Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1942 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 6
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•NTBRBD AS SECOND CLASS MATTER DS- c»mbef 81. 1908, at the foltofflee At Algona Iowa, under the Act of March 2, 1819. TBRM9 OF SUBSCRIPTION I—To Kossuth county poatofflceg and bordering poatofflces it Armstrong. Bode, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Corwtth, Cylinder. B I m o r e , Hardy, Hutching, Llvermore, Ottoaen, Rake, Rlngsted, Ro<Jman. Stllson, West Bend, and Woden, ye»7 _ 11.50 I—Advance and Upper Des Molnes both to same address at any poatoffloe In Kossuth county or any neighboring poatoffice -named In No. 1, y ea >- - «2.60 I—Advance alone to all other postofflces year $2.». t-Advanee and Upper Des Molnes both to same address at all postoffloes not-exoepted In No. 1, ye* 1 " __ M.OO Candidate Miller Again in the Limelight The Sunday Register carried an illustrated page story on Secretary of State Earl G. Miller, who is a candidate for the republican nomination for governor. An editorial paragraph said this was one of a series of "character studies" of primary candidates for governor and senator. ^ The Advance has from time to time carried unfavorable comment on Miller's political career, and nothing in the Sunday Register^s story offers reasons for a change of opinion; rather the story serves to confirm the opinions heretofore held. This newspaper has viewed Miller as | merely a politician ever since his appear- \ ance on the public horizon as th small white envelopes for 90 per cent of Its mailings." Editor Smith didn't say what Impression he made on his caller, but probably it wasn't anything to write home about, and the chances are that by some hook or crook his wastebasket will continue to receive the contributions even without his signed card. Lately the dopesters have also taken to sending out mats, which can be cast, thus doing awa'y with typesetting to fill the same space. From Washington come pictures and cartoons, and some of the cartoons are excellent. The Advance may still have 50 or 75 of the cartoons.on.hand, after wastebas- geting other handouts practically every day. The trouble is that the government dope- sters seem to" have no idea whatever of how much space a newspaper can devote to such truck. Apparently there isn't a country newspaper man on any of the numerous publicity staffs to tell the higher-ups they are wasting precious paper and just filling i widespread editorial wastebaskets. The fact' HODGEPODGE W*t*Mr—A ifc* of MHmu to- i mixture, SQUEEZE FIELD, as the airport south of •Algona is known, is a squeeze in more ways than one. It was named that because'the field was small, and the equipment was only that which the men who owned the planes ' could afford at the time. Then came the war and the squeeze really went on. First all airports had to be "designated" and meet with certain standards, or the planes had to be dismantled—taken apart, and the pieces stored separately. Now the airport has been "designated." By efforts of several Algonians, non-flyers, many of them, and by straining and stretch- MOW GREEK MY 1 fcuess I saw the much heteld- ed How Ofeen Was My-Valley on 'the wrdng Sunday. That's the only way I can explain the fact that notwithstanding the almost unnanimous acclaim of critics, I found it a most unnecessarily long and tiresome production I KNEW If WOULD WOIK THE MO VIES employe. • ...:.,. ',:.. .. ,.,,.,the church too, came for unwarranted cliticisni, We sdmeilmesleel that t age Congregation is a -Hot-bed of greed and selfishness, but 1 haftk ly think it as bad as this picture t*o unit o» *»«**» »*•*»»•«- — shows it, One Foot In Heaven, while it had much the same The acting, direction, and pho- slant, was neverthelessi mowihUj tography were above criticism, man in its aspects f«d centered and from a purely artistic angle the rebuke in a few erring: mdi- no fault could possibly be found; vlduals. In How Green Was My but it is my honest conviction Vallev. the impression is left that entirely too much space was consumed on purely dramatir climaxes without proper empha consumed "on purely clramatic gation Was ing on the part of the plane owners, mum requirements were met. But there are several items urgently needed for permanent designation. One Of these Valley, the impression ._ — with me that the Whole congregation was tainted. Certainly there was no evidence of mercy detail, such as hu- forgiveness, or humility (all holy mor. As I have often stressed before, the old formula of the per-, — ------ •--.-.-.feet drama was a gradual ap-.as a whole is that it is not a " I l~*.AL..«*.t u f_li..*— _* But the most damaging fault I have to find with the production icoc I J.CUI, uiama vyao a giauuc.* "j^- i.«"» " JT.IW.C *o »••«••• ». ... ..w. Sirens are not given away for proach to anti-climax, and then, | truthfu picture of the personal given away zor | atier due bui i d . up (those aren't or family life it portrays. iu~ . kk ^.^« ^*- — .„ -1-J tf H ,*llMU n tram era It fa Vino He OAWVSUI —. is a siren, oucns are iiui given away jor i «*;.*"•*•" * w r"*M i*""""Vr5 """" —"i7 '«. /rtfrvtii.? ij#«. u *^.*. n «^* TV»« is that if country newspapers used even half cigar coupons. There are others. The coun- f& „£&.*$*'"* ofd^Enriish averselife has its sorrows art of the stuff they might not have room left ty has assured the boys they will supply the teacher, you may be sure), the its joys, its ups and its downs, for any news at all. required guards. ' " ' ' , *»,:„ u»,._ j j_ Snme day, if that airport is continued, HI-.- -- —-• mpan T Int tn Alornnn ond Vncoittt. climax after another, coming . mean a lot to Algona and Kossuth | with such regularity th§t it dull | and the sorrows. Criticisms such as this have appeared in nearly every weekly paper in the last few weeks, and the editors, like Mr. Smith, do not fail to take note that much of the 'dope' comes in the most expensive envelopes. the teacher, you may be sure), the its joys, its ups and its downs, climax; but in this screen-play, it its bitter and its sweet; but this i i t seemed to me, there is just one pictures stresses, in my judg- ' . climax after another, coming ment, only the downs, the bitter, county. It is now accepted by the govern-' the senses and just leaves one Speaking of Pork Barrel "Foolishness" . A congressman told his colleagues the oth- :r day that the people are anxious to pay •"" In a degree that is true. The people to supply money to buy air- battleships, food, clothing, and else needed to win. But they are not anxious to pay taxes for ment, but that acceptance carries with it frustrated and exhausted. Maybe the fall {had something to of do Singapore obligations to meet requirements. It is going to cost some money — not much, buti ° ~ — more than the boys will probably be -^^^^Jiffi ™ n d to dig up. less sinisteri whatever the reas- Here is a chance to do something for our I son, I was disappointed. own. We have given to the Red Cross, the I In the first place, the question USO, the Salvation Army, and various other °* capital and labor is too con- projects and all worthy. , There is now al tro ? ersial in my own mind ' to chance to do something for ourselves. This column will accept and turn over to the air- Certainly no one hvthe picture ever had a joyful moment, with »... e «i/f<-1 fhe one possible exception of the with my invitation from the Queen for the singers to appear before her in concert. Otherwise, as the saying goes, it was just one damn thing after another. In condensing the biography of a person or a family into a two... _._„ _ „ „„ hour period, due consideration suffer through a strike from the should be given to all the events standpoint of the miners. My transpiring in that span, not just feelings may be coloring my the tragedy, the sorrow, the "•"* «t<-v.jL7i aim luiii uvci t,u uie air- xcciuiga uiuy ue coloring my " lc was e uy, me SOITOW, ulC port manager any money sent to it This is j critical^faculties, but it did seem heartaches butjilso the comedy, done without the knowledge of the boys *" *"" *^"* *' " phrase, ho began "shooting "nff"h,'c "™Tw Duck film - for ~ coneressionaf penslons^for clone witnout th e knowledge of the boys about what he\vas goLTtoaKer ™™'^^^^^™%>$ HT ^ ""' ** * ^^ ™« 1*^™^^^°% ^*tm<£ sworn into office. Moniior X * foollshness - ~ clarion !««* here 1S * Project worthy of the extra pital, this though my sympathies' In the Grapes of Wrath ' : nnllnro h^ilTrrtn »« ~.. n _x ^t *i_ •__ .. *i miicr alnrat^et rv** *« *U_ .».!_ AI *_:__i__ * . - _ *. As heretofore pointed out, it looked many observers as if Miller's idea was create a political machine in his own interest. This would wreck the long and carefully fostered non-political character of the highway patrol system, and the legislature promptly squelched possibility of such action by removing the motor vehicle from Miller's jurisdiction, leaving „„„ , with only 14 persons under him and com- | paratively little to do. _ The Advance has believed, and still believes, that no such drastic action could put through both and have obtains. „ ...^ „ or's approval, except under pressure & of urgent necessity. This newspaper further believes that if nominated an-J elected governor, Miller's first idea and constant en- Monitor. And yet the "foolishness" is all in the pork barrel bill recently reported out by the house Rivers and Harbors committee, according to the Anamosa Eureka. There's that notorious Florida ship canal, „ 0 scheme, for example. S197.000.000; a $15,- i be n °t so vital, right here. 000.000 canal somewhere in Texas, and ( But this much is certain—airplanes and another. Sfi.OOO 000. in Pennsylvania and a «"ports are going to be the highroads and Ohio; and $50.000,000 for a Columbia river the centers of the future. These boys own- dam - j ln S planes have amply demonstrated they And, of course—that old one, the St. Law- ! are worthv of s °me assistance. They have dollars, halves, or quarters of non-flying Al gonians. Maybe there will be a good response— maybe not any. Who knows? Perhaps the appeal of projects hundreds to thousands of miles away is stronger than the need, may- *il_ must / o— -"j «^ *«ifuv&A.i(_i3 *•* wit vricsLfCis ux wratn ccr- must always go to the miner, the tainly not an enjoyable picture man who risks his life in the from the standpoint; erf the aid" bowels of the earth to dig out the ence, there was always a bit of fuel that keeps us warm in the joy to offset the misery of the winter nnH et n v n « ,•„_. t-t- T __i , iiiiaeijr OI me winter and stokes innumerable Lesters, always a he P ure ' 1 ^y to lighten" the of com- My Valley there is nothing but oara A^ gloom, black, sinister gloom. The; „_ A hriek 'of the ominous siren, the ' " ndors t' wail of angry voices, the hush of' Pld geon death and tragedy—that is all. I Preacher Certainly this isn't a true picture j wistful ' of any people; or if it is, then, by i comple heck, I don't want to see It In the I cellent movies. . ' As I have said before, Director Ford did everything possible with a superb cast'and provided well nigh perfect direction of the action. Darryl F. Zanuck built an entire village as a background for a realistic, impressive locale. The youngster, Roddy McDowell, gave an unforgettable portrayal of the sad-eyed little boy who played so important a role in the family of which ,he was part. But the flogging scenes were unnecessarily brutal, and the retribution visited on the'erring school teacher was quite implausi- factories. Yet the picture—I edv to lieMon »C h, A « I^~ ^ acn t r was <> UIte implausi- »vaur--a p a£ i terms of the something. A, a dish of ice please. —Follow at EG i room and fixture, t ««n. Left note f roomer to come lo other homo, firo" Datnroom first u e with painted « . I covered th e tough spots without yowling for help ' Thev ha ™ P"t their savings into it rence waterway, only $227.000.000. But, alas, one old friend is missed, that Quoddy - b - —.„ ". project up in Maine somewhere. The pork They ? re not now yelling for assistance— for-help for a group of enthusiasts on the only frontier left to young America. Can you crash through with a buck? barrellors up there must have or something. Or maybe the Anamosa paper just forgot to include it. Surely it cannot have been forgotten. And in the meantime we are exhorted to cut our oxvn expenditures to necessities and revenue from which goes for such "foolishness!" Topics ^° T ^i C ^ 3ama Sm, in his Oldtimer's deavor will be to use the patronage ^ t e eo °"7^ G ^ penditures to necessities and office to build a political machine "or hiir- f-°. PraCtl ™ lly "^ to buy bonds ^ of the self. Miller's slant on personal political machines is naively admitted in this very Sunday^ Register story. "I have built up an organization of my own patterned after the republican state central committee," he —^ „. 0 . Ja rnagm in his oiriHm • said; and the natural suspicion arises that c °lumn in the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune re* he could have added: "As governor I shall ma y ks ^ at in accordance with election year -build an all-state machine, and nobody shall in'ftcJ 6 haS ^ """ " ^ '' ? ' have a joh under mp who will not serve as a cog in that machine." If Miller has any platform he apparently did not reveal it to the author of his "char- from candidates bright idea and solves shop also. a desk and mats he gets jobs. Which is a a problem in this I candidacy for U. S. . announced, claimed :ie was brought to Iowa Let's "keep 'em flying" here too! A TRIO OF men who were old enough to know better called for ice cream cones one bitter cold night—and were wearing straw hats and summer skimmers. The trio hadn't gone off the knob but were merely complying with a "consequence" of missing a question at a party. People do the durnd- est things. MEBBE THAT old Sourpuss, the Emperor ! of Nutland, otherwise known as Japan will ' have occasion to remark, as did one other highly thought of gent of his time—that the Dutch are danged stubborn about some things. Seems one other would-be conqueror made a few remarks about a situation like that. Our low'prices hefp you save more ; money for important .defense needslt * CLIP OUT THIS COUPON TO PUHCHASE ONE PACKAGE KELLOGG'S *^ Corn Flakes l^ or ?\P Rice Krispies •J*' YOUR CHOICE REDEEMABLE ONLY CORN FLAKES e • cvEN-nuH •» 8 awowEsffci f { y^ffMfyy- \ '?'£ «K.«*K,c.iIlAIHjC. UDLll »AT YOUR CONSUME JS WHOLESALE^OOD STORES Fancy Bwcet Jiucy California Nave! Oranges Brimful o£ Rich Juice LARGE SIZE NAVELS 2 DOZ. 45C at WHOLESJUlfo WAY ;i; <W<^VNW. MAMMOTH SIZE Per Doz. ll 29c acter sketch," nor had he previously given i a c t one out so fnr ns this new^per knows, to booVfthe" senatorial The only semblance of a plank mentioned Thornburg, and that "Mike" Cowles (Card in the "sketch" is a reference to an alleged ner Jr>) was behind the scheme Which may ' 1 plan for $.90 a month old age oensinns with hnnT^n™™ 1 * £r?' but if true U was P^r- i the Red Knieht q,, no nvtrn ™ct t~ i— m, .. , .. aps ( / n vernor Wilson rather than Dolliver ' ^.^T • -^"'gnt, Superman, al iu ouai i O NeiH to get in there and win the war in TOO MANY AMERICANS that "Mike" was gunning for no extra cost to taxn-nyers. This "plan" is, of course, not divul?ecl. and anyone with the least political acumen is at liberty to conclude thnt the real obiect of the plank is' nin S to rnise'subscrVption^at'eT merolv to catch sucker votes. ".,„„,.„ ...u:_i_ i-__ waiting for Scarlet ave* Walnut Meat 1-4 Ib. I5c ULEACHES AND DISINFECTS a couple of comic pages. * IT'S A CINCH Japan and Germany can't Pet much information out of U. S. reports. QUART BOTTLE the mill. After thnt he was a small-loan countnnt. Tn l^q. v-hnn it was sunposorl that the democrats were sure to win atrnin he sought and obtained the re- publionn nomination for snorr-tary of state a year. to ask at least $2 of it that so. T* 7T ,. - - „._. ^ llt UL lt lnal CALIFORNIANS WANT Japs and Ger- S^nhJld^^f, V ±f « ' r™. "l 0 ^. ° ff the C0astli -. and it sounds other statehouse jobholders" Well iust at rnndom the Podbook for 1925-6 is pulled , . ., i-iMiy UL Mfuu, ."iiuuiii me noanooK tor 1925-6 is niillnrl and m thp unovno, tP d political unset of that , down to see how it was in the old davs- "nd year ho wis eler-ted. along with the rest of „" 'A ^ as , C , VP ?. U . 10 sa me then—the ' '' the republican ticket. is. The novei-nroent is Still Wasting Paper As everybody knows, there Ins for some weeks been r>le pet down that they discover thoy don't "know" ^0^"^ nre voting for, and so quit. V like a good idea to move theVinland^That it s a good idea just so they don't move In fact, no one seems to mat out, but rather mut- oiling up the old duck guit QUCK Tender Delicious Stokely Honcypod 16-oz. Can Triple-Creamed SPRY 3 .'I;, 69e Coldcn Crum StyU oz. CAN them right here. ;-,••••« democrat, -rnnnd in the house the other day for cnncplM,on of the 40-hour work week ,. ., and tlme nn d a half for overtime If the a nationwide campaign to save Question were left to Iowa, the vote would paper—that is. as everybody knows except .' ° ^"^V '" *h P affirmative. General opin- "wines •4-Krt <-r_. _. i i . * ' ll"in 1 r» til n nnt-li-dnl I 1 —£--.» the government dopesters. Just the other year, before this had any thought of going to war, passed a law providing that ' nn J n th .° central west has no use for the ' *™ y P ub » cit y Fort . . won and coneratu- na oTs rr d around - But the situati °» is not so hot now. Germany is using sub- in an effort to force U. S. -battle- except oni L ' on)rnns of 'copy' thpy send for recmest. Reouest cards were sent to news- u^^rtlf-^ 1 " 1 ^ ^ MA Jt a 'nd Ttapte papers for signature and return, but most *-•™- - — 3 dreSS ° n the back of thr of the cards landed in wastebaskets. Most editors have not understood why in the face of this law they are still bombnrd- ed by unusable government 'copy' There r S L b ?.l° m , e ^Phdi.to the act. Anyhow day, and there'wn"s But " other government agencies. March came score or two of a even j a .- Suna tiny snowfall. SDrir " ? - But don't bank on it, folks weather upset yet before ! '•* bllC dV-l,. X\ll the editors haven't noticed any letup. But maybe the law is at last going to be ?« S M nr L Were ^ Ut ' . a / ld , the sun shone all f trta^^sf^^^f • ! * 1 7 ? ->»" WaWgStsS: - »^.4 i uj, |,«— xlUfl cbS~ rt,P\71P\X7 folio r*f r\ 1 11 r\-r\ Vviin! i -rS ~* " • & \JU I«~11IVC i new scheme. He was recentlylsS by -"TnSTaS %****? SSLSiSS woman from the social security office at °"" s "" """ ' "'' ° m Iastlloned Des Moines, and the obiect of her call was to get him to sign a card authorizing the office to send him its so-called "news" releases. "We pointed out to our visitor a wastebasket nearly filled with similar government mailings." said Mr. Smith in an editorial report of the call, "and suggested that avoid- , . *wi^c u, £3, , Dall ships to come home and protect convoys. CONGRESsir^tis^r* putting mdustry on anything more than 40 hour! oer week would be unwise. Brother they -hould^tell that to the marines. The ma^ nnes, sailors, and soldiers would be inter rated in that 40-hour business. It's what hey fieht some 100 or more hours per week to protect, by golly. And some congressmen are gomg to find their constituents are no" cooking with gas on such a proposition W 1*1 ® FAHMERS SHOULD know the senate demand for 110 percent of parity puts the farmer in the same COOKIES Direct From the Bakeries—Oven Marshmallow Frosted Cream Pilled Sandwich . Fruit Gems 'Oatmeal Cookies Cocoanut Cookies, Etc. yj^'isHill ANOTHER CARLOAD OP SALE '<!» of Pounds-Plain or Fancy At One Low Price Pork t Liver Ib. CLIP OUT THIS COUPON TO PUKCHASB 8 01. BOTTLE FINEST QUALITY IMITATION—"BENGAL" m& VAHILLA5 REDEEMABLE ONLY JiT YOUtt CONSUMERS WHOLESALE FOOD STORES TALL CANS Carnation Milk 3 For 25c GIANT BARS Crystal White For Delicious, Rich ! FARMINGTONE 1 ioe®tat< 1 Ib. lilock BLUE BOX CONCDTJJ S&spsr LARGE SIZE CLIP OUT THIS COUPON TO PURCHASE ~ ONE BAR %/r Fditors Republican—S 3S $6 ' 000 C. of as labor occupies among the mg communities. Seems strange, doesn'^ to think of a farmer as a racketeer. t >. *. ° "*-****« uc rtVIJlu- -*fcWAi. wuiJtv. J1P al9n QniH hn 1^«« j. ed if Untie Sam would cut out this useless ^hers who for days at a Uml hafTo" mailmg. We pointed out particularly the I ™% ktv f s+sif ? edu to the m- One stenograph fine large manila envelopes used-envelopes ton two weeks"--—" ?n P3y in "*' ' ' which printers can seldom obtain any more to do anything. because they are so scarce-and suggested tnat the government could very well use course in the had never been asked Gillette's crack-down^ Comment S tenborn who suggested maybe lowans do not realize war peril. . Funny, though, that Whafs the fuss about sn't running for officp year? ~ i • thin g s confusion of getting under way. but during every entirely too much of this going on. HOW ABOUT DROPPING a buck or half of ±JVr±r^ n l Sen ?. in e It. to Hodge- Co., Algona, so the airport south of town can "keep 'em flying » —D. E. D. Pollock Fillets I ^fel tffc ^3 ^^ Haddock Fillets *L?fC_ Walleye Pil» Heady for pan ,b. ZIc 'Pork Hocks Ib ",25c {CHEESI CONSUMERS Land-0-Lakes Am. BrL LaJShedd* 2 Ibs. ^rrrzHlb* cello | 5C ^-- »b. IDC Jtew Ib. 9C Butter U,8. Insp. and CHOICE — Beef 9| Roast t •. : -ofi«iioirtj*y>| 3< Algona Creamery— Ib. * * * FRIDA «*JH

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