Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 4
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TWO COUNTIES ARE INVOLVED IN A LAWSUIT Poor Relief Couple Become a Bone of Contention. Two somewhat unusual cases were recently brought in the Kossuth district court. One is entitled Webster County vs. Kossuth County; the other, State Board of Social Welfare vs. William E. Flynn. Fort Dodge is the Webster county seat. The petition in the first case was filed by Ralph Bastian.Web- ster county attorney, presumably on order of the Webster- county board of supervisors. It seeks to recover $2752.54 from this county on poor relief account for Holland Rentz and Marie Rentz, who are presumably husband and wife. The petition says that Webster county expended the total amount claimed between July 9, 1936, and December 9, 1941, and claims that the legal settlement I of the Rentzes was, and still is, in Kossuth county. Law in the Case. In Iowa people who move from one county to another remain charges of the county they leave if they are or are likely to become dependent on public relief, provided the county to which they move serves notice, within a year, to depart. Such notice must be served once a year as long as the parties remain in the second county, and meanwhile their legal settlement remains in the county from which they came and that county is liable for whatever the second county has to expend for their relief. The petition in this case makes no mention of such notice. Furthermore the Kossuth board of supervisors possesses no knowledge that the Rentzes ever had a legal settlement here. The case will therefore be resisted, and a hard-fought trial is expected. Attached to the petition is an 11-sheet, letterhead-size, itemized statement of account showing the Rentz relief bills paid by Webster county. The Ledyard Suit. The case against Flynn. who is manager of a Ledyard lumberyard, involves an old age pension lor his mother, Mrs. Nellie Flynn. The state board says it paid Mrs. Flynn $650.40 between December 1, 1937, and sometime in August, 1941, but under a statute providing for double recovery under certain conditions sues for $1250.34, the amount alleged to be due after deducting an admitted offset. Mrs. Flynn is now dead. The state board's petition includes the following allegations: "That on or about December 12, 1936, you made a written statement directed to plaintiff that your income was $140 per month, and that your income during the past 12 months was an average of $130 per month. "That on or about June 21, 1938, you made a written statement directed to plaintiff stating that your income during the pact 12 months was $1500 and that Speaker 'TWS IS THOMAS H. Roberts, assistant professor of education at the Stale university, who will speak at a public meeting at the high school auditorium Monday, March 16, at 8:30 o'clock, rlis appearance here is under auspices of the Algona Educational Ass'n, which is composed of public school teachers, who each year bring in some noted speaker for a public program. Mr. Roberts is an Australian who studied in England and Europe, and who was at one time a member of the R. A. F. In 193637 he studied social conditions in France, Germany, Italy, and Russia on a traveling fellowship, and also visited the Balkan states. His subject for his talk here is Australia and the Problems of the Far East There is no admission charge. OTTOSEN GIRLS ARE AGAIN IN STATE MEET By Mary Jane ffofui*. Ottosen, Mar. 4—The Ottosen high school, with a team in the state high school girls' basketball tournament for the third consecutive year, won 27 of 30 games this season, despite a veritable famine of reserve strength. At one time the girls had exactly two reserves on call, Violet Nelson, seventh grader, and Rosemary Jacobson, freshman. Nevertheless, with Bertha Longseth's brilliant play in the front court, and Gladys Axne monopolizing rebounds and controlling play in the back court, Ottosen rolled up an impressive record. Two Top Girls. Sheldahl, Bode, and Havelock I —all state tournament teams— defeated Ottosen during the :eason, but only Sheldahl per- 'ormed the feat when Gladys Axne was in action. The Bode defeat was amply avenged. Bertha •• Longseth's offensive 40, Havelock 44. 70, Rutland 53. 63, Holstein 57. Countf Tournament. 50, Liveftnore 27. 61, Bradgate 42. 57, Gllmore City 27. 48, Bode 47. v Sectional. 65, Lu Verne 34. 50, Renwick 23. 71, Bode 35. District 84, Dayton 65. 55, Jewell 41. 69, Stratford 63. THIEVES STEAL EX-IRVINGTON MAN'S 4 TIRES Irvington, Mar. 4 — A picture and news story in the Fort Dodge Messenger Saturday was of special interest to Irvingtonians because it concerned Carl Westergard, former Irvington man. The Messenger said Mr. Westergard's car had been stolen, o T _ stripped of wheels and tires, and •ecord"during "her" career"at"6tto- i abandoned'on a country road. He your average income per month was $125. Misrepresentation Charged. 'That both statements were not correct, and that your actual income for the year 1936 was more than $2400; that your income for the year 1937 was more than $3200; that your income for the year 1937 was more than $3200; that your income for the year 1938 was more than $2700; that your income for the year 1939 was more than $2900 and that your income for the year 1940 was more than $3800. "That if plaintiff had been advised as to your true income, plaintiff would not have granted old age assistance to your mother. "That during the period that your mother received old age assistance you were reasonably able to contribute to the necessary care and support of your I mother without undue hardship, I and that you failed and refused I to do so, and that all of the old age assistance granted and paid to your mother by plaintiff was in excess of the amount allowed by Chapter 266-F1, 1935 Code of Iowa, as amended, and Chapter 181.1, 1939 Code of Iowa, a amended." Mr. Flyrm's answer in this case had not yet been filed up to the time when the court clerk's records were consulted for this story. WESLEY SOLDIER WEDS. Wesley, Mar. 4—Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Doerr have received word that their son Erwin, who is in the coast guard, was married recently. MULES For Bean Soup Day Because of war conditions putting many items off merchandise shelves you will find hundreds of new and different « items on sale here at savings you have « never expected. Come in Saturday and see some of ;; these items on display— GENUINE DECCA RECORDS DISHES FURNITURE WORK SHOES FARM MACHINERY POULTRY REMEDIES SEWING MACHINES CREAM SEPARATORS Gambles en rates with any showing ever made.by an Iowa girl in basketball. This all-state forward aver- ged 33% points a game in 29 James this season, but that's only lalf of it. She had approximately the same average last year. During her career she has scored a record total of 3,156 points. She has racked up 984 points this year alone, on 458 baskets and 68 free throws. Others on Squad. Longseth and Axne were the only experienced girls on call during most of the season. LaVonne Hanson's versatile play was missed more than two months because of an appendicitis operation. Barbara Underberg, sophomore, and Charlotte Jacobson, 13-year-old freshman, came through without previous experience to fill forward positions in commendable style. Jean Ann Jacobson and Eugenia Mae Hofius, with Gladys Axne and La Vonne Hanson, have handled back court assignments. Ena Marie De Smidt, senior without previous experience, also has been of value. Here's the Record. The opponents have averaged 42.7 points a game, but fans here point significantly to Ottosen's scoring record: The girls have averaged 61.4 points a game—and that's scoring! Here's the record: Ottosen 39, Des Moines township 25. 53, Akron 46. 73, Rutland 27. 79, Bradgate 39. 64, Rodman 49. 76, Cylinder 28. 64, West Bend 40. 53, Hamilton's Mason City) 48 56, Bode 46. ' 31, Sheldahl 63. 73, Bradgate 32. 54, Seneca 51. 78, Rodman, 46. 50, Plover 49. 72, Gilmore City 43. 88, Whittemore 50. 50, Bode, 69. had parked the car in front of his home in Fort Dodge, and hrd taken out the ignition key. The thieves pushed the car from the curb into the middle of the street, then pushed it ahead of another car, one of the thieves steering the Westergard car, and stopped on a little used road east of the city. Mr. Westergard still has one tire, his spare, which was locked in the car trunk. He will receive a check from an insurance company to cover the value of his tires. Mr. Westergard is a carpenter. He and his family formerly farmed east of here, then for a time lived in the village. The Fort Dodge police chief commented that every car owner should keep a record of the serial numbers of tires. This makes it easy to recover insurance, whereas it is difficult if the numbers are unknown. The police chief added that the information is of value to officers of the law, for it often enables them to spot thieves and sometimes to recover other loot. Tires are not always stolen for personal use. They may be stolen for sale, and the police have ways to find out who sells them. SAW MANGLES HAND. Seneca Tfp., Mar. 4—J. B. Nolan suffered a serious hand injury Saturday while he was helping to saw wood at Arthur Paulson's. While he was brushing sawdust off the frame, the saw caught his glove, and the flesh on the back of his right hand was badly cut. "HOMEMAKERS" MEETING. The District No. 3 Wesley township "Homemakers" will meet next Tuesday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Guy Carlson's, and the lesson will be on Farm Families and the World Today. Both men and women are invited. A potluck lunch will be served following a program. GEORGE MARSHALL, IRVINGTON, PASSES Irvington, Mar. 4— Gebrge Hat- old Marshall, 40, who lived neat Irvington, died Tuesday afternoon at thevGenera,! hospital, fol* lowing only a week's sickness. Mr. Marshall had not been feeling well, however, and was bed- fas.t'from a week ago Sunday till Saturday, when he was taken to the hospital. ,, Funeral services will be nem today at the Baptist church, with the Rev. F. C. Volzke in charge. Mr. Marshall was born February 13, 1902, on a farm near Murray, but when he was only a few weeks old the family moved to a farm near Weldon, where he grew up and on October 15, 1921, was married to Ellen Smith. In 1928 the Marshalls moved to a farm near West Bend. They had lived in the Irvington vicinity three years. Besides his wife, Mr. Marshall is survived by five sons: Lewis, Robert, Raymond, Willis, and William,- the latter two twins. There are three brothers, Ernest and Alfred, Wellman, and Charles, Detroit, also a sister, Mrs. Fred Moore, Diagonal. - • Bancroft Cow Gets National Mention Brattleboro, Vt., Mar. 2— Contributing her part to national defense is Oakdale Sarah Mutual Pansy, purebred Holstein cow owned by Herman Soderberg ; Bancroft. She produced 6,081 quarts'of milk this past year, and 410 pounds of butterfat. Mr. Soderberg says "Pansy" was milked twice daily, and that her production for the entire period was supervised by the Iowa State coK lege of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and the Holstein-Friesian Association of America. Gilchrist's Wife Falls, Breaks Hip A dispatch from Laurens, her home town, to Saturday's Fort Dodge Messenger, reported that Mrs. Fred C. Gilchrist Sr., 70, wife of this district's congressman, had slipped on a rug, fallen, and suffered a fractured hip Thursday. Her son Fred C. Jr. and daughter, Mrs. L. B. Hakes, both Laurens, took her to Rochester, and Mr. Gilchrist, with another daughter, Mrs. Mavis Allen, who is his secretary, flew to Rochester Friday. - * Former Sheriff to Return to Farming Mr. and Mrs. Casey Loss are moving to a farm in Portland township today. The place is owned by the Metropolitan insurance company and consists of 220 acres. It is located one and one-half miles east and three miles north of Burt, and is MEMMWOSOH "Bill" Hetnfningson, Woden, who >was recently made a cor* pofaf in the army, has weft transferred to Seattle from Foft Winfleld Sddtt, San Francisco. Heriimlngson fomefly operated an elevator at Woden, He Is mW* ried,.artd his wife it the fotttff ,Luella Kapp, Algona, who is alftf at Seattle., _; TIRES known as the Whorter farm. old Mr. LeRoy Mc- Loss had long farming experience with his father before he served as sheriff. Mrs. Loss is the daughter of the Rev. A. English. •»»»»»»». *••••••< 23 Public Sale As I am quitting farming I will sell all my personal property on the farm located 5 miles west of Titonka, 4 miles easi and 3 miles north of Burt, 4 miles east and 4 miles south of Ban crort, on Monday. March 9 SALE TO START AT ONE O'CLOCK HEAD OF CATTLE 23 i , 3 HEAD OF HORSES mare colt 1-year-old ~ ' ' * 3 2EWES 190 WHITE ROCK PULLETS 1 6 HOGS 9 Poland China brood «oiw« 7 fall FARM MACHINERY ETC. McCormick-Deering mower; 4-sec. drag, d Cormick-D. disc; John Deere disc; wagon wi Pg8 Terms— Cash, or make arrangements with the Clerk. Joe Koestler Pringle & Thomp.on, Auct,. Titopka Saving. Bk., Clerk (Continued from Page 1.) A. A. Krueger, Lone Rock* trucker of fuel, obsolete. John B. Reding, Irvington, farmer, obsolete. , Russell E. Winter, Lakota, farmer, obsolete. W. A. Schram, Titonka, I. C. C. permit, truck tire. Harold O'Green, Armstrong, farmer, tractor tire. Ra 1 p h Larson, Armstrong, farmer, tractor tire. Elmer Kubly, Corwith, farmer, obsolete. . Leonard Mino, Ledyard, I. C. C. permit, truck tire. One for Hanna Ranch. Union Construction Co., G. S. Buchanan, Lu Veriic, ranch manager, tractor. W. E. Quinn,,Bancroft, farmer, pick-up. Joe Kollasch, Bancroft, farmer, tractor. Herb Hedlund, Algona, Pioneer Hibred, truck. Ernest Hauptly, Wesley, farmer, obsolete. Glen Householder, Lone Rock, I. C. C. permit, truck. City of Algona, fire department, truck. Glen Mino, Ledyard, I. C. C. permit, truck. O. R. Johnson, Burt, farmer, obsolete. Albert McCarty, Lakota, farmer, truck. defflld McParJand, Ledyard, farmer, obsolete. flirt frteter t1», Waited Kockier, fiancroft, farmer, tttctot. Aft Renger, Sfoea City, farm«v obsolete. • ' ,Cha», Wfert, Aigona, I. C. C. penult, *nwk u Rudolph Hannover, Whitte- ifiore,-farmer,' implement. Ernest, Miller, Swea City, farmer, obsolete. John Droessler, Bancroft, I, c. C. permit, thick. John Orocssler, Bancroft, farm* er, implement. Jakie Peterson, Lakota, I. C. C. permit; truck, •' , • • John Brink, Bancroft, farmer, obsolete. THROUGH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND Now Paying For the benefit of large and small invr.Qt ings and Loan Ass'tf is conducted under i Federal Supervision. CI Jcdc ral C h SAFETY OF YOUR INVESTMENT mem,., LOSS UP TO $5,000.00 BY THE FEDEPAi I*? LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION AMSAVI TALITY OF THE UNITED STATES GOV$J DEFENSE STAMPS AND DEFENSE BONDS CAN PURCHASED.THROUGH OUR OFFICE Algona Federal Savings and Association C; R. LA BARRE, Sec'y-Treas. Low Prices Every ^ 09 Over 2.000 Fine JANE PARKER ASST'D POUND CAKES JANE PARKER CAKE PEANUT LAYER Only Uie highest quality pc.inut butter flnda Itn way Into t h I B fine textured cako—and In the Ic- too — sprinkled with tn.ity peanut crunch.—20 Oz. slio. One nibble of their old fashioned goodness—so down rlKht tender An O/drime Lenten DeligM& Jano' Parker Hot Cross Buns, fnlrlv &" melt In your mouthl Here nro tnil'v „ A •«g sweet, fruited delicacies—extra itm il Rn * whVto fl |c?n SP ' 008 ~ 8UBarC<I W ' th a 10W ° f 9 "Enriched" wmj vi. tamin HI nn ,i C s, m . llnl mini-mii. A i,r,t textured wlilic loaf— wholesome HIM f , m . lahlng—IVi |,ii. I,,.-,, II m &;j IK MARCH "WOMAN'S DAY" ONLY 2c Fresher Produce! Better Health! you "•*««»*"«• California. Size 2B8' *ORANGES Washington State Delicious DAPPLES e!""" ns Washington State Winesap *APPIES Yitftmins Size 60 Head c+ *LETTUCE vi """ lDS doz. 2 1, 15ft Ibs. I Wl» doz. I 9C AJ L B1 + _C++ G+ each 11C Blue Food Stamps?"' Uy * U GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 4e Campbell's utn ffifflOJUtt! "rise EMAJOSOUP 3-- 2 3c APPLESAUCE »»- 10 c Ann Paae c * n • W ELBOW SPAGHETTI Headquarters " nBHQjftfli i' .frozen Fish! D «*sed •"-- '''''" >u>m < w ' wm MII!lllH Smoked "™»w»i«w BLOATER ib. Z5C Smoked Boneless HERRING. & Pole Star Baby • Haddock r FILLETS.... H. Frozen * edfUh 97*» u>.27C and bag Navy *PEA BEANS Great Northern DRY BEANS.. Santa Clara 80-90/1 lb. *PHUNES_. Extra Choice Dried A lb PEACHES—. 2 ba lona All-I *FLOUR Pancake M 'LOUR -5 at National Biscuit Co, .17 19C ~-. Bunnyfield Crispy CORN Pounds and of Sunshintp fi":'*- These dairy product ti- essentlal vltamtiu a you need. How deli they're priced! Creamed Collage CHEESE.. lb, Old Fash. While or orick CHEESE lb. Mild American Cheese LONGHORN—. I 1 American Loaof Cheese A MEL-0-BIT. *l Iowa Slate Brand •A-BUTTEHl-lb.cart Rich Pasteurized Coffee '/i-pii CREAM bctlli Safe Pasleuriied tt FRESH MILK W' Sunnyfield Quality 0 PURE LARD *< Oil FromNearbrFw 1 AFRESH EGGS d» Answer Yes «fl ut FooJl ?*! * Ann Page Spaghetti or MACARONI .Ann Page Asst. »•« JELLCES -J* Ann Page Sands* or Tartar SAUCE Ann Page Egg «M* NOODLES * P 1 * Ann Page Salad 0» DRESSING I* Ann Page French •* DRESSING w Ann Page . Prepared !j MUSTARD—--? Finest Wheat ft«J Mellp- *** WHEAT I* White HOUS^ tf POOD STOBI IMt t,HtAI Al f It* lt Al I AN I «'

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