The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1954
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFTO OSCEOLA NEWS HA ... the Chism brood ... love lightens the load . Luxor a Mothers 15 Youngsters Include Four Sets of Twins Sunday, being Mother's Day, I would like to pay homage to the dear souls by, writing about a mother who is an exception— not that she would do more for her children than you or I but the rare thing she has contributed to keep America growing is that she has four sets of twins and a set of twin grandchildren. This unusual woman is Mrs. Lee Chism, who with Mr. Chism and eight of their fifteen living children, lives four miles north west of Luxora. All of the children with their children live in the same vicinity with the exception of one set of twins, a girl living in Mississippi and the boy in Chicago. They will all be home for Mothers' Day. Every. Sunday is family reunion day for this family of 13 children and fourteen grandchildren. When the other two come home on special holidays the only extra work they cause is to add a few more biscuits to the pan. * * * THIS FAMILY circle is held together by love and devotion for each other. Their modest little five-room, typical farm house wasn't designed by a renown architect nor was an interior decorator called in to complete the color scheme, but the four walls that goes into making this home vibrate with laughter and good times they enjoy at no cost to any one. This family has,worked hard, but they have gone about doing it together. They haven't any'riches to show for many hours spent in the I cotton fields but just being in the : room with this family proves it isn't the wealth one accumulates or who live in the finest homes that counts. A person can be as rich as Midas or as poor as Lazarus, but when there is no love for one another there, the finest home in the world is no more,than a cabin in the cotton. In spite of the hardships and 'denials the Chism family has undergone, there has never been a whis- peu. Mrs. Chism, being deeply religious, went on faith in the Lord and followed a verse from Paslms: "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man," and in following this belief, things seemed always to find the way of work- ing out for her. A SENSE of humor goes a long way for a family, such us . the Chism family. They live with a world of their very own and every task set before them is done without, grumble. None of the children were ever spoiled nor are there any favorites. Mrs. Chism added "and their are no idiots in the bunch." Some people may feel sorry for parents who have so many mouths to feed and feet to shod but Mrs. Chism said she felt a lot "sorrier" for parents who don't have children. To sneer at the simple life a family of this sort has led would be as sacreligious as going to a church not of your belief and coming out laughing. Humble people and their humble deeds are as much a part of our American way of living as the highest officials that govern our country. It takes both. On Sunday morning, while a lot of people are enjoying those early morning hours of syleep. passer-bvs on the gravel road that goes by '/.e Chism house have only to look in that direction to see the wisps of smoke curl upward as the break of day. • * * COOKING for 30 every Sunday doesn't bother Mrs. Chism one bit and sometimes there are guests. Her Sunday dinner is ready by 8:30 a. m. and when the church bus comes along to pick up those who have no way of getting to church, Mrs, Chism stepe on it with her brood looking j as though she hadn't done a | good day's work' before she left home. Even the ride to their church is an event. They all go for Sunday school and stay for church. Some of j the family sing in the choir. Coming back home filled with the new - found treasures to go on another week, the family gathers around the dining table, which takes up half of the kitchen, and with bowed heads, thank the Lord for their many blessings. It would do those good who grumble at their lot or for those with a small family — and a cook — who say they just couldn't get ready for church. There are never fewer than 30 and when they bring the preacher and his family home with them — and any who are. on the bus when it stops and who want to eat with this family 'they feel free to do it. Ten more means no more to Mrs. Chism than her regular family. Potatoes and beans are always on the day's menu. There are jobs for all of the ten girls to do, but peeling the usual peck of potatoes for a meal is done by one of the five boys. With only eight of the children single adn at home, the 30 — and the 13th child. John Cannon (named for the late Dr. Cannon of Hope Ark.,) said they weren't the little biscuits like town folks make either. He is 14. ..It takes a 50-pound sack of flour, 25-pound sack of meal, 10 pounds of Sugar and 8 pounds of lard to give this family bread and desserts for a week..At one time, nine of the children were attending school at Burdette at one time — each carrying their lunch. Mrs. Chism would bake a cake every day for them to take, and imagine the sandwiches it took for five days each week. Not once did STARR GAZING The first Spanish-American war fatalities occured on May 11. 1888. They were Ensign Worth Bagley, executive officer of the USS Winslow and a soldier George Burton Meek, killed aboard the Winslow she ever keep any of her girls out of schools to help her with the family washing and she said she didn't get a washing machine until most of the children were grown. She did it the hard way by pumping water for the wash pot and using an old fashioned rub board and ironing with flat irons heated on a wood burning cook stove. While she ironed, she filled the oven with sweet potatoes to have for the hungry children coming home from school. All of the family is healthy, so probably potatoes and beans are what a lot of children need to eat more of. Only twice had a doctor called on the children when they were growing up. One of the boys fell out of a tree and some neighbor suggested he might have some broken bones and he should be x- rayed, but fortunately there was nothing wrong. One other boy, who had a hearing defect had his tonsils removed to remove that cause. None has had his appendix removed, none wear glasses and none has ever been to a dentist—and I might that all of them are handsome. ..Mrs. Chism was married when she was seventeen and Mr. Chism was 25. They were married for three years before their first child was born, a daughter "Possum." then came another daughter, "Coon," and a third daughter, "Minky" and 18 months later the first set of twins were born — Lela Jane and Lee, Jr. Eighteen months later the second set of twins came, — Charlene May and Charles Bay. Then two years later, a boy Bill came along;. Then the third set of twins came, a pair of girls, Vera Mae and Adelle Faye, and two years later the fourth set of twins came. By this time Mrs. Chism gave out of the double sound-alike names so was given a double name — Doro- she named them Clyde and Clair. was given a double name Doro- The 14th child was fortunate and thy Annas. She is 12. A child born dead followed the 15th child, Elizabeth Ann. who is 11. The family came to this part of Arkansas in 1940 and have lived on the Will Meadows farm since coming here. One of the twin daughters. Vera Mae. has a set of twins, Donno and Danny. Mrs. Chism's mother had a set of twins and two of her sisters each have a set of twins. By the time the eight single children marry. I'd like to get a report on this double or nothing family. The Pentacost Church they attend is called the Chism Church by its congregation and the preacher, the Rev. Cecil Howell. who must be proud of the Chism members. Nobody but the mother of one set of twins can really appreciate the mother of four sets, which believe is a record for any mother to claim. ILLUSION HALF-SIZE DRESSES FOR MOTHERS DAY, MAY 9 Light Cool Fabrics • Printed Cotton Sheers • Bemberg Rayon Sheers $Q95 to $ 10 95 a$ seen in May »d Housekeeping JIEDEL'S when she came under fire of shore batteries during a scouting trip in Cardenas Harbor, Cuba. I'll bet a lot of folks thought the old quadrille square dance originated in "them thar hills", but that ain't so—it is of French orgin. That's hard to believe for the followers of the can-can. I wonder why there aren't more apricot trees planted in this section: The blossoms are unsurpassed as is the flavor of the fresh apricots and especially if grown by a member of the family. That makes everything better. Definition for public opinion — what people think people are thinking. A young girl describing her boyfriend: "When he dances, he's all feet and when he stops, he's all hands." Warn was the word intended but this came out in Springfield, Mo., Leader-Press — "New Orleans Police Warm Strip-Teasers." It is an undeniable fact that the life of any person is of great benefit to community in which they live when all their interests are directed toward advancing its interests. Credit is given to the- liite "Texas Guinin," as originating the expressions, "Hello Sucker," and "A big butter and e^g man." Texas died in 1933 and you have to be an old- timer to remember seeing her nome in head-lines using a flapper age expression. She was a natural born cutter — which in this atomic era means cool tomato. If you are out driving and no place to go, take a road less travel- led on and see the difference. You'll come home filled with the idea of wanting to live forever. Birds just don't have a chance on a public highway ;ind trees obstruct the view for safety's siike and you know wild flowers won't grow in concrete. It is a common rute With primitive people not to waken a sleeper, because his soul is away and might not have time to get back. You know what Benjamin Franklin had to say about preachers: "An On the Social Side... Caniwta Club MeeU Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Ma&sengill were host and hostess to the Couples Canasta Club Tuesday night. Iris in all shades were used for decorating the Massengill home. A dessert course was served. Club 17 MeeU Mrs. Horace Moore was hostess to Club 17 Thursday night at the home of her brother, Jack Hook. A salad plate was served upon arrival of the guests. The small table were centered with Eclipse rosebuds. The dining table held an arrangement of Wedgewood Dutch iris and lemon colored HHies. Guests playing bridge with the club were Mrs. O. W. Speck and and Mrs. J. W. Speck. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Sam Hodges and Mrs. Carl Anderson. Celebrates Birthday Adelle Weinberg celebrated her fourth birthday Thursday by having a party. Favors were given the children! before serving them birthday cake and ice cream. Bridge Club Meets The four-table Bridge Club met with Mrs. Bettye Nelle Starr Thursday afternoon. Antique china slippers " filled with pink rose buds centered the tables where :i dessert course was .served preceding the j bridge games. Pink Peonies and blue iris was advantage itinerant preachers have over those who are stationary, the latter can not well improve their delivery of a sermon by so many rehearsals." It's funny how fast everybody tries to get up when they fall down --whether any body is looking or not. Seems like they would lie there and rest awhile since it seems everybody is in a hurry the minute they stand up. I hope everybody will have a good crop of tomatoes this year so they can make some of Dr. Billy Sheddan's famous kosher drill iced tomatoes. I've never eaten anything in the pickle line to equal them and later I'll repent his formula (doctors don't use the word recipe). * Colley Gibber, English dramatist who was born in 1671. had this to say and I believe it still holds good: "Old houses mended cost, little less than new, before they're ended." banked in th« fireplact. Day little* and brown Dutch iris wai UMd in the dining room floral arrangement*. Mrs. Joe Cromer, Mrs. C. I. Dean and Mrs. J. A. Pigg were gue§t«. Mrs. J. L Ward and Mrs D«an won high score prizes Bridgo was won by Mrs. Joplin Hale. Pitch Club MeeU Mrs. Joe Cromer was hostess to the Three-Tabl* Pitch Club Wednesday afternoon. Pink radiance roses and blue iris was used lor floral decoration. Mrs. W. C. Mason won high score. Mrs. V. C. Colbert was * guest. Mrs. Cromer served a dessert course Penonalf Bob Chiles, Sr., spent the week end hi Little Rock where he took the examination for registered engineer. Mrs. A. Weinberg is home after a six week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Lou Miller, and family at Plat River, Mo. Mrs. Electra Pen-in boarded a plane Saturday morning for Camp LeJune, N. C., where she will spend a week with her son. Capt. Frank G. Perrin, his wife and their tw» children. She will fly back horn* Friday. Those attending the Presbytery in Earle Thursday and Friday were Mrs. A. W. Bowen, Mrs. S. W. Bowker, Mrs. Harold Ohlendorf, Mrs. R. C. Bryan, Mrs Arthur Rogers and Miss Marjorie Doyle Miss Jeanette Bowen and Evon Posey, students at Mississippi State College spent the week end at home. Mrs. J. L. Ward and Miss Agness Ward left Friday by car for La» Cruces, N. Mex., for a visit with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Louie Gwnltney and family. Mis* Ward will return in ten days while Mrs. Ward will remain for fua extended visit. Miss Gratis Lawrence was in Louisville, Ky, .Saturday for the Kentucky Derby and returned horn* Sunday by plane. Gtt fast, sootMnf rtlfof wMil PERCY MEDICINE KIRBY DRUG STORES ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY DRUG STORE Now! REDUCE Without Hunger Enjoy sa/ in losing i weight—no harmful drugt.\ lAYDSVitamhi *)$& Cindy ..A** PalmoHve Rapid Shave Lather tomb 1C Softer/ PRO 59 Tooth Brush Pro-Phy-Lac-Tic 59* *4 I2's TABCIN Antiftistamiiik Compound 49< PINT •OTTLC (Limit V) MINERALJHL 1000 Saccharin • Cashmere Bouquet SWEETS TO MOM! GIVE MOM CANDY Come in now and see our complete selection many beautiful boxe* oi candy. Mom's eye* will shine with delight when she receive! a gift box filled with delicious chocolates ... augats ... nuts . caramel* ... and many other pieces selected especially for HER! We have just the box of candy to please^dnd, of course, they're all specially gift-wrapped for the occasion. . Blllfcldi. Cto<K«. Wolch* SAVE ON QUALITY DRUGS! Pound Pkg. Regular 23 C Epson Sail (Limit 1). 19 33 C Witch Hazel 16-ounce. (Limit 1) 33° Castor Oil Laxative. 2-oz. bottle '33° Camphor Spirit Mild sedative. 1-ounce . . . 10° rYlercurochrome or Iodine Tincture. V4-oz. . . Oil Wintergreen 1-ounce bottle . ; Sodium Bicarbonate 4-ounce size 7* 19° 13' Bismadine Digestive Powder 4 l A-oz. Super-Potent OLA-BERON-12 Capsules v[a m i ns (incl. B-12) Liver. Iron, Copper. ' ANQDIZEQ Aluminum Tumblers 98 ANACIN TABLETS Bottle of 100 70 C Bromo Seltzer eye Effervescent. Regular size & i *1.20 Pepsin Syrup QQ C Dr. Ciidwell. 12 oz bottle W Toiletrie Gifts POCKET COMBS Safe priced . 2i7 60 C Murine for Eyes Soothes, refreshes. V4-ounce Zino-Pads for Feet Dr. Scholi'ft. Super soft .Box . . 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