3 !' m ™ Joyce Potter, daughter of Mr. Clinton Sampion, Plum Creek, and Mrs. B. H. Potter here is reported recovering from a re- Mr. and Mrs. Amos Angle were cent illness. He suffered a heart dinner guests Sunday evening of attack, and though progress has Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowman The been slew he is now making defi- Angles, who are parents of'Mrs nite recovery. The son Thomas Bowman, moved here two weeks ili^V * mu rm ^ at H anta Maria ' a g° from Wesley, where they had ' *« e ~ r M f Sam P son > i farmer many years. Mr. Angle a son of Mrs. GeorgeJHelgens, has now has a man on the farm and been farming in township. Plum Creek The Lloyd Walkers have returned from Springfield, 111., where they had lived two years is driving back and forth to oversee operations. He and Mrs. Angle are now living in a Shumway apartment on north Dodge. Donald Huichins has taken a t*t •»» «» t* — — -"w ,,^«»w «^v»cuvi. AiuiwiiAiia jitia iaK.en a while Mr. Walker was in Skelgas ! job at the' Ankeny muntions employ. Mr Walker is a son of, plant. He was living at Decorah Mrs J. E Walker here and a when his wife died a few weeks brother of Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom, I ago. Three children under six and Mrs. Walker, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Whittemore, is a sister of Mrs. Dorothy Sebers, of the Cummings store. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Myers, are with the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins, here, and the baby, five months, is with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins. Eugene is an em- ploye of the local Federal Farm C» -'-.f --.—, ^J.t_»J- t_ WJ. bllC AVJ^OA J.' CU.CJ. ill 1 son Jackie Lee, Mrs. Myers, Loan association, of which rlQt 1 ft ht«*> nflrt***r. nv\r1 nJT*... ^1I_-._1_._ I It . 11 > . , daughter Mary,- and Mrs. Charles Redemske attended the funeral father is secretary. Geo. E. Blackford, at least, • " —-~—«~« V.*K- XMUI.I.CII. v*cu. jj. jDmcitiura, at least ?ir- , yantrees-at Ladysmith, should regard the Advance as a Wis., last week Wednesday. Mr. good 'want advertising' medium. Vantrees was a former Algonian, I In a recent published letter he but for some years had been • asked for the address of the for- farming in Wisconsin. He was an uncle of Eugene and a brother-in-law of Mrs. William Myers and Mrs. Redemske. Van de , with the daughter Oriole Jean, went to Minneapolis mer Myta Putsch, and it was promptly telephoned to the Advance by Abner Long and Mrs. E. J. Murtaugh. Now comes a card with the address — Mrs. Myrta Gerlicher, 2100 Nob Hill ave., Seattle, Wash.—From Mrs. Ruth Reed Stewart, Yankton, Mrs. Bell. Mesdames George Plath, brother-in-law of George Heetland, Jerry Heetland, Wayne Ball, and Carl Gerzema, all of Lakota, were among old neighbors there who attended the funeral of the late Mayor C. F. Specht here last week Wednesday. The Ray Beamish.es and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Beamish spent Sunday at Spencer on a business mission. Ray is a Hoxie fruit salesman, and Jesse, brother of Ray, is employed at the Park super-service station. Brown's Studio took pictures of 21 prospective seniors from the Fenton high school Tuesday. The class was accompanied by Supt. J. T. Tatum. Pictures of the 'Emmetsburg academy seniors were taken Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guderian and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hansen drove to Lakota last Thursday to take home Mrs. Guderian's mother, Mrs. F. W. Thaves. Mrs. Thaves had been here since the recent death of her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Channing Dailey, Barber and Mrs. Henry Furst, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom, and Mr. .and Mrs. Henry Johannsen attended a district bowling contest at Fairmont Sunday. Johannsen took part in play and was a winner. Mrs. W. J. Becker was taken to the Kossuth hospital Monday for a few days of recuperation from influenza and pleurisy. She is the mother of Mrs. E. E. Anderson, whose husband is a member of the staff of the Jack Sprat Store. | Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmer Hagg, •Dell Jlapids, S. D., and Mr. and ha, where Mr. Blossom has enrolled in an aircraft school. C. C. had for some time been employed as caretaker by the Manchester Country club. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Stephenson, Des Moines, with the son Terry, spent the week-end with Mrs. Stephenson's parents, Mr. and Mrs..,L. J. DeGraw, and her sisters, Mrs. Cecil McGinnis and Mrs. Earl Taylor. Mr. Stephenson, a civil engineer, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Stephenson, Bancroft. Dr. A. L. Hist, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Griggs, their little son, and W. C. Dewel attended the funeral of Mrs.. E. O. Shoen, Goldfield, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Shoen, who was in her 92nd year, recently suffered a broken hip in a fall. She was a cousin of Mr. Griggs, Mr. Dewel, and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe. Thursday's Fort Dodge Messenger reported a family gathering at Badger in honor of the 80th birthday anniversary of Andrew Hovey. Among his children are L. E. Hovey, former Kossuth sheriff, and the latter's brother, E. C. Hovey, both of Algona, and they, with their families, attended the celebration. .Carlyle Becker, employe at the Algona creamery, operated the Dolliver creamery Monday and Tuesday in the absence of Kenneth Seely, buttermaker. Mr. Seely was formerly employed at the Algona creamery. The Seelys came here for the Edw. Johnson funeral. Mrs. Seely was a sister of Mr. Johnson. Mrs. W. F. Clow, daughter Susan, and the former's mother Mrs. Minnie Long, arrived frorr ™j^~~~ ~t •"• -r-"»j **»»!_* JLVJ.J.I UA.IU i AIJ.A.O. iyAAiJiiit. -LJUii^p Mrs. James Davidson, also of, Chicago Friday for a week a South Dakota, were here to at- Mrs. Long's here. Mrs. Long had ,, C tend the funeral of Edw. John j son . Mrs . Davidson is the for- mer Ruth Johnson, sister of Mr. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Cooper, Algona, spent the week-end at Lel- j and Johnson's, Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson >are parents of their first child, born Friday, and Mrs. Johnson is a daughter of the G. L. Coopers. Mr. Johnson is a mortician. John Lenlsch, barber at the Clement shop under Gamble's, left -Monday morning to take final army tests at Des Moines. some f ame in the last few months by performing tricks of magic at public gatherings. Bertha E. Johnson, who is makin S her annual rounds as city assessor, reported Friday * been at her daughter's for the last several months. Mrs. Clow is the former Gertrude Long and Mr. Clow is a sales manager for the Armour Packing Co. Helmer Nordstrom arrived lasl Thursday from Portland, Ore., for a few days" with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nordstrom. His sister, Mrs. L. J. Hanley, Robbinsdale,' Minn., and her three children came Monday to see him before he is drafted into .the army next Monday. He had been employed at Portland fiye years. The Rev. and Mrs. M. M. Schaper, Good Hope, had a visit from the former's sister, Mrs. L. L. Davis, San Antonio, Tex., Sunday. She gave a brief description of life jn' southern Texas at the morning service at the Good Hope church. Mr. Schaper and ALWAYS COOU r v T and Saturday, March 12-13-14 jfor your entertainment! .j^^a R QY *^?*wr*t KOGERS GEORGE MONTGOMERK W ,nM "Holt of Secret Service" f, March 15—Four Days .QRBAT SPECIALS! tITKNTK! AL W EARHH ?l*airfft»|| HeUI- ....j m g< Hiivrimt >^ ^fc'/l *,Xx "* 1,39 to 2,! ««*> a V -«\ 5^,1 ^ <>' r><vV //—3 $?*V (I */% :k".^^ / M Ft*\^*. Casual' Blouse with - French cuff. In irhite, blue, , pink, inaxe, beige, red, either long or short fleeves. Jewelry neckline/ • Hd - tucked bodice make this blouse Ideal Epr suit wear—white, pink, twifp, gold, BlousM in all sisw from 19 to 46. ^ n : ^ >, Kresensky's Sunday to visit Mr. Van de, „„„, xv«= eu 01 *wari, ianKton, ». Walkers parents before moving ID., daughter of Mrs. B. F. Reed, to Rochester, N. £, where the Mrs. Gerlicher may be interested local Mr. Van de Walker has ac- to know that she is not forgotten cepted a position with Interna- by old Algona friends A new Spring outfit will go a long way to raise your spirits—and we have our finest Spring selection on hand, and yon will be surprised how low the prices are. Back From Market We just returned from market with lots of new Easter "Bonnets", more new suits, coats, and lots of things that will make it easier to buy just what you want this spring. Kresensky's THURSDAY-FRIDAY, MARCH 12-18 Calendar Coupons This Date. Thursday Bargain Mat., 10-25c. TWIN GARBOS! TWICE AS THRILLING! ' DOUGLAS TWO FACED WOMAN' CONSUNCf BENNETT ROLAND YOUNG I-MAVER PICTURE FRIDAY, MARCH IS—11:80 MIDN1TE SHOW Extra Special—Sport.Show GALL THEATRE Special midnight Spook Show Fri., March 13, 11 o'clock Midnight If •you con take it and sit through the entire show—on your way out Friday night we will give you a free ticket for show Friday, March 20— . _ . _ y°u to pay only Federal Tax of 4c. If you can take it^-on your way out you will receive free tickets (except for 4c Fed. tax) for March 20 SATURDAY, MAR. 14 Big 3- Way Show Three GOOD Bad Men! -2nd Feature DEAD END KIDS No, 8 Fug for entire family. SAT. MID> T ITE, 11:80 SUN.-MON., MAR, 14-15-16 SfE It... AND THE WHOLE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU! (Miss it md you weep alone!) THE NUN UNO TUBS.*WED., MAB, 17-18 Keep »em flying:) DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR, 1» BRQ8.» » HIU'Timt Algona Girl in a Morningside Play Morningside college, Sioux City, Mar. 7 —Inez Harris, student here, daughter of councilman and Mrs. H. M. Harris, Al- gorta, has been chosen for'a part in -Craig's Wife,' a play to i* presented in the collegia auditor* ium Friday and Saturday even> ings, March 27-28. Miss Hattit is a freshman, and this will be her first part in a college play here. '• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Such Variety I Such Savings! Hours Fresher! Nation-Wide Producer-Consumer Features Size 96 Texas Marsh Seedless ^GRAPEFRUIT ,': 30c Vitamins C++ & B + Washington Extra Fancy Winesap *APPI F^ „ 17i* **• • fcftw Dozen I I w Vitamin C + ++Indicates Excellent Source +Good Source. SMOKED MJiAT AND FISH Snnnyfield Sliced Bacon, %-lb. pkg. LENT Haddock FILLETS Red Fish FILLETS Ib. _lb. A/1 - OfiC 9O*» ZtfC Ib. Thuringer Style Summer SAUSAGE. ..... Ib. Look at These Every Day Low Prices! --- - Sunnyfield Enriched 49-lb. *FLOUR.___bag Enriched Flour GOLD 24!/ 2 lb. 4 in *MEDAL bag J.eJ.9 Brer Rabbit Green Label 2'/ 2 -lb. AQ*» MOLASSES....can &i9\s Vermont Maid 12-oz. 4 A n SYRUP jug ieflr Vegetable Shortening O lb. W 4 ** SPRY O can I J. V America's Large Sellina Coffee O lb. 8 O'CLOCK A&P Grade "A" Grapefruit 46-oz. 4 A A JUICE. can J.W Butter Kernel Golden Sw't whole gr'n A No. 2 CORN..... ^ cans Dried Pinto Q lb. *BEANS.._ O bag Dried Navy Pea 0 *BEANS__ « Santa Clara 80/90 *PRUNES Active Lather lb. bag lb. bag BUY DEFENSE SAVINGS LUX SOAP STAMPS AT YOUR A&P! _, , _ . Old Dutch CLEANSER Yonr food stamps go farther at A&P I Bay if items' with Blue Stamps ! Mar. 'Woman's Day* only 2c 33c DAIRY GOODS !, Direct From the Better Producers! Creamed Cottage CHEESE lb. Mild American CHEESE lb. American Loaf Processed Cheese A lb. MEL-O-BIT « box Cured Yellow Midget CHEESE... lb. Wisconsin Brick CHEESE lb. Morrell's Sno-Cap : 4-lb. LARD carton Iowa State Brand ^BUTTER lb. From Nearby Farms Fresh *EGGS.l doz. 34c 29c 60c 40c 27c ANN PAGE WANT FINE FOOD— ON A BUDGET Your food budget goes further when you buy Ann Page Foods, known from coast-to-coast as "America's Pantry Favorites." Ann Page Macaroni or £> 7-oz. SPAGHETTI Opkgs. Ann Page French 8-oz. DRESSING _____ jar Ann Page Salad Quart DRESSING ____ jar Creamy smooth Puddings! M 4-oz. SPARKLE * pkgs. Ann Page Genuine Fruit A lb. 04 0 PRESERVES ^ jar O AC Finest Wheat Farina Cereal Mello 28-oz. -f M^ WHEAT _____ pkg. JL*1C White House Evaporated A tall _ » MILK. cans Rich butter cream icing tops this tasty, cocoa-flavored layer cake, with t o a s t ed cocoanut around cake edge. DEVILS FOOD DELIGHT 20-oz size 35c Jane Parker STRAWBERRY Bar Cake Delicious, red-ripe fresh frozen Strawberries in the icing, with creamy butter cream filling ber tween two, fine textured yellow cake layers. 15-oz. ft o ^ size.. 23 C Jane Parker HOT CROSS Buns These delicious Hot Cross Buns are ap- pealnig and pleasing to children and grownups alike. A rare, toothsome treat, serve them a lot. Box •* f* of 9 15 C Marvel Enriched Bread This White Loaf is enriched with Vitamin Bl and essential minerals, as recommended b y the National Research Council. 24-oz. , -j * loaf__, J. J. C 2 16-oz. loaves 15c A&P FOOD STORE OWNIO AND OflNATtO BY .Ml GHLAT ATLANTA *ND ' Right to limit quantities reserved Breeze through Summer! L.OW- The heels are "sweet and low". The shoes are cool and airy. And as a crowning touch, every pair has the famous non-slip hug-the- heel comfort feature! Come soon. $4.45 Just one of many new styles >' ^ $$

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