Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
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S2.!?ff*lL5?,t WMUW tiempMi* l<m - - ^. • - - __ __ ISTRANTS WILL GET NUMBERS •§•'.- • n - i A 11 _ *!*** f ** $t ***** i±* ti il|i, • lions rationing c - A Algona chair- McDon- -' Hurt fof/(Bpph> 1 j?ea fapplications only! use suf- I the cant was A llocates 84 Tires Algeria's "Squeeze Field" Is Designated *£•*• ">-<*••-H*^, . ':^*v».i , .,„ ,„ „*-__.,. T^HREE OF THP QTY m awr-o L J . —Kossuih County Advance News-Picture. fftCJ-srus sssv* •-*•»' --fr-35 -a=? Si"* " du * * < details of what they Sti " '"" J --'$;1fJl' . farmer oft, min- farm- com,. com- », I. C. , farm- ilk haul- § Bancroft, na, ceme- ner, ob- ne, I. C. farm- maa car? farm- ile, farm- oft, farm- yea City, w, plumb- ffin croft, Rock, LIQUOR STORE HERE IS WAR STAMIM.EADER Second in the State on Stamp Sales to Customers. Local Youth Plans Trip to Alaska to Join Dad at Sitka Robert Deal plans to leave next week for Sitka, Alaska. He j had been employed a year on the j Harry Potter farm. His father, Bert Deal, is at Sitka. • Sitka, located on the west coast of Baronof Island, CHAIRMEN NAMED TO CONDUCT THE BONDS CAMPAIGN Payroll allotments /and bank withdrawal committee chairmen ~ uu ^v v/i j_.ai.uiiu.i. isjana, in ai nave been .named by M. H. Falk- mountainous region of the south- enhainer, county chairman, for east peninsula, had a population i th e defense bond drive, in which m The Algona state liquor store, which, in common with the other stores throughout the state, be- pan selling defense stamps on December 15, reports sales! amounting to $2093.85 in February. The biggest day's sales fell on the last day of the month, which was last Saturday, when the total was $197. The Algona store's record so far has been astonishing, in view of the fact that sales here have been far beyond sales in stores which do a much larger liquor business. At least this was true up to January 31, when the latest report from the state liquor commission oh sales in all stores was issued. The Febuary state report is not yet out. Second in the State. In fact the Alpona store, in the in 1940 of 1,987, only '200 of which was white. The place is the outgrowth of a Russo-Amerian trading station founded in 1799, fornierly called Archangel.' It has been a permanent settlement since 1804 The climate is agreeable'there, even more temperate than in the central states. The chief industries are Cumbering, mining, and canning salmon. D-E-K MEETING TODAY. O. L. Thoreson, of the county AAA committee, is attending the annual' meeting today at Estherville of the Dickinson-Emmet- Kossuth Rural Electric cooperative, of which he is president. Mr, Thoreson, whose farm home is near Swea City, is scheduled to give^a report on the last year's operations. Kossuth's-share is $2,000,000. In Algona Eugene Schemel, of the Security State, and H. L. Gilmore, of the Iowa State bank, have been named. In other communities the appointments follow: Lakota—C. C. Gerzema. Ledyard—W. E. Wiemer. Swea City—W. E. Carlson. Bancroft—Leo M. Saunders. Burt—J. T. Heaney. Fenton-J. A. G. Smith. Lone Rock—N. L. Cotton. ' Titonka—Wm. Boyken. Wesley—John Hutchison. Whittemore—John P. Uhlenhake. Lu Verne—J. R. Nelson. All appointees are officers are managers of banks in the communities. The drive is developing in all parts of the county. One of the results of the drive has, been a slowing up of voluntary sub- for bonds, for fear ANOTHER SUIT IN A BUFFALO CENTER CRASH Damages of $10,000 Claimed as Result of Collision. A second damage suit resulting from a car-truck accident near Buffalo Center last October has been filed in district court, but this suit is unusual in that both the truck and car owners are made defendants. The case is brought in behalf of Donald Washburn, minor, by! his father, F. M. Washburn ' against Eva Thompson, owner of the truck involved in the crash, j and Paul R. Current, owner of the car. Donald was a passenger in the Current car. According to the petition the crash occurred during a heavy rainstorm at 9 p. m. October 6, a mile and a half west of Buffalo Center. Allegations of Petitions. The .truck, the petition alleges, had stopped on the pavemen with lights extinguished, and the car, traveling in the same direction, rammed into the rear of the truck. The petition says no flares or other warning signs, as required by law, were shown by the. truck. Negligence is charged against the owner of the truck because of that feature of -the accident and Current is accused of. negligence because he did not have his Car under sufficient contro to stop. Damages of $10,000 are asked, with the claim based on the boy's injuries, including a concussion, permanent disfigurement and injuries. Suit is an Offset. , Recently Current filed suit against Eva and Martin Thompson on the same accident, asking $6182.50 for personal injuries, damage to the car, loss of time, earnings for the period he was laid up, and miscellaneous items. Current is a rural mail carrier, and because he used his car for his business he claimed $128:76 for rent on a car from the tune he was well till he could get delivery on a new car. ^^^ ^^^ T "f *¥ T T Month of February Win Points in State Meet He has nol toseon took seconc Livermore 1_ 102.65 o iu v,,., s . v.v, i^^ix, ovu.v;, .1. ,,..= West Bend . 54.60 I scriptions for bonds. report, ranked second in Bancroft 47.75 : that these mav not be the state, first being the Center- Eagle Grove ____..___„ 100.45 on the drive However Forf • Dodge '" A ""' * * • * Mason City Presley ' class, 52253.15 in January, while the tital here was $2052.95. Another strange fact is that ,he Centerville and .Algona stores were the only stores in the state n the $2;000 class or anywhere near that fieure, and there was even only one store in the $1000 Spirit Rolfe Lake 37.60 I 50.601 about the security of the bonds, and the answer to this is that they are backed by the s'ame security as our money. A drive is now under way for a payroll deducation plan, in which employes authorize their employer to deduct from their weekly pay check a small sum, this to be invested in stamps till the amount reaches $18.75, when a bond is turned over to the employe. DRUNK DRAWS FINE. Marshal Moulds haled one Al Alcorn before Justice Welter ~f—-f Occasionally in the drive, someone asks *• , ---«—» — —-•. »^.i u. *»ceij. lug Miss Welter fined Alcorn $5 plus $3.45 costs. . r were n the regular] match and had lo wrestle an overtime period The? showings v^on third place for Algona in the state meet! — Kossuth County Advance Flash-Piclur^ nh i sU ?- lb -- Al90na hi9h "*«* "-tar- ™ *• ie, in his class in a state meet at Waterloo Saturday been defeated this season. Bob Geigel , o a CherJkee class in the state meet. The pair were H^d I in COUNCIL WILL MEET TO PICK ING MAYOR council expects to AC' meet Saturday.to determine' the successor tri Mayor C. F. Specht, who died d iring the night Saturday of a heart attack. In the meantime ]IYank Kohlhaas, who is chairmar of the council during the mayor's absence, has been acting mayor. Councilmm Lloyd Bohannon is out of tawn, or the meeting would have been held sooner. The counci: is named in a city ordinance to select a new mayor in such a case as the death of Mr. Specht, and the new mayor can be either a member of the council or not. Yesterday petitions advocated the appoint nent of F. B. Timm, telephone company manager, as new .mayor but Mr. Timm said yesterday it was done without nis knowledge or consent. It is reported there are a couple of others who have been sounding out political sentiment in their behalf. Fortunate y Mr. Specht signed checks from last Thursday's council meeting appropriations Saturday, and this permitted a delay in the. .appointment of the new mayor till Mr. Bohannon's •eturn. All stores and offices and the courthouse were closed yesterday afternoon from 2 to 3 p. m luring the funeral services for Mr. Specht, which were held at he Presbyterian church, Mayor Dies Thirty More from Kossuth Now in Army'Training milking H passenger littemore, farmer, wore, mail , truck Rock, littemore, Dlr H* *** jfc-'Ledyard, hittemore, farm|est Bend, Pollard, .uck tires, hittemore, teacher, l, c. e. farm- i 'road . and that in the town of Rock Valley with only 1500 poDulatipn. Scanning of the state report for January seems to show, that - it makes a lot of difference whether or not a store personnel takes a real interest in sales of the stamps. * D. M. Store Only $437. The big Des Moines store did a liouor business of $73.495 63 that month, but sold only $43715 worth of defense stamps. Only four of the stores m the large cities topped $500 worth, and only one reported moie than $800 worth. The Alpona store sold $10,661.43 worth of liouor in January. In comparison with the lo- CR! store the Des Moines store should have sold some $15000 in d»fpn<5» stamps instead of its pair try $437.15. The Algona store also achieved a record in the two weeks sales in December after liquor store ,„.?& began on December 15..Th«» totel here for the two weeks was $527.80. and .that .was the state's*, top., The. De,s Moines stor« wasj fqr behind with only - f 207.35, ' Rock FapidSi pop. 2556, reported only 75c; ploomfield. pop 273jji '" Mqnona, pop. " ' stamp sales 'records of - f ^9 «taw* *oy January follow: Estherville —„ „„$ ftO.OQ Jte*£H« ——- »w \/f AYOR C. F. SPECHT died >•**• sometime Saturday night of a heart attack, and was found dead in bed Sunday morning. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon. Mr. Specht came to Algona from Lakota. and served several terms as mayor both h<?re and at Lakota. KUNZ SPEAKER BEFORE GARNER G,0,IV_WOMEN Julius Kunz Jr., who recently began practice of law at Garner. lately spoke before the republican Woman's club there, urging, — - - 0 ......... - — ^ ^ IU1JC1 , all-put support of the govern- i 1938, and was highly popular ----- ' " DRAFT BOARD LOTTERY SET FOR MONDAY Order Number is To Be Determined at Washington. The draft board will hold a special meeting next week Monday to shuffle the cards of registrants from 20 to 21 and 35 to 45 who registered for the draft February 16. After the cards have been, thoroughly shuffled, serial numbers will be assigned to each, beginning with number 1. It is estimated some 1600 cards will be involved in this registration. Several residents of the county registered elsewhere, and their cards are coming here every day to add to the pile. Board Holding Hearings. The lottery to determine the order number for calls of these new registrants will be held March 17 in Washington. This is the third lottery to be held. The board is meeting each. Thursday to hold hearings on claims for deferment, and is kept busy till almost 7 p. m. each evening with hearings. Some appeals are also being taken, but it is reported that the percentage of refusals of the repeal board to overrule the local board is very high now that the country is actually at war. Warning to "Celebraiozs." Because there were three in a recent draft contingent who had continued liquid celebrating up to the time of departure the board is considering warning those on future calls that the army -does more than frown on inductees who show up at Des Moines with hang - overs or i worse. The condition of the man. when he arrives, it is reported here, is noted when he reports at Des Moines, and this lollows him all through the army. A drunk on arrival would have a tough time making the grade for promotion. Authority of Ltadert, Also the board is calling attention of those named leaders to conduct the group to Des Moines. The law gives the leaders 'all authority necessary" to get the men in to the induction c tation, and the board expects to call attention to the fact that a lot of ground is covered by that instruction. COUNTY H, D, A, TO NEW POST AT AMES Mrs,. Ruth Seaton - Hicks left Sunday* for Ames, where she has a jiew position as temporary nutritionist with the State college agricultural extension service. She had been home demonstration agent here since October, j f-f — - — — *. V*AV< &U V CAil ment in war and denouncing the law passed by congress, now repealed, for pensions for retired congressmen, Mr. Kunz, who is single, is the -on of the well-known Julius Kunz Sr., Wesley, and his mother, before marriage, was Marie Anderson. Mrs. Kunz's parents were Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson, Wesley farmers. Mr. Anderson is now dead, and Mrs. An derson lives at Fowler, Colo A few weeks ago young Kun bought the office equipment, li brary, and practice of Hasting & Hastings, Garner. The firm consisted of the late I. C. Has tings, once of Algona, and a son The younger Hastings is now a Cedar Rapids. Attorney Kun: has the former Hastings office; and is practicing alone. The young man was graduated from the St. Thomas military academy at St. Paul, then spen five years at the Iowa state university, where he was graduated in liberal arts in 1939 and from the law college in 1941. Sunday Afternoon Cloiingt for P. O, People who want to get box mail Sundays will hereafter have who fair - -_.-*•• --c-"«»« 'tfm •r*t''fM c ««'!« £•»'»"!'*'« ™ Forest City „_„ 1 _ 77.95 m, Btap$g; « Gjirnw ~- T ^- r --!- ? - n».?o *J4§*!r*fc»* IgF' &£§£- T r.^ 7 ,-™,.-,. *, ^ $%X0 -'SJSSSi^w^S^?' SW • wwrv.t'niw.^," 48.7ft ffiptW. fev**9£ 1% FwmJ row— JWUM R, Mwrfcah. Alflonm; ink Wmt *m M. OrtfcE"'-^—•• -— Brie*. Frpnl row — E, MwriU. ,^ JUffQMl MCQ] »*™«PPBP^» ^^PBSfl SV — ™s^~- ' J- ^ T ' »«RT?^* f^Wsb , Whittomnr+T -T' *ayB"ffp8BB"ff^BPiyf Sfl ^^^^^>& r*4 ,-cZ**^**;. nfJmMMM for jt before 11 a. m. or een « p. m. and dosing time he njpht. The balding will be closed Sundays between U a. m, and 6 p. m. This change takes effect next Sun4ay byprder of the pestol .91 -ZZiT» *3 «*.««*•* V* vufSfavs regulations f or federal buildings. . P«SP"9f»»9tfBwytelraimi wia *j»s $m & *—* '-^^^ •^£wsarMr^^ t g: /XJfp^ ^^Biff*>. ,„,'" *' *"* i 1~' ~ ^ &* s't*^ •"•^•^ L^L_ - *s. I j> ^ .^ " ;i ;;Vi;>:,..l f^t YJBH« .l^JTrf PgtfW^S f?*'^4f «*t ^?i 'Z&&U&C, among farm women throughout the county. Mrs. Hicks will now work with Dr. P. Mabel Nelson, chairman of the state nutrition committee, and will be scheduled through county extension offices for work with local nutrition, committees. Mrs. Hicks' home, is at Spencer, and she was home agent in Buena Vista and PocMhont^s counties before coming here. She has a son, Walter, in the marines, and he is now located at Kodiak, Alaska. No successor to Mrs. Hicks here has yet been named. - « Issues 10 Permits Under a New Law County Auditor Kinsey, new county agent for licensing dealers and users of explosives, reported yesterday: morning he had already 5 issued ten censes, There are three kinds: * one for vendors, pne for purchasers, and one for foremen', The " licenses issued up to yesferday morning were taken out by two vendors, seven purchasers, and one foreman. The license fee is 25c. No dynamite pr other e*» ' plosive can now be sold or purchased except censes. under proper li- Free Bean soup rtt Algona fop urday

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