Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1942 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA; IOWA By Suttex-Sauern IIORS hJO GO TO MASH JAN,PEPPE5 FOB Y0UB I JUGGED THE CIDEE TO SOON.' t WANK/UANK/ YOU'EE USING TUE SOAP KETTLE AND THEEE'S A STEONS LYE SOLUTION IN NOW THE UOG IS SOAKIN' WE'LL 60 BUILD THAT SNOWWOUSE I PBOMISED YOU/ GONE- LIKE A CAECSSIN6 WARM RAIN IN JUNE/ LIKE THIS- ''theteSfllS„,„ :>fo«|i^ ^MMlppffl $*WMWtew of 1932, 1935, and 19#. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and nconded by Qulnn that a, refund In the amount of $6.96 for old age pension tix paid ;wico for the years of 1935, 1936, once n Story county and once In Kossuth county, receipts on file. Ayea: All. Motion by Cosgrove and absconded by Qulnn that the Contractor's Bond of W. B. Linnan In the amount of BOO.OO covering drainage repair work " n approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and-seconded jy .Heiken that an abatement of (2,000.00 on Moneys and Credtis of Carrie I. Durant In Algona Incorp., ie approved, reason exemption was not claimed. Ayes: All. I Motion by Coagrore and seconded Dy Qulnn that a refund In the amount of $12.50 be made to Raymond Neu_ roth for unused value of Clgaifet Permit Issued for Prairie Township. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and sbconded / Cosgrove that .the petition: asking 'or Improvements on roads Ih iPlum Creek and Union Townships be Dlaced on file. Ayes: .All. Motion by MdDonald anil seconded by 'Helken that a refund in the amount of $21.00 be made to i Frank Helmet on erroneous assessment of 13500.00' on moneys and credits In Building and 1/oan savings, i Ayes; All. ! Motion by IHelken and seconded by VldDonald that the appointment of H. J. Holcomb as Trustee in 1/edyard Township to fill vacancy be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Qulnn and seconded by VltiDonald that the appointment of John Brink as assessor to fill the va. cancy In Sherman Township ;be approved, also the "Official E6nd of John Brink In the amount of $500.00 be. approved. Ayes: All. I Motion by 'Qulnn and seconded By Helken that the (Board adjourn to February 24, 1940. Ayes: All. I -J. H. .F1RIA9E1R, ; , Chairman. Attest: 'E. 8. KlNSEJt, Secretary, «X>, 39-1, No. 549, No. No. 33G-A, 553, No. No. 551, 560, No. No. •No. 554, No. 627, No. No. 644, No. 537, No. 559, No. 558. No. 500-A, No. 399, No. 630, •No. fi46, No. 611, 534, No. 526, No. 505. No. 662, and No. 308, No. 635, No. 652, No. No. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, (February 24, 1942. 2:00 O'clock P. M. IBoard of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment wltlv the following members present: Fraser, Heiken, McDonald, Cosgrove, and Quinn for the purpose of a hearing on gravel assessments. •> After hearing from all present, for and agUlrist the assessments on the following Secondary iRoad Districts In Kossuth County, Iowa, to-wlt, districts No. 556, No. 548, iNo. 605, No. 564, No. 661, No. G47, No. 603-523, 491, 490, No. 462, No. 604, No. 563, No 545 and No. 650. And there being no objections wrlt_ ten or verbal that would warrant the change of any of the assssrnents ort. any of the above mentioned projects. ( It was moved by 'Helken and seconded by Cosgr ve that the as%ess- ments on said afore-mentioned Secondary Road [Districts be approved and, confirmed and that the County Auditor be and is hereby directed to certify said assessments to County Treasurer for collection. Ayes: All. .Motion by McDonald and, seconded by Qulnn that' Kossuth County . play two men, appointed by thft alt*plane owners, to act eft guard* &t'ti>*i Squeeze All- Field, 8 miles Hottlh of' Algona, said guards shall be on > guard continuously on two 12-hour shifts and pay shall be $2.60 per man per day. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded b» Qulnn that Mrs. Fred Park be cm* ployed as matron jf the County Homo from March 1st, 1942, to March 1st, 1943, and that salary be set at $100.00 per month and that the salary of Roy Larson and wife be set at $80.00 per month and the salai-. of Ben IBakken and wife be set at $65.00 per month. Ayea: All. On motion Board adjourned to February 26, 1942, at 9 o'clock a. m. J. H. PHASER, Chairman. E. S. KiUNSE-Y, County Auditor, HARNESS SHOP REOPENED After a 90-day vacation I have reopened my shop in the rear of the Hawcott & Ogg store and solicit orders for harness and shoe repairs, alio all short-order work. J. L. MALLOY 25-26 iese, Aged 76, Oldtime Lakotan, Passes 't nole'il-fiifij ;hisf wifeplivieci in the j^SouiKCSt^i , ." - , _. •.•;. ....3i,.s ^-. tf SiryfrLi ^Brandt;*. ed their fgojdenf ' . The . were y was who left " Snell- corps. B. M. ••Burlingame, northwest of Lone Rock, said on a recent Wednesday- that he was ready to go baling straw with Ralph Hurlburt. Ralph had not yet come for him, however, and B. M. guessed that maybe Ralph thought the weather too windy for baling operations. Mr. Burlingame's son-in-law, Wayne Wickwire, who farmed there last year, has moved to the Ted Trun- nelle farm northwest of Wesley. * * * * We were briefly at Peter Rol| ling's, northwest of Bancroft, '.dead,' recently, and found Mr. Rolling V and feeding his feeder cattle. He had 20 head in a feed lot. Peter raises most of his feeders. He said' the children were just getting over the measles, which had made them miss school ten days. He and Mrs. Rolling were kept busy caring for them, for there are six boys and five girls in the family, and all had the measles at the same time. * * * * Robert Rpckwood, who had lived at Corwith during the last year, lately called at the Advance office. He used to farm northwest of Corwith, and now he is returning to the game, having rented the place where the Lloyd Neswolds had been living, owned by Philip Walker, of Schaller. The Neswolds are mov- Robert and his,wife have a new son, now 19 mos. old. A brother of Robert farms in the Corwith neighborhood. * * * * Oscar Nelson, northwest of Alfred Zielske sale when we stopped at his place Friday. We noticed a fine drove of hogs in l^optimies iiid-i is in necht and hostesses Missionary cht home Sen attend- 'litrop had »nd Mrs. mission pup smg- result- fgecretary- Tilliams. last year. But as far as we can see, it's all Alphonse's own fault that he has to do his own housework. * * * * George Schueler, northwest of Bancroft, was doing his chores when we saw him the other day. The Schuelers live in a little house, and they are as comfortable "as bugs in a rug." Sometimes we wonder whether most [ people could not get along just as well in such homes as in big houses which take a lot of work to keep up. * * * * Roy . H. Jensen, northwest of Lone" Rock, was hauling straw' . last week Tuesday and putting it into the barn for bedding. He showed us four whiteface steers he is feeding, and two of them belong to a son. These 4-H cattle are real dandies. Mr. Jensen likes to hunt and fish, and he has a fine hunting dog which is good at retrieving. The dog is trained to bring Mr. Jensen's overshoes to him. » * * * We had "aats" one day last week at the "Hi-Way . Cafe," Swea City, a popular place with a large patronage. The cook, is a Mrs. Wegener, and she is a good one. Mary Schroeder is the pleasant waitress. They said business was good. Mr. Wegener, who does carpenter work, is kept busy most of the time. * * * * We had a visit Friday with W. H. Payne, northwest of Ledyard. he ( . did last fall and was all ready for spring work. * * * * We called recently on Peter Reiter, who formerly farmed south of Bancroft, with his father, Jos. Reiter. Peter moved to a place south of Lakota where William Janyrin used to live, but we found him at his brother-in- law Albert Johnson's, east of Bancroft, where he was helping to get a fanning t mill ready to clean seed oats. ' The men had ~presi- mounted a new electric motor on i»an; vice the mill, and'the results were ' highly satisfactory, * * * * John C. Menke, who lives \*k. miles north of Bancroft on No. 169, was at the house when we stopped there a few days ago, though as a rule we find him in the barnyard feeding cattle, and he has a fine-looking herd in the feedlot now. We noticed a dandy blue roan team hitched to a'wagon. The Menkes all drive good horses. * * * * We were at Alphpnse Elsbecker's, southeast of Bancroft, briefly ten days ago, and found Alphonse washing his breakfast dishes. We don't often report farmers at such jobs, but Al- Bhonse happens to be a bacfie^ lor. He must be a good cook, for he is looking healthy, and he had gained about 20 pounds in, the teaching in the local schools as part of her college course. Stevens Teacher Resigns—* Mrs. Charles Peterson, who had been teaching a rural school near Stevens, resigned, and Mrs. Larry Stafford has been hired to finish the year. Other Lakota . Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wofley, of Mason City, were casing on friends here one day last weels. Mr. Worley is a former cag^% of one of the banks here, and he alsq pperated a, real «SjJ»te ajj^ insurance office here, Mr, jw& Mrs, J. B, JTfJLcajinp, jsd word I'P* C. F. It Algona Spechts Icota for (fed to Al- jmanager operat- id later • Citizens ^purchased side of jfor years ,JR barber as moved library rth of his Chester their S|enz.el vho had pek. Both overing. • Hagges, s spent L Clemens ^e little rate h^ rtaching- ident at were Webster City business vis? itors last week Wednesday. Th.e Viking Qil, sia.tioa was reopened here Saturday with Jos. still likes to farm, but says he cannot work like he once did. He has a young couple with one child who came from Missouri and will help him this year. * • * * ' We called recently on Gilbert E. Cordes, south of Swea City. The Cordes family is a new one there, having come from near Pocahontas. They bought this farm, which is where John Carlson lived 27 years as tenant. Mr. and Mrs, 'Cordes have two small children, a girl and a boy. Mr. Cordes was putting up a double garage, using the wreckage of a building he had used for shelled corn where he formerly lived. * * •* * ' We called a week or so ago" at Jens Simonsen's, north of Swea City, and had a short visit with the folks there. They spoke of the South, for they - once lived near the Gulf of Mexico in southern Louisiana. They remarked, that they guessed they had lived in the North too,long, and so did not know how to make a living in the South. The family lived near Estherville ten years. They don't seem to have lost any assets in their southern venture, for they own the 200-acre farm where they now live. ' »»'*»' Nine days ago we stopped to see the William Speichers, north 'of Swea City, and found them . packing, for they were moving I to a farm southwest of Elmore— to what is called the Fred Button place. |flr, .Speicher remarked that there were many families in north of Swea City neighborhood who were moving out of Grant township. Some time ago we were briefly at N- M. Godfredson's, near Swea City., and had a visit with Mrs. Godfredson. ; N. M. is always busy, for he- is foreman of the Gep. W. Patterson "ranch," formerly known as the Chubb section. Mr. Godfredsen has worked for Mr. Patterson eight years now, and he has been at the present place five years. * * * * Jos. Ford,', east of Bancroft on i the Mre. Alfred Nelson farm, 1 had |ust finished dinner when we j arrive^ last week Monday. H^ said. h,e wag hauling alfalfa hay from his father John Ford's. JotyJ has a fine lot. The Ford stock all show that they are well feg. ARE YOU MOVING? If you are, and if you are an Advance subscriber, clip this form and mail at once: Old Address P. O.. State New Address P. O L State '__• Rfd. When do you want change made: Your name Swiss cows, also some roan shorthorn's. Mr. and Mrs. Ford have two boys and one girl, and the boys' .names are Tom and Dick respectively, while the girl's name is Jane. Joseph "remarked that the names should have been Tom, Dick, and Harriett! 1 * * » • Iver Bergum, on the W. H. Godden farm, west of Bancroft, was doing some fence repairing when we saw him one day last week. He is always busy when we call. He had lately started to build a small brooder house. His landlord is the monument m'a'n at Algona. * * * * The W. G. Moores are a new family from Armstrong, northwest of Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Moore have one child, a little girl. They live on the Moreland farm, on- what some people call the Homesteaders farm. There is a one-story house, but no grove, though the - land is a good tract. *' * » * The Jasper Steenhards, northwest of the Grant schpolhouse, had just come home with some seedcorn when Ve stopped there last week Tuesday. Seedcorn is "a different proposition now from what it was when we were on the farm. Father would always pick it himself from his own field. Mr, and Mrs. Steenhard have a boy in the service, and he had recently been at home on furlough. . * * * .* * We spent a little time Friday at the Alfred Zielske farm sale northwest of Ledyard. There was a large crowd, and we met a lot of acquaintances. Tony Stork, east of Bancroft, was among them, also some of the Christ boys, Lakota, Henry Lappe, Milt Pringle, and Jos. Preston. Mr. and Mrs. Zielske have bought the •store at Grant Center, and they report a good business. They redecorated the place and increased the N stock. Mrs. Glenn Minp was taking care of the store while they were at the sale. j OLDWEDS SURPRISED. Lu Verne, Mar. 4 — Mr. and .Mrs. E. B. Thomas were married 24 years ago Saturday, so that evening the families of seven neighbors and friends, surprised them with a party. The evening was spent-at cards, and an electric toaster was presented to the honorees." Harrison, David S. Anderson. (Ledyard—Edw. Looft. Lincoln^Paul Hertske. Seneca—L,. C. Gast. Greenwood—Prank Coyne. Ramsey—A. IB. Lappe. 'German—John Cordes. iFenton—P. M. Christenson. Burt—1C. G. Ewoldt. Portland—Will Rinssdorf. Buffalo—Clarence Schutjer. I-.otts Creek—L. Hackbarth. XJnion-John P. Byson. Plum Creek—(Henry Bailey. 'Wesley—H. J. Sherman. Whittemore—H. P. Schultz. , Creseo—Harry Sabin, Irvington—E. R. Mawdsiey. Prairie—John Arndorfer. IGarfield—R. B. IBerninghaus. iRiverdale-^John IPrideres. Sherman—Henry J.. -Kohlhaas. Lu Verne—(B. B. Thomas. Meeting called to ordec and proceeded to organize by electing a Chairman and Secretary. Motion by Bailey and seconded by Ewoldt that W. E. 'McDonald act as Chairman of the road meeting. Ayes: AH. • Motion toy Ringsdorf and seconded i by Schultz that E. 'S. Kinsey act as Secretary of the road meeting. Ayes: | AIL • . I After all improvemnts were agreed upon as -set down by Engineer Smith a motion was made by Christensen and seconded by Sabln and carried that the 1942 'Kossuth Road Program be approved as read by the Secretary. Ayes: All. Motion by Byson and seconded by Friederes that the 194', Road Program meeting foe adjourned. Ayes: All. W. E. MdDONAXJ}, Chairman. •E. S. KKSTSEiY. Secretary. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa, Feb. 17/1943. 1:30 O'clock p. m. IBoard of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Hei'ien and seconded by McDonald that Kossuth County accept from T. E. Wickwir as a compromised settlement In full, the sum of $47.79 for personal taxes for the years of 1931, 1933, 1935, and 1936, 1938, 1939, .and 1940. Ayes: All. Motion by'Cosgrove and seconded by Quinn that Kossuth county accept from J. A. Schneider as a compromised settlement in full, the sum of 150.00 for personal taxes for the years BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, February 17, 1M3. 9:00 O'jcloclf a. m. Supervisors -Praaer, Cosgrove, Mc_ Donald, Quinn, and Helken, Highway. Engineer Smith, and County Auditor J3. S. Kinsey met with the following named representatives from the various Townships for thn purpose of the 1913 County Road program: Township Name Eagle—T. I*. Thorson. Grant—Ely Anderson. Springfield—Guy B. Risk. Hebron—H. O. Larson. Swea—A. Bmanuel Anderson. Attention! Files Sufferers 3£e McCleary Clini.c, Blins. Blv4 M E^ejsip^g Mo., as pj|tqng put'a'ogw , FBB®, to anypne afflicted with Piles, Fistula, and other recital or V,? - i. , i FARM LOANS NO COMMISSION NO APPRAISAL FEE * Refinance now while rates are low. * EDW. CAPESIUS Heise Bldg. Algona Iowa FUTURO Abdominal Brace Comfortable Relief . unnatural fadfiix sind bacU strain cau««d by weakened abdominal niiT.cX's, Iniprove youi Canuot stays to irritate «r mm New Potatoes SUCEUS TEXAf lu. of JUICE 96 SIZE for '\ \ \ V "s* > I - -'- ,i GUARANTEED FINEST : BI^E RIBBON QUALITY—NONE HIGHER Round Steaks ^ ' Lb. - WALLEYED ^^^•^ ^^mm w MMMH^- ROASTS SWIFT'S PREMIUM SHOULDERi Asst'd Luncheon Meals / 9x» COLD CUTS '/z-lb. J-OC Tender Skinless 9£Ts» WIENERS -Ib. £tO\s Spiced 5-Ib. jar QQs* HERRING ea.&yi' \ «>. Dried 9Qs» BEEF _lb. ^£7 C Beef KOL IWine Sauce QQ/i fittAVt R|gtft« IHERRING -ea. &&C »nOTl HI3IS 'resh Sliced T /Ty» LEAN H ^» fPORK LIVER Ib.J-OL MEATY • JHf! Lb. FRESH DAIL1 DOZEN IN PKG. UNSWEETENED •uit Juice 2 29c For GLEN VALUE IN TOMATO SAUCE & Beans 5c 15'/2*OZ. CANS HILLS Folger's Butternut COFFEE Tin 57c FORT DEARBORN 19c SODA CRACKERS GRAHAMS MARSHMAUOWS ^ 10c CORN FLAKES .. VKLLOW 17c CORN MEAL Cris ALL Soap ^l^^^v iKff ^Hv^QI ^^js ^BHF 63c WAP ,,. 4 pL, He KLjCTT.,.,, $?: 21 9 SwT'TSTT..

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